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something wicked

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Darcy grinned like a cat, Bucky’s hands on her face, tipping her head for a slow kiss. Steve was behind her, hands holding her waist, his mouth by her ear.

“You’re so tiny.”

She would never describe herself that way, but with Steve saying it, she believed it. His grip tightened, his lips brushing her neck as Bucky began to devour her. Her heart raced while her hands remained unsure of where to settle. She wanted them both at once, and they were giving that to her whole-heartedly. The arousal kept swooping down her front, curling in her core, her hips pressed from the front and behind.

She reached behind her, fisting Steve’s shirt, her other hand digging into Bucky’s long hair to drag her nails along his scalp.

His tongue stroked hers, and he sucked at her lips, Darcy’s moan finally coming free. She felt Steve’s hands on her pants, tugging them down, her neck twisting to see him bare her sex, the garment shoved past her thighs.

Their eyes met and she nodded, cheeks heating, Steve’s hands on her tummy now. She didn’t mind it for once, someone touching her there. She tended to get self-conscious because it wasn’t toned, instead a little roll hung over the waistband of all her clothes. Steve’s little smile made her stomach flip, and he whispered:

“You’re adorable.”

She kissed him, one of his hands slipping down to her folds, Darcy’s breath hitching when his fingers brushed her most sensitive parts. She pulled away from his mouth with a little groan, eyes swinging to Bucky, who was nodding at her, holding her face in his hands. He kissed her, Steve’s fingers gliding through her slick before moving back up again to circle her clit.

She tried to keep her eyes open, but struggled as Steve persisted. She gave a little gasp, her eyes widening when he pushed a finger inside her, and then another a beat later. Bucky clutched her, nodding.

“Look at me,” he said. “Look at me.”

Steve’s thumb circled her clit and she began to fall, tightening and quivering as she stared back at Bucky.

“Oh, God!” she cried, and she squeezed her eyes shut, coming as her knees bent, Steve still tucked inside her.

Bucky pulled her back up again, kissing her, the gesture sloppy and rushed, Darcy’s whole body warm and loose. She felt as if she could fall through the earth, happy and lost. She was bundled between them, carried out of the living room to the bedroom.

She was pushed down to rest on all fours on the mattress once she was stripped properly of all her clothes, her head lolling to the side for her hair to obstruct her view, hearing shirts being discarded.

This was Bucky’s room, she realized, in short little observations. It smelt of him, the sheets a rich navy tone with a stack of paperbacks on his beside table, some of them ones Darcy loaned him.

The mattress dipped as he came into view, settling on his pillows and drawing her nearer, kissing her with more precision than before. Darcy’s hands reached for his pants, her palm rubbing over his crotch. He smiled against her lips, his grunt following when she squeezed.

Meanwhile, Steve was gripping her waist again from behind, gliding his sticky fingers down her back to meet her ass, giving her a rough squeeze, spreading her a little wider for a better view.

“Fuck,” he whispered, and Darcy thought she might purr.

He kneaded her rear, Darcy grabbing Bucky’s waistband of his jeans in an effort to tell him she wanted them off immediately. Steve’s touch spurred her on, his lack of hesitation bringing hers to the surface. She was so full of want she was making little sounds against Bucky’s mouth when he kissed her again, his fly undone.

He gasped into her mouth when she wrapped her bare hand around his cock, pumping it twice before she broke away, ducking down to take him in her mouth. He was thick, and so was Steve, from what she could feel when he pushed inside her.

“Oh, God,” she mumbled, around Bucky’s cock, whimpering when Steve filled her to the hilt in a couple thrusts.

He made her toes curl, and he didn’t move at all for a whole minute, allowing her to writhe in front of him, her head bobbing up and down.

She was rewarded with a burst of pre-come on her tongue, Bucky groaning as his head fell back, his jaw slackening. He blinked down at her, eyes glazed with lust, wrapping her hair around his fist. His other hand glided up her arched back, stroking her skin as goosebumps broke out all over her.

Steve gave a short thrust of his hips, reaching a further point Darcy hadn’t expected was possible, and she tried not to squeak in her surprise, glancing up at Bucky as she pulled back to breathe. She was drooling, hearing Steve moan behind her, his hands spreading her cheeks as he stroked her deep, deep inside.

She couldn’t keep quiet, whimpering behind her gritted teeth, both hands wrapping around Bucky to anchor her to the bed. Steve picked up speed, Darcy’s need to curl in on herself fighting her urge to lie down and take it. She wanted both the complete surrender as well as the resistance, as if her impending climax might do some type of damage.

It did not help that Bucky was watching her with those eyes, like he enjoyed seeing her suffer like this, split open by Steve’s big dick.

“What are you looking at?” she slurred, and both men chuckled, sounding equally out of breath, which was not an easy feat.

Darcy preened inwardly at this, though she suspected walking would be impossible after this for quite some time.

She felt Steve bear down and all humor left her then, Bucky’s cock ignored as she took it all, her eyes fluttering shut when Steve’s hand found her clit to roll and rub.

“Almost there,” Bucky whispered, most likely to Steve.

Darcy could no longer see him, she was shuddering into her next climax as her eyes threatened to roll backwards. Something snapped inside and she gave a half-shout, Steve fucking her through it, her hips bucking into his sharp thrusts.

They cheered, and it was easily the loudest sex she’d ever had, her shout melting into a long groan she couldn’t smother. She could hear every wet slip of their bodies, Bucky's cock in her hands, Steve's body pounding into hers as she felt her own mess drip down between her shaking thighs.