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But I'm Sure You Can Change My Mind

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AU Background and Characters


Background : Fashion and Sport Magazine Office (the two offices were located in the same floor)

* Gentlefolk (High-End Sport Magazine) >> Glitterati Building  #11F, Right Corner

* Haut Monde (High-End Fashion Magazine) >> Glitterati Building  #11F, Left Corner


Characters List and Positions in the Company

Jaehyun            : Haut Monde Features Editor 

Juyeon              : Gentlefolk Features Editor 


Sangyeon          : Gentlefolk Editor in Chief 

Younghoon       : Haut Monde Editor in Chief 


Jacob                : Gentlefolk Owner

Kevin                : Haut Monde Owner


Chanhee           : Haut Monde Art Director 

Changmin         : Haut Monde Advertising Executive 


Haknyeon         : Gentlefolk Advertising Executive 

Sunwoo            : Gentlefolk Art Director 

Youngjae          : Gentlefolk Digital Director