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The Princess Diaries

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After the fiasco in Paris, Andrea practically threw her company phone and her boss called for her, but she decided to be a reckless woman to throw her job and everything else. That is because Andrea realized that she was madly in love with Miranda Priestly. But her duty called. 

Not that before Andrea decided to take an offer to work at Runway and her job was to be an assistant to her boss, Miranda Priestly. She had not heard of her reputation and did not read the magazines like Runway and Vogue. Her life was based in Ohio and grew up in the farm. Her findings were continuously true because of her parents. 

Well, let it begin with the picture of her 15th birthday and Andrea was barely in 10th grade, but her looks were so nerdy. And her mother grew up in a middle-class society and had a decent job as the gallery manager. To be honest, her mother was an artist and had many wonderful works around in Ohio. Besides that, her father…

Andrea’s father, Richard Sachs, was a lawyer but to be shocked that he was not her biological father. She found out on her birthday, and it was the chaos when she yelled at her mother to marry the stepfather that she thought that it was Richard as her father. 

Her mother tried to explain but it just happened when somebody appeared on their door. It was Clarisse Renaldi, a Queen of Genovia and Andrea’s grandmother. Andrea was overwhelmed that she had to find a truth behind her life. Well, she lived in a normal life, but her grandmother told Andrea that she was a princess. 

Andrea tried to wrap every word in her head but cannot understand why her grandmother appeared unexpectedly. Her mother, Helen was feeling numb because of her first love with Clarisse’s son, Phillipe. Yes, Helen was given a birth in a wedlock.

It left Andrea alone to gather her thoughts before the annual Independence Day of Genovia. Her mother was with Richard at the ball that Queen Clarisse hosted. But Clarisse was supposed to formally introduce her granddaughter to the ball. 

Joe was supporting Andrea when they firstly met at Clarisse’s home. And he was her bodyguard afterward. She was glad that she had someone who understood her life. He told her that he would be happily to be her bodyguard if she decided to take over the duty of being a royal princess of Genovia. Andrea smiled. 

Until Andrea arrived in soaking clothes from the rain and announced herself as the Princess of Genovia. Her grandmother was grateful with joyful tears. They had a formal meeting and had been meeting with the Prime Minister for signing the paperwork that Andrea can take over the royal duties while Queen Clarisse was mingling with her family, Helen, and Richard Sachs. 

Now, Andrea grew up to have a double life and graduated from Northwestern University with B.A. in Journalism and Political Science plus History. It was ironic because Andrea was desired to be a reporter, but her interests were in the political science because she could investigate on everything of political like the president. For History, she always thrived in the eras when it started with the political etc. 

Clarisse did not worry about her degrees and taught her how to be a proper princess in a ladylike such as Clarisse, for example. Andrea had some flaws. For the beginner, Andrea was perceived by her grandmother’s calling as Amelia. Not Andrea. Well, it was confusing with everyone in the palace. Andrea favored her nickname, but it is a mouthful to announce her full name. 

Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi was the longest name that Andrea had to sign on the contract to be considered as her royal duty for a princess. Even though, she did not like her actual first name, Amelia because it sounded so American. She wanted it to be unique and elegant to announce it. For her, she used to be Andy for a short one, but she preferred to be Andrea. 

Her family and close friends always called her by a short name. Andrea didn’t mind having that name except Miranda Priestly. It is because of a nice raspy voice to call her full name, Andrea and it did give her some chills when Miranda called her to her office those days. 

Oh boy, Andrea started to regret that when it happened back in Paris. She frowned at her thoughts of the pursed lips on Miranda. Even the cameras flashed her on the way to the fountain where she threw her phone in it. It was no go for her to take another chance to beg for her Runway job. 

The thing is that Andrea had a job. A real one. Princess Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi of Genovia. That is the one Andrea had to come back. It is because of her grandmother’s announcement that she would step down and take over as a Dowager. Andrea would take over as a Queen in the future. 

A Queen? Will she?