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You ran your hand over the raised letters on the box. Bop-it was written big and bold on the front of the box. You teasingly put your fingers on the edge of the try me whole. A big red arrow and yellow letters. IT makes noise!!!! was boldly printed with an arrow leading to the whole where you could push one of the buttons and it would make noise. ‘Not yet Y/N, be patient.’ You carefully removed the tape and pulled the cardboard tab out. You slipped the Bop-it out of the packaging. ‘God it was so smooth.’ You turned it over and continued moving your hands all over it’s white and green plastic. You switched the on switch and let out a moan as you heard the on noise. The game music started playing as you slowly started rubbing yourself. “Bop It!” You hit the Bop-it with the palm of your hand. “Twist it!” You took hold of the skinny piece and twisted it round. You moaned loudly. “Pull It!” Your shaky hand came back up and you pulled the Bop-it slowly. “Say It!” “UGHHHHH!!” You let out a loud moan into the Bop-it. “Congratulations! You beat Bop-it!” Your legs trembled and you fell to the floor. Cum leaked onto the floor around you, and you fell back into the puddle. Your hand unclamped the Bop-it and went to your head. You wiped the sweat off your forehead as you panted harshly. You laid there recovering from the best orgasm you had ever had. After a few minutes you got up and put your dirty clothes in the hamper. You came back and cleaned up your mess. You bent down and picked the Bop-it up. Shame and regret ran through you. You just came practically untouched by playing with a Bop-it. You grimaced and with a heavy heart threw the Bop-it in the trash.