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“Oh Harry, isn’t this place just gorgeous?” Louis asked as he got out, eyes wide as he looked up at the large hotel. It was older, vines covering much of the pale stone. There were people milling about and Louis wiggled his upper body back and forth at the sight. “Fucking France,” he said pouting when Harry pinched his bum for it.

“Keep the cursing in your head,” the taller man told him, turning to the driver, paying him.

“What kind of suite did we get?” Louis asked, looking up and up to the top of the hotel but it wasn’t the hotel that took his breath away, it was the Eiffel tower that peeked around the left corner, standing tall and proud.

“You’ll see love. Please go inside, it’s going to start raining,” Harry murmured, glaring at the little dots of rain that were showing on the car now.

“Be in soon, yeah?” Louis moved to the door, grinning up at the man who stepped to the side to allow him through the circle doors. The entrance to the hotel took Louis’ breath away. The carpet was a nice tan with red accents, the walls white with large tan posts throughout the room. It was a sitting room, really, circle in shape with many people talking with each other, holding wine glasses with little clutches handing off their shoulders.

“Through those doors,” Harry’s deep voice shook through Louis’ chest, the man’s large hand settling on his lower back. “Tell the receptionist you’re here for Styles. I have to talk to someone before I go up,” Harry turned before Louis could respond, shaking a large grey haired man’s hand.

Louis glanced behind Harry at a woman who was pushing their bags, eyes on Louis as if she was following him. The pregnant man realized she was when he looked back again once he got to the reception desk. “And who are you?” The lady behind it asked, leaning on her elbow to look at Louis over her glasses that hung low on her nose.

“Um, i’m here for Styles?” Louis looked behind himself once again hoping Harry would soon join him.

“Harry Styles?” She asked and Louis nodded. She clicked a few things on her keyboard then turned around and lifted a silver and golden keys off of a rack of keys. “This is your room key. Please don’t misplace it. It’s a hefty fine to replace,” she informed him. She turned a little to her right and pointed, “Over there is the elevators. You can go up on to floor 8 and find your room,” she explained and Louis thanked her, turning his eyes to Harry who was now walking towards him, grin on his lips.

“You got the keys love?” He asked, nodding to the receptionist. Louis held the keys up, two of them on one ring, and jiggled them. “Good boy,” with a pat on his back Louis made his way to the elevators, eyes going wide, once again, at the paint that surrounded him once he stepped in. It was tan, gold, and red like the carpet when he entered the hotel and it wasn’t a picture but simple swirls and harsh lines.

“I’ve stayed in the room we’ve been put in before. I love it,” Harry informed, smiling at a woman who stepped on from floor 4, riding with them to floor 8 where they all got off. “To the left,” Harry spoke quietly, not wanting to disturb anyone who may be already sleeping, it was nearing dinner time.

Louis shoved one of the keys into the lock and twisted it, pushing the door open with a satisfied click. “Oh shit, fucking hell,” he cursed, eyes going wide as he took in the lavish room. It was a sitting room that they walked into, the couches a dark purple and the little sitting chairs a cute pink. Louis almost choked himself with a deep gasp, eyes on the large floor to almost ceiling length window. It was framed like a picture and through it was an amazing sight of the Eiffel tower, the sky purple, pink, yellow, and orange behind it with the onslaught of night.

“The bedroom and bathrooms is through here,” Harry took Louis’ hand pulling him through the sitting room area and through an opening in the wall to the bedroom. The soft carpeting was tan like the walls, the bed covered in tan and red. The colour scheme of the hotel was probably Louis’ favorite thing, tan, gold, and red. It was just perfect, warm, and inviting. The bed, and all the other wood in the suite, was a dark colour, almost black. The sheets were white with a red and tan duvet on top, folded at the foot.

There was another window, though smaller to Louis’ left and the Eiffel tower was seen from there too, but the view was a little blocked at the bottom by a few restaurants. “Do you like it?” Harry asked, looking back as the door opened again, the cart with their luggage being pushed into the room.

“I love it. Oh Harry this place is perfect. I want to come here all the time,” Louis walked to the bed, fingers trailing on the silky Egyptian Cotton sheets. Harry left Louis in the bedroom and pulled the cart with their luggage to him. He handed the pregnant man his suitcase then unpacked his own into the drawers of the large dresser. They would be staying for a week so they should get comfortable.

“Louis, how many spanks do you think you should get?” Harry asked, using the technique that Zayn had used with Louis when he spent too much money on such pretty panties. Harry wasn’t even mad.

“Oh,” Louis shoved a pair of pants into his drawer, looking back at his empty suitcase.

“You were loud on the plane. Almost got us in trouble, might I add. And, you’ve been cursing since we’ve gotten here,” Harry told him, closing his drawer. He opened the last suitcase, turning it so Louis could see inside. It was a lot and he wasn’t able to count the amount of things Harry had brought with them.

“I don’t know Daddy. Ten?” Louis shrugged and took a step forward to look at a few of the spanking things Harry had packed.

“What about, ten with a belt. Just like you like it, for being too loud. Then we do five with my hand because you’re just a cursing boy today?” Harry asked and Louis nodded, knowing that would be the best deal he got.

“I think you should undress and,” Harry turned around in a circle, eyes going to every piece of furniture. “Oh, you should go to the window, in the other room with the picture frame molding. Put your hands shoulder width apart on it and push our arse out? Maybe after I give you the five spanks in here,” Harry hummed as Louis turned pink. The pregnant man moved forward a little so he could look out of the bedroom, through the sitting room, and at the window with the amazing view of the Eiffel tower.

“Ganna fuck me too daddy?” Louis asked, already pulling his shirt off.

“Up against the window, like I promised baby,” Harry kissed Louis lightly, moving around him. “Then you’re going to be tied to this bed right here while our little travel sized machine here fucks you nice and good. And theeeen,” Harry chuckled, pulling the machine out of the suitcase, Louis was now down to his panties, cock hard and leaking through them. “You and I are taking a nice shower and i’m stuffing you full of a plug and we’re going downstairs to eat in the lovely restaurant here,” he finished.

“Which plug daddy?” Louis peeked into the suitcase at the ones strapped to the sides. Harry finished grabbing the pieces for the machine and closed the suitcase.

“You’ll just have to find out when it’s time,” Harry told him, starting to put the machine together. “Finish undressing and go to the window,” he added and Louis did as he was told, pushing his panties down to the floor and stepping out of them. He seen himself in the mirror from the bathroom and he ran his fingers over his sizable baby bump.

Louis stood at the window, eyes down at the little people below, on the sky, and tracing the outline of the Eiffel tower for 5 minutes before Harry walked to him. The curly haired man moved the eating table back to give himself room to swing his arm.

“I forgot to give you the five in the bedroom,” Harry spoke quietly, eyes on Louis’ creamy, unmarked bum.

“We can do it now,” Louis offered, looking over his shoulder at Harry. The man stood nude, cock hard and weighed down as if it was too heavy to hold itself up.

“I think we will. On my lap,” he moved around the couch, sitting down. The leather belt was discarded on the back of it by Harry’s shoulder. Louis followed after him, bending over his lap. His legs were straight giving Harry a nice angle to spank and his elbows were on the cushion beside his thighs. “Count them,” Harry said before landing his hand on Louis’ arse, the slap sounding harsh to his ears.

Louis’ body jerked forward a little and he let out a shuddery breath. “One,” he said and winced when another slap landed, his cheeks jiggling with the force. It was pleasurable, Harry’s hand only leaving a momentary sting before it dulled and sent waves to Louis’ cock. “Two,” he hung his head, eyes on Harry’s creamy thigh as another landed. “Three,” Harry rubbed his hand over Louis’ slowly pinking ass, turning his head so he could see his hole, the tiny plug sticking out of it, when he spread his cheeks.

“How many times do you think you’re cuming tonight?” Harry asked and Louis shrugged the best he could, earning another spank which he counted out.

“I don’t know Daddy. One?” He asked, counting five when the final hit landed.

“I’m not sure, we’ll see,” Louis stood up and moved back to the window, putting his hands where they needed to be and pushing his arse back, his cock hard, smearing precome on the window when he accidently moved his hips too close.

“How many with a belt?” Harry asked Louis, picking it up. He looped it, weighing it in his hand, then taking a practice swing at the couch.

“Ten daddy,” Louis told him, gasping in shock when the leather dug into his ass, leaving a welt behind. “One, god,” Louis looked at Harry’s reflection in the window, the man looking down at his still reddening cheeks. “Two,” Louis choked as the belt landed again, Harry’s body tensing with the swing, teeth biting into his bottom lip. The fire-y burn pulsing through his body, hairs standing on end when he felt the faint breeze of another hit coming. “Three,” he hung his head again, looking down at the carpet under his feet.

Louis was almost crying when the forced the number ten from his lips. His body was on fire, his ass screaming at him in pain. It was good though, he was moments away from exploding all over the window.

“Are you good baby?” Harry asked Louis, large hand rubbing over the angry red welts, he even had a few bruises popping up.

“So good Daddy. Fuck me now?” Louis asked, turning his eyes to Harry behind him, almost moaning as he caught site of the man getting down onto his knees.

“You still have your plug in you from earlier,” Harry told him and Louis bristled at the thought, he did? He had it in for such a long time he had gotten used to the feeling of the tiny metal thing inside of him. He pushed his arse into his Daddy’s hand as Harry spread him open. The plug came out easily and Harry moaned as he watched his spunk from earlier trail after it, literally dripping out of Louis, down his sack and onto the carpet beneath him.

“It’s enough Daddy, please,” Louis begged. Harry had unknowingly whispered something about needing lube but now, with Louis’ permission, fuck the lube. He stood up, large left hand on Louis’ hip, his right arm wrapping around his side so his hand could rest on his chest.

“You’re good?” Harry asked to make sure, pulling Louis into his tip toes so the shorter was at a better angle to fuck into.

“I’m good, c’mon,” Louis whined, eyes going wide and jaw dropping open when Harry pushed his own hips forward, shoving himself into Louis’ tight hole until he had no more cock left to give. “Okay, yeah, Daddy, yeah,” Louis moaned when he got his breath back, fingers clawing at the window, his eyes going to the Eiffel tower as Harry pulled all the way out, pushing into him again with a snap of his hips.

“Tell me if it’s too much,” Harry said, confusing Louis, as he pounded into the teenager. It was only a moment later when he moved his right hand up Louis’ chest until it encased his throat; he didn’t put pressure on Louis’ windpipe, just pressure on his arteries on either side of his neck. He was blocking oxygen from Louis’ brain and heart causing the twinks eyes to go wide but fade as he came onto the window. Harry let his neck go, watching Louis’ eyes brighten with the renewed oxygen into his system. Windows were such a great invention, with their reflections and all.

“Daddy what was that?” Louis asked, pushing his arse up as much as he could so his man could pound into him as he pleased.

“It’s called breath play baby. Though it has nothing to do with breathing,” Harry dropped his forehead onto Louis’ shoulder, breathing becoming labored as he was soon to cum. “Shit,” he said himself as he pulled Louis’ hip back and pushed his forward so he could bury himself into the 19 year old, cuming hard.

“I can come more?” Louis asked as Harry pulled out of him, fingers entering him so he could feel Louis’ wet walls and loose rim.

“Yes you can baby. You got a machine waiting for you,” Harry turned Louis around, gripping him by the back of the neck Harry brought him close so he could kiss him, tongue pushing it’s way into Louis’ mouth, exploring places he’s been many times.

“Get on the bed, put yourself on the machine,” Harry told Louis when he pulled back, leaving him breathless. “Go on,” he sent Louis off, the red arse on display as he walked. Harry put everything back in order, gave himself a rest, then walked into the room to find Louis fucking himself on the machine, body moving back and forth. He didn’t let the twink know he was in the room, he just quietly walked to the remote and turned the machine on, full force. Louis tensed as it moved on it’s own, body snapping up as he let out uncontrollable moans and whimpers, body jerking with the movements of the fake cock inside of him.

“Daddy,” he whined and Harry just chuckled, getting onto the bed in front of Louis, cock half hard, interested in the noises Louis was making.

“Suck on Daddy,” Harry told him and Louis did as he was told, lifting his head further so he could suck on his head, moving down until his head was pushing against his throat. “Ganna let me fuck it?” Harry asked Louis, pushing down when he got a nod. Louis gagged, trying to pull back so Harry moved back a little, letting him breath and take it in. They’ve done this before, fucking Louis’ throat, but Harry was so thick that at first it was hard for Louis to take him down.

“Okay,” Louis croaked, eyes fluttering closed when he shifted and it made the machine pound into his prostate. He opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out, allowing Harry to push back in and down his throat. It was better than the first time and within moments Harry was almost thrusting as fast as the machine, grunting as he bottomed out each time.

“Fucking shit,” Harry ground out when Louis came, screaming and choking around his cock but holding his hip so he couldn’t move back. The machine was relentless and it continued to push in and out into Louis.

Louis gagged again when Harry came, his sticky cum getting stuck in his throat before he coughed and swallowed, licking his lips. Harry turned off the machine, lifting Louis so he could kiss him once more.

“You are such a good boy, my best boy,” he praised, hands caressing Louis’ soft, damp skin. “Let’s put that plug in now and then take a shower, yeah?” Harry asked reaching for the plug that Louis hadn’t seen on the bedside table. It was large and would probably make Louis waddle a little bit, it was purple too.

“Here,” Louis stayed on his knees but arched his back downward so his ass was up, blown out hole on display. Harry pushed the plug into Louis, having to actually push a few times for it wouldn’t just slide in. He helped Louis stand and almost laughed at the waddle he did, not really able to keep his legs closed with the huge plug in him.

“It’s--cute,” Harry told him when he got a glare in response. The shower was quick, nothing sexual for both men already came twice. Louis was dressed in a white pair of pants, black panties underneath so Harry could see the faint outline of them, and a nice blousy shirt. Harry was in a simple pair of black slacks and a white button up shirt.

“What is the restaurant called?” Louis asked, arm wrapped in Harry’s as they rode the elevator down from their floor. The plug was poking at him, moving with every step he took and Louis was forever happy that the table had long clothes on them to cover his ever growing boner.

“Well, as you seen. It’s called the Alain Ducasse,” Harry told him and Louis nodded, eyes moving around the room. Their napkins were folded in an odd, but nice, way and it was very artistic, the oval shape the managed to make.

“Wine?” A waitress asked as he walked up to their table, in her hands a large bottle of red wine.

“No thank you, he’s pregnant,” Harry informed and her eyes went wide and she turned to Louis, looking him over.

“What would you like to drink then young man?” She asked him, smile now on her red lips. She had a strong French accent and Louis so wanted to speak to her in her native tongue but he also didn’t want to leave Harry in the dust.

“I would love some lemon water?” He asked and she nodded, turning her eyes back to Harry. The man already loved her, having put her attention on Louis instead of him first. Important customers have the most attention.

“The same, thank you,” he said and handed Louis his menu.

“Oh my god, harry look,” Louis turned his menu though Harry had the exact same thing in his hand. “They have a Seared Duck Foie Gras,” he wiggled his upper body back and forth, happy as ever that one of his favorite things was on the menu. Louis had it once, when his mother treated him for his 16th birthday and he’s been looking for a repeat ever since.

“They do, don’t they. I’m sure it will be good. I want the Toasted Jaune Des Landes,” Harry raised a brow as he said it then shrugged. “I think it’s chicken or something,” he said and Louis laughed, looking up as the waitress came back, setting his drink down, then Harry’s.

“Are you all ready to order?” She asked and Louis nodded, turning his menu to point at what he wanted as he said it, just to make sure he was getting the right order. “How do you want it cooked?” She asked, bending down a little more as the dining room got just a little louder.

“Um, medium please,” he answered. She nodded and turned to Harry who ordered his own meal. Louis noticed she didn’t write the order down but chalked it up to her having a great memory or something.

“So how are you liking it here so far?” Harry asked, moving his hand across the table to take Louis’, running his thumb across the smaller one’s knuckles.

“It’s amazing so far. The hotel room is breathtaking, the sex is, as always, great,” he winked with a giggle and Harry chuckled, looking around to make sure no one heard. “This restaurant here must be so expensive too!” Louis gushed taking a drink of his water. “20 dollar water,” he joked and Harry leaned his head back in laughter.

The food came back surprisingly quick and Louis’ mouth watered at the look and smell of his duck. It was seared off with seasoning still sitting on the top. It was sitting on a bed of greens and a light gravy covered the bottom of the bowl. Harry’s dish was just as amazing looking a few sauces smeared across the plate with a few pieces of golden chicken or turkey on top of it.


“Would you like anything else?” The waitress asked, hands folded at her front. Louis and Harry both shook their heads and she was off giving another table attention.

“Oh my god this is good,” Harry said as he popped a piece of the meat into his mouth. “And it’s the juiciest piece of meat i’ve ever ate,” he told Louis who was currently in heaven, mouth chewing around his duck.

They were silent other than that for their meal, eating their portions quickly then even getting a dessert. Harry paid the outrageous bill then the two were walking back up to the suite, Louis collapsing down on the bed, a huge grin on his lips and belly all happy.

“I love you, get dressed for bed,” Harry kissed Louis cheek, pulling off his own clothes. They went to bed nude, Louis whining about tall the work he would have to do to put on pajamas.