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A week later is when everyone’s world turns upside down. It starts with Louis rushing his body over Zayn’s at 4 in the morning, bending over the side of the bed to throw up the fish dinner he had ate. Zayn woke because he got a fist to the dick and Harry woke because he was kicked off the bed by Louis using his body for leverage to get over Zayn so he didn’t throw up in the bed. “Daddy,” Louis sobbed, spitting the throwup that was left in his mouth.

He crawled the rest of the way off the bed, running to the bathroom so he could kneel before the toilet to continue throwing up, body tensing with each retch, back arching as everything emptied from his stomach. It took both men a second to realize what was going on, the view of Louis’ tiny frame in front of the toilet, the smell of the throw up on the hardwood floor next to the bed. “Shit, babe,” Harry pushed himself up off the floor, jogging to Louis’ side, brushing back his sweaty fringe. Zayn made sure Louis was okay then grabbed a towel to throw it over the throw up on the floor, going back to take care of the small teen with Harry.

“I’m sorry,” Louis croaked once he was done, wiping at his lips with the back of his hands. He cleaned himself up with the damn rag that was pushed into his hands. Harry handed him a pair of loose pajama bottoms to put on, then a toothbrush. Zayn cleaned the room while Harry made sure the toilet was clean again, flushing it three times just in case.

The week progresses like that, Louis hunched over the toilet at exactly 4am every morning. He had to start sleeping on the edge of bed instead of between his daddies. It was Thursday when Zayn suggested Louis take a pregnancy test. “Oh don’t look at me like that!” Zayn threw his hands up, smile on his face.

Louis’ eyes were wide and Harry looked a bit sceptic. “He’s only sick in the mornings? Fuck, come here Louis. Harry you can’t tell me you haven’t noticed,” Zayn said, pulling Louis’ shirt off his body, turning the 19 year old so his side was facing Harry. Zayn got down on his knees, cupping his hand to Louis’ lower belly, accentuating the, what should have been, obvious bump. Harry stood up out of his seat, getting on his knees next to Zayn, looking up at Louis who was gazing down at his belly.

“Well, I can’t deny that it is a bit bigger than normal. Zayn it could be weight gain,” Harry defended, rubbing a thumb over the tiny bump.

“Humor me Louis. Go into the bathroom and take the test please,” Zayn stood up, kissing the 19 year old who did as he was told, fingers caressing the bump as he walked into the bathroom. He kept his hand on the bump as he opened the box, pulling out one of two tests that were housed in it. He took the tests, pushing them back into the box, then looked at himself in the mirror.

His face looked just as skinny as it normally did, his thighs were huge as normal, but Zayn did have a point. Louis did have a tiny belly going on, how hadn’t he noticed. After a few minutes Louis picked up the box and walked back into the kitchen where Zayn and Harry were still arguing over the odds of Louis’ being pregnant.

“He can’t be that far along. He’s showing already, if that’s a kid,” Harry turned as Louis walked in, eyes going to the purple box Louis had in his hand. “Results?” He asked.

Louis shrugged passing the box over. “Do you think I could really be pregnant?” Louis asked and Zayn nodded while Harry tilted his head from side to side in a ‘maybe’ sort of way. The box sat on the counter then, all three men looking at it. “Who wants to open it?” Louis asked and Harry looked at Zayn then to Louis.

“I’ll record you looking at it,” he said, pulling his phone from his suit pocket. He and Zayn had gotten home an hour earlier, already arguing over Louis’ possible pregnancy. Louis, with shaky hands, picked up the box that held both pregnancy tests, reaching into it to pull out one. He didn’t look at it, just looked at Harry who was already holding his phone up, camera facing Louis.

“Ready?” Louis asked, eyes going down to the stick, turning it around the right way. He dropped it, shoving his hand into the box to pull out the second test, then sagged to the left, hand catching on the counter.

“What does it say?” Zayn asked, moving forward to try and look. Louis held it up and Zayn was quiet for a moment as he looked at the test. He picked up the box, read the back, then looked back at the test.

“Well?” Harry asked and almost dropped his phone when Zayn turned to him, huge grin on his lips, nodding.

“He’s pregnant!” Harry cheered while Zayn wrapped Louis up in a tight hug. “Oh my god baby,” Zayn cooed into Louis’ hair as the, now pregnant, teen sobbed into his chest, a smile on his lips. His emotions were everywhere, maybe from the baby, maybe not. Once everything calmed down Louis grabbed Harry’s phone, sending the video to Niall.

“We have to make a doctors appointment,” Harry said taking his phone back, googling good OBGYN’s. Once he had a credible one, he dialled the number. He told them the knews then wrote down a date on a piece of paper, sliding it to Louis so the teen could look. “Thank you so much, goodbye,” Harry looked down at his phone as he hung it up, then to the paper to see the date again.

“That’s like...3 weeks away,” Louis said and Harry shrugged.

“Not sure why,” he pulled Louis to his chest for a hug then kissed him as he let go. “Babe, you’re pregnant,” he said and Louis nodded, turning to Zayn with a huge smile on his face.

“I think this calls for a celebratory dinner?” He asked, already patting his pockets to make sure that he had everything on him, wallet, keys, money.

“Can I get dressed first?” Louis motioned down to his body. He was wearing sleep shorts and now, after Zayn removed it, no shirt. The daddy’s laughed and sent Louis off to get dressed in dinner clothes.

“We’re going to have a family,” Zayn was nearly in tears, smile never leaving his face. Harry pulled his husband into a hug, allowing him to bury his face in his own shoulder. “He’s giving us a family,” Zayn’s voice was muffled by Harry’s suit. Harry kissed Zayn, hands on the man’s cheeks.

“Yes. A family. You, me, Louis, and whatever children we’re blessed with,” Harry turned as Louis walked back into the room, kissing him as well. Kisses and hugs were going around so much and Louis just loved it. His daddies were already touching him, being huge guard dogs making sure that no one got too close to Louis as he walked. They made double sure he was buckled in when they got to the car and drove as safely as they could.

Louis wanted a hibachi, where chinese, japanese or anything of the sort as cooked in front of you. Harry and Zayn agreed and they took the kinda long drive out to the nearest one, being seated instantly with another couple. They waited for a waitress and Louis ordered a water while Zayn and Harry got red wine.

“What’s the occasion?” A tiny blonde woman asked and Louis beamed, looking at his daddies then back to the girl.

“I just found out I was pregnant!” He announced and her eyes got wide.

“Congratulations!” She cheered, holding up her wine for Louis to clink his water glass again.

“Thank you, what about yourself?” He asked her, smiling as he told him it was her 21st birthday. The waitress was back to take their orders for the cook then was off again. It wasn’t too long later of talking when the cook came through with a cart of food. The cooktop was turned on and he made a show of flipping his spatchula around, cracking eggs on the stove. The rice and veggies were cooked first then the meat products. Louis put ‘yum yum’ cause on his rice, a lot of it, and dug in. It was his favorite thing and it turned out that the baby in his belly was very agreeing with his choice of meal as well. Yum yum sauce had a pinkish orange colour and was...sweet. Louis dunked his steak into it also, even a few pieces of shrimp that he stole from Harry’s place.

“Enjoying yourself?” Harry asked as Louis stole his third piece of shrimp causing the 19 year old to blush.

“I’m actually really enjoying myself. I’m having a great meal. I’m pregnant with my favorite people’s baby. Nothing could be better right now,” he beamed.