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I know this isn't a chapter but please read this WHOLE thing, trust me, you're going to want too.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for 1 million reads!!!!

I know you're going to hate me but:

This story has officially come to an end.

I know I know, hate me all you want right now BUT, there's a sequel.

That's right. I'm not just leaving it like this. There's going to be a book 2. It's not posted yet but I will get to that RIGHT after I post this.

I just wanted to say some specific thank you's to some people that have helped me through this fic, if you don't mind.

Thank you LowQualityLarry my bestie. You've sat through chapters of this book while I wrote, you've always made fun of spelling mistakes and shit like that though you were the one who was supposed to be going through and editing them ;) You always had ideas for me and you were a HUGE impact on this story and how it's turned out.
Thank you AbstractedDarkness my girlfriend for always being there with me. I wrote while you were with me for those two weeks and I love you for being soo supportive of my hobby and the thing I love to do.
Thank you to YOU guys, the readers, commenters, voters. Without you guys I don't know what I would do. The comments ranged from funny, to annoying, to heartfelt and you guys have never let me down. I love you guys sooo much because without you...I wouldn't be here. Some of you don't realize how true that is, but it's the honest truth.

Keep in touch for book 2!!! The name will be "My Babies". ((Because the book kinda revolves around the babies)).

((This was copied from wattpad so..sorry if it seems a bit off. I reached 1 million reads on wattpad!!!).