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The outside of the club wasn't too busy but just the noise that was heard when the door opened had Louis wondering how many people actually had memberships to this place. "Hey Mark, I've got a newbie here," Niall said, pointing to Louis, when they walked up to the burly bouncer.

"If he ends up getting a membership, then you get 6 months access to the VIP section," Mark reminds Niall, pulling out a white bracelet for Louis to clip onto his wrist. Niall put on a green wristband and they were also given purple bands.

"What are these?" Louis asked, slipping one onto his wrist.

"It's a day pass into the VIP section so you can see what it's like," Niall pushed past a girl that was trying to get a VIP bracelet but didn't have the money. "It's like...really really exclusive. A 6 month membership is 5 thousand dollars," Louis choked on air when he heard that, looking down at his outfit.

The club was dark but not so dark that you couldn't see anything. There were breathy moans and music permeating the place. To the right were four stages set up, two were filled with subs getting spanked. One, just as Louis looked over cried 'yellow' and the Dom dropped the paddle he had been using and started rubbing cream onto the sub's arse, he had his head near the sub's, whispering things into his ear.

"The BDSM lifestyle is taken very seriously and there is none of that 50 Shades of Grey bullshit," Niall explained, stopping to watch what Louis was. The Sub had loudly voiced they wanted to keep going, but without the paddle. The Dom started spanking him with his hand, not hard but not too lightly either. Louis turned his gaze from there to look toward the circular bar sitting in the middle of the room.

Many large men were sitting there, their pets sitting next to them on lowered seats. Most the of the pets in the room were dressed in at least underwear, females tops were exposed but only with clear permission. "What's that?" Louis asked pointing to the back corner where someone stood in what looked like a concession stand built into the wall.

"Oh, that's where you buy stuff. Ropes, plugs, spanking stuff, everything you could want is in there. There's a warranty and everything on them. Louis, this place is legit," Niall walked around the large circular bar and pointed to two red doors near a set of stairs disappearing into the ceiling. "That's where the private rooms are," he started making his way up the stairs and Louis, followed, eyes wide and sucking in all the information he could get. "And this is the VIP lounge," Niall spoke quietly.

The whole upstairs was different than what they had left downstairs. Instead of Doms and subs walking around, talking and drinking, these Doms and Subs were practically having Sex on the expensive couches and booths. It wasn't loud like you'd expect, but rather it was quiet and very private. The Doms in the room were mostly dressed in suits or formal clothes like they had just gotten out of work and the subs wore expensive clothing too, if they had any on at all, that is.

The music was thrumming through the room, giving it a very sensual feel and Louis had to take a few breaths to calm himself down as he walked forward with Niall to scan the whole room. There were stages but they were different than the stages downstairs. In the VIP area, the punishments were being bid on by the members. The sub on stage was at 30 spanks already, each spank costing a thousand dollars. The bid had 20 minutes left and the number increased every other minute or so, with people bidding from their tables.

"I think we're going to hang out up here. I don't get up here that often, I'm close to buying that membership though," Niall spoke, moving with purpose over to the back area where he knew single Doms would be. He had brought Louis here for a reason and dressed him the way he did on purpose. "Sit here and I'll be back," Niall said, turning his head to check the stairs.

Harry Styles and his husband Zayn Malik were to be showing up soon, always at the same time, and this was their designated table. It had a great view of the club and all it's members. Louis slid into the booth, sipping on the water that was there for anyone.

"I'll get you something fruity," Niall said and walked away, taking his time going to the bar on the other side of the room.


"He just didn't work," Zayn spoke softly to his husband, walking in front of him as they climbed the stairs to the VIP section of the club. He and Harry had shared a little twink for about two weeks now before Zayn suddenly cut it off, leaving the poor boy crying.

"You did not have to be that mean to him," Harry scolded, glancing at his watch. They were here a bit earlier than normal but he really needed a drink.

"He wanted our money and nothing more, how else did you expect me to get him leave," Zayn spoke as he scanned the VIP section for anyone important. There wasn't so he turned to his right to go sit at their normal table but stopped short, getting bumped from the back by Harry.

"What is it love?" He asked, looking past Zayn at their booth. There sat a tiny boy, looking down at what Harry expected was a cellphone. His hair was feathered over his forehead but they couldn't see his body or face from where they were standing.

"Louis! Come here for a moment," an Irish voice called from behind the Doms and they watched as the Louis boy's head lifted, shocking blue eyes looked around the room for the Irishman. His lips were bowed and his nose petite.

"Holy shit," Zayn said quietly when the twink stood up from the table, thick thighs begging Harry to suckle on them, arse large as he walked by. "He's fucking perfect. Oh look, he left his phone," Zayn said as he moved to the table, scooting in. The table was a semi circle, allowing a party of 7 to fit if one so pleased.

"Did you see the colour of his bracelet?" Harry asked, not having caught it for it was on his right wrist and they had seen him from the left.

"It was white, I saw it when he set his phone down. Harry are you listening to me? He's freaking perfect!" Zayn picked up the little blackberry the twink had left and turned his nose up. "But not from money," he added, voice a bit less excited.

"And? It's not like we don't have enough to support him," Harry said slowly, watching across the room as the twink sat on a stool next to a blonde. He's seen the blonde before, had spoken to him a few times as well. They weren't friends, not really, but acquaintances.

"Should we ask him to play?" Zayn asked and Harry tilted his head to the side, weighing the pro's and con's.

"I think when he comes back to get his phone we invite him and his friend to join us. Get to know him a little bit, see if he's okay, then take him and play," Harry said and Zayn nodded.

"I'll go get us something to drink though, what do you want?" He asked and Harry shrugged.

"Bacardi," he answered after a moment's thought. Zayn stood up from the booth and quickly but flawlessly made his way across the room. Louis looked up as the god-like man stood next to him to order the drinks. Louis stared, lips parted, and he scanned the man's face, neck, what was visible of his wrists and tattooed hands. He wore a black unbuttoned suit and Harry knew the dark skinned man looked like sin.

The bartender handed Zayn his drinks and the man turned, making eye contact with Louis, but breaking it as he turned, and walked away toward Harry with a smirk on his lips. "You are the devil," Harry commented, leaning forward to get a kiss and hummed when he did, tongue slipping between his lover's lips. They broke apart and Zayn glanced to the side, chuckling when he saw the tiny twink looking over his shoulder at them.

"What I wouldn't do to have my mouth on that arse," Zayn murmured, licking Harry's spit from his lips. The curly haired man laughed, taking a sip of his drink. He hummed at the taste, smacking his lips together.

"What kind is this?" He asked, it was in fact bacardi, but the flavor was nothing he'd had before.

"Hm? Oh, Oakheart," Zayn answered, patting Harry's thigh, motioning for him to look at the twink. He and his friend were standing from their seats and walking toward them. Louis' cheeks were flushed pink from the few shots he had just drank and Niall looked confident.

"Harry, Zayn," Niall said as he and Louis got to the table. Louis reached forward to grab his phone and Harry wished he was a little more to the left so he could have seen the swell of his arse stick out the bottom of his short shorts.

"Hm, Niall. Who's this beauty?" Zayn asked, fingers rubbing over his few week old beard. Louis pulled back, eyes going to the man, then to Harry.

"This is Louis!" Niall spoke, his arm wrapping around Louis' waist. "He's a newbie. Not sure if he's even into this kind of thing, mind if we sit? Next round is on me," Niall didn't wait for the imminent yes but pushed Louis down next to Zayn and sat himself next to Harry.

Zayn held a hand out to Louis and the smaller man took it, pumping it twice as proper and letting it go. "I'm Zayn Malik and this is my husband, Harry Styles. Honestly, we're not as much into the Dom scene, as we are into taking care of someone that would be willing to be taken care of," he spoke and Harry nodded, folding his hands on the table.

"After seeing all the subs you guys go through, I honestly think, and I'm not just saying this either, that Louis would be perfect for you" Niall said quietly into Harry's ear and the business man hummed. He really did think Niall was right, the twink had captured both his and his husbands eye and it would take quite a bit to make them look away for someone else.