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If you must know, this story is based on Imyoshi's "Pineapple". It's one of my Favorite stories by them and I recommend that you read that over at

I loved the story and while I did kinda steal the plot, I'm doing something a little different than they did

I'm making this a bit of a Harem Story

Now before ya whip out the pitchforks and torches, allow me to tell you that Team RWBY + Nora and Pyrrha will not be in said Harem, neither will Cinder nor Goodwitch be a part of it

Instead, this story will be focusing on the lesser-known girls who I feel don't get as much love in the show (you had a chance to bring back some Semi-beloved Characters in Volum 5 CRWBY not to mention we didn't get as much FNKI that we deserve in Vol 7 & 8)

Anyway! the girls that will be a part of this Harem are of course:

Arslan Atlan: the tough but kind girl

Reese Chloris: the tomboy and childhood friend!

Nebula Violetta: the girl who can keep up with the main character!

Dew Gayl: the Wild-Card girl

Gewn Darcy: the Highborn lady with a pervy side! (Kinda like Darkness from Konosuba...)

Octavia Ember: the nerd girl

Ciel: Tsundere! (BAKA!)

Neon Katt: The Neko girl

Penny Polendina: The Airhead

Neo Politan and Emerald Susitari: The Villains who fall for the Hero Slowly

Velvet Scarlatina: a first friend at new place girl!

May Zedong: Shy and timid girl!

Winter Schnee: The doubter to the Believer!

Professor Joanna Peach: The Hot School Nurse

Lisa Lavander: The Couger




Jaune Miles Arc. The tall, blonde, and scraggly teen had somehow been the only one to pass the first-year Initiation...

"FUCKING HOW!?!?" Jaune cried in his completely empty room

Just how!? it didn't make sense! Did no one else figure out that those chess pieces were the relics!? He thought he would be the one to not make it into his dream but he was the only one!? Seriously, has the world gone mad!?

"Alright, Jaune! calm down! this isn't the end of the world, you just gotta get through the school year! you just gotta push forward! you can do this!" Jaune said, cheering himself on and making himself feel much better "I mean, how hard could this place be?"

Classes started tomorrow and he would prove that he could be here! He was an Arc after all! this was his destiny! he swore on himself that this place wouldn't break him!

'As I live and breathe as an Arc, I swear on the family name I will not give up! No matter what! I'll be the best huntsmen I can be!' Jaune told himself "I will become a Huntsmen! Arc's word!"

Meanwhile, Within the Headmasters Office, Glynda Goodwitch, the vice headmistress and Combat Instructor looked to her boss, Headmaster Ozpin

"Are you even sure we should have let him despite him being the only one to pass?" Glynda said

Currently, The Blonde haired teacher was overlooking the transcripts of Jaune Arc, and she could easily tell that these were fake, and if she knew it, then she had no doubt that Ozpin himself knew of these transcripts

"You could have easily accepted all the other students, yet you only chose him? A mere child that faked his way into this school..." Glynda said, "What are you planning Oz?"

"Me, I've planned nothing of any sort Glynda" Ozpin "As for why I did not accept the other students was because they had failed the Initiation, that's all"

"But to let someone like Mr. Arc attend here, he has no fighting experience, not even his semblance has developed and he had just opened his Aura in the Initiation!" Glynda cried "You know as well as I do that he doesn't belong here Ozpin," Glynda said

Ozpin took a sip from his mug and a little memory from all those ages ago popped up in his head

A young boy with brown hair in rags looked up at a gold palace, and people going in and out of it showing off their magic and their spells, and all the young boy in rags could think when he saw the people who performed Magic and saved those in need

"I want to be a Wizard... I want to be a Hero..." The Young boy told himself

Ozpin then turned to his fellow teacher and smiled, "He Belongs here Glynda, You'll see soon enough, Mr. Arc will prove all the doubters wrong" Ozpin told her "Just you watch"




A Week Later:

Jaune Mile Arc. The tall, blonde, and scraggly teen that was the only one to pass the first-year Initiation, found himself on the cold metal floor of the arena in Combat class. Te Boot of a second-year slammed on his back and with that, the Match was over.

"Good fight Mr. Brown," Goodwitch said "As for you Mr. Arc, you are still lacking in some departments but you held yourself... well," She told him

And with that, Jaune Arc got up off the floor and he shook the Second-Year's hand and headed back to the Locker room to change. After he changed, he sat alone in the stands and watched the rest of the class continue to fight others.

So far, things were going pretty well for Jaune actually. While he was indeed pretty much failing Combat Class with professor Goodwitch, he was somewhat succeeding in other classes, Professor Oobleck's class wasn't as hard to pass due to it being history and it was one of Jaune's favorite subjects even when he was a kid, passing with an A+, Dust study with Professor Peach's class was ok, mostly because he was the only first year in the class surrounded by 24 other second-year students and she took a lot of time to help him out if he didn't understand anything and he was passing with a B-, and Grimm studies with Professor Port was... boring, yet despite that, he still manages to pass with a C+.

Sure Jaune wasn't the best, but he was trying, and at the moment, that all that mattered.


He couldn't get this feeling that Ms. Goodwitch didn't really like him and while he couldn't blame her, after all, he was the weakest person in the whole school, but that didn't mean it didn't hurt.

Yeah, he was sure couldn't compare to any other student or first year, after all, he was the only first year, but just the thought of her being a bit unfair to him, that had pushed him. Again he just assumed that the Blonde Teacher disliked him, but there were times where he saw the look in her eyes. The look Jaune had gotten ever since he had wanted to become a Huntsmen, The look of Disbelief and overall doubt. Again, he couldn't blame people for the look...

After all, he was a weak fighter and he had cheated to get his way in.

Jaune sighed as he remembered that he had cheated to get his way in and while it was a downright awful thing to do, Jaune just couldn't give up! He needed to be here! he needed to be a Huntsmen!

He was determined and nothing was going to stop him, no matter who or what wanted to stop him!

And to prove that he could become a huntsman, he would win the next fight! No matter what!

...The question was how?




and with that! I hope you all enjoyed the first chapter of Sugar//Crash!!!