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Currently, Peach was at her desk looking over the list of supplies they needed to restock as well as looking over the quizzes that she handed out during Dust class. She let out a big sigh and rubbed her temples, 'Why did I choose the Dust teaching position and the head nurse position?' Peach thought to herself, 'What the hell was I thinking!? And why did Oz agree!?'

"Ah! Peach, there you are!"

Peach looked up from her desk in the infirmary and saw Port standing there in her doorway. She smiled at him and gave him a quick wave, "Ah, hello Peter, is there something you need?"

Port entered her office fully and looked at the young teacher/nurse, "I could use your help," Port told her,

Peach was a bit confused, "May I ask for what, Peter?" Peach asked him

Port sighed, "Well, I need another teacher to help watch the students while they are hunting specific Grimm I assigned them," Port told her

Peach was now a bit more confused as she looked at the older man, "Isn't Bart usually the one you ask for help with these kinds of things?" She asked

Port nodded, "Yes, but he's been called away on a very important matter by Ozpin," Port told her

Peach was surprised to hear this, "Really? What is it this time?" She asked

"Said it had something to do with the ruins of Frankia again," Port told her

Peach rolled her eyes and let out a sigh, "Again? What does Ozpin expect him to find there? Oum's Corpse!?" Peach cried

Port chuckled, "Maybe, after all, Bart has expressed-"

"-It is the supposed place Oum was buried, yes, yes, I know," Peach said with a chuckled,

Port chuckled, "Yes, He really liked to go on and on about his last trip there," Port said, "Anyway, would you be so kind-"

"Yes, I can help you with today, Peter," Peach said with a smile

Port smiled and gave her a thumbs-up, "Thank you, Peach," Port said

Peach chuckled, "Of course," Peach replied

With that, Peach left the infirmary in charge of one of the nurses and grabbed her coat, and then left to help Port with his class.




Peach was now in Forever Fall and was situated under a cliff waiting for half of the students to return. The point of this test was once again to hunt down the tagged Grimm but this time with your entire team, however, Since Mr. Arc had no team, he was going to do this test alone. After they finished the split class would either go to the closes teacher be it her or Port while they monitored their Aura levels and if any student's Aura reached red, the teachers would step in.

Peach decided to look at her scroll to see the progress of the teams and see if they were either finished or close to being finished.'It seems like team NDGO and Mr. Arc are finished and should be on their way back, while Teams CMEN, BRNZ, and FNKI are close to being done' Peach told herself 'I'm surprised Mr. Arc finished so quickly, the last time Port did this with him he had to save Ms. Black, let's hope something like that doesn't happen today,' Peach thought to herself

Suddenly a call from port appeared on her screen and she answered it.

"Yes, Peter?" She asked

[How are things on your end, Peach?] Port asked

"Good so far, Peter, How about yours?" Peach asked

[Good so far, Team ABRN have finished] Port replied [Though SSSN and PICT are close to being finished] Port replied

"Mr. Arc and Team NDGO are finished and should be heading back to me since I am the closest, but CMEN, BRNZ, and FNKI are not finished yet," Peach replied

[Thats good to hear] Port said [Well, I will check in later, bye for now, Peach] Port said

"Later Peter," Peach replied before the call ended.

Suddenly, she heard a few rocks tumble off the side. She quickly looked to her side and saw that there was nothing there. However, while her eyes told her that nothing was there, her instincts told her that something was wrong. She turned around and looked at the cliff with a peered gaze. Suddenly, part of the cliff opened up like a dog door and a large spider-like Grimm popped out from inside and tried to grab Peach with its black claws. However, Peach backflipped out of range from the claws and landed a few feet away from the cliff wall.

Peach looked at the Grimm as it was crawling out of its home. "A Cliff Weaver," Peach said with a bit of a smirk

A Cliff Weaver was similar to the Trap-door spider, however, they made their homes on the sides of Cliffs or inside caves where people climbed or explored. They are usually the size of a car but could grow almost as big as a Bullhead, and the one before Peach was that size. They were ravenous creatures but would never leave the homes they made in cliffs... unless they were extremely hungry.

'Damn it, I need to kill this thing now, if the students come back, I'll be too occupied on getting them away from the Weaver' Peach thought "You wanna play big boy?" She asked the Grimm

Peach opened her doctor's coat open, revealing many daggers on the inside of the coat, she grabbed three in each hand and looked at the Grimm with a bit of a crazed looked

"Let's play!" Peach cried

The Cliff Weaver charged at Peach and Peach jumped up using the side of a tree and over the Weaver and she threw one dagger into its back before landing right behind it. She turned around and threw two daggers to the side of her before the Weaver turned around and spat its web at her. She dodged it and this time, she charged at the Weaver, The weaver was ready to spit its web at her again, but Peach slid under the web shot only to get up and once again jump over the weaver and got behind it and threw two more daggers to her side. Once those daggers stuck into the ground and stayed, the Weaver turned around and looked at Peach only for Peach to smile at the Grimm.

"Clear," Peach said with a crazed smile

Suddenly, the daggers in the ground began to buzz, and electricity burst around and into the Weaver, and it began to cry in pain.

Peach smiled, "These daggers are connected by a thin wire, and these daggers each have a small marble of dust in the hilts which are only activated when I say the word, "Clear", which activates whatever dust is inside of the daggers," Peach said "And the Dagger in your back just acts as a pole to attract the electricity to you," Peach finished

While Peach was enjoying her clear victory, she forgot one very important thing about Weavers. Not only did they share large similarities with the Trap-Door spider, but they also share one very big trait with another spider.

The jumping spider.

So with all its strength, the Weaver jumped backward and out of the trap, surprising Peach. The Weaver landed on the cliffside and it seemingly glared at Peach and hissed at her. It then jumped at her and Peach moved out of the way, She turned around but her vision was blinded by all the dust and dirt, which the Weaver used to its advantage as it spat a large web through the dust at great speed, hitting peach and trapping her against a tree. The force of hitting the tree at such speed broke Peach's Aura.

"Sh-Shit!" Peach cried

Peach struggled to get out and turned to see the Weaver closing in on her and heard its hissing. Peach looked at the eight-legged horror with fear, knowing that she couldn't do anything in her state. The Weaver closed its distance and saliva dripped from its mouth as it looked at Peach.

'I-Is this it?' Peach asked herself 'I-Is this really how I'm going to die?' Peach thought. She closed her eyes and waited for the bite of the Weaver.

"Hey, you eight-legged freak!"

Peach opened her eyes as she and the Weaver turned to see both NDGO and Jaune approaching them. Nebula loaded a bolt and fired at the Weaver, hitting it in its leg. The Weaver hissed and moved away from Peach and looked at the five students.

Jaune then unleashed an Arcus Mortis at the Weaver, however, the Weaver saw the incoming attack and jumped to the side, but thankfully, Jaune created distance between it at Peach.

"Octavia! Gwen! Get Professor Peach!" Nebula ordered

with a quick nod, the two girls raced to save the professor. Meanwhile, the Weaver charged at them and Nebula shot another bolt at the Grimm but missed, Dew and Jaune charged back at the Weaver and Jaune sliced right through one of its legs while Dew managed to stab the Weaver in the side before she was flung back by the Weaver's leg.

"Dew!" Jaune cried

The Weaver flung Jaune back as well and he crashed into a tree. Nebula saw this and wanted to call out to Jaune but she saw the Weaver ready to spit its web, so she quickly moved out of the way and thankfully wasn't caught in the Web. Seeing this, the Weaver quickly turned around and spat two large webs at Octavia and Gwen just as they were trying to cut Peach down. The webs hit them and trapped them against the ground.

"Shit!" Nebula said as she saw her teammates get trapped.

Nebula loaded her crossbow again and shot at the Weaver, this time hitting it in the eye. It hissed in pain and raised its claws and prepared to stab her, but before it could, Jaune and Nebula appeared right in front of her and blocked the attacks, Jaune with his Shield and Nebula with the gap from her trident. They then pushed back the claws and then moved backward and put space between them and the Weaver.

"Neb, you got a plan?" Dew asked

Nebula nodded, "I do, but..." she began

Dew looked at her leader, "But what?" Dew asked

Nebula looked to Jaune, "Jaune... can you keep it occupied while we get them?" she asked

"Yeah," He said with a smile

Nebula nodded at Dew and they both ran past the Weaver. The Weaver was going to turn around but it sensed danger from the front and saw another Arcus Mortis coming at it. It jumped up into the air and over Jaune. Jaune quickly turned around and was face to face with the Weaver.

'This Grimm is a lot different from the others I encountered...' Jaune thought 'It just as tough Borbusk, as smart as an old Goliath, and as fast as a King Taijitu, this damn thing can also jump pretty damn high... what the hell can I do to defeat this thing!?' Jaune asked himself

The Weaver shot its web at Jaune but he quickly dodged it and He unleashed another Arcus Mortis but the Weaver had yet again dodged the attack by jumping to its right. However, Jaune was anticipating it avoiding it and he was already rushing at it ready to take a swing at it, as he closed in on it, he jumped up and swung at the claw of the Weaver, cutting it off, and landing on the back of the Weaver.

Jaune got up and stood atop the back of the Weaver as best as he could and he turned Crocea Mors around and raised his blade before driving it into the Weaver's back. The Weaver hissed and thrashed around as Jaune held on for dear life. Jaune pushed Corcea Mors deeper into the Weaver's back and he then began pushing his Aura into the blade, hoping to create an Arcus Mortis and slice it in half from the inside, however, the Weaver jumped up to the side and he lost his footing and he was flung off the Weavers back.

Jaune fell to the ground and looked up to see the Weaver's claw swinging down at him but he rolled over to the side and avoided the Weaver's claw. Jaune got back up on his feet and looked at the Weaver as it swung its remaining claw at him. Jaune activated Aura Sight and managed to dodge and block the Weaver's attack.

'Damn it! This thing is too strong! I can even land one Arcus Mortis on it... if Only I had two blades...' Jaune thought, just then, an Idea and a plan formed in his head, one that required team NDGO, but they were-

"Jaune! We got them!" Nebula yelled out to him

Hearing this, Jaune smiled and quickly dodged another attack from the Weaver. Jaune activated Aura Step and disappeared before reappearing behind the Weaver and running over to the others, and once there he looked at them and smiled as he saw they were all alright.

Peach looked at him and smiled at the blonde teen, "Mr. Arc, good to see you aren't injured," She said

Jaune looked at her and smiled, "And I won't be," Jaune said, he then looked over at team NDGO, "I've got a plan, but I need your guy's help," Jaune told them

Dew looked at him with a bewildered look, "Hold it, you wanna kill that thing?" Dew said, "Let's just get the hell out of here while we can!" Dew cried

"And what, let the others get hear and face this thing?" Jaune asked, "No, we need to kill this thing!" Jaune cried

"Mr. Arc is right," Peach said

"There is no way in Hell we are helping you kill that thing!" Dew cried

Gwen nodded as she looked at Jaune, "She's right, we should just get out of here!" Gwen said

Jaune looked at them and could tell they were afraid of that thing, but he wasn't, he needed to make sure that the others who returned to the location wouldn't have to face the Weaver, but now he was in a bit more of a pickle as his plan might not work without them, and so he began to think of how to alternate the plan without team NDGO.

"Take Professor Peach back to Port, I'll stay and kill it," Jaune said

Nebula looked at Jaune with a shocked look, "Jaune! You can't be serious!" She cried

Jaune looked at her, "I am serious," Jaune said "Take Peach back to Port, and transform your crossbow into your blade, I'm going to need it,"

Nebula looked at him with a worried look but she took out her crossbow and shifted it into its blade form and handed it to Jaune and looked at him, "I want that back, Jaune," Nebula told him

"Arc's word," Jaune said with a smile

With that, Nebula and her team took Peach and ran off, and Jaune turned back as the Weaver turned and faced him.

"Alright... let's hope my plan still works," Jaune said to himself, 'even without them...' Jaune thought

The Weaver shot its web at Jaune, but Jaune dodged the web and looked back to the Weaver, and saw that it was charging at him. Jaune acted quickly and he unleashed an Arcus Mortis out of Nebula's blade, the attack was hurled at the Weaver and it once again jumped up into the air to avoid the attack. Seeing it in the air, Jaune smiled as his plan went off without a hitch.

"Got you now!" Jaune said, he then pumped his aura into both blades and they both glowed brightly and he still pumped as much as he could into both blades, making them stronger, "I came up with this little trick on the spot thanks to you..." Jaune said, he then formed an X with the blades and then unleashed a very large X shaped attack at the Weaver as it was in the air

"Arcus Mortis Gemini!" Jaune cried

The Gemini attack hit the Weaver as it was falling, and the attack was so massive and powerful that not only did it cut through the Weaver like butter, it shot through the sky, cutting through a cloud, before slowly disappearing. Jaune watched as the Weaver's body fell apart from the sky and then slowly faded away as if it was never there. Seeing that he had won, Jaune smiled and sheathed Crocea Mors and transformed the blade back into a crossbow. Suddenly he had got a call on his scroll and looked to see that the contact was Arslan, and he quickly answered it.

"Hey Ars," Jaune said

[Oh thank god you're alive!] Arslan cried on the other end, [We all got the call that we needed to Head to Port instead of Peach and when we got here, Peach informed us what happened and when we heard you were fighting the Weaver we had to make sure you were ok!] Arslan said

Jaune chuckled, "So you called me?" He asked

[If you didn't answer then we knew you were either in trouble or worse and we would have headed there as fast as we could] Arslan said [But seeing as you answered you fine, right?]

"Yeah... I'm fine, a little sore, but I'm fine" Jaune said "I'm on my way back right now,"

[Alright, but hurry up, or else we'll Ms. Peach will drag you back herself,] Arslan said [I think she's worried about you but also wants to kill you right now]

hearing this, Jaune began to sweat rapidly, "R-Right! Coming!" Jaune said and he began running in order to get to the others.




Meanwhile, at the ruins of what was once the great Kingdom of Frankia... a new discovery was found.

"Bart! Bart!"

Oobleck ran outside of his tent only to see a fellow Archeologist running at him with something large in hand.

Oobleck adjusted his glasses as he looked at the running Archeologist, "What is it, Oliva?" Oobleck asked

The young Archeologist, Oliva, arrive and showed him what she had found. "We found this in one of the royal coffins, It was hidden behind them," Oliva said

She handed Oobleck what appeared to be a box, it was made of rusted metal and on the top was an Emblem, it was of two eyes with two diamonds in them. It was an Emblem that Oobleck recognized all too well.

"Oum's Emblem!" Oobleck cried

Oliva nodded, "Right," she cried "Whatever is inside this box, has to do with him, this could the find of the century!" Oliva cried

Oobleck nodded with a smile, "you may be right," Oobleck said, "Let us see what is inside,"

Oobleck opened the box only to see something that he was not expecting. Inside the box was a tied closed book, a book that had a leather covering with a completely different Emblem on it.

An Emblem of a large tree.

"A Book?" Oliva asked

Oobleck nodded, "Indeed, but by whom?" he asked

Oobleck took the book out of the box and undid the tie around it and opened it to the first page, and on it was writing.

it read as such:

"This book belongs to Alyx Skadi, log keeper, and fellow friend of Oum Monty. This book details our travels across this world... a Remnant of what it once was..."

'Alyx Skadi... a friend of Oum!?' Oobleck thought "This truly is the find of the Century! This... this could open up so many doors!" Oobleck cried

Oliva smiled as did the other fellow Archeologist around her.

'Whatever is inside this book... it will change the world forever!' Oobleck thought





Oh boy! Are things getting wild now! Don't worry, we'll be returning to the actual storyline of this Volume 2 Arc such as the next chapter... is the Vytal Ball!

Also, a little Hint to something that is important to the story Itself... the name "Alyx" is a name that holds great significance since she is Canon to RWBY.