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“This is a 5 bedroom 6 bathroom home,” the tall female spoke as she opened the hardwood dark oak front door of the home. Louis loved the curb appeal to the home, the lower level was stone and the upper level was plastic siding. The front yard was large and there were many trees to provide shade. The upstairs windows had those fake little shudders to give it some class. “Built not too long ago either so everything is up to date. There is an elevator which is nice,” she swept her arm out once Louis, Zayn, and Harry stepped into the home. The floors were a light coloured hardwood, polished.

Right ahead were stairs that went up to the second floor, to the left was a nice sitting room, a fireplace against the wall. “Does it come furnished?” Louis asked and the woman nodded.

“Yes,” she said looking around the room as well. It was furnished with a small sitting couch and two chairs. The sectional carpet was tan and white and Louis really did like it. “Through that door is the wine cellar, well. Not Cellar but a wine room,” she said and Harry walked to it, opening the brown door. It had glass panels so you could see into the room. “Unfortunately the wine does not come with the home,” she added.

They walked out of the sitting room and crossed the entrance hall into the dining room. It was empty besides a long table and 6 chairs. “Can we add more chairs?” Louis asked her and she nodded.

“Yes, it’s an expandable table that can fit up to 12 adults,” she informed. Harry and Zayn let Louis scour the home, following after him, looking at all the things he did. They were giving the pregnant man full reign over what home they purchased.

The powder room was nice and Louis fell in love with the large open concept kitchen. Just off of the kitchen was a nice sitting area. A long booth like chair ran under windows with a few rectangle tables. “For lunches and stuff. Good for the babies too,” Louis mentioned to his daddies, fingers running along the sleek wood of the table.

The official living room was grey and white with 2 large fluffy couches and a recliner. “Enough space for everyone to sit,” Zayn said and Louis nodded, eyes going to the large flat screen T.V. hanging off of the wall.

“Well this is massive,” Louis said as they walked into the very large master bedroom. The bed wasn’t four poster but Louis planned to keep the bed they were already using and move it in. The walls were a tannish colour while the carpet and small love seats were white. There was another fireplace and a marble ensuite bathroom. It had a bathtub and a shower, much like Zayn and Harry’s current home.

There were three other bedrooms that were made all up and Louis liked them but his heart tightened at the nursery room, it could be turned into a bedroom. It was only down the hall from the master bedroom and Louis loved it. It was very gender neutral but only had one crib. “Can we get two more matching ones?” Louis asked, turning to Harry and Zayn who nodded without a word.

There was a small 4 seater movie theater in the basement along with two other rooms. One was the adult room with a wine bar, a pool table, and other adult games. Another room was for children with a T.V. and many toys in the boxes and on the shelf. “I love the wall decor,” Louis said as he looked at it. It was cute, little colourful stripes on the wall.

The backyard was huge. “There is enough space to add a pool,” the woman said as she remembered Louis did want one and even put it on his list of wants. There was a small playground thing for children. There was a back patio when you walk out of the house and the actual backyard was quite a bit of stairs down.

What sold Louis on the home was that there was a home much like it, albeit a little smaller, next door and you could even see the backyard from where Louis was standing on the patio. “I want this one,” Louis told Harry and Zayn as they walked back out of the front door. “It’s perfect and it’s large. 4 bedrooms to split up between children. We did talk about not using condoms again. We’ve got three babies on the way and who knows how many with the next pregnancy,” Louis said and Harry chuckled, kissing his cheek.

They drove back to their current home and Louis plopped down on the couch, glaring at the still broken window. They were supposed to get it fixed the next business day, which was the next day, a Monday. Zayn was on the phone with the homeowners talking about buying the home and all the details that went into doing it. Harry was on his computer typing away at the listing for Liam to look at so they could move in next door.

“4.2 Million,” Zayn said walking back into the living room from where he had been pacing. He kissed Louis lightly, ran a hand over his belly, then moved to look over Harry’s shoulder.

“That’s not that bad actually,” Harry said looking up at Zayn who just shrugged.

“It’s okay,” he looked at his watch. “And it’s officially dinner time. Let’s go out somewhere,” Zayn said and Louis stood up, stretching his arms above his head. He had on a loose shirt, not that it hid his belly, and a pair of white tights. He liked them, they fit his body perfectly and framed under of his belly in a nice way.

“Where do you want to go Louis?” Harry asked, leaning back so the pregnant man could climb into his lap. Zayn ran his hand down Louis’ back, eyes on the man’s face. “Are you okay baby?” Harry asked and Louis nodded.

“Yeah, just a bit tired. Been on my feet all day,” Louis told them. “I think we should go to chinese or something,” he said and Harry nodded, eyes going up to Zayn who was already pulling out his phone and looking for nice chinese places.

They ate dinner and Louis sucked his daddies off before bed. He was just tired of everything right now. He loved Harry and Zayn, hell yes he did, but he was pregnant and growing by the day. Adam was a stress load, this new move was going to be a stress load. He just wanted things to calm down so he could relax, it felt like he was out of breath all the time with everything that was going on.

“See you at lunch?” Zayn asked just as he was walking out of the bedroom.

“Yes Daddy. What do you guys want for lunch?” Louis asked, snuggling his face into the pillow.

“We’ll text you,” Harry said and Louis nodded. They left and the pregnant man stayed in bed until the doorbell rang, Louis knowing it was Niall for their little brunch date.

Louis quickly threw on some clothes then opened the door, grinning at his blonde friend. “It’s only been like...a day, how are you?” Niall asked when Louis hugged him.

“Stressed to be honest. This babies are growing everyday and i’m starting to feel it,” Louis said holding a slightly red foot out. “I’m just glad my back isn’t hurting all that much,” he added. Niall waited while Louis got properly ready then they went out to get pancakes at this nice diner. Louis told Niall the whole Adam story and the blonde looked ready to blow up.

“He really needs to get a life, like forreal. You’re with them now, he’s not. He needs to get over it,” Niall said and Louis nodded.

“Right, like he said something about my babies being the only reason that Harry and Zayn are with me. Like, only if he knew that they wanted as many children as they could get!” Louis laughed when Niall scrunched his nose.

“You’re going to be taking care of triplets, do you want more babies on the way so quickly?” Niall asked and Louis shrugged, ripping a piece of his plain pancake.

“I mean, it would be nice to wait a while. Let our relationship go back to the way it was, get rough again and all that but at the same time, they’re in their 30’s. They’re not 19 like me, I wait for another 10 years and be perfectly fine but they can’t,” Louis said. “And I do love children,” he added and Niall nodded.

Louis got his daddy's their requested lunches then dropped it off to them at work. He couldn’t stay because he wanted to go out shopping with Niall. “500 dollars,” Harry said and Louis nodded, kissing him.

They went to the mall again and Louis got himself some more shoes, lingerie, a bunch more shirts, and a few more pairs of pants. “I think we should go grocery shopping too,” Louis said as they dropped their load off at the house. “We’re running low on a few things,” Louis told Niall who shrugged, not caring what they did.

Once all the shopping was done and everything put away Niall went home and Louis lied down for a nap. He could hear the men working out in the living room, taking care of the broken windows, and replacing most of the locks. It was quiet after they left and Louis was so happy for that, he couldn’t really fall asleep while they were there.

Louis slept until his daddy's got home, being woke up by kisses on his cheeks and lips. “Hi daddy,” Louis croaked with sleepiness. They both chuckled and got undressed of their work clothes and got redressed in everyday clothes.

Zayn cooked dinner and Louis was served in bed then they all went to bed, no sex, nothing eventful. It was a lazy Monday.