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“Wait what?” Louis asked, putting his fork down. Harry and Zayn were both sitting across from him, their own plates of food in front of them, untouched. Louis had been almost half way done with his plate of food when the husbands decided to join him at the table, Louis’ apple juice up empty.

“Try for a kid?” Harry asked. Louis pushed his plate away, brows pulled down.

“What happened to the waiting and all that?” He asked eyes going from Harry to Zayn. The dark haired man didn’t seem like really cared what was going on. He was watching Harry, letting Harry do the talking. So maybe, it was Harry that really wanted to move things along.

This time Zayn decided to speak, smacking his lips before leaning forward to put his elbows on the counter. “Harry, when we were talking, made a good point. He had said, because I told him we’ve only known you for a month, really. He said that, yeah, it’s been a month. And we already know that you’re the one for us. This short of a time and we’re sure and that means something. If it took, I don’t know, six months then we’d be taking a step back and looking at the whole situation. But Louis, you’ve captured our hearts in a month.” Zayn explained and Louis flushed pink at the words.

He looked between Zayn and Harry then shrugged. “Can I think about it a little?” He asked and Zayn nodded. Louis really did want to have children, he just had to think about the future. He wasn’t even 20 yet and he’s thinking about babies. He knew he was financially stable with the two men, they both had very good jobs with amazing pay. Louis bit his lip and looked around the dining room, over the medium to the kitchen, then to the living room to his right.

“What are you thinking about?” Harry asked after a moment, having watched Louis’ facial features change a hundred times. Zayn ate a bite of his food, watching Louis.

“Well, if we were going to do this, we’d have to think about moving,” Louis said and Harry’s eyes went a little wide. “This is a nice home, great really. It’d be perfect if I had one child but I doubt I will and you guys had talked about letting go, just having kids and kids and kids. We can’t have more than 2 kids in this house, and they’d have to be the same gender to be able to share a room after they’re like--3,” Louis explained and Zayn nodded, completely agreeing with everything he was saying.

“Well then we wait until you’re pregnant, wait until we know how many we’re having, then we’ll search for a new home,” Harry said and Louis smiled, nodding. He still hasn’t said yes to the whole pregnancy thing but they all knew that he was totally up for it, he was going to say yes. Both husbands were happy, however, that Louis was deciding to think it over before just jumping for it, it showed his responsibility.

Things were quiet until dinner was done and Louis was sent to do the dishes while the husbands did something in the bedroom. “Now don’t be mad,” Harry told Zayn as he pulled a machine out of under the bed. Zayn furrowed his brows trying to figure out what it was. Harry moved it up to the headboard of the bed. He connected the sorta large machine box to a poll that went between the mattress and the headboard, all the way down to the floor. He pushed the machine against the headboard making suckers hold it against the wood. He pulled on it, making sure it was sturdy.

The square machine was now stuck to the headboard with a small pole sticking out of it, down at a slight angle, pointing towards the foot of the bed. “What in the fuck is it?” Zayn asked moving forward to look at the buttons and dials on the top of the box. There was an ‘on’ and ‘off’ button and two dials. One was ‘slow’ to ‘fast’ and the other was ‘shallow’ to ‘deep.

“Here, let me add one more thing,” Harry said pulling a long box out of under the bed next, setting it on the mattress. He opened it and Zayn’s eyes widened at the 5 dildo’s there. They all had a short piece of metal coming out of the base and Harry lifted the smallest one, the width the size of his wrist and length about 6-7 inches. It was blue and Harry leaned over and pushed the two metal pieces, one on the dildo and the other on the box, together until they clicked.

“Is this what I th-,” Zayn was cut off when Harry turned the machine on. The dildo jackknifed forward and fucked the air quickly. Harry messed with the dials and it slowed down and fucked long, the dildo moving far forward and far back. He messed with the dials again and the depth of which the Dildo fucked became shorter and the speed slower for a calm teasing fuck.

“I want to use it for punishments. Or even when we’re at work, have Louis hook it up and fuck himself with it while on a skype call with us. There’s little travel sizes so we can bring them to work and fuck Louis under our desks while he sucks us off,” Harry was really one for wanting to fuck his boys at his place of work. “I haven’t bought the small one yet,” Harry added and Zayn looked at the machine that was still fucking the air.

“What are the sizes?” Zayn asked and Harry pulled out size 2, size one being the smallest. The size 2 was red and just an inch thicker than size one and just as long. Size 3 was pulled out and Zayn raised a brow. He put his fist next to it and seen it was just smaller than his fist, it was a little longer than Size 1 and 2 at 9ish inches. Size 4 was just bigger than Zayn’s fist and 10 inches long, pink. The largest one was pretty big and Zayn wondered if Louis would ever be able to take that one, probably never, it was also 12 inches.

“Good?” Harry asked and Zayn handed him back all the dildos, watching as Harry put them back. They put the machine away, not wanting Louis to know they had it until they were ready to use it.

“Louis! Babe, are you done!?” Zayn called, moving to the bedroom door to look down the hallway.

“Almost daddy! Do you need something?” Louis called back, drying off the last of the bowls, getting ready to put them into the cabinet.

“Yes, for you to be naked when you come up here,” Zayn called and when there was no response he called again, “Say yes daddy if you understand,” he and Harry were trying to train Louis. Yes Daddy, No Daddy, Please Daddy, Thank you Daddy. Harry was itching to buy Louis a collar too but Zayn told him that they would wait until they were sure that Louis was that kind of boy. Some boys were ready to submit and be a pure sugar baby but others didn’t want to go quite that far. Collars, especially in public, was something that a lot of boys couldn’t handle.

“Yes Daddy,” Louis said and Zayn moved back into the room. He and Harry undressed and when Louis shyly walked into the room Zayn awe’d and brought the tiny, warm, thick body to his hugging him.

“Me and Daddy H wanna try something,” Zayn said, pulling back to look at Louis.

“What?” Louis asked, pushing his front against Zayn’s some more. Zayn was half mast and Harry was just hard, Louis was still mostly soft but it was slowly changing.

“Well, Daddy H and I fucking you,” Louis frowned, they’ve done that. Many times. Louis’ been fucked almost every single day, twice, since he’s been there. “And you’re not allowed to cum. But we wont do anything, personally, to hold you back. You have to do it all by yourself,” Zayn finished and Louis’ lips parted. Now, that was different. Louis wasn’t sure if he could handle something like that, well, he could handle it but he wasn’t sure if he could do it.

“At the same time or one after the other?” Louis asked and Zayn turned to Harry. They had their weird silent conversation before Zayn turned back to Louis, taking a step back.

“New position,” Zayn said and Louis was moved to the bed, his ass slapped making him whimper at the stinging pleasure, then he was pushed into the mattress. “Harry, what happens if Louis cums before we tell him he can?” Zayn asked Harry, lying on his back, heads on the pillow. “Stretch yourself Louis, I want four fingers inside your hole,” Zayn told Louis who reached to the bedside table to pull out a bottle of lube. Harry was leaning against the headboard, next to Zayn, and Louis got on his hands and knees in front of them. He was facing the head of the bed, his arse in his Daddy’s faces. He leaned on his left elbow as he reached a hand under his body to push a single finger into himself.

“He will be spanked 5 times, hard, then-well, let’s say we’ll milk him clean,” Louis panted and dropped his head so it was resting on his arm. He pushed another finger into himself, scissoring them and twisting them as much as he could.

“5 whole spanks?” Zayn asked using his foot to push Louis’ fingers deeper into himself.

“Daddy,” Louis whimpered as he pushed a third finger in, roughly fucking himself with them moving his wrist to do all the work. A hard smack landed on Louis’ right arse cheek and he arched his back downward, pushing his ass up in pain. It was a good pain but it was pain nonetheless.

“One more,” Zayn told Louis.
“Yes, 5 spanks. He needs to be able to control himself. Whores aren’t allowed in this home, are they?” Harry teased, reaching a hand forward to wiggle Louis’ cheek pinching the red mark he had left behind with his last spank. Louis forced his pinkie in, fucking himself wetly.

“Are you a whore Louis?” Zayn asked, pulling on Louis’ wrist so the twink could turn around. He was flushed pink and his cock hard, curved up to poke at his lower belly. His blue belly piercing gleamed in the light, the pierced area a little red but Zayn knew it was normal, it was healing.

“Just for you Daddy,” Louis said and Zayn chuckled.

“Ride me baby,” he said and Louis crawled up his body quickly, rubbing Zayn’s cock with his crack before reaching a hand behind to position Zayn the way he needed.

“God,” Louis breathed as Zayn tugged against his rim and slowly stretched it as he sat down. Once he was completely seated on Zayn’s hips, the dark man deep inside him, Harry stood up on the bed, putting his feet on either side of Zayn’s head.

Louis looked up at him then to the cock bouncing right in front of his face. “Ganna suck me while you fuck yourself on Daddy’s cock,” Harry told him and Louis looked back down at Zayn who had an arm over his eyes now, lips parted. Harry reached a hand down to roughly pinch Louis’ nipple, pulling on it until it slipped between his fingers. Louis cried out, pulling his chest back from Harry’s fingers.

“Ow daddy,” Louis whined, rubbing his stinging nipple with his left hand.

“Suck and get to work before I add clamps,” Harry threatened and Louis did as he was told, using his free hand to pull Harry’s cock down so he could suck down his head. He moved a hand down to Zayn’s chest and used it to help himself bounce his hips, eyes fluttering closed as Zayn’s large cock stretched him, rubbed against his prostate, and pleasured him the best ways possible. He was deeper than he’d ever been, Louis’ weight pushing him down until there was literally no more cock left to fuck onto.

Harry bucked his hips forward, battling for Louis’ attention. The 19 year old blinked up at him, his blue eyes alive and pupils dark and large. “Good?” Harry asked, and Louis nodded as much as he could. His body moved up and down, hips rolled in circles, front and back, trying to coax a noise out of Zayn. With Harry’s cock in his mouth and down his throat Louis couldn’t look down at the man under him.

It was so sudden that Louis actually choked on Harry’s cock for a moment, gagging and pulling off to regain his breath, Zayn landed his hands on Louis’ hips, moved his feet up a little bit and roughly fucked up into Louis, bouncing the twink hard and fast, making Harry’s cock move in and out of his throat once Louis swallowed him down again. .

Louis screamed around Harry’s cock, spit bubbling past his lips, eyes clenched closed as he came, hard, all over Zayn’s stomach and chest. Harry pulled out, his spit covered prick rubbing against Louis’ cheek as Zayn continued to fuck up into him. “Shit, daddy!” Louis screamed both hands on Zayn’s chest as his body arched back, his cock staying hard as Zayn continuously fucked him, not stopping, Louis’ body on white hot fire, his thighs were absolutely shaking, his balls tight up against his body and his nipples impossibly hard.

Zayn grunted as he came into Louis, pushing the twinks body off of him as he did so, cuming inside Louis, on his arsehole, on his arse, then onto his own stomach as Louis flopped limply onto the bed next to him. Harry moved off of the bed, gasping out a moan when Zayn wrapped a hand around him, pumping him until he came all over his husbands hand.

They all regained their breath, Louis’ body still having slight tremors but they calmed. “You came,” Harry said and Louis was sitting up instantly, eyes wide and swollen lips parted.

“I forgot Daddy,” he tried to explain, tried to get out of the punishment. “Please, Daddy, I forgot,” Louis begged Harry as he went to the toy closet, opening it and pulling out the rose and dagger paddle. “Please Daddy!” Louis cried out as Zayn grabbed onto his wrists pulling him off of the bed, quickly walking Louis out of the room and to the living room. “It’s ganna hurt!” Louis sobbed into Zayn’s thigh as he was bent at the waist in front of the couch.

“It’s not going to work, he’s going to move too much,” Harry said and Zayn watched Louis sob into his thigh, no tears. It wasn’t going to work.
“Grab one of the bar stools,” He said, “the short one,” he added and Harry did as he was told, handing Zayn the paddle. Louis begged not to be spanked, claiming he forgot that he wasn’t supposed to come. Harry came back with the metal bar stool and Zayn bent Louis over it, wrapping Louis’ fingers on the pole made for feet.

“Daddy please!” Louis cried out in pain as Harry landed the first spank. Tears were actually pricking in his eyes now, fingers gripping the pole tightly as the metal dug into his hips when he jerked them in pain from the spank. Louis knew exactly how he could get out of the punishment but he wasn’t going to, he had came without permission. It was only 5 spanks afterall.

“Stop moving Louis or we’ll add more,” Zayn told Louis, watching the twink hang his head, body jerking every time Harry landed the paddle roughly into his arse. “I’ll go get the second part put up,” Zayn told Harry, walking from the room. Louis cried out each time the paddle hit his arse, he must have been so red by then.

“Last one,” Harry said and Louis nodded, instantly putting his hands back to cover his arse once Harry was done. “Come here, give me a hug,” Harry told Louis who did as he was told, snuggling himself into Harry’s chest, his arse on fire. “There’s one more part to your punishment,” Harry explained to Louis.

“What is it?” Louis asked, sniffling. He had tears on his cheeks and he was getting a little tired. It was almost bed time, midnight, and he’s came once, went through a spanking, and now there was something more.

“I bought a fucking machine for you. Ganna fuck you while Daddy Z and I take a shower, the whole time. Because you came when you weren’t supposed to you will be allowed to cum as much as you want while on the machine, but you know the more you cum the more it’s going to hurt because you’re going to be sensitive, yeah?” Harry turned Louis, pushing him lightly toward the bedroom.

“Yeah,” Louis answered.

“Yes Daddy,” Harry fixed and Louis repeated him, eyes going wide when he seen the machine stuck to the headboard.

“I got some rope here so we can tie him back a little so he can’t pull himself from the machine,” Zayn said holding up the silk rope. Louis was positioned on his hands and knees on the bed and he had to crawl back and impale himself on the dildo, lips parting as he did so. It was the size 2 dildo from the box so it was thick and kinda long. The roped was wrapped around Louis’ hips and upper thighs and tied to the two posters of the top of the bed. Louis pulled his body forward, testing them out and whimpered when he realized that there was no room to move.

“Oh shit!” Louis cried out when the dildo moved inside him, pushing forward just a little then pulling almost the way out, then pushing all the way back in. It started out slow and within moments it was at half speed, fucking into Louis at a steady, deep, pace. “Daddy,” Louis whimpered, his body already heating up with the fucking.

“We’re going to take a shower, we’ll be back afterwards,” Zayn told Louis, lifting his chin so he could kill the 19 year old. “Be good,” he added and Louis groaned when both men closed the bathroom door. The dildo pounded in and out of him, hard and sure. Louis took the fucking with stride, cuming for the second time that night but it was after the third cum that Louis started to call for his Daddys, the spray of the shower drowning him out.

Zayn and Harry could still hear Louis, listening extra hard just in case the small boy coloured out. They wished they could watch him getting fucked, cuming too many times, body trembling, skin pink and flushed, throat raw from crying out in pleasure and pain.

They finished up cleaning themselves and Zayn was the first one to walk into the bedroom, towel wrapped around his waist. Louis was sobbing into the blanket, fingers gripping tightly at the bed, pulling his body as much as he could away from the dildo pounding into him. His hole, upon inspection, was red, swollen, and painful looking. His ass was a dark red, almost bruised red, and his skin where the ties were was a pink red. Louis was just red all over and Zayn felt bad for the boy.

“Goodness,” Harry let out as Louis came again, dry, body shaking and sobs breaking from his lips muffled into the mattress under his face. Zayn turned down the speed of the dildo and Louis lifted his head, not having realized that the husbands were there.

“Daddy! I’ll be good, please Daddy,” Louis sobbed and the husbands started untying Louis letting him pull himself off of the still moving dildo.

“Take a quick shower then i think it’s bed time,” Harry said and Zayn nodded, pulling Louis off of the bed and into his arms, snuggling the teen to his chest.

“You were such a good boy. You took your spanking and fucking like a little champ. You did so good,” Zayn praised, running his fingers through Louis’ hair, all over his body, even over Louis’ fluttery fucked out hole making the 19 year old buck in pain.

“I think I want a plug in him,” Harry said walking into the bathroom where Zayn had slowly walked Louis. The 19 year old didn’t say anything, just spread his legs a little and pushed his arse back, giving Harry full access to do as he pleased. Harry had a cool metal one in his hand, it was meant for stuff like this. It was cooled by ice cubes that were put into the base to help sooth a burning arse down. Harry pushed it into Louis and Zayn smiled at the blissed out sigh Louis gave in return.

The shower was quick and Louis was snuggled between the husbands for bed. “I think it’s a snuggle day tomorrow. Might have pushed him a little close to his limit,” Zayn told Harry watching the sleeping teen snuggle into his pillow.

“Yeah, he was so good though,” Harry said.

“Perfect,” Zayn responded.