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Mikey stepped out onto the deck, the spill of noise from inside cutting off as he slid the door shut behind him. Pete turned, and his face broke into a smile.

"Hey," Mikey said. "Want some company?"

Pete jerked his chin in a nod, and Mikey went to join him.

"So how'd it feel, going out on tour again?"

"It was weird, it was just like... basically the same? Obviously there's all the safety stuff, but—shows are shows, same as always. Seems like some things just don't change."

"Sure," Mikey said.

"Guess you'll see next year."

"I hope so."


Pete shivered. "Hey, can I borrow a jacket or something?"

"You know it gets chilly here after sunset," Mikey said, already stepping back and pulling off his hoodie.

"Yeah, yeah. I didn't mean you had to give me yours!" Pete protested. But he turned around to let Mikey help him into the sleeves.

Mikey kept his hands on Pete's shoulders afterwards.

"Remember that time you gave me your white jacket?" Pete said suddenly.

"Yeah," Mikey said. He pushed Pete's long hair aside and pressed his lips to Pete's nape.

"Mikey?" Pete said softly.

"Some things don't change," Mikey told him.