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banri & his overdue haircut

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Nope, not in the living room.



Hallways are empty too. Let's try the kitchen.



"Settsu, stop yelling. Other people live in this dorm. Would it kill you to be more considerate?" Sakyo scowls at Banri as he enters the kitchen, disturbing his brief morning calm before the kitchen got stormed by hangry teens.

"Yeah yeah- do you know where the director is? I really need to talk to them," Banri says.

"Why? Is this an emergency?"

There's a beat of silence, and then:


"If it's an emergency than I'll be happy to help you. What's the issue?"

Banri makes a low noise at the back of his throat in frustration as he eyes Sakyo suspiciously. He exhales before continuing. 

"I need them to do my hair for me," he holds up two hair elastics as proof.

Banri's hair had gotten much longer recently. Since the Autumn Troupe play, he'd just been growing it out for no specific reason. If he got a role that called for longer hair then he'd be ready, but could easily cut it too. He'd never let it get this long before but he'd been too lazy to do anything about it - Azami and Yuki had both offered, with Yuki withdrawing his offer when Banri insensitively said that it looked like Yuki cut his hair in the dark and said he could "do better with my arms behind my back". Now the idea of Yuki coming at him with scissors was terrifying because boy did it look like the green-haired teen was going to murder him on the spot - if looks could kill Banri would be six feet under right now. No, he'd be more than six feet, considering the way Yuki had lunged across the sofa at him and was held back by Tenma and a panicking Muku. 

Azami was the safer option now, but he also told Banri that he'd also like to put a buncha shit in his hair, and Banri just wanted it to be cut, not go for a full spa experience. So, his hair continued to grow.

At first it was just how he normally had it. He could curl it around his ears but if he leant forward it would slip out. Then it got to the irritating stage where it was constantly falling in his face but wasn't long enough to put up in any manageable hairstyle so he'd survived with hairbands mostly and shoving it under a hood.

Azuma had seen him struggling to keep it out of his face when he was doing homework on the living room floor and taken pity on him, offering him a hair tie. Banri then had to embarrassingly reveal he had no idea how to tie a ponytail or whatever it was called so Azuma graciously did it for him the first couple of times.

As it got longer he tended to keep it tied up in a half up half down style done either elegantly by Azuma or disastrously by himself. It was more of a knot than anything fashionable but it did it's job.

When Banri finally put his pride aside (a.k.a when Azuma was no where to be found, and he really needed to leave), he approached you. You had eagerly helped him out, excited to do someone else's hair for once and now Banri went to you for his hair related issues.

Now it wasn't unusual to find you sat on a sofa whilst Banri sat on the floor between your legs whilst you brushed and tied his hair up. Whether it was a simple ponytail or something fancier that you saw on Pinterest, you'd enjoyed it massively. You've always wanted to try all these different styles, and it's not the same on yourself. Sometimes they'd work beautifully and Banri would walk around with intricate braids and twists for like three days until they basically fell out, or you'd try something a little too advanced and Banri's hair wasn't quite long enough so all the pieces at the nape of his neck would immediately slide out.

His hair was, if you held it taunt, could just reach the tip of his shoulder, but it curled in at the end naturally so it rested comfortable around his collarbones most of the time. There were some shorter pieces around his ears, his fringe was basically part of his hair at this point, and there were some weird layers in the back due to the fact that his hair was just a long on top short on the sides but grown out substantially. It was surprisingly soft and always smelt good, you had affectionally noted after you had been doing his hair for a couple of days. At first you were a little shocked that a 18 year old was washing his hair with something that wasn't called 'gunmetal blood slaughter wood with added spice' or something to that affect. Banri had later revealed that he just used whatever was left in the shower by the previous person and didn't even read the bottle.

Sakyo raises an eyebrow at the younger boy, stirring his coffee rhythmically. It's too early- too early to deal with anything Settsu Banri related.

"Ask Rurikawa. I'm sure he knows how to do hair."

"No way. I value my life. The one time I asked him he kept yankin' really hard and I thought my hair was gonna come out of my scalp."

"You're pathetic."

"Piss off."

Sakyo takes a much needed sip from his coffee, enjoying the bitterness. Banri's still stood there looking forlorn, clearly not planning on leaving without an answer.

"What about Yukishiro? He has longer hair than you."

"Nah, he'll be asleep 'til noon."


"He's violent and hurts more than Yuki. He'll get all pissy and be like 'you need to learn how to do your own hair' blah blah."

"You should. For once I agree with him."

"I'm not askin' Azami."

"Citron then."

"No. He'll curse me or summin'"

"You're running out of options, Settsu."

"Well if you'd stop being all difficult then I could ask (L/N) and then I could stop talkin' to you."

"I don't appreciate your tone."

"And I don't appreciate how fuckin' irritatin' you are. Are they in their room or not before I go stompin' around and wake ev'ryone up?"

Sakyo doesn't want to annoy you when it's not even 9am, but he also doesn't want to be annoyed by Banri for any more than it's necessary. He takes another slow sip of his coffee, mainly to agitate the younger boy and then sighs again.

"Why you always sighin'? You got a sighing problem? Got lung problems big guy?"

God Sakyo wanted to knock him out. It would take less than 5 seconds, then he could just leave him on the kitchen floor, maybe cover him with a blanket if he's feeling merciful and then leave him for someone else. But he's an adult, and knocking out teenagers isn't something he likes to do before midday.
Despite his reluctance to say anything straight away in an attempt to spare you from being bombarded as once one of the younger one's got a whiff that you were now awake, it would spread like wild fire and soon everyone would seem to need you for something. But Sakyo also values his mornings alone...

"You're aware that (L/N) arrived home late last night? And today is their day off?"


"And they're not particularly a morning person?"

"They don't mind me talkin' to 'em in the mornin'. It's just you they don't wanna talk to," Banri boasts proudly, smirking.

"Make yourself useful and bring them some tea as an apology."


Sakyo sends Banri off with a hot cup of tea and tells him that you're probably still asleep. Banri gently knocks on your door and waits for any noise from inside. Nothing. He knocks again and waits, but again, nothing. He gently creaks the door along with a low 'I'm coming in!'

The room is dim, the curtains still pulled shut and it's clear you're still asleep, duvet pulled up over your shoulders as your chest slowly rises and falls, soft breathes the only noise obvious.

Banri feels a little bad now, maybe he should have listened to Sakyo... nah... he's got places to be. You'd understand, right?

The boy debates with himself for a bit longer before gently placing the mug on your bedside table so you can drink it when you wake up, and slowly backs out of the room. Just before the door can click shut, a voice from inside quietly calls out his name. He pushes open the door again rather quickly, sticking his head through. His hair falls in front of his face and he quickly shoves it behind his ear.

"Yeah?" he watches as you sleepily sit up, rubbing your eyes. You're all bleary eyed as you stare over at him, brain trying to catch up.

"Did you need something?" you murmur, fighting a yawn.

"Ah- no worries, it doesn't matter anymore. Sorry for wakin' you up."

"No it's okay. I shouldn't sleep in any later," you laugh, voice scratchy from disuse. Banri ignores the way his heart speeds up slightly. You're a little more alert now, and notice the steaming cup beside you. "Is this from you?"

"Uh- yeah. Jus' wanted to- uh. It's from Sakyo," Banri finally settles on. He's glad it's still dark enough in your bedroom that you wouldn't be able to see how red his ears becoming.

"Thank you, Banri-kun. What did you need?"

"It doesn't matter anymore."

"If it was enough to wake me up, it must matter a little. My gift for the tea." You're now cradling the tea, soaking up the warmth into your hands.

"Jus' wanted to ask you to do my hair, but it's fine if you don-"

"Sure! Come sit down," you interrupt, patting a space on your bed. As Banri goes to awkwardly perch on the edge, you put down your cup and pull open the curtains finally, blinking a few times at the sunlight now pouring inside. "Do you have a brush?"

"No sorry. I brushed it like an hour ago so." You hum in reply and begin combing your fingers through his soft hair, untangling any particularly difficult knots. Banri dryly swallows; he'd been in your room numerous times before, to tell you that dinner's ready, to pass on a message, or to just come hang out. But never been the one to wake you up in the morning, or to see you sleepily bumble around your room in your pajamas so it feels- different. A good different, he thinks. He's feeling a little out of place, but clearly you're unbothered. Maybe because you're not fully awake yet or you simply don't care. He exhales in an attempt to keep his racing heart under control, and lets his shoulder drop, forcing him to relax. This is no different from any other time you've done his hair.

"What are we doing today?" your voice cuts through his thoughts, hands stilled in his hair.

"Um-" he pauses, brain frying a little. "I've got a class at eleven. And then me 'n Juza are gonna go play basketball."

"Hmm. Okay. I'll do something that hopefully won't fall out." He nods and sits completely still as you section his hair into to two halves, passing the other over his shoulder. Quick fingers begin separating his hair just past the crown of his head into three strands, twisting them together expertly. He suppresses a shiver when short nails rake up his neck to collect as much hair as you can. Every time a warm knuckles brush over his nape or tips of your fingers curl around his ears, he has to fight back his squirming.

There's something very- personal, about letting someone do your hair. When he still lived at home, his older sister would let him lie his head in her lap whilst they watched TV, and she would mindlessly fiddle with his hair, creating small braids that just fell apart once her hand moved away. He kind of misses it- having someone play with his hair like that. This is the closest he can get, because he's definitely not asking directly. He had once, very nearly, after when Taichi had just openly asked Azuma to play with his hair in front of the entire Autumn Troupe and the majority of the Winter Troupe with absolutely no shame until Banri called him a weirdo a few days later. Ultimately, Banri decided the momentary embarrassment wasn't worth it.

"-won't you?"


"Have you been listening me?"

"Yeah. 'Bout the- the Misumi thing. 'N the flowers," he stumbles. No matter where he is, someone playing with his hair just sends a message to his brain of 'thats enough boys, shut it all down', and then he becomes an useless blob as brain function melts away. Time to wake up brain, someone's trying to communicate! That sounds about right, he thinks - Misumi had got in trouble recently for using Tsumugi's bed of hydrangeas as some sort of landing pad so he didn't have to use the stairs to get down from his room.

"No, not at all. But I do need to speak to him about that because now he's just moved to jumping in the lavender." Clearly brain function is not back at 100% just yet...

"That explains why you can smell him before you can see him," Banri replies. You let out a snort which makes his lips pull into a crooked smile at the sweet sound. Banri hands you a hair elastic and you tie off the braid at the bottom. You begin to repeat what you had already done on the other half.

"I said that if you see Kaz can you tell him that I'll be picking up his tablet-thingy after lunch."

"The drawing thingy?"

"Yeah." Banri hums in acknowledgment, making a mental note to ask him before they split ways on campus.

You lapse into silence, focusing on braiding these parts evenly and tight enough they don't fall out - God knows how Banri manages to come home from uni with his hair basically untied completely, hair stuck up at weird angles that don't even seem possible, and the hair tie somehow still attached. It makes you wonder what on earth he gets up to at that uni. Art students tend to be quite eccentric, you suppose. It's better than him coming home drenched in paint or something like that.

Once you finish the other braid, you push them both over his shoulders so he can see them. It's cute to watch him immediately grab the short braids, tilting his head to try look at them. A hand comes up to feel the back of his head, and you grab it, holding it away from his hair before he can damage them.

"Don't fiddle with it. That's how it'll come out and then you'll get beaten by Juza because you couldn't see." You drop his hand so you can finally slip out of bed and try find a hand mirror to show him the back.

"I would never loose to Juza of all people. No way. Not in any timeline. Not now not ever," Banri exclaims, eyes never leaving your form as you open drawers and bend down to check under some boxes you still hadn't unpacked. It had been nearly 2 years since you moved in, but hey, unpacking is tiring! Your pajamas are clearly old, as the stretched collar tries to slip off your shoulder as you bend down. Banri refuses to look at the newly exposed skin, and fortunately you mindlessly push it back up, totally unaware of his gaze.

"Didn't he beat the shit out of you when you first joined? And I swear the other week he chucked you down the stairs - Oh and when he did that wrestling move on you and you got a concussion-"

"Aight! I get the point you moron." You start laughing at his defensive expression, arms crossed and eyebrows knitted together, in combination with his reddening cheeks was strangely adorable. Always quick to defend his reputation.

"I can't find a mirror so give me your phone and I'll take a picture," you announce, standing up from the floor. You could have sworn you had a small hand mirror in here somewhere... maybe Masumi had been in here again...

You turn to Banri, expecting to find him at least making an attempt to look for his phone, but he's all stiff, eyes a little wide. You eye him, hands on hips as he stares a little past you.

"I- I brok-lost my phone. Yeah. I dropped it off the balcony," he stutters out, "It's fine we can just use your phone."

"Who are you trying to convince; me or you? Besides, my phone's in Azuma's room. and it's dead," Banri's shifting weirdly on the edge of your bed, and you briefly think it's jealousy. That thought leaves when you jump a little as he suddenly stands up like some sort of robot that's just received it's first command. It's easy to forget how tall he is, especially when the amount of times you've popped into Itaru's room to bring them dinner, and they're both crouched over on the floor like goblins, smashing away at their controllers. The thing about your phone is only a part lie- it is in Azuma's room, but it's definitely not dead. "If you don't want it in your camera roll then you can just delete it afterwards."

There's a moment of deliberation, and you can almost hear the cogs spinning in his brain. He sighs with finality, pulling his phone out of his jacket pocket to offer it to you.

When you press the home button to turn on the display, your eyes instantly land on the lock screen. Your chest involuntarily squeezes at the picture. It's of you and Banri sat pressed against each other, sat leaning back on a wall, his head resting on your shoulder, and your head leant on his. You're both asleep, exhausted after Autumn Troupe's closing night - Banri from acting and you from rushing around backstage and worrying excessively from the sidelines. The full picture actually has Sakyo looking fed up and Taichi pointing dramatically at you two, the bottom slightly covered on accident by Omi's finger, who had taken the photo. But Banri had clearly cropped it to just have you two as the focus.

Your surprise manifests quickly as your cheeks begin heating up - Banri seems like the last person to be sentimental like this. You're quite touched, actually.

"Settsu Banri," you start, a teasing lilt in your voice, "who would have thought you would have something like this as your lock screen?! I'm touched, honestly." You can't hold back a giggle as he tries to swipe his phone back, but you're just a tad faster than him this time. He's pouting now.

"Let me take a photo first," you say to shift the subject slightly despite how fun it was to poke fun at the boy. You grab his upper arm and spin him around, and take a photo of the back. It's not your best work, but hopefully it'll hold up for the day. If it was too neat, it just wouldn't fit Banri's aesthetic (whatever that is) at all.

Once you've shown him the pictures as he grumbles unintelligibly, you hand back his phone, a smile on your face.

"It's all- feminine 'n shit." He's still studying the photo intently, maybe so he doesn't have to make eye contact with you.

"Is that an issue? Would be a real shame if I mentioned that to Yuki-kun along with that lock screen of yours," you trail off as he finally tears his gaze from his phone. He pockets it before going to leave your bedroom without a response. You're not far behind him, gently poking him in the back as he walks, smiling like a maniac.

You see him out to the door, still in your pajamas, and Kazunari is waiting in the entrance already, so you tell him yourself about his drawing tablet. It's likely Banri has already forgotten - things tend to go in one ear and straight out the other with him.

"Setzer! Nice hair-do. Looks cute!" Kazunari excitedly claps his hands together as soon as his twinkling eyes land on the boy.

"Piss off," Banri replies, toeing his shoes on.

"Don't mind him. he's moody because-" Banri shoots you a warning glare that would normally just egg you on, but you're feeling nice. "Sakyo was nagging him all morning."

Teasing and being a little bit mean was fun, some of the boys here need to be knocked down a peg or two, but you've worked quite hard to have Banri comfortable enough to just come find you for small things. You very fondly remember the first time he came charging into your bedroom to show you a shaky video that Taichi had recorded of him beating his previous time for solving a Rubix cube. His pure, child-like joy was unmatched, and you were very glad he felt comfortable enough to show you something more personal to him. You didn't want to loose that trust.

"Frooch is soooo uptight. He should go and take a break from being all strict. A trip to a shopping mall with me defo would loosen him up. Oh my god, can you imagine him like, shopping for clothes? Going through the bargain bin and sale racks, looking for the ugliest thing he can find and then going- that's it that's what I was missing from my look." Kazunari just speaks all his thoughts in these long, run on sentences with absolutely no filter, and matches it all with over the top hand gestures. He's an excellent story teller.

"That stick is so far up his ass I won't be surprised if I can see it the next time he yells at me," Banri says it so casually as he unlocks his phone and begins typing out a message to someone. You're fighting back hysterics, which becomes almost impossible when the very man himself appears from behind with his car keys in his hands, face not exactly the pinnacle of joy.

"What was that, Settsu?" Banri's soul momentarily leaves his body, spinning around on his heel to face the older man. He takes a moment to recompose himself before he's back to his usual dry wittiness.

"Nothin'. Was talkin' 'bout you, not to you."

"Get in the car. In the back," Sakyo hits him on the back of his head with his keys, and pushes them out of the door, bickering back and forth the entire way to the car, probably not stopping once they're inside. Kazunari gives you a look as he gets into the front seat, and you playfully roll your eyes, grinning. This will be an interesting car journey, you think, as you wave them off from the front door.


When you check Instablam later that day, Kazunari had posted a story a few hours ago with the caption 'i think imma just walk 2 schl next time'.