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can't control myself

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There weren’t many ways to get Nicolò di Genova to fall into a deep and relaxing slumber. He was usually on high alert, any sudden noise or movement enough to wake him up, ready to protect the ones he held dearest to his heart. One very simple and effective way was something only one person in his long life had ever been able to accomplish, his husband Yusuf al-Kaysani, who gladly took it upon himself to do so any chance he got. All he needed really was time and privacy.

Unfortunately these were two things they didn’t have the luxury of indulging in very often. On the upside, that strongly increased Yusuf’s desire to do so whenever they did get the chance. He took it as his personal duty to make sure his beloved got some much needed rest whenever possible. The actual act involved him fucking Nicolò so long and thoroughly until his love was too exhausted and worn out to do anything but pass out right on the spot.

So when Nicky woke up this morning he did so with the feeling of utter content, his entire body aching in the most pleasant way. It had been a while since he had been so well rested and deeply satisfied. He knew his lips were still pulled up in a relaxed grin from the night before. His mind was immediately flooded with the memories of the intense lovemaking he and Joe had enjoyed just a couple of hours ago.

Nicky leisurely stretched as he recalled their activities, the smile on his lips growing bigger. The movement of his body made him aware of two things. One, they weren’t in their usual sleeping position with his back pressed against Joe’s chest. In fact, he was lying on top of Joe (and how Nicky had not immediately noticed the warm and solid presence of his beloved’s body underneath him was a true testament to how truly fucked out he was). Two, Joe and Nicky were still connected and Joe was far from being soft. His half-hard cock twitched and started to stir as Nicky deliberately contracted his inner muscles.


This was far from being the first time Nicky woke up in a situation like this. While he rose easily, his husband was a heavy sleeper, always had been, and although Nicky was more than happy to spend hours watching his love sleep, there were times when he woke up with different thoughts on his mind. Thoughts of a not so innocent nature. And right now he really wanted to act on these rather than watch Joe sleep.

Luckily they had established early on in their relationship that Nicky was more than welcome to use Joe’s body any way he wanted whenever he woke up too aroused and riled up to wait for his other half to gain consciousness. At first Nicky had been scandalized at the suggestion (he had still been tentatively exploring his newfound sexuality when Joe had brought it up the first time) but Joe had sheepishly admitted that it was quite the turn on for him and he’d love it if Nicky took him up on the offer if he ever felt comfortable enough.

And well…

Nicky could never deny Joe anything for too long.

Once he finally had the courage to try it out it didn’t take Nicky long to understand the appeal of it. Since then he had done it countless times, each time with less hesitation. And on the rare occurrence that Joe was the first one awake, Nicky got to experience the pleasure of waking up to Joe’s cock sliding into him.

Thinking back to all the fun they’ve had together like this made Nicky’s dick throb and he decided that this was the perfect opportunity to create more memories.

Having made up his mind Nicky leisurely started rocking his hips. He bit his lip at the exquisite feeling of Joe swelling to full hardness inside of him, slowly stretching his cunt wider and wider. Panting breathlessly, Nicky sat up and looked down at his lover who was still very much asleep.

To be fair, Nicky had tired him out quite a bit. Had edged him for what felt like an age with his tongue and fingers and then fucked Joe with their favorite strap-on until Joe’s voice was hoarse from begging. He hadn’t used their safe word, however, so Nicky had simply pulled out (much to Joe’s dismay) and straddled Joe’s lap after taking off the toy. Then he fucked himself on Joe’s cock until they were both trembling from the sheer want of release. Only then had Nicky shown mercy and allowed him to come, his own climax not far behind, resulting in an earth shattering orgasm for both of them. Afterwards they barely managed to share one last breathless kiss before falling asleep.

It was so easy to picture their past activities, the memory still so fresh and clear in his mind, and it was more than enough to urge Nicky on even further. He placed one hand on Joe’s chest and circled his hips, shuddering at the feeling of complete fullness. The fingers of his free hand ran through Joe’s hair and Nicky enjoyed how the soft curls felt against his skin. He cupped the sleeping face of his beloved gently and gazed at him with open affection and a big smile on his lips, probably looking exactly like the hopelessly besotted fool he was.

Nicky set a slow pace, his eyes never leaving Joe’s face. His husband had the sweetest expression; his brows were knitted together in concentration and he frowned as if his unconscious mind was trying to figure out what was going on. His mouth hung slightly open and every so often he let out soft sighs and gasps which went straight to Nickly’s heart.

“Love of my life,” Nicky murmured softly, clenching around the throbbing length inside of him. “We share a multitude of languages and I am still searching for the right words to tell you exactly what you do to me.”

A moan escaped him when Joe's cock brushed over his sensitive spot. The noise made Nicky chuckle. “I suppose there are other ways for me to tell you.”

He continued riding Joe and moaned shamelessly, “As much as I love doing this with you asleep, I would love nothing more than for you to wake up and delight in this with me.” ”

In hindsight it was impossible to tell if Nicky was moaning too loud, or if his words had reached Joe’s ears, or if perhaps it had been a combination of the two (if asked, Nicky would always say it was simply meant to be). Whatever the cause had been, Nicky could suddenly feel Joe stir underneath him. It was an unexpected surprise, as Nicky had assumed Joe wouldn’t wake up any time soon, but it certainly wasn’t an unwelcome one.

“Yusuf,” Nicky couldn’t hide the delight in his voice, his heart fluttering in anticipation of Joe’s reaction.

“Nicolò,” Joe sighed, and oh, Nicky would never tire of the way his name rolled off his tongue.

Joe’s eyes slowly blinked open, immediately focusing on Nicky. Being able to finally see the stunning and expressive ambers of his beloved made Nicky’s breath catch in his throat.

“I must still be dreaming. And what a lovely dream it is,” Joe murmured, his voice still raspy from sleep. His eyes crinkled when his lips curled up into a drowsy smile. “Having my lovely Nicolò stretched around my cock as he takes his pleasure from my body is too good to be true. I’ve already been spoiled so much, I know this cannot be real.”

“Let me convince you that this is real, il mio tesoro,” Nicky suggested hoarsely. More and more blood had rushed to his cheeks while he had listened to Joe’s words and he was eager to make his lover believe in the reality of their situation.

Joe's hands shot up to grab Nicky by his hips, his thumbs stroking over Nicky’s heated skin with reverence. Joe’s eyes bore into his as Nicky rose up but they fell shut when he slammed back down, taking in Joe’s entire length at once. Joe threw back his head and let out a guttural moan, a sound that was music to Nicky’s ears, and one he wanted to hear again and again.

Knowing what would make it all even better for them both, Nicky decided to change his position. He leaned back, planting his hands behind himself on Joe’s thighs for support. The new angle allowed Joe’s cock to reach even deeper parts of him, hitting Nicky’s sensitive spot with each thrust.

Nicky bit his lip as he looked down at his husband. Joe’s eyes were back on him, greedily drinking in the sight of him as Nicky presented himself. The way Joe looked at him made Nicky feel both powerful and yet completely at his mercy. There had been a time where Nicky would have shied away from the idea of ever showing off his body in a manner such as this, would have thought it impossible that someone could find him desirable. By now Nicky knew better. Knew how much Joe loved and adored everything about him, and more importantly, Nicky knew his own worth, believed in his own beauty and had no issue letting Joe see everything.

Holding his gaze, Nicky raised his hips until Joe almost slipped out. He did so intentionally slow, making sure Joe saw every inch of his cock leaving Nicky’s dripping hole. He stayed like this for a brief moment, relishing in the impatient twitch Joe’s cock made. For a second he was tempted to drag out the teasing but his cunt was aching to be full again. With his next exhale he sank down, making them both cry out. He repeated this motion over and over, setting a painfully slow rhythm that had them both gasp and moan.

The grip Joe had on him increased in strength, leaving bruises in its wake that faded almost as soon as they were left on his skin. Joe never once made an attempt to take over control or to guide him. Nicky knew he just needed something to hold on to, something to anchor him, and what better option than the person who meant everything and more to him.

“Heart of my heart,” Joe murmured, sounding completely enamored. “I’ve loved you for a thousand years and will love you for thousands more and there hasn’t been a single day where your touch hasn’t thrilled me. And this is no exception. Your body is divine.”

“You say such sweet things,” Nicky panted. “It’s the same for me. Always has been.”

“Of course, ya habibi,” Joe beamed at him. “You let me know every day.”

“Good,” Nicky replied with a soft smile which quickly turned wicked as he lifted himself off Joe’s cock. “Now let me show you.”

Whatever answer Joe had been meaning to give got lost in a strangled cry when Nicky sank back down. He started riding Joe in earnest now and Joe was unable to do anything but take whatever Nicky gave him. His few attempts to speak were quickly discarded as only moans came out of his mouth. Nicky’s own head was spinning and he felt drunk with lust, rendering Joe speechless never failed to set him off.

While Nicky was busy fucking himself on Joe's cock, his love decided to become a more active participant. One of his hands slipped between Nicky's muscular thighs and he flicked his thumb over Nicky’s dick.

Cazzo!” Nicky’s hips faltered for a brief moment but he hurriedly resumed his previous rhythm. He could already feel the tell-tale signs of his approaching climax. “I’m not going to last long.”

“Don't hold yourself back. I want to feel you come around my cock."

With Joe's words ringing in his ears, Nicky continued to ride him while Joe jerked him off, his thumb stroking over his swollen dick in perfect unison with Nicky's thrusts.

“Come for me, Nicolò.”

As always Joe was his undoing and Nicky came with a shout, hips bucking and slamming back into Joe. His dick pulsed with the climax and he squirted over Joe’s fingers while his cunt squeezed around his cock, holding him there. Someone let out a whimper (or maybe they both did) as Nicky’s cunt relaxed, only to squeeze Joe again and again.

All throughout his climax Joe kept rubbing Nicky's dick but all of a sudden Nicky was sensitive, too sensitive and he made a strangled sound. That caused Joe to immediately withdraw his hand.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, eyes huge and apologetic.

“Don’t be,” Nicky gasped, his chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath. “It was perfect.”

“May I?” Joe timidly asked as if it was possible for Nicky to refuse him.

Si,” Nicky looked at him with heat in his eyes. “Fammi vedere cosa sai fare.”

Joe let out a groan and didn’t have to be told twice. He pulled up his knees and planted his feet on the mattress. This motion caused Nicky to jolt forward and he hastily braced himself on his elbows next to Joe’s head. He buried his face in the crook of Joe’s neck, shivering with anticipation.

Joe’s hands pushed at Nicky’s hips and lifted him from his lap with his thick cock dragging against Nicky’s inner walls torturously slow. Nicky whimpered when his cunt was completely empty, the faint phantom feeling of Joe’s cock stretching him wasn't nearly enough to satisfy him. Joe’s cockhead was nestled against Nicky’s vulva and Joe circled his hips to drag it over his folds, spreading more of Nicky’s slick on his labia and mixing it with his own pre-come. The most frustrating thing about all this had to be Joe’s apparent content to keep doing this instead of actually sliding back inside.

Santa Maria, madre di dio,” Nicky growled, impatiently tugging at Joe’s hair. His own patience had reached its limit. “Scopami! Ti prego, Yusuf!”

And finally… Finally Joe gave Nicky what he was begging him for.

His cock pressed at Nicky’s entrance, then- popped back inside, so big, and Nicky went limp, the strength leaving his body entirely. All he could do was lie there and enjoy it. Joe was going hard now, any previous restraint left behind. His balls slapped against Nicky’s ass each time he impaled Nicky on his cock. The intensity of his thrusts made it clear that Joe wouldn't last much longer either.

“You have been so good to me, amore mio,” Nicky whispered hotly into Joe’s ear, scratching over his scalp with his nails. "So patient. Now I need you to do one more thing for me.”


Vienimi dentro, Yusuf.”

Joe’s breath hitched and he pumped his hips once more into Nicky’s cunt before he came with a sob, cock pulsing against Nicky’s inner walls. Nicky moaned and shoved his hips back against Joe’s, trying to take him even deeper as if that were possible. A tremor ran through him as Nicky was hit by a second, smaller orgasm and his cunt clenched around Joe’s cock, squeezing it mercilessly.

“Nicolò,” Joe whimpered. He kept chanting Nicky’s name like a prayer, hips bucking up as he filled him with his seed. The clenching of Nicky’s cunt turned into rhythmic contractions which milked Joe’s shaft even more.

Joe's legs dropped and he wasted no time wrapping his arms around Nicky. They were both shivering with post-orgasm aftershocks and for a while all they did was lay there, hearts hammering in their chests.

Nicky was the first one to start moving again. He nuzzled Joe’s collar bone and pressed featherlight pecks against his skin. A trail of kisses was placed all the way up to Joe’s mouth. The first press of their lips together made Nicky’s toes curl and he whimpered into the kiss, immediately deepening it with an unexpected intensity. He couldn’t believe this was the first kiss they shared since waking up. It was a travesty, really, as any waking moment not spent kissing Joe was basically a moment wasted. Fortunately they now had the chance to make up for lost time. One kiss turned into two, turned into three, and it didn’t take long at all for Nicky to completely lose count.

Buongiorno,” Nicky hummed after they parted at last. He closed his eyes with a content sigh and rested his forehead against Joe's.

Buongiorno, Nicolò. And truly what a good morning it has been,” Joe chuckled breathlessly. “I don’t think I’d mind spending more mornings like this.”

“I don’t see why not. If that is what you wish for,” Nicky laughed and brushed their noses together. “We still have plenty of time left.”


When Nicky opened his eyes, Joe was already looking at him and they gazed at each other lovingly for a long time while sharing tender kisses. Neither of them were in a hurry to do anything else. They were exactly where they belonged.

Eventually Nicky pulled away with one last kiss. He stretched his body, laughing at the disgruntled noise his husband made as he got up from bed. Joe pouted and made grabby hands in his directions which looked absolutely ridiculous and turned Nicky’s laugh into a snort. This in turn replaced the pout with a hopelessly besotted smile. Nicky smiled back softly, looking just as lovestruck, but it didn’t take long for his smile to change into something much more playful. He put one hand on his hip and looked at Joe with a raised brow, a teasing gleam in his eyes.

“I don’t suppose I can convince you to take a shower with me?” While talking Nicky made sure Joe got a good look of his dripping cunt. “You've made a real mess of me and I could use some help cleaning up."

Not waiting for a reply, Nicky swiftly turned around and walked away, shivering when Joe’s come started to run down his legs. There was a curse followed by the sound of hasty movement behind him. Nicky grinned triumphantly. There had never been any doubt about him having company in the shower. He knew Joe would follow him anywhere. Always.