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About first times

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“You know, for someone who has mocked it so incessantly since we met, you seem awfully fond of them right now.” Ava had been woken up by the figure in her arms playing with her right hand, alternating between the fingers and the palm.

They didn't have moments like this often. Since going on tour, work had taken over completely, and 24 hours a day didn’t seem enough for the pair. They were on a roll, and although it was tiresome, they wouldn’t have it any other way.


Somewhere in the middle they still found the time for each other. 


Being discreet was always a priority. Deborah had set the boundaries very early on and Ava was happy to comply. They had embarked on this to work, they had agreed to this in order to restore both of their lives and find the sweet spot that would remind them why they were doing this for. Their partnership, in whatever capacity, had to be protected and solidified in order for them to succeed. They needed discipline, Deborah had said.


It’s not like the relationship was put aside, it just had to have a special place to exist. And if Ava is honest, she likes this way best. It makes them cherish the moments much better. She doesn’t think she’s ever felt like this before. It was just… right.


Currently, their special place consisted of hotel bedrooms. When the door was closed, both of them knew the world outside didn’t exist anymore. The bed was the meeting place, and hours together didn’t seem enough.


Each bedroom had been marked by a first. Each had been like a milestone in their relationship.


The first one was the first time Ava got to see Deborah fully naked. The first time she undressed the woman with no hurry, bit of clothing after bit of clothing hitting the ground, whilst thoroughly enjoying every bit of skin that came to show. She remembers every expression on Deborah’s face, and she made sure the woman knew how glad she was for this moment.


The second one was the first time Ava cried after Deborah had brought her to the edge. She was not sure what happened, what brought such a surge of feelings to come spilling out of her as soon as she came down from her orgasm.


The sex hadn’t been hectic. Deborah had taken care of her after noticing how tired she had been. 


“You’re just too young, you are not used to the tour life. I knew you would die on me.” Deborah teased, as she put Ava on the bed, removing her Doc Martens with disgust on her face. 


Ava had done a bit about not being able to stand on both feet while pouting like an actual child, saying how much she needed to be tucked in, only to complete her plan by pinning Deborah to the bed as soon as the woman tried to unbutton her blouse.


What started out with laughs and sex-threats soon became much more emotional and heavy.


At first, Deborah was scared she had hurt the girl, checking in with her in a frantic way. Soon she realized what was happening, scooting Ava closer in her arms and rocking them back and forth until the redhead fell asleep, safe in her arms, head on her chest. She followed soon after and they didn’t really speak much about this in the days to come. Only when it happened again, months later after they went back home.


The third time was the first time Ava saw Deborah falling asleep on the spot. They had managed to get a much nicer room this time, given the options. Deborah had thought they were falling behind on content and they compromised to 2 hours of work before they shut down the laptops and went to bed.


Deborah, though, didn’t last half an hour into their session.


“So I think it’s best if for the second half you--” Ava had begun to say as she was typing on her laptop when she looked across the room and Deborah was sprawled on a large chair, loose limbs and glasses half-fallen from her face, eyes closed and her chest coming up and down with heavy breaths.


“Who’s the child now, Deborah Vance?” Ava said as she took her phone from the tiny table on her left, only to snap a picture of the scene. She knew the woman wouldn’t believe her if she only told the story, so she needed proof. She also needed a token for herself.


Looking at the proof in her hands and then to the real scene made her chuckle, thinking how lucky she felt to be witnessing this moment. Heart warm in her chest.


“Come on. Let’s get you to bed, you old hack.” She said before making her way to the other woman.


The fourth time was the first time - and probably the last, they had sex in a bathtub.


The bedroom this time was the nicest one yet and after shouting Ava’s name for what seemed like an eternity, Deborah scoffed and followed the lead where she saw her the last time. 


She found the girl standing in the middle of the bathroom, eyeing the size of the bathtub whilst nodding her head with a wicked smile on her face.


“No!” Deborah had said promptly with a finger up.


“Ooooh, come on! It should be fun.” 


“The only people who think it should be fun to have sex in a bathtub are the people who never actually had sex in a bathtub.” Deborah had scoffed some more over her shoulder as she made her way back into the room.


Ava, after much pleading and some nice making out session, had managed to steer Deborah in the direction of her ultimate goal. It seemed almost too easy until she found out Deborah had done it on purpose just so she could prove the girl wrong.


“Told you it wouldn’t work.” Deborah said with a sly grin on her face, as they sat opposite each other in the warm water after many failed attempts to get a comfortable enough position. Ava became frustrated, wanting to move to the shower or even the bed but Deborah had refused as soon as she managed to get the jets working, making them both relax almost instantly.


“I can’t believe you were rooting against it.” Ava pouted, trying to sound offfended that Deborah didn’t want hot sex in a bathtub with her younger gilrfriend.


“Uh, first of all, lower the attitude.” Deborah had warned. “Second of all, what do you think it was supposed to happen? You are watching too much porn. Straight porn!”


Ava opened her mouth to respond. Maybe she was being too bitchy about it. And maybe her view of this had been much too sexualized to have worked. It was shockingly painful that Deborah was the one having to point it out. She didn’t have a chance to defend herself though.


“Lastely-” Deborah began. “Who said we can’t enjoy ourselves in other ways?” She said, raising her eyebrows repeatedly.


Ava admits she got all excited in a matter of seconds after Deborah's last words. It died down a bit when she discovered Deborah’s way of fun on this was to lay her back on Ava’s chest while she made the girl massage her scalp, very lazely washing her hair in the process.


“You are still putting these extremely long fingers of yours to good use.” Deborah had teased.


Ava laughed because this was not what she had planned for the night at all, but she would be lying if she said she hadn’t enjoyed just as much.

Now, the fifth time; The first time Ava woke up with the other woman still between her arms. 


They had fallen asleep after Ava had rubbed Deborah slow and steady, just like she had asked her to.


That was also a nice thing to come out of this trip. Ava had discovered they were good at asking for the release and having it delivered in the exact way they were expecting. Ironically, the pair might not be good with words to each other most of the time, but they sure knew how to speak their love language between four walls. 


“What are you doing?” Ava asked when she realized Deborah hadn’t paid attention to her last remark. The older woman still had a hold of her right hand.


Adjusting herself so she could embrace Deborah better from behind - I’ll be your big spoon - , Ava took a moment to admire her.


“I like tracing the lines in your palm, it’s… distracting.” Deborah whispered while her fingers ran through Ava’s palm, back and forth. Ava had never seen the woman so calm and still in her life. So peaceful...


She seemed to be lost in the process, and Ava had no desire to keep her from this. When Deborah was done, she brought the hand to her lips and gave it one long, single kiss with as much intent as she could.


The fifth time was also the first time Ava realized how deeply in love they were. Also, the first time none of them tried to hide it.


She couldn’t help but be excited about the other firsts  they would get to experience until the end of this adventure.