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"So Louis, do you mind if we ask you a few questions? Just to get to know you a little bit," Harry asked, moving his foot forward to bump against Zayns. The man scooted closer to Harry, setting his left leg on Harry's right.

"I-yeah, sure," Louis got himself more comfortable in his seat, eyeing Niall's evil little look. Zayn watched Louis as Harry asked questions, many questions, and liked how flustered he was getting as the questions became more personal and more sexual.

"I think this next one is the most important question," Zayn broke in after maybe 10 minutes of questions. Louis turned his wide eyes to him, licking his lips. Zayn pushed a foot forward, nudging Louis' calf lightly. "Are you a virgin?" He asked and Louis broke out into a tingle of laughter. Zayn glanced to his husband then to the blonde who was laughing into his hand, much quieter than Louis' uncontrolled fit.

Once the two were calm Zayn raised a thin brow, still waiting for an answer. Louis patted his own thigh, a nervous habit. "No, I'm not," he said and Zayn slowly moved his elbow back so he could nudge Harry. The two men didn't want to deal with virgins; they were too innocent, and with Harry's large cock and Zayn's long one, double penitration was hard, and that's if the twink even wanted to risk it. Not to mention that wouldn't even happen until a few months after they'd been together, since they'd have to get the twink used to being fucked all the time in the first place.

"Suck any dick?" Harry asked and Louis flushed a pretty pink. Zayn had swore he saw the same colour in a new collection of makeup his mother had. Louis didn't verbally answer this time, just nodded his head, looking to Niall with slightly panicked eyes.

"This will be our last question for now, Louis," Zayn said and Louis nodded, shoulders sagging a little bit. Zayn didn't want to make the smaller man too nervous around him and his husband or they'd never have a chance at keeping him. Something Zayn really wanted to do right now, was take him home and give him everything he wanted. Watching him walk around with that delicious arse in a pair of panties and a sweatshirt of Harry's.

"Would you like to join Harry and I in a private room for a little while? Nothing will be done that you're not willing to let happen," Zayn finished, trying to give as much closure as he can. The twink's eyes went wider than Zayn had seen them the whole night and he looked to Niall. Zayn saw the man nod out of the corner of his eye and Louis looked over to Harry and Zayn again before gulping and nodding.

"Then it's settled," Harry spoke softly, gently pushing Zayn's thigh off of his own. Everyone stood up from their seats, Harry's hand on the small of Zayn's back and Zayn's hand lightly cupping Louis' dainty wrist. "We'll bring him back here Niall," Harry informed the Irishman who was already lying down, getting ready to take a nap while they were gone.

"Yeah yeah, if he comes out any less than happy then I am personally beating both of your arses, he's my best friend, take care of him," he lightly threatened.


Louis allowed himself to be guided through a red door next to the bar and down a large hallway. There were 5 doors on either side and the couple brought Louis to the last one on the right. "This is a room that we personally pay for here, to keep for ourselves without letting anyone else use it," Zayn informed Louis, pulling a ring of keys out of his front pocket. He went through them until he singled out a white key, pushing it into the lock on the doorknob, twisting it and opening the door to a dark room.

"As we've told you before, we're not really into that BDSM scene as most are but our situation, wanting someone to take care of, borderlines the BDSM lifestyle. We find many subs that come here are much like us, not wanting to be property but rather wanting to be something more," Harry explained as he turned and flipped a switch.

"This room is the room where we take most of the subs here to see if they are a fit for us. Most aren't," Zayn said, "So we won't hold it against you if you decide not to stay with us," Zayn added and Louis nodded, looking around the brightly lit room. The walls weren't red or black like Louis would have thought for a room like this. The walls were a pale blue; open, and spacey. The room was more like a bedroom than anything but Louis was sure that the two large dressers didn't hold very many clothes. There was a four poster bed in the middle of the room, pushed up against the far wall, the sheets were white and silky looking.

"If you decide to keep us, and we decide to keep you, then we'll talk more about rules and things along those lines. Right now is just to see if you can handle something that you're going to have to go through a lot while with us," Harry said and Louis turned his attention to the two men.

"And what's that?" He asked and Zayn chuckled.

"Doesn't sound too bad right now, but a threesome. Me and my husband love to have sex together but neither of us are bottoms. We need a middle ground, thats where you come in, who will keep us both happy. Our favorite thing to do, is--,"

Louis cut the dark haired man off, "Double Penetration, am I right?" He asked, turning from the couple so he could look around the room again.

"Yes," was the short response that he got in return. Louis rolled his shoulders around and turned to look back at the men.

"Is this a normal threesome night or is this a double pen-, night?" Louis asked. He had never had two cocks in him at once but has he thought about it? Yes. Has he watched porn about it? Hell yes. Has he wanted it for a while now and has been able to almost successfully fist himself? Hell yes. Was he scared? Most definitely. What if he couldn't do it? What if it hurt?

"Well, it depends all on you. We would love it to be a double night, but we are open to working up to it. Such as butt plugs, using smaller ones then growing until you are effectively stretched," Harry spoke slowly and Louis moved to the bed, sitting on the edge.

"I-I've never had two men. In general, so. If we get there then we can do it?" Louis asked, moving his hands to his lap. "I mean, if we don't then that's fine but if we work our way up today and we do it, then that's fine too, you know?" Louis wasn't sure if he was explaining it right but the way Harry and Zayn nodded made him feel as if he said what he should have.

"Alright, well we have some cleaning to do, don't we?" Harry asked and Zayn nodded. Louis looked at them with question in his eyes and they chuckled.

"An enema, just to make sure you're cleaned out just in case we do go further," Harry explained and Louis' lips parted and he nodded.

"Okay, I've never done that either. Wow, I sound like a virgin," Louis joked and Zayn was the only one who chuckled.

"This is something that one of us will accompany you with at all times. You will not be required to do these unless it's a double penetration night," Zayn explained and Louis nodded, standing up. It was almost awkward but before it could get too tense in the room, Zayn's lips crashed against his.

Louis was taken by surprise and almost pushed the taller man away but once he felt the warm heat against his back, Harry's chest, he relaxed, parting his lips for Zayn's roaming tongue. His stubble was rubbing against Louis' chin and upper lip, making the sensation of being touched heighten. Harry's hands were on Louis' hips, rubbing soothing circles as his lips made their way to the back of his neck, kissing to the side and nipping at the skin there.

Louis inhaled sharply through his nose when one of Zayn's hands grasped at his half hard cock through his shorts. The man's other hand was on his chin, tilting his head back for a deeper kiss. "You okay?" Harry whispered a moment later, moving his hand to unbutton Louis' shorts giving Zayn's hand room to shimmy in.

"Fuck, he's wearing lace," Zayn said as he pulled back, a thin trail of spit connecting his and Louis' lips before it snapped.

"Y-yeah, I'm okay," Louis answered the curly haired man behind him as Zayn got down in front of him, using both hands to pull down his shorts, tapping his calf to tell him to step out of the denim. They took off his shoes and socks next.

"Look at him Harry," Zayn told his husband, taking in the sight before him. Louis was clean shaven, his half hard cock pushing out the panties a little. Harry's hands were back on Louis' hips, swaying them from side to side, moving his hips too.

Zayn shimmied to the side a little bit, grabbing a small remote off of the bedside table, pointing it at the wall behind them all. Ushers song, I don't mind, started playing and Louis laughed, letting his left hand trail up his front, wrinkling his shirt, then beside his head to curl into Harry's hair.

The two danced and Zayn stood to get the bathroom ready for Louis' cleaning. Once the water was warm and two baggies were filled with water, he stuck his head out. He didn't speak, just tilted his head to the side and watched his husband dance with Louis. The way they swayed and got lost into the music, hands roaming Louis' soft body, squeezing lightly, touching and feeling.

Once the song was done, Zayn reached a hand over and turned off the music. "It's ready," he said, smile on his lips when Louis' eyes snapped open, reality coming back. Harry chuckled, lifting the black shirt off of Louis' body.

"Let's take these off," He said to let Louis know what he was going to do next. He slipped his thumbs into the waistband of the panties and slowly lowered them down his arse, thighs, and calves until they were resting on the floor. Louis stepped out of them, cheeks pink and arms wrapped around his middle.

"No need to be shy, come here," Zayn lifted a hand, motioning him forward. Louis walked to him, swaying his hips as he did so, showing off his arse to the man behind him, his cock bouncing lightly in front of him.

"You've never done this so we have to warn you of a few things. We don't know what your limit is so when you feel full, let us know," Harry was close behind Louis, hand on his lower back as they guided him into the bathroom and had him step into the half bath half shower. "The water will be warm, not cold and not hot, if it is too much then let us know and we'll change so the temperature is fitting," Harry added.

"Because this is your first time, you can hang onto Harry while I do it," Zayn said and Harry stripped down. Louis' lips parted in shock at the man's body. He had been dressed in a nice suit from work but as the layers came off and Louis saw more of his body he just couldn't believe it. The man had abs, many of them, sculpted legs and strong arms. He also had a very large, very hard cock hanging between his thighs as if it weighed too much to stand up on its own.

"Bend forward a little," Harry said softly and Louis did as he was told, keeping his legs straight but leaning forward to let his upper body rest against Harry's. "Turn on the shower Z," Harry said a moment later just as Zayn was going to push a little wand into Louis' arse. The man did as he was told, turning on the water a little warmer than most would prefer.

Zayn slipped a lubed finger into Louis making the smaller man gasp but he pulled back after a moment, setting the tip of the wand against Louis' tight hole. "Now you need to hold still for me," Zayn said and Louis nodded, burying his face into Harry's wet chest, his lips brushing the skin as he cried out in surprise when the wand was pushed into him and water stared steadily flowing.

"Feels weird doesn't it?" Harry asked and Louis couldn't answer him, his whole body concentrating on the water flowing into him, filling him up, making him feel full. "Try not to let any out," Harry told Louis when his husband showed him the empty bag that held the warm water that was now in Louis. He pulled the wand free and Louis clenched to try not to let any of the water out.

"Let me see," Zayn said to himself as he, from his knees, turned Louis to the left so he could see his protruding stomach. It wasn't much but just enough to make a difference. "Louis, can you, by chance, get pregnant?" Zayn asked and Louis nodded quickly, tapping Harry's chest. He wouldn't be able to hold the water much longer and everyone turned their eyes away as Louis' relieved himself, the messy water being flushed down the drain by the shower.

"In what way are you able to get pregnant?" Harry asked. In their world there was two primary ways a man can get pregnant. The most common, was by a birth defect, 30% of males are born with it. The least common is an artificial way of doing it. It's illegal and many times goes wrong and 3% of males are born that way. The other 67% of males were normal.

"It was the natural way," Louis answered, gasping again as the wand was stuck in him, warm water rushing into his body. Once the second treatment was done Louis was let out of the tub and dried off by Harry as Zayn got undressed.

The smaller boy was kissed again, this time by Harry. It was different than Zayn's dominating kiss. It was more personal and he didn't try to take over Louis' mouth. Their fronts were connected, Louis' smaller cock rubbing against Harry's making him moan deep in his throat.

"Let's go to the bed," Harry whispered into Louis' lips, eyes watching the smaller man as he nodded, pulling back. He was guided to the bed but they didn't get on it, Louis surprised the two taller men by getting on his knees in front of Zayn, sucking the head of his cock between his lips, running his tongue all around it, into the slit before pushing deeper.

"Fuck you while you're sucking me off?" Zayn asked, breathing a bit ragged as Louis hummed around him, hand lifting to pump at what he couldn't fit into his mouth. Louis' slutty mode had been activated and the two men weren't ready. Louis got onto his feet from where he was on his knees, keeping himself steady with his free hand on Zayn's hip.

The man was heavy on his tongue and tasted heady and delicious. He could suck him all day and be happy with it. Harry lubed up three of his fingers, moving behind Louis' perky arse. He pushed one finger in, past all resistance, and twirled it around, pumping it. Louis' eyes were closed as he sucked off the dark haired man in front of him but pushed his arse back into Harry's fingers, moaning at the feeling. They were long and able to reach places Louis his earlier partners couldn't, it was probably the best fingering he'd ever received.

Zayn was rocking his hips to Louis' sucking as Harry got to three fingers, effectively stretching Louis. He pulled his hand free, put on a condom, and lubed his large cock up. "Ready?" He asked and Louis had to pull off of Zayn, crying out in pain and pleasure as Harry plowed into him, shoving himself all the way in one go. The pain from the stretch was soothed as his cock stabbed Louis' enlarged prostate.

"God, good God," Louis whimpered, hanging his head as Harry pulled out, hands on his hips, and shoved back in. "God you're so fucking huge, oh shit," Harry was, Louis' hole was stretched so far open by the man Louis wasn't sure how in the hell he would ever fit the man in front of him in. They were both well endowed and Louis knew he would probably split in two the first time they tried to go together inside of him.

"Suck Zayn off Louis," Harry reminded and Zayn took a step forward to give Louis' his large cock again. The smaller man sucked it down hungrily, tonguing it with renowned efforts. Harry pounded into the smaller man from behind, swaying the tiny body with every thrust and Louis decided to give up on sucking and let his throat take the man down. It burned and his eyes teared as he was choked with every thrust of the cock in his arse.

"Fuck Harry, switch," Zayn said and they both pulled out of Louis. They moved him to the bed, Zayn putting on a condom, then shoving three fingers into Louis to feel how warm and wet he was after Harry's fucking. Harry pulled off the condom he had on giving Louis a clean cock to suck on. Louis was on his hands and knees on the bed, throat taking Harry like it was made for it. The larger man made note of how he could fucking SEE his cock in Louis' throat and wrapped his fingers around his neck, giving slight pressure but nothing too hard, just enough to feel.

Zayn was inside of Louis' quickly, thrusting quickly and without remorse. He wasn't as thick as his husband but he was longer and instead of stabbing Louis' prostate he rubbed against it constantly, giving the smaller man a world full of pleasure that he almost couldn't handle.

One of Louis' hands reached between his legs to feel Zayn pushing in and out of him, moaning at the feel of his swollen hole. He pushed off of Harry suddenly as Zayn changed his position, moving faster. The smaller man made high pitched moans every time Zayn roughly rubbed over the little bundle of nerves inside of him, his body feeling as if it's been electrocuted and the shocks never stopping.

"I'm going to cum!" Louis cried, eyes clenched shut as he kept one hand back feeling Zayn pound into him. Harry pulled his face back, shoving his cock down Louis' throat just as the tiny man seized and came harder than he had before. He choked on Harry and almost pushed Zayn out of him as he did, vision blurring in and out.

Harry came at the feeling of Louis' constricting around him but the smaller man wasn't able to swallow it, too into his pleasure to realize what was happening so he coughed and Harry pulled out. Louis gagged and spilled the whole load onto the clean white blanket under him. Zayn came a moment later, filling the condom, then pulling out. They let Louis roll onto his side, body limp and throat sore. He was still coughing from the cum stuck in his throat but it soon calmed down once he was able to breath without feeling like he was drowning.

"I-I think I should go," Louis whimpered, pushing himself from the bed. He quickly grabbed his clothes, putting them on. He shook off the touches from the two men as they tried to call him down, ignored their praise from doing such a great job and walked out of the room, shorts still unbuttoned.

The husbands didn't follow after him, knowing that Niall was out there and that he obviously didn't want to see them. They couldn't think of what happened to scare Louis off and make him run out like he did. They sure as hell liked him and were already thinking about taking him home and letting him stay with them.

"Niall," Louis shook his sleeping best friend. The blonde woke up after a moment, eyes glassy and still half asleep. Once he saw Louis and the state he was in he pushed out of the booth quickly, looking over the smaller man's body or what he could see of it.

"Did it go bad?" Niall asked, reaching forward to button Louis' shorts. The brunette boy shook his head and took Niall's hand, pulling him from the VIP section and out of the club, ripping the bands off of his wrist. "Louis, what the hell happened?" Niall asked, following his quickly walking friend. They got into the car and Niall shut up about asking questions, deciding that he would find out what happened when the boy was ready.