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The Song remains the same

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„Okay, okay, if I must, I'll go. But just so you know, I'm not thrilled!"

„You'll love it, I'm sure. There'll be a few couples but you can ignore them, can't you? And besides, Opal and Jinora say Iroh is „the sex god" so I say he is fairly good-looking. And that's coming from me."

„Ugh, Mako. Really?" Asami retorted, rolling her eyes long enough to make sure he noticed.

"I know, I know, you don't really care. But I'm glad you agreed to come, you really need to get out of your office more often, you know I'm just looking out for you. And besides, Bolin's band is playing, they're quite good."

"Bolin has a band? How did I not know about that?"

"You never asked! And yes, he does. The Fire Ferrets – I've no idea why. But they found a new guitarist about a month ago, Bolin's completely mesmerized by her and Opal's not even jealous."

"Well they have been together since what, second year in high-school? I'd say that qualifies as a very trusting relationship. And besides, Bolin's not that type" she glanced lightly at Mako, giving him her yes-i-know-what-you-did look.

"Stop giving me the look. Anyway, the girl's also their new lead since the old guy left and apparently she's really good. I haven't actually seen or heard her yet but Bolin claims it's like she fell from the sky and is god's gift to the world."

"I'll be the judge of that" Asami added, grinning widely.

"Miss Know It All."

"You see that?" she says, pointing at a large case which could only contain a large instrument, covered in black leather, set to lean over a nearby wall, "That gives me full right to be a little sceptical."

"I never really got how you turned out to be this amazing cello player while you spent countless hours under the hoods of all the cars your father had engineered."

"I guess I was a child prodigy, what can I say?" she grinned widely, her emerald orbs emanating a cocky shine, enough to make Mako laugh loudly.

"I guess you were, Miss Asami Sato, I guess you were" he gave her a warm smile before his face turned in his usual seriousness, his posture shifting from utterly relaxed to slightly stiff. "Well, I'll be on my way. Chief is gonna be mad if I'm late for our briefing, even if it's just practice. You know how she gets."

"I do" she chuckled, "You just go on, I have to finish a few things here anyway and I'll be ready tonight, don't worry. You know a Sato's word is as good as gold" Asami said warmly, giving him her famous wink while pushing her hair back, exposing her bare shoulders as she'd been wearing a sleeveless, elegant yet very casual dress.

"I'll come pick you up at 8, okai?"

"I'll be ready."


The place was filling up nicely, there were already a few couples sitting at the two-seat tables and the waiters had their hands full with drinks. Bolin peered out from behind the curtains and let out an overly-excited groan.

"What's the matter?" a low, husky voice interrupted him.

"Oh, Korra! Nothing! It's perfect! There's already people here and there's more at the entrance and the boss says they'll keep flowing in, it's really awesome Korra!" he was now prancing slightly in one spot and the girl had to put a hand on his shoulder, trying to calm him down.

"Bolin, chill. It's perfect, yes, a nice opportunity to make a good impression, but chill out and don't let all that energy spill out before the show. You have to dazzle them all with your awesome drumming" she beamed him a wide grin, a grin he thought could make the night turn into day, if she really wanted it to. Korra did have this kind of glow about her, she was.. Well, to put it simply, different. His mind flashed back to a moment some two months ago when this girl knocked on the open door of his garage and they all turned to face her and they all stared in awe. She was something special, they all must have thought to themselves 'cause they all seemed to have had the same expression on their faces – wow. Just wow. Brown skinned, chocolate-coloured hair, strong and confident posture, sleeveless t-shirt showing off her very muscular and toned arms and brilliant ocean blue eyes. "Hello, is anyone in there?" Korra's voice brought him back to reality. "Oh, sorry, I just got lost in thought for a moment there" he grinned widely. "It's okay but Opal's calling for you" she smiled warmly before removing her hand from his shoulder, passing him by and pushing him towards the door. "Go on, she's waiting, you doof!" she added, chuckling as she made her way to the curtains where he'd just come from. He chuckled as well, his chuckle turning into a soft laugh as he proceeded to exit through the door.

Korra made her way to the curtains, pulling them to the side slowly and just slightly, making sure nobody on the other side could see her. But, not like anyone was even paying attention, she was behind the stage and the show wasn't supposed to start for the next 30 minutes, even though the bar was already nearly full. She spotted Bolin's brother at the entrance, the only familiar face she could make out from the crowd. She grinned as she noticed his outfit, black suit, red tie, hair (obviously carefully) pulled back, and was he.. Yes, he was. With a girl. But before Korra could see what the girl looked like, Bolin's entering the room 'caused her to stir and turn around.

"Back so soon?"

"Ah, yeah, Opal just wanted me to go check up on Iroh, he was walking around panicking how someone took his bass and he couldn't find it and so I just went there and pointed him to the bass. Which was not, obviously, taken by anyone."

Korra chuckled at his remark, resting her arms in the back pockets of her tight black jeans.

"He is very dramatic, isn't he?"

"Very is an understatement."

"While we're at dramatic, I just saw Mako" she stated, grinning.

"Oh, where?"

"At the entrance. " she smirked before continuing, "And he brought his lady" she barely managed to stifle a chuckle.

"Oooh, lemme see!" Bolin quickly shuffled his way to the curtains and pulled one to the side so he could have a clear view of the crowd in the bar. He broke off into a loud laughing fit only to pull his head back swiftly upon realizing some people turned their heads to the stage, hearing his loud roar of a laughter. "That's Asami!"

"Asami?" Korra starred at him, slightly confused.

"Asami! Our childhood friend! She's no lady and she certainly isn't Mako's lady!" Bolin kept laughing, this time more quietly, now holding his stomach, trying to quiet down.

"Uh, okay" Korra grinned, completely baffled and lost.

"I'll explain later"Bolin finally managed, catching his breath. "Now come on, a group hug is in order before we go on the stage!"

"Okay, okay" Korra smiled warmly, letting him put his hand around her shoulder, "Opal's gonna be jealous, you know?"

"Opal? Naah, she knows I'd never do anything and she trusts me."

"She's a woman, that doesn't really apply to us" Korra added with a silent chuckle as they walked out.


The place wasn't really all that big, at least not as big as Asami'd imagine it. But it was nice. Cozy. It felt warm. Mako waved towards the bar, an older man, possibly the owner, was sitting behind it, shuffling through some bottles of hard liquor.

"Hey Tenzin, how's it going?"

"Oh, hi Mako. Busy, so far."

"Yes, the place seems to be filling up just nicely" Mako added, glancing around before catching a glimpse of blue eyes behind the curtains on the small stage. Must be Korra.

"When are they up?" he looked back at Tenzin.

"Oh, in a few minutes, Bolin's giving them his pep talk. I haven't even heard them play but he almost begged me to let them play.." he trailed off before an older woman appeared from behind him, coming out from a room behind the bar. "Oh come on Tenzin, let the kids have some fun." She turned to Mako and Asami. "Hi Mako. And who's your friend?" she glanced at Asami with a warm, welcoming smile.

"Evening, my name's Asami. I'm an old friend of Mako's and Bolin's" she smiled politely back at the woman.

"Asami, this is Pema, Tenzin's wife. They own the place."

"It's a pleasure to meet you both" Asami added.

"You as well" mumbled Tenzin before turning his attention to the stage.

The curtains on the stage began to move a little and Bolin seemed to have been trying to get Tenzin's attention by flailing his arms around. "Always the subtle one" Asami chuckled as she noticed Tenzin swiftly making his way around the bar and shuffling through the tables before hopping on the stage in one swift movement, grabbing one of four microphones, the one closest to him.

"Evening all. Hello?" He tapped on the microphone, a loud thumping noise coming out of it, the crowd all turned around to him, grumbling about the noise. "Is this thing on? Oh, it is? Sorry, well, hello, good evening all and welcome to Tenzin's Temple, we're happy that you decided to spend your Valentine's Day here with us and let me say, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. We have a new band coming to play here for us, I do hope they're good" he tried mumbling but soon realized he was talking into a microphone and shuffled on his feet nervously, "Go easy on them and please give a warm welcome to our very own, Fire Ferrets!" He moved to the side as the band member began shuffling past the curtains and making their way to their respective positions on the stage.

A dark-skinned girl with black hair and sparkling green eyes was the first to enter the stage, making her way to a small piano set on the left of the drums, right if you're watching from the crowd. She sat down slowly, steadying herself before glancing over the crowd with a warm smile. She was followed by Bolin who quickly sat down behind the drums, taking out his drumsticks and popping the against each other nervously before a another young man, a tall, striking black haired young man tapped him on the shoulder before making his way to his spot between the piano and the drums, standing in front of a microphone. He held his bass close to him and beamed a wide smile, earning a few gasps here and there from the crowd. The last one to arrive was another dark-skinned girl, this one with brown hair and striking azure eyes, carrying a guitar and shuffling her way past other band-mates to her own microphone. Hers was just a tad in front, signifying she'd be taking the lead.

"Good evening everyone" the brown-haired girl spoke up, a slightly low, husky voice, "we're the Fire Ferrets and we'll try and entertain you tonight, we hope you have a good time and don't be afraid to step up and dance, there is some room in front of the stage" she chuckled and beamed a wide grin towards the crowd as they welcomed it with a warm applause and a few heads turned wide-eyed, both male and female, obviously enticed by the woman's natural beauty.

Wow. That was all Asami could think of the moment her eyes fell on the brown-haired girl. She never really noticed people much and yes, the other guy in the band sure looked very handsome (she knew Bolin and he was never really her type, if she did in fact have any) but the girl.. The girl literally made her breathless at just the sight of her. She stared at the girl while she spoke, her voice sending slight shivers down her spine as she traced her outfit with her emerald jewels, admiring the girl's posture and an obvious good form. The girl was wearing black studded ankle-high boots, very tight black jeans that seemed to outline her amazingly defined leg muscles, a t-shirt with some kind of band na- OH MY GOD IS THAT A PEARL JAM T-SHIRT?! – and a black leather jacket on top.

"Your crush is showing."

"Hmm?" Asami turned to Mako, wide-eyed and mouth agape, trying to catch her breath.

"You're staring, you'll melt Iroh if you keep that up."

"Uh, I wasn't..."

"Ya, ya, tell it to the judge" he teased but she was well aware that it wasn't the guy she was staring at, it was the girl. And then the music started and Asami could swear it was at that moment her heart skipped a few beats at the very first words of the song.

"When your legs don't work like they used to before.. And I can't sweep you off of your feet.. Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love? Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks?.. Darling, I will be loving you till we're 70... Baby, my heart could still fall as hard at 23.. I'm thinking about how people fall in love in mysterious ways, Maybe just the touch of a hand.. Well me I fall in love with you every single day and I just wanna tell you I am..."

The voice was... Breathtaking. Heartbreakingly, painstakingly gorgeous. A bit low, husky, raspy, just the right amount of stolen breaths between words.. Everything Asami loved in a voice. And spirits, that girl could sing! She was on note, not missing a single one, and the way she strummed the chords on her guitar making it look like it was effortless... Asami couldn't help but pull her hand to her chest because she could swear she felt her heart ache for a few seconds, her mind in awe, her breath hitching. She could barely hear the sound of the drums and the lovely notes Opal was playing on the piano. And not to mention she didn't even notice the other guy on the stage.. She was engulfed in this girl's voice, in the song that she knew so well, she was staring and her mouth was wide open and her eyes were only focused on those gorgeous ocean blue eyes and this Valentine's Day was turning out to be exactly what she did not know she wanted.