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Meet and Greet

A Love Live! Nijigasaki Academy School Idol Club fanfiction

Love Live © Sunrise and Lantis

Ai-san is nervous.

I know, I know, what an out of character moment for me! But, listen, I’m about to meet a BIG STAR™! Of course even the brave Ai-san is nervous!

Even if said big star is my acquaintance, no, friend from high school...


Two years since I graduated from Nijigasaki High School, life is proceeding normally for me. I applied on food & nutrition major at a well-known college near my house, have a part time job at a bustling traditional restaurant, even joined the campus’ basketball team and becoming a regular there. I have many friends from all over the place, even fans from my school idol days back then.

My college life is, so far, not as eventful as my high school year. There are less youthful dramas, harsh training, fun summer camps, or anything idol-like.

In restrospect, being a school idol was hella fun. I get to sing, dance, and entertain a lot of people. Seeing our fans’ smile on top of the stage hits differently, there are no feelings like that! I also have 12 irreplaceable friends from the school idol club. The experience built me as the better Ai-san you know and love today! I won’t forget the last 2 years of my high school life, like, ever.

But, I’m not continuing as an idol.

As fun as it was, I have to inherit my old man’s monjayaki shop, as I’m the only child. It’s not a burden for me though. I love cooking, I love meeting customers, and most importantly, I love seeing their smiles as they eat our food! That’s why my name is Ai, because I’m full of love like that, ahaha.

So, I applied at culinary major in the college to expand our shop. When my pa’s ready to retire, I will inherit the Miyashitas and expand it to become the best restaurant around!

And that was my moving flashback, hehe.

Aanyway, like I said before, today I’m about to meet one of my fellow Nijigasaki alumna that made it big on the entertainment world. Her rise to popularity could be said as... meteoric, hehe, just like our outer space motif back then. She was my senpai and partner at school idol club. A cool and beautiful senpai that is kinda dorkish at times. Could you guess who?

Yes, it is Karin Asaka!

Immediately after she graduated, Karin was scouted to form an idol group. She’s already fairly popular high school model, and her experiences as a school idol are exactly what the talent scout wanted. Karin auditioned on a whim, and now, two years later, her idol group is gaining more popularity each day.

Kinda funny if you think about this, as Karin is the last one joining our school idol club back then, citing her disinterest to idol scene... and now, she really became an idol. Kasumin was mad as hell when she knew this, hahaha.

Because of that, though, Karin is harder to contact these days. She’s still a model alongside her budding idol career, for gosh sake! Last time the ex-school idol club met her in person was like 3 months ago! Nowadays she doesn’t even participate on our LINE group because her packed schedules… until today!

Ai-san’s now on a meet and greet event with Karin’s idol group, well the 2 of them as the other members have another event. I got the ticket after spamming since 00.00 AM when the tickets got sold. It’s not like I’m a die-hard fan of idols, but... it is for KARIN, you know.

I messaged her about my attendance last night, and she replied giddily like a little girl, so adorable. So, I don my usual clothes, with jacket at my waist, and there I go!

Thinking back, this is exactly Setsu’s favorite kind of event, but sadly she can’t make it because she had an exam. And of course I didn’t invite my friends from college, that will be embarrassing, haha.

Well, more Karin for me then!


The event started with the duo performance, and wow, I was speechless. Karin’s performance back at high school was already so idol-like, but now with proper idol training and management, she was more mesmerizing… if that’s even possible. She was singing a cutesy song too, despite her mature and cool image back then in Niji.

But... seeing Karin performs on stage with another person is… weird. The other girl, Kusakabe Hiyori if I’m not mistaken, is a very pretty yamato nadeshiko like girl with long, lustrous black hair and cute dimple on her cheeks. Their dance was so nicely coreographed, their voices combine so melodiously, and at some times they held hands, even gaze at each others eyes.

Just like what we used to do at DiverDiva.

Seeing other person did all of that with Karin is... what can I say, a bad feeling crept into my heart.

Is this... jealousy?

It’s not like I partnered with Karin for a long time. Our time as DiverDiva only lasted for like 5 months or less, not enough to get attached. Its not like my life was revolving around her all the time, we still have other friends beside each other!

But, dammit, Karin and that other person(s) at her idol group are together longer than we had in school idol club... two years! Especially that Kusakabe, which, judging by their formation today, is on sub-unit with Karin. Two years hanging around and working alongside the cool and kind Karin!

Fine, I admit that I’m jealous seeing that duet performance!

Phew, that was a big load off my chest. I feel great admitting it! Now with that out, lets proceed with the main event, the meet and greet!

After queuing for like 40 minutes, my turn is almost there. Now I’ll just wait for this dude to finish gushing about Karin. He’s been doing that for like 3 minutes now, are you alright there in oxygen, man?

Finally, a staff cut out the lovestruck guy’s monologue and Karin gives him a complementary wink on his way out. Poor dude’s hyperventilating now, I see that Karin still keep her devious side.

Now it’s my turn as I step forward gingerly.

The meet and greet, as stated, is for the duo of the group and fans, so I regrettably have to meet Kusakabe Hiyori too. Now, what can I say to her?

“I’ m only here to meet Karin!”

“Sorry, I was having a little jealousy moment seeing you with my old partner!”

“Stay away from Karin you thieving cat!”

Of course I can’t say any of that! Instead I choose the safest option and says:

“Hello! I’m a big fan of you two!”

Too safe, maybe.

Kusakabe giggles at that, giggles, and responds, “Ooh! You are the fabled Miyashita Ai-san that Asaka-san told us all the time, right? Nice to meet you! I’m Kusakabe Hiyori, and I had the honor to become Asaka-san’s partner in the group!”

“Kusakabe-san?!” Karin is, understandably, horrified at her partner’s reaction.

“How do you know-“

“You’re even prettier than the photos Asaka-san shown us! Say, do you want to join our group?”

Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. Karin told her colleagues about me?! Her pro idol colleagues?! W-what should I say to that?

“E-eeeh? Is that so, A-Asaka san?” holding my nervousness, I try to talk with Karin.

“About that-“

“You two can just act like usual, you know. Just think of me as a wallflower or something,” Kusakabe-san said so while winking.

Now, we’re sure we’re both blushing and maybe drawing attention from the staffs and other visitors. Karin, being a pro idol, defuses the situation coolly.

“Yeah. She’s Miyashita Ai, my friend at high school.”

Kusakabe-san’s rolling her eyes humorously, but she too, acts professionally.

“Again, nice to meet you Miyashita-san! What are you doing now?”

“Well, I studied food and nutrition. My campus is nearby.”

“So, you must be a good cook...” Hiyori touches her chin. Then she adopts a mischievous face, “Like Asaka-san often boasted to us.”

“Kusakabe-san, please,” Karin sweatdropped. “Anyway, thanks for attending our event, Miyashita-san. Do you have something for us to sign?”

“Oh yeah,” I rummaged by bag, producing the latest CD of their idol group and the usual whiteboard. “Please sign this!”

For some time, they happily sign my CD, but when it comes to the whiteboard, Kusakabe-san literally pushed it to Karin.

“Alright, alright,” Karin sighs and sign the board flawlessly, then she looks at me and wink.

Huh, what’s that about.

Karin then gives the board to Kusakabe-san and she giggles while signing it. Karin, what did you write?

“There. Again, thanks for visiting us, Miyashita-san,” she gives it back to me and because my time is running out, I put it back in my bag before inspecting it.

“Thank you, Kusakabe-san and Ka-I mean, Asaka-san! Keep up the good work, I’m supporting you all the way!”

Both idols bow at me and say their farewells.

“Thank you very much for your support, Miyashita-san!”

“Thank you so much for your time today, Miyashita-san. See you at our next event!”

And just like that, my time is over. I scoot around the venue and got out from the building. Well it was short and kinda uneventful as expected. I get to see Karin performed a cutesy song though, so it was totally worth it.


After that, I messages Settsu with my signed goods and she replied in jealousy, haha. Now I'm on the campus for my evening classes. As I'm about to put my merchandises at my locker, I remember about Karin’s suspicious stare and Kusakabe’s weird giggle back then.

Oh, no... Karin wrote something silly, isn't it?

So, I pull out the signed whiteboard from my bag to be greeted with a HUGE Karin’s signature with Kusakabe’s smaller one on the side. It's as if Karin wants to keep the space for herself, how cute-


Below Karin’s signature, in little letters.


“Love you.”


I’m screaming and blushing like an idiot in the middle of the entrance way. My heart is doing somersault and my hands are shaking like newborn chick. People are looking at me funny, but I don’t care!!


“I have the cutest girlfriend in the world!!”


Oh, did I tell you that said big star is my girlfriend?

= Omake =

That night, Ai messages me. At twitter of all place.

“I can't wait to hang out, only the two of us.”

I managed to jump in place happily for just 1 minute (hey I have my image too), and replied as coolly as possible.

“Yeah, let's hang out!”

Then I messages her privately and set a date at this Sunday. See, although I had rarely meet the other ex-Nijigasaki members, I still set aside some time to going out with Ai.

Because she is my girlfriend.

At this point Kusakabe-san appeared out of thin air and laughed out loud, saying I’m acting like a high school girl. Hey, what's wrong with giddily wait to hanging out with your girlfriend? Well it’s not like she knows what our relationship really is.

My manager and fans will kill me for that, hahaha.


- fin -