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bosco's kinktober 2021

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“There’s something very creepy about the way you smile after you cuff me.” Kenma murmured, his words mumbled under his breath as he pulled his now cuffed hands to his chest. He didn’t think he would ever get used to this; standing nude in front of another person. It’s not the first time he and Kuroo have… played, so to say, and still Kenma felt nervous butterflies filling his abdomen, and electricity dance across his skin with each touch. 


Kuroo let out a soft humming noise as he took a step back. Unlike Kenma, he was completely clothed. A clean button up tucked into a fitting pair of black slacks, it was simple, but Kuroo still looked flawless in it. He looked effortlessly expensive, aside from the mess atop his head. “You really enjoy mouthing off when you’re at my mercy, huh?”


Kenma furrowed his brows, glaring at Kuroo who looked like he was seconds away from bursting into a fit of laughter, “Did you really just say I’m at your mercy? That’s awful.”


Kuroo chuckled to himself as he turned away from him, waving his hand dismissively over his shoulder, “Let's not get into the details, I have a fun night planned.” He said that every time, it was a phrase that Kenma was more than familiar with. That wasn’t to say Kuroo didn’t fulfill his promises. It was always a fun time. Kuroo knew his body in ways that Kenma didn’t. It was both thrilling and intimidating. “Why don’t you be a good boy,” Kuroo started, sitting down on the edge of his bed, patting his lap, “And laid down.”


In response to Kuroo’s words, Kenma raised a brow at him, “And when have you ever known me to be, and I quote, ‘a good boy’ ?” Sure, with time as the scene developed, Kenma was more coaxed into behaving. It was more fun that way. Watching the patience drip off Kuroo as he was forced to be strict. When he got a little mean . Kuroo was hot when he was mean, that was a fact.


Kuroo fixed him with a look, a tilt of his head and knowing smirk, “Ah, my bad. I should have known better.” He pushed himself up from the bed, approaching Kenma again, reaching out to smooth his ridiculously warm hands over Kenma’s bare shoulders. He ran them down, over Kenma’s biceps and then his waist where he squeezed him firmly. “Bend over the bed,” He leaned closer, lips hovering over Kenma’s ear, “Or else you don’t get to come tonight.”


Kenma felt himself shiver, despite trying to keep his cool. Kuroo’s voice had such a deep rasp to it in moments like this, it just weakened him to his core. But his threat wasn’t anything new, he’s heard it before. He has been punished before, too. For now, Kenma humored Kuroo, took a step away from him and turned toward the bed, laying down over the end of it, spreading his arms out in front of him. He glanced back at Kuroo, pursing his lips, “Happy?”


Kuroo smirked, stepping close to him, placing his hands on the bed beside Kenma’s hips to balance himself. “Almost.” Kenma gasped when Kuroo suddenly kicked his legs apart, forcing him to be exposed, “Now, you would have been a lot happier, and more comfortable in my lap, but you’ve always got something to say.” Kuroo said as he stepped away from him, and reached into his bag at the end of the bed. Kenma watched him, trying to keep his expression neutral as he pulled out a thick red paddle. “I wonder how long until you get tired of this position.”


Kenma rolled his eyes at Kuroo’s dramatics. He loved talking, used it as a way to unravel Kenma, and he could admit it was effective. At the same time, it felt ridiculous.


“That’s not very nice.” Kuroo murmured, catching Kenma’s attitude, stepping behind him again. “I don’t feel like I spoil you, so I don’t know what made you so bratty.”


“Did you ever think you just don’t have the effect you want over me?” Kenma countered, looking over his shoulder again, watching Kuroo’s grin grow more sinister. That was part of the reason he liked talking back. He liked watching Kuroo go wild, liked when Kuroo was working up as much of a sweat as Kenma did.


Kenma watched Kuroo lift the paddle, shut his eyes just in time as he ran the leather toy up his inner thigh. “We both know that’s just not true.” He spoke softer, but Kenma still heard every word, felt his heart jump when the paddle stopped at his balls, prodding gently at them. “You’re easier to read then you think.” Kuroo told him, rutting the paddle back and forth over Kenma’s balls, making Kenma’s hands curl into fists as he pressed his lips together.


The leather was cold. It made Kenma flinch as he brought it up higher, the toy rubbing over his hole, before it was gone entirely. He sighed through his nose, giving himself a moment to compose himself, but it was stolen from with a harsh and loud smack to his ass. Kenma’s entire body flinched, his ass cheek stinging in the wake of the slap.


His eyes were wide, lips parted, and when the second whack came, to the same spot,  he cried out loud. His toes curling against the carpet. “ Fuck !” He groaned, pressing his forehead against the sheets, “A bit much just to start out, don’t you think?”


“You know this isn’t full strength.” Kuroo reminded him, “I can’t go easy on you, you’re already smug enough. But if you want to complain…” The next hit was more expected, but instead of his ass the leather paddle striked his thigh just beneath the cheek. Kenma cried out again, this hit harder than his last two. He swore under his breath and Kuroo laughed, “Was that a complaint?” 


Kenma turned his head, his eyes narrowed on Kuroo, “I make one noise, and you’re cocky. Who’s really the smug one here?” He bit at him, his glare sharp.


Kuroo giggled even more, shrugging his shoulders, “You may have a point. But it doesn’t matter, I’m not restrained.” He smoothed his hand over Kenma’s redden cheek, “There’s absolutely nothing you can do about my smugness... you on the other hand…” He squeezed Kenma’s ass hard , making him arch his back, “Are trapped .” He leaned back, giving a playful slap to the spot.


Kenma huffed softly, but he was right. Kenma was trapped, and he absolutely loved that. His cock was hard underneath him, but he didn’t plan on making any movements to let Kuroo in on that fact. He didn’t want to give him the satisfaction if it could be helped.


The next strike was sudden, against the opposite thigh. Kenma felt his body twitch in response, and then a second later he felt another smack across that cheek, following a whack to the opposite cheek. They were in quick succession, and Kenma wasn’t able to compose himself. He couldn’t help from squirming, he couldn’t help the gasps and whines that left his lips. He saw Kuroo wind his arm back from the corner of his eye, and tensed his body in anticipation for the paddle to come down on him. Except it never came, and when Kenma peeked at him, Kuroo had a shit-eating grin on his face, and hand on his cocked hip, paddle lowered at his side, “Sorry? Expecting something?”


“F-Fuck you.” Kenma spit out, his nostrils flaring in embarrassment. It just made Kuroo chuckle, and Kenma’s cock twitched against the sheets beneath him. 


“What’s your color?” Kuroo asked, lifting the paddle, running his long, thin finger over the length of it.


Kenma scoffed softly, “Green. Are you kidding me?” He wasn’t anywhere near his limit. Kuroo must have been losing it if he thought he had any type of affect like that on him already. Kenma could take some spanking, even if it was with a paddle. But Kuroo seemed to just get braver with each little noise that left Kenma's lips. Like it was impressive to even have him make a peep. Pathetic. It pissed him off.


The next smack to his ass was loud and hard enough to echo, knocked the wind out of Kenma, and left his hips twitched against the mattress. His knees wobbled and his fingers tangled in the sheets as he pressed his face into the mattress. “Well if you’re doing that well, I think I can go harder, hm?” Kuroo all but purred, and followed his words with another unforgiving whack of the paddle. Kenma cried out, tears stinging in the corner of his eyes as the same spot was hit again, and with a third strike to his other cheek Kenma felt drool pooling in his mouth. “Stand up straighter, you’re getting sloppy.” Kuroo told him, his voice firm, and commanding.


Kenma lifted himself up, cock dragging against the sheets as he shifted and it made him shiver. He could feel a wet spot underneath him, from where his dick was drooling but he didn’t touch himself, he just listened. No snarky remark, no resisting, Kenma listened. The burning sting left in the wake of the paddle was all the convincing he needed. “That’s a good boy.” Kuroo said to him, his warm hand smoothing over Kenma’s raw, sensitive skin. Kenma sucked in a breath, the touch was gentle but a pulsing, angry pain still coursed through his veins at the slightest touch. “Oh? So sensitive, yeah, I love that.”


Kuroo gave his ass a firm squeeze, making Kenma hiss, and then as he withdrew the paddle came down on the spot he was just touching. Kenma jerked with the smack, and next he was slapped at his thighs, his knees buckling for a moment, pressing his body firmer into the bed. Shit, he was losing his mind. Tears fell down his cheeks as he cried silently, drool pooling at the corners of his mouth. His ass was burning, the ache was so bad Kenma doubted he would be able to sit down and stream without massive discomfort. His knees and hips were starting to ache from the position he was in.


He felt Kuroo’s hand smooth up his back, until his fingers were tangling in his hair, with a yank Kenma’s upper body was drawn back. He felt Kuroo leaned down, until his chest was against Kenma’s back. He could feel the fabric of Kuroo’s pants against his ass and thighs, and it made his stomach swoop, made his face twist as a moan escaped his lips, “Did you come all over yourself yet?” Kuroo asked, his breath hot against Kenma’s ear, “I feel like I’ve barely touched you and you’re already a sweet little mess, huh?” He chuckled, shoving Kenma’s face back down, before he bucked his hips against his ass. He could feel the bulge of Kuroo’s pants, his half hard cock dragging over him. But what stung was the friction of the fabric against where he was red and raw, Kenma stifled a groan, but his hiccuped cry escaped his lips despite his efforts.


Kuroo moved away from him as quickly as he came. Kenma was surrounded by him, could feel the warmth of his body, the calluses of his hands, and his hot breaths… then he was gone. It was like whiplash. Kenma shivered in his absence, his face flushed, but he forced his eyes forward. He felt pathetic enough, the last thing he was going to do was look for him, or seek him out.


He could hear Kuroo shifting, and then there was the telltale sound of a bottle cap, and the groan of that bottle as it was squeezed. Lube . Kenma spread his legs on instinct, and Kuroo hummed above him, “That’s it. I bet you’re close, huh?” It wasn’t a lie, Kenma’s cock was aching beneath him, and he would love for it to be touched but he wasn’t going to beg. “But you can’t come without my fingers, can you, baby?” Kuroo’s voice was softer when he said that, and Kenma’s face twisted, forcing the whimper down. The pads of Kuroo’s fingers were at his hole, circling the ring of muscle before he worked one of them inside him. Kenma gasped, pulling at the sheets as Kurro pressed the entire length of his digit inside him, knuckle nudging against his rim. “There, there.” Kuroo gave him two firm pats on his ass.


It wasn’t hard enough to impact him, but the ache from the paddle was still there, causing Kenma to tremble in response. Kuroo was quick to insert a second finger, to help Kenma adjust, scissoring his digits apart and stretching him. Kenma liked being filled; whether it be fingers, or cock, or a toy. There was something comforting, about having something firm, and warm inside him. He often allowed himself this, kept himself stretched on anything that could fit. So Kuroo’s fingers inside him were a godsend. Especially when he curled them against his prostate.


Kenma gasped, clenching around his digits. “That’s it.” Kuroo hummed, he rubbed his fingers against his nerves, over and over again. His other hand reached for his redden ass, squeezed his cheek hard, massaging it in his palm. It stung, but that pain mixed with the stimulation from his prostate, pleasure and pain, making his cock cry underneath him, dying to be touched. “Shit.” Kenma breathed out, his hips rutting without him even realizing it. He could feel Kuroo’s nails digging into ass when he gave a hard pinch, digits twisting inside him, “ Ah !” 


“That’s it. Feels heavenly , huh?”  Kuroo’s lips were at the nape of his neck, “Fucking into the bed like a desperate little thing. You’re so cute, Kenma.”

“Don’t talk down to me.” 


Kuroo laughed, his lips pressing a kiss to the junction of his neck and shoulder, “Why not? Every time I do your ass tries to swallow me whole. I know you like it.” Kuroo pressed down, flattening Kenma against the sheets with his body, made it impossible to for Kenma’s to fuck his hips anymore and whined bubbled out from his lips. Kuroo still thrusted his fingers, making sure every movement landed on those sweet, sweet nerves bundled inside Kenma. “I bet those sheets don’t feel as good as my ass would, though.” He said hotly, “But you’ve always got to talk back to me, so you’ll never know how good I feel.” 


“Fuck you.” Kenma gasped, toes curling as spots of white danced behind his eyelids. He could feel his orgasm building, like waves kissing the sand. With each lick of the ocean they got closer and closer, just like Kenma now. Every rut and tease of Kuroo’s fingers brought his arousal closer, bubbling up into a robust orgasm.


Kuroo leaned back, and then his hand came down on his ass, slapping him hard. Then again, and again. His fingers were still inside him as he brought his hand down, hitting the same spot over and over again. Tears were quickly building, and Kenma found himself crying, sobs falling from his lips between moans and gasps. Kuroo twitched his fingers, digging the pads of them over his prostate and Kenma came.


His orgasm tore through his body, making him twitch and shiver from head to toe. Kuroo squeezed his ass after the abuse he gave to it. It made pain rip through him, invading his pleasure. His chest was filled with his bubbling arousal, and the sharp pain from his asscheeks was bursting those bubbles before Kenma could thoroughly enjoy it all. Kuroo stole that pleasure from him, as a punishment.


“There we go.” Kuroo grinned, his fingers sliding out of him, leaving Kenma’s ass to flutter around nothing. He watched Kuroo take a seat at his side, and Kenma slumped into the bed, trying to catch his breath after his orgasm. “Now,” He pat his thighs, calling Kenma to him, leaning back on his hand to smirk down at him, “Be a good boy, and lay down.”


Kenma felt himself grinning, Kuroo’s eyes darkening, his own smirk growing more wicked in response. “I don’t think so.”


“I see.” Kuroo sighed, but he didn’t look annoyed in the slightest. He reached for the paddle, and pushed himself up, “Again, then. Until you break.”


It was going to take a while until Kenma was coaxed into the behavior Kuroo wanted, but that was the fun part, and they had a whole night ahead of them after all.