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D4Crossover Stage 1 : Crimson Neon Beats

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D4FES -  a festival series well known by DJ units announced that the next one is going to open up for all sorts of bands and groups, which definitely had already caused some chaos in the music scene, was definitely breaking the web (literally) after the unveiling of the more than high caliber artist list.


There was everything, from the usual DJ units over the bands from Livehouses CIRCLE and GALAXY to the livley groups of Midi City as well as the Divisions of the Division Rap Battle - this festival was bound to be epic.

And of course, a group that large had to arrive earlier then the masses to get everything settled and ready before the event starts, so there was quite a lot going on around the festival area as the various groups drive there.


BGM: Instrumental of "Hoodstar+" - DRB All-stars


Crow was tapping his tablet pen lightly on the blacked out screen of said tablet while he was staring out of the window. The drive was definitely a long one for a lot of the others, but the Midi City based groups definitely had the longest travel, which definitely made any overly complicated outfits a problem and the entirety of Shingan settled for something comfortable even if Aion was definitely against it, but had to reluctantly agree with the rest, was the time that the hedgehog Myumon used to put some finishing touches to some of the new covers for their new songs that he decided to design himself, but he didn't accounted for on how little there actually was to do on them. They already looked like he wanted them to look.


And the music over his headphones ain't helping with thinking on improving the covers, as A Declaration of XXX (War) by Raise a Suilen, one of the other bands in the festival was playing.


"Crow, you're unusually quiet, is something up?", Rom, Shingan's drummer and leader as well as basically the dad of the ragtag Visual Kei group, askes him and Scarlet red eyes looked up from the passing scenery towards the leopard.


"I'm fine. Am I not allowed to just think on something?", he asks with a sigh and looked onto the small drawings and notes he did on the notes app during him just staring outside, which happened to be small icons of the groups alongside some notes to the various songs that played and he was listening to so far.

"No, it's just a bit uncanny", the blonde admitted.


"Hence it's a surprise that you actually got to Legend of growing up, especally after how your Legend of First Impression was.", was Yaiba's response, at which the youngest of the band rolls his eyes at. Sure, he came off as a damn brat and egotistical Vocalist and Lyricist, but that's his fucking brand for crying out loud! But at one point that was kinda his entire personality even off stage, but that was a while ago, after the large scaled festival that BRR as a team attended.


Nowerdays, Crow still has his brash and loud side and still is prone to be all up in someone's face as well to start fights because someone insulted him, but the general number of the fights between him, Yaiba and Aion was considerably lower than a while before.


But before he could even reply, Maple, who drove them to the festival, Angelica, Maple's assistant, went with the girl bands signed under Banded Rocking Records, was about to cuss out the car before them, with resulted in the quartet already yelling in protest.


Meanwhile with Buster Bros!!!...


Normally Ichiro wasn't that huge on Visual Kei, but after the hours the siblings spend on researching the various groups that are going to be in D4Crossover, leaving the musical impression for the drive to thr festival, he definitely considered to look into the genre at one point.


Especially after the randomly assigned playlist from the official website decided to add Raise a Suilen, ShinganCrimsonZ as well as Happy Around! into the mix and Scarlet Eyes by the Visual Kei band from Midi City was currently playing via the car radio, after what felt like an eternity of the cutsey DJ unit, which, as Ichiro noticed, had quite the variety of ideas and sounds, even if they tend to fall into the cutsey JPop area a lot.


"Won't lie, if I ever catch these guys at the festival, I HAVE to ask them for the tabs to that song, they sound insanely good", Jiro, the middle sibling as well as a passionate guitarist and soccer player, noted as the song started up.


"IF you remember asking them", came a snarky remark from the back where Saburo, resident hacker and the youngest of the three, sits, making Jiro to turn around, green and yellow mismatched eyes glare at the youngest.


"Hey! At least I'm not the one who would probably stutter if I came across Chu2!", Jiro fired back and green and blue eyes are on him.


"You fucking take that back bitch!", said hacker snarled, before starting to whine at the oldest, who's also driving.

"Ichirooooo! Jiro's mean to me again!"


"Saburo, you seriously think I didn't caught the entire thing?", the oldest Yamada sights, making the youngest slump together in his seat, "But seriously, both of you don't need to constantly fight. And we talked about that"


That made both of the siblings shut up, but not a small "Sorry Ichiro" by both of them.


"And that's beside the point, I'm sure the festival's going to be a blast.", he tried to lift the mood of his younger siblings, "Even if it is a bit weird that the Party of Words even let's all of the divisions go there, especially that close to the results of the first round but it's definitely going to be fun!"


Before Saburo or Jiro could add something on it, multiple voices were audible from behind, making the trio look in shock back, or in Ichiro's case, look into the mirror to see what's happening.