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Character Study- Ghosts (2019)

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One of the scenes I really want to focus on when it comes to explaining Kitty’s behavior is her flashbacks in s3. The first thing I noted is that her sister has the face of Alison, and her father of Captain. 

That is pretty obviously because those are the roles Alison and the Captain fill in her life- after death. But what’s curious is how when things start to go wrong, when her sister makes her break the bust and she doesn’t get to go to the ball, they no longer resemble Alison or the Captain. 

I think this is because her mind is trying to block out previous trauma by pretending that her current, more healthy relationships are just like her old ones. So Alison is “just like” her sister, Cap is “like” her father, so on. 

Kitty is almost hopelessly naive. She trusts her sister to a deep level. Her sister could never do anything to harm her. She was just never found because she’s so good at hiding, right? 

And as she keeps talking, continuing with the stories downhill spiral, her friends aren’t used to represent the abusers anymore. 

She understands that what happened then was wrong, and knows that Alison and the Captain wouldn’t treat her that way. She was just using them as a facade to cover up what her family was really like. 

But then afterwards, she goes back to believing that there was a stronger good side to her sister. But does she, really? I’m guessing that this is her brain trying to go back to the state of comfort it was in before Alison pushed her out of it. 

The rest of the ghosts presumably knew a bit, even distracting her so that they could warn Alison not to provoke her. 

I don’t think they realized that they are make Kitty’s fantasies worse. There is good intention behind it surely, and they all care, but don’t seem to understand that in the long run, this isn’t helping her move on.

I think it’s sad, but in the end Kitty is really just trying to cope with her death by projecting her delusions and lies onto her relationship with Alison. 

It’s not healthy, no, but I really can’t blame her for doing it, as she certainly has no intention of harming Alison in any way.