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"It would have been a lot more romantic if you dethorned the rose before you put it in your mouth…" (Jamclom)

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Barclay blinks. He closes one eye, then the other, then blinks again.

He turns the photograph upside-down.


“Why what?” James sounds sulky. “You took underpants photos like that. It was sexy. I’m being sexy!”

“Are you wearing lipstick?” Tom asks, taking the glossy 8x10 from Barclay. “I -- I reckon I’ve seen Nick Carter in this pose.”

“It’s not lipstick, it’s… the lighting,” James snaps. He snatches back the picture and moves to hide it under a cushion. “Shut up. Wankers.”

“No, it was sexy,” Barclay says quickly. “I like you in your pants.”

“Out of them, too,” agrees Tom.