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My Little Bat

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“We were meant to rescue each other, not cut down the forest to rescue one.”
― shannon l. alder

Kara paced back and forth, watching Lena and Diana combine L-Corp’s nanotechnology device with Kryptonian and Amazonian science.

“Kara, darling,” Lena said in a whisper. “She’s going to be okay.”

Diana looked at her blonde friend and smiled sadly, “Kara, you did what you had to do and because of you Barbara is alive and will walk again.”

Kara’s eyes softened as she looked at the pale red-head lying on the table, “she screamed after the shot was fired. I was too far away to stop the bullet. When I got there he,” Kara paused and took a deep breath. “He was standing over her with his pants around his ankles.”

Kara’s speech was interrupted by Jess’s voice spilling over the speakers, “Lena, Bruce Wayne just entered the building and he’s on the way up to your office.”

Lena backed away from the computer and tapped a quick message on her tablet, then spoke loud enough for Jess to hear her, “Jess, just keep him at the door for about,” she looked quickly at her tablet. “Three minutes.” She ran her fingers over the screen on her tablet then rolled back into position and went back to work.


Jessica Huang stood up from her chair, pressing a small red button under the front of her desk, opening a door on the roof, three floors above. A smirk found its way to her face as the elevator doors opened, and a very pissed off looking Bruce Wayne emerged.

“Where is Kara Danvers?” Bruce growled.

Small arms crossed over her chest and her smirk grew as Jess responded sweetly, “hmm, let me think. Probably CatCo? She is still employed there as far as I know. Would you like me to check with Ms. Rojas? We have her on speed dial.”

Bruce took another step, his lips turning down in a frown, “Ms. Huang, I am not here to play games.”

“Then why are you here, Mr. Wayne? Your name is not on Mrs. Luthor-Prince’s list today?” Jess smiled sweetly.

At the sound of the hyphenated last name, Bruce’s face grew flush and his jaw tightened, “Is Diana here?”

“Dr. Luthor- Prince is normally in her lab this time of day,” Jess lifted her phone up and tapped the screen a few times. “She and her wife do have lunch scheduled in about an hour, maybe I can get you an appointment just before that?”

“Don’t patronize me, Ms. Huang,” Bruce stepped closer, his hand reaching for the doorknob behind her back.

Jess smiled and waved petitely as Bruce was lifted off his feet.

“Enough, Bruce!” the voice of Superman snapped as he turned the man known as Batman around and set him back on his feet.

“Luthor’s lapdog now, Superman?” Bruce asked sarcastically.

Clark stepped between Jess and Bruce, “no, I’m here because you care less about Barbara than you do about the fucking clown being dead.”

“She killed him, threw him through a concrete wall,” Bruce snapped.

“I know,” Clark growled back. “She was more restrained than I would have been. I would have punched a hole through his chest and never looked back.”

Bruce swallowed hard, “we are supposed to be better than them. We aren’t supposed to kill.”

His ear piqued and Clark turned towards Jess, “Ms. Huang, would you be so kind as to excuse us?”

Jess was shocked by the sudden change in conversation, “of course? Should I notify security?”

Clark smiled, “that won’t be necessary, Kara will be joining us shortly and she thinks very highly of you and would prefer you not see her lose her temper.”

Jess nodded her understanding and entered Lena’s office without hesitation.


“Thank you, Kal,” Kara whispered as she stepped beside Diana. “I’ll be back in a few minutes. Keep her safe.” Then she was gone.

Moments later, she was standing beside her cousin, her body looking tiny beside his. “You doing okay, Kar?”

“Yeah--no--maybe?” Kara responded, “I don’t know. She’ll be fine, Lena and Diana are doing everything they can, but…”

“You killed him!” Bruce bellowed, interrupting the Girl of Steel. “You are no better than him now.”

Blue eyes flashed bright brilliant purple as Supergirl turned towards Batman. Kara stepped forward, and a harsh whisper escaped her lips, “he shot her--he was going to rape her. I! STOPPED! HIM!”

“He’s dead?” Bruce yelled back, as if he couldn’t believe what he was saying.

Suddenly she was holding him, pressing him into the steel doors of the elevator. Kara took a breath as Clark’s hand rested gently on her shoulder. “Kara,” he whispered. “Go back to Barbara. I’ve got your back on this one.”

The doors of the elevator slid open and a surprised red-head stood there gawking at the dangling billionaire. She stepped to the side, and slid around him, holding the door open. “Put him down sis,” Alexandra Danvers said firmly. My security guys are downstairs with J’onn and M'gann. they’ll escort him out.”

Kara gently tossed Bruce into the elevator and turned on her heel, “don’t come back to my city!” The doors slid shut with a sigh and she was gone.


Alex stepped next to Superman, looking even smaller than Kara, “thanks for the assist, Clark. It kept things from getting--violent.”

“Alex, you are just as much my family as Kara,” Clark smiled. “You need anything, call. Okay?”

“You know, I didn’t really like you at first,” Alex admitted. “I always felt like you kind of let her down.”

“I did,” Clark said with total honesty, smiling at Alex’s surprised expression. “I should have been there more. She is the person she is today because of you, Eliza and her found family.”

“Is she okay?” Alex asked. “I haven’t had a chance to really talk to her yet.”

“She is,” Clark tapped his finger to his lips, “stressed and she feels guilty about his death.”

“She also cares deeply about Barbara and she blames herself for what happened,” Alex sighed. “She carries the weight of everyone who has been hurt on her watch.”

“Sounds just like her sister,” Clark said as he draped an arm over Alex’s shoulder. “They are in Lena’s private lab, by the way. I’ll cover her patrols for a few days, so you and J’onn can keep an eye on her.”

“Thanks,” Alex breathed out, then turned to head into the office.


Lena looked up across the table at her wife and sighed, “that’s it, all the nerve endings are repaired.

Diana stood up and stepped around Barbara and bent over Lena and wrapped strong arms around her shoulders, “all because you saw the advantages of combining your tech with mine and Kara’s.” She smiled as Lena’s shoulders relaxed, then planted a kiss on the CEO’s cheek.

“She was so insistent that I would like you when she brought you to that gala four years ago,” Lena leaned into Diana’s arms. “Who would have thought, a Luthor and an Amazon.”

A smile rose to Diana’s lips, “don’t let Kara hear you refer to yourself as just another Luthor, she may not let me share our next project with you.”

“She is really on edge about Barbara,” Lena frowned. “I don’t think I have ever seen her like this over anyone other than Alex.”

“Really?” Diana asked, “did you forget her reaction when Edge poisoned you?” Diana stood and wrapped her arms around herself, “she risked everything to get you to the DEO, because she was scared to lose her best friend.”

“Most likely, she didn’t want you to be mad at her,” Lena scoffed, regretting it immediately when she saw the pained look in Diana’s eyes. “Diana?”

“Do not joke like that Lena!” Diana snapped. “Other than Alex and Barbara, there is no one she thinks more highly of. If she hadn’t risked what she did to save you, we--we wouldn’t be where we are now.”

Lena stood, turning her back to Barbara and moved toward her wife. “Diana--I’m so sorry. I was only joking--I didn’t mean it.” She gathered the Amazon in her arms and was pulled into a tight hug, “I’m so sorry.”

The women embraced, but on the bed, Barbara’s eyes started to move quickly behind heavy eyelids.


Floating above her small studio apartment, Barbara heard the knock on the door. She watched her own smiling face as her hand reached the doorknob, and saw the name form on her lips. Shock in her eyes as the revolver was pointed at her stomach.

She was falling back, reaching for her stomach, holding back a scream for her father as the bullet pierced his shoulder, spun him around and pushed him over the couch. She yelled for Kara as she watched the clown drop his pants.

There was a flash of red and blue, a white body crashing through the wall, a scream stopping short as the body landed with a loud wet slap on the sidewalk below.

There was Kara, holding her tight, as she cauterized her wound. A silent wail passing from her lips.

“He’s okay,” Kara whispered as she gently cradled Barbara in her arms. “The paramedics have him, they are taking him to the hospital.” She stared as soft silent tears flowed down Kara’s freckled cheeks. “Lena and Diana are waiting for us.”

Dark rolling landscape passed below as Kara flew them to National City. The fabric of Kara’s cape was soft on her cheeks, bunched around her head, swaddled like a babe as she passed from wakefulness to sleep, again and again.

Green eyes and brown eyes standing over her, speaking in gentle tones, promising her the impossible.

Again her eyes grew heavy. Kara’s strong fingers found her palm as Barbara slipped back into the blackness…


Kara stepped silently into the room, moving to Barbara’s side as she focused on the woman’s erratic heartbeat, she took Barbara’s hand in her own, “you are going to be fine, Barb. You have to be.”

Brown eyes fluttered open softly and Barbara’s fingers tightened for a moment in Kara’s hand. Supergirl smiled, lighting up the room, and watched as the clearly exhausted hero allowed her eyes to drift closed again, “I’ll be right here when you wake up, khuhtiv kir ukhirghim.”

Lena stepped closer to Kara smiling and questioned with a whisper, “your little bat?”

Kara blushed and nodded shyly, “maybe.”


Three weeks later, DEO Training Room 1

Kara was standing outside the training room watching as Barbara danced around the heavy bag, strategically placing hard kicks and punches into the canvas target. She was concentrating so hard, that she failed to notice the door of her personal training room open and close.

“Hey sis,” Alex smirked as she stepped beside the blonde superheroine. “What ya doing?” She peeked into the window, and answered her own question with a chuckle, “oh nevermind, it’s your little bat.”

“Ssshhh!” Kara hissed. “She might hear you!”

“Pfft,” Alex said, blowing air through her teeth. “The only way she is going to hear us is if she suddenly developed superpowers.”

Diana smiles at the sisters, shaking her head back and forth, “you know Kara, the easiest thing you could do is just tell her how you feel.”

“Was it that easy for you, Diana? Was it easy to tell Lena?” Kara asked, her eyes still locked on Barbara. “How about you Alex? How hard was it to tell Maggie?”

Alex swallowed hard, then she whispered, “no, not really.”

Lena Luthor-Prince smiled from behind the three women, “what about you, sweetheart?” She laughed as the three heroes jumped. “That must be what Bruce feels like when he sneaks up behind someone.”

“You are so funny, Lena,” Alex said with mock sarcasm. “You aren’t going to adopt a look of black leather? Are you?”

Diana’s eyes sparkled for a moment as her brown met Lena’s green. Then Lena smiled brightly, and changed the subject “you three were talking about Kara and telling someone something?”

“Actually, I was talking about these two and sharing their feelings,” Kara answered smoothly.

“I call bullshit, Kara Zor-El,” Lena answered, her hands resting on her hips, the left popped out and a small smug look on her face.

“Fine!” Kara hummed loudly. “I need to tell her how I feel, and I’m not sure how. I’m not sure how to not be normal.”

All three women focused on Kara, her sister stepping beside her, arm draped over her shoulder, “what do you mean, Kar?”

“I mean, for over half my life, I hid who I was and what I can do,” Kara stared harder at the woman in the DEO training room. “Normal meant--it meant liking boys--men--whatever, it meant not falling in love with my best friend.”

“Wait a damn minute, Kara!” Alex snapped, “are you telling me you have a problem with…”

“NO!” Kara snapped back, “I don’t know how to tell her. This isn’t Mon-El or James, this is Barbara and I have tiptoed around my feelings for so long, I don’t know how.” She crossed her arms over her chest, and huffed loudly.

Alex stood, mouth open, unable to speak. Lena was just as surprised, and for the first time since she had met Kara she didn’t know how to comfort her friend. Diana shook her head and took Kara face in her palms, “Kara? Look at me,” Diana commanded softly. She smiled as Kara lifted her eyes and met her gaze. “Good. Listen to me, Kara Zor-El. You are amazing, you are a wonderful friend, sister, and superhero. More than anything though, you are a good person, a source of light for anyone you meet.”

Kara tried to shake her head, but Diana held her head still, holding the younger woman’s attention by sheer force of will. “B-bu-but…”

“No buts Kara,” Diana continued. “That woman has seen darkness and you--you saved her from the worst fate imaginable. She cares for you. I don’t know if she loves you like you do her, but she does care, and she has a right to know how you feel. So take your Kryptonian ass into that room, and tell her how you feel. Understood?”

“Yes ma’am,” Supergirl squeaked as her eyes turned back to the window. Brown eyes were staring at her and she took a deep breath. With all the authority she could muster, Kara nodded her head up and down, “yes ma’am.”


The door to the training room opened slowly and Barbara continued to work through her routine, a soft smile finding its way to her lips as the door clicked closed. Her eyes flicked to the window and saw that they were alone. Diana, Alex and Lena had all disappeared.

“Barbara,” Kara whispered, her self-confidence fading. “Can we--I need--I want to tell you something.”

Ever so slowly, the redhead turned to face Supergirl, Kara’s eyes following every movement, her eyes tracing up from Barbara’s bare feet, sliding up the black borrowed leggings and following the soft curves hidden under one of her own DEO issued sweatshirts. She bit her bottom lip as a trickle of sweat made its way down Barbara’s cheek and smiled as they met eye to eye, blue to brown.

“What is it, Kara?” Batgirl asked as she stepped closer, her hand reaching up and undoing the clip holding her hair out of her face. She shook her head softly, back and forth, damp ringlets of red framing her face.

“By Rao, you are so beautiful,” Kara swallowed hard. “I need--Barbara I need to tell you something…”

Now it was Barbara’s turn to study the woman in front of her as she sauntered forward, her hips swaying a little more than normal. The blonde wasn’t in costume, she was wearing a faded pair of jeans that fit her muscular legs just right and a tight cerulean colored sweater that caused her eyes to look even bluer than normal. Barbara could feel her whole body getting warm as her eyes moved up to Kara’s plump pink lips. In her mind’s eye she wanted, no, she needed to rest her own lips against them.

Kara’s eyes widened and her breathing came in short, shuddering gasp. “Barbara,” she croaked.

Whatever else she was about to say was lost as Barbara wrapped strong arms around her neck and pulled her head forward, whispering soft words of encouragement as she nestled her lips, like twin pieces of a puzzle, into Kara’s, “we will move as slow as you want, Kara.”

Kara’s hands moved on their own, one wrapping around Barbara’s waist and the other moving up, resting on the slightly smaller woman’s cheek. With a gentleness no one would expect from muscles that could move planets, Kara pulled Barbara closer, pressing their bodies together.

Barbara shuddered slightly as Kara’s tongue licked her upper lip and made its way softly into her mouth. Bright smiles found their way to both women’s faces and reluctantly they moved apart as their teeth clicked together.

Kara’s smile lit up the room and like a moth to flame Barbara wrapped her arms around her back and squeezed tightly. “I can’t believe you made me wait four years for that,” the little bat sighed heavily into Supergirl’s chest.

Kara felt a little confidence return, and she laughed lightly, “you knew? All this time, you knew?”

“I knew how I felt and I was pretty sure you felt the same, but after we talked about how hard it was for you to fit in, I knew I had to wait for you,” Barbara smiled into Kara’s chest.

“Barbara.” Kara whispered into damp red hair, “I--I love you.”

Brown eyes came up with a soft, “oh!” Then Barbara Gordon’s lips twisted in a sly smirk, “I know.”