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Jealousy is a Sin

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As Jupiter sucked in a breath and chose Neptune to go with her to the closet, Venus absently tugged on her sleeve, feeling her pulse quicken. Then, without thinking, she blurted out: "Hey, hang on. That's not fair."

"Fair? Venus, since when do you care about fair?" Neptune put a hand on her hip, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, Venus, come on." Jupiter snapped the hair tie on her wrist. "Y-You can have a turn after."

"No. I." Venus stood up from the corner of the room, balling her fists. "You both teased me during truth or dare, and now we're just going to pretend as if nothing happened while you two go and kiss in the closet?"

"Who said we were going to kiss?" Neptune slowly crossed her arms. She stood there for a moment before she gasped: "Venus, are you...Jealous?"

Venus turned her head away, frowning. Both Jupiter and Neptune glanced at each other quietly. Venus had never shown any selfish feelings before, always having felt like a burden and a pushover. But, like she's said before, she thought it was easier for her to agree with what everyone says so her life wouldn't have conflict. So, for her to outwardly express such a foreign emotion to her...They were both stumped.

"Listen. I'm sorry. I," she sighed. "This entire time, I've had to deal with you two avoiding talking about difficult things, and it's a little frustrating! We all got drunk and shared moments that I. Never told anyone before."

They both knew what she was talking about. When they had gotten drunk off of that disgustingly sweet poison, Venus had spilled that she was transgender. It opened both their eyes as they realized that it explained her bitter feelings over Jupiter's carefree attitude and Neptune's ability to never care about what others have to say. Venus couldn't afford either of those. But what were they supposed to say? That they knew all along? It was typical for Neptune to brush her hair and braid her bangs and for Jupiter to sneak Venus some of the perfume her mother made her wear.

As if reading each other's minds, they quietly took Venus' hand and slowly walked her into the closet as well.

"H-Huh..?" Venus wiped a stray tear as Jupiter closed the door.

"What, did you expect us to stop playing just cause you said so?" Neptune grinned in the darkness, putting a hand on Venus' shoulder.

 Jupiter snapped her hair tie again. "Yeah. I would've died being in here alone with Neptune anyways."

Neptune rolled her eyes. "I don't bite, you know. Unless you want me to."

As Venus tried to get her eyes to adjust to the darkness, Neptune kissed her cheek, her lipstick staining it. Jupiter nervously followed suit.

"It...It's not real if we don't say it out loud, right?"

"That's right. No one can prove it."

"N..No one except us," Venus whispered.

Neptune took their hands. "It's your words against mine. A triple lock. So it never happened unless we all say it did," Neptune laughed. "Or unless you two go and tell the Captain."

"Why would we do that? Neither of us is going to be that stupid, right?" Jupiter tugged on Venus' sleeve.

"Of course..We. We both know better."

Venus stood on her toes, pressing a kiss on Neptune's lips, her lipstick becoming theirs. Neptune quietly laughed as she shared her lipstick with Jupiter, except Jupiter fidgeted, so it smudged a little to the corner of her mouth. Such a funny thing; how lipstick can mean nothing one minute then everything the next. How black is not Venus' color, but Neptune could make an exception since it was Venus. How Jupiter was overthinking everything at that moment as her brain battled whether to wipe the lipstick with her sleeve or ask for another kiss to make sure it perfectly stained her mouth.

The trio was inseparable after that. Every issue that arose, even going out to look for the Devil, they did not separate. They held hands throughout everything, even when they had turned on the radio to find God's transmission and instead stumbled upon the Devil's. As he ended his "podcast" with a laugh, knowing full well what would happen, they did not stop holding hands.

"This is all my fault." Venus teared up almost instantly, letting go of the other's hands as she bawled quietly. "I-I shouldn't have...The closet...I,"

"No, Venus, it's mine," Jupiter interjected, snapping her hair tie. "I was the one who put the radio on the wrong frequency."

"Could you both not take the blame for just one second?" Neptune raised her voice.

She cleared her throat as her mouth started spilling ichor.  "We're going to be fine. We are all taking the blame. We are truly, completely, objectively, theologically, absolutely, all the worst. So don't argue about who deserves it the most. Just shut up and look at me."

"I. I can't." Venus cried.


"I can't!" Just like that, a burst of feathers exploded out of Venus' back. Her Devil came, and her eyes shone down on the both of them.

"Guys, please." Jupiter trembled. A spiderweb of hands emerged from her, her Devil stroking Venus and Neptune.

Being the Devil was a destructive emotion. Neptune tried to gain control by consoling the both of them, enveloping them in her inky black pools as a cocoon of protection. Jupiter stood quietly as her hands hugged, caressed, poked, grabbed both of her beloveds. Venus quietly floated to the window, holding both hands as she stared out at the oncoming campers.

"They are coming."

"Then, let them have us. Who cares? Come on." Neptune kissed Jupiter, then Venus, the both of them tasting ichor but not caring.

Group South teased them. They were made uncomfortable by the Captain. They had to hide their identities for who knows how long. But not with the Devil. The Devil would let them embrace their inner demon and unleash it on the camp once and for all.

It started with Jupiter. As they broke down the door, she held every scout she could with her endless tangle of hands. Neptune came next. She submerged them in her bottomless ichor. Finally, Venus made them all see the truth. The rest of the kids were going to come, with God and the radio, ready to stop them.

But they will not.

There is nothing to fear when there are two against the Devil.

But they can't wait to see what they'll do against the three worst girls since Eve. 

They trashed the camp from top to bottom with their newly 'blessed' forms.

Venus started from the skies, knocking over the radio towers with her phenomenal wings. Neptune drowned the horrible camp signs and pond with her ink. Jupiter, the darling, used her amalgamation of hands to tear down the cabins. They were going to start anew. But, occasionally, they needed breaks.

When the night came, they all floated in Neptune's lake, staring up at the stars. Jupiter would hold all of their hands and play with their hair as they ignored the stars to look at the beauty of each of their lovers.

Venus was glad she spoke her mind that faithful day. Sure, they were all their devils in their way, but it was nice to share eternity with two others.

Each kiss they shared, each exchange of their hugs, was due to Venus's boldness, Jupiter's aloofness, and Neptune's alcohol.

The three worst girls were going to be each other's best sweethearts.