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Reuniting And Becoming A Family

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Chapter 2

Cam? Cam what are you doing?" Charlotte wasted no time in warning him.

Cam just stood there looking at all 3 of them not understanding what the problem is until Charlotte drags him with her and as she is pushing Cam out the door she says to her mom and Serena that they will give them some privacy to talk on their own without interruptions". She leaves closing the door behind her as she goes.

Unable to look at each other without a smile despite the apprehensions about the sudden change.

They both relaxed, but both still wanting to talk about everything..

"Have you eaten yet Serena". Serena shakes her head as Bernie says" shall we go and get something I know I'm hungry". Serena just nods at Bernie.


Taking a couple steps closer to her before looking over her shoulder to be sure no one was listening, she asked, "Why did you leave me why did you not fight for me?"

Tensing up, Bernie answered, "I almost did… but I thought it might be better not to."

Before Serena could ask why again, footsteps sounded from behind her. Sure enough, it was Donna.

"Telephone for you, Serena."

Letting out an audible groan, she turned to Donna and said, "Tell them to wait. I'm busy and will be leaving with Bernie in a moment."

"I'm afraid it's urgent"

Glancing at Bernie she could see she was equally as irritated but motioned for her to go. "I'll go and start the car and wait in the car come down when your finished."

As Donna started back toward the nurses station, Serena took hold of her wrist and discreetly brushed her lips against her temple. "We'll talk this evening. I still want to know why."

Bernie nodded, feeling embarrassed as she watched Serena walk away.


To Be Continued