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If you must know, this story is based on Imyoshi's "Pineapple". It's one of my Favorite stories by them and I recommend that you read that over at

I loved the story and while I did kinda steal the plot, I'm doing something a little different than they did

I'm making this a bit of a Harem Story

Now before ya whip out the pitchforks and torches, allow me to tell you that Team RWBY + Nora and Pyrrha will not be in said Harem, neither will Cinder nor Goodwitch be a part of it

Instead, this story will be focusing on the lesser-known girls who I feel don't get as much love in the show (you had a chance to bring back some Semi-beloved Characters in Volum 5 CRWBY not to mention we didn't get as much FNKI that we deserve in Vol 7 & 8)

Anyway! the girls that will be a part of this Harem are of course:

Arslan Atlan: the tough but kind girl

Reese Chloris: the tomboy and childhood friend!

Nebula Violetta: the girl who can keep up with the main character!

Dew Gayl: the Wild-Card girl

Gewn Darcy: the Highborn lady with a pervy side! (Kinda like Darkness from Konosuba...)

Octavia Ember: the nerd girl

Ciel: Tsundere! (BAKA!)

Neon Katt: The Neko girl

Penny Polendina: The Airhead

Neo Politan and Emerald Susitari: The Villains who fall for the Hero Slowly

Velvet Scarlatina: a first friend at new place girl!

May Zedong: Shy and timid girl!

Winter Schnee: The doubter to the Believer!

Professor Joanna Peach: The Hot School Nurse

Lisa Lavander: The Couger




Jaune Miles Arc. The tall, blonde, and scraggly teen had somehow been the only one to pass the first-year Initiation...

"FUCKING HOW!?!?" Jaune cried in his completely empty room

Just how!? it didn't make sense! Did no one else figure out that those chess pieces were the relics!? He thought he would be the one to not make it into his dream but he was the only one!? Seriously, has the world gone mad!?

"Alright, Jaune! calm down! this isn't the end of the world, you just gotta get through the school year! you just gotta push forward! you can do this!" Jaune said, cheering himself on and making himself feel much better "I mean, how hard could this place be?"

Classes started tomorrow and he would prove that he could be here! He was an Arc after all! this was his destiny! he swore on himself that this place wouldn't break him!

'As I live and breathe as an Arc, I swear on the family name I will not give up! No matter what! I'll be the best huntsmen I can be!' Jaune told himself "I will become a Huntsmen! Arc's word!"

Meanwhile, Within the Headmasters Office, Glynda Goodwitch, the vice headmistress and Combat Instructor looked to her boss, Headmaster Ozpin

"Are you even sure we should have let him despite him being the only one to pass?" Glynda said

Currently, The Blonde haired teacher was overlooking the transcripts of Jaune Arc, and she could easily tell that these were fake, and if she knew it, then she had no doubt that Ozpin himself knew of these transcripts

"You could have easily accepted all the other students, yet you only chose him? A mere child that faked his way into this school..." Glynda said, "What are you planning Oz?"

"Me, I've planned nothing of any sort Glynda" Ozpin "As for why I did not accept the other students was because they had failed the Initiation, that's all"

"But to let someone like Mr. Arc attend here, he has no fighting experience, not even his semblance has developed and he had just opened his Aura in the Initiation!" Glynda cried "You know as well as I do that he doesn't belong here Ozpin," Glynda said

Ozpin took a sip from his mug and a little memory from all those ages ago popped up in his head

A young boy with brown hair in rags looked up at a gold palace, and people going in and out of it showing off their magic and their spells, and all the young boy in rags could think when he saw the people who performed Magic and saved those in need

"I want to be a Wizard... I want to be a Hero..." The Young boy told himself

Ozpin then turned to his fellow teacher and smiled, "He Belongs here Glynda, You'll see soon enough, Mr. Arc will prove all the doubters wrong" Ozpin told her "Just you watch"




A Week Later:

Jaune Mile Arc. The tall, blonde, and scraggly teen that was the only one to pass the first-year Initiation, found himself on the cold metal floor of the arena in Combat class. Te Boot of a second-year slammed on his back and with that, the Match was over.

"Good fight Mr. Brown," Goodwitch said "As for you Mr. Arc, you are still lacking in some departments but you held yourself... well," She told him

And with that, Jaune Arc got up off the floor and he shook the Second-Year's hand and headed back to the Locker room to change. After he changed, he sat alone in the stands and watched the rest of the class continue to fight others.

So far, things were going pretty well for Jaune actually. While he was indeed pretty much failing Combat Class with professor Goodwitch, he was somewhat succeeding in other classes, Professor Oobleck's class wasn't as hard to pass due to it being history and it was one of Jaune's favorite subjects even when he was a kid, passing with an A+, Dust study with Professor Peach's class was ok, mostly because he was the only first year in the class surrounded by 24 other second-year students and she took a lot of time to help him out if he didn't understand anything and he was passing with a B-, and Grimm studies with Professor Port was... boring, yet despite that, he still manages to pass with a C+.

Sure Jaune wasn't the best, but he was trying, and at the moment, that all that mattered.


He couldn't get this feeling that Ms. Goodwitch didn't really like him and while he couldn't blame her, after all, he was the weakest person in the whole school, but that didn't mean it didn't hurt.

Yeah, he was sure couldn't compare to any other student or first year, after all, he was the only first year, but just the thought of her being a bit unfair to him, that had pushed him. Again he just assumed that the Blonde Teacher disliked him, but there were times where he saw the look in her eyes. The look Jaune had gotten ever since he had wanted to become a Huntsmen, The look of Disbelief and overall doubt. Again, he couldn't blame people for the look...

After all, he was a weak fighter and he had cheated to get his way in.

Jaune sighed as he remembered that he had cheated to get his way in and while it was a downright awful thing to do, Jaune just couldn't give up! He needed to be here! he needed to be a Huntsmen!

He was determined and nothing was going to stop him, no matter who or what wanted to stop him!

And to prove that he could become a huntsman, he would win the next fight! No matter what!

...The question was how?




and with that! I hope you all enjoyed the first chapter of Sugar//Crash!!!

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Jaune currently fought against a level-one training bot.

And it wiped the floor with him.

Jaune just thanked Oum that no one was around to witness that. His body hurt from being tackled to the floor by a training bot and bruises formed, he had a shortness of breath from the constant movement and the constant beating. He was just thankful that his aura fixed most of the injuries, minus his oh-so-damaged pride. Speaking of his aura... he never really got to say thank you to that Pyrrha girl for unlocking his Aura, did he?

'Next time' He told himself 'I owe her big time'

For now, Jaune pulled Crocea Mors up off of the floor, and he frowned at the level-one bot mocking him. To lose to the lowest settings hurt in more ways than one, and Jaune knew he lacked training, but seriously, the level-one?

'No! Stop thinking like that! We need to try again' He told himself

he raised his shield and held up Crocea Mors behind his defense and had the end pointed in the bot's direction. The Bot charged at him and he got ready for it to strike and to counter the attack with his own

"I've had enough of you do bucket of bolts!" Jaune cried

And another fight between the bot and the Arc boy began again and then-!


Jaune woke up with a cry. He blinked once, then twice, and then a third time as he looked around at where he was. The Infirmary.

"Oh man, not again!" Jaune cried

"Oh yes again Jaune" came a voice

Jaune quickly froze and he could feel a cold gaze coming from his side and he turned only to see the angry and cold glare of Professor Peach Persina.

Peach was Beacons Dust Teacher, but she wasn't just that, she was also the school's doctor, which was kind of weird, but she wasn't the only doctor, there were a few other nurses who had healing semblances.

Peach herself was a young woman around age 24 and like her namesake, had peach-orange hair that was tied into a bun with front and side bangs, she also had fair brown skin and light red eyes which had a pair of clear white safety glasses protecting them, she wore a tight white pencil skirt jacket which just stopped just above her upper thighs, which showed off her long legs, she wore leather glove arm warmers and long leather high-heeled boots.

The reason she was giving the blonde teen such an ice-cold gaze was because he had been a constant patient this entire week, and it was all thanks to the training bot.

"Stupid kid!" She cried as she hammered her fist onto the top of Jaune's head

"Ow! Damn it! whatcha' do that for!?" Jaune cried as he held the top of his head in pain

"Because you're an idiot!" She cried "I told you before Jaune that I did not want to see you so soon again! I'm busy enough as it is!" She cried

Another thing about the good doctor, while she was young she didn't do formality's so she called every student by their first name, and while she was an adult, she still acted like she was a teen.

"Just what the hell were you thinking!?" Peach cried as she tugged on his ear

"AHHH! I said I was sorry! Please let go of my ear, Peach" Jaune said

"That's better, now your just lucky some student brought you here after you passed out on the floor of the training room," She told him

This was a bit of a surprise to Jaune. Why? Because ever since students heard that he was the only 1st year to pass, rumors started going around, some say he cheated, others say he was Ozpin and Goodwitches kid, which was just weird, and a few were just wild, some said he had slept with Goodwitch, other said he was some type of gangster who threatened the others to lose initiation. With all these rumors, Jaune was constantly stared at and talked about in hushed voices. Eyes were on him, like a worm in a pond of large fish. and not many students helped him out with anything, this might also be because Jaune was a bit socially awkward.

"She also wanted to know when you wake up, so I'll let her know that you're up," Peach said, "I'm sure she'll be very happy to see that you're ok"

Peach then left his bedside and headed to her phone as Jaune sat in the bed and looked over his hands and he clenched them into a fist before he closed his eyes and let out a sad sigh

'Oum Damn it!' Jaune cried to himself 'I swore I wouldn't lose again! I just can't! If I can't even beat a training bot how am I suppose to beat Grimm!?'

Meanwhile, across the other side of Beacon, one female Faunus was in her dorm room with her fellow team leader. These two were Velvet Scarletina and Coco Adel.

Velvet was sitting on the edge of her bed and trying to study, but her foot kept tapping on the ground. She was also waiting for a call from Professor Peach about the 1st year she had found knocked out in the training room. Velvet's team knew about this as well because Velvet had told them about it when she was late for class.

"Velv I'm sure he's fine," Coco said

Velvet turned to her leader and sighed, "I know, but still I'm just a little worried about him ya know" Velvet told Coco "I mean He's literally the only first-year which means he doesn't have a team or have any friends to help him out and I just kinda feel bad for him"

Coco nodded, she understood why Velvet had felt that way about the kid, due to being a Faunus, Velvet sometimes felt alienated by some of the students in Beacon, but with the help of her team and few other older Faunus students, she got better and became more social. Coco had also heard some of the Rumors surrounding the Only first year that passed and saw how some of the students and even some of the teachers looked at him and she couldn't help but feel sorry for the guy.

Suddenly, the ringing of Velvet's scroll was heard, causing both girls to be startled for a few seconds before Velvet grabbed her scroll, opened it up, and answered the call

"Hello?" Velvet asked

[Hello Ms. Scarletina, I just called to inform you that Jaune has woken up so if you still wish to come and see him, he is still here] Peach said on the other end

"O-Oh right! thank you, Professor Peach, I'll be right there" Velvet said

[I'll let him know] Peach responded

The call ended and Velvet got up pocketed her scroll and Coco saw her get up and got up as well. Velvet saw her leader stand up and looked at her with both a confused and suspicious look

"What are you doing?" Velvet asked

"I'm coming with, I wanna meet this guy as well," Coco said "See if he's good enough for you"

Velvet blushed, "Coco! It's not like that!"

Coco laughed and how easy it was to really tease Velvet. With that, the two left their dorm room and headed down to the Infirmary.




Jaune was currently putting his armor back on and he strapped them tight. He put on his gloves and then looked at his right hand.

'I just wish I could win one time... I need to do it, I need to prove that I belong here!' Jaune thought to himself

"Nice Armor, blondie"

Jaune squealed and quickly turned around as fast as he could. Once he did, he saw two girls. Once was a rabbit Faunus and the other was a human girl.

The teenage girl had fair skin, short dark-brown hair, and he couldn't see her eyes thanks to a pair of black, wire-rimmed aviator sunglasses. She had wavy locks on one side of her face, dyed with a gradient that starts as dark brown and transitioned to caramel. Her clothes consisted of a long, cocoa-colored shirt with an upturned layered frill collar with a black single strapped waist cincher. She wears tight black leather trousers that have a golden lining around the pocket and ribbons attached to the back of a golden zipper seam around her knees. A black golden studded belt was seen but it was also hidden by a large cocoa-colored belt with gun cartridges on the left side and a large golden crosshair buckle. She wore a pair of dark black, high-heeled leather calf-high boots with golden buckles, and also had several accessories, such as a bracelet with black roses as decoration, accompanied by black gloves and three beaded necklaces alongside a black scarf tied around her collar. She wears a black beret with a cocoa brown trim.

The Faunus girl had long, brown hair, and brown eyes and her brown rabbit ears were visible on her head. She was currently wearing what Jaune assumed to be her combat gear, which was a cropped brown jacket over a thin black top and brown pants almost entirely covered up by thigh-high black boots, and accenting with her brown and black color scheme were gold pauldrons, cuffs, belt, and the trim of her boots.

"Um... hi, can I help you?" Jaune asked

"No, Bun-Bun here just wanted to check on you"

"COCO! Don't call me that in front of him!" the other girl cried

Coco smirked, Velvet was embarrassed and Jaune was just confused. Velvet regained herself and looked over to Jaune with an awkward smile.

"H-Hello, I'm Velvet, the upperclassman that found you in the training room," She said "It's um, nice to meet you"

Jaune blushed a little bit but recomposed himself and laughed awkwardly, "I-I'm Jaune! Jaune Arc, short, sweet, rolls off the tongue, Ladies love it" He said with a smile

"I bet they do Blondie" The girl, Coco, Said with a smirk. She walked over to Jaune and pulled down her glasses and looked him up and down and giving Jaune a good look at her dark-brown eyes, "Names Coco Adel and let me tell you Blondie, the Armor isn't really working for you, grey is such an ugly color, maybe make the armor white, little gold on the rim of it, lose the hoodie-"

"Not happening," Jaune said bluntly

Coco just laughed, "We'll see about that," She said

Jaune just sighed, he then turned to back to Velvet with a soft smile, "Um, thank you by the way, for helping me back there" He said "It uh, it means a lot"

Velvet just smiled, "It's no problem" She replied

"No, really it does mean a lot, not a lot of people have been willing to help me out recently..." Jaune said with a somber tone

Velvet saw the hurt in his eyes and could see it had been hard for him. After all, she was a Faunus, she had amazing hearing and she heard what people would sometimes say about Jaune when his back was turned, or when he sat alone in the cafeteria. He was alone and no doubt feeling confused and conflicted.

"Um, if it's alright, I noticed you're alone a lot, would you um... like to join me and my team for dinner?" Velvet asked

Coco was a little shocked that Velvet had asked him to join them for dinner, again, she was getting better socially but she was still nervous talking to people, especially new people. As for Jaune, he was stunned because he had only just met Velvet and she was already trying to make friends with him, for Jaune, this was a little weird, after all, no one really talked to him at all, so for someone like Velvet, his upperclassmen, to ask him to join her and mingle with her team and friends was giving him some bad feelings, but he was also desperate to talk to anyone at this point.

"I-I would like to if that's ok with your team as well," Jaune said with a soft smile

Velvet turned over to Coco, "Coco?"

"Hey, I'm fine with it, and I'm sure Yatsu and Fox will be as well," Coco said

Jaune smiled, and he felt like things were starting to look up. He was finally and hopefully making friends.

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A/N: I have good news and I have bad news

Good news! I've added Fem!Mercury to the harem! Why? Because I am now very much in love with the concept of female Mercury and the few fan art of her.

From no on, Fem!Mercury will be known as Marceline

now, the bad news... there will be slow updates on this story because I want to both diverge but also somewhat follow Imyoshi's original story and while it's a bit easy to do, it's proved to be a little hard, so yeah, slow updates...





Jaune was currently battling the training bot yet again, this time, he managed to kick the bucket of bolts back and then swung his sword, causing the tip of his sword to be pointed at the bots neck. the bot's eyes lit up, dropping all pretense of attack.

"Oh, what's going on now?" Jaune asked with a groan

The bot rebooted up and looked at Jaune, [Initiating: Level-two] The Bot said

"Oh sh-"

Suddenly, Jaune was thrown off his feet, landing on the floor from a surprising sweep kick, and had the pole once again hovering over his neck before he had time to breathe. Emotionless eyes stared down at his dropped form, never judging him.

Despite the situation, Jaune laughed, he laughed harder than he ever had ever since entering this academy. Again, slow progress, but progress. He began reaching for his shield, and he slowly stood up and he now a tiny smirk, time to put this level-two to the test and improve.

"That wasn't so bad Jaune"

"AHHHH!" Jaune cried

He turned around and saw that Velvet was there with a soft smile on her face. Jaune regained himself and took a deep breath as his smile returned to his face. He decided to end the training with the bot there and looked over to Velvet

"You scared the crap out of me Vel," Jaune said with a smile

She giggled, "Sorry," She said "Anyway, you improved, I heard the bot say you were at level two, which is getting much better than before," Velvet told him

Jaune chuckled, "thanks, but I still got a long way to go before I'm even on the level I need to be," Jaune said

"Still, it's a vast improvement than what I and my team saw," Velvet said with a giggle

"Ha Ha Ha" Jaune sarcastically laughed

"I'm just pulling your arm Jaune," Velvet said with a smile "Hey, you wanna come with me and my team down to vale later today?"

Jaune looked at her puzzled, "what for?" Jaune asked

"We're just looking at the set up the city's having for the Vytal Festival and Coco wants to scope out the competition," Velvet said

Jaune chuckled, "Yeah, sounds like might as well, as long as I stay out of that empty room.

Velvet nodded, "Well, you might wanna get ready for the next class, it's Dr. Ooblecks"

Jaune groaned loudly at the information and he sheathed Crocea Mors and went to change back into his Beacon Uniform.




Finally, after the... let's say speedy lecture of Prof- Docter Oobleck, Jaune was free and he headed to the Bullhead Docks. He walked down a few flights of stairs, but that's when he heard voices coming from the bottom of the stairs

"Are you sure this is the right place? This looks like the dorms..."

"I'm sure... I think"

"No, no! We're supposed to be at the auditorium in 10 minutes!"

"How the hell did we get lost?"

"Probably because we let Neb lead us."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Jaune reached the bottom of the stairs and saw four girls in huntress gear and they were arguing as they held up a map of Beacon.

"Excuse me, o you need help?" He asked

His voice had caught their attention to him, one girl looked to him.

She had lightly tanned skin, indigo hair brushed over to her left side, and olive eyes. Her outfit consisted of a high-necked, tight-fitting gray shirt with dark gray accents, along with a long, lilac coat with one long sleeve with the other rolled up. She also wears a leather bandolier with a steel gray pauldron on the right shoulder, which also appears to hold her weapon. She also wore a slanted dark gray belt on the second notch alongside a breastplate that matches her pauldron. She wears a pair of gray pants with dark gray boots with light gray laces alongside dark gray forearm length gloves with the left glove being fingerless and having a cuff. She also has a dark gray band around her right elbow with a smaller band on her upper left arm.

"No," She said with a smile

"Yes," Said the other three girls

"Look, could you tell us how to get to the auditorium?" asked another girl.

"Sure," Jaune said with a smile "But first, who are you exactly?" Jaune asked

The girl with the violet hair looked at him with a smug smirk, "We're Team NDGO" She said Proudly "We just flew in from Shade, and we're trying to find your Headmaster but the place is a maze"

"Oh! well then it's nice to meet you" Jaune said with a smile

"Nice to meet you Jaune, I'm Nebula Violette" The girl with Violet hair, now known as Nebula, introduced herself

"Names Dew Gayl" Dew introduced herself

Dew had lightly-tanned skin, dirty blonde hair swept to the left, and violet eyes. She wore a sleeveless green dress with an asymmetrical hem, and what appears to be a golden scale one-sleeved high neck top underneath her dress, a lighter green sarong tied around her hips, and a golden spaulder. Two thin chain loops run from the front of her spaulder and around her torso to the back. She also wore a pair of over-the-knee scale stockings, armored calf-high boots that match her spaulder though the rear of her calves is exposed and a simple chain bracelet with a ring connected to it on her right hand as well as a brown band around her left wrist with two beaded bracelets.

"I am Gwen Darcy," Gwen told Jaune

Gwen had lightly tanned skin, she had curly black hair pulled back from her face into ringlets, and brown eyes with purple eye shadow. She wore a black corset dress with a dark gray front, purple hem, and purple laces on the back. She also wears a light gray top with short sleeves and black cuffs. Her top also has a high gray collar that appears to be armored. Her belt is a long purple ribbon edged in gray, with a bow in the back and tied in the front, and connected to the belt are a pair of armor tassets that also act as storage for her weapon. Her shoes are flats and ribbons. She also wears a pair of light gray stockings and pale gray ballet flats, with ribbons around her lower legs.

"and I'm Octavia," Octavia said

Octavia, like the rest of her team, also lightly tanned skin, she had brick-red hair that was left loose with swept fringe to the right and olive green eyes. She wore a teal blue waistcoat with two long tails and a dark brown strapless top. A cropped sleeveless vest of the same color is worn over the top and waistcoat. Her skirt was a pale green that graduates to a cream with a zigzagged pointed hem accompanied with an open front layer that graduates from brown to light brown. She also wore a pair of navy belts crossed in the front and back and a pair of sky blue layered spaulders, held in place by a dark brown leather strap across her chest. Her shoes are a pair of simple, navy blue ankle boots with folded over top and brick-redlining. She also had a navy blue choker around her neck

"Nice to meet you all" Jaune said, He then looked at their map and found their problem, "Ah, ok, I see your problem, you guys must have been dropped off at the western landing zone, the map you guys have started at the southern one!" Jaune said

"Nice going, grabbing the wrong Map Neb," Dew said

Nebula just growled at Dew and Jaune lightly chuckled at the scene. "Just head left from here, and you should be at the auditorium in a minute or two," Jaune told them

"Thanks for the Help Jaune," Nebula said with a smile

"it's no problem," he told her "I'd love to stay and chat but I gotta go and so do you, now that I think about it," Jaune told Nebula

Nebula's eyes widened, "Oh, shit you're right! Bye and thanks again Jaune!" Nebula said as she and her team made their way to the exit.

"See ya around!" Jaune shouted as he also left for his own destination.

As Team NDGO parted ways, with the boy, Nebula beamed at her teammates

"Guess not all of these Beacon students are so bad," Nebula said

"Crushing already, are we Neb?" Dew teased

Nebula's cheeks turned slightly turned at the teasing, but It didn't stop her from thinking about how cute Jaune was

Eventually, Jaune had arrived at the dock and met up with Team CVFY and Jaune greeted them with a smile.

"What took you so long, Arc?" Coco asked as she slightly pulled down her shades

"Sorry, I was busy helping out one of the transfer teams and hopefully making some new friends" Jaune replied

"It's good that you're making new friends Jaune," Yatsu said with a smile "Its always good to get out and meet new people"

Jaune nodded in agreement and just then, the first Bullhead arrived and settled down on the docks and picked them up. Jaune groaned slightly as he made his way onto the Bullhead and once he was on, he sat right next to a waste bin. Velvet shot him an odd look as he strapped into a seat next to a bin.

"Why are you sitting there Jaune?" Velvet asked

" I get motion sickness on bullheads," Jaune said "I'm getting better at it but I might... throw up"

"Oh... I see" Velvet said

Jaune then noticed the Velvet was slightly shaking next to him and he became a little concerned, "You ok Velvet?" Jaune asked

"I'm afraid of heights" she replied

Coco smiled at Jaune, "Blondie's got motion sickness and you're afraid of Heights bun-bun, maybe you two can compromise~" Coco said with a sly smile

"Without another word, Coco had pushed Velvet next to Jaune, and before she could strap in, the Bullhead took off and Velvet then latched onto Jaune's arm. Jaune was shocked but just sat as still as possible while mentally balancing the shuddering of the craft as well as the motion of take-off slowly hit him. He looked over to Coco who was smiling smugly at Jaune,

"Comfortable, blondie~?" Coco asked

Jaune glared at her but he also blushed a little bit as he felt Velvet wrap around his arm much tighter and her boobs pressed into his arm.




"Are you feeling better, Blondie?" Coco asked with a smirk

They had just left the Bullhead and Jaune had just settled down his motion sickness... by releasing his lunch into a trash bin by the docks. Jaune turned to the fashionista and had fought the urge to give Coco the middle finger. After regaining his composure and bits of his pride, he and Team CVFY began their trip through the city of Vale.

Coco, it seemed, was trying to play matchmaker with him and Velvet on the bullhead. and thankfully, He hadn't gotten sick on the ship, which was very good considering that Velvet was holding on for dear life and the last thing he wanted to do was throw up his guts in front of Velvet. As they walked and talked, the pleasant mood was interrupted when they rounded a corner and saw a shattered window down the street and a door full of yellow caution tape of the Vale Police Force.

They walked over to the sight and looked at the broken-in store

"what happened?" Fox asked a detective

"Dust Robbery" Replied the detective "Second Dust shop to be hit this week... This place is turning into a jungle"

Suddenly, a second detective walked up to the first one and the first detective turned to his partner,

"They left all the money again." The Second detective told the first

This caught Jaune's attention as well as Coco's

"So we know thair not after money" Replied the first detective "Who needs that much Dust?"

"an army" Replied the second

"You thinking the White Fang?" asked the first

"Yeah," Replied the second "I'm also thinking that we don't get paid enough"

Velvet growled, "Ugh! The White Fang..." Velvet groaned

"What's your problem?" Jaune asked

"My problem?" Velvet asked "My problem is that those Bloody White Fang bastards give us Faunus a bad name... they cause more harm than good nowadays"

Jaune nodded in agreement, "True, but then again, in their defense, some humans haven't been too kind to Faunus"

Velvet's eyes turned to Jaune with a questionable looked

"I-I'm not saying that they're allowed to do bad things just because they've been mistreated, but they are between a rock and a hard place regarding equality." Jaune explained, "Besides, there's no guarantee that the White Fang are involved"

"Jaune's got a point," Fox said "The police never caught Torchwick... Maybe it was him" Fox chimed in

"Still doesn't change the fact that I want to rip the White Fang a new one" Velvet grumbled

"Hey, stop that Faunus!"

Jaune and the others turned around only to see a Faunus with a golden monkey tail run down the road and then turn slightly to look back at the two sailors who were trying to catch him.

"Thanks for the ride, guys!" The Faunus shouted while laughing

"Damn you, you no-good stowaway!" One of the sailors snarled,

"Hey! A no-good stowaway would've been caught!" Replied the Monkey Faunus "I'm a great stowaway!" He shouted with pride.

"Quick! let's get him!" Coco said

Without even thinking about it, Jaune, Velvet, Fox, and Yatsu followed Coco as she gave chase. The team and Jaune rounded the next corner where they saw the Monkey Faunus turn down, but Coco bumped into someone and tripped and the team stopped when she fell. Coco looked up only to see the Faunus boy jump on to a building and disappear from her view.

"Ah crap, he got away!" Coco hissed

"Hey, um... Coco?" Velvet asked, pointing beneath her teammate, causing the fashionista to look down and see that she fell on a smiling ginger girl, which scared Coco as she hastily got up.

"Salutations!" The new girl cheered, her bright green eyes shining with excitement as she got up

"Hi?" Jaune said as he was a bit taken aback by the girl's optimism.

"Are you ok? did you hit your head or something" Coco asked, tilting her head in confusion at the girl.

"I'm wonderful! Thank you for asking! and no I did not" The girl responded, still smiling "My name is Penny! It's an absolute pleasure to meet you!"

"I'm Jaune"

"I'm Velvet"


"Names Fox"

"Are you sure you didn't hit your head?" Coco asked, but Fox and Velvet elbowed her in the side at the same time "ow! Oh, right, I'm Coco"

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you all!" Penny said regardless.

"You already said that," Coco told Penny

Penny then tilted her head with a smile while still looking innocent, "So I did!" she replied

"Well, sorry for running into you," Coco said,

"Stay safe, friend," Jaune told Penny

"She was a little weird..." Coco muttered

Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, Penny suddenly appeared before them, shocking the five teens

"What did you say?" Penny asked

"Ah! I'm really sorry, I didn't think you heard me!" Coco said with an apologetic tone

"No, not you," Penny said "You!" Penny cried as she pointed and got very close to Jaune

"M-Me?" Jaune asked with wide eyes

"You called me 'friend'! Am I really your friend?" Penny asked, her head tilted in curiosity

"Um..." Jaune began with wide eyes "Um... well Y-Yeah, Why not?" Jaune said with a smile

Penny's smile widened as she jumped for joy, "Oh this is Sensational!" She cheered as she took Jaune's hands in her own. "We can paint our nails, and try on clothes, and talk about cute boys, just like you!"

"Um...alright..." Jaune replied 'wouldn't be the first time,' He thought to himself

"So... what are you doing in Vale?" Yatsu asked.

"Oh! I'm here to fight in the tournament for Atlas Academy!" Penny answered, releasing Jaune's hands as she turned to Yatsu

"Wait... you're fighting in the tournament?" Coco asked

Penny only responded with a nod and salute, "I'm combat ready!"

"Sorry doll, but you hardly look the part," Coco said

"Says the girl who's constantly worried about ruining her expensive clothes on missions" Fox mumbled

"You say something Fox?" Coco asked with an angry tone

"Nope, I think Jaune said something," Fox said as a bead of sweat rolled down his head

"N-No, I'm pretty sure Yatsu was the one to say something, right?" Jaune replied with a scared tone

Yatsu's eyes widened in fear, "No, No, No Jaune is mistaken, It was Velvet" Yates said

"yeah it was Velvet" Fox agreed

"Totally her" Jaune agreed

Velvet just glared at the boys, "Oh you bloody wankers!" She cried in anger

Coco then looked back to Penny, "If you're here for the tournament, does that mean you know that monkey-tailed guy?"

"The who?" Penny asked, her smile slipping slightly.

Coco sighed as she was given an answer. With that said, Coco and the others continued their trip, but before they left, Penny exchanged scroll numbers with Jaune and then went to do whatever it was she needed to do and they parted ways.

Eventually, as the day ended, the five teens had returned to Beacon with some things, like clothes, courtesy of Coco, and after dropping off most of them, since they belonged to Coco, Jaune made his way back to his room. Jaune was currently carrying some clothes as well as some snacks he had bought as well. Once he arrived at his room, He opened the door only to met with a sight that shocked him.

Lying on one of the empty beds was the Monkey Faunus from earlier that day and he was reading one of his comics. The Faunus boy looked up from the comic and looked at Jaune, and he just gave him a wave and a smile

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?" Jaune cried

"Sup dude! The names Sun Wukong"

"OK! But what the hell are you doing in my room!?" Jaune asked

"Oh, well, since my team isn't all here yet, Headmaster Ozpin told me I could bunk with the only first-year in Beacon, which is you right?" Sun asked

"Um, Yeah, but what do you mean headmaster-?"

"Oh man, that's so cool!" Sun said, "When I heard that there was only a single first year in beacon I was like, 'what?' but then Ozpin told me why there was only one first-year here in beacon and I just had to meet you, dude!"

Jaune was about to retort but he sighed and decided to talk to Headmaster Ozpin tomorrow about the living situation with Sun, for now, he just decided to get to know Sun"

"Nice to meet you, Sun" Jaune said with a soft smile "I'm Jaune Arc

"Again, nice to meet you bro" Sun said, "So, anyway's dude, what's it like being the only first year?" Sun asked

Jaune smiled and began to tell him what it was like and Sun just listened.

Meanwhile, In a secluded warehouse within the city of Vale, A Raven haired woman wearing a red dress with a pair of glass heel shoes looked at her associates, which were three other girls. "Are you all ready for tomorrow?" She asked them

"Yes Ma'am," Replied a girl with emerald hair and red eyes "I am all set"

"Yeah boss, I'm ready" Replied another Girl, who had Silver hair and Robotic legs.

Another girl with pink and brown hair as well as pink and brown eyes nodded with a smile.

The Raven-haired woman smiled and nodded, "Good, Tomorrow we infiltrate Beacon and our plans truly begin..." She said with an evil smirk "And nothing can stand in our way"

As she said that, Jaune and Sun were still talking and laughing as the night continued...

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Jaune is going to use Aura in ways I think it could be used! Not only that, but Jaune will be getting a few secondary powers from something that will blow some minds, but don't worry, those will be explained as well when we get to them...

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It was a normal day at Beacon academy, the birds were singing, and the flowers were blooming. Students laughed, talked, and trained to be the best and Jaune Arc, was once again getting his ass kicked... thankfully though, it wasn't a training bot. Instead, it was by Sun Wukong...

Jaune hit the mat with a thud and he dropped his shield in the process. He began to breathe heavily and looked to Sun, "Alright, alright, you win again, Sun" He groaned

Sun smiled with his tooth smile, "Hey dude, don't sweat it, My Aura's down 60 percent, and that's a big improvement!" Sun said, he put his hand out for Jaune to take and helped his fellow blonde to his feet "Also, your aura control is improving greatly! I mean you're a fast learner when it comes to Aura bro!"

"yeah... I just hope it's enough" Jaune said as he sighed, his shoulders slumping

Sun just smiled and patted him on his back, "Hey man, be happy that you're advancing so fast! You've already made it to level 5 on the training bots, your Aura control is getting better thanks to Yatsuhashi and me, and you actually managed to keep up with my movements! do you know how hard it is to do that for everyone, even my own team?" Sun asked

Jaune smiled and nodded at his Faunus friend, "Thanks Sun" Jaune said

As it turned out, Sun wasn't a bad roommate and was a great friend. Sun Wukong, a monkey Faunus and a Vacuovian then attended Haven Academy in Mistral and was supposedly one of the strongest students in Haven, and from what Jaune saw, he wasn't joking. Seriously! Sun was able to put Velvet on her toes! not only that, his fighting style was dirty, Sun would use anything to his advantage, he was cunning and his mischievous behavior was hard to read as you never knew what he was planning next, not only that, his leadership skills were almost on par with Jaune's in Leadership classes.

However, Sun wasn't all that smart in social cues (Neither was Jaune himself but he wasn't going to get into that). Sun also had the bad habit of saying what was on his mind sometimes before thinking about his words.

As the two were about to leave, the doors on one side of the arena slammed open and they both turned to see two people.

The first person, who was a girl around their age, had a dark complexion, platinum blonde hair, and olive green eyes. She wore a yellow robe with only one wide, loose-fitting sleeve over a black tube top. She also had black pants and shoes and a red sash embroidered with a white "endless knot" on it. She has had some bandages on both her legs and arms as well as a red necklace and what appeared to be two matching red sticks on the back left side of her head.

Next was another girl with light green hair swept to her right, with teal eyes and a fair complexion. She also wore two black facial markings on her cheeks as if she was a sports player. Her attire reflected what you'd think a skater would look like. She wore a dark purple hoodie over a mauve sweater. She also wears a pair of black shorts as well as knee pads and elbow pads on her arms and legs, and finally, she had black shoelace high-top sneakers.

"JAUNE?! JAUNE ARC!?" The dark-skinned girl cried

Jaune looked at her with a confused and frightful look, "Um... yes?"Jaune replied

Before he could do anything, the girl punched him in the face, sending him spinning and flying in the air before hitting the wall hard and Sun looked in shock

"J-JAUNE!?" Sun cried with a frightened look on his face

"Arslan! I told you not to hit him that hard!" cried the skater girl

The girl that punched Jaune, now known as Arslan, looked over to the skater girl, "He deserved it, Reese..." She said with a growl

Jaune slowly got up and rubbed his head as he began to heal himself quickly with his Aura. He stood up and looked to the two teen girls, "I'm sorry... but may I ask what I did to get sucker-punched across the stage like a ragdoll?" Jaune asked

The two girls looked a bit hurt

"Are you saying you don't remember us?" asked the skater girl, now known as Reese

"I'm sorry but I really don't," Jaune said

"Oh come on! You know us!" Cried Arslan "It's me, Arslan, Arslan Atlan?" She said

Jaune just still looked confused

Arslan sighed and for some reason, she looked down and muttered, "You know... little lion?" she said with a blush

Hearing her nickname, Jaune's mind clicked and his expression turned into surprise and joy! "Ars! I can't believe you are here! Oh wow!" he cried with glee as he brought her into a hug, which surprised and he then released her from the hug, and another mind realization hit him, "If you're here then that means... that this is-"

"Yep," Reese said with a small giggle "It's me"

Jaune then lifted her up into a hug as well and she just smiled and Reese hugged back as he lifted her up and then smiled and then set her back down and looked down at her, "It's good to see you as well Reese!" Jaune said

"Psst, Hey um, dude," Sun called out and Jaune turned to him "Mind introducing us?" Sun asked

"Oh, right! Sun, these two are Arslan Atlan and Reese Chloris" Jaune said "They're old childhood friends of mine while I lived in Mistral as a kid, gals, this is Sun Wukong" Jaune told them

"I thought I recognized you," Arslan said "You another first year at Haven" she finished

Sun just nodded and smiled, "Yeah, I was wondering why you had looked a little familiar," Sun said "Well, it's nice to meet you both formally"

Arslan nodded in agreement, and Jaune then looked at the two with a smile, "Oh, so you guys attend Haven with Sun huh?"

Reese nodded, "yeah," Reese said

"By the way, how'd you guys know I was here at Beacon?" Jaune asked

Arslan rolled her eyes, "Are you serious?" She asked "Everyone in the four kingdoms know about the only fist year at Beacon, but we didn't know it was you, so when we heard it was you when we got here, we looked everywhere until we finally found you," Arslan said

"Then why'd you punch me?" Jaune asked

Arslan looked down and pouted, "Because you never said goodbye to us when you left Ansel," Arslan said

"Yeah, what was that about?" Reese asked

"Ah, sorry about that" Jaune said "My mom got a promotion from my grandmother... and we had to move to Vale," Jaune said

"Still you could have said something before you left," Arslan said with a glare

Jaune looked at her with a betrayed look, "Hey it just suddenly happened! I didn't know until it was too late!" Jaune cried

Reese just giggled, "Lay off him, Ars, he's here now, and that's all that matters," She told Arslan before turning to Jaune and giving him a soft look, "Why don't we catch up after you change?" She asked

Jaune smiled and nodded, "Sure sounds good" Jaune then turned to Sun, "You wanna join Sun?"

Sun just smiled and shook his head, "Nah, I'm good, you haven't seen them in a long time dude, I'll just head back to the room and meditate for a while" SUn said as he turned and waved goodbye "See ya later dude"

Jaune just waved back and then turned back and told them he'd meet them outside after he changed into his casual outfit. Jaune put his armor, gloves, and Crocea Mors in his locker and then walked out to meet up with Arslan and Reese.

His casual clothes were just his short-sleeved Pumpkin Pete hoodie, his blue jeans, and his sneakers, he walked out and saw that Arslan and Reese were in fact waiting for him outside the class and he smiled as he looked at his two old friends.

"So, you guys wanna get a bite to eat?" He asked them




Currently, Jaune was sitting with them at the Cafeteria with their lunches. Jaune had a simple pork chop, mashed potatoes with gravy, and a side of steamed green beans, Reese had two ham sandwiches and a bag of chips, and Arslan had two large burgers with large fries and a large coke.

"So what's Haven like?" Jaune asked them

"Eh, truth be told it's not a cool as Beacon," Reese said "It's like a simple school but bigger, but the scenery of Mistral is amazing!"

Arslan nodded with a smile, "It is" She said "But how's Beacon going for you?" She asked

"Great actually! I've been training my butt off but it's been amazing, I've made some friends with some upperclassmen and a few first years from other schools" Jaune said "I've also been trying to improve my skills with my fighting and Aura"

"That great! We should spar sometime!" Reese said

Jaune smiled awkwardly, "Yeah sure why not, I'm sure I could hold my own against you guys"

Arslan smiled, "Oh really? You wanna head back to the training room and see if that's true?" She asked

Jaune just smiled at raised his hands up in surrender, "I've had enough training for one day Ars," Jaune said

She smiled smugly at h, "I'm sure you have," she said "but, I want to ask the real question" Arslan said

Jaune looked at her and became a bit confused, "Which is?"

"How did you become the only first year at Beacon?" Arslan asked

"Yeah, how did that happen and how did Ozpin allow it to happen?" Reese said "you'd think he'd bend a rules a little"

Jaune sighed with a slight smile, "I thought the same but he didn't" Jaune replied "as to how I became the only first year at Beacon is a bit of a long story"

"We got all day dude," Reese said

Jaune nodded, "All alright, so anyway, Ozpin launched us off a cliff-"

"WHAT!?" Arslan and Reese cried

"Crazy, I know, but thankfully, a girl by the name of Pyrrha Nikos helped me land safely, and as we traveled to find what we needed to come back to Beacon in order to pass, which were chess pieces, she ran off with a few others to kill Grimm, I killed a few but I went back get the chess piece and told everyone that we should hurry up and get the pieces and head back to Beacon, but they kind of ignored me and just killed the Grimm and I made my way back," Jaune said

"What about the others?" Reese asked

"Well, they fought a lot of Grimm but time ran out and they returned without the pieces and so... They failed," Jaune said "honestly, I feel bad that they didn't pass," Jaune said with a hint of sadness in his tone.

"You shouldn't feel bad Jaune" Arslan said "they failed because they lost focus, you didn't, they should have tried harder" she finished

"I guess... But still, I feel like I don't deserve to be here" Jaune said

"Hey, don't say that" Reese told him, "If anyone deserves to be here, it's you!" She said cheerfully

Arslan smiled and patted him on the back rather hardly, (almost making him choke on his food), "She's right Jaune, this has been your dream since we were little" she told him "I remember you always yelling out that you'd be the greatest Huntsmen in all of Remnant!" Arslan said with a bit of a giggle

"I remember that!" Reese cried with a laugh "MY NAMES JAUNE ARC AND IM GONNA BE A HUNTSMEN, YA KNOW!" Reese mimicked his younger self

"DATTEBAYO!" Arslan cried, still mimicking younger Jaune

The two laughed as they remembered younger Jaune's antics and Jaune just sighed

Jaune sighed, "Please... Enough References" Jaune muttered "anyways, What made you two be hunters? If I remember, Ars, you wanted to be a professional boxer, and Reese, you wanted to be a mecha-shift tech expert, so what's the change?"

Both looked at him and then they turned to each other and thought about why they wanted to be huntsmen... And they then turned back to the blond boy and remembered how it was back in Ansel...

They remembered always chasing after him when he went on his little adventures, smiling as they did because every day being with Jaune on one of his little adventures brought new experiences, and when he wasn't around anymore and they couldn't chase after him and go on one of his little adventures, they didn't realize how much fun and how amazing exploring their small little village really was. How Jaune had opened their eyes to the large world of theirs and their need for exploration grew.

"Don't get us wrong, we still want to do those things," Reese began

"But... Someone showed us that there's a whole wide world out there to explore" Arslan finished with a smile

Jaune realized who they were talking about and he blushed slightly and smiled his goofy yet heartwarming smile and the two girls just blushed and smiled back at him.

Truly, this was a great reunion among old friends...

Chapter Text

Jaune, currently trying to slowly push aura into his sword. He tried to concentrate on focusing his aura into his hands and then transferring it into the blade. However, he couldn't do it, every time he tried to put his aura into his hands, they seemed not to be able to go into the blade.

Jaune groaned as he failed, "it doesn't seem to work" Jaune said with a sigh

"Easy now, Jaune, it takes some time," Yatsuhashi said "control of one's aura, or its techniques, take time," Yatsuhashi said,

"I know, Yatsu," Jaune said, "But how long did it take you to do this?"

Yatsuhashi smiled, "truthfully, putting my Aura into my blade to strengthen it took some time, I didn't even accomplish it until the summer break," Yatsuhashi told Jaune

Jaune sighed, "So it might take me the same amount of time?" Jaune asked

"Possibly, but with the insane amount of Aura you possess, you might be able to do it faster," Yatsuhashi told him

Jaune looked to Crocea Mors and then back to Yatsuhashi, "how did you do it Yatsu? Give me a little insight on how I might be able to figure it out a bit"

Yatsuhashi looked at Jaune and saw the determined look on his friend's face and he knew just how much Jaune wanted to get stronger and wanted to not be so behind everyone else. He may be the only 1st year, and while he beat a few 2nd years, there was still those a lot stronger than him, and with the visiting students from the other three kingdoms, Jaune was majorly out-classed in many ways, and Yatsuhashi was determined to help Jaune get stronger, as were his other friends.

"Well, for me, I know how stupid this may sound, but I thought of happy memories," Yatsu told Jaune

Jaune looked at him, "really?" Jaune asked

Yatsuhashi nodded with a smile, "Sure it sounds cliche, but it's true" Yatsuhashi said "The memories of the time I spent in my first year, with my friends, and with being at Beacon, All those good things that happened to me and that changed me, made me stronger, get it?"

Jaune thought about it and he could understand what Yatsuhashi meant. The memories he's had with his family and even his friends here at Beacon had given him the push and that he needed to get stronger so he didn't have to be a damsel in distress, so he could stand next to his friends. Jaune smiled at Yatsuhashi and nodded, "Yeah I get it Yatsu" Jaune said

Yatsuhashi smiled and nodded back to Jaune, "Good," the giant told him

Before they could do anything else, the bell rang, signaling that classes would be starting up again.

"We best be on our way to our next classes," Yatsuhashi told him "We'll continue after classes Jaune"

Jaune nodded in agreement and Jaune left to his next class, which he was somewhat thankful for. The next class was Grimm Studies, and if Jaune was lucky, He could just sleep while Professor Port ranted about his glory days.

However, when Jaune reached the class, there was a paper on the door telling him and other students to meet near the cliffs with their weapons and gear. Jaune did so and headed to the locker rooms and changed with a few other students who were there. After he got ready, he grabbed Crocea Mors and went outside of the building, and headed down to the cliffs with a few other students.

Jaune, along with some other students, were now at the cliffs, but again, instead of being cooped up in the class, where he hoped he could rest for a good hour, Professor Port had them wait on the very same cliff that Ozpin had them launched off of. Which didn't bode well for Jaune, afraid that port might launch them off the cliffs again, though, thankfully, this time, Jaune had a landing strategy... kinda.

However unknown to the blonde knight, he was being watched by a grey-haired beauty.

'What's so special about you, Arc?'

Those were the first thoughts that had crossed the mind of Marceline Black, a false Haven student and subordinate/hired assassin of Cinder Fall, The Half-Maiden. For some reason, she, of all people, was ordered to try and befriend this Jaune guy, because, he was the only first-year student in Beacon, which no doubt caught the attention of Cinder for some reason, and Marceline wouldn't deny it, it had caught her attention too, after all, it wasn't everyday a single student was the only one to pass.

Cinder had told her that he could be a threat to her plans. But... she had watched the Blonde Knight get his ass whooped a few times in combat class.

Seeing the sight, made Marceline realize that he was no actual threat to Cinder's plans, in fact, he just seemed like any normal student here at Beacon. Though, she had to admit that he had quite a large amount of Aura and he also had an odd group of friends. He always hung out with that Monkey Faunus that was staying with him in his dorm, he hung out with the entire CFVY team, and also seemed rather close with those two haven girls from team ABRN. Not only that, but even Ozpin seemed to take a bit of a liking to the boy as he played chess in the library with the boy sometimes when the blonde teen was free.

Which made Marceline second guess her assumptions about him being a threat. After all, from what she was told, Ozpin didn't take a liking to just anyone. So if he was indeed being kept close to Ozpin, then that means there was something that he saw within the boy that others couldn't. The question was what? And how was she going to get close to him? She wasn't the most social person out there.

"Alright students! Listen up!"

Marceline was taken out of her thoughts when she heard the voice of that fat professor.

"Today, you will be paired up in a group of two and each of you will hunt down and kill the listed number of tagged Grimm that has been assigned to you," Professor Port told them, Professor port then pulled out his scroll and pressed the send button and every student's scroll pinged with a message, "You have just been assigned your partners," Port told them

Both Jaune and Marceline, along with every other student, had pulled out their scrolls and looked to see who they were partnered with. When Marceline opened up her scrolls, she saw her team was designated as Team Yellow, and she then saw who her partner was. Her eyes widened in surprise, but her expression turned into a smile as she could use this to befriend him

[Team Yellow: Jaune Arc and Marceline Black]

[Assignment: Kill the 15 tagged Beowulf's in the forest]

Marceline smiled and went looking for the blonde knight and found him quite easily. She walked over to him and called out to him, "Hey!"

Jaune turned around and saw Marceline and he greeted her with a smile, "uh, Hi!" Jaune said awkwardly, "Are you, Marceline Black?" He asked

Jaune saw Marceline and saw that she was quite beautiful. Her grey short spiky hair reached to her neck. She wore a short-sleeved grey and black crop-top zipper jacket, a pair of black short shorts, that almost left nothing to the imagination, around the shorts was a grey short-waist cape on her right side, and a pair of black thigh-high socks and a pair of grey boots that at armor plating around the front of the boots reaching halfway up her shin.

Marceline nodded, "Nailed it, blondie," She said with a smile "And you're Beacon's only 1st year, Jaune Arc right?"

Jaune sighed a little but still held his goofy smile, "Yeah... that's Me" Jaune said "Nice to meet you"

"Same here" Marceline replied back "Well, we should get ready to do our assignment, come on Blondie," Marceline said with a smile

"Right!" Jaune said "Let's do our best!"

Marceline nodded in agreement with a smile. Odd enough, she wasn't annoyed by Jaune's determination and actually kind of found it cool, even though he was a dork.

After getting set up, the two told Professor Port they were ready and unlucky for Jaune, Port had told them to get on one of the launch pads so they could be launched off the cliff and into the forest...

'Brothers Damn my luck! could this day get any worse!?' Jaune thought to himself





A lone Beowulf was walking the woods only to be quickly killed as a loud shot rang through the air and it fell to the ground. Behind it was none other than Marceline Black, her left foot was raised up and the heel of her shoe was smoking as it was her weapon, a set of boots with a firing mechanism in them. Behind Marceline was Jaune looking at the Scroll only to see a yellow dot right in front of them, confirming this was the right Beowulf.

Jaune whistled as he looked over to Marceline with a smile, "That's the last of them" He told her "Nice job Marceline!" He said

Marceline turned to look over at Jaune and gave him a smirk, "Good, I was starting to get bored" She told him

Jaune nodded in agreement, "Well, Let's start heading back" Jaune said

"Got it blondie," Marceline said with a smile

The two began making their way back and both thought about how the other acted around the other.

For Jaune, he had noticed Marceline was playful and the teasing type, like Coco, though he was sure she was holding back most of her teasing because she also seemed to be the type to flaunt her stuff. Yet, there was something else that he had noticed. He had noticed she seemed to be a bit socially awkward, not really good at small talk, which he had admitted to her that he wasn't either, besides that, she was quite friendly and overall fun to be around with, even when she gave him a few verbal jabs of criticism.

As for Marceline, she had noticed that Jaune was a good guy, able to take some of her playful teasing, both verbal and physical, and she had tried to flirt with him a little just to see how he'd react but there wasn't any reaction, so she assumed he must have been dense. Besides that, he was actually pleasant to be around and could even joke back, and made sure she was ok after every encounter with the Beowulfs, which she actually kind of liked... but she would never admit it.

As they continued making their way back to the cliff, the sound of loud thuds could be heard, Jaune and Marceline stopped as they heard the loud sounds and it sounded like it was everywhere and coming closer.

"You hear that right?" Marceline asked

Jaune nodded, "Yeah," He told her "And wherever it's coming from, it's getting closer" Jaune said

They looked all around and prepared to fight whatever it was that was getting close to them. Jaune readied his shield and Crocea Mors and Marceline prepared herself to shoot with her boots when whatever came at her. Finally, the sound was much closer and it burst through the trees and ran at the two, revealing to be a goliath, they both jumped out of the way on opposite sides of the elephant-like Grimm.

The Goliath stopped itself and it bellowed loudly before turning to face Jaune, Jaune quickly stood up as the thing charged at him and he managed to move to the side before it hit him. Instead, it bashed its head into a tree, breaking it. Marceline quickly turned to look at the thing and quickly kicked her feet up and forward, sending a shot at the beast which just pissed it off. The Goliath turned around and charged at her, but she quickly jumped out of the way, however, while she dodged the charge of the Goliath, instead of turning and trying to charge again, it swung its head to the side and its tusk hit Marceline right in the side, sending her flying in the air and through a few large tree branches.

Jaune looked in horror as he saw his partner get flung hard, "MARCELINE!" Jaune cried out

Jaune quickly got up and ran to her, but the Goliath quickly turned to Jaune and tried to use its trunk to hit him, however, Jaune quickly ducked and rolled underneath it and continued running over to Marceline to see if she was ok.

Marceline grunted as she lay on the ground and tried to stand up only for her to fall right back down, "What the hell!?" Cried Marceline in confusion, she looked down to her legs only to see her right stocking was ripped, but worst of all, her mechanic leg was exposed and she saw that one of the wires to her legs was cut, causing it to not work at all. "Damnit! Why now!?" She cried


Marceline looked back up only to see Jaune running at her, he approached her and got down near her, looking her over, "Are you ok!?" He asked with worry

"I'm fine, but one of the wires to my right leg was cut and I can't move it at all!" Marceline cried

Jaune swore under his breath and turned to see the Goliath was preparing to charge at the both of them, no doubt seeing an opportunity with Marceline Injured. It charged at them and Marceline Knew she couldn't move and expected Jaune to get out of the way while she got trampled, knowing she was a liability now. But to her surprise, Jaune grabbed Marceline by her arm and lifted her up as he got up and quickly jumped out of the way, making them both able to dodge the Goliath's attack.

When safe for the time, Marceline was still in shock and she looked over to Jaune who was lying to her side, "Why...?" She began

However, before she could ask again or Jaune could reply, Jaune got up and grabbed her underneath her arms, and dragged her back far away from the giant Grimm. He then set her up against a tree and looked at her.

"Look, we can't run or that thing will chase us," Jaune said

"You can just leave me behind you know," Marceline told him "I can't run, so I'm just dead weight," She told him

Jaune shook his head, "No way I'm leaving you here to die!" He told her

"But why!?" Marceline asked him "Just go and save yourself!"

Once again, Jaune shook his head and looked at her, "Sorry, but that isn't my style!" He told her

"Then do you at least have a plan, genius!?" Marceline cried

"Yeah," Jaune said "a stupid one, but it's a plan," He told her

"Mind filling me in Blondie?" Marceline asked with a bit of venom in her voice

"I'm gonna leave you here for now with my scroll, call for backup, while you're doing that, I'll distract the Goliath and try to take him down just until backup arrives," Jaune said

"Are you insane!?" Marceline asked "That thing will kill you with ease! No way you can hold it off, long enough for backup to arrive! Just leave me here and save yourself!"

"No way! I'm not letting you die! Not here! Not while I can do something!" Jaune cried

Marceline still was confused, why did he care so much about her life, he barely knew her. Her life wasn't worth saving, she knew that better than anyone. She was a killer. And this was the kind of death she deserved. No one cared about her. Not Cinder, not Emerald, not Neo, not even her own father cared for her... so why? Why did Jaune care about her life?

"Why!? Why try to protect someone like me!? I don't matter!" Marceline asked Jaune

Jaune looked at her, "You Do Matter Marceline! Just like everyone else matters!" He cried

Marceline's eyes widened as she heard those words come from his mouth. Never in her entire life did anyone ever tell her that. Ever since she had been abused and been trained by her old man... did she ever think she mattered to someone.

"You Do Matter Marceline!"

Her heartbeat as his words resonated through her mind and she looked down to the ground, wondering why she had felt this overwhelming sense of relief.

Jaune turned to the Goliath and was about to turn to them, which he couldn't allow since he would have to move Marceline again, "I got to do this now!" Jaune said

He tried to get up but he felt Marceline grip his arm tightly and he looked back at her. She was still looking at the ground but she gripped his arm tightly. Jaune was confused as to why she was stopping him.

"Just... Just don't die on me out there Blondie" She told him

Jaune gave her a smile and a quick nod before she let go and he got up completely and with his blade and shield ready, he walked away from Marceline and called out to the Goliath in order to get its attention.

"Hey, Dumbo! Over here!" Jaune cried out

The Goliath turned to him and let out a huff of air and seemed to be angry. Jaune readied himself for any attack from the Goliath as was also prepared to strike anywhere he had seen an opening.

'Just need to buy some time for Marceline to call some backup' Jaune told himself

The Goliath rushed at Jaune and Jaune stepped out of the way to the left side, and then the Goliath swung its right tusk at Jaune, but thankfully he was prepared for this and Jaune once again rolled under the tusk and to the left side of the beast and he quickly sliced the side of the beast's face, only to see that the cut wasn't deep. The Goliath swung its head to the left to try and get Jaune again but Jaune quickly backed up and gained some distance.

'Damnit! The cut wasn't deep enough, for something so big it moves so fast!' Jaune thought 'Which means I can't outright get close and cut it as much as I want... damnit! What the hell can I do!?'

The Goliath charged at Jaune and Jaune prepared to dodge, but instead, it lowered its head and when close enough, it raised both its head and trunk up, hitting Jaune in the chest, sending him back into a tree. The force of the hit to his chest hurt, but he got the wind knocked out of him when his back hit the tree. He fell and gasped for air, and tried to quickly get up only for the Goliath to rush at him quickly and aim its horn right at Jaune, he saw this and he tried to move but he still felt weak as he still tried to get enough air in his lungs, so instead, he raised up his shield and used it to block the horn, which sent him back even farther, tumbling and skipping across the ground like a skipping rock on a pond.

Pain shot through Jaune's entire body as his aura began to flicker and he slowly got up to his feet. Jaune looked at the Goliath and saw that it was ready to charge at him again, and he knew his Aura couldn't tank another hit like this.

'c-crap... if I don't try and finish this soon, I'll be vulnerable...' Jaune staggered forward a bit but he regained his footing, 'I-I can't die here!' Jaune thought to himself

Jaune then looked to Crocea Mors and his training with Yatsuhashi earlier today popped into his mind. Trying to put his aura in his sword didn't work earlier today, but if he could strengthen his blade he might be able to cut the Goliath deep enough, he thought about it, if he failed, his aura would break and he might die.

"...What other choice do I have?" Jaune asked himself

He tried to concentrate on putting his Aura into his sword. He calmed his breathing and calmed his body but gripped his sword tightly and tried to feel his Aura and slowly push it into his sword.

"Don't try to force it Jaune, let it slowly seep into your hands and into the blade"

He could hear the instructions of Yatsuhashi in his mind as he focused on the Aura Technique.

"Let it be an extension and let it flow out of your body"

Jaune breathed in and out and let his aura surround his body and slowly, he could even feel it flow directly to his hands and he could feel it begin to spread out of his palms and he could then feel a warm feeling coming from his handle, and the conversation between him at Yatsu came to his mind.

"How did you do it Yatsu? Give me a little insight on how I might be able to figure it out a bit"

"Well, for me, I know how stupid this may sound, but I thought of happy memories,"

Jaune then thought about the memories that made him happy and changed him for the better.

"Sure it sounds cliche, but it's true," Yatsuhashi said

Memories flowed through his mind, like a movie. Seeing his younger sisters being born and meeting them, promising to protect them. Seeing his Grandma and Grandpa. Arriving at Vale. Getting accepted to Beacon. Meeting Velvet and Coco. Meeting Yatsu and Fox. Having Sun as a roommate. Training to be better. Meeting Arslan and Reese again. Befriending Marceline.

Jaune opened his eyes only to see the blade of his sword glow white as his Aura was now a part of his blade.

"The memories of the time I spent in my first year, with my friends, and with being at Beacon, All those good things that happened to me and that changed me, made me stronger, get it?"

He nodded and smiled, "Yeah, I get it... Yatsu!" Jaune said aloud

The Goliath bellowed and quickly charged at Jaune, meaning to kill the boy with every fiber of its being, while Jaune looked at the Goliath with a hardened glare, ready to kill the large Grimm in order to protect Marceline and survive.

As the Goliath got closer, Jaune raised Crocea Mors up above his head, his aura still attached to the blade and glowing brightly, he waited until it got closer, and as he did, a part of him told him to swing his blade down when the Goliath was still at a good distance away from him. As the Goliath closed the distance between him, when it was still at a safe distance from him yet closer than it was before, a part of Jaune screamed for him to swing the blade downward, and Jaune did so.

As the blade slashed downward, a large white crescent shape energy shot out of the blade and toward the Goliath. The Goliath still charged at Jaune as the energy shot at it, not scared of what it might be, however, when the white crescent-shaped energy came into contact with the Goliath's head, it split through the skin and shot through and down the middle of the Grimm, slicing it down the middle.

The Goliath stopped its charge and its split body fell apart and to the ground and then began to evaporate.

Jaune smiled as he saw what he had done and he began to cheer. "I-I did it! I DID IT! Whoo! I did it! Hell yea-" but before Jaune could finish cheering for himself about killing the Goliath, fatigue finally caught up to him and his entire body felt weak. "O-O-Oh crap..." He said before he fell backward and fell unconscious.

Marceline looked over to the blonde knight and saw the damage he had caused with that power he had just unleashed, and she had noticed that it had killed the Goliath in one hit but it didn't stop after hitting the Goliath, it had kept going until it had cut down a few trees and branches.

She was completely in shock about what had just happened, and she looked back to the knocked out Blonde Knight with wide eyes

'Looked like I found what's so special about you... Jaune' Marceline told herself with a smile





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Qrow showed a similar power and while it was never said to be Aura, it could've been. So I decided to expand upon it and make it into an Aura technique. This Aura technique was also based on Ichigo's "Getsuga Tenshou"

Anyway, more Aura techniques that are similar to powers from One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach will be shown in later chapters as Jaune will indeed train more with his aura, and with his training, they will give him a major power-up.

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Aura Step

Aura Sight

Aura Strike

Kings Aura

Aura Jump

It should also be known that most of these powers come with flaws as they are mostly strengthing muscles, however, Aura Slash can't hurt the body as it isn't strengthening any body part.

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Currently, our resident Blonde Knight, the one and only Jaune Arc, was being rushed to the infirmary. He was still unconscious as he lied on the moving cot. Marceline was also being taken to the infirmary, bit only to have her leg checked out as it could be repaired by one of the doctors. The young assassin watched as Jaune was being placed a few cots down from her and saw how Professor Peach looked at the state of Jaune, and she grew a bit frustrated,

"Mr. Arc you damn idiot! What in the world we're you thinking this time!?" Professor Peach cried at the unconscious boy

Marceline was told to sit at her cot for now until Professor Peach looked her over and discharged her, and should also wait for her team to arrive.

As she waited she looked over to Jaune's beaten form as one of the doctors was healing Jaune using their Aura. Marceline could help but still wonder why he had gone through so much to save her.

"You do matter Marceline!"

Those words again. They kept echoing around her mind whenever she still asked herself why he had saved her.

'I don't matter' she told herself with a certain sense of conviction 'the only thing that mattered about me was my skill' she told herself

Saying Marceline never had a good life was a bit of an understatement. Her life was terrible.

Being raised by a drunk father who happened to be an assassin who constantly hit you and belittled you was the worse. She was trained to be a weapon, to be a killer, she was trained to just survive. Her father reminded her that if she couldn't fight, couldn't kill, couldn't do what she was supposedly born do to, that she wouldn't matter to him or to anyone else.

Marceline Black the person didn't matter.

Only Marceline the assassin mattered.

Marceline was on her own. Even after she killed the drunk bastard, Cinder was no better. The pyromaniac psychopath was almost just as worse than her father. Belittling what she did sometimes and using her for her skill. Marceline knew all this but her partner, Emerald, didn't. Marceline was threatened to work for the Half-Maiden, and not wanting to die, Marceline accepted. Even being in this "team" with Cinder, Emerald, and Neo, the assassin was not even somewhat cared for. If she was surrounded by Grimm, that was her own problem that she needed to take care of. She thought and convinced herself that no one, not a single soul, would come to help her or try and save her.

That was until today.

Jaune Arc, the resident Dork and weakest fighter amongst his peers had risked his life to save hers.

'Well... He's not so weak' Marceline reminded herself 'after all, not just anyone can kill a Goliath all by themselves'

As she looked at him, she wondered why she had felt somewhat concerned for the boy. He was still a bit of a stranger, and worse, she was supposed to be spying on him, gathering information on him in order to take him down for Cinder and their plans. Not trying to be his friend. She wasn't supposed to care what happened to him, not even a little.

So... Why did she?

Was it because she saved her life? Thinking about that, Marceline balled her fist in a bit of anger.

'you're not some princess to be saved! I can take care of myself! I'm not gonna be swooning over some idiot because he saved my life!' she told herself

But her mind kept telling her that was part of the reason, but there was more to it, but what? What else was there?

"You do matter Marceline!"

Marceline heard those words again and she simply looked to the floor of the infirmary and rested her hands on her forehead. She let out a heavy sigh, 'why... Why am I worrying so much about the guy?' she still asked herself.


Marcelline turned around and saw Cinder looking at her, with her was Emerald and Neo of course. Cinder walked over to her and looked her up and down to see the damage of the assassin.

"What Happened?" Cinder asked in an authoritative tone

Marceline was about to open her mouth and tell Cinder what had happened but she stopped herself. She didn't know why, but a large part of her told her not to say a word, make up some story and end it there, don't tell the truth. She didn't know why, but he listened to that voice.

Marceline sighed, "I don't know, from what they told me when I woke up was that Arc over there saved my life after a Goliath attacked me and sent me flying" Marceline

"You got knocked out?" Emerald asked

Marceline nodded

"So you don't know how Arc managed to defeat a Goliath?" Cinder asked

"I just said I was knocked out, I don't have any idea how he did it alright?" Marceline said with an annoyed tone

Cinder just looked a bit pissed, "This is not an Ideal situation" she said "Not anyone, let alone someone of Mr. Arc's capabilities can defeat a Goliath alone... and since we don't know if he just got lucky or he used and managed to awaken his semblance, we won't know what to expect from him" She said

"Sorry boss," Marceline said

"Don't be sorry" Cinder said, "be better, don't let this happen again, understood?"

Marceline just nodded

"Good, now, we'll be leaving, and when the doctors have cleared you, do come back to the room," Cinder said

With that, the half-maiden turned and left with Emerald following her and Neo just looked at Marceline, before looking over to Jaune lying on his cot, before having a smile appear on her face and following Cinder and Emerald out of the infirmary. Marceline just watched them leave before also looking over to Jaune. He was lying on the cot and his armor was removed in order to make him comfortable and she noticed that some of the small bruises and cuts had healed and were gone, but he was still unconscious.

Marceline felt a bit worried and also felt a tug on her heart but ignored the feeling as she just lied down on the cot and closed her eyes. Today was a very tiring day for her.




It had been about an hour or two and Jaune's eyes slowly began to open. When he did, he saw a very familiar sight. His eyes now fully opened and he then looked around and saw that he was indeed where he thought he was, which also began to worry him and he scanned the room looking for danger.

"Oh man, I am in soooo much trouble," Jaune said in a sacred tone

"That you are, Mr. Arc"

"AHHHHHHHHH!" Jaune cried

He quickly turned to his side only to see Professor Peach. The woman was glaring daggers at him and a dark aura radiated off of her, no doubt very pissed he was in the infirmary. Jaune just gulped and gave her a small wave, only to be hit over the head with a clipboard.

"Ah! come on, Professor! I'm injured!"

"Oh don't go whining about being in pain! This is your fault!" Professor Peach "You're lucky that's all I do to you! You reckless fool!"

"You know, you have to be the worst doctor I have ever had!" Jaune cried

He was then hit atop the head with the clipboard again

"AH!" he cried

Professor Peach glared at him before looking at the clipboard, "Your lucky you didn't sustain any permanent damage, during your encounter with the Goliath" she told him "Your wounds have all healed thanks to some of the doctors and your own aura, but You will feel very sore tomorrow" She said

"Is that all?" Jaune said "Huh, I got really lucky this time"

"That doesn't mean you can do something like this again, understood?" She said with a glare and dark aura

Jaune's eyes widened in fear and he quickly nodded his head.

"Good," She said sternly, "Now, you can be discharged right now, but let me also notify your friends so that they can help you back to your room in case you feel too sore," She said

Jaune nodded and then he remembered Marceline, "Ah, Professor, what happened to Marceline? Is she Ok?" Jaune asked worriedly

"Ms. Black? She is alright, She was discharged just a while ago, I told her she should get repairs to her leg soon" Professor Peach replied

Jaune sighed in relief, "That's good" He said with a smile

Professor Peach hummed in agreement and left to go call his friends, as Jaune slowly rose up and out of the cot. He felt slightly sore in a few places but nothing too bad. He looked to see his Armor and Crocea Mors on the side of his cot and smiled but when he got a closer look he noticed it was a bit dented in some places and he sighed, He would have to get it repaired and who knows how much that cost.

He looked over to Crocea Mors and picked it up. He unsheathed the blade and looked over it. There was no scratch or chip, the blade still looked as it did before, though, he could admit that it could use a good polish, and then looked at the sheath/shield, which was also still in good condition, and she sheathed Crocea Mors and smiled, knowing that the Family heirloom was still in good condition.

"Where is he!?" Cried a loud voice "Where is that Idiot!?

Jaune's eyes widened with fear again as he heard that voice he gulped loudly and turned around only to see Arslan with an angry look walking toward the Infirmary. Next to her were Sun and Reese and following behind them were Coco, Fox, Velvet, and Yatsuhashi.

Jaune tried to steel his nerves as they came closer and then entered the Infirmary, but he just turned around and gave everyone a nervous smile, "Hey guys" He said

Arslan just glared at him, "When you get out of here I'm going to punch you, idiot!" Arslan said, "Do you have any idea how worried we were!?" She asked

"Sorry about that" Jaune sheepishly said "I know it was pretty stupid, but I didn't have any choice! Marceline couldn't move and I couldn't just leave her!" Jaune said

"I know that! But you really thought fighting a Goliath alone was better!?" Arslan cried

Jaune looked from side to side, "No...?" He said

Arslan just sighed and put her fingers to her nose and closed her eyes, "I can't believe you..." She said

"Lay off him Ars," Reese said softly "He's alright, and that's all that matters"

"I know, but still, he could've been killed!" She cried

"But he wasn't!" Sun said with a bright smile "I mean, he made it out alive and looks fine! Also, he defeated a Goliath by himself! How many students can say that!?" Sun asked with astonishment

Coco nodded in agreement, "He's got a point, let's just be thankful that Jaune's alright"

Jaune just smiled at them, "Thanks you gu-"

"Even if his Idea was utterly stupid," Coco said

"Ah... there it is" Jaune said as he slouched in defeated

Yatsuhashi then looked to his friend, "I have to ask Jaune, how did you beat the Goliath?" Yatsuhashi asked

Jaune looked up to his friend and remembered very well how he beat the Goliath, a wide and bright smile graced his face as his eyes went wide with glees, "That's right! I managed to infuse my Aura into my sword!" Jaune said,

"you did?" Yatsu said

Jaune nodded, "Yeah but, I also did something else," Jaune said "I didn't just strengthen my blade though, I unleashed some sort of slicing attack"

"What do you mean?" Yatsuhashi asked

Jaune thought about the best way to describe it, "When I infused my aura into my blade, I raised it and when the Goliath was at a good distance, I swung my sword down and a large energy shot out from my blade and cut the Goliath in half" Jaune said, "Is that suppose to happen?"

Yatsuhashi looked surprised and shook his head, "No, the technique I was teaching you was just to strengthen your blade to cut, What you did and managed to accomplish was a very advanced Aura technique" Yatsuhashi said

Jaune was surprised, "Really?" Jaune asked

Yatsuhashi nodded, "The technique you had used is called Aura Slash, Jaune," Yatsu said "A very advanced technique the very few can use"

"But the name "Aura Slash" doesn't sound all the creative or cool," Sun said

"Oh yeah, and what would you have called it?" Fox asked

Sun then began pondering the name, and then he thought about one, "What about Getsuga Tenshou?"

Fix looked at him, "That's Mistralian right?" Fox asked, "It means Moon Fang Cross-Shaped Piercer, right?"

"Ok, why do I feel like that's already been taken?" Jaune said. He then thought of a different name, "How about Arca Mortis?" Jaune asked

Arslan looked to him, "Arc of Death?" Arslan asked

Meanwhile, Sun thought about it and smiled, "I like it!" He said with a thumbs up

"Anyways!" Yatsuhashi began "Jaune, what you achieved is a great feat for many who focus on aura to fight and defend, and again, not many can do it," Yatsuhashi said

"I'm still surprised I did it," He said "I mean, I wasn't even trying to do it before... I just kind of took your advice Yatsu and it worked" Jaune said

Yatsuhashi smiled with pride

"Still, it was amazing that you did it," Sun said "And now that you have it, you sort of have a long-range attack! All you gotta do now is master it"

Jaune nodded with a smile, "Yeah!" he said "But not right now, I need something to eat" Jaune said

Sun just moved next to him and put his arm around his should and brought him into a side hug, "Whatever you want dude! You've earned it dude!"

"I agree very much," Yatsuhashi said

"Well then let's get going, I'm sure we can get something at the cafeteria" Fox said

Jaune grabbed his armor and sword with some help from Fox and the four boys began leaving the infirmary. The four girls watched as Jaune and the others left and Arslan sighed once again.

"I swear, that idiot is gonna get himself hurt one of these days"

Reese just smiled, "Aw, come on, Ars, Have some faith in him," Reese said

"I do, I... I just worry that one of these days he won't make it back" She said sadly

"I worry about the same thing sometimes," Velvet said

Coco pushed her sunglasses up and smiled, "I think that he's so persistent and headstrong he just refuses to die," Coco said

"Still... he really needs to be more careful," Arslan said

"I agree," Velvet said "But if someone needs help, he'll do anything to help them, even if he gets himself hurt"

Reese chuckled, "that's Jaune for ya," She said "but I think that no matter what... he'll be ok"

Finally calming her nerves Arslan nodded as a smile "Yeah"

Velvet nodded and Coco just smiled in agreement.

"Now we better catch up to them or else they'll eat everything before we get there," Coco said

With that, the four girls walked out of the infirmary and followed the four boys into the hallway, watching as Jaune walked ahead of them with a smile.




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Aura Technique Arc (We're going to be jumping into that Arc next chapter and will last from chapters 7-11)

Volume 2 Arc (Which will last around Chapters 12-20)

Grimm Eclipse Arc (Which will last around Chapters 21-30)

Favnear Arc (Which will last around Chapters 31-34)

P.3.N.N.Y Arc (Not set yet)

The Crown Arc (Not Yet Set)

Volume 3 Arc (Not yet Set)

Restoration Arc (Not yets Set)


And then after that, I might write the Sequal which if, again, IF I do it, I think it will still focus on Jaune and the friends he's made in this story and also be about him being a bit of a role model to Team RWBY and JNPR, as Well as explore the concept of what if Beacon didn't fall after volume 3 and bring in the rest of team WTCH, and Salem and I might even add Raven.

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it's been three days since the fight with the Goliath, and Jaune was now fully healed and could now move without feeling sore. He could now once again actively participate in Combat class again, which was the class he was having right now.

Currently, he, along with CFVY and was watching a girl named Mint, who was apparently from the same team as Marceline, wipe the floor with a 2nd-year from Atlas. Mint had just delivered a roundhouse kick to the 2nd-years face and sent him to the side he fell to the ground, finally, lowering his aura into the red and meaning that Mint had won.

"Wow, she's really good," Velvet said

"Yeah, her Aura's still pretty high up" Fox chimed in

Jaune looked at the screen to see her Aura level and saw that Mint was around 80% and Jaune wasn't surprised at all. He had seen Marceline, and her teammate, Emerald, fight before and they were really good fighters, it only made sense that Mint was the same, and the same could most likely be said for their team leader.

Ms. Goodwitch sighed a bit and addressed the two students. "Ms. Pepper, your flexibility and close combat skill are amazing, and you were able to dodge Mr. Roks attacks, but you must learn to hold back, as for you Mr. Roks, you need to be able to keep up and block attacks from such a fast and flexible enemy," Goodwitch told them,

Roks left the arena as Mint stayed in it with a smile on her face as she had won.

Ms. Goodwitch looked at the class to the rest of the class, "Since Ms. Pepper is the winner and her aura is still rather high, she can be allowed to stay and fight into the next fight, does anyone wish to challenge Ms. Pepper?" Ms. Goodwitch asked

Jaune then quickly raised his hand, and Ms. Goodwitch was the first to notice it and was a bit surprised to see him eager to participate in class.

"This is a surprise, Mr. Arc, are you sure you are in a condition to fight?" Goodwitch asked him,

Jaune nodded, "Yes, Ms. Goodwitch" Jaune said "Professor Peach herself cleared me," He told her

Ms. Goodwitch just nodded and pushed up her glasses, "Very well, come down and get ready"

Velvet then looked over to Jaune with a worried look, "Are you sure about this Jaune!?" She cried in a hushed tone

Jaune just nodded and smiled, "Yeah," He said "I can do this, trust me Velv," He told her

Velvet just looked at him and nodded, "Don't lose" She said

"I don't plan on it this time," He said with a confident smile

As he walked away, Coco noticed his demeanor change, "Is it just me or does he seem to be more confident in himself during this class?" She asked with a smile

"He should feel that way," Yatsu said "He's been eager to show what he's learned during these three days"

Coco turned to him and lowered her sunglasses down, "What do you mean Yatsu?" Coco asked her giant teammate

"Since he couldn't fight during combat class, he's been training despite me and Sun's protest, and he's also been trying new Aura techniques that he's read about, and he's managed to get the hang of two of them, one of them was a bit easy... however, one of them was very hard"

the other three were now confused but were also very interested in what he was implying about Jaune, and they had actually wanted to see what he had learned as he and Sun had been constantly talking about the power he had used to kill the Goliath, Arca Mortis.

Jaune had finished changing into his armor, which was still damaged as he hadn't had the time to put it in for repair, and he was just hoping it could still hold up enough for this fight. He unsheathed Corcea Mors and activated his sword and Mint readied her parasol.

'As Ms. Goodwitch said, she's quick and flexible, she can easily dodge my attacks if I attack first, but she'll also try to attack first and it'll be fast, as she might want to finish this quickly' Jaune thought 'However if I can go on the defense long enough to activate the new techniques I learned, I may be able to throw her off' Jaune thought

"Are both of you ready?"

Jaune nodded, "yes"

Mint just nodded

"Ok then... BEGIN!" Goodwitch said

Mint quickly rushed at Jaune but he held his ground and readied his shield, if he raised it too early she'd find a way to break his block, if he raised it too late he'd be hit. He waited until she was close enough and was ready to use her parasol to hit him, he raised his shield and blocked the attack, Mint wasn't surprised and jumped over him, trying to attack him from behind, but Jaune quickly held Crocea Mors like a dagger and Mint assumed he was going to try and go in for a stab, so when she saw this, she quickly backed up to avoid whatever attack he had planned.

When she was at a safe distance, she looked back only to realize all he did was turn his sword around as he didn't even move to attack, he returned to holding his sword the normal way and turned to her with a smile on his face, it was here that Mint realized that she had been tricked.

'I'm glad that worked, thank you Sun for the idea' Jaune thought 'But I no doubt had made her a bit pissed, and she's most definitely going to try and get a good hit on me'

Mint smiled at him, it was funny to her, usually, tricks were her schtick, but having it happen to her made her feel really good. She felt a rush of energy in her body and she realized she was going to be enjoying this fight.

'She's... smiling?' Jaune thought

Mint now rushed at him and Jaune quickly readied himself to block the attack, but to his surprise, when she was close to him and he raised his shield, she had spun and tucked and kicked his feet, causing him to fall on his back, he fell and saw Mint going in for for a thrust attack with her Parasol and he quickly rolled out of the way just as the tip of her parasol hit the floor, Jaune quickly got up but as soon as he did, he saw a rapier blade coming at him, Jaune acted quickly and moved his head quickly to the side and dodged the attack.

Mint smiled and pulled her rapier back, as she did, Jaune noticed that it was connected to the handle of her Parasol, he also noticed that she carried the rest of her parasol in her other hand.

'So she had that hidden inside of her parasol... I assumed there might have been something hidden in it, and there might be another, and I might not be able to counter it' Jaune told himself 'Looks like I got no other choice'

Jaune pushed his aura into his blade, and it began to glow white. Many were confused about what was going on with Jaune's blade, including Ms. Goodwitch, while others like Marceline and CFVY knew what he was doing.

Mint was confused about what was going on, but before she could try and figure out what was going on with his blade, she saw him slash upwards diagonally, and from the blade, a large white slash of energy was launched her way

"Arca Mortis!" Jaune cried

Mint quickly opened and raised her Parasol to block the attack but when the attack hit, it had blown her back and sent her flying to the arena wall but she crashed into the wall and many, including herself, were amazed at what Jaune had done.

Jaune smiled as he lowered his blade once again, 'I just need to have some distance between her, thankfully Arca Mortis was able to push her all the way back to the wall,' Jaune said 'Now I can use it'

Mint was still stunned but it then turned to glee, this battle was actually making her excited, and Jaune was even able to push her back, Neo had realized he was smart this entire fight. He had chosen to rely on defense during the first part of the fight and even used the trick in order to defend himself, knowing she would try to attack him as quickly as possible, and when she used the first part of her rapier he decided to go on the offense, most likely realizing that her Parasol had more than one function, and not taking the chance to be surprised again, he decided to attack.

'What other tricks do you have up your sleeve, Jaune?' Mint asked herself

Mint regained herself and she held her rapier and parasol ready, however, she looked at the parasol to see that there was a small slash where Jaune's attack had hit. Mint was a bit surprised that the attack managed to damage her Parasol as it was meant to block almost any type of attack that was sent her way, seeing this, she now knew to be very wary of that attack, she then closed it and prepared for another attack.

Jaune now knew she might be a bit hesitant to attack after he unleashed Arca Mortis, now he had to go on the offensive. Jaune held Crocea Mors tight and he now began pushing Aura into his eyes and legs instead of his blade, and a small glow in his iris appeared and he then charged at Mint.

Mint was prepared for any attack he sent her way. As Jaune was charging at her, he began to speed up and reached her at a much faster speed than Mint was expecting as when he was right in front of her, her expression turned to shock and Jaune swung his blade at her only for her to block the attack with her rapier and pushed his blade back and then tried to hit him with her closed Parasol, but he dodged the attack tired swung his sword at her, hitting her aura and pushing her a bit back, but she quickly thrust her rapier at him but he dodged it again, she thrust her rapier at him multiples times but couldn't seem to hit him as he dodged each of the attacks. As she was focused on her attacks, Jaune pushed some of his Aura into Crocea Mors and slashed at her sideways, but Mint had jumped up and narrowly dodged the attack.

From the stands, Velvet, Coco, and Fox were in shock at what was going on, all while Yatsihashi smiled with pride.

"Since when can Jaune move that fast?" Fox asked "It wasn't that fast, but there was definitely a boost in speed"

"Not only that, he managed to dodge all of those thrusts from her rapier as if he knew where they would be," Coco said, she then turned to Yatsuhashi, "You mind filling us in, Yatsu?" She asked

"What Jaune has achieved in such a short amount of time, is the Aura techniques known as "Aura Step" and "Aura sight" that he's shown," Yatsuhashi said

"I see," Coco said "If I can assume, this "Aura Step" allows one to boost their speed with each step, hence the name, while "Aura sight" may allow the user to see the flow of one's Aura so that they see the enemies movements in order to dodge attacks, am I right?" Coco asked

"Your correct, but mostly about Aura sight," Yatsuhashi said "Aura sight allows one to see the flow of another's aura in order to predict and dodge or counter the attacks, but that's only a part of it because if he trains it more he may be able to read a person's aura in order to see if something is wrong with them or he can even find a real person should they use illusions or clones, or even better yet, sense other people's Aura and even danger from all around them, for now, he can only read a person's Aura movements"

"Bloody hell! That's amazing!" Velvet cried, "Who taught him that?" Velvet asked

"He read about it in a few books the school has about Aura techniques and when he brought it up to both me and Sun, Sun had said he could teach him because he has also learned it, but not fully mastered it,"

"And what about "Aura Step"? What have I gotten wrong?" Coco asked

"Aura step allows a person to move fast yes, but if fully mastered and with the right amount of Aura pushed into it, he could be able to move so fast that it almost seems like teleportation,"

"Are you for real!?" Fox and Velvet cried

Yatsuhashi nodded, "Yeah, but for now, he can only run at certain speeds," Yatsuhashi said

"Can you do something like that Yatsu?" Coco asked

"No, I mostly focus on Aura techniques that strengthen and boost parts of my physical abilities as well as my sword," Yatsuhashi said

"I see, so Jaune's not fully there huh?" Coco said

Yatsuhashi nodded, "He's barely touched the tip of the iceberg, he can possibly do so much more"

Back in the fight, and Jaune was fighting Mint pretty well, managing to keep her on her toes, but she was now dodging each of Jaune's attacks, but it wasn't easy, it seemed he could now fire off those "Arca Mortis" at will and have little to no draining of his aura, but the few hits that she managed to get in lowered his Aura to 75%, however, the few hits he managed to get in had lowered her Aura to 50%.

Despite her seemingly being at a disadvantage, she was enjoying the fight between herself and Jaune, he had surprised her. She had heard all the rumors but didn't believe him, saw how he fought, and didn't believe him to be a threat or anyone important despite what the Witch had said, but she was now beginning like him.

He was full of possibilities! So many that it surprised her! She wanted to know where he would go! Would he stay at the same level he was now? would he continue to grow? What other abilities did he have? Just how strong could he get!? She had so many questions but she pushed them aside in order to focus on the fight.

Jaune was beginning to tire, his Aura remained at 75% but he truly didn't know how long he could maintain it. His eyes began to hurt and his legs felt a bit weak, pushing his Aura into his muscles and eyes to the limit had caused a bit of a strain on them.

'I have to try and finish this as quickly as possible!' Jaune and Mint told themselves

Jaune once again pushed his aura into his sword, his eyes, and his legs, and Mint was now ready to use her semblance in order to defeat him.

Jaune raised Crocea Mors into the air and Neo charged at him ready to use her semblance to its full extent...




Jaune and CFVY were at lunch with Sun, Arslan, and Reese. Currently, the three Haven students were looking at Jaune, who seemed to be in a bit of a bad mood.

Reese looked to Jaune, "So, what happened during combat class?" Reese asked

"I don't want to talk about it," Jaune said with a sigh

"Ok..." Reese said, she then turned to CFVY, "What happened in combat class?" Reese asked them

Coco smiled, "Oh, well Jaune managed to win," Coco told her

"Whoa, you did!?" Sun asked

"No," Jaune said "I didn't"

"Yes you did," Velvet said, she looked back to Reese "He's just a bit peeved that she gave up in the end"

"She... gave up?" Arslan asked

"Yeah," Jaune grumbled

"Which kinda means he didn't really win in a way," Sun said only for him to get punched in the arm by Reese, "Ow!" he cried

"What happened?" Reese asked

"The fight was going so well, Jaune was lowering her Aura pretty good but mostly because of s previous fight she had, but she was really good too, Jaune kind of had her on her toes, but that was before she used her semblance, it was then she started kicking Jaune's ass, which lowered his Aura pretty good," Coco said

"What kind of Semblance did she have?" Reese asked

"It was some kind of Illusion semblance," Velvet said "kind of like glass mirrors and stuff"

"Anyway, after she lowered Jaune's Aura to 49, Jaune managed to break through a few of her illusions, lowered her aura to 40, and before it could be lowered any more, she gave up,"

"Really?" Reese said "Well, then she must have realized she would have lost and instead of losing the fight completely, she gave up"

"Yeah..." Velvet said "But then she gave Jaune her number" Velvet said in a bit of a bitter tone

"Yeah... Can you believe that?" Coco said, also with a bit of a bitter tone

"She... She gave Jaune... her number?" Arslan asked, for some reason feeling a bit jealous

"W-What uh... what did you do with her number Jaune?" Reese asked, also feeling a bit jealous but a bit worried that he might have kept it.

"I... I threw it away" Jaune said

"May I ask why you decided to throw out a girl's number?" Sun asked

From under the table, he felt four kicks to his shin, "AHHH! What the hell did I say!?" Sun cried in pain as he rubbed his shin

"Because I knew she mocking me!" Jaune cried "Why would she give up and then give me her number!?" Jaune cried

"I don't know, maybe she's a bit of a freak? ya know... likes it rough?" Fox said

He too also felt four kicks to his shin under his table, "Ah! alright, I'll shut up too!" He said

"Also, since this was your first win Jaune, why don't we celebrate?" Yatsuhashi asked,

"Hey, great Idea Yatsu!" Coco said, "We should go to a clubbing!" Coco said

"That's not what-"

"Ooo~! sounds like fun!" Reese said, "I'm in!"

"Sounds like fun!" Sun said

"I could use a bit of a drink," Fox said

"Wait, don't I get a say in this?" Jaune asked

"No," They all said, (except for Yatsuhashi)

"Beside's it's gonna be a new experience for you," Sun said "What's the worse that could happen?"

"Ugh, fine!" Jaune said, "But if something goes wrong, I'm blaming you!"

"Seriously Jaune, what is the worse that can happen? It's just club and a night on the town?" Coco asked





"You ok there boss?" Asked a henchmen

"I'm fine, must have been some pollen or something," Roman said "Is everything a go for tonight?"

"Yeah, we got a few of the cops in the area paid off and no huntsmen in the area" Replied the henchmen, "Junior also said to be careful around the shop, after all, the last thing he needs is for his club to get shot up"

Roman nodded, "Good," He said "Also, contact Neo, tell her I may need her help tonight in case things go south," Roman said

"On it boss"

"And if she comes around asking for me, later today, let me know, I need to talk to her about this "Phase 2" of hers"

"Got it" The henchmen replied back

Roman just walked over to his office and shut the door and set his cane next to his desk and put on his hat and coat on his rack and sat at his desk and leaned back in his chair and looked up at the ceiling.

He breathed in and out and then looked over at his jacket and hat, remembering how Neo, his dearest friend, had bought them for him.

However, when he looked at them, he felt like he wasn't going to be wearing them very soon...





"Aura Step" is based on The Flash-Step from Bleach and The Body Flicker Technique from Naruto (Also, it's the retcon name of "Aura Rush")

"Aura Sight" is based loosely on the Sharingan and more on Observation Haki

Also, Again, Jaune doesn't have full control over both as it showed to kinda hurt him, (because it's like pushing too much power in a body part, thus straining the muscle) Not only that, Jaune has medium control over Arca Mortis as he's able to fire it off multiple times.

That is why this Arc is going to be about Jaune training to have control over them, but he won't be training with Just Sun and Yatsuhashi

Who else do you think is going to train him?

Ozpin? Glynda? Qrow? Taiyang? Winter?

Who will it be?

Chapter Text

Firstly, I had a stupid thought in my head about which opening from the three anime fitted pretty well with this arc? well, I had two in mind,

for the beginning Arc which was chapters 1-6, I'd say a more happy and upbeat opening, which I think One Piece's OP3 "Hikari e"

As for the Aura Training Arc, I'd say that Bleach's OP1 "~Asterisk~"

Don't take me seriously it's just a thought I had







"Let's get this party started!" cried Coco

Currently, it was night within the city if Vale and Jaune, Sun, Team CFVY, Arslan, and Reese were at a club called Juniors and they were all sitting at a large booth.

"Who's ready to order drinks?" Coco asked with a smile,

"I'll take some!" Reese said

"Same here actually, I could use a drink" Fox admitted

"None for me," Yatsu said

"I'm down!" Sun cried

"Ugh, none for me, thanks," Arslan said

"Same here," Velvet said sheepishly

Coco then looked to Jaune, "What about you blondie?" She asked

Jaune smiled and nodded, "I'll have a drink," he said

Coco smiled, "never knew you drank Arc"

"I don't do it a lot, I have a drink when it's a special occasion" he replied

Coco nodded, "Alright," she said, "The waiter seems to be in his way, what does everyone want?" Coco asked

"Coke and Rum," Jaune said

"A Mistralian Mule," Reese said

"Fireball!" Sun and Fox said

"Alright," Coco said

The waiter came over and the Coco gave them their orders, while they all began to talk. Mostly about some classes, tests, Training, movies, Manga, and the Vytal Dance. Speaking of which, he had heard the CFVY was put in charge of decorations by Goodwitch.

"Hey, Velv?" He called

"Yeah?" she replied as he turned to him

"Is it true you and your team are in charge of the Vytal ball?" He asked

Velvet smiled and nodded, "Yeah, it's true and Coco apparently has some stunning ideas," Velvet said "But I think it's just gonna be more hard work"

Jaune chuckled, "Knowing Coco, she'll make you guys do all the work"

Velvet giggled a little and nodded, "Most likely" she replied, "But are you going with someone?" She asked

"No, I haven't asked anyone out yet" He replied

Velvet then smiled, "Do you have anyone in mind?" She asked him

Jaune shook his head, "No, not really, and I'm sure not a lot of girls want to go out with me" She said

'how wrong you are you big dumb bloke!' Velvet cried in her head

just then the drink arrived and Coco passed them to their rightful drinkers and Jaune took a sip of his drink and watched as everyone took a drink. They continued to talk and that's when Sun spoke to Jaune, about his Aura training.

"Got any ideas how to improve your Aura techniques?" Sun asked

Jaune sighed, "I just need to keep focusing on practicing with Aura Step and Aura sight," Jaune said "They were really helpful during the fight with Mint, but they used up a large amount of my Aura, mostly because I was using both at the same time," Jaune said

Sun looked at him with a shocked expression, "Whoa, hold up! you were using both at the same time!?" Sun cried

"Yeah, I needed to be fast enough to dodge and move with Mint as well as see her attacks, or else I would've been out in a few minutes," Jaune told him

"Dude that's dangerous!" Sun said, his face now looking a bit worried "You were using up a lot of Aura to keep using both of those techniques but your lucky you didn't strain your muscles to the point they locked up or burst a blood vessel in your eye, you could've gone blind!"

Jaune sighed, Sun was no doubt right, he had felt sore and his eyes felt like he hadn't closed them the whole day. He knew he might feel some pain, but he really didn't consider that he might cause major damage to himself. 'How am I so smart yet so damn dumb?' Jaune asked himself, "Your right, I just wasn't thinking about it"

Sun patted him on the shoulder, and gave him a reassuring smile, "Hey, at least you realized your mistake dude, just don't try something like that again," He said

"I'll try not to," Jaune said with a smile

Sun nodded again, "Well hey, let's not think about that for now, let's just enjoy tonight, eh?" Sun said with a smile while he raised his class

Jaune smiled and nodded and clinked his class with Sun's "Yeah" Jaune said

They both took a drink from their classes and set them back down before smiling and chuckling. He then heard the next song play through the club and smiled.

"Hey! I love this song!" He said

Coco heard him and smiled, "Then what are we waiting for! Let's go dance!" she cried

All of them agreed except for Arslan and Yatsuhashi who agreed to watch their drinks and save their spot. They all headed to the dance floor and began to dance to the beat of the music. Sun was dancing wildly with Fox and a few girls here at the club. Coco and Velvet were dancing together and both seemed to be having a lot of fun.

"Come on Jaune! Move that butt!" Rese cried as she pushed him more onto the dance floor

"Alright, Alright, I'm going Reese, no need to push!" Jaune said with a smile

"Well, I wanna see those stunning dance moves again Jaune!" Reese said with a smile "Remember how you use to dance back when were kids?"

Jaune blushed a little as he smiled, "Please, don't remind me"

"Aw~ don't be like that! You were a great dancer!" Reese told him

June smiled as he still blushed, "I know, I know, I'm still just not used to doing it in public"

"Awe come on Jaune! Dance with me!" Reese begged "Pwease~," She said

Jaune looked at her and his blush intensified, 'Damn it! Why is she always so cute!' Jaune cried to himself, "Fine" he said with a sigh and a smile.

The two began to dance and both were amazing. Reese was laughing and giggling, each tie she spun and moved with Jaune, who was also laughing and having the biggest smile on his face.

As the music began to die down, Jaune was feeling pretty hot as he and Reese were heading back to the booth. Reese sat next to Yatsuhashi and Jaune sat next to Arslan.

Arslan looked at him with a bit of a smile, "Well, how was dancing again, Jaune?" Arslan

Jaune took a few quick breaths before looking at her and smiled, "It was awesome" He said

Arslan chuckled, "I bet," She said

Jaune kept breathing as it was hot he got up from the booth and looked at them, "I'm gonna head out real quick to cool off" He said

Arslan nodded, "Alright, be careful out there," Arslan told him

"Will do," He said as he waved at them

As Jaune left to go outside, Yatsuhashi also excused himself to the bathroom. Reese took a drink of her Mistralian Mule and smiled,

"Where's Blondie?"

Reese and Arslan looked to see Coco and Velvet coming back from the dance floor and sitting down with them,

"Stepped outside to cool off," Arslan said

"Said he be back soon" Reese chimed in

Coco nodded, "Alright," She said, "So, Ars, Reese, Do you also got the hots for Jaune~?"

Arslan eyes widened in shock and Reese spit out her drink and began to cough, as Velvet looked at her team leader with a bit of horror

"COCO!" Velvet cried

Coco looked at her friend and smiled, "What, I'm just asking because I wanna know" She said "I mean, they're childhood friends, I'm sure there some feelings going on with them"

Reese regained her composure and smiled as a blush appeared on her face, "Well..." She said

Coco laughed, "Knew it!" she said, she then looked at Arslan, "And what about you Ars? Got any feelings for tall blonde and Scraggly?" Coco teased

Arslan tried to form words to rebuttal but she couldn't find any as he was blushing, so she groaned loudly and slammed her head on her table, "Fine! ...I like him too"

Coco smiled, "Well what do you know, both of you like Jaune," Coco said with a smile "So what are you gonna do? Which one of you are gonna date him" Coco asked

Arslan raised her head from the table and looked to Reese and Reese looked to her friend and they both smiled sheepishly,

"Well... we both knew about our feelings about Jaune since we were little..." Reese began

Arslan then looked away from the two sheepishly, "And we didn't want to hurt the other's feelings..." Arslan said

"And... it really isn't uncommon for people in Mistral to have more than one, um... wife" Reese said

Coco and Velvet looked surprised, "Whoa! You guys are really in love with him huh!?" Coco said

"Y-You both want to be with him a-at the same time!?" Velvet cried with a blush on her face

Arslan and Reese nodded as they both blushed hard and Reese hid behind her hand and Arslan hid behind her hair.

Coco smiled and then leaned in closer to the two, "So, if you can share Jaune between the both of you, how'd you feel if two more joined in?"

"COCO!" Velvet cried as she flapped her arms around

Reese and Arslan looked at each other before turning back to look at Coco and Velvet,

"You two are also in love with him?" Arslan asked

Velvet blushed madly and hid behind her ears, "I-I-I wouldn't say I love him, I-I don't really know wh-what I feel exactly I just... I know it's strong" Velvet admitted

"I'm on the same boat as BunBun" Coco said "I don't know how I really feel for the Arc, but I do admit, they are rather strong"

Reese thought about it, "I mean, I wouldn't be against it... but what about you Arslan?" Reese asked her leader, "What do you think about it?" she asked

Arslan looked at her friend and sighed with a bit of a smile, "I'm fine with it I guess..." She said

"Sweet," Coco said, she then looked to Velvet, "Hear that Velv, looks like we might have a shot with Arc, how about that?" Coco said with a smirk

Velvet blushed once more and hid behind her ears for the second time, she then remembered something, and she stopped hiding behind her ears and looked at the girls "W-Wait, Where's Jaune?" Velvet asked "He should have at least been back by now"

The three other girls realized that she was right, Jaune should have come back a lot sooner.

"Yeah, what is taking him so long?" Reese asked

Just then, one of the windows to the bar the was next to the girls was shattered as something came flying through. The girls looked to see that it was some thug wearing a black suit, a red tie, and a red pair of shades.

Everyone began to panic and the girls looked out of the window only to see Roman Torchwick and a few more thugs surrounding and preparing to fight none other than...

"JAUNE!?" cried the four girls from the broken window

Jaune turned to look at them and in his hands was a red machete blade similar to the one's the thugs were wielding. He looked at them with a nervous smile on his face, "A little help please!" He cried

"Get the others! I'll help Jaune!" Arslan said

Arslan jumped out of the window to join Jaune in the fight, she jumped over a few of the thugs and she was back to back with Jaune, she took a fighting stance and prepared to fight.

"Trouble just seems to follow you, doesn't it?" Arslan said

Jaune chuckled nervously, "My bad," he said

Tonight began so well, now it was going to end terribly...




Looks like Jaune and friends cant catch a break huh?

Yay! we got some girl time! What do you think will happen next? Will they all confess together!?

How did Jaune end up in this situation? Will he and Arslan be able to bring Roman down?

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The only reason I'm posting this Chapter tonight is so that A03 is caught up with the Fanfiction and Wattpad versions! (because I forgot to post this at the same time when I published the Fanfiction and Wattpad Versions)

Anyway! Please enjoy







As the music began to die down, Jaune was feeling pretty hot as he and Reese were heading back to the booth. Reese sat next to Yatsuhashi and Jaune sat next to Arslan.

Arslan looked at him with a bit of a smile, "Well, how was dancing again, Jaune?" Arslan

Jaune took a few quick breaths before looking at her and smiled, "It was awesome" He said

Arslan chuckled, "I bet," She said

Jaune kept breathing as it was hot he got up from the booth and looked at them, "I'm gonna head out real quick to cool off" He said

Arslan nodded, "Alright, be careful out there," Arslan told him

"Will do," He said as he waved at them as he walked away.

As he walked away and left the building through the entrance letting the bouncer, who had a red machete on his hip, know he was just in so that he could get in, he gathered his breath and he felt the cool night air on his head, cooling him off. He sighed with a smile on his face.

Suddenly, he heard the screeching of a car and he looked down the street to see a speeding car. He felt that something and he just had a feeling that he needed to stop the car before it got away. So without thinking, he quickly raced back to the bouncer, grabbed his machete from the bouncer

"Hey!" The bouncer cried

"Offical huntsmen business!" Jaune cried to the bouncer

Jaune ran into the middle of the street and unsheathed the Machete and he quickly saw the car approaching him.

'I really hope I don't get ran over for this!' Jaune thought to himself, Jaune then pumped his aura into the machete and saw the car still approaching, 'I gotta wait till it is in range,' Jaune told himself.

Finally, when the car was in range, Jaune slashed sideways, and Jaune fired a slash of Arca Mortis at the car, hitting the bottom of it, slicing the wheels, causing it to hit the asphalt and skid across it as parks flew off the wheels. It stopped a few feet from Jaune who smiled, knowing that he successfully stopped the car.

"Damn kid, that was actually impressive"

Jaune heard the voice coming from the car, and then saw the passenger door open and stepping out of the decommissioned vehicle, was none other than the notorious criminal, Roman Torchwick.

Jaune's eyes went wide as he was shocked that he just stopped one of Vale's most wanted. 'Ah, shit,' Jaune said to himself

Roman pulled out a cigar and lit it and then let a puff of smoke out of his mouth as he looked at Jaune, and then seconds later, a bunch of thugs, who looked oddly similar to the bouncer of the club got out of the car as well. Jaune counted at least 7, which he didn't know that many people fit inside of that car, maybe it was like a clown thing or something.

"What's your name kid?" Roman asked

"Jaune Arc" Jaune replied "Huntsmen in training"

Roman sighed, "Not another one..." He muttered to himself, "Look kid, just walk away and no one has to get hurt" Roman said

Jaune shook his head, "Sorry, can't do that" Jaune said

Roman groaned, "You kids really have a death wish or something, don't you?" Roman said, "Get him, boys!" Roman told the thugs

One thug ran at Jaune with a similar Machete, ready to attack him, However, Jaune quickly moved out of the way and sidestepped the thug, Jaune then pumped aura into his machete and slashed at the thug, the thug was hit with Arca Mortis and instead of being cut in half, it only sent him flying into one of the club's windows.

Jaune then saw Roman raise his cane and aim at Jaune, and Roman fired at Jaune, only for the young teen to roll out of the way just as the shot hit the ground and exploded. Jaune then got up, the club now behind him, and he saw that the thugs now began to surround him.

'This is not good!' Jaune thought, 'Can I really take these many guys on?' He asked himself


Jaune turned to look behind him and that's when he saw Coco, Velvet, Arslan, and Reese staring at him through the broken window.

He looked at them with a nervous smile on his face, "A little help please!" He cried

"Get the others! I'll help Jaune!" Jaune heard Arslan cry

Arslan jumped out of the window to join Jaune in the fight, she jumped over a few of the thugs and she was back to back with Jaune, she took a fighting stance and prepared to fight as Jaune did the same.

"Trouble just seems to follow you, doesn't it?" Arslan asked him

Jaune just chuckled nervously, "My bad," he said

"Oh great, now there's two!" Roman said with a groan

"got a plan?" Arslan asked him,

Jaune nodded, "We split up and take on the thugs first, they don't seem to have any actual fighting experience, and once we take them out, we go for Torchwick" Jaune told her

Arslan smiled, "Sounds like a plan," Arslan said,

Arslan activated her semblance and in between her hands, a ball of fire began to form, and Jaune also pumped aura into the Machete and it glowed. the Guards were ready to charge at the two, but then Jaune and Arslan shared a look and then nodded.

Jaune turned around and unleashed an Arca Mortis at the thugs on Arlsan's side while Arslan also turned and shot a fireball at the thugs on Jaune's side. Jaune managed to take out two of the thugs on Arslan's side, leaving only one, while Arslan also managed to blow two of them away.

this left the remaining one thug on both sides stunned and the two Huntsmen in training used that to their advantage and they both charged at the remaining thug. Jaune slashed at the thug only for him to block it, but Jaune then quickly pushed the thug's Machete away and kicked him in the stomach hard sending him back and landing on the ground. Arslan attacked the other thug and delivered a fury of punches and kicks, sending him flying back.

"Oh for crying out loud!" Roman cried out

Roman took aim and fired at both of them and shot two shots. Arslan shot a fireball to stop the shot that was aimed at her, while Jaune activated Aura Sight and managed to move his head to the side and narrowly dodged the shot.

Arslan and Jaune charge at Roman and Roman prepared himself to fight close range. Arslan was the first to get in close and she swing at him but roman dodged that fist, only for Arslan to try and high kick him, but Roman used the cane and blocked the kick. Arslan then backed up ducked and that's when Jaune swung at Roman with the machete, who backed up in order to avoid the attack, and Roman stepped to his side and aimed his cane right at Jaune's face but Jaune leaned back as Roman fired the shot, and then Jaune came back into position and this time, he unleashed another Arca Mortis at Roman.

the criminal mastermind quickly raised his cane to block the attack and while it worked, it sent him flying backward. Roman landed hard on the ground and then looked at the two Huntsmen again with a glare.

"I just got this suit clean!" Roman cried

Arslan didn't give him the chance to fully regain his composure, as she unleashed two fireballs from each hand before putting her hands together and unleashing a much bigger fireball at Roman. Roman groaned and raised his cane quickly and unleashed four shots from his cane. the first three collided with the fireballs causing them to explode, but the fourth shot through the smoke and hit Arslan, sending her back.

Jaune turned around as he saw her hit the ground, "Arslan!" Jaune cried

Jaune turned back around quickly only to narrowly avoid another shot from Roman's cane.

"Eye's on the prize Romeo," Roman told Jaune

Jaune glared at Roman and felt anger rise up into him, Jaune kept Aura Sight activated and then activated Aura Step and he charged at Roman, his speed now doubled. Roman saw his speed increase and he shot at Jaune, but due to having Aura Sight, Jaune managed to see and dodge the shots.

after dodging the shots, Jaune unleashed Arcas Mortis at Roman, but the Criminal jumped to his side and avoided the attack.

Jaune cursed and prepared to send another Arca Mortis, however, he felt both of his eyes begin to pulse, as if he had a headache, except the pain that followed was immense. Jaune cried and fell to his knees.

"Damn it!" Jaune cried, 'I must have strained them too much during the fight with Mint and now!' Jaune thought to himself

Another pulse was felt and was once again followed by severe pain, and he groaned in pain. He then felt something drip from his eyes and onto his hand, he looked to see that it was blood. He was shocked but then quickly realized that this was the result of going past his limit with Aura Sight.

"Something wrong kid?" Roman asked with a sly smile

Jaune looked at Roman and Roman looked back at him and saw that Jaune was bleeding from both of his eyes, Roman was a bit shocked but smiled, knowing that whatever was happening with Jaune meant he probably couldn't fight anymore.

"See where playing Hero gets ya?" Roman said with a smile

Roman walked toward Jaune, and Jaune couldn't move because he still felt pain in his head and eyes.

"You got spirit, Jaune was it?" Roman began "But this is the real world! And let me tell you Jauney boy, but the real world doesn't care about spirit! This is a world of Bloody evolution, and you know what they say about Evolution, don't you?" Roman finished with a smile

He pointed his cane at Jaune and smiled as Jaune looked up at him with a glare as his eyes continued to bleed and pain still shot through his head.

"See you in the afterlife Jaune," Roman said

But before he could fire his cane, he saw something out of the corner of his eyes and dodge it. Roman then looked behind him to see what it was only to see... a Banana peel?

"What the-?"

However, he didn't get to finish as he was kicked in the back and sent flying forward. He got up and groaned as he turned around only to see Sun and the others defending Jaune.

Roman groaned, "Good gods they're multiplying," Roman said muttered to himself

"Surrender now, dude, or else prepare to get you ass whooped!" Sun said

Roman rolled his eyes, and reached into his pocket, "Sorry kids, hate to tell you, but play time's over!" he said as he pulled out a large crystal of gravity dust.

He then threw it at the teens before taking aim with his cane, and when it was right in between him and the teens, he fired and the shot hit the dust crystal, sending a shock wave of gravity at them, sending them backward and Roman used this to run away.

When Jaune hit the ground he felt the pain begin to worsen once he fell back to the ground and due to it, he began to blackout...




Slowly, Jaune opened his eyes only to be hit with the blinding light of a ceiling light, he closed his eyes quickly and then tried to open again, and this time, the light didn't hurt as much.


Jaune then was hit over the head and he cried in pain. He turned to see Professor Peach glaring at him as she radiated a dark aura off of her.

"I can not believe you're already back in here so soon! And worse, after fighting an Infamous Criminal!" Peach cried

"I'm sorry professor," Jaune said "But I couldn't just let him get away," Jaune told her

"Of course, you couldn't..." She said with a grumble and then she let out a sigh, "Tell me, Jaune, have you been training and using advanced Aura techniques?" She asked

Jaune looked at and nodded, "Yes Professor" Jaune replied

"That explains why your eyes were bleeding, I believe you were overusing one, correct?" Professor Peach asked

Jaune remembered that his eyes had been bleeding due to him overusing Aura Sight, thus straining his eyes way too much. Jaune sighed, "Yes Professor," He said

"You are aware that overusing certain Aura techniques will have a toll on your body correct?" Peach asked

Jaune nodded,

"that's good to know that you're smart enough to know the cost of overusing Aura techniques, but I hope you know that if you overuse them way too much it can cause permanent damage," Peach said "If you used Aura Sight longer then you did then it's no doubt you would have gone blind"

Jaune was shocked to hear this, he knew that he would strain his muscles or his eyes but he didn't know it could go that far.

"train it more, Jaune, and go past your limit little by little, and the same can be said for the rest of Your Aura techniques that you are trying to use, until you mater them, be very careful, Mr. Arc," Professor Peach told him

Jaune nodded and she left him. Jaune looked at his hands and balled them into fists. He was angry, angry that he almost went blind because he was overused Aura Sight. Angry that even with the Aura techniques he still couldn't beat Roman Torchwick. Angry that... he was still weak.

'I need to double my physical training and like Professor Peach said, I need to train my Aura techniques more, but take it slow, now that I know what could happen' Jaune told himself 'I can't let this happen again... I can't let what happened last night happen ever again' Jaune told himself again

"Ah, Mr. Arc, it seems that you are awake" came a familiar voice

Jaune looked away from his hands and looked up to his left side only to Headmaster Ozpin. Jaune was a bit shocked to see him here. "Headmaster? What are you doing here?" Jaune asked

"Please, you've beaten me enough time in chess Jaune, you may call me Ozpin," Ozpin told Jaune,

Jaune nodded, no matter how many times Ozpin insisted, even when they played chess, it felt weird calling Headmaster Ozpin, just Ozpin, but he went with it.

"I understand that you are training to use Aura Techniques, is that correct?" Ozpin asked

Jaune nodded, "Yeah, that's right" Jaune replied "Why?"

Ozpin took a drink from his mug before answering Jaune, "Well I thought that since you were wanting to learn Aura techniques, I considered helping you" Ozpin told him

Jaune was utterly stunned, did he just hear Ozpin correctly, "Um... Ozpin, a-are you serious?"

"Very, But after the weekend and after you have fully rested," Ozpin said with a smile "Come to combat class after school has finished next week on Monday,"

Jaune was shocked but he smiled and nodded, "I-I really don't know what to say... Thank you Ozpin" Jaune said

Ozpin smiled at the boy and gave him a nod, "Thank me later, when you come and meet me at class, I will need to evaluate and see if I need to train you personally now, or if I need to send you to an old friend first before you actually begin to train with me" Ozpin told him "Well, that is all for now, Mr. Arc, I shall see you Monday"

And with that, Ozpin left the infirmary and Jaune watched him leave. Jaune felt happy, he was going to be training under Ozpin, he was going to learn from the headmaster himself! Jaune knew that this wasn't going to be easy, but nothing was. In order to get stronger, he couldn't take the easy way out.

'This is it... this is the next step to getting stronger... I can't fail this!' Jaune cried to himself 'ARC'S WORD! I WON'T FAIL!'

And with that declaration to himself, Jaune Arc truly was on the path to becoming the Huntsmen he always wanted to be...





Will Jaune become stronger with the help of Headmaster and grow to newer heights!? Will Jaune be able to beat Roman the next time they cross paths!? Will one of the best girls Neo ever make another appearance!? What is Next for our Hero and his friends!?

Find out next time on the next chapter of SUGAR//CRASH!

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Somone asked what certain characters Semblances were, and The only people's Semblance that apparently hasn't been confirmed is most of Team NDG(O), BRNZ, ABRN, and of course Penny and Ciel. If you're just wondering about the girls then Yes, I have a list for them.

Side Note: Arslan's Semblance was actually revealed in the last chapter, She is able to create fireballs, but that's not the only thing she can do, I call her Semblance "Cruel Burn", Here's the rest of the list and I will not spoil what their semblance can do yet.

  1. Reese = Voice
  2. Nebula = Shayde
  3. Dew = Unbreakable
  4. Gwen = Silentium agni
  5. May Zedong = Fumetsu no kusari
  6. Ciel = Cronos
  7. Penny = Not Yet decided (sorry)

That's for the girls and I might reveal the name of the Boys Semblances later







Jaune walked into Combat class and when he did, Ozpin was there, like he said he would be. Jaune entered the arena and Ozpin stood across from him, cane in hand as well as his coffee mug in the other.

"Ah, Jaune, I'm glad you made it," Ozpin said with a smile.

"Of course, I wasn't going to pass up a lesson from the headmaster himself" Jaune smiled brightly

Ozpin chuckled, "Yes, well, it's not every day, a student really does catch my eye," Ozpin told Jaune "Also, you may call me Ozpin, we are simply training,"

Jaune nodded, "Right," Jaune said, "So... um what are you teaching me?"

Ozpin chuckled, he then walked over to the entrance of the arena on his side and set down his coffee mug by the door. Ozpin then turned his can around to hold hit like a weapon. "I said I would teach you, yes, but I also said I needed to evaluate where you are with your Aura techniques now," Ozpin said "And in order to do that, I will have to test your skills in battle"

Jaune's eyes widened in disbelief, the Headmaster of Beacon. Ozpin himself, the man that was one of the most legendary men in the world... wanted Jaune to fight him.

"O-Ozpin... you're joking right?" Jaune asked

"I am not" Ozpin replied with a smile

Jaune gulped, he didn't want to fight Ozpin. The thought of fighting his headmaster, it... it terrified him. He felt his entire body shake with fear, but what choice did he have? Ozpin was offering him a way to get stronger, to be stronger in order to protect his friends, and if he needed to fight Ozpin in order to do it... then he would.

Jaune unsheathed Crocea Mors and raised his shield and prepared to fight the Headmaster.

Ozpin smiled, "You're very brave Jaune," Ozpin told his student, "I will not be holding back"

Jaune nodded and prepared for any attack that Ozpin had up his sleeve. Ozpin smiled and he pushed his aura into his cane and it glowed green. Jaune's eyes widened, realizing what technique Ozpin was using, and he quickly put his aura into Corcea Mors, as it glowed white with his aura.

"I believed you renamed this technique to Arca Mortis, Correct?" Ozpin asked with a smile,

Ozpin swing his cane at Jaune and a green Arca Mortis shot out from Ozpin's cane and headed straight for Jaune. Jaune quickly unleashed his and his white Arca Mortis collided with Ozpin's, however, it seemed to do almost nothing as Ozpin's Arca Mortis cut through Jaune's! Still seeing the incoming attack, Jaune moved out of the way and narrowly dodged the attack.

Jaune's eyes widened with horror, realizing all too soon how hopeless this situation was. But he couldn't give up... not yet! Not now! Jaune quickly got to his feet and looked at the Headmaster in the eyes and Jaune steeled his nerves.

Ozpin kept smiling, and in the blink of an eye, he disappeared. Jaune's eyes widened, knowing that the Next technique Ozpin was using was Aura Step, a master version, due to the fact it made it seem like he had vanished. Jaune prepared himself for an attack from anywhere, and that's when he saw Ozpin appear right in front of him, with his cane glowing green, no doubt going to unleash an Arca Mortis this close to Jaune. Jaune quickly tried to use his shield to block the attack, but Ozpin already unleashed the attack upwards, hitting's Jaune's Aura and sending the young teen back into the wall.

Jaune crashed into the wall and fell onto the arena floor, he slowly got up to his feet as he took ragged breaths, he looked over to his scroll to see that he was already at 50%. His eyes widened with shock. 'One attack from Ozpin and I'm already at 50%!?' Jaune cried to himself 'So this is... what a master of Aura techniques can do,' Jaune said to himself

Ozpin smiled, 'He's finally realizing how much the gap between me and him is... the question now is, will he surrender or continue fighting?' Ozpin asked himself

'If one Arca Mortis from him lowers me to 50%, then I need to be careful, any attack from him again and I'll be fresh out of Aura' Jaune thought, 'I need to use Aura sight as best as I can but I have to remember that I can't overuse it,'

Ozpin let him think for a bit before he vanished once again and then quickly reappeared to the left of Jaune, however, Ozpin didn't see the white glow in Jaune's eyes, and when he tried to attack with his cane, Jaune managed to block it with his shield. Ozpin continued smiling and Jaune smiled as well, now gaining a little confidence.

Jaune quickly tried to slash at the headmaster but he vanished once more and appeared right behind the teen, and using his Semblance, Ozpin delivered a fury of blows that were so fast it seemed like there was more than one cane and more than one Ozpin attack the blonde knight. Jaune was sent forward, tumbling across the ground, and crashed into the other end of the arena.

Jaune's entire body felt sore, despite having Aura, he could feel every single hit that Ozpin had delivered to his body. Jaune looked at his scroll and saw that he was not at 10%. His eyes widened with horror.

'He's... too fast for my level of Aura Sight to keep up with, and his Arca Mortis is a lot stronger than mine... I didn't even manage to get one hit in! I couldn't even block and dodge! I just got toyed with!' Jaune growled in anger and sadness

"What I have shown you in this battle is what you could be capable of should you master your Aura techniques... you must keep training Jaune," Ozpin told his student, "But there is one more thing I would like to teach you," Ozpin said

Jaune looked at him and when he did, he felt his entire body freeze. Ozpin use his cane like a cane and looked at him with an expressionless face. Suddenly, a wae of Green aura flowed out of him and all around the arena and flowed out everywhere, almost seemingly making everything green, when the wave of Aura hit Jaune, he felt his body almost collapse due to the sheer pressure that he was releasing.

'Wh-Wh-What the hell is this... overwhelming sense of power!?' Jaune cried to himself in fear

The wave of green Aura that Ozpin was emitting dissipated and when Ozpin looked at his student, he saw the utter horror and fear that was displayed on Jaune's face. 'Strange... he didn't faint when I used it' Ozpin thought to himself

"W-What was that...?" Jaune asked, his voice clearly shaken, it sounded like he was about to cry

"A gift from the soul that only a few are born with," Ozpin said "It isn't a normal Aura technique, you have to be born with this gift, and as I said before, only a few are born with it,"

Jaune was still in shock, he couldn't believe that Ozpin had something like this... something that could put the fear of the gods into a person, make them faint from the overwhelming power that they possessed! It was Unbelievable!

"In the beginning of our fight, you felt fear correct?"

Jaune just nodded as he tried to regain his senses

"I thought so... during the whole fight, you were in a state of fear, and while perfectly natural to feel such a way when facing a vastly stronger opponent, you let that fear control you," Ozpin told him, "Sadly, all you exhibited was fear. the only thing your sword and attacks speak is senseless fright, and that's not good" Ozpin told him

"I... I let it control me..." Jaune realized.

He had allowed his fear of being weak in a fight against overwhelming odds to control him and he had let that fear poison his thoughts, allowed him to think that he stood no chance against the Headmaster, and while that proved to be true, he shouldn't have thought about it like that. He had always been able to do the impossible despite the odds, he did it with getting into Beacon, he did it with his aura training, he did it with the Goliath, after those events he felt like he was growing stronger, felt like he was finally managing to catch up to everyone else. But after the fight with Roman... he returned to feeling weak.

"What you don't need in battle is fear, Jaune, nothing will come of it," Ozpin told the young Arc, "When you counter an enemies attack, you don't let them cut, and you when you protect someone who you hold dear, you don't let them die, and when you attack your enemy, you kill... if you fear... you will be cut, you will let someone die, you will fail and you will be dead, do you understand?" Ozpin asked

Jaune lets Ozpin's words seep in as he regains his composure. Ozpin was right, he couldn't fear anymore in a fight. He couldn't let the fear control him and poison his fighting spirit when in a fight. In order to become stronger... he needed to stop fearing. Jaune stood up on his feet and steeled himself and looked to the Headmaster who looked at him.

"I understand, Ozpin" Jaune said

Hearing this, Ozpin smiled and gave Jaune a quick nod. 'A truly unbreakable spirit,' Ozpin thought, "Well then, you better start packing, You'll be heading to an old friend to learn how to grow and try to master your techniques before you return to me for more teaching with your Aura" Ozpin told Jaune

Jaune was a bit confused, "Wait, where am I heading, Ozpin?" Jaune asked

Ozpin smiled, "You'll be heading to the Island of Patch," Ozpin said with a smile

Jaune nodded and left to his room to pack, as he did, Ozpin watched him leave and then remembered how Jaune was able to withstand "that" power.

'Could it be possible that he has it as well...?' Ozpin asked

When Jaune left the classroom and walked into the halls, his eyes widened as he saw many, many students knocked out on the floor or slumped against the walls. Every single one of them seemed to be unconscious.

"What happened!?" Cried Jaune

Ozpin walked out behind him and saw the scene before him, 'Oh dear, it seems I went overboard again, I'm sure Glynda is going to give me an earful' Ozpin thought with a smile




The next day, Ozpin had sent the young Arc to the Island of Patch in order to meet up with a teacher from Signal Academy. He apparently was also an apparent master of Aura Techniques, though, Ozpin did inform Jaune that he was not as strong as Ozpin himself, which Jaune believed, but Jaune was also smart enough to know that just because this guy wasn't as strong as Ozpin, he was still a master of Aura techniques, and Jaune would need to be cautious around him in case he wanted to test Jaune's skill with a fight as well.

The Airship landed and Jaune quickly ran out of the airship and found the nearest trashcan a puked his breakfast out. He wiped his mouth and regained his dignity, or at least what was left of it.

'I think I'm starting to get the hang of my motion sickness a little' Jaune told himself


Jaune turned his head only to see a flying black and white corgi heading in his direction, Jaune's eyes widened with shock, and the corgi collided and they rolled across the ground like Sonic the hedgehog. After rolling for a while and both Jaune and the dog becoming dizzy, Jaune kept seeing two of everything before his vision returned to normal. He looked to the dog that was sitting on his lap shaking its head before looking up at him with a happy expression

"Arf! Arf!" the corgi barked

"Hey, there little guy, what's your name?" Jaune asked him with a smile


Jaune looked up and away from the dog and looked up only to see the last two people he had expected to see here on Patch. Running toward him was none other than Ruby Rose and her half-sister, Yang Xiao-long. Jaune was actually very happy to see them, as he got up with the Corgi, now known as Zwei, in his hands.

When Ruby saw Jaune with Zwei, she smiled brightly and ran over to him with her arms wide open.

"Oh my gosh! Jaune!" Ruby cried

Jaune smiled as Ruby and Yang reached him and he handed Zwei back to Ruby. Ruby cuddled him as she gave him a smile and Jaune just smiled as he watched the scene play before him.

Ruby turned to Jaune with a smile, "It's so good to see you again, Jaune!" Ruby said

"Same here Ruby," Jaune said with a smile,

"What, not happy to see me as well VB?" Yang asked with a cheeky smile

He smiled then turned to Yang and gave her a small wave, "Hey Yang, good to see you again too"

"How's Beacon!?" Ruby asked with excitement, "Come on! Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!" Ruby asked

Jaune smiled and shook his head, "Beacon's pretty awesome, been learning a lot," Jaune said

"Oh, yeah, like what?" Yang asked

"I've been training a lot more and I'm pretty good now, but since I haven't unlocked my Semblance yet, I've actually been using Aura Techniques," Jaune said with a proud smile "Beside's that, I've learned a lot from my friends and teachers there"

"Aw! That so cool!" Ruby said

Yang nodded in agreement, "Yeah, too bad we didn't get in" Yang said with a smile

Jaune just looked back at them, "Well, you should have tried harder" He said with a smirk on his face,

yang smiled, "Hey, trust me VB, next year, I'll be seeing you around, and then we'll see who should've tried harder," Yang said

Jaune chuckled, "Right," he said "Anyway, the reason I'm here is that I'm looking for someone here who could help me train me and teach me more about Aura Techniques," Jaune told them

"Who is it? We can help you find them," Ruby said

Jaune smiled, "Really?" Jaune asked

Yang nodded, "Yeah, we pretty much know everyone on the Island," Yang said

"Cool, I'm looking for a Signal academy teacher, by the name of Taiyang," Jaune said, "You know him?"

Ruby and Yang's eye's widened with surprise, "You're looking for our DAD!?" They asked

"YOUR DAD!?" Jaune cried




"I'm not buying!" Yang said with a smile

Currently, The three teens and Zwei were walking back to Ruby and Yang's home, which they said wasn't that far away, and while on the way there, Jaune had told them what he had done at Beacon.

"I'm serious! I killed the Goliath with one of my Aura Techniques!" Jaune told her

"I'd like to see just how strong this technique of yours is, If it can kill a Goliath, then I wonder how I'd hold my own against it," Yang said

"Me too! I wanna see these cool powers of Yours too!" Ruby said "I wonder if I can learn them as well"

"I'll show you guys when we get to your house, and maybe your dad can teach you how to use them," Jaune told Ruby

"OH! I hope he does!" Ruby said

Eventually, they had seen the Home of the two girls and Zwei was excited to be home that he quickly ran off with such speed, June was sure he had some sort of speed semblance.

As they got closer to the house, Jaune saw the beautiful home that Ruby and Yang lived it, and funny enough, their home reminded Jaune of his, and it made him reminisce about his home and made him feel comfortable. He then noticed a figure by the small garden of the house, it was a man.

He had blond hair that has two small strands sticking out from the top and blue eyes. His facial hair consists of a soul patch and small stubble along his jawline. On his right arm is a tattoo of his Emblem, which resembles a heart. As for his hair, it was blond but far more subdued.

He had a red bandana on his left arm and a brown leather vest over a tan dress shirt with the right sleeve of the shirt cut off, and he wore a pair of brown cargo shorts with a dark brown belt, black shoes, and for protection, he wore a metal spaulder, leather vambrace and a brown fingerless glove all on his right arm.

For Jaune, it didn't take a genius to figure out who this man was. This was Taiyang Xiao-Long, a master of Aura techniques and Signal academy teacher.

When they had arrived right in front of the house, Taiyang, looked over to his daughters and smiled, and he then noticed Jaune and continued to smile.

"Hey, girls, welcome home," He said with a smile,

"Hey, dad!" Ruby said with a smile, "This is-"

"Jaune Arc, the only first-year at Beacon Academy, Part of the Arc Family, grandson to The Betty Arc, and Rookie to Aura Techniques," Taiyang said "Ozpin told me everything he could about you" he finished with a smile

Jaune was a bit surprised, "Oh uh... well it's nice to meet you too Mr. Xiao-Long" Jaune said with a smile, "Ozpin's told me a bit about you as well"

Taiyang smiled, "I'm sure he has, and you can call me Tai, Jaune, Mr. Xiao-Long makes me feel old," He said

"You are old, Old man" Yang pipped in

"Erk!" Tai looked over to his daughter with a bit of a sad expression, but he then quickly turned back to Jaune, "... Anyway, I hear that you're training to learn Aura techniques, is that really true?" Tai asked

Jaune nodded, "yeah," Jaune replied

"If I may ask, why?" Tai asked "Not many new huntsmen really want to learn about using Aura techniques these days,"

"I don't have a Semblance yet, and my swordplay isn't as good as most, so I needed an edge, and that's when my friend, Yatsuhashi had told me about Aura techniques, and He and another friend have been teaching some of them," Jaune told Tai, "I managed to learn a few, However... I had an incident with one of them and I realized I need to train them more"

Tai nodded, "And let me guess, Ozpin said he would teach you about it more?" Tai asked

Jaune was a bit surprised to hear this, "Yeah, how did you-"

"Because he did the same with me," Tai said with a chuckle,

"WHOA! Hold on!" came the voice of Yang, she looked to her father and Jaune, "Dad, you were taught by Ozpin himself!?"

Tai scratched the back of his head as he laughed, "Yeah, though it was a long time ago," Tai said

"But he taught you how to use Aura techniques?" Yang asked him

Tai nodded,

"Then why haven't you taught them to us?" Yang asked, "I mean if Ozpin took an interest in you and Jaune because you wanted to learn about Aura techniques, then the means they must really be some crazy stuff, so why not teach me and Ruby them?"

"Because you and Ruby couldn't master them, ever," Tai said

"Huh? Why?" Ruby asked

"Because Most of them drain your Aura," Tai said "The reason I never taught you them was because of your Aura levels, and your Semblances"

"What do you mean?" Yang asked

"Both of your Aura levels is 100%, the average percentage of any Huntsmen, and while you could use certain Techniques, but mastery is impossible," Tai said "Yang, Your semblance allows you to convert any damage you take into a powerful attack and give it back almost tenfold, however, when you use your semblance, Your aura and the damage both it and your body has taken, convert into your semblance and use it to a certain point, meaning you would be low on Aura and thus couldn't use an aura technique to its full power"

"Then what about me?" Ruby asked

"It's a bit of the same," Tai said "Your semblance allows you to move at insane speeds, however, the more speed you use, the more it slowly eats at your aura, not as much as Yangs though,"

"I think I get what you're talking about Tai" Jaune chimed in "But what I don't get is how one can master them if Semblances eat at your Aura,"

"Because not all Semblance eat away at Aura," Tai said "However, certain Semblances, like Yang and Ruby's, which convert Aura into what could be classified as superpowers, instead of boosting physical abilities, as Aura does," Tai said

"Then why is it possible for you and Jaune to master them?" Ruby asked

Tai looked to his youngest daughter, "Because of our large Aura levels" Tai told Ruby

"What do you mean?" Ruby asked

"Most people who have their aura unlocked and train to be Huntsmen have the average Aura percentage of 100%, however, there are very few who have Aura levels higher than most," Tai said

"Then what is your Aura level at Dad?" Ruby asked

"Before I unlocked my Semblance it was around 300%," Tai said "Though with My Semblance awakened, I learned it was 500% percent fully, the reason for this was because supposedly my Semblance kept certain parts of my Aura reserves locked"

Ruby nodded and understood what her dad was saying, she then looked over to Jaune, "What about you, Jaune?" Ruby asked

"Truth be told, I don't know," Jaune said "Whenever Professor Goodwitch or Peach got a feel for my Aura they said it was hard to read due to how much I have, so the percentage is unknown and I've just been calibrating my Scroll at the normal 100% Percentage"

Tai smiled, "That may say a lot about the potential you have Jaune," Tai said "But let's move away from the teaching lesson and let's get you settled here before we begin your training," Tai said,

With that Tai, Yang, and Ruby invite Jaune in and lead him to the guest room where he would be staying, for now, Jaune thanked them for their hospitality.




Jaune, now dressed for training was outside and on the side of the house where Tai, Yang, and Ruby were waiting for him. He noticed that Yang and Ruby had their weapons with them. Seeing this, Jaune had a feeling he knew what was next.

Jaune sighed, "Alright, which one of you am I fighting?" Jaune said

"Smart kid," Tai said "You'll be fighting Yang and Ruby while I watch, I want to see how you use these techniques, how long you are able to use them and see how you could work on them," Tai told him "But first, I want you to tell me what Techniques you are able to use,"

Jaune nodded as he looked at Tai, "I first used "Aura Slash" but I and a few of my friends renamed it to "Arca Mortis" Instead" Jaune said

"Cool name,"


"Oh my gods their both dorks" Yang muttered with a laugh

"Beside's Arca Mortis, I've mostly been using "Aura Step" and "Aura Sight" when I fight," Jaune told him

Tai looked at him with a smile but also a surprised expression, "You can use these Techniques already?" Tai asked

"Yeah, why?" Jaune asked Tai

"All three of these techniques are very unique, I'm surprised at how fast you've learned them," Tai told Jaune, "Well, now I know what Techniques you use, I can evaluate what I need to watch for and how you need to work on them, now I just need to see it in action," Tai said

Jaune nodded, "So who am I going to be facing first?"

"That'll be me, Vomit Boy~," Yang said playfully from his right

Jaune looked over to the blonde girl as she punched her fist together and give him a confident smile. He gulped, but he moved over to the open side yard and faced Yang. He unsheathed Crocea Mors and deployed his shield and prepared to fight Yang.

Yang quickly came in swinging hard, and Jaune raised his shield and he took the punch which moved him back a few inches.

Yang smiled, She didn't know anyone who didn't fly back with her first hit, she always tried to deliver one of her strongest punches on the first move in order to throw a person off-balance. However, Jaune was able to tank her hit pretty well, and that made her smile because that means he may put up a challenge.

Jaune looked at her and readied himself to attack, he pushed his Aura into Crocea Mors, and then swung the blade upward at Yang, and an Arcus Mortis shot from the blade and directly at Yang, she was a bit stunned but she blocked the attack, however, the attack sent her flying back, however she managed to land on her feet and looked over to Jaune, she smiled and then cocked her gauntlets and fire two shots from both of them.

Jaune activated Aura Sight, and he saw the shots coming at him in slow motion and he quickly saw the shots coming, he quickly dodged the shots, but when he did, he saw Yang rushing at him, he quickly and she pulled her fist back and punched Jaune, causing him to stumble to the side, but he quickly regained himself and slashed at her, but she managed to dodge it by backing up. Yang then shot another round at Jaune, but he quickly used his shield in order to block the attack.

The shot forced him back a little but he then charged up his aura into Crocea Mors, and he swung the blade at Yang and sent another Arcus Mortis at Yang but she managed to dodge it and smiled but she looked ahead and saw another Arcus Mortis being thrown her way, She didn't have time to block it and she was it by it, sending her back.

Jaune charged up another Arcus Mortis and sent another at Yang just as she was being sent back, the third Arcus Mortis hit her and Jaune smiled as he charged up another one, 'Gotta keep hitting her with Arcus Mortis, can't let her get back up!' Jaune thought to himself

Tai smiled, he knew what Jaune was trying to do, but what Jaune didn't realize was that he was giving Yang exactly what she needed to end the fight. He looked over to Ruby, "What are their Aura Levels at Ruby?" Tai asked

Ruby looked at the scroll with wide eyes, "Both of their Aura's are lowering down slowly! Jaune's at 89% whole Yang's at 85%!" Ruby cried "I've never seen anyone hold against Yang for so long!" Ruby said with a smiled

"Who'd You think will win?" Tai asked his daughter

Ruby shrugged, "This time I really don't know," Ruby said "Jaune's holding his own against Yang and I've never known anyone to last this long against yang, but Jaune... he's giving Yang the Ammo she needs to win this fight!"

Tai nodded in agreement, He would wonder how Jaune would fair when Yang used her semblance which if he was right... would be activating right about-

Suddenly a large explosion where Yang erupted and spread, Jaune blocked the coming flames with his shield and he could feel the heat, he then quickly looked at Yang and saw that her eyes were red, her hair was glowing and the ends of her long hair were on fire.

'So this must be her Semblance' Jaune thought, 'I gotta say, it's really terrifying'

For a second, Jaune felt fear, but then his mind wandered back to what Ozpin said. He steeled himself,

'I can't let my fear control me!' Jaunr cried to himself, and eventually, the fear began to leave him as he steeled himself.

Yang looked at him with an angry expression, she looked like she was about to rip him limb from limb. Which was probably was gonna do. However, when she saw Jaune looking at her, he wasn't afraid, he was just smiling, which seemed to anger her more. "Why are you Grinning like that?" Yang asked with a growl and her fist balled up and tightened

Jaune had no idea why he was smiling a well, but he kept doing it. "I don't know..." he said

"Well be prepared Vomit Boy... I'm gonna wipe that smile off your face!" Yang Cried

She reeled her fist back and jumped at him with a great amount of speed. Jaune knew he couldn't dodge the attack, and if he blocked the attack with his shield would either be dented badly, probably breaking his arm too... so instead of dodging the attack, he charged up Crocea Mors with Aura as well as activated Aura Sight and waited till Yang was close with her attack.

Yang was still charging in quickly with her fist reeled back, while Jaune was ready to swing his sword up at her. Both looked at each other ready to deliver a powerful blow to the other. Both were now in close proximity to the other and Yang threw her fist at Jaune and Jaune finally swung his blade upward at Yang.

Their attacks clashed and seemed to be at somewhat of a standstill. Both attacks hit but they also weren't budging.

Yang was getting angrier as she saw that Jaune had withstood her attack, while he was still smiling, meanwhile, Jaune was just surprised he wasn't flung back or caused Crocea Mors to break.

'Hopefully, this works on the fly!' Jaune thought as he continued to smile

"Arcus Mortis!" Jaune cried

Yang's eyes widened as a large burst of an Arcus Mortis shot out from Jaune's sword and hit her fist and the rest of her body. This hit her greatly and blew her back, but not just her, it also sent Jaune flying back. Both were separated and both tumbled back on the ground.

Tai watched as both of them slowly got up and Tai looked over to Ruby with a smile, "Aura levels Rubes?" Tai asked

"Both are at 50%!" Ruby cried with amazement,

"Alright, the fights over," Tai said as he walked in between them both as they stood on their feet

Jaune kept smiling as he got up and Yang's expression went from anger to a smile.

Yang looked at Jaune and gave him thumbs up, "Nice going there Vomit Boy!" She said with a smile "Let's call this a draw"

Jaune chuckled and nodded, "Sure, sounds good" Jaune replied

Tai smiled, seeing that both actually had a good fight and seemed to be on friendly terms after it. Tai turned to Jaune, "You held up pretty good Jaune, Yang is one of the best fighters to graduate from Signal Academy, and not many people could last as long as you did" Tai said

Jaune was surprised but also a bit embarrassed but he smiled, "Ah, well thank you Tai" Jaune said with a goofy smile

"And as for me?" Yang asked with a smug grin

"You did well as always Yang, but I also know for a fact that you took Jaune here lightly, assuming he would be like everyone else and you win quick, and what have I always taught you?"

Yang sighed, "Don't underestimate an opponent" she said in an annoyed tone

"That's right, and be serious about that lesson Yang, there will always be someone better than you out there," Tai told his daughter

Hearing that, Jaune was taken back to his training with Sun and Yatsuhashi, and then he remembered back to his fight with Roman and his spar with Ozpin. Jaune knew all too well that there were people a lot stronger than him, and they're always would be. This is why he needed to be stronger to at least give them a fight.

Tai looked back to Jaune, "As for your Techniques, Jaune, I see what you most needed to work on" Tai said "Your Aura control is good, your ability to quickly and safely move it around your body parts is good, but when I saw you use "Aura Sight" in noticed you didn't use it for long despite how well you were able to use it... If I'm right something happened that caused you to not use it too much in fear of suffering the effects of using it too much, right?" Tai asked

Jaune nodded, "It was in a fight with Roman Torchwick... I used it too much and I started to bleed from my eye... and because I couldn't use it better, I put me and a friend in danger" Jaune said

Ruby growled, "Torchwick, big ol' jerk" Ruby muttered

Tai nodded, "I see, So you overused it and you want to master it more without going overboard each time?" asked Tai

Jaune nodded.

Tai nodded, "Alright, then this is what we'll do" Tai began "What we need to do it up the training with certain Aura Techniques within the week, little by little, your use the technique just a bit longer, but not to the point where the technique causes the black lash," Tai said

Jaune nodded, "I get it, strengthen it more and more by using it little by little" Jaune said

Tai nodded again, "The goal is to get you Awaken the rest of the Technique, it might not be complete mastery but you might be close"

Jaune was a bit surprised to hear that, "You really think that's possible?" Jaune asked

Tai chuckled, "From what Ozpin told me, you learned that "Arcus Mortis" Trick of yours in a day and on accident, I'm hoping to see you do the impossible"

Jaune looked at Tai and smiled back at the older man, it was nice to know that he made such a good impression on Tai, and it was good to know that even Tai, believed in him. Jaune sheathed Crocea Mors and walked over to Yang and Ruby and talked to them as Tai watched him interact with his daughters.

Tai smiled, and when he looked at Jaune talking to Ruby and Yang, for a split second, he didn't see Jaune or his daughters. Instead, he saw himself, back during his beacon days, talking with a Young Raven and a Young Summer. His eyes widened a little before he blinked and shook his head, he then looked back, only to see his daughters and Jaune.

'Huh, Ozpin was right... he does remind me of me back in the day' Tai thought




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It was his last day on Patch, but he still had time to spare. Jaune and Tai stepped to the side yard and both were clothed in their fighting attire and stared at the other one. Tai looked at Jaune with a smile as he put on a pair of gauntlets that were a bright brawns color. Meanwhile, Jaune in unsheathed Crocea Mors and activated his shield.

"You sure you're ready for this?" Tai asked the young teen with a smile on his face

Jaune only smiled softly, "No, but I have to try, don't I?" He said

Tai chuckled, "Alright then Jaune... show me what you learned," Tai said "You strike first"

Jaune nodded and he took a fighting stance while Tai just crossed his arms, with a soft smile on his face as he waited for Jaune to strike.

Jaune peered at Tai with an analytical look. 'He's only had me spar with Yang and Ruby since I've been here... not once have I seen him fight nor have I seen just how good he is with Aura techniques' Jaune thought 'I don't know his fighting style, I don't know what those Gauntlets of his are able to do, I don't know the extent of his Aura Techniques, and worse, I don't know what his Semblance is... I'm going into this fight completely, but I guess that's how it is with most fights, right? I just have to learn as much as I can during the fight'

Meanwhile on the sidelines, Yang and Ruby were watching the scene both with a different look on their faces. Yang was smiling, eager to see just how this fight was going to go, while Ruby was watching intently, also wondering how this fight was going to go and how it was going to end.

"You think VB even stands a chance against dad?" Yang asked her younger sister

Ruby looked to her older sister, "Jaune's improved a whole lot since's he's come here, He's fought both of us and lasted longer than most usually do, after all, he was able to keep up with my attacks to matter how fast they were thanks to his training with "Aura Sight" and he's also been able to get the jump on both of us thanks to him gaining more speed since he's also been training "Aura Step", heck, he might be a bit faster than me" Ruby told Yang

"You think so?" Yang asked

Ruby nodded, "Jaune's improved in the span of a week and he's able to tank your hits a lot better, and again he's able to keep up with our movements, the Aura techniques he has helped with that, but I also think his reflexes have improved greatly," Ruby said

Yang looked at her sister and rolled her eyes while having a playful smile on her face, "But Dad's a full-fledged huntsman, you think Jaune can really beat him? VB's beaten us only a few times, you think he even stands a chance against dad?" Yang asked

Ruby shrugged, "I don't know, guess we'll just have to see," Ruby said with a cheeky smile

Jaune looked at Tai, and Tai still stood there with his arms crossed waiting for Jaune to strike. Jaune took one step forward and in a blink of an eye, he disappeared and then quickly reappeared to Tai's right, his sword already ready to swing at the man. Jaune swung, but he didn't hit anything, as Tai also disappeared.

'So he can use Aura Step!' Jaune thought

Tai appeared right in front of Jaune, facing him, and then tried to go for an uppercut, but Jaune quickly used his shield to block the attack. Tai's gauntlet connected with Jaune's Shield and the force behind the punch was enough to rattle the shield and Jaune's arm.

Jaune's feet skidded across the ground and he regained his composure as he saw Tai standing there, once again waiting for Jaune's next move. Jaune looked over to Tai's fist to see a faint brawns glow around his gauntlets and forearms.

'That was no doubt an Aura Technique... he pushed Aura into his arms and hands to enhance the blow... so I know he can do that, and his reaction time and speed with Aura Step far outshine's mine' Jaune thought to himself, 'So I need to be careful, who knows what else he gots up those sleeves of his'

Jaune pushed his aura into his eyes and a faint glow of white was seen in his eyes. He looked at Tai intently for a few seconds and then charged at the Huntsmen with his sword at the ready. Tai prepared himself for any attack Jaune sent his way. When close enough to Tai, Jaune swung his sword at Tai's left, only for Tai to disappear.

Jaune smiled, "Got you now!" He said

He pushed Aura into his sword and then quickly turned around and behind him, Tai appeared and when he saw Jaune was facing him, he was surprised, 'He read my movements? No, that's not it, he tracked my Aura!' Tai thought

Jaune unleashed an Arcus Mortis and Tai quickly formed his arms into an X and tried to block the attack, however, it still hit him and pushed him back. Tai rolled on the ground but he quickly flipped backward and landed on his feet and quickly regained his footing.

Tai looked at Jaune and smiled, seeing the white glow in his eyes, 'the first stage of "Aura Sight" allows you to see your opponent's movements in slow motion since, however, the second stage is a lot different, if the opponent is to fast for the first stage or can seemingly vanish, "Aura Sight" allows you to track and sense their Aura and so when they stop moving so fast or reappear, even if the eyes can't see them, an alert goes off inside the brain, letting you know where they are' Tai thought to himself, 'So thats why after his first attack he took a few seconds to look at me, he was memorizing my aura so he could track it, I'm surprised that he's advanced to the second stage already, however, I also should be all that surprised, he had to fight ruby, who I'm sure used her semblance on him a lot, so he had to focus a lot more and predict her movements, I'm glad that the spars I had them do have worked in his favor'

Jaune smiled and prepared to attack once again, but instead, Tai disappeared, and then reappeared on Jaune's left, Jaune thankfully already tracked his aura, and quickly raised his shield and blocked Tai's attack. The blow once again rattled Jaune's arm but he ignored the feeling in his arm.

Jaune went to attack but Tai once again disappeared only to reappear at Jaune's right and Jaune quickly turned around as fast as he could, but he was too late. Tai punched Jaune's right side, Jaune felt the impact of the blow but thanks to his aura, the hit still managed to knock him backward. Jaune was sent flying across the yard and then fell on the ground hard.

Jaune regained himself and looked over at Tai. Tai smiled and he disappeared for the third time and then he quickly reappeared right behind Jaune, however, Jaune turned and swung his shield at Tai, the Huntsmen blocked the attack with his arms, Jaune pulled his shield away and then unleashed an Arcus Mortis at Tai, this time, it hit the grown man and sent him flying back, causing Tai to crash into a couple of trees.

Tai slowly got back up and regained himself and he looked back in Jaune's direction, however, he noticed Jaune's sword was glowing a bit brighter.

Jaune smiled, 'I'm charging up and holding the Arcus Mortis in order to get a bigger and more destructive hit, if this works, this should lower Tai's Aura pretty good!' Jaune thought

Tai smiled at Jaune, realizing what Jaune was going to do, "Alright then, bring it on Jaune!" Tai said with a chuckle, "If you wanna give it your all, then I'll do the same!" Tai said. Tai then reeled his right fist back, and the air began to swirl around it.

Jaune looked at Tai and then pulled his sword back, "ARCUS...!" Jaune began,

The air around Tai's fist began to swirl around even faster, picking up speeds, "GALE...!" Tai began

"... MORTIS!" Jaune cried, he then side swung his sword and unleashed a giant Arcus Mortis, much bigger than the one he had sued to kill the goliath, at Tai

"... IMPACT!" Tai cried, he thrust his fist forward and a large cluster of high speed moving air shot at Jaune's Attack

The two large-scale attacks approached each other, both would no doubt cause massive damage to the other fighter if they hit their target. Finally, the two attacks collided and they appeared to be clashing and staying in one place, both attacks were trying to overpower the other.

Eventually, Arcus Mortis slashed right through Tai's attack, however, some of the air force still traveled and managed to hit Jaune, blowing him back. The Arcus Mortis kept charging at the Adult Huntsmen, and seeing this, Tai smiled and he then quickly used Aura Step to disappear just as the attacked reached his spot. The large Arcus Mortis slash into many trees, cutting them in half as the attack continued to travel before fading.

Tai reappeared right next to Jaune, standing over the boy who had been blown to the ground onto his back. Jaune breathed in and out for a second as he regained his breathing. Tai smiled down at the blonde teen

"Guess that attack really knocked the wind right out of ya, huh?" He said with a chuckle

"Boo!" came the distant yell of Ruby

Jaune sat up and took a few deeper breaths and then finally began to stand to his feet. He looked over to Tai with a surprised expression, "Oum! What was that Tai?" Jaune asked

Tai chuckled, "That was my Semblance," He stated, "It's called Anemoi, it's a nature-type semblance that allows me to control the air around me," Tai said

Jaune smiled, "that's a pretty cool Semblance," Jaune said "I bet it comes in handy when you want to dry off, huh?" Jaune asked

Tai nodded with a smile. "Anyway's that was an amazing spar Jaune, really got the blood flowin' and the heart pumpin'," Tai said with a big smile

"Thanks," Jaune said as he scratched the back of his head

"Your Aura control has gotten better, your "Aura Sight" improved as you were able to track my Aura and know where I would appear, and your reaction time for it is good, but could still use some improvement," Tai began "As for "Aura Step" you were able to move fast enough to where it seemed like you vanished, that's good, but continue to work on that so you can get faster, besides that, your stamina has also increased and so has your reaction time, not to mentioned you came up with a few new tricks huh?"

Jaune nodded, "Thanks a lot, Tai, before coming here... I was afraid it would be impossible for me to get stronger..." Jaune told Tai

Tai nodded back at then put his hand on Jaune's shoulder, and looked the young man in the eyes, "Nothing's impossible Jaune, and if people say that things are, you know what you gotta do?" Tai asked

Jaune shook his head, "No,"

"You prove them wrong, you keep fighting, no matter how hard it gets, you keep getting back up and you keep fighting, no matter what," Tai told him "That's what makes us Huntsmen, we prove that the Impossible is possible"

Jaune smiled brightly as he took those words from Tai to heart. "Again, thanks for everything, Tai... I don't know how I can repay you" He said

Tai looked at him and remembered just how much the boy's presence had a good impact on his daughter's moods for the entire week, "Don't sweat it Jaune... You've done more than enough" Tai said with a smile

Jaune smiled and once again nodded.

"Now then, before you leave why don't the girls take you out to eat, I got a few things to do here, but it's my treat," Tai said "And don't worry about your bags, I'll get them to the docks

Jaune nodded and smiled and thanked the adult Huntsmen once again. They walked over to Yang and Ruby and Tai told them to take Jaune out to eat before they had to say goodbye, giving hang his credit card and telling her not to go and blow it all, Ruby and Jaune laughed as Yang took the card and thanked her father. The three teens set off and went to town to eat as Tai watched them leave.

As they continued to walk away, turned around just as a raven cawed and flew off the house and followed after the young teens.




"Ah~! That was delicious!" Yang cried with glee

Currently, the three teens were at a local diner and Yang had just finished her very large 5th cheeseburger. While Ruby was two slices of pizza with a large chocolate shake and Jaune was having a cheeseburger with a side of fries and a small drink.

Currently, the blonde knight was surprised as to just how much Yang had eaten, while Ruby was used to it.

"Where does it all go!?" Jaune asked

Ruby shrugged, "Yang's always had a big appetite, even when we were kids," Ruby told Jaune "I think there's a black hole where her stomach should be, and that's how she doesn't get fat,"

Yang looked over to her sister, "Hey! Don't get fat because I work out a lot," Yang said, glaring at Ruby

"I work out too!" Ruby said with a pout

"Moving your fingers in a controller doesn't count, Rubes," Yang said with a smile

"Hmf!" Ruby pouted and crossed her arms

Jaune laughed at the two, this was because he was reminded of his younger sisters, specifically, the two youngest, Sky Arc, 2nd youngest and smarted, and Magenta Arc, the baby of the siblings. They would have almost similar arguments like this and a small wave of nostalgia hit him. He missed his family.

'I should give them a call when I get back to Beacon' Jaune thought

They finished eating and Yang left a tip as they got up from their seats and left the diner. Seeing the time and knowing that his Bullhead was scheduled to leave soon, The three of them made their way to the docks, walking and talking as they made walked down the streets to the docks.

Jaune looked at the girls, "It was fun seeing and spending time with you guys here" Jaune said "I'm really gonna miss you guys" Jaune said

ruby smiled softly and nodded, "it was great having you over Jaune," Ruby said

"Same goes for me, Vomit Boy," Yang said "It was nice getting you to know you a lot more"

"Same here," Jaune said "I wished we could spend more time together... Hopefully, I'll see you soon," Jaune finished

Yang nodded in agreement, "Oh, we'll be seeing you soon!" Yang said with a smile, "After all, I wanna watch you win the Vytal Tournament, VB" Yang said

"Yeah!" Ruby said, "We'll be cheering you on!"

Jaune looked at them, "You really think I'll make it into the Vytal Tournament?" Jaune asked

"Hell yeah! with what we've seen you do, you could totally wipe the floor with them," Ruby said

Jaune smiled, "We'll see, who knows, I might not even get in," Jaune said

"We'll see about that, Jaune" Ruby said with a smile

Jaune smiled and chuckled, "Tell you what, if I make it into the Vytal festival, I'll personally be on the same team as the both of you when you make it into Beacon next year," Jaune said

"If we make it into Beacon next year," Yang said

"As your sister said, Yang, We'll see," Jaune said with a smirk

They continued their walk to the dock and eventually, they had arrived at the dock, and Jaune looked over to the Bullhead that would be taking him back to Beacon, and he saw his luggage being put into the Bullhead. He smiled and he would later thank Tai again for bringing his luggage to the docks.

Jaune turned to the two girls and smiled softly, "Well... I guess this is it" Jaune said

Ruby nodded, "Yep, this is it," Ruby began, "For now,"

Jaune nodded, "Yeah," he said

"Don't forget to call us, Jaune" Yang said "And save some of the ass-kickings of criminals for us when we get to Beacon, Alright?"

Jaune chuckled, "I'll try," He said

Just then, Ruby quickly hugged him tightly and Jaune was a bit shocked by the act but he hugged her back as both of them smiled. They broke the hug and Ruby looked up at Jaune and Jaune looked down at her.

"Be safe Jaune," Ruby told him, a bit of a worried look on her face

Jaune looked at her with a soft smile, "I'll try," Jaune told her

Ruby moved away and Yang walked over to him and hugged him as well and Jaune hugged back. They broke the hug and then Yang gave him a kiss on the cheek before looking at him with a soft smile, "Kick some ass out there, Vomit-Boy, and come back in one piece," Yang told him

Jaune saw her smile, but he could hear the slight concern in her voice, he still smiled softly as he looked at her, "Again, I'll try" he told them

With that, the two girls waved goodbye as Jaune walked into the bullhead and he took a seat next to the window, he buckled himself in and took a few deep breaths in order to relax as he was a bit nervous about his motion sickness.


Hearing this, Jaune looked out the window, and when he did, he saw a raven perched on the wing, seemingly looking at him through the window.

Jaune smiled at the creature as the bird continued to look at him, its head moving from side to side. "Caw!" it cried, it then flew off in the direction of Ruby and Yang.

Jaune watched it fly away and then relaxed in his seat and waited for the Bullhead to depart and make its way to Beacon.

[Attention all passengers our flight to Beacon Academy will be leaving shortly, please sit back and relax] Came a voice over the speakers

'Alright Jaune... just sit back and relax, no need to worry, we'll be back at Beacon in no time' Jaune told himself as he took a few deep breaths 'Whatever you do... don't throw up' He told himself




As he got off the Bullhead, he felt a slight urge to vomit his lunch onto the docks but thankfully, he managed to hold it in and not let any bile come out from his mouth. 'Thank brothers! I really am starting to get a hold of this motion sickness!' Jaune told himself with a smile

He then went over to grab his luggage and after looking for a few seconds, he found them and picked them up, and began heading back to the Main building of Beacon. He walked into the main building and made his way to his floor.


Jaune turned around only to see Reese skating down the hallway with Velvet, Coco, and Arslan, following after her, their faces lit up when they saw Jaune as well.

Jaune smiled as he saw them, "Hey guys!" He greeted

Reese hopped off her hoverboard and stopped right in front of Jaune, and gave him a quick hug. "You're back!" Reese cried

Jaune chuckled, "Reese, I was gone for like a week," Jaune said

"Still, it was hard not having you here!" Reese said

"Blue's got a point, we missed ya Jaune," Coco said, she lowered her shades and smiled, "Welcome back Blondie"

"Thanks, Coco" Jaune said, He then turned to Arslan and Velvet, "Hey Arslan, Hey Velvet, good to see you guys"

"Same here, Jaune, glad to have you back" Velvet said

"Indeed," Arslan said, "Speaking of which, where did you go?"

Jaune looked at them confused, "Wait? Ozpin didn't tell you guys where I went?"

Arslan shook his head, "No, all he said was you were doing something very important" She said

"Yeah was kinda all ambiguous about where you went" Coco chimed in

"Odd... well anyways, I went over to Patch," Jaune told them

"What for?" Reese asked

"Ozpin sent me to learn from an Aura Technique Master, a Signal academy Teacher by the name of Taiyang, though he prefers Tai," Jaune said "I learned a lot from him, and I think I really was able to grow with what he taught me!" Jaune said proudly with a smile

"We'll see about that in Combat Class, Jaune" Arslan said with a smile

"Yeah!" Reese said

"I can't wait to see what you learned this time," Velvet agreed

Coco nodded, "Hey if you put on a show like you did against the Midget, then I can't wait to see you in action," Coco said

Jaune nodded, "We'll I'll see you guys later, I still gotta go unpack,"

"See you at Dinner Blondie," Coco said

"Later Jaune," Velvet told him

"Bye Jaune!" Reese said as she proceeded to skate down the rest of the hallway

"See you later tonight," Arslan said

With that, the three girls chased after Reese and Jaune continued to make his way to his room. As he did, he went up another flight of stairs and made it to his floor. As he walked down the hall, he had hoped that Sun had at least kept the room clean while he was gone. He did have to remind the monkey Faunus about taking out the trash what with all the junk food lying around.

'Seriously, Sun have better kept the room clean, I got a lot of important stuff in there I don't want dirty' Jaune thought as he continued walking down the hall

"Well, Well, Well, If it ain't my Knight in Shining Armor"

Jaune was taken out of his thoughts as he looked behind him only to see Marceline with the rest of her team. Seeing her, Jaune smiled brightly and turned fully to her, "Hey Marceline!" Jaune greeted cheerfully, "It's so good to see you again!" he told her

Seeing his bright and toothy smile was all it took to make her face heat up and blush, but she tried to play it off cool, "Y-Yeah, same here" she said, "Anyway, what have you been up to?"

"Ah, I just spend a week over at Patch," Jaune said

"Really? What for?" Marceline asked him

"Training, Ozpin sent me there to get a better handle on My Aura Techniques" Jaune told her

Hearing this caught her attention, not just her's but also the rest of her teams. Hearing this, Cinder peered at Jaune from where she stood, but Jaune didn't notice.

Marceline smirked, "For Real? Oz must really like you, huh?" Marceline said with a smirk

Jaune chuckled awkwardly, "Maybe..." He said, he then looked behind her and finally realized that he was now in front of her whole team. "Ah, This is your team Right?" Jaune said looking past her

Marceline took a quick glance behind her and then turned back to Jaune and nodded, "Yeah, this is My team" Marceline said "The one with green hair is Emerald Susitari,"

Emerald walked over to Jaune as did Cinder and Mint/Neo. Emerald gave Jaune a wave and a faux smile, "Nice to meet you, Jaune" Emerald greeted "Marceline talks a lot about you"

Marceline then turned to look at her partner with a glare and a blush, She growled when she saw the smug smirk on the girl's face.

"Ha, Really?" Jaune said

Emerald nodded, "Oh yeah, some time's I think she's obsessed with you" Emeraldsaid with a giggle

'She's going fucking to get it!' Marceline thought with anger and a red face, she then looked back to Jaune, "And you've already met Mint," Marceline said

Mint approached Jaune and Jaune looked at her with a bit of glare while Mint looked at him with a cheeky smile.

Mint then used her hands to speak VSL to him, *No heard feeling, Blondie?*

Jaune used VSL right back, *No hard feelings at all, Mint*

Neo/Mint was surprised that he was able to talk back to her and seeing that he was able to communicate with her, she smiled at him *Oh, You're just full of surprises, aren't you Jaune?* she told him *Where'd you learn VSL?* Mint asked

*My Grandfather is deaf, so my Grandmother taught me and my sibling how to communicate with him when we were younger* Jaune told her with a smile

Neo smiled and nodded, accepting the answer.

Marceline rolled her eyes, "And finally, there's my team leader, Cinder Fall" Marceline told Jaune

Cinder walked over to Jaune and held out her hand for him to shake, to which Jaune did.

"A pleasure Mr. Arc, I've heard a lot about you," Cinder said

"Really now?" Jaune said

"Yes, After all, It's not every day only one person makes it into Beacon," CInder said

"True," Jaune said with a chuckle

As Jaune let go of her hand, he could help but feel odd around her. She was a beautiful woman, there was no debate or doubt about that, however, being near her, Jaune felt heat radiate off her as if she was on fire and for some reason, the made him uneasy.

Jaune moved away from Cinder and looked over to Marceline, "Well, it was nice seeing you again Marceline, and nice meeting all of you as well, but I gotta head to my room and drop off my luggage and make sure my roommate hasn't trashed the room" Jaune said with a chuckle

Marceline chuckled, "Alright then, see you around Jaune," Marceline said

"Yeah, see you around Marceline," Jaune said with a smile

He walked off and continued making his way to his room. As he did, Marceline watched him leave and a soft smile appeared on her face. 'What a goof' She thought with a slight warm feeling


And like that, the warm feeling was gone. Marceline turned to look at Cinder as she two watched him leave, a cunning smile was on her face.

"What?" Marceline asked, now a bit peeved that Cinder had ruined the warm feeling in her chest.

"Ozpin's taken an interest in the boy..." Cinder said

"Should that worry us, Ma'am?" Emerald asked

'Ass Kisser' Thought Marceline

"No, I don't think so, however, if Ozpin is willing to train him personally, on that we should be worried but not until we're sure Ozpin has taken him into his little circle and even if he has the skill and those Aura Techniques of his, It's nothing compared to what I have..." Cinder said, a small glow in her eyes

Marceline felt dread when she heard Cinder talking about targeting Jaune. She still didn't really know why she cared for the Blonde Knight, but all she knew was that she didn't want him to get hurt.

Finally, after walking down the hall for a few more minutes, Jaune had arrived back at his room and using his scroll he opened the door and walked into the room.

Jaune looked inside only to see that thankfully, Sun had kept the room clean... however, there was another problem...

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?" Jaune cried as he saw another stranger in his room.

Said stranger had tan skin, blue eyes, and messy light-blue hair in the form of an undercut. He wore a white dress shirt and black tie under a red jacket adorned with a wide, upturned, black collar and a silver reticle across the back. He was also sporting a pair of gray jeans with black padding strapped to the sides as well as black shoes fastened with straps instead of laces. and some notable accessories within his attire include black fingerless gloves and a pair of yellow-tinted goggles worn on his forehead.

"Oh, Sup man, Name's Neptune Vasilias" The Stranger, now known as Neptune, greeted with a wave and a smile

"Ok... now another question" Jaune began "HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET INTO MY ROOM!?"

"Sun let me in, said I would be cool staying here until the rest of our team got here," Neptune told Jaune

Hearing that it was Sun who had let Neptune into the room made sense. Jaune sighed and put his hand to his face, 'Leave it to Sun not letting me know another person would be staying here,' Jaune thought. Jaune then shook his head and smiled at Neptune, "Nice to meet you, Neptune, I'm Jaune Arc"

"Nice to meet you dude, Sun's told me a lot about you," Neptune said

"All good things I hope," Jaune said with a chuckle

"Oh you have no idea," Neptune replied

With that, Jaune felt like he was going to have a good day. After all, he was back in Beacon. He was home, and he couldn't have felt better.





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2. The Second Stage of "Aura Step" allows a person to seemingly disappear and teleport, however, in actuality, they are moving so fast that they appear that way. It should be noted that the Third stage is similar but much faster as it is said that when using the Third and final stage of "Aura Step" a person is able to create multiple after images, however, the only person to achieve this level is none other then Ozpin Himself.

3. Tai's Semblance is based on Soi-Fon's Shunko which is also wind. She also had a similar power to wrap wind around her fist when fighting in the latest Arc of Bleach.

4. Tai's Semblance's name, "Anemoi", is the name of the greek wind gods who were each given a cardinal direction from which their respective winds came.

5. VLS stands for Valian/Vacovian Sign Language. This is what Neo uses to communicate, however, she also knows Atlastinian Sign Language (ASL) and Mistralian Sign Language (MSL). When using VLS it will be written like this: *Text*

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"And like that! The Faunus Revolution began, but can someone tell me who were the main leaders of the Faunus Revolution?"

Currently, it was Dr. Oobleck's history class and they were beginning to talk about the Faunus Revolution war. In the class was Jaune, who seemed to be more focused on something else, Sun and Neptune were finishing taking notes, and some of team CFVY had their hands raised.

Oobleck looked and pointed to Velvet, "Ms. Scarletina," He called

She lowered her hand, "It should be noted that the leaders of the Faunus Revolution weren't just comprised of just Faunus, a few of them were humans who sympathized with their cause," Velvet told him, "But to answer your question sir, there was Barick Belladonna, Kara Kaa, Louie Gutan, Sasha Wulf, and the Faunus Revolution Hero only known as "Black Betty", Professor,"

Oobleck smiled, "Correct!" he said "They were the leaders that truly led and supported the Faunus Revolution, and some of them are still alive today! Actually, one of their grandchildren is-"

However, before he could finish their sentence, the bell rang, signaling that classes were now over. Oobleck told them that they had no homework since it was the beginning of a new subject, but they did need to be prepared to read over their notes to prepare for a test before completely moving on to the Faunus Revolutionary war. As class ended, Jaune, Sun, and Neptune raced back to their room as quickly as possible.

As they went back into their room, Jaune made sure they weren't followed and then closed the door behind them.

"Classes are over, meaning we got the rest of the day off," Jaune said "Which means we can go back to what I've been talking about since I returned to Beacon"

"Right!" Sun said, "Operation Kick Torchwick butt is a go!" Sun said

"Not so loud you idiot!" Neptune said

Realizing how loud he said that he quickly covered his mouth before looking at Jaune and Neptune, "Right, sorry," Sun said with a sheepish smile

"Anyway, as we all know, Torchwick has been stealing dust all over the city, and rumor has it that the White-Fang is involved, but we need proof for that one," Jaune began "Our job is to find out why Roman is stealing so much dust and if the Fang is involved, and if they are, we need to find out why Roman and them maybe possibly working together," Jaune said

"Right," Neptune said "From a few reports that I managed to get from the VPD, they lost Roman a whole bunch of times and have never found where he has been hiding out," Neptune said

"Which means if we wanted to catch him, we'd have to wait till he robs a store and follow him, but who knows when he'll rob again, and we can devote our entire time down in Vale," Jaune said

"True, it would take away from our study and grades, which may cause the teachers to get suspicious as to why three students are failing," Sun said, "But as for the White-Fang angle, I may have a lead," Sun told Jaune

"Really?" Jaune asked, "What is it?"

"turns out they're holding a recruitment meeting tonight, I may be able to sneak in and see what's up, and ask a few questions," Sun told him

"Are you sure? I mean you'll blend in because you are a Faunus but I don't feel too good about having you surrounded by a bunch of terrorists of you get burned," Neptune said

Jaune nodded, "Nep's right, the last thing I want is for you to get hurt Sun," Jaune told him

"Psh! I'll be fine!" Sun said with a big ol' grin on his face

"Alright then, it's decided, tonight we gather as much information as we can," Jaune said, "Sun you find out how the White-Fang may be involved, while I and Neptune get some information on Roman,"

"Sounds like a big task with only three people,"

All three of them were in shock and turned to the open window, where Reese and Arslan were both hanging off a branch of a tree.

"How long have you two been there!?" Jaune cried

"The whole time!" Reese said with a cheeky smile,

"But why are you hanging from a tree that is right outside my window? I have a front door after all,"

Reese began to blush, "Ah! I-I uh, well I- you see-"

"She wanted to surprise you by entering the room through your window," Arslan said with a smile and a slight blush on her cheeks as well

"Oh, ok..." Jaune said, a bit confused by that logic

"Thank the brothers he didn't figure out why we were really here, right Ars?" Reese whispered to Arslan

Arslan just blushed more, "S-Shut up, Reese," Arslan whispered back

"Anyway, do you guys wanna come in? You guys are hanging up pretty high," Jaune said

"That would be good, yeah," Reese said

With help from Jaune, they both got into the room and joined the three boys inside of it.

Jaune then looked at the two girls, "Now, how much did you hear?" Jaune asked

"All of it," Arslan said, "I know what you three are planning and I have to say, I think it's foolish for you three to be worrying about Torchwick, however, I can understand why," She told them

Jaune looked at Arslan, "This isn't about getting revenge on what happened last time, well, sort of," Jaune said as he scratched the back of his neck,

"We know," Reese said, "Which is why we're gonna help you,"

Jaune looked at her, "What?" he asked

"Ya heard me! We're gonna help you, like it or not," Reese said


"No buts! We're helping you because we also want to bring him to justice," Reese said

"We're your friends Jaune, we want to help you, no matter what it is," Arslan said "And because he needs a good fireball to the face,"

Jaune chuckled a little, "Oh alright, you guys can come" Jaune said with a smile

"Ok, now that we're all assembled, do we change the game plan?"

"A little, yeah," Jaune said "Sun your still gonna have to go in solo in the White-Fang meeting, Ars, Neptune, Reese, and I go meet my resource," Jaune said

"Sounds like a plan to me," Neptune said as he wiggled his eyebrows at Arslan, who rolled her eyes

'Ugh! why him!?' Arslan thought 'But at least I'll have Jaune with us'

'Sweet! I'm with Jaune!' Reese thought

"I'm ready to go!" Sun said with a smile,

"Alright then, let's get to Vale!" Jaune said,

And with that, the group of Huntsmen-in-training made their way to the Bullhead docks and took one down for Vale. So began the events that would lead to one of the craziest nights in Vale history




Within the City of Vale, more specifically, the bar that Jaune and his friends had once visited, known as Junior's, the owner of the bar, known as Hei Xiong, but many called him Junior, was in his office currently reading a book, which was the Famous book written by the Prophet Monty Oum. The book told the adventures of Oum and his friends who traveled Remnant when the world was very young.

"Boss! Boss!" came the cries of one of his henchmen

Junior rolled his eyes, "What?"

"Some Blonde guy is here with three others, they look like the Huntsmen type"

"So? Send them off," Junior said

"I would, but..."

"But what?" Junior asked

"Hey Hei!"

Hearing his real name be called, Junior got up from his desk only and looked out the door only to see a certain Blonde Huntsman with his friends waiting downstairs. It took Junior a bit to recognize who this was but he quickly recognized him

"Jaune? That you kid?" Junior asked with a bit of a smile

"The one and only!" Jaune said with a proud smile

Junior smiled, 'That's him alright' Junior thought, "I'll be right down" Junior told Jaune

on the ground floor, Arslan looked over to Jaune with a raised brow, "You mind telling me how you know the owner of this place? And why you didn't mention it the last time we were here?" She asked him

Jaune looked at her, "Well, I didn't know it was Hei who owned the place when we first got here, as for how I know him, well, He and his sister have a history with my grandmother,"

Arslan was now more confused, "How does your Grandma know them?" She asked

Jaune shrugged, "Don't know, but I use to play with his nieces whenever Grandma took me with her on her trips, and when I decided to attend Beacon, My Grandma just told me to go to either of them if I was ever in Vale or Mistral, though she never said they had nicknames, so I didn't know Hei was Junior,"

"You got a weird family, you know that?" Reese chimed in

"You have no idea," Jaune said with a chuckle

Junior finally arrived on the ground floor and looked at Jaune and gave him a hug and Jaune gave one back.

"It's been a long time kid, last time I saw you, you were up to my waist," Junior said with a smile

"Got a lot taller since then," Jaune said "How are the twins?"

"Ah, there here, but I got them running a few errands," Junior said "How's your Grandmother?"

Jaune gave a quick shrug, "Don't know, last I heard she took a trip up to Atlas before I came to Vale, said she had to go meet an old friend," Jaune told him, "Didn't say who though, just said that the crazy old coot loves her cashews,"

Junior chuckled, "Right, Well, what brings you here?"

"I need a little Information, about Roman Torchwick,"

Junior looked at him with a surprised look, "Hey now, what does someone like you want with someone as bad as Torchwick?" Junior said

"He and I got into a bit of a fight outside of you're establishment a couple of days ago, I tried stopping him but failed,"

"That was you huh?" Junior asked, "So this is a revenge mission?" Junior asked

Jaune shook his head, "No, not really, what I want to know is why he's stealing dust and if you know anything about him and the White-Fang working together?" Jaune said

"Roman and the White-Fang?" Junior asked, sounding a little surprised, "If you heard it too then it's gotta somewhat true,"

Jaune was a bit surprised, "You didn't know?" Jaune asked

"I deal in information Jaune, the Roman and White-Fang Rumor had been going around but I don't take Rumors and gossip seriously unless I know it's true," Junior said "The Wh0te-Fang working with Roman Torchwick, who wouldn't take that with a grain of salt?"

"Makes sense," Neptune said "The White-Fang has been making it clear that they really don't like Humans"

"Well, We've got a friend of ours looking to see if those rumors are true," Reese told Junior "So if he lets us know if it's real, then we'll inform you of it,"

Jaune nodded in agreement, "Right, but only if you can tell us why Roman's stealing dust

Junior looked at him, "Truth be told, I don't know myself, honest, I don't have a damn clue" Junior replied "But what I can tell you is that it doesn't make a freakin ounce of sense,"

"Why?" Arslan asked

"Because Roman was a thief, he dealt with stolen goods and money, not guns, ammunition, or dust," Junior said "Never needed much help besides that partner of his watching his back, but I can tell you one thing... with all the dust, weapons and ammunition he's got, whatever he's got planned, and if he is working with the White-Fang, they're preparing for a war,"

"What makes you say that?" Arslan asked

Junior looked at her, "little lady, when you've been in the business as long as I have, you know when shit is about to hit the fan," Junior said

'Junior has a point, if Roman and the White-Fan are for some reason working together and if they are preparing for something major, like a war, then what do they plan on attacking?' Jaune thought, 'But what? And if they are working together, why? What the hell is going on?'

Junior looks at Jaune, "Sorry kid, that's all I got for ya," Junior told Jaune

"Don't worry about it Junior, you helped a bunch actually," Jaune said "We'd better get going and check in with our friend, tell the twins I said Hi," Jaune said

"Will do, but they'll be hunting you down once they heard you're in town!" Junior said with a smile

Jaune chuckled and with the others, they left the Bar and walked back outside of the club. Once outside, They all looked at Jaune.

"So what now?" Reese asked

"We wait for Sun to call us, We can't afford to blow his cover in case he's still at the meeting if we call or text him,"

"Right, Now let's just hope he can keep his cool and not blow his cover himself," Arslan said with a smile

"Ah, I'm sure he's fine, despite his personality, Sun's pretty good at being discreet," Neptune said with a proud smile.

Just then, Jaune's scroll began to ring and Jaune quickly took his scroll out of his pocket only to see that the caller ID was Sun. He smiled and answered the call, putting it on speaker. "Hello-"

[YOU GUYS GOTTA FREAKING HELP US!] Sun cried over the scroll

"Sun, What's wrong!?" Neptune asked

"And what do you mean "Us"?" Jaune asked

[It's Torchwick! He's chasing me and this cat-girl with a freaking Mech! It's huge!] Sun cried

"A Mech!?" Reese cried in surprise

"Sun, where are you!?" Jaune asked

However, before he could even answer, they heard the loud sounds of crashing and screaming and they turned around only to see Sun and another woman, who also appeared to be a Faunus as well and someone Jaune was sure he'd seen before, being chased by a large Mech, which was no doubt Atlas Tech.


"Nevermind we see you," Jaune said as he hung up

"How are we gonna catch up with them?" Neptune asked

"Or better yet, stop that Mech?" Arslan asked

Jaune looked around only to see an old sort of beat-up van, it was here that Jaune had an idea come to his head. "I got a plan, but I don't know if you guys are gonna like it," Jaune said




"I can not believe we stole a van!" Arslan said as she sat in the passenger seat, holding on for dear life as Jaune drove in order to catch up with Sun and the other person

"You got any better ideas!?" Jaune asked

Arslan turned her head to the back, "Reese, Neptune, you guys ok back there!?"

Reese and Neptune were in the back, sort of being flung around and hitting the sides of the van.

"Peachy..." Reese said as she was feeling dizzy

"Reese, Neptune, you guys got any ice dust rounds on you?" Jaune asked

"I don't," Neptune said

"I got some, why?" Resse said, coming off being dizzy

"I'm gonna drive ahead of them and when Roman's close enough, shoot the ground and make the road ice, He'll slip and crash off the highway, that way he doesn't injure any more civilians," Jaune said

"aye-aye captain!" Reese said. She then pulled out her weapons and loaded the ice dust ammo into her guns

"What's the plan after Roman falls off the highway?" Arslan asked

"If the Mech's not broken, we go down there and break it, if it is, we go down there and gang up on him and arrest him," Jaune said

"Great, so we're just gonna have to have faith that this all works out in the end," Arslan said

"Well, most plans are based on the faith that it all goes well!" Jaune said with a bashful smiled

As Jaune continued to drive he was getting close to the Mech only to see Sun and the other girl with him were narrowly dodging the Mech's attacks. Jaune stepped on the gas harder and began getting ahead of them.

Meanwhile, on the outside, SUn was jumping from car to car, dodging and running away from the attacks of the Mech.

"Be a really good time for your friends to show up!" cried the girl with him, who was named Blake Belladonna

"Where are they!?" Sun cried


Sun looked ahead only to see a beat-up van with its side door opened and he saw Neptune and Reese looking at him

"'Bout time you guys showed up!" Sun said with a smile

Back at the Van Rease readied her pistols and Jaune looked to the back, "Ready Reese!?" Jaune asked

"Born ready!" Reese said with a smile,

Sun and Blake got ahead of the Mech and jumped over the Van. Now that Sun was out of the way, Reese shot at the road in front of Roman, and a coat of ice spread across the road. Roman saw this, however, he didn't have time to stop, as he was already close.

He slipped and then slid across the coat of ice on the road, the Mech was coming toward them, but the mech then flipped over them, before landing back onto the road, flipping over the concrete barriers and falling down to the ground, and underneath the Highway.

The group got out of the van and quickly rushed over to the side, only to see the Mech trying to get up.

"Damn, it's still working," Jaune said

"That just means we gotta force him out," Sun said

Jaune nodded, "Alright, but once we're down there, everyone, be careful, We don't know what that Mech is capable of," Jaune said "Neptune, Reese, give up some support from up here, Me, Sun, and Arslan will go down there and try and force him out, but if we look like we need saving, then come in and get us,"

"Right," they both said

"Then let's get down there!" Arslan said

Sun nodded and was about to jump over first but stopped himself, "Oh, by the way, Guy's this is Blake, Blake, this is the guys,"

Hearing her name, Jaune now fully remembered who she was, "Oh, Blake! It's good to see you again!" Jaune said with a smile

"Good to see you again Jaune," Blake said

"You two know each other?" Reese asked, a bit worried

"How?" Arslan asked, also wondering with a bit of worry as well

"We both took the initiation test for Beacon, thought as you guessed, I failed," Blake said

"Should have tried harder" Jaune said

Blake rolled her eyes, "Right," She said, "Sun here tells me all of this was your idea, that true?" She asked him

Jaune nodded, "Yeah, Ran into Roman a couple of days ago and while it didn't end well, I swore I get him, so I thought we'd try to find some answers ourselves," Jaune said

"Alright then, but are you sure you're up to fight, last time I checked you weren't the best fighter during initiation," Blake said

"Oh trust me, Jaune's more than ready," Arslan said "He's gotten a lot stronger," Arslan said before jumping down

"Yeah, and if anyone can take down Torchwick, It's Jaune," Sun said, he then jumped over the barrier and down to the Mech

Blake looked over to Jaune and watched as he jumped down with them. 'They both speak so highly of him as if he was a lot stronger than them... and the way Jaune carries himself, he actually looks like he believes in himself, none of that false bravado from he really the same inexperienced guy from initiation?' Blake asked herself




Down below the highway, Roman had finally got the Mech back onto its feet, however, when he looked around, he saw Jaune, Sun, and Arslan facing him with their weapons at the ready.

"Oh for the love of-! Will you idiots stop multiplying!" Roman cried

"This ends tonight Roman," Jaune said "Come out of the Mech and we can do this the easy way," Jaune said

"Oh, hello Blondie! Good to see you again," Roman said "As for your request, well I'm gonna have to deny it," Roman said

"Fine, but I did warn you," Jaune said

Suddenly, he disappeared and Roman was surprised, but he wasn't the only one as Arslan and Sun were also shocked by his sudden disappearance.

"Was that Jaune's Semblance?" Arslan asked

Sun shook his head, "Tch, that guy, he really already got ahead of us so soon!" Sun said with a big smile

Hearing this, Arslan could already guess what Sun meant by that, "Are you telling me he managed to get to the second stage of Aura Step!?" Arslan asked

Sun nodded, "Yeah, and I'm sure he's got a lot more tricks up his sleeve!" Sun said

Roman used the Mech to look around for Jaune, but couldn't find him, "Where did that brat-"

However, before he could finish his sentence, he felt two attacks from behind and when he quickly turned around, Jaune stood behind him with his sword glowing and a smile on his face.

'Kid used that little trick of his from before, but it didn't cut the Mech at all! HA! looks like this little baby was worth the price!' Roman thought to himself, "Your little trick isn't strong enough to cut through the Mech it seems kid!"

'that's right... keep on thinking that,' Jaune thought with a smile, 'I made those Arcus Mortis less powerful on purpose to make you think they couldn't cut through them,'

Jaune charged up his Aura into Crocea Mors and the sword glowed brighter, he gripped his sword tightly before swinging it upward releasing a huge Arcus Mortis from the blade. Roman looked at it and he quickly realized that this one was a lot more powerful than before, his instincts told him to move, which he did, however, the Arcus Mortis was able to cut off the Mech's left arm.

'Oum that was close! That one was a lot stronger than the previous two, meaning that the two before were to make me think that his little trick couldn't cut through the Mech' Roman said "Nice try kid, you almost fooled me!" Roman said

"Crap!" Jaune said

Roman was about to Charge at Jaune, however, when he moved the Mech's feet, they seemed to tighten together. "What now!?" He cried

Around the feet was a strong cloth wrapped around them, holding them together, this was from Arslan who had her weapon wrapped around the Mech's feet.

"Sun! You're up!" Arslan said

Three translucent glowing Sun's appeared from different sides of the Mech and each had its own staff. They used it to jump and hit the mech with the end of their staffs, denting the Mech's outer layer, pretty good. Roman tried to fling them away but kept missing. Roman then turned the upper body of the mech completely, it now facing Arslan. Roman pushed a button and from the back, a small container popped out, when looking at it closer the container was full of missiles.

Seeing this, Arslan loosened her weapon around the mech's feet, just as Roman fired the missiles at her. Arslan managed to dodge some of the missiles as they hit the ground and exploded, however, a few got too close and ended up blasting her away a few feet.

Roman smiled as the Mech was now able to move freely once more. He looked around for the other two, only for Sun to land right on top of the Mech. Sun raised his Staff and infused his Aura into it to make is stronger, and then slammed it down with all his might, breaking through the Mech's Armor and into the cockpit

"Oh come on!" Roman exclaimed, he then looked to see Jaune powering up another attack, "Oh no you don't blondie!" Roman cried

Roman was about to unleash another attack before a large explosion hit the Mech's back, causing it to stop moving completely. Roman growled, "What is it now!?" he cried

{Error! Error! System malfunction! Power source damaged!} The AI cried

Roman hit the control panel hard as his anger was building up, "Damn thing! Move damn it! Move!" Roman cried

"Now Jaune!" Arslan cried

Jaune raised his sword and then swung it to his right, thus unleashing another powerful Arcus Mortis.

Roman saw the incoming attack and groaned, "Oh son of a-"

However, before he could finish this sentence as well, the Arcus Mortis hit the front of the Mech, Destroying it and sending Roman right out of it.

Roman got up off the ground and dusted himself off and then picked up his cane and looked to see that he was surrounded on all sides.

"Well... this is not how I thought tonight was going to go down," Roman said with a smile

"Really? Cause this is how we were hoping this night ended" Sun said with a smirk

"Give it up Torchwick, it's over," Arslan said

"Is it?" Roman asked with a smile

The criminal then quickly raised his cane and shot at Arslan, however, the young woman was able to roll out of the way and dodged it. Arslan growled and charged up a fireball in her hands and then shot it at the thief.

Roman stood there, seemingly unfazed by the attack that was coming right at him. The fireball hit the target, but instead of blasting the criminal away, he shattered into pieces of glass.

"What the hell!?" Arslan cried

"Huh!? Where'd he go!?" Sun cried

Just then, they heard a whistle and looked up to see Roman in a Bullhead, and with him was a short girl with brown and pink hair looking at Jaune with a bit of a hungry look, she winked at the blonde knight before blowing him a kiss goodbye.

"So long losers!" Roman cried with a smile as the Bullhead took off.

The three regrouped as they saw it heading into the distance

"He got away!" Sun cried

Jaune growled, "damn it!" he said

Arslan then looked at Jaune, "What now?" she asked

Jaune sighed and looked at her, "We head back to Beacon and plan our next move, with what we've gathered tonight, we may know a bit more about what he and the White-Fang might be planning," Jaune said "We'll see him again I'm sure, and when we do, we'll get him for sure," Jaune said with a smirk

Sun nodded, "Right," Sun said

"Damn straight," Arslan said with a smirk

And with that, they made their way back up to the highway to regroup with Reese and Neptune, as well as Blake, who was still there. However, they didn't get out of there before the police and the media could swarm them...

'Ms. Goodwitch is really not going to like this!' They all thought (except for Blake)




"So, what now?" Roman asked

Across from him was Cinder, looking at him with an unfazed look. She had just been told about Jaune Arc's latest move against her little plans and while it didn't throw a wrench in them at all, it did bring up a concern.

Arc was now investigating Roman's moves as well as the White-Fang's.

"Is there any way to you know... Deal with this kid?" Roman asked "Because I can't keep doing business with the kid trying to stop me at every move,"

"I'm afraid not," Cinder said "Jaune Arc has become quite a celebrity at Beacon, he is always surrounded by his friends and despite being Beacon's only first year, he shares a room with two Haven students, and he has caught the interest of Ozpin himself,"

Roman sighed and rolled his eyes, "Great, so this means I'm gonna have to fight this kid every step of the way?" Roman asked

Cinder smiled and shook her head, "not at all, in fact, our next operation will have you be accompanied by a very special someone," Cinder said

"Really now?" Roman asked

Cinder nodded, "Indeed," she said with a smile

"And you mind telling me just who this person is?" Roman asked

"Me," came a voice

Roman turned to his left and he heard footsteps down a dimly lit hallway. Slowly the figure came into view and revealed themselves in the light.

They wore an asymmetrical black, long-sleeved, double-breasted stylized high-collared blazer with slit sleeves along with red thorn sigils adorned with a white crest that lined up on his left shoulder. His suit jacket had crimson lining atop his red shirt, with red thorn sigils atop a black flap attached to the bottom of the left hem and his wilting rose emblem on the back over an emblazoned white sigil resembling the curved stems and flower of the deadly nightshade plant. His blazer was half-buttoned, exposing a red shirt with a black line running parallel to his collar under it. He wore the mask of the white fang, but his mask was different as it had red, Mistralian style, horn-like symbols decorating the front and two slits on each side presumably to allow for vision. He wore long black dress pants, a black belt with white domino marks on it, a pair of black shoes with red soles, and black gloves with red sigils resembling the Greek letter of Omega, the last letter in the Greek alphabet.

This was Adam Taurus.

A very well know man across the world, for he is known for being one of the main reasons that part of the White-Fang has become violent terrorists as well as one of the most deadly and brutal fighters and killers out there.

He was trained by Sienna Khan, currently leader of the new White-Fang, and is one of the most skilled and dangerous men who could fight with a sword, next to the famous Qrow Branwen.

It is said that if it's a one-V-one, always bet on Adam, because no matter what, This man always seems to come out on top.

Roman seem to be slightly nervous around him, for good reason of course as he watched Adam walk past him and walk right up to Cinder looking at her and while Roman couldn't see the rest of his face, he knew that his cold and almost robotic expression didn't change.

"Tell me about this... Jaune Arc" Adam asked

Cinder smiled wickedly, "With pleasure, dear sweet Adam," Cinder said




Dun Dun Duuuuun! Adam has entered the story!

Now before vol.4, 5, and 6, I really liked Adam since he was this skilled fighter and had this cold yet calm attitude when fighting, and at first, I liked that he wanted revenge on Blake.

However, Roosterteeth ruined him!

Seriously! There was so much to his character than meets the eye! (No pun intended). This is why I will try and give him the bit of character development, he so needs.

Also, originally, I was gonna make him a girl, and of course rename him to "Eve" (Because, like with Mercury, I really like the concept of a Fem!Adam and do plan on doing a different story with a Fem!Adam), however, I also thought that he's the perfect opposite of Jaune!

Adam Hates, Jaune Loves. Adam wields his sword to destroy, and Jaune wields his sword to protect.

Both are powerful in their own way and Adam is literally deadly with a blade and while Jaune is too, currently, he still has a long way to go. Adam is someone who could be very dangerous to Jaune right now. Which makes him the perfect villain for the later part of this Arc!

So stay tuned because things are gonna get more interesting!

Oh and before I forget! Lisa Lavander in the next Chapter! YAY!

Chapter Text

Jaune cringed as he limped down the hallway, his leg aching with every step. He was still surprised how he managed to survive another sparing session with Ozpin, who was still going all out on the young knight, though not without cost. Though he managed to nearly keep up with the headmaster he was still very sore from all the hits he received from Ozpin. Currently, he was going to the showers of Beacon, which would be his first time since he usually showered at his dorm, but he was too far from it now.

Rounding a corner, Jaune was relieved to see Professor Peach walking by, "Ah, Hello Professor Peach," he greeted

Peach turned to see the young knight making his way towards her and smiled, "Well, if it isn't the most famous Beacon student here, and look! For once he isn't in the infirmary," She said with a smile.

Jaune smiled back, knowing she was teasing, "Hehe, Yeah," He said " can you point me to where the Beacon showers are? I haven't ever used them and I don't want to wait till I get back to my room,"

Peach smiled before turning around, pointing down the hallway. "Of course. Go down the hallway and make a left," She said "The showers are at the end of the hall, the last door on the right."

"Thank you!" Jaune said with a smile, and with that, he proceeded down the hall.

As she watched the boy leave, Peach turned around and continued walking, but after a moment something started to bug her. "Hmm, I can't help but feel I forgot to tell him something..." She said, "Oh well, I guess it wasn't important," She said with a shrug

Back with Jaune, he had arrived at the Showers and he walked through the double doors, feeling the heat of steam bask over him. As he entered the showers, he could hear the sound of showers running. Figuring it to be a few other male students he paid it no mind and made his way for a shower, and he left to undress. As he undressed, Jaune shivered as his feet touched the cold shower floor but figured he could deal with it.

The now very naked Jaune walked around the wall into the large shower where the steam obscured his view for a moment, but while he couldn't see he could hear a few hums.

'Weird... Who hums in the shower these days?' he thought as he stepped inside.

As he continued to make his way to a Shower, his eyes managed to cut through the shroud of steam and he could see, and what he saw made all the blood in his body rush to his head.

Before him, were a bunch of naked women he knew. Velvet, Coco, Arslan, and Reese! All of them were bearing it all before the teen. He watched in shock as Arslan ran a sponge up her stomach which made her abs shine, and Velvet put soap in her hair, while Coco's hair dripped with water, and Reese lathered her body in Soap. Jaune was in awe as the four girls, and all of her curves and assets were on display, Jaune was in awe of their beauty; having never seen a woman naked.

However, after rinsing her hair out, Velvet cleared her eyes and look in his direction and her face turned a beet red as she saw him standing there as naked as she was.

"J-J-JAUNE!?" Velvet cried in shock

Hearing that name, all the girls looked at Velvet and then followed her gaze only to see Jaune was indeed standing there.

Coco smirked, "Hey there Arc, come to take a peek~?" she asked

Jaune snapped out of his daze, "W-Wait! I-It's not w-what you think!" Jaune cried

Though the other three were horrified, they couldn't help but check out the boy standing before them. Seeing his growing muscles which they could slight outlines of, they still found it pretty hot, and then finally, their eyes immediately sailed down to Jaune's lower region, and there they saw it. Standing at attention in front of Them. For several seconds they just stared at him, never knowing that the Knight was...

And then the realization hit them All.


Outside, Peach was walking back down the hallway when she heard the screams of girls. In moments, she saw a hastily dressed Jaune dashing through the doors, as he ran past by she saw his face was blood red, a look of embarrassment on his face. The boy didn't notice her at all as he ran, not stopping until he was out of her line of sight.

Peach's puzzlement ended when the four girls emerged from the showers, all dressed in white bathrobes, three of their faces were equally red and embarrassed, letting Peach know exactly what happened.

"Oh that's right!" she mentally slapped herself. "I forgot to tell Jaune that the showers here were unisex," She said

Arslan and Reese looked at the Dust Professor/School Nurse with shocked expressions. "WHAT!?" They cried

"Yeah, did, Ms. Adel and Scarletina not inform you two?" She asked

"I-It slipped my mind!" Velvet cried with a blush

"I thought you both already knew," Coco said with a smile

"Why Are the Showers unisex anyway!?" Reese cried,

"Oh, Well, Ozpin felt it would stop everyone from complaining how their showers were too inadequate compared to the other sex," Peach replied

'What is wrong with the Headmaster!?' Arslan and Reese thought

As Jaune was running down the halls, he couldn't help but think how unlucky he was! Now the girls were going to kill him!

Ah... this was only the beginning of Jaune's Crazy day!




"Did you hear about that 1st-year at Beacon?"

Currently, at VNN HQ, Lisa Lavander was sitting at her desk with her Camera man, Fred Foxglove.

"You mean the only 1st-year at Beacon?" Lisa asked, "What about them?"

Fred nodded, "Right, well turns out he had a run-in with Roman Torchwick! He fought Torchwick on and below the highway and apparently nearly caught him!" Fred said

This caught Lisa's attention, as she had known Roman Torchwick on a certain level. After all, it was her then helped him shut down Lady Browning's Preparatory Academy For Girls. Thanks to him eluding the cops and huntsmen for so long and reporting on some of his crimes, she knew how dangerous Roman Torchwick was, and so when she heard that a 1st-year student at Beacon, the only one to pass and who everyone has been talking about for months nearly took down Roman, well she was surprised.

"Really?" She asked with a look of interest, "Anything else?"

Fred looked at her, "From what I've heard, His name's Jaune Arc, and he seems to be really popular," He told her, "Hell, I heard a few rumors that the kid is being trained by Ozpin himself!" Fred said with a smile, "Can you believe that?" He asked

Hearing this, Lisa was a bit skeptical, but wanted to hear more, "Is that all?"

Fred chuckled, "Not even freaking close! I got interested in the kid, right? So I looked into his background and I found out just how crazy his family is, Lisa, you won't believe who his Grandmother is!" Fred cried

Lisa was now eager, "Who?" Lisa asked

"His Grandmother is-!"

"Lisa!" Came a loud booming voice

Lisa and Fred turned their heads to see their boss, a man by the name of Leon Lantana. He walked up to them with a bit of a smile on his face.

"What's up Leon?" Lisa asked

"I just heard you and Fred here talking about that Beacon student, and I had an idea that I want you and Fred to interview him! Let the public get to know him!"

"Whoa, hold on, are you for real boss?" Fred asked

"Yeah," Leon said with a smile and a nod, "Besides, do you know how popular he's been? He's all the talk today, hell, even Councilmen Pendragon mentioned him the last time I spoke to him," Leon said

"Really?" Lisa asked, "What's with this kid?" Lisa asked

Leon shrugged, "Who knows, but he's made an impression on a lot of higher-ups," Leon said "So are you up for it?" Leon asked

Lisa looked at her boss and nodded, "Oh for sure, with what Fred and You have been saying, I really want to meet the kid now," Lisa said

Leon smiled, "Great! I'll let you get to it then," He said as he walked away

Fred turned to Lisa with a brow raised, "Uh Lisa, how are we even gonna talk to the kid?" Fred asked

Lisa looked back at him and smiled, "I got a good friend in the school that might be willing to help me,"




"So... you want me to what?" Jaune asked

He was currently in an empty classroom with Professor Goodwitch and Lisa Lavander with her Cameraman.

"Ms. Lavander has expressed an interest in having an interview with you, and since you seemed to be gaining a lot of popularity these days Mr. Arc, I thought it would be good for Beacon's reputation to have Ms. Lavander interview Beacon's most famous student," Goodwitch said, "As a representative of this Academy, who will do your best to give a good interview, right Mr. Arc?" She asked with a glare

Feeling her glare, Jaune rapidly nodded, "Right!" He said with a bead of sweat falling from his brow

"Good," Goodwitch said, she then turned back to Lisa, "I expect that free coupon to that five-star spa in my mail soon, Lisa, or else,"

Now it was Lisa's turn to have sweat, "G-Gotcha!" Lisa said

With that, Goodwitch left the room and thus left Jaune alone with Lisa and Fred.

"So, Um, what am I supposed to do?" Jaune asked

Lisa turned to Jaune with a smile on his face, "Well, just have a seat Mr. Arc, and we'll begin the interview soon," She told him,

Jaune nodded, "alright then, and uh, please just call me Jaune, Mr. Arc makes me sound like my dad" Jaune said

Jaune went to take a seat across from what he guessed was supposed to be Lisa's Chair. He sat down and Lisa sat down too. Her cameraman went to the Camera and checked to see if everything was working, he looked through the eye hole only to move his head away and then turn int around and looked at the lens of the camera, and his expression turned sour.

"Oh Oum damn it!" Fred cried

Lisa turned to him, "What's wrong Fred?" Lisa asked

"Damn lens is cracked!" Fred said

Lisa was a bit shocked, "What? How'd that happen?" She asked

"Stupid pilot must have thrown it in!" he said "I'd better go see if there's another one in the bags," He said

Lisa sighed, "Alright, but don't take too long," she said

"I know, I know," He said

Fred left the room and left Lisa and Jaune alone in the room. Lisa looked at him and this time she began to analyze his appearance. 'He looks like the run of the mill huntsmen in training' Lisa thought,

"So... um, Ms. Lavander-" Jaune began

"Please, just call me Lisa," Lisa said "After all, we are going to be talking a bit personally during this interview," Lisa said with a smile

"Right, Um Lisa, well, If I may ask some questions of my own, why did you want to interview me?" Jaune asked

Lisa smiled, "Why wouldn't I?" She asked "Do you know how popular you are, Jaune? You're the only first-year Beacon student in history and you nearly captured Roman Torchwick, not everyone can say that,"

Jaune scratched the back of his head with a bashful smile, "Ah, well, thank you I guess," Jaune said

'Odd, usually people would brag about feats like those,' Lisa thought "Tell me Jaune, what made you want to be a Huntsmen?"

"Well... it's a bit of a family legacy I guess," He said

"Really? So you were pushed into it?" She asked

"No, not really, quite the opposite actually," Jaune said "My parents didn't really want me to become a Huntsmen, but I really wanted to, with all the stories my grandparents and parents told me about their days fighting the Grimm and saving people... I really wanted to be a Hero like them," He said

"Interesting," Lisa said

"Ah, what about you?" Jaune asked

"Hm?" Lisa replied a bit confused

"What made you want to be a reporter?" Jaune asked her

Lisa thought for a second and then remembered her own days back in Lady Browning's Preparatory Academy For Girls, "I guess it started back when I was in school, I always had an interest in finding out stories and rumors around the school, and I admit I spread some of them around, but I always enjoyed the part of finding new stories and telling people about it, I guess that evolved into journalism and I found a career for myself," Lisa said

Jaune smiled, "That's an interesting way of becoming a reporter," Jaune said

Lisa giggled, "Indeed," she said, "Anyway, tell me more about yourself, Jaune," Lisa said

"Oh, well... there's not much I guess," Jaune said "I grew up in a small town called Ansel with my sisters and my parents as well as my Uncle, Aunt, and Grandparents," Jaune said

"How many sisters do you have?" Lisa asked

"Seven," Jaune chuckled

Lisa was shocked, "Seven!?" she asked 'What the hell are his parents!? Rabit Faunus!?' She thought

"Yeah..." Jaune said with a smile, "Mom wanted a big family," he added

"What are their names?

"From oldest to youngest, there's Saphron, then there's Coral, Beryl, Me, Meg and Dia, Joan, and finally Azure," Jaune said

"Wow, sounds like quite the home life," Lisa said with a smile

Jaune smiled, "You have no idea,"

"What about your parents?" Lisa asked

"Well, my parent's name's are Nicholas and Juniper Arc, my dad use to be a Huntsmen and my mom was a traveler," Jaune said

"Interesting, to hear," Lisa said "How has your time here at Beacon been?"

Jaune chuckled, "Great," He said, "They've taught me a lot here and I've made a lot of friends here as well as ran into a few old ones, I've learned new skills a lot of other things," Jaune said

Lisa was a bit surprised by his humble nature, most huntsmen she had spoken to usually were a bunch of assholes or just wanted to brag and try to worm their way into her bed. However, she could tell that Jaune was a very honest and kind person, 'He really seems like the honest type, no bragging about what he could do, nothing, this kid is really one in a million,' she thought

However, she knew it was people like him who usually had to go through the worse things. She knew that Reality was going to hit this kid hard and no doubt soon as the work of Huntsmen was no easy task. Death surrounded them, literally.

"Will you be participating in the Vytal festival this year?" She asked

"I suppose, if I do participate I'm gonna try and hope for the best, I guess," he said with a smile

Lisa giggled, "I suppose you will," Lisa said. Lisa looked at him and she found that being around him made her relax, in fact, she would admit that she found the young man attractive, he had a certain aura about him (no pun intended) with that though, she decided to try and get some more personal information from him. "Tell me Jaune, have anyone special here in Beacon? Like a girlfriend?" Lisa asked

Jaune looked confused for a second before realizing what she had asked and his face turned beet red, "Wha!? No! No! No!" Jaune quickly said "I uh, I mean there are a few amazing girls here at Beacon but I-I'm not in a relationship," Jaune said nervously

"Really now? A young handsome man like you hasn't been taken yet?" Lisa asked

"No... I mean, I don't think there's really anything wrong with me, I just don't think a lot of girls would be into someone like me,"

"Oh, and why not?" Lisa asked

"I'm not really a ladies' man, in fact, some of the stuff I know how to do is a bit unmanly," Jaune said with an embarrassed chuckle as he scratched the back of his head,

"I see, but to tell, what do you like in a woman?" Lisa asked 'I'd very much like to know~' she thought

'Oh, man! Why did this interview go from personal life to my non-existent love life!?' Jaune cried to himself

"Well um... I don't really have a type," Jaune said nervously

"Really? Well, what do you find attractive about a woman then?" Lisa asked

'Crap! Crap! Crap! What the hell do I say!?' Jaune thought 'Think you, idiot!'

"Well Jaune, I'm waiting," Lisa said

"Legs!" Jaune blurted out, 'Ah! what the hell were you thinking you dumbass!?' Jaune cried to himself

Lisa was a bit shocked for a moment but then smiled, "Legs? Really?" She asked, and for some reason her face was hot. She looked down at her own legs for a brief moment only to see that she was wearing none and the smooth pale skin of her legs showed.

"Y-Yeah, I mean, there's just something sort of... alluring about them?" Jaune said

Lisa felt hot but she kept herself composed, "I can see that I suppose," She said, then a devious thought came to her head, "Tell me Jaune... what do you think of my legs?" she asked in a low husky voice

Jaune gulped, 'Oh man I can't believe I got myself into this mess! Don't answer! If I do, she might think I'm a creep!' Jaune thought

"Well, I... Um..."

"I'm back!" Fred said as he entered the classroom.

'Oh thank Oum!' Jaune thought

Lisa nearly jumped out of her skin and regained herself, 'Jeez Lisa, get a hold of yourself, He may be a very attractive young man, but there's no need to go back to being a schoolgirl!' Lisa thought, "Well then... Fred, get the new lens on and let's get this show on the road," Lisa said with a smile

Fred smiled and gave her a thumbs up, "You got it, Lisa!" Fred said

When Fred got the new lens on, Lisa told Jaune that only a few of the questions she asked him would be asked again and she wanted Jaune to just act normally which he said he would try his best to do.

As the Interview began, Lisa couldn't help but think back to her question and then her mind kept going to places it should have been going, but she would admit, she wouldn't mind "Interviewing" Jaune privately. At her home. In her bed.

'Whoa! Down girl!' Lisa thought 'We need to actually know him a bit more before we decided to try and jump his bones!'

Yeah... Today was one crazy day for Jaune. From walking into Beacon's showers, Which were apparently Unisex, to telling Lisa Lavander, a respected reporter, what he found attractive about a woman... What a day.




Jaune's sister's current ages would be like this:

Saphron - 29

Coral - 28

Beryl - 25

Meg and Dia - 15

Joan - 13

Azure - 12

Funny enough I had a lot of fun coming up with the other sister's names.

Coral is just named after the color and plant, thought she was going to be called Carol as a reference to Carol Danvers. Beryl is named after the stone, Meg and Dia are named after the sisters/band which was started in Utah (where I was born!), Joan is of course named after Joan of Arc but I should hin that she isn't the only Joan on her family line ;), and Azure is both the name of a shade of blue and a reference to the wich granting power in BlazBlue, which Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang, as well as Neo, crossed over in.

Here's a pic of the sisters:

Also, Jaune's whole "Leg thing" was taken right out of Monster Musume because god damn it! I love Kimihito!

Chapter Text





Currently, Peach was at her desk looking over the list of supplies they needed to restock as well as looking over the quizzes that she handed out during Dust class. She let out a big sigh and rubbed her temples, 'Why did I choose the Dust teaching position and the head nurse position?' Peach thought to herself, 'What the hell was I thinking!? And why did Oz agree!?'

"Ah! Peach, there you are!"

Peach looked up from her desk in the infirmary and saw Port standing there in her doorway. She smiled at him and gave him a quick wave, "Ah, hello Peter, is there something you need?"

Port entered her office fully and looked at the young teacher/nurse, "I could use your help," Port told her,

Peach was a bit confused, "May I ask for what, Peter?" Peach asked him

Port sighed, "Well, I need another teacher to help watch the students while they are hunting specific Grimm I assigned them," Port told her

Peach was now a bit more confused as she looked at the older man, "Isn't Bart usually the one you ask for help with these kinds of things?" She asked

Port nodded, "Yes, but he's been called away on a very important matter by Ozpin," Port told her

Peach was surprised to hear this, "Really? What is it this time?" She asked

"Said it had something to do with the ruins of Frankia again," Port told her

Peach rolled her eyes and let out a sigh, "Again? What does Ozpin expect him to find there? Oum's Corpse!?" Peach cried

Port chuckled, "Maybe, after all, Bart has expressed-"

"-It is the supposed place Oum was buried, yes, yes, I know," Peach said with a chuckled,

Port chuckled, "Yes, He really liked to go on and on about his last trip there," Port said, "Anyway, would you be so kind-"

"Yes, I can help you with today, Peter," Peach said with a smile

Port smiled and gave her a thumbs-up, "Thank you, Peach," Port said

Peach chuckled, "Of course," Peach replied

With that, Peach left the infirmary in charge of one of the nurses and grabbed her coat, and then left to help Port with his class.




Peach was now in Forever Fall and was situated under a cliff waiting for half of the students to return. The point of this test was once again to hunt down the tagged Grimm but this time with your entire team, however, Since Mr. Arc had no team, he was going to do this test alone. After they finished the split class would either go to the closes teacher be it her or Port while they monitored their Aura levels and if any student's Aura reached red, the teachers would step in.

Peach decided to look at her scroll to see the progress of the teams and see if they were either finished or close to being finished.'It seems like team NDGO and Mr. Arc are finished and should be on their way back, while Teams CMEN, BRNZ, and FNKI are close to being done' Peach told herself 'I'm surprised Mr. Arc finished so quickly, the last time Port did this with him he had to save Ms. Black, let's hope something like that doesn't happen today,' Peach thought to herself

Suddenly a call from port appeared on her screen and she answered it.

"Yes, Peter?" She asked

[How are things on your end, Peach?] Port asked

"Good so far, Peter, How about yours?" Peach asked

[Good so far, Team ABRN have finished] Port replied [Though SSSN and PICT are close to being finished] Port replied

"Mr. Arc and Team NDGO are finished and should be heading back to me since I am the closest, but CMEN, BRNZ, and FNKI are not finished yet," Peach replied

[Thats good to hear] Port said [Well, I will check in later, bye for now, Peach] Port said

"Later Peter," Peach replied before the call ended.

Suddenly, she heard a few rocks tumble off the side. She quickly looked to her side and saw that there was nothing there. However, while her eyes told her that nothing was there, her instincts told her that something was wrong. She turned around and looked at the cliff with a peered gaze. Suddenly, part of the cliff opened up like a dog door and a large spider-like Grimm popped out from inside and tried to grab Peach with its black claws. However, Peach backflipped out of range from the claws and landed a few feet away from the cliff wall.

Peach looked at the Grimm as it was crawling out of its home. "A Cliff Weaver," Peach said with a bit of a smirk

A Cliff Weaver was similar to the Trap-door spider, however, they made their homes on the sides of Cliffs or inside caves where people climbed or explored. They are usually the size of a car but could grow almost as big as a Bullhead, and the one before Peach was that size. They were ravenous creatures but would never leave the homes they made in cliffs... unless they were extremely hungry.

'Damn it, I need to kill this thing now, if the students come back, I'll be too occupied on getting them away from the Weaver' Peach thought "You wanna play big boy?" She asked the Grimm

Peach opened her doctor's coat open, revealing many daggers on the inside of the coat, she grabbed three in each hand and looked at the Grimm with a bit of a crazed looked

"Let's play!" Peach cried

The Cliff Weaver charged at Peach and Peach jumped up using the side of a tree and over the Weaver and she threw one dagger into its back before landing right behind it. She turned around and threw two daggers to the side of her before the Weaver turned around and spat its web at her. She dodged it and this time, she charged at the Weaver, The weaver was ready to spit its web at her again, but Peach slid under the web shot only to get up and once again jump over the weaver and got behind it and threw two more daggers to her side. Once those daggers stuck into the ground and stayed, the Weaver turned around and looked at Peach only for Peach to smile at the Grimm.

"Clear," Peach said with a crazed smile

Suddenly, the daggers in the ground began to buzz, and electricity burst around and into the Weaver, and it began to cry in pain.

Peach smiled, "These daggers are connected by a thin wire, and these daggers each have a small marble of dust in the hilts which are only activated when I say the word, "Clear", which activates whatever dust is inside of the daggers," Peach said "And the Dagger in your back just acts as a pole to attract the electricity to you," Peach finished

While Peach was enjoying her clear victory, she forgot one very important thing about Weavers. Not only did they share large similarities with the Trap-Door spider, but they also share one very big trait with another spider.

The jumping spider.

So with all its strength, the Weaver jumped backward and out of the trap, surprising Peach. The Weaver landed on the cliffside and it seemingly glared at Peach and hissed at her. It then jumped at her and Peach moved out of the way, She turned around but her vision was blinded by all the dust and dirt, which the Weaver used to its advantage as it spat a large web through the dust at great speed, hitting peach and trapping her against a tree. The force of hitting the tree at such speed broke Peach's Aura.

"Sh-Shit!" Peach cried

Peach struggled to get out and turned to see the Weaver closing in on her and heard its hissing. Peach looked at the eight-legged horror with fear, knowing that she couldn't do anything in her state. The Weaver closed its distance and saliva dripped from its mouth as it looked at Peach.

'I-Is this it?' Peach asked herself 'I-Is this really how I'm going to die?' Peach thought. She closed her eyes and waited for the bite of the Weaver.

"Hey, you eight-legged freak!"

Peach opened her eyes as she and the Weaver turned to see both NDGO and Jaune approaching them. Nebula loaded a bolt and fired at the Weaver, hitting it in its leg. The Weaver hissed and moved away from Peach and looked at the five students.

Jaune then unleashed an Arcus Mortis at the Weaver, however, the Weaver saw the incoming attack and jumped to the side, but thankfully, Jaune created distance between it at Peach.

"Octavia! Gwen! Get Professor Peach!" Nebula ordered

with a quick nod, the two girls raced to save the professor. Meanwhile, the Weaver charged at them and Nebula shot another bolt at the Grimm but missed, Dew and Jaune charged back at the Weaver and Jaune sliced right through one of its legs while Dew managed to stab the Weaver in the side before she was flung back by the Weaver's leg.

"Dew!" Jaune cried

The Weaver flung Jaune back as well and he crashed into a tree. Nebula saw this and wanted to call out to Jaune but she saw the Weaver ready to spit its web, so she quickly moved out of the way and thankfully wasn't caught in the Web. Seeing this, the Weaver quickly turned around and spat two large webs at Octavia and Gwen just as they were trying to cut Peach down. The webs hit them and trapped them against the ground.

"Shit!" Nebula said as she saw her teammates get trapped.

Nebula loaded her crossbow again and shot at the Weaver, this time hitting it in the eye. It hissed in pain and raised its claws and prepared to stab her, but before it could, Jaune and Nebula appeared right in front of her and blocked the attacks, Jaune with his Shield and Nebula with the gap from her trident. They then pushed back the claws and then moved backward and put space between them and the Weaver.

"Neb, you got a plan?" Dew asked

Nebula nodded, "I do, but..." she began

Dew looked at her leader, "But what?" Dew asked

Nebula looked to Jaune, "Jaune... can you keep it occupied while we get them?" she asked

"Yeah," He said with a smile

Nebula nodded at Dew and they both ran past the Weaver. The Weaver was going to turn around but it sensed danger from the front and saw another Arcus Mortis coming at it. It jumped up into the air and over Jaune. Jaune quickly turned around and was face to face with the Weaver.

'This Grimm is a lot different from the others I encountered...' Jaune thought 'It just as tough Borbusk, as smart as an old Goliath, and as fast as a King Taijitu, this damn thing can also jump pretty damn high... what the hell can I do to defeat this thing!?' Jaune asked himself

The Weaver shot its web at Jaune but he quickly dodged it and He unleashed another Arcus Mortis but the Weaver had yet again dodged the attack by jumping to its right. However, Jaune was anticipating it avoiding it and he was already rushing at it ready to take a swing at it, as he closed in on it, he jumped up and swung at the claw of the Weaver, cutting it off, and landing on the back of the Weaver.

Jaune got up and stood atop the back of the Weaver as best as he could and he turned Crocea Mors around and raised his blade before driving it into the Weaver's back. The Weaver hissed and thrashed around as Jaune held on for dear life. Jaune pushed Corcea Mors deeper into the Weaver's back and he then began pushing his Aura into the blade, hoping to create an Arcus Mortis and slice it in half from the inside, however, the Weaver jumped up to the side and he lost his footing and he was flung off the Weavers back.

Jaune fell to the ground and looked up to see the Weaver's claw swinging down at him but he rolled over to the side and avoided the Weaver's claw. Jaune got back up on his feet and looked at the Weaver as it swung its remaining claw at him. Jaune activated Aura Sight and managed to dodge and block the Weaver's attack.

'Damn it! This thing is too strong! I can even land one Arcus Mortis on it... if Only I had two blades...' Jaune thought, just then, an Idea and a plan formed in his head, one that required team NDGO, but they were-

"Jaune! We got them!" Nebula yelled out to him

Hearing this, Jaune smiled and quickly dodged another attack from the Weaver. Jaune activated Aura Step and disappeared before reappearing behind the Weaver and running over to the others, and once there he looked at them and smiled as he saw they were all alright.

Peach looked at him and smiled at the blonde teen, "Mr. Arc, good to see you aren't injured," She said

Jaune looked at her and smiled, "And I won't be," Jaune said, he then looked over at team NDGO, "I've got a plan, but I need your guy's help," Jaune told them

Dew looked at him with a bewildered look, "Hold it, you wanna kill that thing?" Dew said, "Let's just get the hell out of here while we can!" Dew cried

"And what, let the others get hear and face this thing?" Jaune asked, "No, we need to kill this thing!" Jaune cried

"Mr. Arc is right," Peach said

"There is no way in Hell we are helping you kill that thing!" Dew cried

Gwen nodded as she looked at Jaune, "She's right, we should just get out of here!" Gwen said

Jaune looked at them and could tell they were afraid of that thing, but he wasn't, he needed to make sure that the others who returned to the location wouldn't have to face the Weaver, but now he was in a bit more of a pickle as his plan might not work without them, and so he began to think of how to alternate the plan without team NDGO.

"Take Professor Peach back to Port, I'll stay and kill it," Jaune said

Nebula looked at Jaune with a shocked look, "Jaune! You can't be serious!" She cried

Jaune looked at her, "I am serious," Jaune said "Take Peach back to Port, and transform your crossbow into your blade, I'm going to need it,"

Nebula looked at him with a worried look but she took out her crossbow and shifted it into its blade form and handed it to Jaune and looked at him, "I want that back, Jaune," Nebula told him

"Arc's word," Jaune said with a smile

With that, Nebula and her team took Peach and ran off, and Jaune turned back as the Weaver turned and faced him.

"Alright... let's hope my plan still works," Jaune said to himself, 'even without them...' Jaune thought

The Weaver shot its web at Jaune, but Jaune dodged the web and looked back to the Weaver, and saw that it was charging at him. Jaune acted quickly and he unleashed an Arcus Mortis out of Nebula's blade, the attack was hurled at the Weaver and it once again jumped up into the air to avoid the attack. Seeing it in the air, Jaune smiled as his plan went off without a hitch.

"Got you now!" Jaune said, he then pumped his aura into both blades and they both glowed brightly and he still pumped as much as he could into both blades, making them stronger, "I came up with this little trick on the spot thanks to you..." Jaune said, he then formed an X with the blades and then unleashed a very large X shaped attack at the Weaver as it was in the air

"Arcus Mortis Gemini!" Jaune cried

The Gemini attack hit the Weaver as it was falling, and the attack was so massive and powerful that not only did it cut through the Weaver like butter, it shot through the sky, cutting through a cloud, before slowly disappearing. Jaune watched as the Weaver's body fell apart from the sky and then slowly faded away as if it was never there. Seeing that he had won, Jaune smiled and sheathed Crocea Mors and transformed the blade back into a crossbow. Suddenly he had got a call on his scroll and looked to see that the contact was Arslan, and he quickly answered it.

"Hey Ars," Jaune said

[Oh thank god you're alive!] Arslan cried on the other end, [We all got the call that we needed to Head to Port instead of Peach and when we got here, Peach informed us what happened and when we heard you were fighting the Weaver we had to make sure you were ok!] Arslan said

Jaune chuckled, "So you called me?" He asked

[If you didn't answer then we knew you were either in trouble or worse and we would have headed there as fast as we could] Arslan said [But seeing as you answered you fine, right?]

"Yeah... I'm fine, a little sore, but I'm fine" Jaune said "I'm on my way back right now,"

[Alright, but hurry up, or else we'll Ms. Peach will drag you back herself,] Arslan said [I think she's worried about you but also wants to kill you right now]

hearing this, Jaune began to sweat rapidly, "R-Right! Coming!" Jaune said and he began running in order to get to the others.




Meanwhile, at the ruins of what was once the great Kingdom of Frankia... a new discovery was found.

"Bart! Bart!"

Oobleck ran outside of his tent only to see a fellow Archeologist running at him with something large in hand.

Oobleck adjusted his glasses as he looked at the running Archeologist, "What is it, Oliva?" Oobleck asked

The young Archeologist, Oliva, arrive and showed him what she had found. "We found this in one of the royal coffins, It was hidden behind them," Oliva said

She handed Oobleck what appeared to be a box, it was made of rusted metal and on the top was an Emblem, it was of two eyes with two diamonds in them. It was an Emblem that Oobleck recognized all too well.

"Oum's Emblem!" Oobleck cried

Oliva nodded, "Right," she cried "Whatever is inside this box, has to do with him, this could the find of the century!" Oliva cried

Oobleck nodded with a smile, "you may be right," Oobleck said, "Let us see what is inside,"

Oobleck opened the box only to see something that he was not expecting. Inside the box was a tied closed book, a book that had a leather covering with a completely different Emblem on it.

An Emblem of a large tree.

"A Book?" Oliva asked

Oobleck nodded, "Indeed, but by whom?" he asked

Oobleck took the book out of the box and undid the tie around it and opened it to the first page, and on it was writing.

it read as such:

"This book belongs to Alyx Skadi, log keeper, and fellow friend of Oum Monty. This book details our travels across this world... a Remnant of what it once was..."

'Alyx Skadi... a friend of Oum!?' Oobleck thought "This truly is the find of the Century! This... this could open up so many doors!" Oobleck cried

Oliva smiled as did the other fellow Archeologist around her.

'Whatever is inside this book... it will change the world forever!' Oobleck thought





Oh boy! Are things getting wild now! Don't worry, we'll be returning to the actual storyline of this Volume 2 Arc such as the next chapter... is the Vytal Ball!

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