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I Trusted You

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A sigh escaped Adrien as he slumped on his bed his head hitting the pillow with a 'thump'.

He had had a long day. Not only had he fought one of the most difficult akuma villains Shadowmoth had ever sent out, but he also had to hide his increasing disappointment with his partner, Ladybug.

His thoughtful state had Plagg staring as he continued munching on the cheese he had saved for a few weeks. "What's on your mind, kid?"

"I don't know what to do, Plagg. I don't want to be disappointed in Ladybug, but I kind of am."

"Why are you hiding your emotions? Just tell her, it'll be a piece of cheese!"

"It's not that simple, Plagg."

Plagg didn't get it. He couldn't fathom what went on with humans and their emotions. Why couldn't they just tell each other how they're feeling? Even after all the centuries he had spent, passed on from holder to holder, he still didn't understand why humans chose to be passive. 

Why am I even wondering about this? It eats my brain. And I'm supposed to be the one eating. Eating delicious cheese!  Plagg then took a huge bite from his camembert, which would've normally had Adrien disgusted, but he didn't even notice.

He was busy wondering about what to do. He had never gotten himself in such a confusing conflict before.

A time had come when Marinette had thought he stuck chewing gum on his seat, but he'd apologized by giving her his umbrella.

There was also the time he was angry at Ladybug when she stood him up but that wasresolved as well. 

He also got upset with Ladybug when she rejected him nearing the time of Frozer, but again, everything worked out. 

He even practically killed Aeon in New York, but Ladybug and him were still as close as they could be in the end. 

This time, however, the case wasn't that simple.

It was all because Ladybug had gone behind his back and had not bothered to tell him details about her guardianship. She even went as far as to let Alya and Nino know their identities.

He felt betrayed. He also didn't understand why he was left in the dark about things regarding her guardianship all the time. And he barely got to even help out as much anymore.

The worst part was the identity crisis. Alya and Nino knew their identities whereas he and Ladybug did not. That had felt like a punch to the gut.

Plagg's chewing suddenly got louder. Secretly, he chewed louder on purpose to get Adrien distracted from his miserable thoughts as he, frankly, couldn't bear to see his holder so dejected. However, he would never admit that to himself.

"Plagg!" came Adrian's exasperated voice. The kwami sighed in relief. Anything to see him out of that sad, thoughtful daze.

"Why don't you go to sleep, Adrien? Then I can have wonderful dreams of cheese without thinking of you in that stupid, sad expression."

For the first time, Plagg's advice actually seemed like a good idea. Perhaps if Adrien slept on his meddling thoughts, he'd feel better the day after. 

"You know what, you're right. Ladybug isn't worth my time right now."

He had never thought he would say those words, but there he was. Though, he wasn't quite sure he meant them.

"Goodnight, Plagg."

"Goodnight Adrien. Great night, my sweet Camembert cheese!"

Plagg slept almost immediately.

And that left Adrien alone with his thoughts, more disappointed than confused.