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My Daddies

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Now, Louis wasn't sure what was wrong with him. At the ripe age of 15, he didn't want to do anything with his life and that meant he sure as hell didn't want to go to work every damned day. You needed work to make money and you needed money to pay bills, but Louis just--wasn't about that life.

At 18, Louis was almost sure he knew what was wrong with him. Well, not wrong with him, but what was different about him. He had the overwhelming urge to have his arse spanked while fucking his ex-boyfriend for a one night stand. The man did it and Louis came harder than he'd ever cum before.

So the teenager googled it. 'I like being spanked, now what?'. Because, now that he knew that--what was he going to do with the information? He really didn't get the answer he was looking for; It was mostly about children and spanking which was odd but, what could he do? So he decided to add 'bdsm' just to see what would come up. Well, it was a hell of a lot different than what he'd seen just moments ago. But it still wasn't what he was looking for.

Louis was intrigued by the idea of maybe getting his wrists tied up, getting spanked when he was bad, but he didn't feel the whole 'master' vibe, so he just quit looking and decided that he'd figure it out later. Another year went by before Louis finally asked his best guy friend, Niall Horan. The blonde was wild and a sex freak. He had done everything once and talked about it often, so Louis was sure he'd find his answer in the Irishman.

"Ya need a daddy Lou. Like, someone that's rich and will take care of ye," Niall spoke, mouth full of the tacos Louis' just made.

"What, like, I need a sugar daddy?" He asked and Niall nodded.

"Yeah, but you don't have to go that old. I mean, most people that are looking for sugar babies are in their early thirties," the blonde explained after swallowing. "You know what? Come to Rumors with me this weekend," he put his taco down, watching Louis' reaction.

Rumors was a bdsm club. It was a place where slaves got spanked and fucked on stage if they consented. There were private rooms for private play. Slaves were naked and many had butt plugs shining between their cheeks. "It's-Niall that's not a club for me," Louis told him, shaking his head. He picked at the lettuce in his hard shell taco.

"Yeah, but you'll be fine. There's these bracelets that you put on. Doms get Red if they already have a sub and blue if they're a Dom without a sub. If you know for a fact that you're a Sub or Slave, then you get green if you don't have a Dom and yellow if you do. People like you who aren't sure wear white. No one will touch you or do anything without your permission."

Louis sighed. This could be good for him, to open his eyes a little bit into this other world out there. Maybe he would find someone that was nice to him and--fuck it, "Okay, I'll go. When?" He asked. The 19 year old didn't have a job, so he was free anytime. His parents paid for everything, what with Louis being the only child in his family.

"This Friday, it's going to be fun, I promise," Niall started eating his taco again and Louis did too. Friday was two days away, so he had two days to find the perfect outfit and to try not to scare himself out of going.


Friday came quicker than Louis had wanted. Niall was supposed to show up in an hour and all Louis had done was shower. His whole closet was spread out on his bed, pants in one pile, shirts in another. He hadn't really gone through any of it, but Louis knew what clothes he had by memory and knew that none of them were appropriate for where they were going.

Louis was just pulling his phone from the charger to call Niall and back out when there was a knock at the door. The small teen frowned and set his phone back down, moving through the flat and opening the front door. Niall was there with three bags hanging off of his arm: a black one, a pink Victoria Secret one, and a red one.

"What the hell is this?" He asked as Niall pushed into the flat, taking Louis' hand and pulling him back into the bedroom.

"I bought an outfit for you to wear since I know your closet is lacking," Niall said as he set the bags down on Louis' desk and pulled the Victoria Secret one forward first.

"Why do you have that?" Louis asked and Niall pulled out a red pair of lace panties. "I am not wearing those," he declared, crossing his arms over his bare chest.

"Louis," Niall said, walking over to the twink. "You're cute, you're tiny, and you have an ass to die for. Put these fucking panties on, look at your arse in the mirror, and tell me you don't look good as fuck," Niall shoved the panties into Louis' hand and pushed him into the bathroom.

Louis stood there, looking down at the skimpy panties, looking up at himself in the mirror. He scanned his body, poked at the thin pudge on his tummy, dropped his towel, and turned. Well, he couldn't lie. He did have an arse to die for, so he put on the panties and looked again. And well, his arse had never looked better.

"Are you done?!" Niall called through the door, knocking. Louis turned and shifted himself in the lace.

"It's a bit scratchy," he called back, turning to look at his arse again. "What do I have for pants?" He asked and frowned when he heard Niall laugh.

"No pants Louis, shorts! Here!" Niall cracked the bathroom door just enough to shove his hand through with a pair of shorts hanging off his fingers.

"Niall Horan, now that is where I draw the line," he snatched the shorts, looking them over. They were shorts all right, very short short-shorts.

"Just put them on and tell me they don't look good," Niall dared and Louis humored him, pulling him up his legs and buttoning them in front. He could have sworn he felt a breeze on his cheeks when the door opened a few moments later. "Oh, they're perfect! Louis, look at your legs!" Louis shaved, so his legs were just perfect in the shorts. His calves were smooth and toned, his thighs had just the perfect amount of thickness to them and Louis actually looked pretty damn good.

"Here's your shirt," Niall tossed the black v-neck shirt onto the counter and Louis' slipped it on, turning to look at himself from all angles. "Fringe your hair and let's go," Niall finished looking at Louis, walking back out of the bathroom. Louis did as he was told, slipping on his black converse as he followed Niall out of his flat.