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“Goodmorning sleepyhead,” Louis heard when he stirred, turning from one chest to the other. He remembered what happened last night and his cheeks went a bit pink, he just couldn’t help it and hoped that neither man was mad at him for his reaction to the storm.

“I’m sorry,” he said with a loud yawn. He was warm and was being snuggled from both sides, it was the best feeling and he never wanted to move.

“What are you sorry for?” The other voice asked, Zayn, and Louis shook his head, mouthing at the chest in front of him, it was Zayn’s, pulling the fabric between his lips then letting it go. “Just let us know, you don’t have to keep things from us. It’d be best if you didn’t,” Zayn finished and Louis shrugged.

“About what I did during the storm,” he said quietly, peeking an eye open to look up at the dark haired man. Zayn hummed and ran a hand down Louis’ side, fingers feeling the softness of his hips and side of his thigh. Louis’ shirt, or rather Harry’s was up at his chest from his movements during the night.

“You couldn’t help it, we can’t be mad,” Harry moved from Louis’ back, leaving the small man cold so he snuggled further into Zayn. He pulled the blanket around Louis’ back, watching his husband go to the bathroom.

“He’s mad,” Louis guessed with a sigh. He pulled on the hem of Zayn’s shirt nervously.

“He’s not mad, he’s just not a morning person . That’s me,” Zayn told him, rolling onto his back, stretching out. Louis snuggled into the man’s side, not wanting to move very far. He was being oddly clingy but Zayn didn’t mind it so Louis let himself get his way for once. “Harry will take you home sometime today to pick up some clothes.”

Louis nodded, yawning again. It wasn’t because he was tired but it was that he just woke up and sleep hasn’t shook off completely yet. “Do you think we should go get some breakfast rather than cooking in?” Harry asked, walking back into the bedroom. He was scratching his stomach through his shirt and Louis turned his head from Zayn’s chest to look at him.

“I’m not really in the mood to cook,” Zayn informed and Louis looked back up at him. Zayn and Harry had a silent conversation then the raven haired man pushed out of the bed, helping Louis out as well. “So out it is. Did you wash Louis’ clothes from last night?” He asked Harry and the man nodded, moving out of the room to go grab the clothes.

“Where are we going?” Louis asked, fixing the shirt twisted on his body.

“Just this nice breakfast place. It’s open for a few more hours but it doesn’t do dinner or anything. It’s great, I think you’ll like it,” Zayn said moving to the closet he shared with his husband, pulling out a pair of blue jeans, boots, and a button up shirt. It wasn’t fancy but it was stylish and Louis couldn’t tear his eyes away from him as he pulled his shirt off but turned when Harry walked back into the room.

“So it’s going to sound weird but we had bought you these already. Seeing as you were wearing a pair when we first met, we thought they looked amazing on you,” Harry lifted a pair of white lacy panties. They had a little bow on the back and Louis laughed softly, lifting a hand to cover his mouth.

“Well, my friend did force me into wearing them but they did feel good so it’s okay,” Louis said, holding his hand out for the lace. His lips parted at the feeling of them, they were obviously more expensive than the ones Niall bought and they felt amazing, not itchy at all. “Oh,” he let out a long breath, rubbing the panties between his fingers.

“Okay?” Harry asked and Louis looked up at the tall man. His eyes were wide with worry, as if he was scared that Louis wouldn’t like them and the 19 year old nodded. He didn’t bother moving rooms, the men had seen him naked already, and just dropped his briefs.

Both eyes were on him and Louis stepped into the panties, pulling them slowly up his calves to his thighs and fitting them on his hips after pulling them up over his arse which wasn’t completely covered by the lace. It was so amazingly soft and he even grew a semi because of it. “I think our Lou has a problem,” their Lou. Louis looked at both of the men, hands now fiddling with the hem of his own shirt.

“Should we take care of it?” Harry asked, already moving towards Louis, arms out to settle on the man’s hips. Zayn was behind him in a moment, pulling the shirt above his head. “We have more pairs so we can make a mess in these ones, can’t we?” Harry asked Louis, leaning down to bury his face in Louis’ neck, it seemed like that was already going to be Harry’s spot on Louis’ body.

“Yeah? Make a mess in your panties?” Zayn asked behind Louis sucking on the man’s earlobe, hands moving around Louis’ bare torso to pull Harry’s shirt off, Zayn was still topless from before.

“Fuck you while you’re standing up against me?” Harry asked and Louis gasped then cried out as Harry bit into his neck and Zayn reached into the panties with a slick finger, pushing it into him. His hands were clenched on Harry’s sides, his hips pushing back into Zayn’s hand as he pumped his finger, wiggling it around.

“Gonna make you feel good and there’s no running away this time,” Zayn growled into Louis’ ear, pushing another finger into him, lifting his hand enough to tug at Louis’ rim making the man nod quickly, moaning at the faint throb it left behind. Harry fit his leg between Louis’ and he thrusted against it, pushing his hips forward on Harry, faintly gasping at the pleasure and pushing back into Zayn’s fingers as he quickly fingered him.

It was going to take a while to get used to having two men touch him, caress his skin, biting at his neck and shoulders. Harry connected his lips with Louis’, pushing his tongue into the man’s mouth, hands on Louis’ hips to take over his movements. Zayn pulled Louis’ panties back up properly but lifted one of the sides by Louis’ cheek and pushed it over, moving his hips forward to poke his cock against Louis’ wet hole.

“C-Condom,” Louis pulled back, turning his head to look at Zayn who seemed to have forgotten why he had too. The dark haired man pulled back reaching quickly into the baggie beside the bed. It was a sex baggie that held condoms, lube, a few buttplugs, vibrators, and ties. They had purchased all the things in preparation for Louis.

Once Zayn was wrapped up he pushed Louis’ forward, smashing Louis’ chest against Harry’s. He picked Louis’ hips up some as the twink was bent to push against Harry’s thigh. Zayn was rough but it was in a delicious demanding but giving way.

Louis connected eyes with the man in front of him, blue connecting with green as Zayn pushed into him. Harry closed his eyes, leaning his head back trying not to nut at the look of pure fucked bliss on Louis’ face when his husband pushed into him, pulling Louis’ hips back at the same time. The small man was tight and Zayn had a little hard time pushing into him smoothly.

“F-uck, Shit, harder,” Louis wrapped his arms up around Harry’s neck, breathing wetly onto his chest as Zayn pulled out and pushed back in. Louis was so full and he felt like he had just went to heaven. Zayn had a long cock so it constantly rubbed against Louis’ prostate, keeping it stimulated, making Louis’ body light up.

“I’m gonna cum just from fucking looking at him,” Harry told Zayn, looking down his chest at the twink who was mouthing at his nipple, panting against his skin and moaning into him. His eyes were closed but the pleasure was written across his body, how he arched his back to give Zayn a better angle, pushing his hips back. The way he pinched at his own nipple with one hand and the other didn’t touch his cock but rubbed at his lower belly where the heat from being fucked was growing.

Harry reached forward though, slapping a hand across Louis’ arse when the twink finally reached his cock to touch it. Louis cried out, eyes flashing open to look up at Harry. “Again, fuck,” he moaned, reaching a hand between his legs much like he did their first night to feel Zayn push into him. Harry did as he was told, reaching again to land a smack on Louis’ cheek, a bit harder this time and even left a temporary red mark.

“Shit, he likes to be spanked, Zayn,” Harry took Zayn’s attention from watching his cock go in and out of Louis to Louis’ face when Harry hit him again. Louis’ lips parted and his breath hitched.

“Fuck he’s perfect,” Zayn pulled out of Louis and got onto his knees, burying his face in Louis’ cheeks, wetly eating his arse out, shoving his tongue onto him.

“I’m gonna cum, oh my god, faster,” Louis reached a hand back to thread his fingers in Zayn’s hair but the dark man pulled back, slapping his fingers over Louis’ sensitive hole making the twink buck forward from the sting. After a quick moment be pushed his hips back, figuring that he liked it more than he didn’t.

“Should we just leave him?” Zayn asked Harry before shoving his face between Louis’ cheeks, loudly sucking on his rim and messily licking him out.

“No, shove the vibrating plug in him,” Harry told Zayn then cupped Louis’ face in his hands and moved his head up so he could look into the blue eyes. Louis was concentrating on him because Zayn moved from his arse, leaving him empty and cold. “Gonna suck me and Zayn off? While you get off?” Harry asked watching as Louis nodded then as his eyes fluttered closed when Zayn pushed the smaller plug into him. It wasn’t big at all and it easily slipped into Louis’ fucked hole but it stayed once it was there.

He didn’t turn it on at first, waited until Louis got into his knees, sucking Harry down quickly, taking Zayn’s prick into his hand, pumping him. When he did turn it on, by remote, Louis choked on Harry in surprise. “Shit, shit, fuck, oh my god, uh!” Louis reached a hand back to push on the plug. It was just short of his prostate but it was perfect inside of him.

“Suck Louis,” Zayn reminded and Louis reached for Harry’s cock with his free hand and sucked on Zayn’s cock. He had taken off the condom and Louis tongued around his head, pulling off and sucking his way down the side of Zayn’s cock.

Harry watched as Louis rocked his hips against his hand, pushing the plug as deep as he could. He sucked on Zayn while pumping Harry then switched. The two husbands put their hips closer together giving Louis the perfect opportunity, which he took, to take both cock heads into his mouth, sucking and tonguing at both of them.

“Get ready to swallow,” Harry warned Louis this time, pushing Zayn’s cock away as he pushed into Louis’ mouth, down his throat, then busted his nut. Louis gagged a little at the stickiness in his throat but swallowed like a champ that time, eyes watering and lips swollen. Zayn didn’t have time to get down Louis’ throat so he busted all over Louis’ face, coating his cheekbones, eyes and lips.

Louis licked his lips and allowed Harry to slip the rest into his mouth with his thumb. He bit Harry as he came, body jerking forward, thighs trembling and toes curling. “God,” Louis whined as the vibrator milked him, being turned up after he came, making the tremors continue, as his cock just leaked all over his thighs and onto the dark hard wood.

Zayn finally turned it off when Louis shook his head, letting them know it was on the edge of too much. “Come here,” Harry hummed, picking Louis up off of the floor, wrapping his arms around the smaller man. He chuckled when Louis’ whined when Zayn pulled the plug out with a slurp.

“Let me get a taste Louis, please,” Zayn was already on his knees. He knew Louis was sensitive so he didn’t dive into Louis until the small man said his okays. Louis breathed deeply into Harry's neck as Zayn cleaned his arse off with his tongue, the panties still pulled to the side in the back but wet and messy in the front.

“So how about that breakfast?” Harry asked Louis as he swayed back and forth, comforting him after the moment they all had.

“Shower first?” Louis asked, plaint in Harry’s arms. He was like a little kitten now, a blissed smile on his lips, body extra soft and he was moved any way the husband's wanted him.

“Yeah, we can take a shower first,” Zayn answered him. The husbands kissed, then kissed Louis’ cheeks. It was then that the praise started, making Louis flush pink and bury his face into Harry’s chest.