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twisted wonderland works

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you weren’t exactly sure where leona was taking you. it’d surprised you when he’d grabbed your wrist and started to drag you off somewhere, he’d never really done much but laze around near you – despite being his girlfriend.

when he pushed you into one of the janitor closets, you let out a inaudible gasp, his large frame towering over you in the tight space. his hands already roaming your body and finding their way underneath your uniform. your hands holding each other around his neck.

“l-leona.. we shouldn’t, not here.” he bites down onto your neck with a growl, hoisting your legs onto his waist. “and why not?”, his voice deep and husky as his rather warm breath dances along your neck, raising hairs as it sends a shiver down your spine, “b-because! you know how easily we’ll get caught!” you hear him chuckle as one of his hands caress your ass, squeezing it gently as he leaves kisses along your collarbone.

“who cares, let’s have fun.” you let out a sigh at his carefreeness, you can feel him moving your panties to the side as his fingers rub along your lower lips, finding their way to your clit and giving it a pinch, “so how about you just let me do my thing, sweetheart? we’ll both have such a great time.”, you nod as two of leona’s thick fingers slip inside of you. no matter how many times it still gives you a bit to adjust to the feeling.

a quiet moan leaves your lips as you start to rock your hips against his the slow thrusts of his fingers, wanting something faster. despite his words of taking it slower and having fun, you still want this to be as quick as possible – and also just have his cock inside of you already, but that’s not important – to not get caught.

“be patient or i’ll stop.” you whine at his words, his fingers slipping out of your pussy, sucking the juices coating his fingers off. a whimper leaves your mouth as he unbuckles his pants, letting them hit the floor as he leans in to you, pressing kisses along your neck as your panties are pushes to the side once again, held in place by his cock as it prods at your entrance, a growl leaving his mouth as you start to rock your hips against it.

you let out a sigh of relief when he finally pushes in, your nails lightly scraping against his back as his pace already begins to quicken. trying to keep your moans as low as possible, you dig your head into his neck, letting your teeth drag along the skin of it as moans that are only audible enough to fill his ears do, encouraging him to keep fucking you until you’re seeing stars in the… janitors closet.

a groan leaves his mouth as he finds himself getting closer, his hips slamming against yours faster and faster as you nails dig into the flesh of his shoulders and back, trying to hold on as he fucks you.

and then, right before you are about to cum, there’s a knock on the door. it’s ruggie, telling you guys class is about to start and you two should get there if you don’t wanna get in even more trouble than usual — since, given you’re with leona, you’ve been skipping a lot more class recently.

leona barks at him to leave and you can feel him grow harder as you whimper, sad that your orgasm was stolen from you and that class is starting and quite frankly, you really don’t want to find yourself getting another detention — your parents would kill you if they received another letter about your poor class attendance.

“sad? don’t be.. we’re just starting, sweetheart. i’m not gonna let you walk outta here until your dripping with cum and filled to the brim. you’ll be carrying my kids by the end of this.” you bit down on your lip as leona slams his hips back into you, biting down on your shoulder as you realize leona would never stop from something so.. silly.

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— idia is a very possessive and needy yandere.. he doesn’t think he’s good enough for you and needs constant reassurance that he is — though, you don’t want to — he’s insecure and dependent on your approval. doing anything to make you love him and doing whatever it takes to keep you by his side, forever.

— given he isn’t the best at face to face interactions, whenever you’re feeling a bit down — given he has you locked away in his room and not letting you ever see anyone but him and (in the future) his family — he’ll send ortho to comfort you and tell you words that may cheer you up. ortho, no matter what you may say or do, is idia’s number one supporter and will do anything that his big brother may ask of him.. so, don’t try to make ortho help you leave, because he will tell idia and you don’t want him to find out.

— there are, at times, moments where it feels like a normal relationship. though possessive and extremely needy to the point of making you uncomfortable, he can sometimes — very rarely — seem like a normal boyfriend. of course, you’ll never go outside of his room walls ever again unless it’s him bringing you back home to his parents — which you’ll then be stuck forever — and never talk to another person again but him and ortho + his mom and dad. pushing that aside, he can be pretty normal.

— he’s very.. clingy? he is very dependent on you and your kind words, but he’s also very dependent on your soft and warm touches, your arms wrapping around him as he squeezes you tightly and thinks of this as a normal way to love. his insecurities always shine through and he latches onto you for his need of being comforted through them.

— he likes to re-create you in games he plays.. mostly ones where he can make a family, having you, him, and ortho in it, and you all seem so happy.. afterward, he’ll go to you and beg for you to tell him that you love and need him as much as he needs you. there’s a bit of thought that runs through his head as he thinks of a family with you three, and maybe — just maybe — more.

— overall, idia as a yandere doesn’t seem much different. still just as socially inept, reclusive, and introverted, staying in his room more often now, though. he’s very dependent, delusional, and obsessive, with touches and hints of possessiveness to him.. his love — like all yandere — is twisted and sick. always clinging to you and focusing on kind words from you.. not believing he needs anything else but you.

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— vil, by himself, is a pretty controlling guy already.. but yan!vil is controlling, never letting you go anywhere without him right beside you, holding onto somebody part of yours, keeping a close eye on you. and for moments when he can’t, he’ll have rook keeping tabs on your every move, and one step out of line, well, you don’t wanna know.

— he doesn’t let you see anybody you might have to be friends with. the only person you’ve ‘talked’ — a very short few words you got in — to is rook, and even with him you aren’t safe to spill anything. not even a member of the dorm can see you, and if they can’t, you can bet that nobody else is going to.

— loves to dress you up to look like you’re a porcelain doll. he always tells you how perfect you look in these dresses and having makeup stain your face and your hair tightly put together. your eyes empty and glass looking, just like a doll, he says, and he wishes sometimes you would become one. since, if that happened, he’d be able to do whatever he pleased with you without complaints arising.

— will drug you. love potions, sleep potions, aphrodisiacs, pretty much anything. he loves the cute hearts that appear in your eyes and how much you adore him once he slips a love potion into your drink, watching you down it all since you haven’t been able to have anything this filling in a while. or with sleep potions, he can’t help but look at you with a bit of an evil look in his eyes.. just like snow white, easily falling asleep for trusting somebody, and he, the evil queen, ready to strike. it gives him a bit of a rush.

— and with aphrodisiacs, well.. he can’t help but make you beg and describe in full detail everything you want from him. you’re embarrassed, but so drunk on the potion and want it so badly you’ll do anything, even hump his shoes and then lick them clean for a release.. and even with that disgusting and low act, you still beg for more. and, of course, in the end, he’ll happily oblige, letting you satisfy yourself to your heart's content with him, and then wake up incredibly sore the next day with no recollection of what may have happened, begging him again, but this time for a nice massage that’ll put all your muscles to ease.

— overall, he’s very strict and controlling. being paranoid you’ll find somebody who can whisk you away from his ways, that one day the potions won’t work on you. but, until that day, he’ll keep his strict routines. skincare, dieting, makeup, etc. slipping drugs into your tea to make you fall deeper in love with him and be so very needy for him.. quite frankly, it makes him fall even deeper into obsession as well.

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azul ashengrotto.
— azul was definitely worried when he hadn’t seen you around. you’d usually come to the mostro lounge to hang around him and the tweets whenever you got a free moment, and you hadn’t done that (yet) today.

— so, like any sane (stalker) person would, he went to your dorm room and knocked. he didn’t want to, but if he’d just bathed in you would’ve yelled at him and he can’t be having that, you’d think he was a creep! which.. he was a creep but you didn’t need to know that until you eventually found out.

— and then when you don’t answer, he of course, becomes very worried. thousands of far fetched scenarios running through his head as he continues to knock. which, if your door wasn’t locked, he’d have made his way inside.. but, it obviously was, so that was a problem.

— he probably called the tweels over – most likely only jade because he didn’t want you door busted down! only the lock picked – and asks them to get the door open, and of course, they do. he shoo’s them off as he carefully and quietly enters your bedroom, making sure to not touch anything but the door to close it behind him.

— when he looks over to you sleeping, he immediately sighs in relief, knowing that you’re safe from anybody who could harm you in any way – though, he’s the only person who would think of harming you – right here in your bed, fast asleep. careful not to wake you, he just stares at you, murmuring to himself about your beauty, and then when you shift, he gawks at your form.

— completely nude in your bed, in a position where if anybody but him got in they could’ve easily done unspeakable acts to you! he’s extremely turned on and excited by this surprise, but he’s always a bit upset.. what could you have been doing that made you nude? maybe you were touching yourself to the thought of him? he isn’t sure.

— he might snap a picture or two if he happens to have his phone on him, and if not he just saves it to memory. he’s a little embarrassed that he’d managed to come in whilst you were like this, but he’s very happy he did as well.


vil schoenheit.
— it was probably later in the evening, around a time that vil would call you to his room and have some time alone with you. doing your makeup, drinking tea, doing face masks, etc. and when you hadn’t shown at the usual time, he did get a bit worried.

— had you grown bored? well, even if you had, you were still obligated to join your dorm leader.. but then again, what if you were out with somebody else? letting them waste away your precious time and wonderful moments for the two of you to spend together!? he immediately has rook on your case, having him find out where you are and maybe hurt somebody if they dare to steal you away from him.

— when he’s informed you’re sleeping.. well, he’s not exactly happy. sleeping in when you know you hang out around this time makes him angered. he’s going to your room immediately and barging in, not caring if you wake up or not from how loud he’s being. since, it’s kinda the point for you to wake up.

— when he sees that you’re sleeping bare, he’s upset. you have plenty of other clothing choices that are more comfortable and better to wear for sleeping. he’s sighing to himself as he — you haven’t already woken — pokes you awake, telling you to dress yourself as it’s time for your daily hangout routine.

— he wonders if rook saw you in that state afterwards, not that he’s truly upset if he did, he trusts that rook wouldn’t ever take advantage of something like that. but, the possessive side of him grows a bit frustrated. he wishes that you’ll wear clothing and will most likely tell you to at least dress in underwear.


leona kingscholar.
— leona was probably being a bit of a stalker when he comes across you sleeping naked. he’s laughing to himself inside, don’t you know how dangerous it is to sleep naked in a dorm like this? where anybody could easily take advantage of your sleeping form to do whatever they want with? you’re lucky he came across you to warn you, ya know.

— he’ll probably wake you up and tease you about it. it’s like you were asking for somebody to come and find you, were you needy for somebody? if you are.. well, leona is here to satisfy your every needs, and if you aren’t, well, he’s sure you are.. you’re just being a bit difficult, you know?

— things definitely take a more sexual route when you’re trapped in your bedroom with leona, completely naked and you can definitely tell that he’s turned on. he’ll carefully climb into bed with you and grind himself onto you.. it’s up to you if you’d like to indulge in your desires or shoo him away. which, he’ll be very upset by, but he doesn’t want you to hate him, so he’ll just satisfy himself in his own bedroom, thoughts of you running through his head.

— he’ll probably have ended up snapping a few pictures, good for blackmail and just for his own dirty needs. he’ll definitely be teasing you for the next week or two.. and if you want him to stop, we’ll, you should know exactly what he wants you to do.


jack howl.
— jack, like leona, was probably being a bit of a stalker.. not knowing that you were sleeping naked, and then when he’s just minding his business, watching his crush sleep, you shift and the cover slips off your body, revealing your nude form.

— he’s immediately so embarrassed, looking away from you and possibly covering his eyes. if he’s not doing that, he’ll carefully pick the cover back up and lay it over your body, being very cautious to not wake you up, because he would never be able to explain what he’s doing in there and would probably freeze up from his nerves.

— when you shift back again, he holds his breath to see if you are going to be waking up this time, and when you don’t he exhales. he’s definitely leaving soon after that, he’s embarrassed and has his tail between his legs. he’s a little ashamed that he happened to see that even if it necessarily wasn’t his fault for it.

— with a lot of guilt and bad feelings, he’s definitely gonna have to trail his hand down his pants and get rid of the straining feeling against his pants. it feels terrible knowing he’s doing something so wrong to a form of you that couldn’t even know that he was there, but he’s also very, very curious to see more of you. and, trust me, it won’t be the last time he’s there.


malleus draconia.
— malleus is definitely stalking you, even when you’re awake he’s stalking you, so it’s nothing new. he’s carefully creeping into your room and just staring in awe, watching you with a desire in his eyes. thoughts of him not having to do this if you were kept in his room run through his head, it’d be so easy to just snatch you up right now, sleeping and totally unaware of the dragon that is ready to get you..

— he’s a bit speechless when your blanket falls off of you, exposing your bare ness to him. he’s very curious to touch you and get your reactions, trail his cold hands down to your delicates and touch you a bit. he’s going to be careful to not wake you up, given you’d never take the chance to talk to him after that, but he does want to see where you like touching the most, the places that he’ll make sure to pay attention to once you’re really his.

— after a little while of getting his research, he leaves, quietly closing the door behind him as he does so. he’ll talk to lilia about it and see what more he can do, with a few teasing words thrown in by the old man. he’ll go back to his room as he wonders about what more he can do to get closer to you.. he’s growing impatient and wants to make sure you’re his soon.

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— first and foremost, epel is a very violent yandere. not necessarily towards you, but he can be if you get on his nerves. he (tries to) threatens people that dare to speak to you and will use force if necessary. of course, he gets scolded by vil for it and ends up promising to not do it again, but that never lasts.

— he’s quite overprotective as well, he doesn’t like you going out without him, and will make deals with rook to follow you if you do end up going somewhere he’s not. he doesn’t necessarily trust that you won’t leave him — given, there’s a ton of other guys at the school who’re more manly, attractive, fit, taller, etc. than he is — and he can’t help but have doubts when it comes to your faithfulness. so, he has to have somebody watch over you, whether it makes you uncomfortable or not, he doesn’t pay any mind to it.

— he isn’t above drugging you either, he’s in pomefiore for crying out loud! they’re masters of poisons & potions so what better to do than use a few of them to make you seem as if you’re madly in love with him? it makes him feel so good when you compliment him and tell him how manly and handsome he is, even if it’s not exactly you telling these things to him, he ignores it, this is good enough for him. you two just haven’t gotten to the point where you obey his every word and tell him what you know he wants to hear.

— epel likes to complain to you, as well. mostly about vil and his forcing of making epel take better care of his appearance, but also about you too. he complains about how you think he’s girly and too cute for who he wants to be, that you think he’s weak and can’t defend himself nor you. even if you don’t feel this way, he likes to guilt-trip you and feels satisfaction when you apologize and tell him how you think he’s manly and amazing! that he’s the best boyfriend you could ever have. it gives him a sense of pride in the way he can force you to tell him words of praise, since you’re just so scared of what big, bad epel could do to you.

— he also talks a lot about you meeting his grandmother! he tells you about how much she’d love and appreciate you, how you gave her precious grandson love! he likes watching your reactions to see how uncomfortable you get, especially when he gets more in detail about you two finally having your own family one day! and it has to be soon, because who knows when his poor old granny could pass or get sick, right?

— but, besides all of that, i personally think epel is violent, manipulative, and sadistic. he likes seeing you in pain and being uncomfortable, watching how your face contorts in fear when he threatens you and tells you certain things he knows you don’t like. he thinks that it’s hilarious how dependent you become on him once he tells you about how he could easily ruin your life if you were to become distant or leave him. unlike vil, he won’t dress you up like a doll or make you look nice, if anything he adores when you’re bloody and bruised, all beaten and rough looking, it’s his favorite look on you.

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epel felmier.
— epel’s probably coming to check on you and make sure you’re awake after vil told him to, saying that you should be awake and ready by now. not that he minds at all, and it gives him a chance to come and see you without having to make up a reason himself.. he has a bit of a twisted grin on his face while his eyes hold a dark look in them, making his way to your room.

— when he knocks on your door and you don’t answer, he’s a bit put off.. you usually always answer when he — or anybody.. much to his dismay — knocks at it. he’ll knock again, but much harsher and loud.. and if you don’t answer, he’ll just allow himself entry. he’s sure you’d let him in, you two are very close after all..

— he locks the door behind him once he gets in, making sure that nobody might.. interfere in this moment. and when he finds that you’re sleeping nude, he’s even more glad that he’d locked it. completely bare for him to see, and only him. he can’t resist but to put his hands all over you, delicate touches so that he won’t wake you. if he has a bit of time left, and you still haven’t woken from your slumber by yourself.. he might just touch himself a bit, letting a free hand trail down into his trousers and stroke himself. you wouldn’t mind though, right? you wouldn’t want him walking around completely hard.. would you? that’d really embarrass him..

rook hunt.
— oh rook.. he was probably doing his usual stake out in your trees, watching over you and making sure you aren’t with somebody else.. or he may have to pay them a visit later, and that you’re completely safe. and when he sees you snoozing his heart softens a bit.. you look so vulnerable and cute, perfect for him to snatch up and keep as something of a pet. and it gets even better when you shift and the cover exposes your bare body to him.

— he’s immediately running to your room, a hungry look visible in his eyes if you can catch a glance at them. he isn’t sure if the door is locked, but he has a lock pick just in case.. since, given you’re sleeping naked, you probably would lock it. when he arrives to your room, he’s opening it carefully and quietly, locking it behind him as he smiles to himself.. your beauty really is extraordinary, and he can’t keep his hands to himself, even if it is wrong and he knows it, he’s just appreciating your beauty, though..

— he’ll carefully peel back your covers, your face may shift from the cool air that hits you suddenly, but he’s sure to not wake you.. he’s good at being sneaky, you know? you won’t even know he’d had ever touched you even if he happens to slip inside and accidentally cum in you, he’d be sure to carefully clean you, even eating it out if he needed to. his fingers are working delicately on you, touching anything he can to appreciate all of you, since who knows if he’ll be able to get a chance like this ever again.


riddle rosehearts.
— you’d had most likely missed a tea party he’d invited you to, and he wasn’t having any of it. no matter what you were busy with, being homework or talking with others, he wasn’t interested in knowing your excuses and he was making his way to your room, going to get you for the party.

— and when he enters your room — very loudly, it’s a shocker you don’t wake up from it — he’s immediately red-faced from your nude form.. don’t you know how indecent it is to sleep naked!? especially when he knows that you have plenty of actual sleeping clothing! he’s a bit upset at first.. thinking of ways he can punish you for such behavior, and then it hits him, you’re both alone, door shut — and soon to be locked — and you’re completely exposed all for him. it turns into a wonderful scenario and really, riddle becomes very happy.

— he won’t touch you, but he’ll touch himself. he doesn’t want to wake you and he isn’t sure if he’d be gentle enough with his touches to keep you asleep, so he just slides his pants and underwear down just enough for his cock to spring out, sitting down on the end of your bed and stroking his cock, using a free hand to cover his mouth to quiet his noises. he’ll make sure to clean up any kinds of mess he leaves behind, but he can’t resist using an item of yours to do so..


idia shroud.
— poor idia.. he was just watching you through the cameras he’d set up in your room and your covers happened to have fallen off your body, exposing yourself to the unknown cameras hidden in the corners of your room. his face burns a bright red once he catches a glance at you, and he immediately shuts off the cameras to make sure that ortho isn’t around, only booting them back up once the coast is clear.

— dirty thoughts start to run around in his head.. what could’ve made you undress yourself to sleep..? were you thinking about him? he knows that whenever he thinks of you, most of the time it ends in him sending ortho off — if he’s around — and slipping his pants down a bit. he’s getting hot and bothered thinking about it, but he’s still a bit too nervous and shy to go to your room himself, so he settles with watching your body as he touches his own through the screen. zooming in max and reaching a free hand out to act as if he’s actually feeling you, that you’re actually in front of him.

— next time, though, he’s going to be meeting you in your bedroom. though you’re asleep and unaware of his presence, he’ll be there, snapping photos and taking videos of your vulnerable and bare form.. if he gets too ahead of himself he might just reach out to you and let his fingers trail, catching onto your sensitive parts and ghosting over delicates.. he can’t help that he’s a bit of a creep, especially when it comes to somebody like you..

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cater diamond.
— cater was coming to get you after riddle had screamed his head off about everyone being on time for the tea party.. and you still hadn’t arrived, which pissed riddle off even more. so, he was given the task to go and get you, quickly, which he had no problems with, given he’d have a small amount of alone time to spend with you, even if it was just walking to his dorm leader, he could easily slip his phone under your skirt and get some pictures.

— when he opens up your bedroom door, the last thing he’d expected — not really, it was kinda obvious you were sleeping — to see was you in bed sleeping, completely nude as the cover had fallen off of your body. he laughs to himself as he strolls over to you, snapping a few pics with him next to your body and some without before scaring you awake, laughing as you hurry to cover yourself up.

— he’ll wait outside the door staring at the pictures on his phone, ghosting fingers over it as he sighs, should he have touched you just once?, until you come out he’ll be staring in awe at them. your perfect body, so beautiful and bare, exposed for only his eyes to see it. he’ll come “wake” you up often — though you won’t know of his “waking” up’s — happily watching you as your naked body shifts around, his own getting touched.


— he was coming to sleep in your room like he always did, most likely, trying to get away from all the noise and commotion. getting a bit shocked when he’d entered your room and found you sleeping naked, at first he thought he was seeing things since he was so sleepy, but then became — though definitely not visible by his facial expression — very delighted that it wasn’t. his little (obsession) crush was naked right in front of his very eyes, and nobody else was around, meaning he could do whatever he pleased in this moment.

— his fingers start by trailing down you, exploring some of the things which are new and unknown to him, his eyes taking it all in as he slips the cover down you further and further. he presses his lips against your neck and lays down light kisses that won’t wake you (he hopes). he doesn’t touch his own body since this is a one time opportunity just for him, and he wouldn’t want it to go to waste now, would he?

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vil schoenheit.
— vil isn’t having any of it, he becomes frustrated with you very quickly when you refuse his medicine so that you’ll get better, refusing to rest as well. already having you locked away in his room doesn’t give you many places to go, so you aren’t getting anywhere by refusing his acts of ‘kindness’ so that you can be well again.

— he just wants to shove it down your throat but he knows that’d be no good, so he just slips a drug into your tea, letting your mind become blurred as you cling onto him, telling him how sleepy you are and how you feel so sick.. he’ll happily give you your medicine then, letting you slip underneath the covers afterwards.

— this kind of behavior won’t be tolerated from vil again, he’d been at his end before he’d drugged you and if he has to deal with it again you’ll be in for a cruel punishment. he’ll warn you for next time and tell you that if you do it again he’ll let rook drag you around and hunt you, and you don’t want that, do you?


azul ashengrotto.
— azul feels really bad at first.. you’re sick and trying to seem strong, but after a while of your behavior he gets a bit upset.. do you hate him? is that what this is, have you never really loved him ever? he gets angry as time goes on, not wanting to deal with your behavior anymore and throwing you to floyd and jade to teach you who you really need to rely on..

— when you come back, you’re crying — as expected, obviously, who knows what floyd and jade put you through? — and running into his arms. he’ll comfort all you want, happily watching as you take any kinds of medicines he gives you not even bothered by what they could be because you really don’t want to have to go back to floyd and jade.

— he’ll comfort you all you want afterwards, telling you that it was necessary to teach you a lesson. he’ll threaten to do it again if you dare to act up when he tries to give you his help. he isn’t one to play games, even though insecure and needy in your relationship, he still has his strict side to him.


malleus draconia.
— malleus isn’t exactly sure what to do. he doesn’t necessarily really want to force you to take the medicine and lie down, but he also sees that you need it, you’re a weak human who is sick, and he doesn’t really know how badly sick you are. so, he’ll probably end up lightly threatening you to take it, or he might just call lilia to do it for him.

— he’ll most likely curl up with you, holding you close in his arms, his grip a little bit too tight for it to be comfortable as you two lay there. even if you don’t want to, he’ll just keep you in a death grip in his arms, his face buried in your neck and you think he might be falling asleep for once — since whenever you’re around only him he never sleeps to make sure you don’t run.

— every time you get sick it’ll probably be the same thing, him telling you to take your medicine because your a sick and weak human — especially compared to him — and no matter how tough you try to seem he’ll make sure that you rest and get better. he’s no above using a bit of force — because all he’d need is a little bit, he doesn’t want you hurt even more — and forcing it down your throat if he truly needs to.


riddle rosehearts.
— similar to vil, riddle will not put up with any of this behavior, he didn’t before and though you’re sick now, he still won’t. he’ll force you to take it, maybe having trey slip it into a tart or mixing it into a tea you are drinking at a party he forced invited you to. but, you’ll be getting better on riddle’s watch, and you’ll be doing whatever he says you need to in order to get better.

— if you can use magic, he’ll use his own unique to make sure you can’t get anywhere with it. he’s sure that your body would become more stressed using it too, and he doesn’t want that at all. he might just seem a little more kind — though, he’s never been kind, he’s cruel and unforgiving even when he is somewhat kind — that he usually is and might have ace/deuce do some things for you (by force, obviously).

— if you ever dare to do something like this again, he won’t show any acts of kindness and will just lock you up in his room and leave you there to sit all alone until you’re begging him to let you out. he’s not fond of not receiving his way — especially now — and won’t put up with even you, his (obsession) darling, showing any kinds of disobedience towards him.


jack howl.
— jack, unlike everybody else, will wait until you tire out and take it, wanting to get better. he won’t use any force because he finds it unnecessary — unless you’re very sick, then he’ll try to persuade you with words before his hands — and will come to you once you’re tired of feeling ill and like to take your medicine and get some rest.

— if you are too sick, though, he isn’t above using a small bit of force on you. he’s more powerful that you are and he can easily make you feel even worse — though even you probably know he would never rough you up too badly — that you already feel, so be a good girl and take you medicine. he does obviously get a bit tired even if you’re not badly sick of your acts, so he’ll eventually chase after you and make you take it.

— if you’re like his normally, he probably lets you run around and wear all the energy out, it’s the best way in his mind to get you to take whatever you need to get feeling better. he’ll most likely let you do whatever until that time comes, and then he’ll keep you rested in his room and watch over you. if it’s late at night, though, he’ll cuddle up next to you and keep you in a strong hold, “safe” within his arms.

Chapter Text

riddle rosehearts.
— oh. my. god. now, he knew about this whole modeling thing and that there may be some rather explicit photos of you.. but coming across them in person really makes him.. speechless? turned on? embarrassed? he isn’t even sure what he feels.

— but, the first thing riddle’s doing with the dirty photos is hiding them away somewhere — saying that they’ll be better hidden and safe in his own.. pervert — so that nobody else can see you in such a way that only he should. after some thinking afterward about it all, he becomes a bit angry with you for being so careless with such photos.. anybody could’ve snatched them up, you know?

— after hiding them, though, he’ll need you to come to his room. immediately. he’s not going to scream his head off at first — he’ll get to your carelessness after you do it all — but rather letting you see him a bit more exposed and vulnerable, having you trail your hands down his body and touch him in places he’s rarely ever poked, pleasing him and showing off those sets you had on in the photos.

— after all is said and done, he’ll give you a bit of a warning to at least try and put them somewhere not in plain sight. telling you how angry he’d be if somebody else happened to see you in that way.. it’s cute in a sense.


leona kingscholar.
— he’s probably the last person you’d want coming across explicit photography of you. sure, he knew you were a smoking hot model, but damn, he’s in love with all of what he’s seeing in the photographs. he’s picking out his favorites and dragging you back to his room and telling you to dress up in the specific one, and if you don’t have it, oh well, find another one for him to ruin.

— he’ll have you put on a couple until he’s completely run out of patience and just wants to devour you right then and there, pouncing on you the second it runs out and grinding himself onto you. he’ll give you a bit of a tease before he gets to the main part, but he can’t really contain himself for much longer than a few minutes before everything — no matter the price — is getting ripped right off of you. and himself, as well.

— he’s definitely gonna have you putting more on another time when he’s not already extremely turned on from photos he’s seen. telling you which ones he prefers over others and which ones he just absolutely can’t resist you in.. and probably fucking you right then and there with you in them. though, they probably get ripped apart the second he’s on you.


azul ashengrotto.
— similarly to riddle, he’s cursing himself out a bit on the inside. he’s invaded your privacy and really paid the price. he’s awfully embarrassed and his face is redder than riddle’s hair at that moment. he’s ashamed to say that he’s taking the photos and keeping them stored somewhere away that’s very private and a place he can access. we all know why.

— he’ll ask you about them a bit later, already satisfying his needs from earlier and calmed down more. sure, his face is a bit pinker than he’d like it to be and he’s not able to look you in your eyes, but putting all of that to the side, he’s not doing too bad. of course, if you start to tease him and ask him if he’s taken them, he’s gonna freak out and shut down entirely.

— later that night, he’ll be whisking you off after mostro lounge closing hours and taking you to his office, locking the door behind him as he settles down on his knees and spreads your legs wide open, telling you how beautiful you looked in every single photo he laid his eyes on, and how he can’t wait — if you would — for you to show him them in person, with the warning of him not being able to hold back when he does see you in those cute sets.

— he’s absolutely devouring you after all of that talking, though. you’ll be struggling to walk out of the room after he’s done with you, and if floyd and/or jade are around.. then they’ll be hearing some nice moans (or any other noises) from you. so, be ready for any sort of teasing — even from azul himself, possibly.


kalim al-asim.
— kalim thinks you look absolutely perfect! he’ll probably bring the photos with him to talk to you about — and, if they weren’t of you nude and in lingerie, he’d be showing jamil, but he isn’t that stupid — wanting to see you in all the different ones you have and for you to show him your favorites and he’ll then tell you his own.

— now, after the fun show is all over, he’s going to dive in between your legs, absolutely devouring you with so much enthusiasm and energy. pulling back every once in a while to tell you how amazing your taste and how gorgeous and perfect your look(ed) in the set you’re wearing — and former ones you’d tried on for him — you two will be switching from his in between your legs with his knees resting on the floor or laying on the bed, to you sitting on his face as he is in absolute heaven.

— he’s very excited to see you in more! he’ll be paying for any kinds of photography/modelling you’ll be getting done — which, he probably already was before — and also buying you more lingerie. seeing you in those had his breath taken away and he just can’t wait to see all different kinds of sexy underwear you can absolutely make wonderful.


vil schoenheit.
— at first, vil is a bit disappointed about it. you look absolutely wonderful, but why couldn’t you tell him about these pictures? he’d be so enthusiastic to help you model and help you with the best poses and best lingerie — he knows the best himself, he’s tried so many — so that you look perfect. though, he cannot lie, you already do in fact look perfect.

— he’ll have rook whisk you away and bring you to his room, ‘confronting’ you about the photos, telling you how lovely you look, but how you should’ve had him help out. you’ll be modeling for him right there, he’ll be taking the best photos he can at the moment and telling you how perfect you look dressed like that. how fitting it all is for somebody as sexy as you.

— after giving you his words of praise and finishing the photography, he’ll be taking it all off of you in mere seconds. stripping you from it and exposing your bare skin to him, leaving lipstick marks all over your body as he tells you how beautiful you truly are — though, don’t get ahead of yourself as you’ll never truly be as beautiful as him nor the queen — and how he loves every part of you. that you should always include him for future times.


idia shroud.
— riddle but 100x worse.. he might actually scream when he sees the photos. he obviously knew these kinds of pictures were things you took on the usual — and he may or may not also hack into your photo albums to see them from time to time… — but seeing them in person for himself is a lot different! especially being able to hold them.

— his hair is gonna burn way more than it was before, being hotter, too. he’s too embarrassed to say anything and ortho will probably be the one telling you to go check on his big brother.. and when you arrive he still has the photos in his hands and he’s shoving them in your face and asking you why’d you leave them in such an easy place to find?! he’s so embarrassed and he can’t even look at a bit of you..

— he’s gonna be very touchy after the embarrassment wears off. his fingers trailing down your body as he wonders if you’d ever model for him.. his cold touches giving you chills as he slips your clothes off, slim fingers burying themselves inside of you. he’s a little bit teasing as he says words you wouldn’t expect from him..


malleus draconia.
— malleus is shocked at first.. sure, he obviously knew of your modeling, even if you hadn’t told him.. but, he wasn’t expecting to ever come across pictures such as these. you look absolutely stunning, but he’s a bit shy about it at first, going to lilia and asking him for advice for what to say to you, and the old man just laughs and tells him to go whisk you away back to his bedroom.

— when he does take you back to his room, he’s going to ask you about them first, curious and wanting to know more. he’ll hope to see you in them at some point.. telling you how pretty they look, he’s probably never seen something like it before. his hands wrapping around you and slipping off your clothing, wondering if you have anything on underneath it.

— he’ll let his hands wander, only quitting once you ask him to. his touch is a bit cold at first, his fingers pinching and rubbing your nipples, teasing at your fold as he sucks and nips at your collarbones. he’s very curious and excited to touch you. hearing the cute noises that leave your mouth, the way your body reacts to his touching.. everything leaves him wanting more and more.

Chapter Text

trey clover.
— when trey happens to stumble across the rather lewd photography of you, he only smirks, he’d been looking for you to try his new sweets he’d made for later today, but this was even better than that. he would find you later, but for now he’s grab it to take back to his bedroom. if you asked what he was doing with it, he’d simply just say that he didn’t want anybody finding it.

— he’d never attended any of your photo shoots, so he didn’t know how much clothing your eve took off, all he knew was that it was explicit and inappropriate. he’s a bit glad he never did, because he finds this to be a lovely surprise, having some sexy pictures of his girlfriend and being able to tease you for being so lewd and leaving right in the open for him (or anybody) to find. you just wanted him to take them, didn’t you?

— if either you go to him or he comes to you, it’ll end in teasing, in both ways. his rather mean words, telling you that you’re so dirty for wanting him or somebody else to find these explicit pictures of you. and to what? take them and jack off? you’re a dirty, dirty girl you know? and he’ll have to teach you a lesson about just letting them hang around in an easily accessible area. you’re his, and it’d be such a shame if anybody got their hands on them instead.


ruggie bucchi.
— ruggie thinks he’s hit the jackpot when he finds this pictures, just strolling around in the dorm and he just happens to choose to come mess around with you when he walks by your room, only to find these (amazingly) explicit photos! he’ll let out a whistle as he looks at all of them, letting his eyes take it all in as he reminds himself to talk to you later when he takes them back to his own bedroom.

— now, at first he’d thought that the modelling was just good for the money — which, he still stands by the fact that it’s good for money — but now he sees that it’s great for loads of other things, too. being able to see his smoking hot girl in sexy lingerie and even completely nude in some of them really gets him going, even if he has seen you in some things similar to it. it’s gonna be hard to resist taking you right then and there when he finds you.

— he will drag you off somewhere semi-private when he finds you, telling you how much of a tease you are and how you just wanted him to find those pictures, didn’t you? well, luckily for you, ruggie isn’t like trey and will gladly satisfy your every need right there without teasing. he doesn’t mind some explicit photos left around for him time to time, because it just gives him a reason to come and seek you out.


jade leech.
— jade isn’t too surprised at first, he gets a bit of a shock, but knowing you’re in adult magazine gives away what kinds of photos you might be taking. he’ll snatch them up in a heartbeat, making his way to you to tell you how dangerous it could’ve been if somebody else happened to come across them — since, well, he would’ve beaten the shit out of them. he can’t have somebody else knowing your naked body but him, can he?

— he does get excited when he finds them, it’s not an everyday thing that could happen, just happening to come across your girlfriends explicit photos? maybe for others, but definitely not for jade. he’s loving the unexpectedness of this whole situation, and can’t help but to drag you along back to his room, not caring if you were having an important conversation or taking an important test, etc. when jade wants something he’ll get it, and right now his mind is preoccupied with thoughts of you swimming around, and he’d like to get them out..

— he gets a bit rough, letting his teeth bite down a bit harder than normally, his nails leaving small scratches everywhere — since they aren’t exactly long — and gripping you tightly where you know you’ll be bruised afterwords. like trey, he sees that you need a punishment, taught a lesson for teasing him so shamelessly. maybe you weren’t entirely sure that he’d find the pictures, but now that he did you couldn’t care to complain.


jamil viper.
— if jamil finds them before kalim does — because kalim does like to come by to see you often — he’ll be taking them instantly, not even taking a chance to admire them. he doesn’t want any nosy people (kalim) to come across you in such a dorm that only he should be seeing — and the people you model for — he has no problems with your modelling, but he’ll have to get a word in with you about leaving such valuables (as he says) in the open where somebody who isn’t him can easily see them.

— he gets a bit.. frustrated in multiple ways. but he’s mostly annoyed by your carelessness, reminding him of kalim himself with it. he’ll look over the pictures, taking in everything that’s visible in them, whether they’re nude pictures or you in a lingerie set, he’s enjoying it (though he won’t say it aloud). afterwards, he’ll have to scold you, ya know? you need to get told about making sure you aren’t just letting things such as this hang around open spaces and letting others easily snatch them.

— he, along with both trey and jade, will be acting as if he’s teaching you a lesson. his words more degrading that usual — though, the degrading is nothing new — and getting a bit rougher, leaving marks in extremely visible and hard to cover places, having a few bruises from his roughness here and there as well. he’s the opposite of ashamed when he sees you in the early morning, smirking to himself as he watches you desperately try to cover the marks to avoid any troubles or teasing.


rook hunt.
— oui, oui! rook is only so lucky to be able to come across your beauty in such a form, his breath is stolen as he sees the photos when he was only coming to check if you’d gotten back yet. he’ll take them with him — to be able to admire your beauty further, he says — and keep them pinned onto his wall so that he can always see them no matter what. and even vil cannot get him to remove them from his walls, so it will be a bit embarrassing for you (or anybody who happens to walk in)

— after a bit of time, he’ll come and find you once he’s done appreciating the photography. smiling to himself as he hunts you down, to anybody else it looks like a good boyfriend bringing his girlfriend to do something, but you know better than that. you know that you won’t be leaving the bed until you can think of anything but him and him only.

— he’s very sweet in bed that night (he is every night) appreciating every part of your body as he tells you how beautiful you look, “oh mon amour, tu es une déesse”, pressing kisses all over you and leaving bites and marks in places only he can reach. he won’t fuck make love to you until he’s kisses and appreciated every part of you, maybe even slipping on lipstick to know for sure that he’s gotten every single part.


lilia vanrouge.
— lilia has a smirk plastered on his face on his face as he takes the photos, he’s seen them earlier when you’d left them, but he hadn’t had the time to come and take them. he finds them very enticing, and they make him feel as if he’s young again. they get him excited and make him have a bit of trouble staying still, and he can’t help but to seek you out and snatch you back to his own room.

— he’ll tease you about it for a little bit, but throws in some praise there too, telling you how beautiful you looked and how you should wear things such as that for him too. he takes things a bit slower that night, letting you give him some begging words as you stare at him with teary eyes, he’ll have you all dressed up too, maybe putting you in something with bats on it if you have something — or he can find something — like that.

— he’s gonna ask you to show him all the pictures you have from your photo shoots and he might steal some for himself too. he’ll ‘show’ up to them too — very silent and sneaky, hanging from the ceiling in a hidden corner — watching you with sharp eyes and constantly licking his lips. he loves seeing you in cute and/or sexy lingerie or just plain naked! he’s all for everything you wear (or don’t wear) for him and will always show his thanks.

Chapter Text

1. kalim al-asim
not surprising, kalim is very clingy once you two finally get together. he was definitely clingy before, but now you have no breathing room. never having a moment alone, or else he’ll cry oceans, whining about how you two have to do everything together! you’re a couple after all, he’s mostly manipulative without realizing it, but sometimes he’ll do it on purpose, knowing that he can get away with it. you wouldn’t dare run away from him when you know he can ruin your whole life, and if he’s feeling evil, maybe your entire families too.


2. azul ashengrotto.
azul was calm and collected before you two got together, but once he has you in his hold, he’s never letting go. he wants control over your entire life and won’t let you out of his and/or the tweels sight, and if you somehow do escape or go somewhere without him, the leech twins will find you within seconds, not wanting to have to deal with a sobbing and depressed azul anymore. he’s very manipulative on purpose because he doesn’t think you will be able to stay with him either way. filling your ears with words of ‘you never really loved me, did you?’ or ‘you hate me just like everybody else! you think i’m a fat, gross octopus!’


3. idia shroud.
idia’s not as manipulative as he is clingy and dependent, he relies on your every word and action, following whatever you say and crying whenever you try and leave him alone. ortho’s no help either because he doesn’t wanna see his older brother cry! you have to stay, you can’t leave! idia attaches cameras to everything you own, wanting to be able to know what you’re doing and heavily monitoring you. ortho is more manipulative than he is, but idia also tells you manipulative words every here and there.


4. malleus draconia.
malleus isn’t exactly manipulative as lilia/silver/sebek may be, but he still has some words that make you think about everything you do. he’s not super clingy either, but he still won’t let you go anywhere alone, always attached at your hip but he doesn’t have to be touching you. he doesn’t have to tell you manipulative words either, his presence is enough alone to make you stay, and you knowing of his powerful magic will definitely make you force yourself to stay with him. if you’re ever doubting things, lilia will be the one telling you manipulative words, trying to force you to see malleus is a light that isn’t bad, that he’s your prince from a fairytale.


5. deuce spade.
i wouldn’t say deuce is very manipulative (just because he’s not very smart) but he’s definitely clingy! unlike malleus or azul, he won’t ever try to hurt you/get you hurt, you’re the most important person to him besides his mother and he doesn’t want you to ever leave him. he’s very overprotective, and thinks it’s better for him to just stick by your side to wherever you decide to go, he doesn’t think it’s safe for you to wander on your own, especially because you can’t use magic. and you obviously can’t leave either, his mother already knows everything about you and is so excited to meet his little boy’s first girlfriend! you don’t want her to be sad, do you?

Chapter Text

5 best.

lilia vanrouge.
obviously one of the best, he’s old and has lots of experience with it. he’ll make you cum in a matter of seconds, and keep going because he just can’t get enough of how you taste. only pulling back to tease you with how quickly you came on his tongue.


leona kingscholar.
i don’t think leona has as much experience as lilia (or any if you want to think he doesn’t) but he just looks like he’d be amazing at giving oral. he obviously prefers, being the lazy lion he is, but it’s all worth it when he finally eats you out. it’s like it’s his last meal and he is just diving into it.


rook hunt.
rook is amazing at it because he loves the ‘beauty’ in peoples’ expressions when he makes them cum from his tongue and fingers, he thinks that you look so delicious when you cum on from his fingers alone, and you don’t even know the ride you’re in for when he eats you out. he likes to take things a bit slower just to savor the taste and maybe tease you a little bit just to get you begging.


vil schoenheit.
vil wouldn’t let himself be anything but great at oral, it’s a good skill to have in the bedroom and he likes to show off that he’s great at all things, sexual included. he isn’t as great as lilia might be, given he doesn’t have the 2,000 year experience of being with all different women and men, but he’ll make you cum quicker than you can make him fun when you give him oral is for sure.


trey clover.
now, i don’t think trey is that amazing at oral, but he’s pretty damn great still. he likes to tease you with it so he’ll make you spend a few minutes begging him to make you cum. he’ll be down there for a few hours because he just loves the taste after he gets to try it the first time you cum, whether that’s torture or the best thing for you, he’ll keep doing it until you definitely can’t walk and can’t think of anything besides him between your legs.


5 worst.

deuce spade.
poor deuce, he really does try his hardest to make you cum when he’s between your legs but he just can’t figure out how. definitely doesn’t know where the clit it and keeps doing weird things that he thinks you’ll like. it definitely takes him more than 20 times to actually get it right, and even then you’re still probably sitting there for 45 min - 2 hours waiting to cum.


azul ashengrotto.
i kinda thought that azul would be good at first but then i realized that he would definitely suck at it. no sexual experience whatsoever and he’s terribly nervous when he even gets close to your clothed pussy, he thinks he’s gonna embarrass himself and you’re gonna make fun of him then tell the tweels how terrible he was. it’s better to just not ever let him give you oral.


idia shroud.
idia sucks, he thinks he’ll be really good since he’s seen a ton of hentai about it and played loads of games, but the second he starts it’s so terrible. you don’t say anything but you’ll probably have to make up an excuse to get him to stop, it hurts seeing him so confident and ready for something he’s not used to doing and then just sucking ass at it. maybe you should end up telling him, or it’s just gonna get embarrassing and awkward when you don’t ever cum.


sebek zigvolt.
thought about between malleus and sebek “who sucks more?” and decided on sebek. maybe malleus has a little experience with it, but sebek has none. does it in the name of his ‘young master’ and then gets ashamed when you don’t ever cum and seem totally turned off after he says that. he doesn’t have any experience with girls really, and thinks that it’ll be easier than it actually is.


riddle rosehearts.
riddle just sucks because he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing, he’s probably never even seen a pussy nor a clit before and doesn’t know how to do the things you’re telling him. he gets kinda decent at is, but he really doesn’t like doing it because he’s embarrassing himself and he really just fucking sucks and doesn’t wanna waste precious bedroom time.

Chapter Text

vil schoenheit.
— vil isn’t one to not knock when he enters a room, so when he happens to stumble into your bedroom while you’ve just started changing, well, it’s a bit embarrassing. not only for you but for him as well, this could cause some kinds of damage to his image, you know!

— he’ll excuse himself for now, maybe telling rook to sneak by your window and get some pictures for him. it’s only to admire your beauty, he assures him, though rook would never question vil. he doesn’t want to seem a creep, so he decides to not make up a reason to go back, but he’ll definitely have some kinds of pictures from the event.

— he has to really be obsessed with you — which he is — to plan out an entirely staged ‘oh no, you walked in after i’ve just gotten out of the shower!’ thing. he takes his time in making sure that all goes well, having rook help him out with his ‘evil’ plan (as rook says). he’ll carefully study your routine and find the exact right time to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

— when you do end up walking into his room after his shower, it’s a bit difficult for him to keep his smirk hidden, his tone becoming strict as he asks you what business you have at this time — though, on the inside he feels an overbearing sense of lust, it’s the perfect scenario — and watching you stutter with averted eyes makes him chuckle, telling you that you’re welcome to appreciate the wonderful sight, it’s not every day you get to see the vil schoenheit after a shower, you know?


leona kingscholar.
— leona had probably come to sleep in your bed, his usual demands that you stay with him in it. but instead, he got you, fresh out of the shower, towel leaving little to his imagination as some water that hadn’t been soaked up ran down your legs and arms. it was a sight, that’s for sure, his usual smirk plastered on his face as he made his way over to you, his little herbivore wants to tease him, hm? well, it’ll take more than that to get leona wanting to pounce. (not really.)

— when you eventually persuade him to at least step outside of your room so you can change, he’s not gonna get anybody close your room, growling and snarling at any beastman that could step foot near the area. to you, he’s impatiently waiting outside for you to finish changing, but to him, he’s staring at you through the slight crack in the door that he’d left open with his tail as he licks his lips. he’s just hunting prey, no? it’s natural for a lion such as him.

— he’ll probably grow tired and bored from waiting and wander off, commanding ruggie to grab the towel you’ve used and bring it to him afterward. lots of thoughts run through his head as he lays down in bed, your cute embarrassed and tinted face as you tried your hardest to get him to leave, not even noticing the tent in his pants as he looked down at you. like a rabbit getting hunted, that’s how you looked to him. and of course, ruggie swings by and gives him the thought of being able to catch you walking in on him naked as well.. and he takes it.

— it’s not hard to make you come to his room at a specific time, you wouldn’t dare to refuse his orders. and when you walk in on him ‘changing’ he’ll just say how he’d forgotten all about your little plan to meet him here, and how you might as well stay, he won’t belong! just lay down and he’ll join you, that’s what you’re here for, ya know? letting his snuggle up with your helpless self. it’s not until he climbs into bed and the doors locked, you realize he hasn’t actually clothed himself.


rook hunt.
— rook has gotten a good catch today, hasn’t he? when he ends up walking in, he’s immediately apologizing — not because he’s sorry, but because he just shouldn’t be able to be in the presence of such beauty! — and backing out, but making sure to take eye fulls of your figure, even though the towel he can make everything out perfectly (and also since, well, this isn’t the first nor last time he’ll see you in such a form) and catch onto every curve and part.

— he’d planned it all out, of course, it’s not like rook to go unprepared nor be caught in a surprise, so it’s only natural he had known ahead of time. whether it was when he’s watching you from the trees that sit beside the room you just happened to be assigned to (by him) or when he’s listening to your conversations or when you spend a few words while you’re by yourself. rook always knew, but it’s easy to not see that, his covers and acts are always amazing as he acts shocked he’s stumbled across such beauty and inappropriateness.

— rook finds beauty in having you walk in on his in such a lewd scenario as well, knowing the embarrassed look that would cover your face as you try to exit the room. even when thinking of it he grows hard and lets out a happy sigh, he, like vil, plans everything to a t, making sure it’ll all go as planned and it’ll work out in his favor. he can’t help but be excited the day of it, hurriedly telling you to make your way over in a few, and quickly finding his way back to shed his clothing.

— he acts shocked as he tells you that he hadn’t expected you so soon! he’d said in a few but thought you’d be later! forgive him for being so silly. though, you wouldn’t mind helping him pick out an outfit, would you? he wouldn’t want vil anything but be impressed with his choice of style, and he thinks you’d be perfect. so, don’t be shy, he won’t bite.. if you don’t want him to. (though he still might bite even if you don’t want him to)


malleus draconia.
— it’s a very rare scenario for malleus to accidentally stumble upon you nude, usually minding his own business as he thinks of ways to force you to become his future queen. it’s only when he hears you stumble on something, he rushes over. now, the normal human hearing wouldn’t catch it, but malleus can’t have you hurt, that could be bad for future children with the two of you! and then when he walks in and you’re naked, he gets the wrong idea at first, are you already ready to bear his child? but then when you stumble over words and ask him to please exit, he understands that he’s walked in at a rather awkward moment.

— that all doesn’t go without saying that he isn’t going to have somebody creep in you. most likely lilia — as sebek isn’t sneaky one bit and silver will most likely fall asleep — as he asks him to go and stalk watch over you, making sure no trouble may be brewing as you sit content in your room, unaware of a set of red eyes peering in on your more private life.

— he has time to himself as he thinks of ways he can make you look like that again, your cute face showing you to be all embarrassed and worried, telling him that you’re alright. it’s not until lilia returns and tells him that a good way to ‘get back’ at you would be for him to also appear naked in front of you. he only nods as lilia talks him through all of the plans, that he can distract silver and sebek just long enough for you to be able to catch his nude form. malleus isn’t exactly sure if it, but he trusts lilia and goes with the plan.

— and he’s glad he did when you do walk in, loudly knocking as you let your presence be known, carefully and slowly opening up the door to revealing his naked form. he plays the impression that he hadn’t heard you and been preoccupied in his thoughts, telling you that it’s alright you’ve seen him in such a way. his smile is hard to contain as he watches you try and explain yourself, knowing that if sebek was to hear about such a matter he’d freak. malleus only pulls you close to him as he tells you that he has a way you can make it up to him, and you must listen, he’s the future king after all.

Chapter Text

epel felmier.
— well… this is quite the situation, isn’t it? epel had just been stopping by to say that vil needed you for something — much to his dismay — and here you are, fresh out of the shower and completely nude right in front of his eyes. a smirk graces his lips as he watches the way you try and cover up your body, rushed words asking him to leave. he will, though, but expect him to bring it up again just to tease you.

— epel isn’t one to plan things out, and this isn’t any different. he might mention wanting to meet at his very specific time and it has to be right then. he’ll quickly throw off whatever he’s wearing the minute he hears you knock before announcing that you’re coming in. and when you do, well, you’re definitely more embarrassed than he is — mostly because he isn’t embarrassed one bit.

— he’ll give you a smirk and ask you why you’re staring. maybe it’s just from his manly aura that you can’t help but be drawn to him.. and he doesn’t mind at all. look all you want, and don’t notice him locking the door. that part isn’t important, ya know? you should be more focused on the meeting you got called here for.


jack howl.
— jack had just been stopping by to snag a few items of yours when he’d walked in on the scene, your naked body being all his eyes could go to as he feels his mouth become dry.. he’ll stutter out an apology once his senses return, shutting the door and thinking of your embarrassed face and cute reaction, remembering to snatch up the panties you’d worn before the undressing later.

— he isn’t one to avoid or play around with the topic of getting you to see him in that state as well. it wouldn’t be uncommon for him to hop out of the shower after work out.. and if you just so happen to come to hang around that time, well that’s your problem because jack is very much enjoying it. he has everything planned out in his mind, and though a little embarrassed and a teensy bit nervous while asking you to hang out in his bedroom around then, it’s not obvious he’s planning anything. just seemingly normal tsundere jack.

— and when you do enter his room, his towel is on the floor near him, a small remainder of water dripping off him from his hair, and his tail strangely sticking straight up.. you go red and tell him a ‘sorry’ before attempting to leave and shut the door behind you, but jack only grabs your wrist, telling you how he doesn’t mind if you stay… even if you don’t want to.


riddle rosehearts.
— as usual, riddle goes as red as the hair on top of his head. screaming at you to put on clothing, which isn’t what he wants but it’s mostly a reflex at this point. he’s taking in every part as his eyes scan you, wetting his lips with his tongue as he swallows hard. you hurriedly throw on clothes as to not disappoint your dorm leader and get yelled at, but he can barely restrain himself as to not order them off again.

— he’ll force you to meet in his room later that evening, freeing up his schedule so he can go through with this plan. though he’s a bit concerned about how it’ll play out, he doesn’t have any doubts he can force you to stay no matter what. he’ll quickly jump into the shower so that he looks refreshed and clean at least, though he might become ‘dirty’ again… he gets out once he hears you knock at his door and announce your presence, quickly drying some of the water off as he walks into his bedroom.

— when you notice the state he’s in, you’re immediately apologizing for walking in at such a time — you don’t want your head chopped off! — a smile is on his face as he stares at your teary eyes as there is a noticeable embarrassment in your features and movements. he orders you to close the door and come closer, and by now you should already know what you’re in for.


azul ashengrotto.
— unlike other yanderes, azul backs off a bit. sure, he loves seeing you in such a form, completely nude only in front of his eyes and his alone. but, he understands some people can be insecure — he himself is very much — and he wouldn’t want to make his darling uncomfortable in any way, that could ruin any kinds of chance he may have without kidnapping, drugging, or threatening you! he’ll say he's sorry’s as he backs out of the bedroom, but there are thoughts of the moment circling his mind the rest of the day.

— azul is a bit nervous when jade/floyd brings up the idea of you seeing him naked as well, it’s only fair! and does azul want to be a corrupt businessman like that? a lot of time goes into the thought but he eventually accepts it after talking himself up in the mirror, and when he’s ready, he’s incredibly excited and hoping to see a good reaction. he’ll invite you for a one-on-one business deal nobody could decline because it’s such a steal!

— when you walk in on him ‘changing’ he probably feels more embarrassed than you, roping you into comforting him and he’ll take advantage of the kindness. manipulative words fall from his lips as he somehow gets you into his bed with him and the next thing you know it’s the next morning and you feel exhausted everywhere. you know you won’t be going anywhere, you showed so much kindness to this sad, pathetic octopus anyways! you must love him.

Chapter Text

azul ashengrotto.
— azul… well, azul does not handle the news well. when he’d fallen for you, you’d seemed innocent, pure, and delicate and that image gets wiped when he finds you kissing another boy's lips. it won’t last long, he assures himself, he’ll make the boy pay for taking what’s his. he’s freaking out over it, sobbing in private to the leech twins, whining about how you dared to touch, even kiss another!

— he’ll have the tweels drag him back to his private office, smiling as he looks terrified and asks what azul ashengrotto could want with him. he’s defensive and certain about not breaking up with you, even when azul offers him anything he could want.. but he still doesn’t sign it. threats will be made and he’ll be forced to sign it if he wants his life. if he still doesn’t sign the contract, well, floyd has always been great for situations such as these.

— when your boyfriend breaks up with you, you’re shocked and heartbroken, relishing in the comfort azul has so kindly offered to you. letting you cry your heart out, how you thought he was the one and how he always seemed and said how much he loved you! azul only tells you that it’s all you can expect with boys like these, absolute savages who care about nobody but themselves. but.. you should know, darling, he cares very much about you. if you’d like, he has some more time for you to talk, he won’t break your heart like them, you know?


malleus draconia.
— malleus isn’t one to waste away his time, he’ll hastily order people to break the two of you up immediately. you’re meant to be his future queen, the one who’ll marry him and give him an heir.. not the one who’ll go behind his back and kiss another boy, an absolute peasant compared to him, nonetheless.

— for the next several days, you’ll have sebek talking your ear off about how amazing malleus is and how he’d make a perfect boyfriend- no husband even! it’s not until malleus spends more time around the dorm at night you’ll sorta start to understand what’s going on. it’s not as if you’ll be able to escape even if you are to figure it out, even though malleus would prefer a willing bride, a forced one will do just the same thing a willing would do.

— when your boyfriend does break the news that he’s no longer in love with you and leaving you, you’ll be heartbroken obviously. and how lucky is it that malleus heard and is here to comfort you? it’s not every day that the future king of the valley of thorns will comfort somebody like you, a commoner. you might as well let yourself fall into the arms of malleus because even if you try to deny him, he’ll always find a way to pull you in.


vil schoenheit.
— vil cannot believe the nerve you have! dating somebody else behind the vil schoenheit’s back and then expecting the same treatment?! you’d have to be insane! it was obvious he liked you, you’d gotten nothing short of the best when you were spending your time with him, and then here you are putting those same carefully taken care of lips on some boys' disgusting filthy ones!

— he’ll have rook ‘hunt’ — more so stalk and figure out info he can blackmail him with — him. following him everywhere and watching his daily routines, and the uneasy look on his face when he confesses to you he thinks he’s being stalked. of course, you won't imagine that he could be being stalked, talking about how he must be crazy with vil... and it's vil who tells you to break up with the boy who is just so obviously not okay in the head.

— you probably take his suggestion and break up with the poor boy who's been telling you nothing but the truth. vil is smug with the way the boy's smile drops as you shatter his heart in half, saying how you can't be with someone who acts as he does. vil will say a few words to help you through the breakup since well, you're probably still a bit troubled that it's turned out the way it did with him being a bit crazy, aren't you?


leona kingscholar.
— oh, his herbivore already has a little boyfriend does she? well, just know if leona’s after you it won't be lasting long. whether it's ruggie breaking you two apart or your boyfriend when leona starts to steal away all your time, you two will be separated one way or another.

— when he first finds out, he'll be grumpy, a permanent scowl on his face wherever he goes unless it's with you. he has ruggie find out a way to break you two up and quick. and while ruggie’s busy with that, he'll be eating away at your time, even when you grumble that you and your boyfriend have plans for the day, he’ll pretend as if he's asleep (which most of the time he is).

— when your boyfriend finally leaves you because you two just don't spend as much time together anymore, you'll be upset a leona at first obviously, given he is the reason for that. but, you'll eventually come to him after realizing that he'll help soothe your heartbreak, he has always been your closest friend, you know?


riddle rosehearts.
— oh boy, riddle is freaking out the second he hears about you having a boyfriend. it's off with everybody’s head if they can't break you two up. he’ll calm down afterward, seeing that his outburst was a bit childish, but that still doesn't stop him from trying to break you two apart, maybe he's making up a rule that you can't kiss on a certain day, or hug, or maybe even have a boyfriend — unless it's him, of course.

— he becomes way more strict on your little boyfriend, ordering him around more and putting him on more duties than one student should have. and if he can't complete them? off with his head! he knows it's unfair, but so is the fact that your heart has already been won by another. and if this treatment doesn't have him breaking up with you (because he'll catch on eventually) then nothing will.

— when your boyfriend does conclude that the only way to get rid of these terrible, terrible loads of chores to do, he'll go and break up with you. you're absolutely heartbroken and cannot believe that he's broken your heart, you'll come to cry to riddle, letting your dorm leader comfort you since he's always been so kind to you. little do you know this has been all according to riddles' plan.

Chapter Text

rook hunt (usagi).
— rook absolutely adores you to no extent, he's obsessed the instant his eyes land on you. very easy to spot in a crowd of people with normal ears, and then there's you, big, floppy bunny ears with a cute tiny fluffball tail. he can't help but get fascinated as he observes you joining the pomefiore dormitory, not aware of the hunter that lurks in its corridors.

— when rook first converses with you, he's fallen even deeper, not only are you completely exquisite on the outside but the inside as well! his breath is stolen from him as he watches you scurry along to your next lesson, sighing in pleasure as he awaits the next opportunity to speak with you again.

— once the hunter finally captures his prey, he's never letting you go. you'll be trapped with rook for the foreseeable future, having any spare moment taken up by him. he’ll never get bored of you, no, he’ll always find infatuation with the simplest things you could be doing. you're such a cute bunny, and it's a perfect opportunity to understand more about an animal with ears uncommonly as yours.. maybe even lure in a beastman from savanaclaw with a naive creature like you.


idia shroud (neko).
— similar to rook, idia becomes obsessed the second his eyes catch a glimpse of you. an adorable and naive neko girl getting accepted into ignihyde is all he's ever needed and more, a perfect opportunity to finally get a girlfriend. he’ll go through everything he can discover about you, having ortho do multiple scans of your whole self and become closer to you so he can see if you're true as pure and unbelievable as you seem. and sure enough, you are.

— when you become close enough to ortho, he might even introduce himself. with his tablet, obviously, but he still tries his hardest to find any way he can get closer to you. even in such a deep infatuation, he's shy and anxious. when you do meet him in person, he’ll have a terribly tough time trying to keep his hands to himself, resisting the impulse to snatch you right then and there. he's patient, though, he knows he can charm you somehow.

— you’ll presumably end up asking him out, but in the slim chance he is to work up enough courage to ask you to be his, you’ll be with him either way. he’ll immediately have you trapped inside his room, all electronics or way to communicate with the outside world are stolen and destroyed, a sinister grin kept on his face as he watches the joy turn into terror, ortho cheering his big brother on and celebrating the fact he's finally gotten somebody go take home to mom and dad. whether you want that or not doesn't matter anymore, you're trapped.


leona kingscholar (usagi).
— if you're a little bunny, it's not gonna taken much to capture leona’s attention, if he's taking part that is. and even if he isn't the second he catches a whiff of a rabbit’s scent in a dorm such as this, he's ordering ruggie to go and capture you and drag you to his room. you really are an herbivore, and to say the least, soon to be his. he’ll tease you so harshly, making fun of how you're helpless prey in a den of vicious predators.

— leona isn’t good at courting people, and it’s not going to be any better with his darling. he’ll have ruggie bring you to him whenever he orders, and you haven’t the slightest say in what goes. he slowly acts as if he's warmed up to you, treating you with small acts of fake kindness and eventually stealing your heart. even if you aren't to tell him, he’ll easily know with the look on your face whenever he's around.

— your excitement makes him smirk when he asks you to be his, knowing how much he’ll ruin you and give you a hellish life. he's never gotten anything without being a bit.. devious, and catching you is not different. you'll be treated roughly and tossed around as if you're worth nothing, only soft moments being times where he uses you as a pillow. predators have never been sweet to prey, have they now?


jack howl (neko).
— jack is very intrigued by you. a pure kitty that happened to be sorted into a den of beasts, but of course, he lets those thoughts wither away, you wouldn't be here if you didn't have power. that doesn't have jack finding his unusual feelings disappear, if anything they strengthen, it could possibly be an act.. he never knows!

— he's very awkward with interactions and greetings, finding it hard to stay somewhat friendly when all he wants to do is pounce on you, test your strengths even when he knows it's wrong. to you, he’ll seem strangely hostile, but in reality, he's trying his hardest to get intimate with you, to bait you into a trap where you can't run off. even when it feels painfully terrible, he can't stop his desire to have you all to himself.

— when jack finds it in himself to tell you how he feels, you shyly accept and it gives him even more of a rush. his mind runs rampant as he pulls you along back to his room, roughly shoving you in as he locks the door. sealing away your future as he glares at you with predatory eyes, his true feelings getting voiced in that very moment as your eyes show a panic back.


azul ashengrotto (usagi).
— oh? a poor, unfortunate soul like you getting roped into a dorm such as octavinelle where only merfolk reside? what a very strange idea that mirror has. though, azul has no complaints about such a charming thing as yourself getting stuck in the octopus’ den. he’ll send the tweets to gather some info on you, and even floyd doesn't have a complaint since you just look so interesting and out of place.

— great seven, azul falls so deep in obsession once he gets to know you more. your innocent rabbit self not having the slightest clue what he could have planned for you. he’ll make sure to terrorize any sort of student that could come close to you, making sure that the only one you could come to is himself and maybe jade. you wouldn’t want to hang around floyd even if he had already kidnapped you for himself!

— once you confess to the octo-merman, he sighs in pleasure, knowing you’re finally meant to be his. he’ll have you sign a contract as ‘proof of your love’ and you only gave a few uncertainties that he instantly makes disappear, to reveal that you’re now imprisoned with him for eternity. the fear on your face graces him a dark smile on his own.

Chapter Text

riddle rosehearts.
— red-faced instantly. he’d stopped by to invite you to a tea party for exclusively the two of you, and he’d accidentally walked in on something much, much better more than what he’d anticipated. he immediately went quiet, the remaining words of what was to be spoken dying on his tongue as he swallows hard, gawking at you while you're knuckle deep in yourself.

— you'll have to snap him out of it, dragging your fingers out as a smirk replaces any signs of embarrassment that could he left. your innocent boyfriend happened to walk in on you touching yourself? well, what better to do than to tease and rile him up a little, after all the tea party can wait. he’ll ignore it at first, speaking about how you two must be taking off immediately and how you should clothe yourself this instant so the treats don't become cold, but after a short period, he’ll give in to his desires.

— like any other time, he's much more gentle than he expresses with anything else. carefully taking his time, though he's a bit rougher, that’s most likely because of the fact you hadn't come to him for pleasure and resorted to your fingers instead. he might tease you a bit, watching you squirm as you ask him to get on with it. it has him wearing the smirk instead of you.


epel felmier.
— wow... um, okay then. he’s incredibly nervous and embarrassed for walking in at such a private time, but apologies won't be coming. since well, he's not exactly sorry about it, yet he's rather pleased with a slight bit of frustration for you not wanting him to help you with such a task. is he not manly enough? the impression has frustration swelling in his chest.

— he’ll of course leave the room if you were to ask, his pride a little hurt if he’s to hear you continue, but he’ll understand if you are to or not. if you want his help though, he's not one to pass up such an opportunity to... prove his manliness!! he’ll have a huge smirk on his face as he fucks help you, he thinks this is a great chance to be able to show you just how much you can rely on somebody like him for this kind of thing!

— expect him to try and take control! of course, if you'd like to be more controlling of the situation, he won't argue as long as you're not babying him or making him out to be weak! he’ll leave a few marks here and there as proof of his manly accomplishment! only a few though, since he doesn't want to make you uncomfortable by putting too many unless you ask him to!


floyd leech.
— floyd has a little bit of a freak-out.. he’s not happy one bit with his shrimpy-chan touching herself! you’re supposed to come to your loving and dependable boyfriend for stuff like this! his mood will change for the worse and he’ll go up to you and rip take your fingers out and replace them with his own, asking you what you think you’re doing without him! he’d be so excited to skip out on his duties to fool around with you!!

— you’ll have to explain why you hadn’t asked him, but still, even when you do, he’ll just whine about how you do think he can please you! and he’s here to show you that he can. having bite marks littered across every part of you he can reach with some blood dripping from how deep they are, he’s not happy one bit about shrimpy’s behavior and he’s gonna make sure you know you’re his.

— when you’re littered with uncoverable bites and marks tomorrow, he wears an enormous grin the entire day, telling everybody about how you’re his and only his. no matter how hard you try to get him to quit, he won’t, and if you keep pushing it on him, he’ll become aggravated and might bite again.


deuce spade.
— probably screams. cannot believe he’s walked in at such a bad moment, is it his delinquent side that’s forgotten to knock? he’s spewing out apologies and random words with red cheeks, he doesn’t even think to leave nor close the door, so tell him immediately unless you want the risk of another student watching the catastrophe.

— deuce’s mind blanks if you’re to ask for his help, for him to come and fuck you so you can experience a better orgasm. he doesn’t recover very quickly, and you’ll be having to drag him to your bed and probably taking more control of the situation until he snaps out of it. more of his delinquent side comes out in the moment, so you’ll be more roughed up than usual, but he’ll apologize afterward.

— he’s definitely going to be thinking back on the moment multiple times that week, growing strangely hard as well as embarrassed. he just hopes nobody ace & grim are around to see him in such a state because he knows that their teasing would never end.

Chapter Text

riddle rosehearts.
— riddle is a bit taken back once he learns of your habit, his mother had never gone without one when he had lived back at their residence, so he had always assumed every girl wore one. he orders you to put one on as he doesn’t want to be seen with somebody who can’t even bother to do something like that. he’ll be breaking the habit soon.

— he gets that you have a smaller chest, but doesn’t find that an excuse. his ‘partner’ will only be the best of the best, and if he has to break it into your mind, he will. he’ll make sure you’re also wearing other necessities, such as underwear, so don’t give him any complaints when he’s lifting your skirt throughout the day to make sure you’ve put them on. and he’ll also be looking down your shirt and poking at it to be sure you’ve remembered your bra, even though he does watch your dressing process from then on.


leona kingscholar.
— oh? is the little herbivore trying to seduce the big, bad beast? too bad, your small chest isn’t anything he’s interested in. he doesn’t mind if you prance around without any bra covering your tits, just know once he finds out, he’ll be pulling you aside in private — or maybe public just to have your embarrassed and begging face — areas. his teasing will get worse. especially with the name calling, and how you don’t even have to wear a bra because your boobs are so tiny.

— leona honestly prefers this, it’s super easy access and he doesn’t have to take the trouble to tear it off. he does growl whenever somebody’s to touch your chest area, knowing they could easily feel you don’t have anything covering it. he becomes a lot more touchy — though he still very much was before — and also rougher. if you want to seduce your kidnapper, go ahead princess.


azul ashengrotto.
— azul doesn’t find it that odd, though he thought it was a custom for all girls to wear bras on land he doesn’t think much of it. under the sea, girls only wear tops since they don’t have legs and most of them look like what landfolk call ‘bras’. he does see it as a more sexual action to not wear a bra, so he’ll be more clingy, even if the reason is just for a small chest. you wouldn’t deny him, right? not unless you want a crying octopus and dangerous and threatening eel twins.

— he thinks it rather cute of you to not wear them, he does get a bit embarrassed the more he learns about the.. nastier things he can do easier, but he sees it as more of an invitation than anything. he’ll let his hands roam around your chest area more often and constantly tease at your nipples, always staying close and being clingy — not anything different — and telling anybody who might get a little too close to figuring it out to back off. since you’re his, and only his.


kalim al-asim.
— at first, kalim thinks it’s an issue of not being able to buy any, so he’ll buy you loads! only the best for his darling, after all — even though most of the time he has you locked in a cage. letting you pick out a few, but he chooses most of the ones he finds soo cute! he has you model them all and even buys matching underwear for some of them! when you tell him it’s just a habit because it’s not noticeable if you wear one or not, he just shrugs it off. that’s cool, it’s not really anything he’s worried about — because even if the whole school knew, nobody would touch kalim’s darling — and he has lots of habits as well!

— he might be a little more protective, though. making sure that there’s always somebody near you, usually jamil since he’s the one kalim trusts most. however, if he’s too busy with kalim, he has no problems with making sure you’re put back in your luxury cage room, completely swarmed with guards to make sure you don’t go anywhere and nobody can get in to do nasty things to you and take advantage of your habit! it’s probably for the best that you try to break it, unless you enjoy being locked away, of course.


vil schoenheit.
— absolutely not. what is wrong with you? has your potato body and features also infected your brain?! vil’s buying you luxury, best quality bras, you’re not going without one ever again. he doesn’t care for his darlings silly little habit, you’re not getting caught dead without one ever again around him. it’s getting broken instantly and you’re getting punished for even trying to bring shame and humiliation to him as his ‘lover’.

— vil will start dressing you himself. obviously the freedom rook had managed to convince him into giving you wasn't a smart choice. everything from your undergarments to your makeup will be done by vil himself, and you'll never be able to do things that cater to your outer appearance again. similar to riddle, throughout the day vil will make sure you're still dressed appropriately. you're lucky he's so forgiving, you know? he could've done a lot worse, and if this habit somehow continues, he'll let rook have a little fun with hunting you in the woods.


idia shroud.
— oh.. oh. to idia, this is like a dream come true, a girl never wearing their bra is like something a female hentai protag would do! he doesn't care for your habit, and if anything he just becomes creepier. whether you want him touching you doesn't matter, if you're keeping your bra off while around him, you must be comfortable and willing to get sexual! those are the thoughts that go through idia's anti-social, incel brain.

— idia encourages you to keep up your habit of not covering you chest, he enjoys thinking about the bare surface underneath your shirt.. he'll even have ortho try and encourage it too! ..not in a weird way like idia, but in a 'you go for it!' type of way. he'll creep his hand up your shirt whenever you two are alone, pinching and teasing at your nipples with a smirk on his face, watching the way you try and push his hands off and squirm around. he doesn't mind if you think he's even more horrible, because it makes him even more obsessed.


malleus draconia.
— malleus.. doesn't really mind your habit that much. he has a few habits as well, none like going without an undergarment, but habits. he'll let you continue it if lilia has no problems with it, but if he does and offers malleus advice on why you should wear them, you'll be bought top notch bras from only the best brands (by sebek because, "YOUNG MASTER CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO DO THAT!!!!").

— habits don't really matter to malleus.. bra or no bra, you're still his darling and future queen. he'll only force you to break it if lilia finds a problem with it. like idia, he sees it as some kind of invitation (to mate), to give him an heir early on. in private moments (usually in his bedroom, but also when nobody is around) he'll swipe his fingers over them, sometimes taking things a bit further if he becomes too excited. and when that happens, you might as well count on giving him an heir early because he isn't one to stop no matter what you say.

Chapter Text

rook hunt.
— rook finds it a bit boring at first… he enjoys the hunt, chasing down his prey and earning it once he captures you, but he does still manage to find the beauty in it. you’re sweet and docile, you let him hold you and show his ‘love’. he’s a lot less violent than he thought he’d have to be.

— he’ll spoil you so much, you won’t get any breathing room and if he ever comes to trust you enough and lets you out, he’ll be watching from afar, ready to take you back any moment he sees you being a little too friendly. you’re the cutest thing in the world to him, reminding him of different kinds of small animals he’s hunted. he doesn’t mind showing you love and is incredibly happy when you listen to some troubles he’s had. he wouldn’t mind a bit of a change every once in a while, though.


idia shroud.
— he falls even more in obsession once you return his affections, letting him cling and hold onto you whenever he pleases (which is always), not caring for the things he could do or has done. your uncaring nature about this is also great for ortho, to anybody else it seems like a normal relationship and that’s a perfect thing for the young robot boy to see.

— he’ll never let you go now. knowing that you’re content in this life with him makes his obsession grow more & more, becoming more paranoid whenever you even mention somebody else — even ortho. he’s never had anybody see him in such a way like you do, crazy but loveable, and he can’t let you go… he wouldn’t ever find a love like this again.


malleus draconia.
— unexpected but absolutely fantastic, everything will move smoothly and according to plan since you’re so willing to let him do whatever he needs. the wedding will be planned within the week and thoughts of children will be spoken upon, how many he’d like and how terrific you’d be as a mother, all while his hand rubs over your stomach, a dark look visible in his eyes.

— he’ll have lilia convince you to have children as soon as possible, as well as a wedding. he doesn’t want any chances of you leaving him, sebek and silver are your guards as well now, following and watching your every move, making sure you don’t ever get too far away from the young master. soon enough even if you have thoughts of running, you won’t be able to. whether it’s the ring that sits on your finger or the child that’s growing in your stomach.


azul ashengrotto.
— oh azul is so, so very happy! he’ll make sure to smother your with his love, kisses every chance he gets and hugs that feel as if they’re going to crack your ribs! even with your feelings of contentment, he’ll still have you locked away, hidden from anybody else (besides the eel twins, of course) only for his eyes to see. a chain sitting on your ankle as water surrounds you, giving nowhere to run even if you were to consider it. you won’t have an uncomfortable life, but it won’t necessarily be a happy one.

— he insists on skin-to-skin contact every moment you two spend together. he doesn’t even dare to speak, knowing it only takes away from the precious cuddling and kissing times shared between the two of you. azul would’ve been clingy even if you weren’t so easy, but it’s 10x worse now that he knows what he can get away with, that you’re happy to listen to his problems and let him run rampant with the things he does.


leona kingscholar.
— like rook, leona’s a bit bored. he expected a prey he’d have to hunt down, one he’d have to threaten and fight with. but, this isn’t all that bad, either, he’s quite the lazy lion and you’re happy enough to let him use you as if you were a pillow that lays on his bed, to let him express his anger about his family and position as the second-prince.

— that’s not saying he’s any bit gentle, leona’s volatile, and incredibly easy to get jealous, even one peep from your mouth of another guy at this school is enough to earn you a lifelong scar. he isn’t afraid to watch the blood pour from wounds he gives you, happily dragging you to lay down while you cry in pain. his obsession may seem alright if you allow him to throw you around, bruising and marking you as his own, but beneath all of that lies a predator, and one that’s very dangerous.


ruggie bucchi.
— ruggie is so grateful! his darling is happy to be kidnapped by him? hell yeah! your days spent with him will not be anything but love and happiness! he’s thinking of ways to get you stuck with him forever, a bit worried about jumping straight to marriage — money, mostly — but it’s definitely very much stuck in his mind. he wants you to meet all the kids from the slums just like him! you’d love ‘em, you love him! so they’ll be no different. and once you meet them, there’s no going back.

— he’s having your future planned out with him, first you two will graduate, and by then he’ll have a decent amount of money from all his part-time jobs, score a better job through his fourth-year applications and searching, and then once you two are done with everything, you’ll have a nice house where everyone can come and visit! them always asking about babies and marriage, how they wanna throw flowers or bring the ring, to witness ruggie’s wedding with his perfect bride (because he only deserves the best!) and then see little hyena babies! they’re all so impatient and excited that you don’t even know if you can make it out of nrc!

Chapter Text

kalim al-asim.
kalim is already so loving and obsessed with you, even if you were to despise his entire existence. but, you don’t, instead, you accept him rather.. messy tendencies and try to love him. you’ll immediately have a ring on your finger, one made of only the finest jewels from around twisted wonderland, and have a wedding so large and fascinating nobody could miss it — even if they aren’t there. this type of love is everything kalim has ever desired and more, somebody who will be his forever, and not somebody he’d show off as a trophy.


idia shroud.
he loves you so, so much more than before. he was so terrified of you hating him — though you have a good reason — and here you are accepting and willing to stay… he must be in heaven. he won’t let you out of his arms for a second, not even if he’s playing a game and he’s getting serious. everything means nothing compared to this moment, you accept him for the terrible person he is and he can’t help but let his obsession grow worse and worse. soon enough the only thoughts in his head are ones of you, him, and ortho all as one family, forever.


azul ashengrotto.
no matter how you were to act towards the octo-merman, he’d be incredibly attached. he can’t live in a world without you, he needs you so badly it’s not even funny. his desire grows even darker and worse once you accept him, telling him that you’ll stay by his side even though he’s so very different. it’s those reassuring words that just send him over the edge, to take you as his and keep you forever, locked away from anybody else, even the most trusted leech twins. he doesn’t care who it is, you’re his, and you’ll only ever see him.


sebek zigvolt.
sebek wants you to follow his every command, and you being rather accepting of his strange feelings encourages him to become harsher. you stay by his side, so that means you must want to be his personal ‘servant’ — to have a relationship similar to kalim and jamil’s is what he’s wanted with malleus, but if he’s to have it with you, being on the receiving end, he’ll be satisfied. he’ll never let you out of his sight, always breathing down your neck. he won’t admit his attachment to you, but it’s obvious to anybody else that his relationship is anything but normal.


vil schoenheit.
you’re everything vil could want in a darling, beauty and ‘brains’ — brains as in you accept his behavior like a smart girl — and when you stay by his side even when he’s done nothing but show he’s dangerously obsessed, willing to hurt anybody necessarily, even going as far as having rook kill somebody, you stay? you’re never going anywhere. in the first stages of your ‘relationship’, he’s cruel and demanding, but as you stay and feed his obsession more and more, you two become inseparable, he won’t let you go anywhere. dolls can’t move on their own, you know? you’re stuck with his, though he's never been sure you have ever wanted to leave. and that makes him so very happy.

Chapter Text

jamil viper.
— jamil only gets possessive whenever you’re around kalim. you know his feelings towards him so it makes him question why you hang around him, don’t you know your boyfriend is right there? he knows you’re just trying to make him jealous at that point — even if you really aren’t, he’ll act like you were.

“do you like making me jealous, sweetheart?” jamil’s tone is laced with venom, his cock pounding in and out of you. he’d usually make you wait for hours, edging you until your crying and begging for his cock to fill you up, to make you cream around him. but, tonight he wants you to beg for him to stop making you cum, that it’s just too much for your pussy to handle.

fat tears run down your cheeks, nails scratching down his back, deep enough to draw blood. “‘s too much jamil!” he can’t help but let out a groan as you cling to him, your tears only having him closer and closer to cumming. “is it? you seemed to have wanted this from kalim, you slut” you shake your head as he feels you tightening around him again, “no ‘s not true.. only want your cock, i swear!”

and that sends him over the edge, filling you to the brim. satisfied in knowing this is something kalim could never beat him in.


floyd leech.
— you already know that you won’t be going anywhere once floyd becomes possessive. when his mood changes for the worst, he’s very easy to get jealous and when he’s jealous, even jade and azul can’t stop his from throwing you over his shoulder and going back to his room.

“do you want those other boys cocks, shrimpy?” are floyd’s first words to you since he’s started, his cock dragging along your walls agonizingly slow, “do you think they can fuck you as good as me, huh?!” you let out a moan as he roughly thrusts up into you, his hand wraps around your throat as he uses the other one to keep his tight grip your hip.

“n-no.. they could never be as good as you, floyd!” he smiles and lets go of you, picking up your thighs and wrapping them around his hips. “that’s good, shrimpy. i wouldn’t wanna have to do something unsightly to them..” your eyes roll back as he pounds into you, his slow pace swapped for a much rougher and faster one, hitting that one spot inside of you where you know you won’t be lasting long at all.

“aww is shrimpy-chan gonna cum for me? all over my cock? what a dirty, dirty shrimp..” moans leave your lips as your nails drag along his back, trapping him inside with you legs and leaving him only one place to cum, inside of you — the perfect place to show everyone who you belong to.


leona kingscholar.
— leona isn’t a fan of you being around any other guys, especially in a dorm like savanaclaw. he knows that they’ll easily snatch you up, and he’s told you to not interact with them before just knowing that. yet, here you are, happily talking to these beastmen.

leona laughs as drool runs down your chin, your eyes rolled back from your nth orgasm. your poor overstimulated pussy being abused by his cock, “ya like being used like this? fuckin’ nasty, bet you’d let anybody fuck this pussy” you can’t even respond from how far gone you are, your mind thinking about nothing but his cock pounding in and out of you.

“stupid, dumb girl.. this is my pussy, and only mine, huh?” you respond with slurred moans, hands gripping at the sheets as he feels you tighten up around him again, “cumming again huh? dirty fuckin’ whore” a groan leaves his lips as he feels himself reaching his own orgasm, ready to fill you up once again to prove that you’re his, and his alone.

Chapter Text

leona kingscholar.
— it would be pretty uncommon for somebody like leona to give his darling an aphrodisiac — he can just threaten you, which is much easier — he only does it for fun, so that he can see his poor darling getting all needy for him, only to have him deny you of any sorts of pleasure and release.

“aw,” leona holds a teasing tone, a dangerous smirk kept on his lips as he holds your face, squeezing your cheeks as tears form in your eyes, so needy that you’re humping the foot he’s placed under you, “is my girl needy? so damn needy that you’re humping my foot? such a whore..” whines escape your lips as you so desperately want to get off, to feel any sorts of relief from the burning heat you feel all over. but leona won’t give it to you, not easily at least. “if you want something, you gotta work for it, sweetheart.”

— needless to say, you should never leave anything in leona’s reach where he can slip the drug into. unless you’d like to be walking around in soaked panties, burning from the heat you feel and your mind mush with thoughts of getting touched and reaching an orgasm. unless you’d like that of course, but i doubt you would with your kidnapper.


ruggie bucchi.
— ruggie loves to drug his darling, whether it’s with stuff that’ll knock you out so he can have it easy or stuff that’ll make you listen to his every command, stuff that’ll make you love him. so it’s not a surprise he’s slipping aphrodisiacs to you, he loves watching you come to him all embarrassed, your panties soaked because you’re just so needy for him, you just can’t help but want him to fuck you silly. and who is he to deny his sweet darling?

“d’ya like me fuckin’ ya silly, y/n baby?” ruggie’s words have you responding in moans as you clench up around him, your nth orgasm coming fast. he’d been more than happy to fuck you until you pass out, when you’d come begging him to make you come, he just couldn’t pass up the opportunity! even if it was the drug that was making you so needy and desperate to find a release — even if it was from some random student — he couldn’t help but think of this as you in your right mind, begging for his cock to fill you up nice and good.

— this’ll be a norm once ruggie does it the first time. he can’t help but relish in the way you squeeze his cock so many times and the way you’re more than happy to let him fill you up, even when you’re stuffed to the brim you still want more & more of his cock. he’s satisfied with the thought of your stomach swelling and your breasts becoming filled with milk from all his cum filling you.


jack howl.
— jack feels so dirty and wrong when he slips you the drug. he knows that it’s wrong, but he can’t help himself. his thoughts of breeding you become too strong sometimes and it’s better if you’re obedient and content with the way his cock fills you up as well as his cum until he can’t stuff you anymore.

loud moans fill the room as jack fucks into your cunt, his cum seeping out onto the sheets from how much there is. but it’s not enough, not for jack. he wants to fill you until he’s absolutely sure there’s no doubt you’ll be swollen with his pups, that you’ll be waddling around pregnant with his kids. the very thought has him howling as he pounds into you, he’s sure that he’s gonna have to do this multiple times to be positive that you’ll be breed. even if it’s clear this is enough.

— after a while jack doesn’t have any shame in drugging you, knowing it’s for the better of the family you two are going to have. the need to breed you overpowers his thoughts of shame and guilt, you’d just look so cute with a round stomach, you know?

Chapter Text

— divus is a cruel and strict yandere, you have to fulfill all of his needs and desires as well as follow his every command to a t. he’s very demanding and always expects to receive nothing but kind words and affection for all of his ‘hard’ work.

— this isn’t a surprise but divus has you act as if you were a real dog. eating & drinking from a pet bowl, playing with different types of dog toys, ‘begging’ for treats, and even barking. he’ll have you do all of it, and if you can’t? well, you’ll learn no matter how hard it is for you.

— but once you do learn, he is an absolutely amazing owner. you should already know that you have no freedom, everything will be stripped away. if you’re from twisted wonderland, your family will receive a letter that you’ve met an amazing man, one who will take care of you for as long as you live, and if you’re not? well, then your folks hear nothing, there’s no point in continuing the tedious journey to open a portal to get you home if you have him now, is there?

— he controls your life now, you work to earn everything you get, even the ring you don’t want on your finger. you live in a cage and rarely get time out of it when he’s not around — and even when he is, he thinks it’s better to watch his puppy sit in their cage — but if you’re good, you get to sleep in the bed with him, get a treat (whatever you want to eat) and receive ‘love’ from him.

— now, when it comes to his rivals, he really doesn’t have any — that he knows of — and doesn’t worry over them, knowing that you would never leave him, not when he can easily track you down and punish you (he thanks the chip he put in you). but if somebody is to have the nerve to say something or flirt with you? they won’t get out unscathed, that’s for sure. if they’re a student, he’ll make sure their school life is hell, whether it’s bad grades or running the risk 24/7 of being expelled. but if they’re a normal guy you two happen to run into, he’ll make sure that they pay.

— he isn’t above treating you like a dog he takes on walks either after an incident like that. picture those weird people who take people on leashes outside, that’s what he does to you. walking you like a dog, nobody would dare talk to you — mostly because they find you (two) very strange — and it’ll most likely damage any kind of reputation you had.

Chapter Text

azul ashengrotto.
— azul takes very good care of his (broken) darling, he’s more gentle and caring than ever. sure, you don’t respond to anything he says or does, and the shine of your eyes is now dull and empty, but he thinks if it as a phase — your just having a little bit of a tough time adjusting to life under the sea! he gets it, it took him a little while to get used to life on land.

azul’s lips caress your neck as he murmurs sweet words to you, his hands carefully brushing through your hair as he wakes you up. he’s already gotten your outfit ready, a beautiful dress matched with expensive-looking pearls to wear around your neck. if you had any kind of conscience, you’d be thanking him for treating you so kindly. it’s only in times like this does he feel sane, precious time spent with his loved and cherished darling.

he carefully slips off the nightwear he’d put you in, letting it fall to the floor as he slipped the new dress over your head. sure, this wasn’t healthy in the slightest, especially for a guy as desperate and lonely as azul, but he loves every moment of your ‘relationship.’ a delighted sigh leaves his mouth as he stares in awe at you, a dress to match his own outfit as pearls adorn your neck, a small amount of make-up on your face. he’s happy, dangerously so. and even if the tweels know of the unhealthiness that has formed in this relationship, they want nothing more than to see their childhood friend happy for once.


vil schoenheit.
— having you broken was vil’s end goal, the thing he’s wanted since you two started off. to be able to dress you however he liked, without complaints or fighting, just silence as he applies make-up and slips you into something that is made for only the wealthy. and even though he is the queen, he thinks of you as his little precious princess, making sure to treat you kindly and be gentle as if you could break with every touch.

“she looks gorgeous, roi du poison.” a smile sits on vil’s face as he carefully applies red to your lips, be sure to not smudge it as he’s already done everything else, “i know, rook. she always does.” if vil were to turn around he’d see the slightest amount of worry coating his dear friend's face, knowing that this is not healthy. he had many unvoiced problems at first, but they quickly died down once he’d seen the beauty in something so broken, and he’d made sure to support vil’s wonderful relationship with you.

you’ve been dolled-up, made to look perfect for the camera he flashes in front of your face, his perfect doll. he doesn’t bother editing your eyes so they don’t look lifeless, like there’s nothing left in you, because his fans don’t care. all they want to see is a beautiful, content girl, and that’s what he’ll give them.


rook hunt.
— it’s only a matter of time before you break once rook captures you. through the hunting and worshipping, he’s bound to drive you to your breaking point. bloodied and bruised feet from running in the woods, matched with sweet words after he’s done hunting you. it’d drive any girl crazy, and you’re no exception.

rook hums as he carefully chooses an outfit for you, going through the large wardrobe he’s boughten you is no simple task — not for rook, at least. he has to make sure you look perfect, even if you always do in his eyes. you just sit there — not watching as he knows you have no sense to do so — patiently waiting for him to make you into something spectacular, something so perfect vil drops dead.

a noise of delight falls from his lips as he lands on a dress, rather tight-fitting but beautiful. taking it to the shared bed, he gently sets it down, rubbing away any wrinkles. he turns to you, lifeless eyes looking at the ground with your lips stuck in a line, you just look so perfect. as gorgeous as one can be, beauty rivaling even that of vil, he thinks you’re flawless.


ruggie bucchi.
— ruggie is perfectly fine with you being broken, it just means his attempts worked. he can be a lot more affectionate and loving now that you don’t scream or fight back, so he’s perfectly content with the way things are going. it’s just one huge step for the even bigger future he has planned for the two of you.

ruggie slips a spoon into your mouth, making sure to feed you as he’d forgotten to earlier. a part of his misses how you were able to be self-sufficient — though most of the time you’d still deny his food, believing he’d drugged or poisoned it — even though he’s become absolutely obsessed with the way you’ve broken. he can trust you to stay in the same position while he works, for him to be able to come back and just lay in your arms, indulging himself in the valuable affection he’d be starved of before.

he wonders how you feel from time to time, or if you can feel anything. he loves to think that you adore him, everything about him is amazing to you. the way he works hard, the way he shows you nothing but love and affection, the carefulness he shows when he dresses or feeds you, everything. he knows he’s perfect for you, if he wasn’t, you wouldn’t have broken perfectly according to plan. you wouldn’t fit into his life the way you do.

Chapter Text

kalim al-asim.
— kalim loves praise! whether it’s giving or receiving. he loves to let you know how good you’re doing, how good you’re making him feel. doesn’t matter if you’re between his legs or he’s fucking your tight cunt he’s absolutely in love with the pleasure. and if you let him, he’d love to return the favor with staying between your legs for hours.

— he’s a big fan of ‘love making’, he likes taking his time and just telling you how much he adores you. he’s always so careful with you, letting you adjust and waiting until you give him the go-ahead. he also has to hold your hands, he cannot have sex without holding hands.

— kalim likes when you gently rake your nails along his back, it has small goosebumps forming all over his body as he lets out quiet moans. he also loves when you trace your name on it — or anywhere really! — the feeling of your nails lightly scratching across his skin makes him shiver in pleasure.

— he lives for eating you out. stuffing his face in between your legs and sucking on your clit while his fingers pound in and out of you. he won't stop until his face is soaked with your juices and his fingers are cramping. loves the cute sounds you let out as you pull at his hair, telling him how it's too much but when he stops you're begging for him to keep going.


sebek zigvolt.
— sebek is a bit shy when it comes to more sexual parts of a relationship. he has no experience, as he's devoted his whole life to serving malleus, so he hadn't ever had time for such things. he's hesitant at first, but he grows confident and, like always, he's loud. booming voice letting out moans that fill any silence that could be around the castle.

— sebek, like kalim, greatly enjoys eating you out. he's used to giving things to people, serving them, and treating (most) them with respect. so if you were to ask him, he'd get down on his knees immediately, lapping at your pussy like a starved man. he's even thought of doing it with malleus in the next room (though he quickly shook away those thoughts, he couldn't let malleus possibly get harmed!)

— though he won't voice it, he gets off to having you say and act as if you're below him (which to an extent he believes you are). thoughts of you being a mere, magicless human and him a powerful half-fae, who can easily just destroy you. he's never rough, but the thought of seeing you totally helpless and weak underneath him makes him want to give you a few markings.


azul ashengrotto.
— azul is definitely shy, more than sebek. octomer females are more dominant than males, violent as well, ready to eat their mate at any time. so, he also has a bit of fear when starting. but once he realizes you aren't going to kill him, he becomes a lot more relaxed, indulging himself in the feeling of your velvety walls tightening around him. no longer terrified of you killing him when he spills inside of you.

— he loves fucking you in his private office, running the risk of getting caught. having one of the leech twins walk in or a needy customer knocking on the door and just hearing your moans combined with his whiny ones. it'll be hard to keep his hands off of you when you tease him, walking in with a sultry look in your eyes, swaying your hips as you run your hands over his very prominent bulge. it turns him on, even more, when he knows how much you get off on the riskiness, too.

— a little too insecure to ask himself, but he'd love to use his tentacles on you. having your body covered in dark red and purple marks from his suckers, mass amounts of cum stuffing you. he loves it when you suck on them too, teasing him as you slip them into your mouth, rubbing all over them as you tell him how hot you think they are, how you think they feel so good.

Chapter Text

rook hunt.
— it’s not a great idea to indulge rook in his rather.. violent tendencies, brushing it off if you were to catch him in the act — which he learns to do more often, he just loves the scared look that glimmers in your eyes — and loving on him minutes later as if you had never seen anything. he’s obsessed, nothing could tear him away from you, not even vil.

a laugh fills the air as rook stares at you, a large smile sitting perfectly on his lips, a swipe of blood covering them. you look like a deer in headlights, wide eyes as blood drips from his usually clean purple dorm jacket. but he knows you won’t say anything, “oh dear, it looks as if i’ve been caught red-handed, ma colombe,” the drop of his bow fills the air, clacking of heels following it as he moves towards you. “but that’s alright, isn’t it? you’ll still love me the same.”

— he’ll give you the love you desire so badly, in fact, he won’t let you out of his arms once he realizes why you’re so accepting, so uncaring and clingy towards such a terrible person. you’ll never have to beg or plead for love from another, rook can satisfy any kind of desire for the affection you need, you can trust him.


azul ashengrotto.
— azul is the same as you, desperate for love, for acceptance. willing to offer anything to receive even the slightest bit of attention, he gets it, he gets you. and once he finds that you two aren’t so different after all, he’s using it any way he can. you must be soulmates, otherwise you wouldn’t be so similar, so alike, you wouldn’t fit so perfectly with him. he needs your love, it’s what keeps him going, keeps him alive. it makes him feel like a normal, sane man.

the cracking of bones seeps in through the crack of azul’s office door, muffled screaming of the boys who dared to talk to you, to azul’s precious pearl. and he wasn’t having any of it, you’d happily indulged them, a great smile on your face as you talked of things azul couldn’t hear. the tweels didn’t need words to know what they were ordered to do, and they didn’t mind, not one bit. the sickening sound of blood and bones being brutalized filling the air as faces contort with pain, no, they enjoyed it. they particularly enjoyed when azul would find it in himself to punish you. to let them have a taste of what it feels to lay hands on something so perfect. and who are you to deny your azul?

— a big part of the ‘relationship’ you have with azul will be accepting the leech twins in it. azul isn’t one to share – and it’s no different when it comes to the twins – but he’s content with having the twins be able to linger their hands on you if they’ve done well. and he knows you don’t care, he wouldn’t either if he was so very desperate for love and affection, to be cared upon in such a way that you ignore every bad sign the seven send you. and he adores it and you oh so much.


— silver feels so dirty, terrible, and just as bad as one of the seven. it isn’t love, and he knows that. it’s a covered version of obsession, hidden toxicity. it makes his skin crawl whenever you act as if you two are in love, he doesn’t love you, no. he’s so badly obsessed that even he can’t say no to you, to the way you trail your fingers along his neck and lips, the feeling of your arms wrapped snug around his waist. what is wrong with him? fath– no, lilia, says it’s nothing. it’s normal for a boy his age, but then why isn’t it happening to any other second-years?

a shaky sigh leaves silver’s mouth as stares at the plain, cream-colored ceiling. this is the first time he’s never been able to fall asleep, he can’t even bring himself to close his eyes. your hands feel disgusting wrapped so tightly around him, everything about this makes him feel disgusting. not you, though, you’re a goddess in his eyes, he wants to worship you on hand-and-knee. but that doesn’t change him, the awful that he is, the fact he shouldn’t be allowed even a foot in range of you. but you never mind the fact he asks lilia to kill some boy, or even malleus at times taking time out of his day to torture a poor soul who dared to even look your way. he can’t help the feelings that build up when another even sees you, maybe one day he’ll finally give in and keep you all to himself. lilia always says it’s a great idea, that it’s something the young lord would do himself.

— you’re everything he desires and more, all he could ever need (besides from lilia and malleus, obviously). nothing makes him more happy the way you dote on him, the love you show even with the terrible tendencies he has. it makes him wonder if you’d love him if one day he showed them towards you, would you be so accepting if he were to chain you up? to lock you up in a tower far away from civilization just as the sleeping princess was…

Chapter Text

riddle rosehearts.
— he.. he doesn’t have big hands! his hands are normal-sized, perfect just as all of them are. he doesn’t care if you are “in love” with them or not, he is extremely self-aware that his hands aren’t big. so, he doesn’t need your pity compliments, compliments that are empty and fake. do you enjoy being punished? because that’s what he’s getting from this interaction.

“..big hands, you say?” riddle’s voice breaks the silence that had formed, the slap of his hand coming down onto yours as he rips them away from your grasp, a scowl ever-so present on his rather baby-looking face. “who do you think you’re talking to?” he can see the sweat roll off your cheek, the way that you are too nervous to even speak a singular word to him. it makes him feel.. happy, to see you in such a way. “don’t be mistaken again, unless you enjoy punishment, dearie.” a smirk replaces the scowl and he’s off, leaving you lonely and locked away.


leona kingscholar.
— a scoff is all the response you get, of course he has big hands, ya dumb herbivore. haven’t you ever met a predator? a big, bad scary beast? they have big hands for hunting and catching stupid prey like you, ones that are just so easy to snatch up and keep as one’s own. he knows you don’t get it, so why doesn’t he show you. show you what it’s like to be a prey, to be weak, and have your heart pounding. you just love his big hands, right? so let him use them on you.

“where could ya be hidin’, idiot..” leona’s voice easily travels to your ears, you know he’s just playing with his food. he can easily smell you, if not already heard where you’d scampered off to. “when i get my big hands on you, i’m gonna make sure ya don’t get the chance to run again, little one.” you can hear the growl in his voice, even if leona is playing around right now, you know he isn’t lying when he says you won’t be running free anymore. and whether it’s in a better way than the other is unknown, but you’d hope he won’t be breaking bones again.


azul ashengrotto.
— it’s a first, that’s for sure. he’s never had anything on him complimented, and getting a first from his darling has his heart soaring. he’s begging for more, tears already forming in his eyes as his lip quivers, pleading voice in your ear as he holds you close and tight. you said you loved them, a part of his body, something nobody – himself included – had ever loved - even liked! you need to say more, you must. it’s an order made by your captor, and it’d be bad to make him angry. you don’t want to be thrown into a hunting ground of eels, right?

you’re shaking as azul holds you, cold water still soaking your dorm uniform after he’d thrown you in for not drowning him in compliments. “don’t worry, angelfish. i got you now, my big hands wrapped around you, no?” you gulp as his hands take yours, the glove just a cold as the water that’s coating your bare hand. “aren’t they just great?” you slowly nod, tears brimming your eyes as he holds you close to him, a towel getting thrown on you by floyd as you cuddle with your kidnapper. “mhm, that’s right. just stay close to me, angelfish. you have nothing to fear.”


kalim al-asim.
— kalim gives you a cheerful and genuine laugh as you hold his hands, a tint to his cheeks as he asks if you mean it, and when you say you do, he’s ecstatic! this calls for a celebration! he’d never paid much attention to his hands, but if you really do love them because they’re ‘big’ — he wouldn’t say their big, but it makes you happy — he’s making sure to do anything he can with his hands to make you fall in love with him even more!

“isn’t this great, y/n?” you hold on tight to kalim as you two soar through the sky, the fabric of the carpet rubbing against your knees. “i’m so glad i can take you out on a magic carpet ride!” you nervously giggle, scared that you could fall off with how excited kalim is getting, hands are thrown in the air as you two go at an alarmingly fast speed. you know that jamil will yell at the two of you when you return, but it’s in moments like these you forget about everything. about the kidnapping, being locked away, treated as nothing but a trophy, it’s times like this when you feel as if it’s a normal relationship. and it tells you that simple compliments make kalim less cautious with you.


vil schoenheit.
— vil has a scowl on his face the second the word ‘big’ falls from your lips, big? ha, yeah right. vil’s hands are perfect in every way, size, shape, feeling, everything! and ‘big’ hands aren’t perfect. he’s gotten hands that even a god would kill to have, they’re perfect size with the most soft feeling. and you’ll feel it when he slaps you across your stupid big face, no?

a haughty laugh leaves vil’s mouth when he stares down at you, a red handprint adorning your cheek as tears well in your eyes. “are you really that sensitive, doll?” he yanks you up by your hair, cooing in your ear, “i suppose i wouldn’t expect anything from such a low-life..” he lets you fall to his feet, stepping on your hands as they fall beside your knees, “i’ll show you big hands, gross and swollen from being stepped on over and over again.” a piercing scream rips from your throat as he stomps on them with his heels. he’ll teach you to ever remark that again.


idia shroud.
— idia shrieks when you first grab his hands, they’re cold and calloused — from playing so many games, they feel as if he’s dead — but he quickly relaxes once you tell him that they’re big and you love them. love! you love a part of idia! a nasty, gross shut-in otaku has a girl like you saying how much you love his hands because of their size! please, please say more that you love about him! do you think his hair is cool? what about his eyes? have you ever seen yellow where you're from? or his sharp teeth? they’re pretty cool, huh? people in your world probably don’t have them, right? right?! he’s so desperate for you to say more that you love about him, it’s just so hard not to when he figures out you love a part of him.

you shrink back as idia engulfs you in his arms, rubbing your back with his hands as he asks you what more you love about him. you hadn’t answered the first time, but that’s just cause you were surprised, obviously. he just has to be slower and more comforting, people run other's backs to comfort them, right? plus it’s his hands! you love his hands! and even though his hold is very tight — because he can’t have you escaping! — he’s hurriedly happily awaiting your answer! you’ll answer him, right? he just wants to hear you say love one more time, and it has to be a different part of him! he needs the confidence, you know?


malleus draconia.
— big… hands? yes, he supposes they are quite big compared to yours. do you really love them, though? it’s pretty simplistic to love another’s hands just because of their size, no? he can’t say he’s unhappy hearing you say you love a part of him.. but it also gets him worried quickly. do you love another man’s hands? he’s seen plenty of the boys here at school have large hands, even some of the guards in the castle — specifically sebek, he won’t be coming around anymore, that much malleus can ensure! — he’s locked you away in! he’s putting your chains back on as he stomps over to lilia like a child who just got told no, explaining what must be done to make sure you won’t be saying that to anybody else.

chains rattle as you pull on them, malleus calmly watching over you as his hands caress your face, a rare smile on his lips. you didn’t understand what he was doing at first, being creepy and just rubbing his hands about, but then he said, “you love my hands, no?” which had you sighing. yes, you’d complimented them, even saying you loved them, but this isn’t what you expected to get out of it. malleus looks rather happy, you’re completely his at this moment. nobody else around and he’s able to give you something you love — his hands. so don’t fret, child of man, he’s only here to show you absolute adoration.

Chapter Text

azul ashengrotto.
— it was rather rare for azul to not take his arm candy (you) to a meeting — usually just to show off to whatever unfortunate soul had come begging for something — but when jade and even floyd had told him it was for the better to not bring you, he didn’t. sure, it made him feel absolutely terrible, leaving his poor darling all by themselves. it made him want to tear up and just hold you for hours in his tight embrace. but, alas, he doesn’t want you to potentially get harmed, so he leaves floyd with you (since jade is essential to having everything go smooth!), expecting his mood to not swing for the worst.

— and when azul comes back, he sighs, letting jade take his coat as he expects to be greeted with your arms around his waist, a warm smile on your lips. but, he gets neither of those things. instead, he’s looking and seeing the place absolutely trashed — the first thing that comes to his mind is floyd’s mood swings! you’re probably hiding away somewhere from the volatile eel! yet, when floyd walks down from his room, rubbing his eyes as he lets out a yawn, it tells him it wasn’t floyd who caused the mess.

— he’s immediately yelling at floyd, how could he be so irresponsible!? he gave him a simple task, watch over his darling as he and jade went to do business! but here he is, just woken up and darling completely gone! azul’s heart aches as he imagines the panic and fear, hearing the glass shatter as somebody breaks in, desperately trying to hide and not get caught, but you did. and since floyd can’t seem to watch over you, he’ll just have to go and kill some people to get you back, no? besides, he enjoys getting his hands dirty.

— when you get returned to azul’s arms, he’s never letting go again, never. you’ll be stuck with an octopus clinging to you every second of every day, he can’t allow something like this to happen again! his darling stolen from him! he’s never leaving you with floyd alone again, you’ll be with him anywhere he needs to go. you’re too important to him, you need to be protected by him, having you snatched away proves that.


leona kingscholar.
— leona isn’t one to ever take you with him, really. he trusts that ruggie can keep a good eye on you while he’s out anywhere. and when royal family duties call, he has to go, even though he really doesn’t want to. you’re stuck under ruggie’s care for who knows how long and you can be assured that you’ll be safe. ruggie knows better than to let leona’s (prey) darling out of his sight, even if it is just for a few seconds.

— yet, somehow you still get taken. ruggie had gone to do leona’s laundry — since he’d ordered him to have it done by today — and when he’s back in leona’s room, you’re gone. things broken and tossed on the floor, bed sheets and blankets wrinkled up and thrown around. he’s panicking more than he ever has in his life, leona will kill him if he doesn’t get you back. and he’s hoping he has time to before leona gets home, but when leona walks in through the door, he feels like fainting. how would he even begin to explain this situation? and leona’s growling and threats aren’t making it easier for the hyena to tell him what happened and that he swears to get you back.

— leona’s much more annoyed than he was before — first, it was his damned brother forcing him to behave like royalty, ordering and dragging him around the castle, and now he’s come back to lay in his herbivore’s arms and sleep, only to find that you’re gone! he’s pissed off, not at you, of course, he wouldn’t expect somebody as weak as you to be able to fight back, but at ruggie. he told that damn hyena to watch over you before he left, and he didn’t. so, ruggie better find those guys who took you quickly if he wants to eat tonight.

— and when you’re returned to leona, he’s even angrier. you’re covered in bruises and blood. those bastards dare to lay their hands on leona’s prey? well, ruggie better get ready to go and do more of his dirty work because he isn’t satisfied until they’re beaten and in the hospital, with a very low chance of survival. he’ll award ruggie high, he promises. but, for now, you’re in his arms and he’s got the tightest grip on you. you aren’t leaving again, or else he’s gonna make sure that you look 10x worse than before you arrived.


kalim al-asim.
— kalim is so depressed when his father tells him he can’t bring you! even after his begging and pleading to let you come and that you won’t cause any disturbance, his father still declines. he looks miserable and has a permanent frown on his face the rest of the day when he’s not around you, he’s so scared somebody could come and kill you easily! — especially because jamil has to be with him instead. he’s letting out a dejected sigh as he waves goodbye to you, hoping that the 20 guards he put around you will be enough to make sure you don’t go anywhere. he’s even locked the cage this time, he’s just absolutely terrified.

— and when he comes back to the guards looking everywhere for you, panicked looks on their faces as kalim asks what’s happened — he knew he was right to be so worried! his darling has been snatched from him, even with all these guards you still managed to get captured. he feels absolutely awful, guilt making him feel sick to his stomach. he’s crying to jamil as every guard kalim has is searching for you, it won’t be long until you’re found and those dirty, nasty kidnappers are thrown to into prison, awaiting their life sentence. he wants nothing more than to hold you again, he’s going to have to lock you away in a much, much safer place, huh?

— the questions start flowing after he’s done cuddling into you and just relishing in your warmth — are you okay? does it hurt anywhere? did they touch you in any places? where you scared? etc, etc. kalim is searching your whole body for any signs of bruising or marks, his heart is pounding out of his chest as he makes sure to scan everything, even places you aren’t sure can get bruised. he’s probably more scared than you are when you got kidnapped, but when there’s no sign of bruising or markings — besides from ones of your wrist from the chains — he’s sighing in relief. you need jamil more than he does, huh? well, fear not! jamil will always watch over you inside of your cage!


malleus draconia.
— malleus does not understand the ‘no darling allowed’ rule he’s told, why not? you’re his precious princess, his queen, the thing that is most valuable to him. he needs you by his side at all times, who knows who might be out to get you? but, his whining gets him nowhere, he’s forced to keep you locked up as he says his sorrowful goodbye, his expression nothing but sadness as he dreads his time without you. he’s out the best guards by the door, even though he’s sure a magicless human like you wouldn’t be able to break the chains. he’s never felt more scared in his life, his face pales at the thought of you getting taken from him.

— when he returns, he’s immediately running up to your shared bedroom, only to get thrown in a fit of rage once he sees the broken chains, the smashed window, the signs of struggles, and the mess. the guards are spewing apologizes as they promise to return his queen, he’s digging his nails into the flesh of his hands as he yells at them to stop talking and do it. he’s never felt this angry in his life, lilia is desperately trying to calm him down, silver and sebek ordering guards around as they stay by their master’s side. how could he even begin to stay calm in a situation like this? he’s going to burn those fools alive who dared to steal you from this dragon.

— you have a terrified look on your face when you get returned to him, bruises covering your body. it just makes him even angrier, where are these peasants who took you? he’s ready to slowly burn them, toe to head. he wants to see them suffer for what they did to you. he doesn’t take the time to comfort you, following guards to where they have the men locked up. you’re stuck in lilia’s arms, his words trying their best to make you feel better. and when malleus returns to the two of you, there are speckles of blood on his face, his clothes the slightest bit burned from how much he got out of control. he’s swiping you up into his arms as he carries you away, apologizing for letting people take you. the rules will be broken, that’s a given. he can’t allow his queen to get taken and possibly killed the second time.


sebek zigvolt.
— sebek is immediately leaving you behind the second malleus says you cannot come with him. he would never disobey malleus’ rules, no matter how much he doesn’t like or agree with them! he has inner troubles about leaving you behind, all by yourself with nobody guarding you, but he assures himself you’ll be fine. you haven’t left him yet, and you definitely wouldn’t now, and soon enough he forgets about it while doing his guard duties. watching over malleus, making sure there’s no trouble anywhere, etc. he’s sure that you’re perfectly safe and sound, probably slumbering at this time of night.

— and it’s a rude awakening when he comes back to a trashed house, knives scattered in the kitchen, furniture torn up, windows shattered, and the upstairs doesn’t look any better. he’s panicking hard, heart racing and thumping against his chest as he searches for you, hoping you’d found somewhere you could hide and the intruders gave up. but he’s absolutely freaking out once he’s done a whole sweep of the house. tears well in his eyes as he swears to himself to find you, he’s immediately putting his shoes and jacket back on as he storms outside to search for you. you couldn’t have gotten that far, he hopes at least.

— and when he’s tracked you down, those fools won’t know what’s coming. they’re immediately knocked out by his magic, letting him quickly swoop you to his side as you get front row seats to their execution. and once he’s shown them torture and finished them off, then he can happily carry you back home. it’s a mess, but it feels better than to be sitting out in the cold, dark forest that surrounds all of the valley of thorns. blood is coating you both, but you two sleep soundly that night — or, you do. sebek is still wide awake, staring at you to make sure he’s never letting his guard down again.

Chapter Text

vil schoenheit.
— go to your world? as if. vil’s going to be hard to convince, he isn’t interested in going back to your pathetic, lousy world. he doesn’t want you to taste the bit of freedom entering the portal would give you, so he’s denying every bit of begging and pleading that comes from you.

— but, he eventually gets tired of your whining and crowley’s nagging, so he agrees to let you go, and he’ll come along too — just to make sure you don’t try anything. you’ll be dolled up and strung on his arm, he’ll have you kept quiet, only speaking when he says something to you. he doesn’t want anybody to be able to just run up and say something — let alone somebody recognizing you! that would put have him in deep trouble.

— and when he finds out magic isn’t useable? well, this whole trip just got cut short. it was bad enough, but knowing that your world can’t even let him — or anybody — use magic made it a lot worse. you’re getting dragged back to the mirror that leads to twisted wonderland, even if it’s by your hair. all the work he’d put into getting you looking presentable goes to waste when he learns how pathetic your world truly is, don’t expect to ever get to breathe the same air that’s in your world ever again.


malleus draconia.
— oh, you’d like to leave? well, this is quite the predicament then, because malleus doesn’t want you to. he’s freaking out on the inside when you ask if you’re allowed to visit your homeworld. of course not! you’re the women who’s soon to carry his heir, to have all of his children swollen inside of you, you cannot just ‘visit’ the world from which you came! a thunderstorm appears in the once clear sky when you start begging him, do you want to leave him..?

— malleus takes time to think of it. lilia tells him that stress and unhappiness are bad for children and if you were to get pregnant before getting the small visit, who knows how unhappy you could be! malleus agrees after lilia tells him this could be what makes you agree to hold children instead of being forced. of course, you’ll have silver, sebek, and lilia there as well! so, don’t think about trying anything.

— he’s on edge the whole time, crowds of people around the five of you as you wander around the familiar streets you haven’t seen in a while, the bustling atmosphere overwhelming the horned fae. and trying to quickly find the way back using magic, he realizes he can’t, and panic sets in. malleus draconia, one of the top magicians in the entirety of twisted wonderland can’t use his magic. lilia’s dragging you and malleus back as silver and sebek follow close behind, knowing of the fact now, malleus forbids you of even speaking of ‘home’ again.


riddle rosehearts.
— …what? you’re telling riddle that through all the trouble he’s been through to force you at his side, you’re asking to be able to have a visit to your homeworld. why would crowley even continue the tedious task of searching for a way back home!? riddle’s patience wears thin as you follow him throughout his rather busy day asking if you can have a visit — even the smallest of peeks! just let you poke your head through the portal at least! you’re lucky he’s so kind to you, that he’s isn’t cutting your head off from your annoying persistence.

— a peek is fine, he supposes. there isn’t much freedom that comes from it, so it cannot hurt. yet the peek turns into a leap, and soon enough you’re in your former world, exploring and running around the busy streets. he’s fuming as he stomps through it, ready to cut your head off and drag you back to twisted wonderland. he can’t believe you’ve defied him, you still manage to amaze him with your stupidity.

— yet, when he calls for your head to be cut off, nothing happens. has he per chance lost his unique magic? no, no, that cannot be it, that doesn’t just happen, even if it’s a whole different world… he doesn’t have much physical strength, so he isn’t sure about really dragging you back home, but threats should work right? you can’t tell what he’s thinking, but it’s clear he isn’t happy by the scowl that’s sitting on his face and the way his eyes show hatred and irritation.


leona kingscholar.
— leona’s groaning the second he hears your footsteps by his door, looking up and seeing your rather cheerful-looking face tells him that you’re about to ask him for something (and be annoying). he’s quick to say no and try to go back to bed, covering his ears with a pillow to drown out your protests, but alas, it does not work. you’re hesitant, but you cautiously take away the pillow and ask him if you can please pay a visit to your home world — you promise you won’t ask for anything else, and you’ll give him all the cuddles he desires!

— which he shuts down again. he doesn’t need you to promise that when can easily make you do it with the threat of his claws and teeth. the only reason he ended up agreeing to pay a small visit to the foreign land is because he wants you to shut the hell up, tired of your whining and asking of seeing the world — crowley did put in so much effort, after all! you’re reminding him of cheka with your pouting and it’s making him annoyed to no end. he’s dragged along as you look around at everything with such happiness, he doesn’t get the whole ‘this is amazing’ thing because it looks so basic and boring compared to the palace you stay in.

— he’s not freaking out, nervous, worried, etc at all when he learns magic can’t be used, it proves his point even further of why this place sucks. could you run away? no way. and that’s all that matters to him, so he’s just chilling as you two walk along the pathways of the town. he obviously wants to get back to his bed and take a nap, you are trapped in his arms as his pillow, but maybe he can take a few pillows and blankets as souvenirs. who knows, you’re really tempting him to steal them when you talk of how comfortable they are.


jack howl.
— jack’s a little suspicious at first. how convenient, you were just talking about home, weren’t you. a ding from your phone and you’re running over to tell jack the ‘incredible’ news of crowley — after 4 long years — being able to finally find the way back home! you’re not leaving him, of course, but it’ll be a nice visit! you can easily tell jack’s not happy one bit about this, tail between his legs as his ears are a bit droopy. why would you want to go home? sure, your family (which you aren’t visiting) — but you’ve gotten his now, his younger siblings that are training you for when he gives you his own, his parents who are amazing and accepting, ready to give you everything you need for the happy and bright future ahead! (and their words that they would really like some grandchildren!)

— in the end, he allows you to go — with him following close behind, literally. before you even step foot into the mirror, he’s got a tight grip on you, making sure you’re not escaping anywhere (even though your both well aware you could never outrun jack). he’s a bit self-conscious about how out of place he looks, a man with a wolf tail and ears walking around a place that’s filled with people having ears on the side of their head with no tail, even if there’s plenty of people in the land of pyroxene without beast features. he’s ready to leave the second somebody comes up to him to ask about his looks, sighing as he looks at other's eyes that are upon him.

— he’s only finding out magic isn’t working when he tries to get rid of the beast-man look, maybe he just doesn’t know how to do it? he isn’t sure, but once he’s trying different things, he’s dragging you back home. talking about how terrible and cursed this place is — no magic!? that’s what makes twisted wonderland! it’s so strange to him, and it finally clicks to him why you can’t use magic. he’s asking crowley to kindly get rid of the mirror back to the world, he can’t have you sneaking away in the dead of night to try and escape your beast husband, can he?

Chapter Text

jade leech.
— jade becomes bored of you easily, broken darlings allow him to do whatever he wants, but they also no longer have a reaction. through all of his bruising and bloodying, there’s no change in your face. he does know better than to throw you out — he’d never find somebody that could entertain him like you! even if you are broken now — so, whenever he becomes bored, he lets floyd play around with you for a bit.

— now, that’s not without telling his twin to make sure not to injure you too badly — especially because they’re under the sea, he wouldn’t want to attract any unwanted predators trying to eat you up! he knows floyd could easily toss you to them if he had to (or if he was just bored). the only times he’s ever gentle or caring with you is when you’re hurt, usually from floyd or maybe azul had accidentally hit you, he’ll be there to patch you up. but, you’ll be back to rough play afterwards.

“whaddya think jade?” floyd’s eyes are full of danger, sharp nails treading over your soft skin. jade hums, swatting away floyd’s hand, “you’ve outdone yourself..” like always, jade thinks. blood trickles down your face, staining the carpet that you’re sat on, as well as your clothing. he’d let floyd mess around with you for a little bit, saying that he had things to attend to and figured he’d let his twin have a bit of fun — which proved to be a rather poor choice.

“i’d prefer for you to not do this again..” he sighs as he lets the washcloth soak up the blood, bandages already wrapped around other wounds floyd gave you. a frown is present on the other eel’s face as jade shoos him away, whining about how he’s so mean to him. “sorry about him, dear. i’d hate for you to get hurt beyond repair,” which, you already are, and jade knows that. but, there’s a sick part of him that enjoys acting like you’re a healthy couple — convincing himself that it isn’t so far from the truth, even if it is.

“it’d just devastate me dearly, you know?” calmly wrapping a bandage around your head, he presses a kiss to your forehead, murmuring about how wonderful you look today, how you must be glowing. he’s just such a fool for you, completely and utterly whipped.


— silver doesn’t seem very concerned that you’re a bit broken around the edges, that pieces of you have chipped off. but, on the inside, silver is having a complete meltdown — the one he’s romantically loved the most and put so much time into is breaking right in front of him and a spell can’t seem to do anything! he’s crying to lilia in private about the tragedy and the old fae is researching various spells and potions to get his sons darling feeling all better again.

— of course, there isn’t anything to be found. but, silver still tries his best to get you back to your old self, regretting the life he’d put you through and wishing to see you smile again. every second that isn’t spent guarding and serving malleus is spent on you. dates, talking, walks, etc. he spends every second like it’s gold, pretending it’s a normal relationship when he’s really dying on the inside. just one show of emotion, please.

“please speak to me, y/n..” if you were in the right state of mind, you’d happily comfort him, even if he is the man that’s kidnapped you, he just sounds so sad and desperate. his hold is tight, as tears silently fall and soak the shoulder part of your shirt, hands rubbing your back as he gently shakes you, trying his best to get you saying or showing anything — even hatred or betrayal! he’d take that any day over the torture of your silence!

he knows he’s got to leave soon — he can’t have malleus waiting around nor getting hurt! — having various knightly duties to attend, and it saddens him to have to leave you behind. he knows you won’t go anywhere, but that doesn’t reassure him you won’t be gone by the time he’s back. what if somebody takes you? then what? he just spends his entire life searching for you? his beautiful, perfect but broken darling? he could never.

“you stay here, okay? i’ve got work to do..” you’re the only thing that keeps him from falling asleep, the dull eyes you sport have him in love, the delusion of love that lilia feeds him has him awaiting to return to you. and even though there isn’t any ‘how was your day, silver?’ or ‘welcome home! i missed you..’ anymore, he’s happy that he at least has the shell.

Chapter Text

vil schoenheit.
— well of course you want his baby, who doesn’t? but putting his ego and looks beside, he’s extremely glad you want his child. he didn’t want to have to fight with you and possibly harm you when he was ready for one, so it’s a very favorable situation.

— he’ll have rook prepare some things for him so you can be comfortable while he gives you his baby. he’s just thinking about how great this is for him — one, he gets his own little baby, and two, he has you trapped in his life forever now that you’re pregnant with his child. he’ll ramble to rook about how amazing this is for him, that it’s better than any kind of opportunity he could get in his career.

— and once you’re pregnant, there’ll news of it everywhere. beautiful photos taken by professionals posted to his magicam, headlines about it everywhere you can look, magazines dedicated to it, etc. not one soul in the whole twisted wonderland won’t know. it’s so important that everybody knows that because now there’s no way for you to ever leave if one day you change your mind about being with him.


malleus draconia.
— he’s been waiting for this since he laid his eyes on you. you’ll immediately be carried up to your shared room, gently laid on the bed as he makes sure to take him time tonight, thoroughly ravishing your body as he makes sure to breed you nice and good. you’ll be filled all the way up to where you’re positive that you’re pregnant.

— now, one night isn’t enough for malleus. his urges to completely make sure that you’re bred are too strong to leave unattended. even if you constantly reassure him that you’re pregnant — even though he knows you are — he still wants to see your stomach bulging from how much cum he dumps into you. yes, he’ll stop soon, but he needs to do this, to make sure there isn’t a possibility that you don’t have his heir.

— and when you break the news, he’s so happy, ready to lock you away in a private chamber where only he can enter (and maybe lilia) so that you’re safe from any harm that could possibly come. he knows it may be cruel, but he doesn’t want to imagine what would happen if somebody heard the news and came to mess everything up. you’ll be very well taken care of in your tower as his heir grows inside of your stomach, and once he’s born? well, you’ll be going right back in there, swollen with another one.


azul ashengrotto.
— wait, really? azul swoons when you tell him you’d like to bear his child — him of all people! the nasty, fat octopus azul ashengrotto! he’s convinced he must be dreaming, that his perfect, flawless darling couldn’t possibly be saying they want forever with him, right? he wonders if the twins slipped something into your drink to make you say such words. but, he doesn’t mind, he is absolutely over the moon!

— he’s dragging you over to his room, he could barely resist the urge to stuff you full of cum right there when he’d realized this was truly happening (but then he thought about the tweels seeing and got super red in the face)! his tentacles are gonna wrap around you and squeeze you a bit too tight for comfort, leaving red and purple sucker marks all over your body as he pounds into you until the only thing left on your (and his) mind is his baby swollen in your stomach.

— once he hears the news of your pregnancy, you’re going to get so much stuff! he’ll buy tons of baby outfits as well as maternity clothing, cooing to the baby growing in your stomach the whole time. he have you sit in your shared room the entire 9 months, hidden away from everyone expect for him (and jade). especially floyd, that mans mood swings could result in his child — and possibly you — dying! every free moment is spent with you in his arms as he talks about the future, that after this one is born you should get pregnant with another one so that he can have a friend his age! (in case he doesn’t have any friends like azul did when he was younger, but you didn’t hear it from me.)


kalim al-asim.
— kalim is so excited that you want to have children with him! he’s been thinking the same exact thing but was a little nervous to bring it up! — he wouldn’t want you fighting his love even more! — soooo, you can expect a huge celebration thrown in honor of you wanting to have a child (and another one soon for when you are pregnant!) he’s so happy about this, anybody who even is near him can tell how happy he is because of his aura!

— nearing the end of the party, he’ll whisk you away to the privacy of your bedroom. he thought about just doing it in front of everybody, so that they could all see the impregnating! but, he figured that it could make you uncomfortable and he doesn’t want that! it’s bad for a child, so he just takes you to a nice, private and comfortable area. laying you down on the bed as he slowly strips your clothes off, letting his own fall to the floor. the slow pace won’t last long! once he slips inside of your tight, velvety walls, he’s gonna lose his mind and pound into you! cum spilling out from how much there is after hours and hours of fucking.

— it’s the biggest party you’ve ever seen kalim throw when you show his the test, two lines on it. everybody is giving you so many gifts, telling you two their congratulations and that they’re praying it’ll be healthy. he’s got such a huge smile on his face, nothing but happiness in his expression. but after the party’s ended and everybody’s gone home, you’ll be put back in a luxury cage. a much larger one than the former that you sat it. comfortable with everything you could need, servants by it at all times to do anything you could desire, taking care of you at all times. he’ll also be there every single second he can be, what kind of father would he be if he didn’t?


riddle rosehearts.
— riddle is very happy you’ve said such a thing, that you’re ready to go so far with such a bad man. but, he doesn’t think you two are ready for kids — he doesn’t know if he’s disciplined you enough yet, that he can trust you won’t run off or disobey him ever. he grows a bit suspicious after thinking about it, you want your kidnapper and abusers kid? how strange. he’ll keep his eye on you while you two go about your day.

— but when his suspicions lower, he’ll talk himself into giving you his kid. you’re both probably ready, you have a stable life as of right now, and a kid would make it so you can’t get away from him — plus, his mother has been nagging him for grandchildren, and it’d help get her to stop yelling at him for once. he’ll come to you and tell you that he’s ready, leading you to the privacy of your room to give you the child you’ve been waiting for.

— he’s relived when you tell him you’re pregnant. he no longer has to worry about you running away (especially because you’ll be watched over by caregivers his mother’s forced him to get) and his mom is now happier, visiting not to yell at the ‘poor’ boy, but to congratulate and visit her grandchild.

Chapter Text

number one — riddle rosehearts.
it’s no secret that riddle thinks that you’re absolutely perfect — even if he had some different thoughts about you when you first met, now he can’t get you out of his head. he’ll train you until you can follow his every command without him even saying anything. bragging to others behind his poor darlings back about how amazing she is, that she can do everything he’d need her to. it’s insufferable how cruel and demanding he is, but it’s either follow his orders and become perfect or have something worse in store.


number two — jade leech.
jade doesn’t seem like the guy who’d talk about his precious darling to somebody, especially behind their back (just because he enjoys seeing their panicked reaction). but, he just can’t resist, seeing a miserable and depressed student who desperately needs a workload taken off their back, and here jade is to brag about how his darling does everything for him — with the use of violence and threats, obviously — watching their annoyed face turn even more sour with each of his words. by the end of it, they’ll be wanting to meet you, maybe they can charm you into leaving the eel twin? but, whatever it is, a lot of students will know about how ‘perfect’ you are, that you do everything and anything for your boyfriend — like the perfect housewife he says you are.


number three — leona kingscholar.
leona loves bragging to these stupid muscle brains. he finds enjoyment in their jealous reaction, they want that too! he’ll have them daydreaming about a girl such as yourself. the most ideal wife girlfriend who cooks food before they get home (or in leona’s case, wake up), gives them massages and cuddles, lets them vent and take out their anger, etc. they want what leona has so badly, to just be able to lounge around and have all their needs taken care of with a single ‘do it, now’. it just sounds so amazing to all of these shallow and stupid guys, they might just pick a fight with their dorm leader for you.


number four — ace trappola.
ace also likes to brag about you! you’re so terrified of him that you’re doing whatever he wishes or commands — kinda like the queen of hearts and her soldiers! deuce always tells him about how it’s nothing to be proud over, that he’s a total asshole for treating you like that, but ace just tells him how he’s so jealous he can’t have somebody like you! (and he’d be lying to say he didn’t want somebody as easy as you). the only time he ever shuts up is when riddle threatens to cut off his head for speaking so much. he prefers if you’re around so that you can stare at the person he’s speaking to with your fearful eyes, scared of what ace might do if you don’t react the way he wants you to.


number five — jamil viper.
jamil prefers to keep to himself most of the time, but knowing that he has something over kalim that’s as big as this? he gives himself bragging rights. of course, kalim doesn’t see it in the way jamil does and only congratulates him, but he’ll let other students overhear sometimes just to see their reactions. and it’s always frowns as they whine about how they’d love to have a girlfriend who’d do whatever they want! you’re perfect and ready for the future, jamil says, and it just makes their blood boil! how can somebody like jamil find somebody so perfect?! they’re desperately trying to sway you into being theirs instead, saying how they’d treat you way better than that awful jamil can! and once your boyfriend hears? he’s not nice to either parties involved — them and you. so get ready to work harder, his perfect dear.

Chapter Text

leona kingscholar.
— leona finds himself content, being able to just laze around with you in his arms since you no longer fight his ‘affection’. just letting him hold you in his arms, it’s a tight embrace, but you’re not in the right mind to say anything about it. only letting it get tighter and tighter, bruising ensured after every cuddle session with him.

— but here and there, he’s got his moments where he misses that fighting spirit of yours. the way you’d be so defiant, holding back from your desires to feel a warm touch, pushing him away and off of you. he knows you’ll never return that way — it’s impossible to fix a broken girl — yet he has some hope that you’ll show some kinds of reaction, whether it’s wincing from the bruises or disgust with his touches.

leona’s arms wrap around your waist, pulling you down onto the soft pillows he lays on, holding you like another one. he’s got his head dug into your neck, pressing gentle kisses onto the bare skin of it. it feels perfect like this, his princess protected in the safe arms of her prince — even though they’re the most dangerous thing for you to lay in. and a part of him does feel guilty for making you this way, perfectly docile but silent and emotionless, but the feeling of having complete power over you gives him a sense of pride that overpowers those silly feelings in his chest. at least, it should.


kalim al-asim.
— kalim feels broken, too. his sunshine has been stolen away, leaving him in total darkness for eternity. — which may or may not be a stretch, but that’s how he feels! — everything reminds the poor boy of you, whether just walking around the town or spending time going through your wardrobe. he’s miserable with you being broken, no matter of gifts or parties can make you the way you once were, not even jamil’s private threats can have you lighting up kalim’s life again.

— he’ll try to ignore it, pretend that everything is ok like he always does, but he just can’t. breaking down whenever the two of you are alone in the privacy of your shared room, begging for you to make everything ok again. it’s obvious that kalim is depressed, no matter how many times he puts his front up, everybody can see through it. they all wonder what could’ve made his darling this way, he’s given them everything somebody could dream of.

sobs echo throughout the room, kalim’s shaky voice begging for you to quit the act already, he’s sorry! he’ll throw the biggest party you could think of, have everybody you want there! he’ll let you out of the house alone for once! just please say something to him! but even through all of the tempting deals and promises, you remain still, completely emotionless as you stare at the wall with a blank face. it just makes him cry even harder, no matter what he’s done or who he’s paid, nobody can fix you. it has him regretting everything he’s done — where did he go wrong? was it the cage and isolation, or was it the overbearing amount of love he gave you?


jamil viper.
— jamil gets very irritated, who are you to break? you’re his darling, the person to do whatever he wanted or desired, always obeying and being polite even though he was a complete monster. he spends all his free time researching ways to have you back to normal — strongly disliking the fact that you can’t even listen to the orders he’s giving you. he finds it amazing how annoyed you’ve got him, and swears to punish you by the time you’re back.

— but when his efforts prove to be useless, he accepts your fate as being totally broken. he can still hit you and hurt you all he wants, take out his frustration from kalim’s stupidity on you. you won’t scream or cry, beg him to stop or call out for help anymore, so that’s a plus to him. and soon enough he’s seeing this as a complete win for him, he’s gotten a little punching bag out of it and while he could be happier, he’s learned to settle for less.

blood seeps out from a fresh wound jamil’s given you, coming back from serving kalim annoyed anybody could guess what he was going to do. he sighs as he places bandage wrap over your wounds, he doesn’t want you to die, obviously — even though you could only hope that one day he’ll strike you a bit too hard and you’ll be dead. he wishes kalim would just shut up for once so that he could spend actual time with you that isn’t before you two go to sleep so that he can apologize for what’s he done, even though he’s well aware he could never be forgiven.


floyd leech.
— you would’ve been thrown out into the sea to get eaten by some creature if it weren’t jade and azul knowing better, realizing that if floyd were to do that, he’d want you back by the time it was too late. not that it’s better for you — no, it’d be better if you got eaten. but, for them, it’s better. floyd won’t wreak havoc on them, but rather on you. they don’t spare a second glance whenever floyd drags you along with bruises and scars littering your body, nope. they don’t wanna get on floyd’s bad side one bit.

— that’s not to say there isn’t times where he does stuff that isn’t hitting and abusing you, though. he’ll hold you tightly in his arms until he can hear a bone break, smiling widely as peppers your face with kisses and tells how much he loves and adores you! that you’re the only one for him! and while he does get angry when you don’t respond, it won’t end in anything other than another broken bone (or two). he isn’t gentle even when you weren’t broken, but he’s even worse now that his shrimpy doesn’t give him any time of day!

azul sighs as floyd cries about how shrimpy won’t respond to him. no matter how many times he goes over that floyd’s completely broken you to the point where you can be fixed, he doesn’t understand, only whining more about how he’d never do that to his shrimpy! and if it isn’t like this, it’s just him brutalizing you, laughing as blood spills onto the floor and seats — which has azul pissed and jade trying to calm his brother down. they’ve gotten used to it, of course, knowing that there isn’t much they can do about the situation other than to tend your wounds after he gets rough with you. they’d much rather have you out of the way and forgotten so they no longer have this hassle, but if they were to do that, floyd would become a lot more unhappy.

Chapter Text

there’s just something about having a family with you that really gets trey going, the thought of having that big of a future with you makes him feel all warm and happy on the inside, while his cock is straining against his briefs on the outside. seeing you pregnant with his child, wedding ring placed on your swollen finger makes him feel giddy but turned on.

and there’s just something about the way you beg for him to fill you up, to give you his child to bear. just something about that makes him go insane. he’s usually careful with you, treating you like you’re a freshly picked rose, but whenever you beg for him to fill you until you’re overflowing, he can’t even think about being gentle.

you’ll be a drooling, sweaty mess by the time trey’s done with you. the only thoughts in his head being to get you pregnant, eyes glued to your overstuffed and abused cunt. he’ll let out a satisfied groan as cum spills out from your pussy once he pulls his cock out, fingers scooping it up as pushing it back inside of your gummy walls.

his mind is already racing about what the kid will look like, and though a bit ashamed of it, he’ll push back into your overstimulated cunt, grunting as your walls flutter around him, tears brimming in your eyes as you cry out about how it’s too much for you to take, that you’re too sensitive — but he knows better, he knows that you want him to keep stuffing your cunt full.

Chapter Text

azul’s favorite thing to do to you is getting you covered in sucker marks, showing off to everybody that you’re his. and even though he’s insecure about his octopus form, he forgets all about those dumb insecurities once he’s gotten your wrapped up in his tentacles — you just look so small with your mouth struggling to suck on one of them.

he makes sure to never use them too much — he doesn’t wanna hurt you! — but, he’ll use them just enough to wear it’s gonna bruise you, marks left for weeks and once they’re finally starting to fade away, he’s gonna make sure that he covers you with more and more. he just needs everybody to know that you’re his, even that dummy floyd flirts with you right in front of him!

and he loves stretching you out with them too, the thick appendage struggling to fit inside of your tight pussy. and the way you cry out, telling him how it’s too big and it won’t fit, makes him just wanna shove all 8 inside of you — not because he wants to hurt you, but you’re just so cute when you’re crying for him!

but none of it compares to just being able to hold you in them, feel your body in between his tentacles, he loves that the most. especially when you’re grabbing onto them, making sure that they stay wrapped around you while he’s losing himself in the feeling of your walls squeezing around him — he is just obsessed with using his tentacles on you.

Chapter Text

jade loves your pussy. whether he’s got his cock buried inside of it or he’s sat on his knees with his fingers fucking it, mouth sucking on your clit — he loves it. the way your fingers find themselves pulling at his hair, practically riding his face whenever he drops to his knees.

he loves your face when he’s kissing your thighs, leaving soft bites and you got a light look of fear in your eyes as you see his teeth softly sink into the flesh of your thighs. he especially loves when he bites down a little too hard, blood trailing down your leg as he licks the newfound wound. he can’t help but drag his teeth over your exposed skin, watching as you shiver.

not to mention the cute noises that leave your lips, his face buried in your cunt and all you can do is grip at his hair and hump his face. you probably won’t notice because you’re too lost in your own pleasure, but jade is grinding his cock against the mattress, trying to get off because you just make him too desperate.

and even though he loves teasing you, making you beg him to cum, tears brimming your eyes as he denies you of your orgasm for the nth time that night, he can’t make himself pull away from your pussy. you’ll be so sensitive after he’s finally finished eating you out, slick coating his lips and chin, dripping down to his shirt. he just can’t get enough of the way you taste on his tongue.

Chapter Text

vil enjoys cock warming a bit too much. mainly because he finds it as a way to put you back in your place — which is below him. he loves to force you to sit on his cock, keeping still as he sends emails and makes deals with companies he models for. and by the time he’s done, you’ve got cute little tears brimming your eyes, lip quivering as you beg him to finally fuck you, to make you stop waiting. and he always takes a second to think about it just so he can see you worry.

but, if it’s the case you’ve been rather bratty that day — flirting around with these potato’s in the dorm, touching all over the men in savanaclaw.. he’s just so shocked and angry. how could you even think about going near another man when he’s right here?! he’s gotten rook leaving you at his room door, smiling as he looks at your nervous face, and you have the right to be. he’ll have you sit on his cock for hours, he’s scrolling through magicam and other apps as you cry and beg for movement.

and when he’s finally fucking you, listening to you cry out your thanks, he’ll do nothing but whisper in your ear about how much of a slut you are — disgusting and filthy, a cock-hungry whore who’d spread her legs for anybody. he loves the way tears slip down your cheeks, telling him how his cock is the only one you could ever have. and once he’s cum, he’ll let you sit on his cock, holding you close as he now whispers nothing but praise, telling you how amazing you are.

Chapter Text

lilia would never make it known that he has the urge to breed you unless you bring it up — he thinks it makes him even cuter being mysterious! — and even then, he’ll tease you, of course, you want his cute babies! who doesn’t? but despite his words and actions, he’s desperately holding himself back from pushing your panties to the side and filling you up with his cum.

and when he’s finally giving into desires, the need to dump his cum into you over and over again, he’s gonna be real mean about it. hips smacking against yours as he murmurs in your ear about how disgusting you are — wanting him to use you like a cum dump and just leave you all round. you’re such a whore, you know that? he’ll make sure to tell you he doesn’t mean anything he said afterward, but he just can’t help but run his mouth when he’s feeling you clench up around him while he’s doing it!

he’s gotten you laid out on his bed most of the week, continuously filling you up with his cum as he hopes you’ll soon bear his child. wild eyes as his fangs draw bits of blood from his lips because of how hard he’s biting it — he can’t help it, especially when your eyes are rolled into the back of your head, nails raking down his back as you moan and beg for his cum to fill you up. if he didn’t know better, he’d say you were more excited than he was to have children.

Chapter Text

jade takes his punishments very seriously. whether it’s because he’d gotten jealous from you hanging around others he isn’t so fond of, or just because he’s feeling a bit mischievous that night — he just simply enjoys punishing you. if you deserve it or not is up to him (and yourself, he won’t push you to allow him) which means it can get rather extreme at times.

his favorite is just the classic laying you across his lap and pulling your skirt up, spanking you until your ass is bright red with his handprint visible, tears slipping down your cheeks in contrast to the slick he can feel through your panties. he’ll always make sure to take care of you afterward, of course. but while you’ve still been rather naughty in his eyes, he’ll make sure that you can’t do anything but moan his name and cum over and over on his fingers until you’re begging him to stop.

it’s even worse when he really gets jealous, you’re not entirely sure what he’s going to do, but when you are giggling with a group of boys right in front of him, stealing a look back and seeing his teeth biting on his bottom lip with clenched fists, you know it can’t be anything good.

and you’d be right, because the second they’re leaving, the two of you are as well, dragging you by your wrist as he takes you into his and floyd’s room (which he specifically told azul to keep him busy for a while). quickly locking the door behind you and wrapping a blindfold around eyes and pushing you down onto his bed, he’ll make you believe he’s gonna touch you, sliding you underwear down and rubbing his fingers between your folds, dipping one in every few seconds. you’ll hear his shirt get thrown off and his pants unzipped, giving you that nice rush of excitement, waiting for him to push his cock inside of you and fuck you nice and hard like he always does — but it never comes.

instead, you’ll have your hands tied to the bed frame, rope tight against your wrists. hearing him pull out an all too familiar toy as he presses it against your clit, watching as your legs shut from the sudden wave of pleasure. though you can’t see it, he’s got a smirk on his face while he holding the vibrator to your clit, other hand pumping his cock. he says that spanking you is his favorite, but a part of you thinks this actually is with the excitement you can feel through his actions.

Chapter Text

azul’s gotten a real problem with overstimulation, whether it’s overstimming himself or you, he’ll always find a way to accidentally do it every time you two have sex — be it him so lost in the feeling of you walls fluttering around him after every orgasm he gives you, too obsessed with the pleasure to stop even when it’s painful or the need to make you feel so good he doesn’t notice the tears slipping down your face as you cry from the (painful) amounts of pleasure you’re receiving from him.

not to mention when he’s in his octopus form, he won’t stop until he’s had at least all of his tentacles inside of you, absolutely adoring the way your walls squeeze each appendage so tight. you’ve gotten him so hooked on the feeling of your pussy that he can even think about when he’d stop — even when he’s not pussy drunk.

and while he will stop if you snap him out of his state, profusely apologizing to you, he can’t stop for anything else. not even if one of the tweels in knocking at the door or if he has a client to attend to — whether they had scheduled an appointment or not doesn’t matter to azul, it’s their fault for being so trusting really. you’re the most important thing to him once he’s inside of you, walls squeezing around him as you tell him how you’re cumming for the nth time… he truly could live like this forever.

Chapter Text

MALLEUS, leona, azul, ruggie, deuce & kalim.

rook, cater, jade, floyd (tells you he took it and won’t give anything back), kalim & ace (but he won’t give you anything).

ACE, leona (growls and threatens anybody who comes close), ruggie (more subtle about it, also growls at people), lilia & vil (you are forced to be at his side at all times).

azul, malleus, silver (except lilia does it and delivers you to him), sebek (because malleus and lilia told him to take what he wants), rook & jade.

FLOYD, jade (also threatens to kill you if you don’t date him), lilia, rook, vil (has rook kill him), trey (gives him poisoned food) & jamil.

ACE, deuce (doesn’t understand it’s a bad thing), kalim (acts like he doesn’t understand, but he does) & floyd.

TREY, ruggie, lilia (but you can hear him murmuring about how the young are too trusting), rook & jamil (but sometimes he snaps at you).

Chapter Text

leona, lilia, jade, floyd (but says he’ll kill you if you miss another one too) & vil.

IDIA, cater (but subtlety), silver (thinks something awful has happened), azul & deuce.

floyd, jade, rook & ace.

ROOK, idia (was planning on going virtually anyways but got caught up) & jack.

KILLS WHOEVER YOU WERE WITH INSTEAD OF HIM, PRETENDS HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED (but says you can trust him more because he wouldn’t ghost you like this!)
cater (blackmails friend to leave you alone instead), ruggie, leona (has ruggie do it for him), idia, malleus, lilia & jamil.

sebek (acts like he’s doing you a favor), malleus, kalim (but acts strangely nice about it) & vil.

Chapter Text

uses violence until you’re begging for forgiveness — telling him how much you love and adore every part of him, how you’d do anything for him because you’re so in-love. he knows that you’re scared of him now, that you’ll show how you really feel about him now that he’s torn your walls down. he’s happy with your trembling form in his arms, cuddled tightly with you as both you and him are sure he’s never going to let you go.

leona, ace, floyd, jade and jamil.


ignores you until you’re crawling back to him, desperate for any sort of attention from him. he’ll happily indulge you, but it isn’t the same as before — much rougher and demanding, forcing you to follow his strict orders and abide by whatever rules he sets or has already set in place. you’re his now, you begged for his love again and he’s giving every last bit of it to you, so he can only expect the same. and when you slip up one day, he’ll make sure you pay for it.

vil, riddle, idia, jamil, jade and sebek.


slowly ruins your reputation, posting terrible images of you online and gossips false info about you to more popular students. tells everybody who trusts or likes him awful rumors about you until you beg him to cut it out — you’re life is getting ruined rather quickly now, and you’ll eventually be kicked out of nrc with the rumors he’s been telling. you’re saying that you’ll do anything for him to stop, and that’s when you become trapped.

cater, leona, idia (minus talking to others), vil, ruggie, kalim (acts nice to your face, though) and trey.


accepts it and seems like he moves on, talking with others and eventually forgetting about his obsession — or that’s what it seems. it’s growing and growing over time, making it extremely difficult to not just take you all for himself, the night trips not slowly becoming not enough for him as he looks through your window at your beautiful sleeping form. he feels more lonely than ever, even when he’s talking with friends and surrounded by people. eventually, he knows you’ll grow lonely too — and sure enough, you are. he’s thanking the seven that you come to his dorm room one day, asking to talk about the two of you, and then you’re friends once again. he won’t take things slow like he did last time — you were very lucky he didn’t lock you in his room forever when you’d entered.

MALLEUS, jack, epel, rook (except he also stalks you during the day), silver, ace and trey. (both jack and malleus are not surrounded by people ever though.)


scoffs at first, telling you that nobody else could ever love you the way he does — that you’ll never find somebody else, he’s your soulmate. and soon, he’s no longer laughing, finding himself at your doorstep, begging for you to take him back and forgive him — he’ll die without you! you wouldn’t let your true love die, would you? he’ll call you a heartless wench if you leave him out to dry like this, he knows that he’ll waste away, forever alone and cold if you don’t take him back — even though the two of you were never dating.

AZUL, KALIM (except he isn’t mean, he just begs for you to love him), malleus (also isn’t mean, does threaten you though), deuce, silver and sebek.