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“Louis love, wake up,” Zayn said softly, looking down at the small body that was curled up against his own. Louis was nude, fire red arse on display, Zayn just loved it. Spanking Louis was a great turn on, for the small man and himself. Zayn reached an arm down to Louis’ arse, feeling the soft skin, the raised welts, and moved two fingers to the plug in Louis, rolling it around in circles. Louis mewled much like a cat, arching into Zayn more, pushing himself into Zayn’s hands with a backward push of his hips.

“Daddy,” Louis whined, blinking his eyes open, yawn working it’s way up. Zayn chuckled, moving his free hand to tug lightly at Louis’ nipples.

“Wake up babe, I wanna try something. We have to cook dinner too,” Zayn explained, tugging on the plug making it rug on Louis’ rim waking the boy up more.

“Whatcha wanna try?” Louis asked, pushing his upper body up so he was leaning on one elbow.

“Well i wanted to let you choose,” Zayn told him. “We’re going to cook dinner. And you have a choice of wearing nipple clamps while we do or a hook in your arse,” he helped Louis off of the bed. He went to the closet grabbing the clamps, handing them to Louis. The clamps were metal, the tips covered in plastic, and were connected by some thin chain. He grabbed an anal hook next, it was large and metal, not very heavy. It was shaped like a fishing hook but instead of a sharp point at the tip, it was a removable ball.

“Choose?” Louis asked Zayn looking between the clamps in his hand and the hook in Zayn’s.

“Let’s show you what both feel like, the clamps first,” Zayn said and Louis nodded. Zayn put the hook down on the bed and took the clamps from Louis’ fingers. His nipples were already hard from being turned on, his cock already half hard as well, so Zayn only had to open the clamp and slowly close it around Louis’ pink nub.

“Ow, oh my-,” Louis’ eyes snapped down to watch Zayn put on the other clamp, trailing a finger down the chain until he came to the bottom. He hooked his finger in the chain and tugged it lightly making Louis’ gasp and arch his chest forward to relieve the burning pain it left behind.

“Colour,” Zayn said and Louis replied with ‘green’. “Turn around so I can put this in,” he said and Louis did so, bending over slightly so Zayn could pull his plug out and position the pretty large ball at the end of the hook against his hole. Zayn pushed slowly, inserting it and pushing it deep once it was in.

“How does it get held?” Louis asked watching Zayn go back to the closet to pull out a thin light leather thing. It was made of two leather straps that would go around Louis’ shoulders like a backpack. All 4 ends would clip around a metal circle that would sit between Louis’ shoulders. Zayn put it on the boy and grabbed a thin piece of rope, pushing it through the metal circle at Louis’ back and in the metal circle on the end of the hook that was resting against Louis’ lower back.

“Stand up,” Zayn said and Louis did as he was told, eyes going wide when Zayn pulled the rope so the hook was pulled up, making Louis’ arch his back as it tugged at his rim and the ball inside him pushed against his prostate. Once the rope was tied he let Louis go, walking across the room. “Come here,” he said and Louis turned, waddling towards him. “Now act like you’re getting seasoning from here-,” he held his hand up just above his head, around the height of the cabinet in the kitchen. Louis lifted an arm, eyes growing wide when it made the hook in him jerk, tugging on his rim and pushing against his prostate.

Zayn, while Louis was distracted, lifted his free hand and tugged on Louis’ nipple clamps making Louis jerk his chest forward, that pulled on the leather straps which in turned pulled on the rope that was connected to the plug.

“I think i like the idea of both,” Zayn said nodding. Louis’ eyes were wide at the pain pleasure coursing through his body, the burn from the clamps and the tugging and pushing from the hook in him. “Daddy H and I have a hard test for you later on tonight,” Zayn told Louis patting his cheek, kissing him, and turning to leave the room. He looked back to make sure Louis was following and he was, his waddling making the chain sway and that tugged on the nipple clamps. The hook in him was constantly moving, tugging, pushing, swaying.

Harry was in the living room, looking through a sex toy site for different things he wanted to buy. They had a lot of things but they wanted to push Louis’ limits. “Oh hey Louis, come give me a kiss,” Harry said once he realized that Zayn and Louis was there. Louis moved to him, whimpering when he bent as it made the hook tug and push harshly. He kissed Harry then moved to help Zayn in the kitchen.

Zayn put Louis to the test many times, making him bend to grab pans, reach for seasonings, clean up messes off the floor, stand there and lean back as Zayn held the chain to that his nipples were stretched until he couldn’t take it anymore. Louis was sweating and pink by time dinner was done, his hard cock leaking like a faucet.

Zayn took everything off of Louis once dinner was done, putting it in a silver bucket that was in the hallway, needing to be taken back to the bedroom once they went back there. Louis found it odd as to why he couldn’t get dressed before dinner but realized it when Harry stood up from his knees. He had been kneeling against Louis’ chair, a screwdriver in his hands. Screwed to the chair was a purple dildo, there was a cord running from the back to the table where a remote sat.

“I swear you guys are trying to kill me,” Louis told them and Zayn chuckled, leaning down to kiss his cheek. The dildo was long and thick and Louis had to hold Zayn’s hand as he lowered himself on it, lips parting as it pushed deeper than anything he’s ever had in him. Once he was seated Zayn pushed Louis’ chair closer to the table, Louis felt something brush his thighs so he tilted his head, looking down. Zayn reached for whatever it was and pulled two clamps, connected at a chain that was screwed under the able, he made Louis bend forward just a little and connected the clamps to his already red and swollen nipples.

“From now on, you will be naked, impaled, and clamped when you eat dinner,” Harry told Louis as he sat down to Louis’ right. Louis was at the head of the table, Harry on his right and Zayn at his left. “The dildo may not always be on, it may be turned on, turned off, on the whole time,” Harry told Louis.

“Okay,” Louis told him, nodding. Louis’ chair was pushed in a little more by Zayn making Louis sit up more so he wasn’t slouching over the table which made the clamps tug at his nipples. Harry clicked the button on the remote that sat between him and Zayn and Louis cried out, hands gripping the table tightly. The dildo was vibrating violently in him, buzzing against his prostate, making him tremble.

“You can cum. Any time you want, but know that until everything is cleaned off your plate you are not getting up,” Harry told Louis who swallowed, taking a second to gain his bearings after everything that happened. His nipples were on fire and his prostate was being absolutely assaulted by the dildo in him.

They began eating, Louis having to stop multiple times as his body shook with climax, his cum coating his thighs. Louis was almost done, eyes half lidded with pleasure, clamps almost pulled all the way off his nipples, when harry called it good, knowing that Louis was never going to finish his food. The dildo was turned off and Zayn pushed Louis back making the 19 year old cry out as the clamps were tugged off of him.

Harry picked Louis up off the dildo, allowing the 19 year old to wrap his arms and legs around him. “I think we’ll try that test tomorrow while at work,” Harry told Zayn who nodded, taking a rag and cleaning the dildo. The chair was moved to the corner of the dining room, a box with a whole in the bottom placed on it so it looked like a storage chair. The clamps were taped to the bottom of the table so they weren’t visible then the three were off to the bathroom to take a shower. Louis was sent to the living room once he was done getting cleaned up and was told to watch a movie or something while his Daddies chatted.

“Do you think it’ll be okay at work?” Zayn asked and Harry nodded.

“I have no meetings and there isn’t supposed to be anyone visiting me. I’ll have my door locked, you have the key,” Harry told him and Zayn chewed his lip.

“I think we should as him first,” He said and Harry shrugged.

“If you want,” he replied and they walked into the living room, Louis was curled up on the couch. Harry sat next to him, pulling the 19 year old into his side, and Zayn sat on the other side of him, the three watching the cartoon movie Louis chose to watch.

Just before bedtime is when Zayn asked Louis about what they wanted to do. “You’ll be on your knees in front of Harry’s window. You’ll have nipple clamps on, with a bell on the chain. You’ll have a plug in, with a bell hanging from that. You’ll be naked. You will sit there on your knees, motionless for every time Harry heals a jingle from the bell is a day that you will not get to cum,” Zayn told Louis whose eyes grew a bit wide.

“You’ll be wearing a cock cage for however many days. We will still have sex with you but you will not cum. You will please us sexually without any pleasure in return,” Harry said and Louis nodded instantly, eyes bright.

“Yes, let’s do it,” He crawled up the bed from where he had been sitting at the pillows to Harry who was at the foot of the bed. “But first can I get one on one with both of you?” Louis asked, turning his head to Zayn then looking back at Harry. The husbands looked at each other and nodded, Zayn leaving the room to give Louis time first. “Just, Vanilla,” Louis added and Harry nodded, leaning his head down to kiss Louis.

“I don’t think we’ve ever done vanilla sex,” he said and Louis shook his head, lying himself back on the bed as Harry undressed, grabbing a bottle of lube. “Are you sure you can cum two more times tonight?” Harry asked Louis lathering up his cock with the lube, not giving Louis’ arse any. The 19 year old may have wanted vanilla but he was still going to get the burn of being fucked.

“I’m sure,” Louis moaned as Harry knelt between his spread legs, pushing his head into Louis easily.

“Baby, I’m almost sure Daddy Z and I will end up busting your hole out,” He chuckled, pushing himself the rest of the way into Louis, his hips against Louis’. Louis wrapped his legs around Harry’s hips, heels pushing into the large man’s butt to try and push him deeper. Harry wrapped an arm under Louis, pulling him tight to his chest so he could rut into him, feeling Louis’ soft body rub against his, the way it tensed when harry hit his prostate just right, the way it trembled as Louis got close to cumming, his high pitched whiney moans turning Harry on further coaxing him to give Louis everything he had.

“Daddy!” Louis cried when he came, body tensing then shaking as he exploded between his body and Harry’s, giggling when Harry slapped his thigh as he came. He pulled out of Louis, kissed him deeply, then got off the bed. Louis lie limp on the bed, ready for round 2 with Zayn. Harry kissed his husband on his way out of the room and Louis grinned when Zayn mounted on top of him, pushing into him, filling Louis up much like his husband did.

Zayn was slower with his vanilla sex, making Louis beg for him to go faster, fingers clawing at his back and body arching into his. Louis saw stars when he came under Zayn, the slow build up of his climax then the falling over the cliff making him unable to make a single noise as he came. Zayn busted his own nut into Louis, panting into the teens neck. They didn’t plug Louis up that night, wanting him tight for the next day.

They cleaned him with a rag and snuggled the boy between their bodies, praising him for doing such a good job with the experiments that had that day. Harry and Zayn promised that they’d only do new things from now on only once a week. To get Louis used to everything first. Now that they’ve done nipple clamps and a hook, the whole week ahead would be exploring the sexual side of both more, more clamps, having them on longer, twisting them, larger balls on the hooks, multiple balls on the hooks, two hooks.