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Blood Wars.

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Three months later.

(It's been three months since Ryan was shot and died in the arms of the woman she loves after witnessing losing someone else they all loved and cared about Mark

went back into the life he swore he'd stay out of but thanks to the loss of Ryan and the three out of the four Evermoist members deaths when their plane came down

shortly after their plane came both Beca and Calamity had both also died in the crash but were both brought back only months a part soon after being brought back

Beca went to Australia and showed up to Kate and Sophie's wedding to see her wife after reuniting with Calamity. Two months after the wedding they all once again

lost someone they loved and cared after losing Ryan Mark went straight to Sabatino and told him to tell Peter August that if it was a war that he wanted then he had

one. But everyone in Mark's group of friends all know it will be one war that August doesn't win. All of this is leading up to three months later over at Mark's record

label he's sitting down at his desk going over some paper work as someone knocks on the door getting him to look up at it.)

Mark: It's open.

(The door opens and they walk into the room as they walk in they close the door getting him to look up at them.)

Mark: Mary!
Mary: Hi.
Mark: Hi. You okay?

(He gets up and walks over to her as he gets to her she quickly hugs him getting him to smile at her.)

Mary: I was in her old motel room when i came across this.

(She pulls away from him and hands it to him what she found seeing it he looks at it and then leans against the desk as he's looking it.)

Mark: Isn't this?
Mary: It's from Kate and Sophie's wedding.
Mark: Wow. You two looked so happy.
Mary: We were. God Mark i miss her so much.
Mark: I know. Come here.

(She hugs him again getting him to smile at her.)

Mary: I miss her and i miss my sister.
Mark: I know Mary I'm sorry.
Mary: Why it's not your fault their plane came down or that Peter August shot and killed Ryan.

(She pulls away from him and can see the look on his face.)

Mary: I'm sorry.
Mark: No it's okay. We all miss them. And wish we could bring them back but we can't.
Mary: I know that.
Mark: I will get Peter August for this.
Mary: I know. I just don't want you to go so far down Mark that it will make you lose everything you've gained with my father and the rest of the Crows.
Mark: I won't. I worked to hard to gain your father's respect to ever screw it up Mary.
Mary: I know.
Mark: Okay. So other then this. What brings you by?
Mary: With Kate being busy and well.
Mark: No i get it. Look one of these days Peter's gonna screw up and it's gonna be his down fall. All i need is for him to screw up.
Mary: Okay. But like i said.
Mark: What?
Mary: Don't let what happened to them.
Mark: I won't. If Peter ends up losing Maxie it'll be his own doing not mine.
Mary: Okay. I better go.
Mark: Okay. I'll see you later okay.
Mary: Okay.
Mark: Are right.

(She turns and walks off to go home as she leaves someone comes out of the shadows and looks at him feeling someone there he looks up at them and laughs.)

Mark: What?
Grace: You realize how upset she's going to be when she finds out just how far you're willing to go in order to take out Peter August.
Mark: That's what i have you and your brother for.
Grace: Ouch.

(He laughs at her.)

Mark: What's up?
Grace: Just wondering why you came to me and my brother instead of John Wick.
Mark: Me and John might of made peace after the whole thing with Ares and Santino but.
Grace: What?
Mark: August is working with Johnny Sabatino.

(She looks at him and then looks off annoyed.)

Grace: Lovely.
Mark: Yeah. He's someone whose willing to do just about anything to get what he wants.
Grace: Does that mean even killing the girlfriend of Jacob's Kane's step daughter.
Mark: No one said August made much sense.
Grace: That is true. But if he's as smart as you say he is.
Mark: Because he may seem smart but we all know the only one who could out smart someone even more insane then well you.

(She laughs at him.)

Grace: I'm not that bad.
Mark: You hijacked a train full of innocent people and killed for the sake of it.
Grace: They got in my way.
Mark: See this is why i called for you.
Grace: You could off called for Buckingham.
Mark: He's not as pretty to look at.

(She laughs at him again.)

Grace: Still never going to happen. But then again aren't you engaged to be married?
Mark: I am. But with everything going on.
Grace: What?
Mark: We haven't really actually sat down and talked about setting a date.
Grace: So instead of plotting revenge against your friends Fiancé why don't you sit down with yours and start planning your own wedding?
Mark: Because i can't really see clearly right now.
Grace: I can see that.
Mark: August has gotten away with some much Grace and I'm fed up with it.
Grace: Well we can do everything we can to look into the bastard but it's not gonna change anything.
Mark: I know. Maxie has her blinders on and isn't willing to see him for bastard that he is.
Grace: She's not. So if i were you I'd be careful Mark. Someone like Peter August might strike when you least expect him too.
Mark: He did that three months ago when he shot and killed My bestfriends little sister's girlfriend.

(She nods her head at him.)

Grace: I'm just saying Mark.
Mark: I know that. Here.

(He pulls the flash drive out and hands it to her.)

Mark: That's everything I've learned about Peter August.
Grace: Wow and it all fit onto this.
Mark: It should be more than enough to help you and Oliver find the prick and finally put the bastard in the ground.
Grace: Okay.

(She turns and walks off as he sits down in his chair and looks out of the window as he's looking out of it his phone goes off he grabs it out to see who it is seeing the

number he mutes it and then puts the phone down. Over at Kane Tower Kate puts her phone down as Luke and Julia walk into the office.)

Luke: You are right?
Kate: Mark's not answering his phone.
Julia: He's really taking Ryan's death hard.
Kate: Yeah he is. He's taking it just as hard as Mary.
Luke: I can understand Mary. But Mark?
Kate: They were becoming friends and you know Mark he's a lot like me.
Luke: True.
Julia: And you guys know what's coming up right.

(They both look at her and then look off.)

Luke: The anniversary of the plane coming down.
Kate: Yeah i know. I know it's hitting my dad hard too. And knowing that my sister who just happened to be the mother of my nephew was on that damn plane with her bandmates and the Bellas.
Julia: I know. All four including Beca Mitchell were all dead.
Luke: Yeah. Both her and Calamity were brought back.
Kate: Yeah. I mean Mark's happy their alive. But he's still being hit really hard over Vera's death.
Julia: Is there a chance he was still in love with her?
Kate: Yeah there is.
Luke: Why didn't he say anything?
Kate: Because he might not of known it. At least until the plane came down and she was killed.
Julia: You don't know what you have until their gone.
Kate: Yeah.
Luke: Well that sucks.
Kate: It does. So what's going on?
Luke: I've been going through Johnny Sabatino's phone records from the last several months and you'll never believe who he's been calling.
Kate: Who?
Luke: Peter August.

(He hands the file to Kate who looks through it as she's looking through it she looks at him and then looks off.)

Julia: Plus me and Sophie have been doing a little more digging into the plane crash that killed the three out of the four members of the band.
Kate: Okay and?
Julia: After your wedding and after Ryan was killed i started thinking that maybe there's more to the plane coming down other then Jesse Swanson wanting kill off Calamity.
Kate: Meaning.
Julia: Meaning neither him nor Beca's father knew that Beca would be on that plane.
Luke: No they didn't.
Julia: So someone else must of known she'd be on that plane.
Kate: If they did.
Luke: Who the hell else would of known about them being on that plane.

(Kate looks at them and then looks off.)

Kate: Or maybe the person they were hoping was on the plane was me.

(They both look at her and then look off annoyed.)

Luke: And seeing as to how Batwoman has made a lot of enemies.
Kate: Yeah and there's still someone out there whose still sore that i took him down with the help of Reagan.
Julia: Johnny Sabatino!
Kate: Bingo. If he had any reason to have me brought down then bringing down their plane just might be his reason.
Luke: But didn't the plane come down before we took down Sabatino?
Kate: It did.
Julia: Well if you really wanna get the bat's attention.
Luke: Bring down the plane before he gets taken down.
Julia: And he can put his next plan into motion.
Kate: He knew we would be to busy working on trying to figure out who brought down their plane.
Luke: And it worked.
Kate: Until he approached Reagan and asked her to work for him.
Luke: Which of course wasn't to bright given how she was our in to finally bring the bastard down.
Kate: Yeah.
Julia: But since we know he's been in contact with August.
Kate: There's a very big chance that he'll call him up and find out what else they can do.
Julia: And if he does.
Kate: I have a feeling we're not gonna like where it's gonna go.

(They both look at her and then look off annoyed. Over the next couple of days the Bat team and the Crows continue to look into the plane crash that killed three out

of the four and the time four member of Evermoist including Beca Mitchell. As their looking into it Mark continues to keep his distance and the more he keeps it the

more worried his friends become for him and the longer he stays away from them the more they wonder if he hasn't officially gone back into the life that he had

worked so hard to get out of with Mark remaining at distance Reagan thought she'd take someone who Mark would love very much to see as she walked into his office

she saw him lying down on the couch with his arm draped over his eyes and she walked over to him and he looked at her.)

Reagan: Go ahead.

(He smiles at her.)

Victor: Daddy!

(He moves his arm away from his face and looks at them and his face lights up when he sees his son Reagan backs up and Mark gets up once he's up he walks over to


Mark: Here's my little man.

(He smiles at him as Mark takes him from her and holds him as he's holding him Mark smiles at her.)

Mark: Thank you.
Reagan: You're welcome.
Mark: How you doing baby boy?
Victor: Fine.
Mark: What's up?
Victor: I miss mommy.

(He smiles at him as he kisses his head then pulls away from it.)

Mark: I know you do baby boy so do i.

(He hugs him getting Mark to smile at him.)

Mark: Oh i love you so much baby boy.

(He smiles at Reagan again as he continues to hold his son in his arms.)

Reagan: We all miss them Mark.
Mark: I know that. It's just out of all of the heart ache I've gone through. He's one of the best things to come from it.
Reagan: I know that.
Mark: How's Gianna? She giving Ares hell?
Reagan: Yes she is. And in a lot of ways I think Ares enjoys it.
Mark: Is that true?
Victor: Yeah. She threw her spoon at her.
Mark: Oh really?
Victor: Yeah it was funny.

(He laughs at him as he kisses his head again then pulls away from it.)

Reagan: Anyway. I figured if anyone could put a smile back onto your face other then your fiance it be him.
Mark: And it worked having him here is making me feel a lot better.
Victor: You okay daddy?
Mark: I'm feeling much better now bud.
Victor: Okay.

(He smiles at him then pulls away from him.)

Victor: Aunt Reagan wants to take me on a trip.
Mark: Oh really?
Victor: Yeah.
Mark: To where?
Victor: To Tucson.

(Mark laughs at him.)

Mark: What the hell is in Tucson?

(He looks at Reagan and knows the look.)

Mark: You told him about Baggins?
Reagan: Maybe.
Mark: Honestly Vic.
Victor: What?
Mark: I think even though she's happily married to Aunt Ares.
Victor: Okay.
Mark: I think she's got a crush on the General Manager.

(She looks at him as they start laughing then they calm down.)

Victor: Yeah.
Mark: Yeah. Should we tell Aunt Ares?
Victor: No.

(He starts laughing at his face. Then calms down.)

Victor: What?
Mark: Nothing baby boy.
Victor: But her very pretty.
Mark: Yes she's very pretty. She's just as nice too.
Victor: Really?
Mark: Yeah. She'd like you.
Victor: She can't have me.

(Mark laughs at him again.)

Mark: Why not? Maybe she'll want to adopt you?
Victor: I yours.
Mark: Yes i know that.
Victor: So see she can't have me.
Mark: Your right. Your mother would hurt me if se was still around.
Victor: Yes. But i still wanna go to Tucson.
Mark: Why?
Victor: I wanna see the pretty lady.

(He looks at Reagan whose trying to keep from laughing.)

Mark: So do i. So I'll go and get everything set up with pilots okay.
Victor: Okay.

(He puts him down and walks over to the desk and picks his phone up once he has it he calls the pilots and talks to them about flying out of Gotham for a few days.

As he's talking with them Mark looks at the picture on his desk of him standing between all four Evermoist members and nearly loses it but is able to keep it together

then he hangs up with one of the pilots and puts the phone down.)

Mark: I'm guessing Ares is gonna wanna go?
Reagan: Probably not. She's gonna be going out of town for a couple of weeks with Santino so.
Mark: Oh okay.
Reagan: But I'll more an likely take Gianna with me so.
Mark: Okay. Why don't you take him home and get him so cloths we'll fly out tomorrow morning.
Reagan: Okay. And i would go home and see your fiancé. I'm sure he's just as worried about you Mark.
Mark: I know he is.
Reagan: Okay. Come on buddy.

(He gets off of the couch and walks out of the office as they walk out Mark sits down again.)

Later that night.

(Over at his penthouse he walks off of the elevator and out into the main part of the of the apartment as he walks out he puts his things down as someone walks up to him.)

Kate: Nice of you to come home.

(He looks at her and laughs.)

Mark: I know I've been distant.
Kate: You have been. And we all get it Mark.
Mark: I know you all do.
Kate: We all miss them and i know it's been said before.
Mark: It has been.
Kate: And it's gonna continue to be said. But Mark we can't change what happened to them. We can't bring them back doesn't matter how much we want them back.
Mark: I realize that. But the thing is.
Kate: What?
Mark: With the anniversary of their deaths coming up i can't help but feel more and more guilty that their all dead and that Victor will never get to see his mother again. And that's not fair to him.
Kate: No it's not. But you do have a fiancé who loves Victor like he was his own.
Mark: I know that.
Kate: So stop pushing him away and talk to him.
Mark: Why because you're so good at it?
Kate: I never said i was.
Mark: You Kane's are such pains. And yes I'm including your wife in there.

(She looks at him and laughs.)

Kate: Ouch.
Mark: See there is a benefit hiding away.
Kate: What's that?
Mark: I can think of a good come backs.
Kate: It wasn't that good.
Mark: Oh.
Kate: All I'm saying is that. We both have people who are there for us. Mary has me my dad and Sophie.
Mark: I know she does.
Kate: I have Sophie so if i don't want to talk to my dad or to Mary i can at least talk to her.
Mark: I know that.
Kate: Mark I'm not telling you to open up to people because i know that's not who you are because of the life you lead you did a lot of hiding of your feelings. But you're not in that life anymore. You do have other people who are willing to listen to you. You've got your family you have Reagan and you have the most important person to talk to.
Mark: Tyler!
Kate: Yeah. I mean i know you two didn't get a long at first.
Mark: Him and your father framed me for the murder of my uncle.
Kate: But then it turned out it was Daniel who had done that.
Mark: I know that.
Kate: Look I'm sure he's not pushing for you to open up Mark. But we all know how much he loves you.
Mark: And i love him i just don't know how to open up.
Kate: And like i said he won't force you too. It would just be nice to know you're talking to someone about what's going on in your head.
Mark: Yeah okay.
Kate: Are right. Now when he gets here actually talk to him and don't make me have to hurt you.

(He puts his hands up in surrender getting her to laugh at him as Julia walks off of the elevator getting them to look at her.)

Julia: Hey.
Mark: Hey.
Kate: What's up?
Julia: You remember how we've been looking more into the plane crash and into who shot and killed Ryan?

(Mark looks at her confused.)

Kate: Yeah. We've been thinking that there's more to why Ryan was killed.
Mark: You mean other her connection to me?
Kate: Yeah aside from that.
Mark: Okay. So what's up?
Julia: Me and Luke have been going through witness accounts for the night of Ryan's murder.
Mark: Okay.
Julia: And the more we look into this we start thinking that Sabatino might have a lot more riding on anyone being connected to you end up being killed.
Kate: Are you saying what i think you're saying.
Julia: If Johnny Sabatino really wants to screw with Mark some more.
Mark: He'll go after someone else i love.
Julia: Yes he would.
Kate: But who could he go after?

(Mark looks at her and realizes something.)

Mark: Tyler!

(He grabs out his phone and calls him as he's on the phone waiting for him to answer the very person he's trying to call is lying down in his own blood in the lobby of

the building then his phone picks up.)

Mark: Tyler!
Man: No it's not Tyler but he sure is good looking.

(Mark looks at Kate.)

Man: Too bad he won't be making it up to you.
Mark: What the hell are you talking about?
Man: Come down to the lobby lover boy.

(Then he hangs up and throws the phone down as he turns and walks off as Mark rushes off towards the elevator as he gets there he pushes for it to open as it opens

him along with Kate and Julia rush onto it with him and he quickly pushes for the lobby as he's waiting for it to get to the lobby. As it gets there the doors open and

they rush off and head towards where he is as they get to the steps leading down towards him Mark stops and looks at his friends.)

Mark: No.