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something wicked

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Darcy grabbed her bag from the coffee table, meeting Bucky’s eyes. He was horizontal on the couch, arms folded as he peered up at her blearily, before blinking, as if needing a second to recognize her.

“Did you sleep out here all night?” she murmured, kneeling beside him.

He nodded, grinding the heel of him palm in his left eye. He didn’t seem too grumpy. He seemed to light up at the sight of her, which made Darcy smile at him, reaching for his free hand and squeezing it.

“I didn’t want to keep you up, too, tossing all night,” he murmured. He opened his arms, and she moved to hug him. “I like your…”

She pulled back, and Bucky indicated his own mouth. Then she remembered.

“My lipstick?” she said, and he nodded. “It’s new.”

“Yeah, I know. I figure I’d remember it otherwise,” he murmured.

His eyes scanned her, a warm to his baby blues. Oh. Darcy shuffled closer, hovering a few inches away from his lips, another grin on her face.

“Do you like it?”


He kissed her, open-mouthed, far greedier than she expected so early in the morning. He leaned up to take hold of her face, his tongue delving into her mouth, Darcy’s gasp blending with his groan. She hadn’t thought too much about her makeup that morning – she’d bought the new tube of scarlet lipstick on a whim yesterday when she was on her lunch break – and now she was patting herself on the back for her little splurge. Was it worth the price? Probably by the reaction Bucky had, pulling her toward him until he was under her.

His mouth was smeared with it, and he laughed, his thumb rubbing over the seam of her lips, until Darcy opened her mouth once more and sucked him, his eyes darkening with a mixture of possessiveness and awe. Unbridled pleasure shot through Darcy, molten longing to her core.

She kept going, her bright eyes promising more, managing to get his cock out of his sweatpants, jerking him before she broke away from his lips to duck down and take him to the back of her throat.

She didn’t stop until he his shaft with marked with the lipstick, the waxy smears mixing with some drips of come on her face and hands.

He panted, throat bobbing, hand stroking her face, and Darcy was light-headed, grinning at him with adoration. She was a little proud, too.

“You gonna move from the couch anytime soon?” she whispered, and he shook his head, falling back, eyes heavy-lidded. “You can sleep until lunch…”

“Fuck,” he replied, which seemed to be all he could say.

“I better go fix my face.”

When she returned in a couple hours, a fresh layer of lipstick applied, she pursed her lips at him from where she stood beside the couch, and Bucky tugged her back into his arms, Darcy giggling.