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all i ever do

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Matteo didn’t put a lot of thought into how he was going to approach David.

It’s not that he didn’t care about the impression he made, (because he did care, a lot) but going after David just felt instinctual. It was like David was magnetic. He didn’t even realize he was following him until he felt the raindrops fall on his shoulder and the cold air of fall.

But then he saw David was leaving. He was unlocking his bike, and Matteo would lose what could be the only chance he would have to speak to someone as fascinating as David.

“Hey” he called out. David didn’t react, which was fair enough, there were other people outside besides them two and he didn’t know him. Still, he tried again. “David.” he said this time.

And that’s when David first looked at him.

“I…” he says. Shit, what was he supposed to say? “What you did back there was cool. Alex is a prick, he deserved to be put in his place”.

The other boy looks confused. “I guess. I was just defending myself, I didn’t really want to get beaten up on my first night here…”

He’s not really sure what he’s supposed to say to that, so he just decides to not say anything at all. His body, however, can’t seem to comprehend that he is escaping the situation. It just leaves him there, rooted to the floor, staring at this boy and his hypnotic eyes.

“I’m Matteo,” he says, trying to give him a smile.

“David” the boy says, nodding. He knew that, but he’s not about to say that.

“Are you leaving?”

“Yeah, I’m going home”

“Oh” Matteo nods. He’d been expecting that answer. “Can I join you?”.

David looks hesitant for a moment, as if he’s quietly contemplating whether he should let this weird kid who just approached him come home with him. Then he smiles. “Sure”.

He sees David going back to grab his bike. He doesn’t really like to ride when he’s high, but he guesses he can make an exception for this beautiful, mysterious boy. He’d do anything for him, and he’s just met him.

They don’t really say anything during the whole ride, or while they go upstairs but it feels nice that way. When he opens the door, David turns to look at him. “You have to be quiet, my sister is asleep”, he whispers. Matteo nods. He can be quiet, he’s snuck out a lot of times.

Matteo silently follows David until they get to his room.

They don’t really say much there either, but when he sees blood staining David’s arm he grabs his wrist. “Can I?” he asks. David nods.

It’s not bleeding that badly, but he needs to bandage it. So he asks David for his first aid kit, and starts to clean the wound.

“You have an eyelash stuck to your face” David says softly, breaking the silence. He almost looks like he’s going to reach out and touch Matteo’s face with his other arm, but then he doesn’t.

“Do I…get to make a wish now?” he asks, starting to bandage David’s arm.

“I don’t know, it depends on your wish. What’d you wish for?”

He wishes he was a better person. He wishes he was happier. He wishes he could kiss David. “To…go away somewhere, like just…anywhere”.

“Then you don’t get a wish, that’s too boring”.

“Ok, then what would be your wish?” he asks David.

David looks like he considers it for a moment. “I have no clue” he says, almost laughing, “But it’s not my eyelash”.

Matteo smiles. For once, it doesn’t feel like it’s because of the drugs.

Still, the pills he got from Carlos earlier are calling him. It’s like they’re vibrating in his pocket, waiting to be taken.

“Do you want to get high?” he asks David.

David nods.