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“Hey, you’re home early,” Liam voiced as Niall walked into his house. Niall didn’t quite live with him yet but he didn have enough clothes in Liam’s closet that it didn’t really matter.

“Yeah, dropped Louis off at home after the appointment,” Niall said throwing a bag down by the door. He went to the couch where Liam was sitting, crawling into the larger man’s lap, straddling him. “I got this paper while I was there,” he added, handing Liam the small packet of papers that were stapled in the corner.

Liam took the papers and started reading through them, flipping pages until he came to the last one. Niall knew he was reading the results of all the testing, because his brows furrowed and he reread the whole page three times before looking up at him, eyes wide. “Does this mean?” He looked back down at the papers once Niall nodded, a huge grin on his lips.

“I’m pregnant!” Niall exclaimed throwing his hands up into the air. Liam was stunned and it took him a moment to act upon his inner happiness. He tossed the papers to the side and hugged Niall tightly to his chest.

“Oh my god. You’re pregnant! We’re having a baby,” Liam pulled back a little to kiss Niall and look at his face then to his flat stomach that was covered by his shirt. “First Louis and now you, gosh i can’t believe it!”

“Well believe it. In a month we’re going to have an appointment to check on the baby,” Niall informed him, holding up a little paper that had the date, time, and place the appointment was on.


“I thought we got over this,” Louis groaned, rubbing his belly. He was bent over the toilet, it was 4 am, and his stomach was churning. He tried to be as quiet as he could so that he didn’t wake his daddies, they had just finished a full week of work and he wanted them to get as much sleep as they could.

Once he knew he was done throwing up Louis flushed the toilet then washed himself up. He went to the kitchen and started a pot of tea, pulling out his phone to text Niall who might be up. He wasn’t so Louis discarded his phone on the island and checked to see if the water was boiling. He rubbed his bum as it still burned from the night before, having spanks for spending daddy’s money without permission.

Zayn didn’t cancel the order though so Louis would still get his panties and they were supposed to show up in a short week. Louis lifted his shirt to look at the tiny pooch of a belly and hummed. “I think you’re more than one baby,” he told his belly, giggling as the tea kettle whistled, letting him know his water was ready.

After some tea to sooth his belly Louis got back into bed with his daddies, snuggling into Harry’s chest. The next time he woke was because Zayn was moving out from under him, whispering something to Harry about the bathroom.

“Morning,” Louis grumbled as he turned around to snuggle into Harry.

“Morning love, how are you feeling?” Harry asked, reaching a hand down Louis’ back to slip his fingers into Louis’ loose pajama bottoms and feel his flaming arse.

“Sore but it’s okay daddy,” Louis responded, lifting a hand to rub at his eyes. “I kinda missed the feeling,” he added softly, kissing Harry’s chest afterwards.

“Yeah? Think Daddy should give you spanks more often?” Harry asked and Louis nodded, gasping as his arse was pinched. “How about we have a new rule in the house then?” He asked and Louis tilted his head to look up at him, brow raised in question.

“Every Time you curse it’s a spank. We already kinda had that going but not official. And no cuming unless Daddy Z or I are with you and say that you can,” Louis hadn’t really thought about cuming by himself since he had been with his daddies but now that the idea was in his head...

“Okay,” Louis whispered, eyes going to the bathroom door as Zayn leaned against the frame, brushing his teeth. Harry relayed the new rules to Zayn who nodded, going back into the bathroom to rinse his mouth out. Louis and Harry climbed out of bed and brushed their own teeth.

“What’s for breakfast?” Zayn asked and Louis shrugged.

“What about eggs, bacon, and toast?” Harry suggested, leaning up against the counter. Louis went to the fridge to pull out all the ingredients they would need. Zayn and Harry leaned against the counter talking while Louis cooked, thanking him as they were handed their plates. They all sat down at the dinner table once Louis had his own plate done and ate in silence.

Louis cleaned the dishes once they were done then they all sat down on the couch to talk about what they were going to do that day. “I don’t really mind,” Louis voiced, hands in his lap. He was sitting between Zayn and Harry who talked it over. They were debating on making it a sexual day or a relax day.

“I think we should do something today so that tomorrow can be the relax day,” Harry suggested and Zayn thought about it for a moment before nodding.

“I have a good idea too. Louis could be on the coffee table right. Here, Louis get naked and get on all fours on the coffee table,” Zayn told Louis, moving forward to clean the wooden table off. It was in front of the couch between it and the T.V.

“Okay daddy,” Louis said as he stood up from the couch, pushing his loose pajama pants off. He was naked other than that so he knelt on the hardwood.

“He’s just low enough that we can watch T.V. over him,” Harry commented and Zayn nodded.

“We can add clamps to his nipples and hook the chain around the table leg so it’s tugging,” Zayn reached forward and pulled on one of Louis’ nipples making the smaller man whimper. “And his mouth and ass can be ours to use for the day. Like, if we want our cocks sucked then Louis opens his mouth, we fuck his throat, cum, then go about our business. Spank his ass if we feel like it, finger him if we’re up to it, stick things up his ass if we want.”

Louis nodded before Harry could turn and ask him if that’s what he wanted. “Add a cock ring or cock cage too,” Harry said and Louis bit his lip, eyes going to Zayn who nodded.

“I think I want a ring. He’s already hard and I don’t want him cuming to make it go down,” Zayn said and Harry stood up to go get everything. Zayn stood up and stood behind Louis, fingers going to his ass, rubbing over the red skin.

“How long for Daddy?” Louis asked and Zayn looked at the clock. It was only 10am.

“How about until you can’t take it anymore? You tell us when you’re done and we take you down, snuggle you, and put you down for a nap?” He asked and Louis nodded, accepting that this will go for as long as he wanted, and no longer.

Harry was back and Louis spread his thighs a little. “I actually wanted this in him for a little while,” Harry said and Louis looked over his shoulder, breath catching as he seen the metal hook that he’s only worn once.

“Shit, did you get a new ball for it?” Zayn asked and Harry grinned.

“Yeah, it vibrates,” Harry held up the wireless remote control.

“Fuck yeah, you hook him up to that and i’ll put the ring on and his nipples clamped,” Zayn said grabbing the pink cock ring. He moved to Louis’ right and slipped it on Louis’ prick, grinning at Louis’ low whimper. Harry quickly lubed Louis’ arse up then pushed the ball into him, snugging the bar against his arse. Louis cried out when Zayn clamped one of his nipples, threading the chain around the coffee table leg, then pulled it to Louis’ other nipple.

The tug was harsh and painful but Louis loved it. He moved his arms so Harry could fit the harness for the hook around his shoulders. Once that was tied up, arching Louis’ back so the tug there wasn’t bad, Louis was properly stuck. He couldn’t move very much without the tug on his nipples turning fiery or move his back without the hook tugging on his rim and pushing uncomfortably on his prostate.

“Colour?” Harry asked once he was all hooked up and Louis swallowed, panting.

“G-green,” he said and Harry nodded, moving back to the couch to sit next to Zayn. They had the perfect view of Louis’ thick body, stretched nipples, and even the tiny swell of his belly. They could also see the T.V. over Louis’ back so they turned on a rerun of some college football.

Harry handed Zayn the remote to the ball inside Louis and the twink cried out when it was turned on, the vibe directly concentrated on his prostate. He instinctively tried to buck away from it but his nipples were pulled on, his rim was stretched, and his prostate was jabbed. The vibe wasn’t kept on for a while and it was a half hour later when Louis got his first cock down the throat.

Louis had given three blowjobs, gotten spanked a few times with various things, gotten a few ice cubes in his hole, and got fucked once by time he was done, it having been a few hours of him on the table. He was taken down, fed lunch, then sent of for a nap which he highly appreciated. The praise he got made him pink all over, wanting to do it again because it was lovely.