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“God did you guys get bigger?” Louis panted, face buried into the pillow under his head. Harry laughed, patting Louis’ bruised arse lightly. Louis glanced up from his pillow to Zayn who was leaning against the headboard, breathing deeply. Louis had just had both cocks up his arse for the best fuck he’s had yet.

“Time for a shower,” Harry said after a moment and Louis nodded, closing his eyes, trying to get his breath back. He pushed himself up after a moment, sliding a leg off of the bed. “We’ll join you in a moment,” Harry told Louis who nodded, bending down to kiss him then Zayn.

Harry looked at Zayn from where he was lying by the man's legs. “You’ve been quiet,” he told the dark haired man. Zayn shrugged, reaching into the bedside table to pull out a pack of cigarettes. “What in the-,” Harry reached for them. “I thought you quit?” Zayn gave Harry the pack once he grabbed a cig for himself.

“I did,” he replied and Harry pushed himself up taking the cig from Zayn’s lips.

“What’s going on?” He asked and Zayn sighed, allowing Harry to climb onto his lap. He set his hands on Harry’s hips, looking at his husband's body.

“We’re going to start a family with Louis and we’re not even married to him,” Zayn said and Harry laughed, leaning forward to kiss Zayn’s lips. They didn’t get further because there was a loud thump, a softer one, then a loud scream and crying. Harry pushed off the bed so quickly he almost fell and ran into the bathroom, seeing Louis’ upper body in the tub with his legs over the side dripping onto the floor.

“What in the hell happened!” Harry turned the shower off and yanked Louis out of the tub, holding the wet sobbing boy to his chest, eyes going down his back to the dark bruise that was forming above Louis’ arse.

“I-I tried to get in!” Louis nails scratched at Harry’s back, his legs weak not able to hold him up all that well without pain shooting through his lower back. “A-and I feeeeelll,” Louis looked up at Harry, eyes bloodshot, tears mixed with shower water on his face. Harry turned to Zayn who was already calling the doctors, asking them what to do.

“Can you wrap your legs around me baby?” Harry asked lifting Louis a bit who just cried out shaking his head, chest sobs breaking free, hands shaking.

“It hurts,” Louis cried, moving an arm behind himself so he could touch his lower back. Zayn talked quietly for a moment more, hanging up, then walking back into the room. Harry picked Louis up despite his cries, forcing the boy to wrap his legs around his own waist.

Zayn pulled on a shirt and a pair of sweats, eyes on Harry and Louis. “We have to take him in, the doctor didn’t like the way Louis was crying, said something could seriously be wrong,” Zayn told him and Harry nodded, setting Louis gently down on the bed.

They got Louis dressed, Harry dressed, then they left Harry in the backseat with Louis crying in his lap, face buried in his neck, hands fisted in his light jacket. It was late, almost midnight, so Zayn couldn’t speed like he really wanted too, eyes going to the review mirror often watching Harry try to calm Louis down. They were admitted immediately and Louis was given and I.V. and some pain meds.

Harry wasn’t allowed to hold him while he was in the hospital bed but he did hold his hand, watching the boy slowly dope up from whatever they gave him, body relaxing from it’s tensed state. About a half hour later a tiny female doctor walked in, pumping some hand sanitizer onto her hands.

“Hello my name is Anne Ross, Call me Anne,” she introduced herself. “If you would sit up please, I need to check on your back. We’re going to have an x-ray done to make sure you didn’t fracture or break anything. You may have just really bruised your muscles back there,” she told Louis as Harry helped him sit up. The back of his gown was opened by the tiny doctor and she poked a few places, watching for Louis’ reaction to it.

“Anything?” Harry asked her and she shook her head.

“No, not that I can feel. He doesn’t have a broken spine, he’d be paralyzed if he did. It’s not a bad fracture or else he wouldn’t, even under meds, be able to bend forward like he just was. We’re going to set him up for an x-ray, get him scanned, then probably send him home with some meds,” she told Harry and Zayn who both nodded. Harry helped Louis lie back down as the doctor left, smiling at Louis’ doped up smile.

“Daddy,” Louis said, eyes rolling from Harry to Zayn. They waited for another while then Louis was wheeled out and scanned, brought back almost an hour later. They waited some more and finally the doctor was back, a few papers in her hand.

“So nothing was broken, fractured, or sprained. That’s good,” she said looking up from her papers at Zayn and Harry. “He only bruised himself really good. If he’s not used to back pain then it could have hurt worse than what the damage called for. I suggest that he lies down a lot, keeps his back as straight as he can, and--sex when he can take it,” she told him, eyes going to Louis who smiled at her, eyes half lidded.

“That’s good,” Harry sighed in relief and she nodded looking back down at her papers.

“I’m prescribing Norco, it’s a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone. Hydrocodone for the pain, really, and the acetaminophen helps boost the Hydrocodone. Administer his taking of the pills because if abused they can become addicting and if overdosed, death,” she sent a serious look to Louis who held his hands up as if she was accusing him of something.

She handed Zayn and Harry the prescription then Louis’ discharge papers. Louis was dressed back into his clothes, wrapped up in Harry’s arms, then carried out of the emergency room. It was nearing 3 in the morning when they all got back home. Louis was put to bed, the boy falling asleep instantly, then Harry and Zayn went to the kitchen.

“That was a scare,” Harry said and Zayn nodded, eyes on the small hallway that held all the bedrooms to the house, and a guest bathroom.

“Yeah, we’ve never dealt with an injury before,” he said and Harry nodded, leaning against the counter, arms crossed at his chest.

“We’ll we’re planning to keep him. For good. I guess stuff like that is going to be a norm. I don’t want him to get hurt but we can’t stop it, you know?” He asked and Zayn nodded, turning to make some coffee. They were silent for a while, sitting at the counter sipping on their coffee, eyes watching the clock on the stove count closer to morning. It was Sunday already so neither man had to leave for work.

“I’m going to take Monday through Wednesday off,” Harry told Zayn who nodded.

“I’ll take Wednesday through Friday off,” he said and Harry in return nodded. Louis was going to hurt for a while, that bruised seemed deep set with the way it sprouted at quickly as it did. He wouldn’t be able to get out of bed alone, shower, reach and bend for food in the house. Louis, at this moment, was broken and they had to take care of him.

Harry and Zayn went back to bed around 5 in the morning, keeping careful not to jostle Louis too much. They were woken a few hours later by Louis whimpering, turning in the bed trying to get comfortable. “Daddy,” he moaned in pain, hands kneading into Zayn’s side trying to wake him up.

“Yes babe?” Zayn asked, yawning. Louis snuggled into his chest, humming as Zayn rubbed his back lightly, not wanting to hurt his injury.

“My back hurts,” he said softly and Zayn twisted to grab the jar of medicine that Louis was supposed to take. He took out two and handed them to Louis. He swallowed them, no water needed, and rested his head on Zayn’s chest. Louis was back to sleep and Zayn went down too. No one woke up until around two in the afternoon, and again, it was Louis. “I can’t get up,” Louis cried, tears streaming down his cheeks as he rested against the poster at the foot of the bed, trying to get up so he could pee.

“Lou, babe, slow down,” Harry crawled out of bed, moving around it until he was in front of Louis, holding his arms out so the twink could pull himself up so he was standing, eyes narrowing at the pain in his back. Harry walked Louis to the bathroom then back to the bed once he was done with his business.

Louis was asleep again and Zayn woke up. “He’s still asleep?” He asked Harry who was going through his dresser looking for something to wear.

“He woke up for a little, just to pee though,” Harry answered, turning his head to look at his sleepy looking husband. “I’m going to go out and get breakfast if you want to stay in bed,” he added and Zayn nodded, plopping his head back onto the pillow.

“Daddy,” Louis keened, fingers pushing lightly at Zayn wanting snuggles. He was half awake, cold now that Harry was out of the bed. Zayn pulled the twink to his side, kissing the top of his head.

The week went on just like that. Louis being hurt and not able to do anything, happy with all the attention and love he got. It was the next Saturday when Louis rode Harry for the first time since he got hurt. When Zayn got home from grocery shopping Louis rode him too, happy that his back was only sore now instead of painful.

“Why aren’t you eating?” Zayn asked during dinner that night, he had to go out and buy the fish he was going to cook and it didn’t seem to be agreeing with Louis. The blue eyed boy had a pout on his lips, eyes down at the half piece of fish he just could not finish.

He was impaled on the large dildo like normal, hands on his lower belly. “I don’t know. My stomach just--I’m crampy,” he finished, shrugging. He pushed his plate away and Harry raised a brow. They had cooked the fish because Louis had voiced how much he really did want it, cooked and juicy.

“Hm, well lets get you into a hot bath then to bed for the night,” Harry voiced and Louis nodded, holding his arms up so he could be lifted off the dildo, nipples being pulled from the clamps. Things were cleaned up and Louis was lowered into the bath. Harry and Zayn finished their dinner, listening for Louis to leave the bathroom, get dressed, and go to bed. They cleaned up once Louis did just that, the light in the hallways going dark once Louis turned the bedroom light off.

“A week short than a month,” Zayn told Harry who raised a brow in question. “Louis, he’s been here almost a month,” Zayn told him and Harry’s eyes widened a little at that. It seemed like much longer.

“Well in 3 weeks Louis can take the pregnancy test,” Harry kissed Zayn hugging his husband. “In 3 weeks we’ll find out if we’re going to have children with him. He’s so perfect. Zayn we have to marry him in,” Harry pulled back taking in Zayn’s smile. They had let the conversation drop about the marriage for the week and now here was Harry talking about it.

“Most would say that we’re moving too fast,” he said and Harry laughed quietly, eyes going to the hallway where the bedroom was.

“Yeah, most would. Wouldn’t they? But fuck them, yeah? This is our family and Louis fits right in,” he said and Zayn nodded, leaning his head in for another kiss.

“Daddy are you coming to bed!” Louis called a few later making both men laugh.