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I was going to hold off this chapter until next week but I finished it Sunday and I felt like I needed to just post it due to how relatively short this Arc is going to be, as I said, it's supposed to last from chapters 7 to 11.

Also Also! I got a few characters making an appearance soon~!







it's been three days since the fight with the Goliath, and Jaune was now fully healed and could now move without feeling sore. He could now once again actively participate in Combat class again, which was the class he was having right now.

Currently, he, along with CFVY and was watching a girl named Mint, who was apparently from the same team as Marceline, wipe the floor with a 2nd-year from Atlas. Mint had just delivered a roundhouse kick to the 2nd-years face and sent him to the side he fell to the ground, finally, lowering his aura into the red and meaning that Mint had won.

"Wow, she's really good," Velvet said

"Yeah, her Aura's still pretty high up" Fox chimed in

Jaune looked at the screen to see her Aura level and saw that Mint was around 80% and Jaune wasn't surprised at all. He had seen Marceline, and her teammate, Emerald, fight before and they were really good fighters, it only made sense that Mint was the same, and the same could most likely be said for their team leader.

Ms. Goodwitch sighed a bit and addressed the two students. "Ms. Pepper, your flexibility and close combat skill are amazing, and you were able to dodge Mr. Roks attacks, but you must learn to hold back, as for you Mr. Roks, you need to be able to keep up and block attacks from such a fast and flexible enemy," Goodwitch told them,

Roks left the arena as Mint stayed in it with a smile on her face as she had won.

Ms. Goodwitch looked at the class to the rest of the class, "Since Ms. Pepper is the winner and her aura is still rather high, she can be allowed to stay and fight into the next fight, does anyone wish to challenge Ms. Pepper?" Ms. Goodwitch asked

Jaune then quickly raised his hand, and Ms. Goodwitch was the first to notice it and was a bit surprised to see him eager to participate in class.

"This is a surprise, Mr. Arc, are you sure you are in a condition to fight?" Goodwitch asked him,

Jaune nodded, "Yes, Ms. Goodwitch" Jaune said "Professor Peach herself cleared me," He told her

Ms. Goodwitch just nodded and pushed up her glasses, "Very well, come down and get ready"

Velvet then looked over to Jaune with a worried look, "Are you sure about this Jaune!?" She cried in a hushed tone

Jaune just nodded and smiled, "Yeah," He said "I can do this, trust me Velv," He told her

Velvet just looked at him and nodded, "Don't lose" She said

"I don't plan on it this time," He said with a confident smile

As he walked away, Coco noticed his demeanor change, "Is it just me or does he seem to be more confident in himself during this class?" She asked with a smile

"He should feel that way," Yatsu said "He's been eager to show what he's learned during these three days"

Coco turned to him and lowered her sunglasses down, "What do you mean Yatsu?" Coco asked her giant teammate

"Since he couldn't fight during combat class, he's been training despite me and Sun's protest, and he's also been trying new Aura techniques that he's read about, and he's managed to get the hang of two of them, one of them was a bit easy... however, one of them was very hard"

the other three were now confused but were also very interested in what he was implying about Jaune, and they had actually wanted to see what he had learned as he and Sun had been constantly talking about the power he had used to kill the Goliath, Arca Mortis.

Jaune had finished changing into his armor, which was still damaged as he hadn't had the time to put it in for repair, and he was just hoping it could still hold up enough for this fight. He unsheathed Corcea Mors and activated his sword and Mint readied her parasol.

'As Ms. Goodwitch said, she's quick and flexible, she can easily dodge my attacks if I attack first, but she'll also try to attack first and it'll be fast, as she might want to finish this quickly' Jaune thought 'However if I can go on the defense long enough to activate the new techniques I learned, I may be able to throw her off' Jaune thought

"Are both of you ready?"

Jaune nodded, "yes"

Mint just nodded

"Ok then... BEGIN!" Goodwitch said

Mint quickly rushed at Jaune but he held his ground and readied his shield, if he raised it too early she'd find a way to break his block, if he raised it too late he'd be hit. He waited until she was close enough and was ready to use her parasol to hit him, he raised his shield and blocked the attack, Mint wasn't surprised and jumped over him, trying to attack him from behind, but Jaune quickly held Crocea Mors like a dagger and Mint assumed he was going to try and go in for a stab, so when she saw this, she quickly backed up to avoid whatever attack he had planned.

When she was at a safe distance, she looked back only to realize all he did was turn his sword around as he didn't even move to attack, he returned to holding his sword the normal way and turned to her with a smile on his face, it was here that Mint realized that she had been tricked.

'I'm glad that worked, thank you Sun for the idea' Jaune thought 'But I no doubt had made her a bit pissed, and she's most definitely going to try and get a good hit on me'

Mint smiled at him, it was funny to her, usually, tricks were her schtick, but having it happen to her made her feel really good. She felt a rush of energy in her body and she realized she was going to be enjoying this fight.

'She's... smiling?' Jaune thought

Mint now rushed at him and Jaune quickly readied himself to block the attack, but to his surprise, when she was close to him and he raised his shield, she had spun and tucked and kicked his feet, causing him to fall on his back, he fell and saw Mint going in for for a thrust attack with her Parasol and he quickly rolled out of the way just as the tip of her parasol hit the floor, Jaune quickly got up but as soon as he did, he saw a rapier blade coming at him, Jaune acted quickly and moved his head quickly to the side and dodged the attack.

Mint smiled and pulled her rapier back, as she did, Jaune noticed that it was connected to the handle of her Parasol, he also noticed that she carried the rest of her parasol in her other hand.

'So she had that hidden inside of her parasol... I assumed there might have been something hidden in it, and there might be another, and I might not be able to counter it' Jaune told himself 'Looks like I got no other choice'

Jaune pushed his aura into his blade, and it began to glow white. Many were confused about what was going on with Jaune's blade, including Ms. Goodwitch, while others like Marceline and CFVY knew what he was doing.

Mint was confused about what was going on, but before she could try and figure out what was going on with his blade, she saw him slash upwards diagonally, and from the blade, a large white slash of energy was launched her way

"Arca Mortis!" Jaune cried

Mint quickly opened and raised her Parasol to block the attack but when the attack hit, it had blown her back and sent her flying to the arena wall but she crashed into the wall and many, including herself, were amazed at what Jaune had done.

Jaune smiled as he lowered his blade once again, 'I just need to have some distance between her, thankfully Arca Mortis was able to push her all the way back to the wall,' Jaune said 'Now I can use it'

Mint was still stunned but it then turned to glee, this battle was actually making her excited, and Jaune was even able to push her back, Neo had realized he was smart this entire fight. He had chosen to rely on defense during the first part of the fight and even used the trick in order to defend himself, knowing she would try to attack him as quickly as possible, and when she used the first part of her rapier he decided to go on the offense, most likely realizing that her Parasol had more than one function, and not taking the chance to be surprised again, he decided to attack.

'What other tricks do you have up your sleeve, Jaune?' Mint asked herself

Mint regained herself and she held her rapier and parasol ready, however, she looked at the parasol to see that there was a small slash where Jaune's attack had hit. Mint was a bit surprised that the attack managed to damage her Parasol as it was meant to block almost any type of attack that was sent her way, seeing this, she now knew to be very wary of that attack, she then closed it and prepared for another attack.

Jaune now knew she might be a bit hesitant to attack after he unleashed Arca Mortis, now he had to go on the offensive. Jaune held Crocea Mors tight and he now began pushing Aura into his eyes and legs instead of his blade, and a small glow in his iris appeared and he then charged at Mint.

Mint was prepared for any attack he sent her way. As Jaune was charging at her, he began to speed up and reached her at a much faster speed than Mint was expecting as when he was right in front of her, her expression turned to shock and Jaune swung his blade at her only for her to block the attack with her rapier and pushed his blade back and then tried to hit him with her closed Parasol, but he dodged the attack tired swung his sword at her, hitting her aura and pushing her a bit back, but she quickly thrust her rapier at him but he dodged it again, she thrust her rapier at him multiples times but couldn't seem to hit him as he dodged each of the attacks. As she was focused on her attacks, Jaune pushed some of his Aura into Crocea Mors and slashed at her sideways, but Mint had jumped up and narrowly dodged the attack.

From the stands, Velvet, Coco, and Fox were in shock at what was going on, all while Yatsihashi smiled with pride.

"Since when can Jaune move that fast?" Fox asked "It wasn't that fast, but there was definitely a boost in speed"

"Not only that, he managed to dodge all of those thrusts from her rapier as if he knew where they would be," Coco said, she then turned to Yatsuhashi, "You mind filling us in, Yatsu?" She asked

"What Jaune has achieved in such a short amount of time, is the Aura techniques known as "Aura Step" and "Aura sight" that he's shown," Yatsuhashi said

"I see," Coco said "If I can assume, this "Aura Step" allows one to boost their speed with each step, hence the name, while "Aura sight" may allow the user to see the flow of one's Aura so that they see the enemies movements in order to dodge attacks, am I right?" Coco asked

"Your correct, but mostly about Aura sight," Yatsuhashi said "Aura sight allows one to see the flow of another's aura in order to predict and dodge or counter the attacks, but that's only a part of it because if he trains it more he may be able to read a person's aura in order to see if something is wrong with them or he can even find a real person should they use illusions or clones, or even better yet, sense other people's Aura and even danger from all around them, for now, he can only read a person's Aura movements"

"Bloody hell! That's amazing!" Velvet cried, "Who taught him that?" Velvet asked

"He read about it in a few books the school has about Aura techniques and when he brought it up to both me and Sun, Sun had said he could teach him because he has also learned it, but not fully mastered it,"

"And what about "Aura Step"? What have I gotten wrong?" Coco asked

"Aura step allows a person to move fast yes, but if fully mastered and with the right amount of Aura pushed into it, he could be able to move so fast that it almost seems like teleportation,"

"Are you for real!?" Fox and Velvet cried

Yatsuhashi nodded, "Yeah, but for now, he can only run at certain speeds," Yatsuhashi said

"Can you do something like that Yatsu?" Coco asked

"No, I mostly focus on Aura techniques that strengthen and boost parts of my physical abilities as well as my sword," Yatsuhashi said

"I see, so Jaune's not fully there huh?" Coco said

Yatsuhashi nodded, "He's barely touched the tip of the iceberg, he can possibly do so much more"

Back in the fight, and Jaune was fighting Mint pretty well, managing to keep her on her toes, but she was now dodging each of Jaune's attacks, but it wasn't easy, it seemed he could now fire off those "Arca Mortis" at will and have little to no draining of his aura, but the few hits that she managed to get in lowered his Aura to 75%, however, the few hits he managed to get in had lowered her Aura to 50%.

Despite her seemingly being at a disadvantage, she was enjoying the fight between herself and Jaune, he had surprised her. She had heard all the rumors but didn't believe him, saw how he fought, and didn't believe him to be a threat or anyone important despite what the Witch had said, but she was now beginning like him.

He was full of possibilities! So many that it surprised her! She wanted to know where he would go! Would he stay at the same level he was now? would he continue to grow? What other abilities did he have? Just how strong could he get!? She had so many questions but she pushed them aside in order to focus on the fight.

Jaune was beginning to tire, his Aura remained at 75% but he truly didn't know how long he could maintain it. His eyes began to hurt and his legs felt a bit weak, pushing his Aura into his muscles and eyes to the limit had caused a bit of a strain on them.

'I have to try and finish this as quickly as possible!' Jaune and Mint told themselves

Jaune once again pushed his aura into his sword, his eyes, and his legs, and Mint was now ready to use her semblance in order to defeat him.

Jaune raised Crocea Mors into the air and Neo charged at him ready to use her semblance to its full extent...




Jaune and CFVY were at lunch with Sun, Arslan, and Reese. Currently, the three Haven students were looking at Jaune, who seemed to be in a bit of a bad mood.

Reese looked to Jaune, "So, what happened during combat class?" Reese asked

"I don't want to talk about it," Jaune said with a sigh

"Ok..." Reese said, she then turned to CFVY, "What happened in combat class?" Reese asked them

Coco smiled, "Oh, well Jaune managed to win," Coco told her

"Whoa, you did!?" Sun asked

"No," Jaune said "I didn't"

"Yes you did," Velvet said, she looked back to Reese "He's just a bit peeved that she gave up in the end"

"She... gave up?" Arslan asked

"Yeah," Jaune grumbled

"Which kinda means he didn't really win in a way," Sun said only for him to get punched in the arm by Reese, "Ow!" he cried

"What happened?" Reese asked

"The fight was going so well, Jaune was lowering her Aura pretty good but mostly because of s previous fight she had, but she was really good too, Jaune kind of had her on her toes, but that was before she used her semblance, it was then she started kicking Jaune's ass, which lowered his Aura pretty good," Coco said

"What kind of Semblance did she have?" Reese asked

"It was some kind of Illusion semblance," Velvet said "kind of like glass mirrors and stuff"

"Anyway, after she lowered Jaune's Aura to 49, Jaune managed to break through a few of her illusions, lowered her aura to 40, and before it could be lowered any more, she gave up,"

"Really?" Reese said "Well, then she must have realized she would have lost and instead of losing the fight completely, she gave up"

"Yeah..." Velvet said "But then she gave Jaune her number" Velvet said in a bit of a bitter tone

"Yeah... Can you believe that?" Coco said, also with a bit of a bitter tone

"She... She gave Jaune... her number?" Arslan asked, for some reason feeling a bit jealous

"W-What uh... what did you do with her number Jaune?" Reese asked, also feeling a bit jealous but a bit worried that he might have kept it.

"I... I threw it away" Jaune said

"May I ask why you decided to throw out a girl's number?" Sun asked

From under the table, he felt four kicks to his shin, "AHHH! What the hell did I say!?" Sun cried in pain as he rubbed his shin

"Because I knew she mocking me!" Jaune cried "Why would she give up and then give me her number!?" Jaune cried

"I don't know, maybe she's a bit of a freak? ya know... likes it rough?" Fox said

He too also felt four kicks to his shin under his table, "Ah! alright, I'll shut up too!" He said

"Also, since this was your first win Jaune, why don't we celebrate?" Yatsuhashi asked,

"Hey, great Idea Yatsu!" Coco said, "We should go to a clubbing!" Coco said

"That's not what-"

"Ooo~! sounds like fun!" Reese said, "I'm in!"

"Sounds like fun!" Sun said

"I could use a bit of a drink," Fox said

"Wait, don't I get a say in this?" Jaune asked

"No," They all said, (except for Yatsuhashi)

"Beside's it's gonna be a new experience for you," Sun said "What's the worse that could happen?"

"Ugh, fine!" Jaune said, "But if something goes wrong, I'm blaming you!"

"Seriously Jaune, what is the worse that can happen? It's just club and a night on the town?" Coco asked





"You ok there boss?" Asked a henchmen

"I'm fine, must have been some pollen or something," Roman said "Is everything a go for tonight?"

"Yeah, we got a few of the cops in the area paid off and no huntsmen in the area" Replied the henchmen, "Junior also said to be careful around the shop, after all, the last thing he needs is for his club to get shot up"

Roman nodded, "Good," He said "Also, contact Neo, tell her I may need her help tonight in case things go south," Roman said

"On it boss"

"And if she comes around asking for me, later today, let me know, I need to talk to her about this "Phase 2" of hers"

"Got it" The henchmen replied back

Roman just walked over to his office and shut the door and set his cane next to his desk and put on his hat and coat on his rack and sat at his desk and leaned back in his chair and looked up at the ceiling.

He breathed in and out and then looked over at his jacket and hat, remembering how Neo, his dearest friend, had bought them for him.

However, when he looked at them, he felt like he wasn't going to be wearing them very soon...





"Aura Step" is based on The Flash-Step from Bleach and The Body Flicker Technique from Naruto (Also, it's the retcon name of "Aura Rush")

"Aura Sight" is based loosely on the Sharingan and more on Observation Haki

Also, Again, Jaune doesn't have full control over both as it showed to kinda hurt him, (because it's like pushing too much power in a body part, thus straining the muscle) Not only that, Jaune has medium control over Arca Mortis as he's able to fire it off multiple times.

That is why this Arc is going to be about Jaune training to have control over them, but he won't be training with Just Sun and Yatsuhashi

Who else do you think is going to train him?

Ozpin? Glynda? Qrow? Taiyang? Winter?

Who will it be?