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“Boobear?” Harry said, walking into the living room of the x-factor house, rubbing his eyes with his fist.

Louis looked up from where he was roughhousing with the other boys and smiled at Harry, gently guiding him to sit beside him. Harry yawned and placed his head on Louis’s shoulder as Louis softly whispered, “Something wrong, Hazza? I thought you wanted a long nap.”

“No, just wanted to be with you.” Harry whispered back, both his hands tightly gripping Louis’s. Louis smiled and kissed the top of his head.

“Boobear?!” One of the boys mocked, his face pulled into a sneer.

Louis raised his eyebrows and said, “What’s it you to you, mate? Mind your own fucking business.”

“Nothing, just find it weird that he’s acting like a toddler.” The boy said, s smug smile on his face.

Harry whimpered and tucked his face into Louis’ neck, who growled at the boy, “Watch your fucking words asshole.”

“Or what, huh? What’s Boobear going to do?” He mocked again, laughing at his own joke.

Louis gently removed himself from Harry and pounced on the boy, laying a hard punch on his face. The boy groaned and cupped his bleeding nose, his friends dragging him out of the room. Louis shook his hand out and returned to a tearful Harry, taking him back into his arms.

Harry sniffled and wrapped his arms tight around Louis’s neck, stuffing his face into his neck. Louis gently stroked his back and asked, “You want to go lay down in our room, baby? I have a gift for you in there.”

“A gift?” Harry asked, pulling back slightly to look at Louis’ face.

Louis smiled at him, tenderly stroking his cheeks, and replied, “Yeah, a gift. I bought it just for you, I think you’re going to love it.”

“Wanna see,” Harry said, a big excited grin on his face.

“Ok baby, lets go,” Louis said, tucking Harry under his arm as they both upstairs.

When they were inside the one direction room, Louis sat Harry on his bed and asked him to cover his eyes. He quickly retrieved the matching boots and blankets he had brought from home and placed them in front of Harry.

At this point, Harry was bouncing with excitement, his curls bobbing up and down with him. When Louis told him to uncover his eyes, he did so immediately, gasping at the sight of the stuff. He quickly hugged the pink boots and blanket to his chest, and looked up at Louis to say, “I love it Boobear, its matching! I’m going to wear these boots every day. Thank you so much!” Harry carefully placed the stuff back down and held his arms out towards Louis who chuckled and hugged Harry, sliding on the bed beside him.

“You’re welcome, love.”

“Even the blankets are matching Lou, so cute! I love them so much!! We can match every day, it will be soo fun. And the blankets are so soft, I’m only going to use these ones from now on!” Harry exclaimed, cupping Louis’s face with both his hands.

“Of course, I’ll wear those boots with you everyday if you want me too,” Louis said, leaning forward and kissing Harry’s cheek. “Let me put them on you, see if they fit.”

Louis fixed Harry’s fringe before sitting on the ground and placing Harry’s feet on his lap. He softly kissed his ankles before slipping the boots on, and then sat up to put his own on.

“Yay! Matching!” Harry cheered, jumping on Louis’s lap. “Lets walk boo.” Harry stood up and pulled Louis up on his feet, prancing around the room, with Louis’s hand grasped tightly in his.

He suddenly stopped and hugged Louis tightly again, kissing Louis’s neck. “Thank you. I love you so much.”

“I love you too, baby, so much.” Louis replied, his arms tightening around Harry and pulling him closer to his body.