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The Song remains the same

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Asami paced back and forth around the office, anguish and anger mixing in her body as she huffed, holding her phone tight in her hand. “I swear to all gods…” She mumbled to herself, stepped closer to the window and glanced outside.

The late afternoon looked warmer than it actually was - Asami would know, she had to wear a winter jacket mid July - and the setting sun cast what little of its rays were left to lighten the murky ashen scenery of London that lay before her.

“I come down here, on our anniversary and the bitch, the goddamn bitch doesn’t even show!” Asami screamed into the phone.

“Actually, about that...” Korra started but was cut off by more of Asami’s grumbling.

“I can’t believe them Korra, I should have been home, I shouldn’t have agreed to this in the first place,” Asami continued with her rant, with an exasperated groan here and there, “I just can’t believe the audacity...”

“Asami.”  Korra said gently.


“Just leave the papers, the office and everything, ok?”

“Ugh, Korra, I’m just so mad!”

“I know sweetie but just leave it, ok? Take your purse, turn the lights off and leave the office. I know you’ll feel better the moment you step outside.”

“I wish,” Asami grumbled but by the noises Korra could hear through the phone, Asami was  definitely shuffling through papers and moving around.

“Alright?” Korra called again.

“Mhm, just taking my purse.  I’ll be on the flight home in twenty min-“ Asami didn’t get to finish the sentence. The second she stepped out of her office and to the large lobby of her building, she was dazed by the colours surrounding her, the dancing of lights around her, the scent of flowers and -  Chopin playing in the background?

She stopped mid step, dropping her purse and taking in the sight in front of her then gasped when her eyes fell on the beautiful, feminine figure in the middle of the room and the smile gracing the woman’s lips.

“Happy Anniversary.” Korra murmured, crossing the distance between them with a few steps and stopping just shy of Asami.

“Korra, wh- whaa? What are you, how did yo-“ Asami found it hard to form words, let alone coherent sentences so she stopped trying after a few slurred words, with her lips pulled in a wide smile as a few stray tears slid down her cheeks.

Korra reached up swiftly, brushed the tears away cupping Asami’s face, leaned up and met her half-way, pressing their lips together with an intensity of a love older than time. She kissed Asami with the passion of ancient lovers and adoration beyond bounds, with her lips pulling in a wide smile when they finally broke away but only so their foreheads met in a gentle touch.

Seemingly lasting for hours the minutes passed in silence as the two women simply stood holding one another, breathing in the other’s familiar, loving fragrance and pecking each other’s lips with tender, playful kisses every once in a while.

“You planned all of this, didn’t you?” Asami finally spoke after what felt like an eternity of tenderness and warmth shared between them in the intimate moments.

“Maybe,” Korra murmured, capturing Asami’s lips in a kiss once more before speaking again, “Yeah I totally did.” She grinned and pulled back, meeting Asami’s gaze. “How are you feeling now?”

Asami raised an eyebrow, looking at her wife with a confused expression, tilting her head to the side like a little puppy. “You’re here, silly, how do you think I feel?” Korra kept quiet, with a determined face and Asami sighed, continuing with a smile, “I feel great, Korra, happy.”

“See?” Korra’s grin widened, if it were actually possible, “I told you you’d feel better the moment you step out of the office.”

“You’re so sly, you know? And so smug about it.” Asami smirked, swatting Korra’s arm, “I love that about you.”

“Just that?” Korra’s lower lip jutted out in a pout.

“Well your body does help a lot...”

“Saaaaami,” Korra whined, reaching out and taking Asami’s hand, “Come on, you dork, we’ve got places to be!” She said, turning on her heel and heading for the door.

“Oh really?” Asami asked with genuine curiosity.

“Well, you know, dinners and stuff.”

“And stuff?”

“Yeah, celebratory fireworks and Waltzes and ballroom dancing and stuff.”

“Korra, we never did any of those things.” Asami chided, squeezing Korra’s hand as she followed her out the building and towards a limo parked in front of it. “A limo, really?” She stopped in her tracks, tugging her wife to a stop.

“Whaaaaaat, I had to go all out!” Korra squealed with a grin.

“Right,” Asami chuckled. “So where is it you’re taking me first, oh wife of mine?”

“Well, somewhere I’ve wanted to take you for a while, something middle of the city, cosy, homey, London-like?” Korra tilted her head to the side and pulled on Asami’s arm before continuing, “Come on, I’ve got us a reservation and I plan on using it to the fullest!”

They finally got in the limo, both greeted the driver as the man said his greeting and as soon as Korra nodded a ‘yes’, they were off.

“You’re not even gonna hint me where we’re headed?” Asami asked as she scooted closer.

“Where we’re stopping tonight or all the places I’ll be taking you?” Korra grinned.

“Ugh, dork.” Asami swatted her arm and leaned in, pressing a kiss to her wife’s cheek, “Either.”

“Tonight, my favourite place in all the city,” Korra mumbled quickly, “There, you got something out of me now sit tight and kiss me for the rest of the way.” She finished with a smirk.

Asami giggled and leaned in further, meeting Korra’s lips for a soft, gentle kiss. “If you say so, Mrs Sato.”

The rest of the trip, which turned out to be fairly short, was spent in sharing quick kisses and longing glances. Twenty-five minutes later the limo slowed down to a stop and Korra turned to the driver who’d just opened the window in the partition and turned around.

“Thank you!” She said in a hurried voice, almost dragging Asami out of the car.

They got out and the limo sped away as Asami glanced around, taking in the sight.

“So…” She started, “That’s a lot of buildings,” She mumbled in a sheepish voice.

“Ok, shush.” Korra chuckled, took her hand and entwined their fingers, “You’ll love it. And besides, tonight I just, I want to talk to you.” Korra glanced to the side, “We haven’t actually sat down and spent time alone in a while, you know, with the kids and all…” She trailed off, squeezing Asami’s hand tighter.

“I know sweetie,” Asami said, pulling her hand away from Korra’s and bringing both her hands to cup her wife’s cheeks, “I can’t wait to tell you all about how much I love you in all the different ways I can think of.” She said with a smile.

It was one of those smiles that always managed to make Korra’s heart skip a few beats.

She leaned up and pressed their lips together, smiling into the kiss. “Shall we?”

“Lead the way,” Asami murmured with a smile.

This time Asami was the one to take Korra’s hand as her wife moved along the sidewalk and towards a well lit building seemingly meshed between all the other tall buildings in the street. There were flowerpots placed neatly at the entrance, on the floor, the windows and hanging just above the large wooden door, and the two women made their way inside, Korra pushing the large door open and holding it for Asami with a wide grin. She followed her inside and moved past her, leading her towards the centre of the place.

It was obvious at first sight it was a rather known and quite popular pub, simply judging by the number of people sitting there on a Thursday night. The place was packed, there was live music coming from one side and mostly unrecognizable shouts and murmurs coming from all around. About half way through the crowd a woman approached them, wearing a green shirt and a skirt of the same colour, both obviously serving as a uniform.

“Korra?” The woman asked hesitantly.

“Emily?” Korra retorted with her eyes widening, “Fucking hell it’s actually you!” She let go of Asami’s hand and pulled the woman in a hug. She pulled back quickly and turned towards Asami, sliding her arm around her wife’s waist. “This is my wife, Asami.” She said, a wide smile playing on her lips.

“Oh, wow, wife!” The woman chuckled, extending her arm, “I’m Emily, one of Korra’s biggest groupies and a mate from way back in the old times.”

Asami took the woman’s hand and shook it lightly, “Asami, Korra’s wife and current biggest groupie,” She added with a teasing smirk.

“Oh, I like this one!” The woman said with a boisterous laugh that followed, “What are you doing back in London anyway? I heard you were in the States, making it big and ol’ that.”

“Actually, it’s our anniversary so I thought I’d take Asa-”

“You took your wife to a pub on your anniversary?” The woman’s laughter only grew louder, “Still the same bawbag, I see!”

“Shut it, it’s a special place!” Korra whined, covering her face with her free hand.

Asami stood by, both mildly confused and amused.

“Ah get it up ye, I know!” The woman swatted Korra’s arm and straightened up, “So lemme guess, you’re the larky that has a reservation, aye?”

“Yeah, that’s me,” Korra said with a grin, “I knew the place would be full so yeah.”

“Got that right, well follow me, will ye?” The woman mumbled and turned on her heels, heading towards another area of the pub.

The room was secluded with only three tables, a large fireplace and a few more flowerpots all placed around neatly. There was a large chandelier in the middle of the room and candle-like lights strung around the room’s wooden walls.

“Thanks Em,” Korra said with a smile as the woman pointed them towards a table closest to the fireplace, which was consequently the furthest from the door.

“I’ll send ye yer drinks,” The woman mumbled and turned away, heading out.

“Ah-” Asami started but Korra was already pulling her jacket of her shoulders and placing it on a chair.

“Trust me, she’ll get us the best drinks,” Korra said with a grin, pulling the chair and waiting for Asami to sit down. She grinned when Asami gave her a smug grin and sat down slowly.

Korra circled the table and sat on the chair across from her and immediately reached out, holding up her palm.

“I like it here,” Asami finally managed to say, “It’s… warm.”

“Awh come on, it’s more than that!”

“No, really Korra, this city is fucking cold.” Asami said, her expression serious.

“Oh, yeah, I know right?” Korra chuckled, “But really, this pub… Man, it brings out a lot of memories.”

“Such as?”

“Some great gigs, best ale, great food, a lot of drunken nights…”

“Sounds exhausting. And fun.” Asami added with a smirk.

“It was It really was. But,” Korra started when a different waiter approached them, carrying a tray with two large containers filled to the brim with a dark substance.

“Oh I forgot to mention, best ale.” Korra grinned.

“Isn’t that much the same as beer?”

“Asami, you wound me,” Korra grimaced.

“What is it anyway?”

Korra quickly grasped for the pint and pulled it to her lips. “Mmm,” She hummed her approval, her eyes closed in appreciation, “It’s called Botanic. My fav.”

“I thought you’d say Guinness or something like that.” Asami grinned.

“Wife of mine,” Korra mumbled, setting the pint away, “You wound me again.” She eyes Asami cautiously before a grin appeared on her face. “You know I stopped drinking that.”

“Mmhm, and you know I’m just teasing. Hah, you remember that time when we ordered one at that little place in Arizona and they had no idea what a Guinness is?” Asami giggled, grasping for her pint and bringing it to her lips, “And they called us idiots for asking!” She laughed this time, setting the pint back down on the table. “Fuck they were dumb!”

“I know, what a bunch of stupid fucks. I still can’t believe we even went to that place, why did we even go there?” Korra leaned back in her chair, crossing her legs.

“Well, if I remember correctly, and I do, it was because someone lost their wedding ring.” Asami leaned on the table and eyed her wife. “So someone else had to go drive them half across the universe to buy a new one.”

Korra laughed sheepishly before taking another swig of her ale, “Oh yeah…”





Asami gripped the steering wheel, staring out the side window as Korra snored softly in the passenger seat of her car. She was still foggy on all the details but somehow they found themselves in the middle of nowhere, driving for what seemed an eternity with only one thought in mind - we’re going to Arizona.

Whoever thought it would be a good idea to drive there was really wrong. Which, to be kind of fair, meant both Korra and Asami.

Korra for the “brilliant” idea and Asami for actually going with it

“It’ll be fun!” Asami remembered Korra saying. “Sure, why not.” She remembered her own hesitant but hopeful voice.

She was drawn to the idea by the sheer fact that their lives were getting busier and the time they spent together shorter and fewer. The company was prospering nicely but Asami often found herself flying to god-knows-where and Korra seemed to be having more students with each passing year and she often came home late and rather tired.

So at the first prospect of being able to spend some time, a few days, completely alone and, knowing each other perfectly, having a lot of fun, Asami jumped at the idea and found herself packing and on the road within a few hours. Two days later the idea didn’t seem as brilliant anymore as Korra turned out to be a horrible road-trip companion while sleeping through most of it and the roads being as straight and boring as ever.

Asami glanced back to the front and sighed, turning her attention to Korra.

“Seriously, how can you even sleep, it’s like, eight in the evening and you’ve been sleeping all day.” She mumbled to herself, certain that it wouldn’t wake her fiancée up. However, much to Asami’s surprise, Korra shifted in her seat, mumbled a quiet “Snrr not mine” and turned towards her, her eyes still hazy with sleep.

“Sami,” Korra murmured, “How long was I out this time?”

“Oh about… five hours?” Asami grumbled.

“Oh man, I’m so sorry, why didn’t you wake me up?” Korra whined and straightened up in her seat, pulling on her seatbelt and adjusting it. “Sorry.” She mumbled once more, her gaze downcast, “I’m such a horrible fiancée.”

Asami turned to her again and huffed out with a smile, “You’re just a giant dork and I love you. But I’m still very much confused as to why we’re driving all the way to Arizona.”

“I just thoug-”

“Couldn’t we’ve just taken my private jet? We would’ve been back by now and probably sprawled in bed or you know, doing some other stuff in bed?” Asami turned back to the road, keeping both her hands on the steering wheel.

“Yeeeeah but it wouldn’t have been as fun?” Korra tried sheepishly.

“Fun? Korra you’ve been asleep for the past… Well almost for twenty-four hours! How is driving around a really boring road in complete silence fun?”

“I know, I’m sorry… I fucked up, it’s all my fault.” Korra said with a frown, glancing outside.

“It’s fine, just next time get a guitar from somewhere closer? Or just, you know, order it?”

“There’skindanoguitarthere.” Korra slurred the words, keeping her gaze on the side of the road.

“What?” Asami mumbled.

“We’re not going there for a guitar.” Korra finally turned to meet Asami’s eyes.

“What do you mean? Aren’t you getting a custom made guitar there and we’re going to pick it up?” Asami clutched the steering wheel in her hands, staring at her fiancée.

“There’s no guitar. We’re going to pick something else up.” Korra stared at her with the saddest of looks Asami’d seen in a while.

“What are going to pick up?” Asami asked hesitantly.

“M-my wedding ring,” Korra mumbled nervously, trying to hold Asami’s gaze. Her anxiety won out and she looked away, unable to help herself.

“What wedding ring?”

“The one you got me.”

“The one that’s supposed to be at the jeweler’s?” Asami’s voice suddenly picked up a sharper note.




Before she was aware what was happening, Korra was clutching whatever she could and grasping for something to hold as she tried to brace herself for the sudden stop Asami made when she swerved to the side of the road.

“You lost the ring.” Asami said sharply.



“Yeah I lost the ring but I was gonna get it back but then I found out how much you paid for it and I freaked out and just ordered the same one but they don’t have delivery and now we’re half way to Arizona and you’re so pissed of, god will you ever talk to me again?” Korra finally turned back to meet Asami’s eyes, tears brimming in her own as she all but slurred the words. “I’m so fucking sorry Sami!”

“Korra, do you realize that you’re…” Asami paused, bringing her palm to her forehead and sighing, “You’re such a fucking dork, you know that?” She reached for her seatbelt, unbuckled it and in one swift motion moved to Korra’s side, straddling her. “You are a fucking dork. You’re so silly. And wow you’re just so… ridiculous. I’ve no words, really.” Asami mumbled and pressed her lips to Korra’s in an almost bruising kiss.

“Wha…?” Korra started but Asami’s lips were already pressed to hers and she wasn’t pulling away so Korra kissed her back with just as much fervor and moved her hands to Asami’s sides, sliding them around her and pulling her tighter to herself.

“I can’t believe you didn’t just tell me.” Asami mumbled between kisses, “Next time you lie to me I’m going to drive you here and throw you out of the fucking car.” The words came out a mixture of a growl and a moan as Korra tightened her hold.

“I panicked, I’m sorry,” Korra mumbled, “Never again, promise.” She kissed Asami again and again, until the space between them became too warm and Asami finally pulled back, winded and with her lips swollen and her lipstick slightly smeared.

“Don’t be an idiot ‘cause you know I love you and such a stupid thing will never come between us.” Asami spoke with newfound determination. “A turn the car off, we’re taking a break.” She leaned back down and pressed her lips to Korra’s once more, nipping her lower lip and brushing her tongue over it.

Korra swiftly unbuckled her own seatbelt and reached for the ignition, turned the key and grinned as the car came to a complete stop and the only sound left was the one of their mingled breaths.




“Oh yeah, we did that in the car!” Asami grinned, glancing around the room, “I had to reupholster the seat!” She laughed out and clutched at her stomach, trying to straighten up.

“Oh and, and, remember that poor chick that came driving that road and she stopped to check if we were ok and was all ‘oh my lord, oh no, oh the lord will save you, oh no’ and we just kind of stared at her until she went away.” Korra leaned back in her chair with a loud laugh.

“She was staring though, kinda like that chick across the room,” Asami mumbled and brought her pint to her mouth, taking a sip.

“The blonde? Yeah, she’s been staring at you all night.” Korra grinned, meeting her wife’s eyes.

“Oh come on babe, that chick has been eyeing you all night and you can’t convince me otherwise. Besides, she’s hot come on, just look at her!” Asami grinned and turned her attention to the woman seated across the room who immediately looked away, obviously caught staring at them. Or more precisely, at Korra.

“You know what’s really hot though?” Korra leaned over, elbows on the table, her chin resting on her palms as she stared at her wife.

“Hmm?” Asami hummed, turning back to her and mimicking her actions until they’re much closer to one another.

“That gorgeous grey hair that you’ve been trying to hide this whole time.” Korra smirked and reached out, brushing the back of her hand against Asami’s cheek and tracing her fingers through her wife’s hair. “You don’t have to hide from me, Asami, I still think you’re gorgeous. I always will, no matter how many greys you get.”

Asami’s cheek turned a light pink shade, a sight Korra hadn’t seen in a while and she giggled almost involuntarily.

“So I can actually still make you blush.” She said gently.

“Nobody else,” Asami added.

“If I remember correctly, I was usually the only one to make you blush,” Korra continued, “And you’ve always been the only one to make me blush. At least blush really, really hard.”

“Oh, Korra!” Asami all but squeaked.

“Hmm, love?”

“Remember that time in your office?” Asami grinned widely, taking Korra’s hand in her own and squeezing it tightly.

“Oh god…”

“Yeah, you were saying that a lot back then as well.” Asami’s grin widened.





Korra frowned as she glanced around the room, trying to figure out where she’d put her motorcycle keys. She always managed to misplace them and always found herself looking for them when she was in a hurry.

Asami was going to meet her at Tenzin’s in five minutes and she wasn’t even on her way, thanks to her super awesome brain that never ceased to amaze her.

She sat back in her seat, groaned and started opening her drawers yet again. The bloody key had to be somewhere and she’d find it, even if it meant turning the whole room upside down.

A knock on the door turned her attention away from the search and she glanced up slightly confused and mostly irritated.

“Professor Korra?” A faintly familiar voice came from the other side of the door.

Korra all but smacked herself over the forehead at forgetting to answer before actually looking towards the door. “Yes?” She called, “Come in!”

The door opened and none other than her wife sauntered in, clad in nothing but a long coat and a pair of ankle high black boots, letting the door close behind her as she made her way towards the chair placed in front of Korra’s desk.

“Babe?” Korra asked in confusion, standing up from her chair but was promptly sitting back down as Asami motioned for her to with one swift curl of her forefinger.

“Professor, may I have a word with you?” Asami asked in the sweetest of voices she could muster as she moved to sit down on the chair.

“Uh, sure babe,” Korra mumbled hesitantly, “What about?”

“Well you see, professor, I know I should have tried better but I’ve been really busy and I know you don’t just go around offering A’s and better grades to bad students such as myself but, could we, maybe…” Asami trailed off and Korra suddenly felt her throat had gone a little dry at her wife’s words, “Perhaps bargain for a higher grade?”

Korra straightened in her seat with a small smirk adorning her face. “And what exactly did you have in mind, Mrs Sato?”

“Well, I’ve been thinking… How about you,” Asami paused and stood up, untying the belt and stretching open her coat, “And I,” She grinned as Korra’s breath hitched and her eyes visibly widened when her coat fell down her arms, “play a little game?”

Korra cleared her throat and gripped to her armrests, straightening up in her chair as she crossed her legs. “And what game would that be, Mrs Sato?”

Asami simple smirked and turned on her heels and headed for the door. She added a little more sway to her hips and grinned to herself when Korra cleared her throat once more.

“Having a little trouble there, professor?” She teased.

“None at all, Mrs Sato. So that game that you were talking about…”

Asami locked the door and turned back to face her wife, slowly making her way back to her desk. She couldn’t help the giggle that escaped her when Korra leaned over and placed her hands on the desk, blatantly staring at her. She knew Korra loved her lingerie, but she also knew this particular black piece was Korra’s favourite. As she approached the desk she circled around and moved to lean against it on Korra’s side, just shy from her.

“I was thinking we’d play a little game I like to call ‘how long will it take me to get my professor off?” Asami smirked and pulled her lower lip between her teeth.

Korra shuddered at her words and uncrossed her legs, leaning back and staring at her wife’s eyes. “And what… What exactly are you going to do to go about this game?” Korra mumbled, trying to keep her voice from wavering.

Asami reached down to her boots, unzipped them and took them down and immediately scooted more to the middle of the desk, sitting down straight in front of Korra.

“I intend to present to you all that I’ve learnt in my few years of studying with you and then you can give me my A?” She winked and placed on leg between Korra’s own, “If I deserve, of course?”

Korra straightened up in her seat and leaned up as far as she could, staring straight into Asami’s eyes, a grin playing on her lips.

“Well I’m sure you’ll give it your best, Mrs Sato?”

“Oh I most certainly will.” Asami said as she met her lips in a quick kiss and moved down onto Korra’s lap, slipping her arms around her neck, murmuring against Korra’s cheek. “I’ll try as hard and as long as necessary, until you’re fully satisfied and sure I deserve my grade.”

“I’m not sure I remember you taking the written exam, Mrs Sato.” Korra murmured, letting her lips trail kisses down Asami’s jaw.

“I haven’t. But I’ll do the oral one now, if you don’t mind.” Asami said as she pulled at Korra’s hair and tilted her head, latching onto her neck and leaving a bruising bite.

Korra grinned and let Asami nibble her way up her neck and to her ear as she mumbled softly, “And what makes you think I’ll let you, just like that?”

“Because you want it.” Asami purred.

“Really?” Korra’s grin widened and she slipped her hands to Asami’s waist, squeezing slightly. She shivered when she felt Asami’s warm lips press against her ear and her hot breath trail alongside it.

“Because,” Asami whispered, “You want me to go down on my knees, spread your legs and bury myself between them.” She paused, flicking her tongue over Korra’s earlobe, eliciting another shudder, “You want me eating you out until you can’t take it any longer. And you know I’ll be so damned good at it, you’ll have to give me that A.” She bit Korra’s earlobe and tugged on it lightly, sliding her hands to Korra’s shoulders and down her arms.

“Then I guess you should get on with it, Mrs Sato.” Korra mumbled, gripping Asami’s hips and sliding her hands up her abdomen. She paused when her fingers met the fabric of Asami’s bra but she wasted no time and slipped her hands underneath it, squeezed and tilted her head to the side, biting Asami’s neck and trailing her tongue over it in an almost apologetic manner. “My students,” She murmured against Asami’s neck as she felt her hips grind against her abdomen, “are always diligent, Mrs Sato,” she smirked, nipping her way up to Asami’s lips, “As I’m sure you will be as well.”

Their lips met and tongues collided. One second the kiss was all biting and sucking and the next it turned into wild, roused battling for air. Asami’s moans filled the air and as Korra finally managed to slip a hand between their bodies and down to Asami’s panties, she grinned when she felt just how damp they already were and how ready Asami was. She pressed a finger against Asami’s clit - she knew her wife too well by now not to hit the spot immediately even through the fabric - and moved it in a circular motion, applying steady pressure and revelling in the sounds Asami was making. Her moans quickly turned into mewls and gasps filled with breathy words and she could almost feel Asami unraveling in her arms. Just as she was about to slip her hand inside her panties and finally slide her fingers in that warm, inviting wetness, Asami’s pulled away, after one last grind and bucking of her hips, and giggled, staring down at her.

“I thought I was supposed to be showing you a good time, professor.”

“Oh I am having a really good time, Asami.”

“First name, already Kor--”

“For you, Asami, it’s professor.” Korra said sternly, reclaiming her lips in a ravishing kiss.She grinned when Asami grinded her hips one more time but before she could grasp at her hips once more, Asami was slipping away, peppering kisses down her neck and moving away from her reach.

“A-A-A, professor. I think it’s time I earned my grade.” Asami said, reaching down and pulling at the hem of Korra’s shirt. “This, off. This,” She mumbled and reached for Korra’s belt, unbuckling it and sliding it off her jeans, “Also off.”

Korra grinned and pushed herself back in her chair - thank fuck for those goddamn squeaky little wheels - pulled her shirt over her head and let Asami slide her jeans down. She was almost thrown back in her chair so she settled against it, smiled up at her wife and closed her eyes when Asami began to descend.

The first she felt were Asami’s fingertips cascading down her neck and to her chest. Then Asami’s hands slipped underneath her bra, she pinched Korra’s nipples a few times and gaze her taut, heaving breasts a few squeezes before letting her hands slide further down, nails scraping down those fabulous abs. She pulled on Korra’s briefs and her wife promptly lifted herself off the seat and let her slide the fabric away and down, not bothering to take it all the way off. She pressed teasing kisses up along Korra’s inner thigh, starting from her knee and dangerously approaching her aching wetness now already begging to be tended to.

When Asami’s lips finally made contact with her trembling form and she felt them encircle her stiffened bundle of nerves, Korra shuddered in delight and let out a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding.

Asami’s tongue flicked over her clit a couple of times and each touch was enough to send another rush down her spine and to her core. Her inner muscles fluttered at the sensation and she groaned, slipped her hands in Asami’s hair and urged her to move, to do something, to fill her and fuck her, to satisfy her the way only she knew.

Asami smirked and flicked her tongue over Korra’s clit once more, pulled the aching bud between her lips and sucked so agonizingly slowly, knowing full well just how crazy it’d drive her wife. Her hand slowly trailed up her thigh and as she brought it to it’s stop, Asami couldn’t help but look up and smile at the mess she’d made of her wife.

Korra had one of her hands tangled in Asami’s hair and the other slipped underneath her bra, cupping her own breast and flicking a finger over her nipple, moaning and shuddering as she did so. She looked down, meeting Asami’s eyes, and mouthed a “Please” before her head shot back and she arched her whole body when Asami’s two fingers finally slipped into her warm, velvety wetness. She felt her lips enclose her clit once more as her fingers picked up a steady pace and with each push of Asami’s fingers, Korra felt a little more wetness escape her and she squeezed on her own breast a little harder. Her walls clenched and squeezed, trying to coax out more friction but then Asami curled her fingers at that perfect, swollen spot and she knew she’d be coming hard and fast.

Asami wanted to look up, she wanted to stare up at Korra’s eyes and watch her as she came but the taste was too good and she couldn’t help but suck on her clit, even more so when every flick of her tongue meant Korra’s walls would flutter around her fingers with more vigour and she’d moan out her name more fiercely than before.

It took a few more flicks of her tongue and couple more expertly placed thrusts and curls of her fingers before Asami had Korra a writhing, shuddering mess in her arms. She felt wetness coat her hand to her wrist and eagerly licked as much of it as she could without removing her fingers, letting her wife ride out her orgams as long as she wanted. When Korra finally started coming off her high, she slowly pulled out her fingers, grinning at the whine Korra gave at the lack of fullness inside her, and she moved down, licking and gently stroking her tongue through Korra’s swollen, warm folds with a smile on her face. She moved slowly back up, placing gentle kisses up Korra’s abdomen and met her lips, grinning when Korra shuddered once more upon feeling herself on Asami’s lips.

“So,” Asami started, pressing light kisses to Korra’s lips as she settled in her lap, “Was that worthy of an A?”

Korra chuckled and pecked her lips once more, wrapping her arms around Asami’s waist. “I think you got yourself a A till the end of the year, Mrs Sato.”



“Oh my god Asami, I am still not over that!” Korra whined, bringing her third pint of beer to her lips and taking a long swig before continuing, “You’ve no idea how many times I found myself thinking about that in class!”

Asami grinned and leaned back in her chair, “Hey, I had to work hard for my grade and I made sure you’d remember it.”

“Yeah you made sure of that, alright…” Korra murmured and glanced around, “You know the janitor came by the next day and told me he’d like to ask Mr Sato for a few pointers and I almost slapped the guy.”

“What?!” Asami almost kicked her pint away as she surged forward and leaned over the table, “You never told me that!”

“I forgot!”

“How could you forget that, that’s hilarious!”

“Oh come on, I forgot, you know how I am… Besides, the guy quit like, a week later and I just never saw him again.”

“Well fine, but still. Hah,” She almost snorted, “He had to ask Mr Sato for pointers? Mr?” She leaned back, grabbing hold of her pint and downing it in one go, “Sure, I can drink like a man but I can service my wife far better!”

“Samiii!” Korra whined again, trying to reach over and place a hand over her wife’s mouth, “You’re drunk and talking about our sex life again!”


“I’m not drunk, I’m just enjoying our anniversary,” Asami giggled and leaned back, finally settling down. “That’s just like that time I got that stupid email addressed to Mr Sato.” She remembered.

“I still don’t get it how you got that mail, I am clearly the one wearing pants in this marriage.” Korra slapped her hand against the table and huffed contently.

“Excuse me?” Asami looked at her, narrowing her eyes, “You’re wearing the pants?”

“Yes, I am wearing the pants, does Mrs Sato have anything against that?”

“Well,” Asami started, “How about… I do all the work around the house, I mow the lawn, I drive you around everywhere, I fix all our transporting devices-”

“You laze around while I chase the kids around the house, I clean up after them, I cook, I wash everything… Hey! You’re right! You are the man of the house!” Korra grinned, fully aware of the menacing looks Asami was giving her.


“Sami, remember I am your wife and you love me dearly.”

“Oh I love your, dear. I do. I will also love getting back at you for this.”

“And how exactly will you go about doing that.” Korra crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow.

“I’ll show you when we get to our hotel room,” Asami leaned over and smirked, “Want a hint, babe?”

“Of course.”

“It involves two fingers and a tongue.” She grinned when Korra cleared her throat and grabbed her pint, taking a swig and downing it.

Asami leaned back and yawned, staring at Korra. “God I missed this.”

“Me too,” Korra smiles, leans over and reaches out and this time, Asami meets her hand immediately, entwining their fingers. “I love being at home, with the kids and I love it how the house is never quiet now and I can’t sleep in on Sundays but… I missed this, so much. Just being able to sit and talk to you, hold your hand and tease you about silly stuff and just remember everything we’ve been through.”

“I know, Korra,” Asami murmured gently, “I know. Wanna go get some icecream and head to our hotel room?” She smiled and leaned in even further.

“Mmm, icecream,” Korra repeated almost in a daze, “I totally do.”

As they stumbled out the pub, some fifteen minutes later, Korra took on the role of leading Asami through London streets. They headed for the first open store and rushed in, each grabbing a tub of icecream, Korra grabbing three, and they headed for the cashier.

“How come you always buy so much icecream?” Asami started.

“I don’t know, I just love icecream.” Korra grinned and showed all of it on the counter.

“You do realize we can always buy more, right?” Asami teased, bumping her shoulder.

“Yeah but, what if I really want icecream, like, really really, and there’s none in the house? That would not be okay and that’s why we always have so much icecream in the house.”

“I think we always have so much because we let you do the shopping.” Asami grinned and threw the tubs in a bag as they headed outside.

“The kids love it.” Korra grinned and squeezed her hand.


“What is it?” Korra turned to her as they left the pub, took both her hands in her own and held them tight.

“I’m just thinking about them.” Asami smiled to her, “I still remember the first day we brought them home.”

“I do too.” Korra smiled back, sliding her arms around Asami’s waist, “It was one of the truly happiest days of my life.”

“Mine too.” Asami murmured and wrapped her arms around Korra’s shoulders.





Korra shivered as the car came to a stop.

Everything felt more silent than it should have been and by the time her mind caught up with her, she was already out of the car and pacing about like the nervous wreck that she was. She looked up at their house and grinned for a brief moment before turning back to the car and throwing her head in her hands.

“Baby.” Came Asami’s voice from the side.

Korra ignored it.

“Babe.” Asami’s voice again.

Korra rubbed her eyes and looked up but quickly let her head fall back in her hands.

Korra, honey.” Asami’s voice grew closer. “Hey, baby, look at me.”

Korra felt a hand on her shoulder and the warm, familiar touch instantly managed to pull her out of her thoughts. She turned to meet her wife and wrapped her arms around Asami’s waist with a rush.

“I am so nervous.” Korra murmured in Asami’s shoulder.

“I know, sweetie.” Asami said, gently stroking her hair.

“I’m gonna be horrible at this,” Korra said quietly, tightening her grip.

“No, you’re gonna be amazing, just as you already are.” Asami reassured.

“What if I hurt them? What if I’m mean to them? What if I say something wrong and they end up hating me for the rest of their lives?” Korra whined, clutching to her wife.

Asami frowned against Korra’s frame and gently pushed herself away from her grasp.

“Listen to me now, Korra,” She said as she cupped Korra’s cheeks,  “I love you. Everyone who knows, loves you. You are a wonderful person with the warmest heart in the whole wide universe. These children, our children, will love you.” Asami finished and leaned in to press her lips to Korra’s forehead. She smiled when Korra took a shuddering breath and exhaled slowly.

“You’re right.” Korra smiled, looking up at her wife’s eyes when Asami cleared her throat ever so slightly. “You’re always right,” Korra grinned.

“That’s better,” Asami smirked and rounded the car. “I’ll get him out and you get her, ok?”

“Yeah.” Korra swallowed a lump in her throat that had suddenly formed in the last ten minutes and opened the car door as quietly and as slowly as she could, making sure not to disturb either of the two sleeping toddlers. She glanced to the other side and felt her heartbeat quicken at the sight of Asami and that gorgeous little bundle of ‘awww’ wrapped up in her arms. How did she manage to do that already?

She took another long breath and let it out through her nose as she reached in, unbuckled the belt strewn across the toddler sleeping in the car seat and smiled when the little one reached out in her sleepy haze and welcomed Korra’s touch. Korra stared at her in awe and tried to will herself to do anything other than that. It took all she could muster but she got her out of the car and brought her close to herself, leaning the little girl against her chest and cradling her in her arms, staring at her with a look of admiration and adoration.

“Babe?” Asami’s whisper had her staring up in a second, “House?” Asami grinned at the word and Korra nodded vigorously, taking meticulous care not to wake the little one.

When they reached the front door, Korra felt a surge of panic. “Wait, Sami!” She yelled out in a whisper, “What about Naga?”

“Sweetie, Naga’s at Bo’s, remember?” Asami stared at her sweetly, unlocking the door and pushing it open.

“Oh, yeah,” Korra murmured to herself and cradled the little girl in her arms once more, looking down at her and taking in her features.

The girl had slightly curly brownish hair, a cute little perky nose and full tiny lips adorning her gorgeous chubby little face.

As Korra moved inside and around the living room, the little girl clutched to her even tighter and pressed her tiny little hand over Korra’s chest, eliciting a shudder. Korra tried to calm herself down but it wasn’t until Asami’s arms wrapped around her waist did she feel better and more confident.

“She is so beautiful,” Asami whispered next to Korra’s ear, watching the little girl over Korra’s shoulder.

“Where’s Aidan?” Korra whispered.

“In our bed.” Asami smiled warmly, leaning her head on Korra’s shoulder, “I think they should sleep with us for the first week or two?”

“Mhm, definitely.” Korra agreed, tilting her head and pecking her wife’s cheek. “We can totally do this.”

“Oh, someone regained their confidence?” Asami teased, pressing her lips to Korra’s.

“With you around, it’s impossible to feel anything but good and warm and safe and all that kind of brings out that whole confident and ‘sure of myself’ thing.” Korra murmured, silently enough not to disrupt the child’s slumber.

“I’m gonna go put her to bed,” Korra murmured and Asami noded, letting her go and slipping away to the kitchen.

“I’ll make dinner,” Asami said as Korra left the room and headed for their bedroom.

When she reached it and noticed the little boy on the bed, she finally felt the sting of tears prickling at her yes, She’d been pushing the away all day but now that she was finally alone with these two adorable little beings, Korra couldn’t help herself.

She put the little girl down, close - but not too much - to her little brother and pulled a blanket over to cover the both. She then sat down at the side of the bed and let the tears roll down her cheeks. She didn’t try to brush them away or stop them - aside from her wedding with Asami and a few cherished, warm and beautiful moments she’d had in her life, this was the moment that she’d remember until the day she died. And these two little creatures, so frail and innocent and so beautifully adorable, even as strangers to her and to them, meant the whole world. And she already loved them with all her heart.

When Korra didn’t come back to the living room for twenty more minutes, Asami finally gave up her false pretense, and succumbed to the worry and all the overwhelming feelings washing over her. She hurried towards their bedroom, with a rushed but silent step, and gently pushed the door open, just enough so she could peer inside. The sight warmed her heart in ways she didn’t even imagine possible.

There she was, Korra, the love and light of her life, laying in bed beside two beautiful little beings, with her warm, safe hand splayed around them, and them, her little bundles of joy and love and warmth, tucked safely against her wife, sleeping soundly and almost smiling in their sleep.

Asami briefly entertained the idea of going back to the kitchen and finishing the dinner but it could wait. She kicked off her slippers and slipped under the blanket, brushing her hand over Korra’s arm and letting it slide to the children’s faces. She brushed it over with the lightest touch and smiled when Korra opened her eyes and met hers in a sleepy daze.

“Sorry, I just really wanted to join them.” Korra murmured silently.

Asami noticed the red of her eyes and how much puffier her cheeks looked, compared to just half hour ago, so she sighed contently and gave her wife another adoring smile. “It’s alright, babe, I get you.”

“I’m really happy we did this, Sami.” Korra whispered, her eyes still set on Asami’s, “They… They had no one and now they have us and everyone we love and a chance for a new start and I just want to give them everything.”

“Korra, sweetie, we will give them everything.” Asami reassured.

“I’m frightened, Sami.”

“I am too, but I trust you and I know we can be good parents to them.”

“Yeah,” Korra agreed, “And when we tell them what happened to their real mom and dad, do you… Do you think they’ll like us less?”

“Babe,” Asami sat up slightly, staring at Korra, “Stop being so insecure. Their parents… You know how loss feels. I know as well. Nobody could have known that an accident like that would happen to them and I… I wish it didn’t but I’m happy we were able to help them.”

“I am too, Sami.”

“I’m happy we get to give them a home, love, warmth, respect and everything that I’m sure they’d had, in a different life with their parents. But they’re gone and we’re here. And I don’t want them to forget, but I wan-”

“I know. We’ll give them love. And everything else they deserve.”

Asami smiled as Korra reached out for her hand and squeezed it then settled back and slipped it around the two kids.

Hours later, Asami awoke with a start. She sat up, still in her sleepy haze, and kicked away the blanket, glancing around the room.

The trio wasn’t in sight and Asami felt herself cringe in fear. She quickly stumbled off the bed and rushed out of the room. She headed for the living room area, where their kitchen and actual living room were, both placed in the very large, open space, and Asami stopped just shy of the large arc which served to divide the hall and the room. All her fear and doubts melted away and in their place came warmth, joy and adoration.

The kids were both sitting in their little chairs, set beside the kitchen counter, with Korra standing across from them, mixing something in a bowl and making faces at them. The girl was giggling, her shy little voice was as adorable as ever, and the boy was simply starting, dazzled and seemingly baffled. He reached out as Korra leaned over the counter and pressed his tiny hand to her nose, curling his fingers clumsily and grasping. Korra grinned with a gleam in her eyes and Asami felt herself tear up at the sight.

She cleared her throat and all three of them turned to her, the children both suddenly very serious and Korra with that dazzling, wide grin of hers spread across her face.

“Morning gorgeous,” Korra mumbled and placed the bowl on the counter, walked around it and opened her arms as she approached her wife.

“It’s,” Asami glanced to the clock on the kitchen wall, “Eight in the evening, sweetie, but, good morning.” She murmured with a smile and let Korra wrap her arms tightly around her waist as she slipped her own arms around Korra’s broad shoulders.

“I know you needed sleep and they woke up so I thought why not just let you sleep a little longer,” Korra murmured in the crook of her neck and Asami giggled as Korra’s warm breath tickled her skin. “Besides, they really didn’t want to stay in bed.” Korra finally pushed herself away, leaned up pressing a quick kiss to Asami’s lips, and turned on her heels, facing the two toddlers, “Right?”

The little girl giggled and turned around, trying to grab the bowl that was just barely out of her reach as the boy continued to stare at them.  He reached out with both his arms towards them and Korra started towards him but then stopped, turned around and clasped her hands behind her back.

“Could you hold our son while I finish their dinner?” Korra practically glowed with that grin of hers.

Asami felt her cheeks warmer at the thought and her heart began a steadily increasing beat as she nodded and headed towards the boy. He hesitated for a moment but when she smiled warmly and brushed the back of her hand against his soft little cheek, he leaned into the touch and smiled up at her. He hiccupped a second later and Korra burst out laughing but stopped the second Asami turned and gave her a scolding glance. She then unbuckled him and pushed the safety bar away, slipped her hands to his tiny form and picked him up before bringing him close to herself and cradling him, pressing her chin to his head.

Korra was already standing back behind the counter and stirring the mixture in the bowl and when she was finally done, she took a teaspoon and grabbed a spoonful of the mixture, leaned over the counter and pressed it to the little girl’s lips. The girl frowned and shook her head and even backed away as far as her chair allowed her when Korra tried to feed her once more.

Asami grinned and looked at the boy, “Your little sister’s a picky one, isn’t she?” She said, holding the boy with one arm and tickling him with her free hand. The boy giggled and stared back at her as she continued, “And you?” He continued to stare, a baffled expression on his face.

Asami moved to stand beside Korra, giggled and leaned in, whispering, “You do know they’re only one and a half and they’re already got you wrapped up around their little fingers?” She took the spoon from Korra’s hand and brought it to his lips. He frowned for a moment as the mixture pressed against them but opened his mouth and quickly swallowed the creamy, green mix.

“Sure, I get to feed little miss ‘I want to eat something fancy’ and you get ‘Mr I’ll eat everything mommy makes’, right?” Korra teased and crossed her arms, staring at the little girl who only giggled once more and reached out with her arms. “Oh, come here you,” Korra mumbled and shuffled past her wife and their son, pulled the little girl out of her chair and cradled her in her arms.  “Better?”

The girl pressed her head to Korra’s shoulder and her left arm as far up and around Korra’s neck as she could reach with that tiny little arm of hers. Korra took a deep breath and placed her own hand atop of her daughter’s and smiled.

“How about we get you some cocoa and the two of us go to bed early tonight?” Korra spoke softly, holding the girl tight to herself.

“I think that’s a wonderful idea, “ Asami murmured, still feeding the boy, “And Aidan and I will join you later when we’re done eating and we take a little tour around the house, hmm?” Asami tilted her head to meet the boy’s eyes who simply giggled with a bit of green pouring down his chin.

Korra nodded quietly and walked further into the kitchen, holding the little girl snug to her chest, as she went on about making her a bottle of warm cocoa. A few minutes later she was done and checking if it wasn’t too hot for about the fifth time when Asami cleared her throat and Korra simply smiled sheepishly and took the bottle, heading out and into the hall. About thirty minutes later, Asami and the boy followed.  

It wasn’t until a few days that both Korra and Asami realized that parenthood wouldn’t be all about cuddles and warm nights and sweet words and giggles.

Asami was scrunched up underneath… something, cursing and muttering to herself, banging her screwdriver against a wooden piece, trying to get it to fit inside another piece. The kids were both holding tight to Korra’s leg, who stood a few feet away and had her hands on their ears, trying hard to prevent them from hearing all the curses coming from her wife’s mouth.

“Who the fuck even made these things?” Asami cursed again, loudly.

“Sami, baby, the kids…” Korra whined, trying to get her wife’s attention.

“I mean one would thing assembling a fucking toy wouldn’t be as fucking hard but apparently Asami fucking Sato can’t do it!” Asami groaned and screamed once in frustration as the kids clung even tighter to Korra’s legs.

“Shhh,” Korra mumbled as she leaned down and picked them both up in her strong hands, “Mommy’s not mad at you, mommy’s mad at the evil toy.” Korra said, kissing first Isabella then Aidan, “How about we go make her some nice chocolate fudge and she’ll be all better she tries it, huh?” Korra reassured them with a smile as they wrapped their tiny hands around her neck and snuggled closer. “Sami?” Korra called.


“We’re gonna make fudge, how about you stop what you’re doi-”

“Fuck this. Just fuck this dumb shit, no stupid kid’s toy is going to get Asami fucking Sato flustered, no, not today, not any day!” Asami began pulling herself from underneath the installment and groaned once more as she sat up and stared at it. “Fucking stupid thing, I’m going to make them one myself.” She muttered and Korra simply retreated to the kitchen and put the kids down, letting them roam around, occasionally letting them help her out by “carrying” stuff - empty bowls were the best, ever.

Asami was grabbing all the things, the wood and her tools, and she quickly disappeared through the front door, leaving them slightly ajar as a faint noise coming from outside followed. Aidan trudged his way towards the door on wobbly feet but before he could even reach the door, Korra scooped him in her arms and pressed her lips to his belly.

“And where do you think you’re going, mister?” She mumbled into his belly and he giggled. Asami came back inside within a minute and joined them in the kitchen, playing with the kids as Korra continued preparing the food, the biggest of smiles plastered on your face.



“I miss them,” Korra murmured, “We should call them when we get back.”

“Mhm,” Asami only nodded and took Korra’s hand.

“You know,” Korra started, holding Asami’s hand as they walked slowly down the street, “Naga loved it here.” She smiled, feeling Asami squeeze her hand. “I know, I know, I’m ok, I promise.”

“I bet she did, yeah. All the bustle and the noise and those gorgeous parks they have here… I’m sure she was the happiest here.”

“Naah,” Korra laced their fingers together and tugged when they reached the corner, “She was the happiest when Aidan and Isa came in the house.”

Asami nodded with a smile. “The kids did love her a whole lot. And she loved them infinitely more,” She stopped and tugged on Korra’s hand, making her turn around and face her, “Naga will always be in our hearts I’m never repainting those walls she stained that one time she managed to get her paws in the paint.”

“I know, babe.” Korra murmured leaning up, pressing her lips to Asami’s, “I know.”

They continued on their way and Asami asked a few times if they were getting close but she didn’t actually want to be closer to the hotel, she didn’t mind the walk. Not when Korra seemed to take the long way ‘round, through all the possible parks and gorgeous little, narrow streets.

“She loved driving around with me.” Asami smiled at the memory, “She’d always jump in the front seat and stare at me until I’d roll the window down, then she’d just stick her head out and stare with her tongue bobbing out her mouth.”

Korra grinned at the image in her head, remembering how funny it looked whenever she caught the coming back home, with that same sight playing out in front of her.

“I think she really, really loved you, Sami.” Korra mumbled.


“No, I really think she did. Whenever you went away on business she’d whine and cry for hours, sniffing around the house until she realized you weren’t there. Then she’d jump into bed with me and snuggle against me, and she sniffled through the night, not believe a word I told her.” Korra chuckled, “My own dog believe my wife more than she did me.”

“Oh shut up,” Asami giggled, swatting her arm.

“No babe, really, I think it’s ‘cause you helped her with the pups and all that.” Korra smirked and continued, “You were a total pro back there.”

“Considering I never did that, yup, I did fine.” Asami chuckled, holding onto Korra’s hand tightly.

“Well thanks to a random, still unknown dog, Naga and yourself, we had Naga Too, Torro and Dommo,” Korra murmured, “And even if Naga’s gone, it feels like she left a part of herself behind, you know?”

“Yeah,” Asami nuzzled Korra’s neck and pressed her lips gently to it as they finally reached a building resembling a hotel, “She was such a great dog. And Naga Too loves to ride with me as well, just like her.”

“Yeah and she loves her spot on the bike.” Korra chuckled as the door of the elevator finally closed and it started moving.

“God, the bike… I worked on it for months. It was the best reason to sneak out of bed at night,” She giggled and poked Korra’s cheek, “The look on your face was priceless.”

“Sami, baby, that was the best gift anyone has ever given me in my whole life, of course I had the best look on my face.”

“Well you always do, your face is just too gorgeous.”

“Seriously, babe.” Korra raised an eyebrow, wrapping her arms around Asami, “That was corny even by my standards.”

“You love it.” Asami teased.

“Mmmhm, yeah, I do. Not as much as I love the bike, but still, close enough.”

“Hah, knew it!” Asami grinned, “You’re gonna drive it to work every day till it actually falls apart, right?”

“You said it can’t fall apart!”

The elevator came to a stop and they hurried out, heading for their room as Korra twirled the keys in her hand.

“Well, technically, it was falling apart when I bought it but thanks to my amazing restoration and engineering skills, it shouldn’t fall apart from another… Thirty years or so.”

Korra grinned and slowed down as their room number finally appeared in sight, “Well nonetheless, that was the best thirty-fifth birthday present and nobody will ever top it. I bet that makes you extra happy.”

“Sure does.” Asami winked and moved inside the room as Korra opened the door. “And you look extra hot in those Aviators, so that’s kind of a huge plus. And well, leather jacket, need I say more?”

Korra shrugged out of her coat and toed out of her shoes, kicking them aside with a chuckle.

“Naga Too loves her pair as well, though I’m still wondering where you got a doggy-sized leather jacket.”

“I have my sources, babe.” Asami teased and pulled her wife in her arms, “Do you want to call the kids now? It’s probably somewhere in the afternoon there.”

“Yeah, we should probably check on them before we head to bed.”

After an hour long Skype call and a lot of kissy faces and sounds, Korra and Asami finally closed Korra’s laptop and headed to the bathroom.

“What, already working on that ‘it takes two fingers and a tongue’ thing?” Korra teased as Asami followed her in the shower and pressed herself tight against her.

“Nah, just came in here to check your flabby muscles.” Asami teased as she wrapped her arms around Korra’s waist and dragged her nails over Korra’s abs.

“They’re not flabby!” Korra whined, “I just don’t have the time to workout as much anymore, you know that.”

“Babe, I’m teasing,” Asami purred against her ear.

“I knew that.”

“So…” Asami started.

“What’s on your mind?” Korra murmured with a sly expression as she turned around slowly in Asami’s arms, careful not to slip as the water poured down lightly.

“Well when you took me to that pub, I thought you’d sing something for me.”

“Really?” Korra smiled, “I thought I got on your nerves by now.”

“Never.” Asami’s lips pulled in a wide smile as she pressed to Korra’s, mumbling into them, “Not even when you dedicate each and every song to me when you play at Tenzin’s.”

“You loooooooove that,” Korra grinned and moved back slowly, pulling Asami with her, “And you think I’m gorgeous.”

“I do.”

“You want to kiss me.” Korra continued, brushing her lips to Asami’s.

“Oh god,” Asami groaned with a chuckle.

“You want to huuuug me,” Korra squirmed a little in Asami’s arms with an enormous grin before continuing, “You want to loooooove me.”

“Korraaaaa,” Asami whined, nuzzling Korra’s neck.

“You want to huuuuuuuug me,” Korra pushed Asami slightly away and tickled her, “You want to smoooooooch me!”

“You are like the biggest dork ever!” Asami growled before she captured Korra’s lips in a hungry kiss, letting her hands wander down her wife’s body, gliding along the streaks of water.  

“You loooove m-” Korra never got to continue her sentence as Asami’s lips found a pert, wanting nipple and as her lips enclosed around it, Korra all but saw start for the next hour or so.

“That was… I’ve no words.” Korra finally managed as she snuggled closer to Asami, with her arm draped around her waist and nuzzling the back of Asami’s neck.

“Mmm, still got it.”

“Always, babe.”

“I’m gonna have to think of something new to wear when we play “Is Asami wearing anything behind the cello” though ‘cause you always get it on the first try.”

“Asami you never wear anything,” Korra said seriously.

“That’s the whole point of the game.”



“You totally love me, though.”

“I do, Korra, I love you so much.”

“I love you too, gorgeous,” Korra purred, placing a gentle kiss to Asami’s shoulder, “Oh and, happy fifteenth anniversary.”

“Mmm,” Asami only managed to hum as she placed her hand atop of Korra’s and snuggled more into her wife’s warm body.

With Korra’s body pressed tight to hers, her shallow, warm breaths and the steady beating of her heart, Asami found herself falling asleep easily and fast, safe and secure where she most enjoyed being.


As the moon shone brightly and the evening air grew colder outside, Korra and Asami snuggled tighter, wrapped around one another, with their breaths mingled and hearts beating almost in unison. Morning would come and as usual, Asami would wake up first, she’d place a warm kiss to Korra’s lips and watch those beautiful cerulean jewels stare at her with marvel. But until then, sleep took over and dreams had taken them to many more anniversaries and, if ever it were possible, an eternity spent in each other’s arms.