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Harry slept on the couch, just as Louis requested, must to his dismay. He had work the next morning and it already didn’t look like a good day. Couch sleeping was the worst, no matter how expensive and amazing feeling your couch was.

Zayn slept snuggled behind Louis, arm around him and his belly, fingers caressing the bare skin stretched over his babies lightly. Louis slept hard, one blanket between his legs and one hugged to his chest. No one in the house noticed it was raining, it started out as a sprinkle really, but it quickly grew big, making all three phones in the house buzz with the state warning of flash floods.

The sky was black, moon hidden behind dark rumbling clouds, and Louis jerked awake when a loud ‘crack!’ sounded through the home, the frame shaking slightly, then a very bright light as lightning hit somewhere off in the distance. “Z-Zayn,” Louis’ breath grew short and his hands shook as he reached behind him to push at the dark haired father. “Dad-dy please, wake up!” Louis sobbed, tears pooling in his eyes, then sliding down his cheeks.

“What is it?” Zayn mumbled, half asleep, half awake. There was another shark whip like crack then a deep rumble. “Fuck,” Zayn was awake now, pulling Louis’ trembling body to his, back to front. He remembered what Harry did, to calm him down the first time he panicked over a storm. The first night he was there, Harry had to lie down on top of him, like a tight security blanket.

“Daddy!” Louis cried out, another deep roll of thunder passing. The thunder and lightning were close together, signaling the storm was right on top of them and not further away.

“Shh, baby. It’s okay, it’s okay,” Zayn tried to sooth the panicking pregnant man. Louis pushed himself up and out of the bed, dragging the blanket with him as he walked out of the room, hands on the walls. He tried to flick the hallway light on but it didn’t work, the power had gone out, and Louis’ muscles tensed at the idea. “Louis, babe, where are you going?” Zayn asked, following after his pregnant lover.

Louis fell to his knees, one hand around his belly, and the other reached out when another boom sounded, lightning lighting up the house momentarily. “Make it stop!” Louis screamed out.

“Zayn?” Harry called, having woke up. The rain pelted against the house loudly, making it almost impossible to see out of the windows.

“He’s having a panic attack or something Harry,” Zayn called back, kneeling besides Louis who was holding the blanket tight to his body. He was shaking, badly, and his eyes were clenched shut. His lips were white and tears fell down his cheeks and dripped off of his chin. “Come here baby, let’s bring you to daddy, yeah?” Zayn asked standing Louis up, but when the man didn’t move, he put an arm under his legs and carried him, bridal style, to the living room. Louis was heavy, yes, but Zayn blamed it on the growing babies in him.

“Here, on my lap,” Harry told Zayn, holding his arms out for Louis. Zayn set him down and it didn’t take long for Harry to scrunch his nose. “Louis, did you pee yourself?” Harry asked the sobbing boy, who just shook his head. Harry rubbed a hand up and down his back, reaching to his phone that had been charging on the table. Thank god the storm started so late or else Harry would have a dead phone. He turned the flashlight app on and shined it on Louis’ body.

“Is that-, call an ambulance,” Zayn touched Louis’ naked thigh, right under his light blue….now purple shorts.

“What daddy?” Louis forced his eyes opened to look down. His thighs were sticky and wet with drying blood, his shorts drenched. His eyes widened just as another thunder episode shook the house, causing Louis to clench his eyes shut again. This time the tensing in his stomach wasn’t from him doing it, it was low and in his back, very painful. “Ahh!” Louis cried, hands going to his belly. He felt bile rise in his throat and he pushed away from Harry just in time to blow the dinner from last night all over the carpet.

“Shit, fuck,” Zayn held his phone to his ear, the police on the other line. He explained to them what was going on, that Louis was pregnant, and he was bleeding. It wasn’t long before a siren was heard in the distance, slowly getting louder.

There soon was a knock at the door, Louis was curled over crying over the pain in his belly. He had thrown up again, all over the floor. The paramedics seemed to know exactly what was going on as they lied Louis down on a stretcher. Zayn and Harry, being the fathers of the children, were granted permission to ride in the ambulance. They had to give Louis a light sedative because he couldn’t handle being outside, or in a car, while the storm was going on.

He was awake but calmer by time they got to the hospital, Louis being wheeled away fast, leaving Zayn and Harry in the dust. “Oh my god,” Harry looked down at his sleep pants. They were wet with Louis’ blood, he wasn’t bad about the pants being ruined, he was shocked that Louis bled that much.

“What do you think is happening?” Zayn asked, running his fingers through his hair, tugging on the strands every now and then, panicked. Harry hugged his husband to his chest, pulling him to a few sets of chairs for guests. Zayn couldn’t handle just that right then, so he climbed into his husband's lap, not caring for the wet bottoms, and held him close. “I hope he and the babies are alright, oh my god,” Zayn teared up.

“Shh, baby. They’re going to be okay. Shh, I promise,” Harry promised, kissing Zayn’s cheek. He really shouldn’t have promised, it’s like he was the doctor or anything. It’s not like he was god and could make everything perfect again.


Everything was quiet, it was only 3 in the morning, and neither man heard anything about Louis’ condition or what was happening until 6am.

A petite nurse, male, walked out of the ER area. He was pale and his hands were on his newly pregnant belly. “Uh, Louis Tomlinson’s family?” He asked out loud. Zayn’s head jerked up and he shot out of Harry’s lap, the curly haired man not far behind him.

“Yes?” Zayn asked, eyes looking over the smaller man. He resembled Louis in his tiny height but thick body.

“Louis Tomlinson is in stable condition and is asking for a Zayn and Harry,” he said. Both men showed their ID’s to prove their identities, then they were brought back into the ER area. There were many people sleeping in rooms, the doors were glass and slidable to allow easy access to the room and easy vision to nurses could check up on patients without having to disturb them.

They walked through the ER into a wing that actually looked like a hospital. The doors were large, for wheelchairs, and wooden. The hallways were sterile, wide, and too bright. “Do you know what happened?” Zayn asked the male who just shook his head.

“No sir, the doctor should still be with Louis. He did want to talk to you two,” the man looked at the door numbers as he past, stopping at room 313. “I do know that he almost lost the children though,” the man pushed the door open, announced that Harry and Zayn were there, then let them in, following close after.

Louis was lying on his side, arm around his still large belly, blinking lazily. “Harry and Zayn?” The doctor asked, when both men nodded he moved to the side so that they could be closer to Louis, and so the man could see them. “Louis was stressed from the storm,” it had calmed down already, “and it induced a preterm labor. Preterm labors are labors that are 3 weeks before the due date. We were able to give Louis a calming agent that soothed his uterus and stopped the contractions. He had not dilated any, he is completely fine now but we would like to hold him for 24 hours to make sure that nothing happens again,” the doctor informed them.

Louis looked so tiny on the bed, the white blanket curled tight around him. Zayn and Harry both scooted chairs close to the pregnant man. “Hi,” Louis whispered, throat raw from his crying while the storm was going on.

“Hi baby, how are you?” Zayn asked, moving a hand to one of Louis’, being careful of the IV that was stuck into the vein on the back of his hand. Harry rubbed a hand up and down Louis’ thigh.

“I’m just tired daddy,” Louis whispered, eyes slipping closed. “I had a rough time,” he added, smiling a little. Zayn nodded and kissed his cheek.

“Then you sleep, okay? Get all the rest you need,” he said softly.

“We love you. You’re so strong,” Harry told Louis, eyes going up to the door when it clicked shut, the doctor and nurse leaving.

“Strong,” Louis repeated. “I love you too,” he added before falling asleep.