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Seoul High Sports Fest is one of the most long awaited events in the institution aside from Acquaintance and Valentine's. Anyone who's into sports and team clash in general can be seen yelling through the gates with their respective cheers. 


And one of that is Im Nayeon, Blue Crusader's powerhouse. 


"WOHOOOO GO GO LET'S GO LET'S GO BLUE CRU-SA-DERS! YES! WE'RE GOING TO BAG THE TROPHIES TODAY!" She hollered which hyped up her teammates from the sideway. 


"Louder!! Blue Crusaders!" and true enough, the gate area was filled with cheers from the Blue Team.


Nayeon was even posing left and right hot girl shits for their official photographer when someone arrived and said something that would poke Nayeon's nerves. 


"Aish so loud and it's still so early. Are you conceived in an alarm clock or something?" 


Squeals can be heard from various of groups when Kim Dahyun, Golden Snitch's secret ace arrived looking fine as hell that even Nayeon got annoyed at how hot she is. 


Who wouldn't simp for someone wearing an all white tracksuit where one side of her pants is rolled up and both hands doing the wonder gestures, one hand in her pocket while the other's pinky is plugged into her ear. 


Nayeon raised her eyebrow and crossed her arms, "Well well if it isn't the loser who got chased by Momo's dog yesterday." 


"I told you Im, it's called cardio and at least our cheer isn't boring and not stolen from Haikyuu." Dahyun replied nonchalantly. 


"And it's called intertextuality but you wouldn't understand that because you're an idiot." Nayeon smirked. 


Dahyun only looked at her briefly before shrugging, "Whatever floats.." She didn't even bother to finish her idiom and just walked pass her. 


 "Ughhh great way to start a morning." 


So far no games took place in the morning, all are just preparation for the big game this afternoon. Nayeon was busy helping her team with the banner alongside her best friend, Momo. 


The two are on their way to the cafeteria to grab a bite, they've been working their ass off the whole morning and they firmly believe they deserved this break.


"I wonder what the big event is for later, they didn't really announced it." Momo said, stomach growling at the thought of food. 


"I'm curious too! No matter how much I strangle Jeongyeon, she still won't tell me. Even a hint! That greedy ass ostrich." Nayeon said, clicking her tongue. 


"Oh right she's in the Sports Committee." Momo paused before turning her body a bit, "How about Dahyun? She's your girlfriend after all." She asked, accompanied by a teasing smile. 


Nayeon looked at her as if she just went crazy, "Are you seriously asking me that? She won't even tell me what color her panties are!" 


"Eugh. Girl why?" Momo scrunched up her face in disgust. 


"Couple goals!" Nayeon simple replied. 


Momo rolled her eyes, "Then start acting like one! My gosh Jihyo's been ranting how much of a trouble it is to her everytime you guys poke each other's necks." 


"It's not my fault she's such a—AAAAH!" Nayeon squealed when she saw her favorite cupcake in her line of sight, sitting prettily on its liner and plate. 


Momo winced at the loud volume she was supposed to get used to but never did. However, Nayeon didn't gave her time to complain and started dragging Momo towards the counter. 




Nayeon gasped when Dahyun suddenly appeared out of nowhere, grabbed the plate and placed her money beside it. 


"Ya!" She yelled, calling out Dahyun's attention. 


Dahyun casually turned around as if she didn't just robbed Nayeon's cupcake, "What?" And asked in the most clueless tone possible.


"I saw that first!" Nayeon started, pointing st the cupcake on Dahyun's hand. 


"And I got here first then bought it first." Dahyun replied at the fuming Nayeon. 


"Only because you're nearer! I literally locked gaze with it first! Gimme that." Nayeon fought and tried to grab the plate on Dahyun's hand. 


Dahyun extends her arm away and stopped Nayeon by colliding their foreheads. It must've been so painful for Nayeon because Dahyun's head is [almost] literally made out steel. 




That made Dahyun smirk and used her free hand to brush her thumb on Nayeon's forehead, "Deservedt." 


Nayeon glared at her before slapping her shoulder, "Kim Dahyun-ssi may I remind you that I'm your fucking girlfriend!" 


"Oh right." Dahyun stopped for a moment before leaning in to quickly place a kiss on her forehead. 


"Sorry for that..." Dahyun said before she started to walk away from Nayeon while shouting, "But not for this!" 


Nayeon groaned in annoyance as she watched the cupcake being stripped on Dahyun's grasp, 


"That greedy bitch!" 


"Also you're cutting your sugar intake so NO to this!" Dahyun yelled loudly before exiting the cafeteria.


With that Nayeon was pissed, "Ughhhh! I hate her!" 


Momo just looked at them with disbelief and confusion, "I sometimes wonder how, what and why." She uttered and shook her head. 


Nayeon wanted revenge, a revenge so sweet Dahyun would beg for forgiveness and she just had a perfect plan to that the moment, Winter, a junior went up to her. 


"Hey Nayeon! Where are you going?" Her other best friend, Jihyo, called from afar, holding a clipboard in hand. 


"Just checking other booths, why?" She reasoned. 


"Nothing. Don't wander too much. Big Game's next and you're our head so don't do something stupid!" 


A pout made its way to Nayeon's lips after Jihyo said that and the thomas couldn't help but roll her eyes at the sight that made her want to vomit. 


"Erase that look on your face. It's disgusting." Jihyo had to close her eyes when Nayeon started to grin widely, and she sighed, "Fine, fine just be back in 30." She finally said and shooed the girl away. 


Nayeon pumped her fist in the air and threw a flying kiss, "Later!" 


Jihyo sighed and muttered, "Lesbians." Under her breath. 


"Says someone who has her tongue on my neck yesterday." A brunette from behind her said which made her jump a little in surprise. 


Jihyo glared at her and hits her with the clipboard, "Shut up Sana." 


Going back to Nayeon, she stealthily made her way to the crowd and into the Golden Snitch's assigned room where Dahyun is surely residing. 


When she finally found the golden banner hanging proudly in front of the Psychology Dept.'s lecture room, Nayeon's smile widened as she skipped her way in only to be stopped by Jennie. 


"Hey blueberry, you're not allowed here." 


Blueberry. For the outfit she's in: white shirt, blue jogs and anything blue as accessories. Quite too loyal in her team, might Jennie say. 


"Tsk. Fine Bobba later and details on Seulrene's breakup." Nayeon bribed. 


"Kim Dahyun! Your girlfriend is looking for you!" 


Nayeon and Jennie giggled as they collided their cheeks for an italian greeting. 


"Nice to have deals with you." 


"Trust me I've been craving for some bobba with gossip as the main dish." 


Not too long after, Dahyun went out yawning—her white tracksuit jacket discarded leaving her with an fg white shirt on top and a side of her trousers still rolled. 


"What do you need woman? Can't you see I'm resting?" Dahyun irritatedly said.


"And you shouldn't because the main event is in 30!" Nayeon spat but immediately changed her tone once she realized what really is she here for. 


"Anyways, do you want to have couple bracelets with me?" 


"Couple wha—"


"Okay that's a yes, let's go." 


Nayeon moved closer to attach the said bracelet on Dahyun's wrist and plastered a smirk on her face as she started to drag the tofu with her. 


Dahyun's sleepiness became like a word on sand, washed away the moment Nayeon claimed her wrist. 


"This is a handcuff!" 


Nayeon rolled her eyes, "Stop stating the obvious, sherlock!" 


"What—No." Dahyun suddenly stopped moving making Nayeon stop on her tracks too.


"This is ridiculous Nayeon! Give me the key." Dahyun sternly said. 


However Nayeon's not backing down as she just raised a brow in a teasing manner and draw the key out from her pocket. 


Dahyun glared at her before trying to grab it. 


"Nah-uh." Nayeon clicked her tongue before she threw it away to God knows where. 


Dahyun's eyes widened in horror, " Fuck no." 


"Yes..yes. Fuck me, yes...well later~" Nayeon repeated in a sing-song voice.


"I'm not moving an inch!" Dahyun said, gritting her teeth as she tried not to have a breakdown at the thought of the possible things Nayeon would made her do. 


"Ha. Funny." Nayeon simply said before turning around and started walking. 


Apparently Dahyun forgot just what their positions are in this relationship: Nayeon's the gorilla and Dahyun's the vegetable. The bunny easily made her move with just her raw strength. 


Dahyun started groaning, "Can you at least tell me where the hell are you dragging me to?" 


"Because I'm the sweetest and prettiest girlfriend to ever exist on this planet, I shall take you to each and every single booth you hate." 


Dahyun's life flashed before her eyes. 


She was so doomed. 


 1. Horror Booth

The room was filled with high pitched screams, even scaring the other students pretending as zombies and ghosts. This booth did a good job on recreating popular supernatural creatures such as chucky, annabelle, pennywise and more. It was so realistic that's why no wonder the screams are so worth it.


By the time they reached the end, Dahyun was a mess. Her hair is ruffled, her shirt was wrinkled and stretched to the point that her clavicles can be seen. She feels like she doesn't have any more energy to go by—Nayeon already emptied it.


Dahyun was the first to go out but since they're connected with a handcuff, Nayeon followed shortly after—still screaming for her dear life. 


That's right. It was Nayeon's fault why Dahyun looked like she just came out from an aggressive one-night seggs. 


Taking in a deep breath, Dahyun exhaled all her frustration and sharply pulled her shirt back to where its rightful position. 


"You're the one who wanted to go in and yet you almost died in there. Under normal circumstances I would've fed you to that chucky actor but you're evilly brilliant for cuffing me with you." 


Nayeon huffed and fixed her hair, "Fine! Maybe it was a mistake coming here! It was my struggle, okay?" 


Dahyun scoffed, followed by a chuckle, "Actually no, aside from youe screaming. I actually had a little fun just by looking at your ugly face." 


And she received a slap for that. 



 2. Sack Race (Double) 

It's a game of energy and also a race that's why it's placed as one of Dahyun's most despised game and coincidentally, Nayeon's favorite. 


"Kyaaaa! Just look at those snacks we're getting if we win this!" Nayeon yelled from the line as she jumped up and down to see the price basket. 


Dahyun grumbled, "Please, you're well off can't you just buy it or something?" 


"Ya! This is why I'm your one and only girlfriend in the entirety of your youth!"


Dahyun wasn't able to complain when the commentator already announced their name. 


"Now we have our senior ace and senior powerhouse! This is interesting for someone who's been enemies since freshman years!" The commentator is Moonbyul, their common friend and now their common target for beating. 


"Help us welcome the other contestants: Kim Dahyun and Im Nayeon!" 


Nayeon happily went forward, immediately dragging Dahyun with her with the help of the cuffs and even raised their hands. 


"Yas! We're going to win that thing!" 


"Nayeon please, it's not too late to back down. I'm only passionate for field games!" Dahyun whisper-yelled. 


"This IS a field game idiot!" Nayeon yelled back while already putting on the sack. 


"I don't like sacks!" 




And Dahyun had no choice but to put it on. 


"Try to butcher this for me and I'll burn your yaoi mangas." Nayeon threatened, under a bright smile that's flashed upon her imaginary fans. 


"I swear to god you woman—"




Dahyun cursed when she felt her wrist gettinf dragged by Nayeon once again. 


The two clearly didn't have any sort of teamwork going on and the other team has already made a fair distance between them. 


"Quit hitting my foot!" Dahyun complained. 


"It's part of the game dimwit! Move your fucking ass!" Nayeon retorts and pulled the cuff harshly to her side. 




The two yelped when they fell forward the moment Dahyun tripped on something. The crowd of students started shouting, 'Gwaenchana' while the other team stopped and cockily smiled at them.


"So much for the so called ace and powerhouse." 


As if a trigger, Dahyun and Nayeon raised their heads and glares at them. If there's anything the two are so much of alike it's that their competitiveness is lit the moment someone tries to bring them down.


Dahyun was the first to stand, holding Nayeon's hand up to help her while maintaining eye contact with the douchebags on the other side. 




Nayeon smirked and agreed, "Truce." 


The two might be the greatest enemies but once you put them in one team, there's no stopping them. 


Following Dahyun's lead with Nayeon's raw strength, they closed the distance and created an even bigger gap no one could saw it coming. 


"Kim Dahyun and Im Nayeon wins!!!" 


All is well until the two received the price and starting fighting again. 


 3. Watergun Balloon Fight

Dahyun swore she almost drowned.


"Okay fine I'm sorry for taking your cupcake! Just...just let me go!" 


 4. Dancing Ball

Dahyun hates that game with all her heart. She got hit a million times but can't get out of the space because Nayeon's still playing. 


Dahyun was hit, saved. Hit then saved. Hit, hit and saved and she wished she could just descend directly to hell, maybe then she can drag Nayeon with her with the help of the cuffs.


By the time the dart game (5th game) is over, Dahyun swore she had no energy left for Cavalry later. 


"Nayeon please, free me from my misery." She muttered. 


"Ha? It's exactly what I love. Why would I?" 


Dahyun glared at her and gritted her teeth, "You will because you gave me too much of hell for the price of a cupcake." 


Nayeon looked at her before shrugging, "Fine, fine. As if I didn't gave you heaven the other night." She said and proceeds to break the handcuffs with her own hands. 


"What?! You can do that this entire time?!" 


Nayeon rubbed her wrist before she caressed her face, "Oh honey you're just weak." She said, placing a quick kiss on Dahyun's forehead before walking off. 


"Damn that girl."




"Here's to the moment we've been waiting for!" The commentator's voice boomed the field where different kinds of colored bandanas can be seen. 


One of that is Dahyun's gold bandana wrapped around her forehead. The said girl has already changed into her plain white shirt and is now stretching along with her teammates. 


"The main event for this year's Sport's Fest is none other than a Cavalry Battle! ! It is a battle royale for all those physically fit individuals who wants to take home the crown and trophy for their team." 


The commentator was just explaining the rules of the game where everyone will assign certain positions to build up their team. Three will serve as the horse and the other one will serve as the rider—thus a Cavalry battle. 


The man is called the Head

Left and Right support is called as Pillars

And the powerful forward that carries the Head is called the Center.


"Nayeon is going to be the Head? She's more of a center though." Chaeyoung from the IT department said. 


"She might've guessed we'll make Dahyun as our Head and you know them." Tzuyu, an Animal Biology major interjects. 


Another girl stretching with them snickered, "Yeah, you don't act like you're a couple." Yoo, Jeongyeon, BS Psychology, said.


Dahyun exhaled sharply at this, "That's what everyone says! Truthfully I don't know how to act like normal couples do." 


Chaeyoung shook her head in disappointment and tapped Dahyun's shoulder, "Brodie your game is so low! Step it up Dubs!" 


"Midget is right, you should try to throw in some pick-up lines for a starter." Jeongyeon adviced. 


"Just because you two are tall doesn't mean you can pick on me like that!" Chaeyoung fought, pointing a finger at Jeongyeon and Tzuyu.


"Plus why are you even here! You're from the Sports' Committee!" 


The three continued to bicker while Dahyun was left pondering for a moment.


"Pick-up line huh?" 


"All right! Warm up time is over! Please take on your positions!" 


Dahyun turned to them after pulling herself up from a half split, "Chae be the center, Jeong or Tzu will have a hard time adjusting with your height if you're going to be a pillar."


Jeongyeon and Tzuyu pumped their fists and three a high five at each other while Chaeyoung's shoulder slumped. 


"Mina-unnie shall know about this!"


With Jeongyeon and Tzuyu as the pillars, Chaeyoung as the Center and Dahyun as the head—their group is now ready to compete.


Meanwhile across the field where some are still getting ready, Nayeon was laughing with Momo when Jackson and his teammates approached her. 


"Hey Nayeon, I see you're going to be a head." Jackson started, not forgetting to plaster his annoying smirk. 




Hanbin, Jackson's friend snickered at her response which made Jackson chuckle as well. 


"If we win this game, go out with me." 


Sana almost gagged hearing it—going on a date with someone from their species. 


"I told you I'm not interested in you Jackson." Nayeon simply replied. 


"Ooooh." Jackson's teammates muttered in a teasing tone. 


"Hey, if you four are just going to disturb us then might as well withdraw. Your head is not in the game." Jihyo stated this time which irked Jackson. 


"Tell me Nayeon what do I lack? I'd do anything please just give me a—"


"No chance at all Jackson." Nayeon cuts him off.


Now it was Momo's turn to snicker, "Ehem, deserved." 


Jackson gritted his teeth, "Why the hell are your standards so high!" 




Nayeon raised a brow at that and look passed him where her eyes found Dahyun slapping Chaeyoung's butt for having a bad posture and then went back to Jackson's stare. 


"She's short though." 


Jackson's confused face surfaced and just as he was about to say something the commentator is now asking for their attention.


"Now remember! All you have to do is grab other heads' bandanas to add a point in your team. Don't do any underhanded techniques!"


As for Nayeon's team, Sana and Momo are the pillars while Jihyo is the Center. 


Dahyun caught Nayeon's gaze and smirked before mouthing, "You're going down." Accompanying it with a thumbs down. 


Nayeon scoffed at this before sliding her finger across her neck while mouthing, "You are dead." 


"Let the Cavalry Battle Royale begin!" 


Dahyun held on to Chaeyoung's shoulder when she started moving forward. The first team they bumped into was Jisoo's team from the Red Vesta. 


"Jeong, squat slightly the moment Chae ducks, Tzu push me up from your side as high as you can." Dahyun whispered. 


"And the first bandana goes to the Golden Snitch!" 


Dahyun smiled at the red bandana on her palm before wrapping it on top of hers. Her team was about to get moving again when an unexpected attack came. 


"A steal from the Blue Crusaders! Im Nayeon and her team stole Kim Dahyun's bandana!" 


"Dubs!" Chaeyoung yelled and glanced at her side. 


"Ow Tzu! Give me a heads up before kicking my hamstrings!" Jeongyeon complained. 


"I didn't have time okay! The moment my peripheral vision caught them, Nayeon's already reaching out for the bandana." Tzuyu muttered before pushing them forward to create a distance between them. 


"Kim Dahyun is still in the game! The golden bandana is still intact!" 


Dahyun directed a cold stare at Nayeon before smirking again, "I should've figured you'd come to me first." 


Thanks to Tzuyu's quick reflexes and Dahyun's strategy of hiding the golden bandana under the red, they were able to save their ticket to join the fight. 


Nayeon returned a taunting smile and wiggled the red bandana in front of them, "Not bad." 


"Uhh babe no harsh feelings okay!" Jeongyeon yelled to Momo. 


"Don't worry babycakes!" 


The standoff between the two teams didn't last long when a chain of teams went in between them to try and steal their bandanas. 


10 minutes in and Nayeon has completely lost Dahyun's team but she already collected a bunch of bandanas from different teams. However it's bot the bandana she wanted.


The last time she saw Dahyun's team was about 4 minutes ago when Dahyun stole a bandana before Nayeon can even grab it. 


"Where is she?" Nayeon muttered as she roamed her eyes trying to find a certain white stuff.


Then all of a sudden an arm engulfed her as it pushed her to the edge, Nayeon's so close to falling if it weren't for the support on her back. Once she realized who it is, her blood boiled.


"Jackson! Let go of me!" Nayeon tried to struggle and even if they are indeed par with strength, Nayeon's at a really bad advantage. 


"Jackson what are you doing!" Jihyo yelled, Sana and Momo tried to move away but Jackson's pillars are also blocking them. 


"Hoh? Are you sure about that Nayeon? If I let you go, you'll surely fall." Jackson smirked and went closer.


"However, if you date me. I'll give you my bandanas even." 


Nayeon gritted her teeth and spits at him, "Never!" 


"Only 7 teams left!" 


Jackson looked at her, "Too bad then, it's going to be six." 


Nayeon closed her eyes as Jackson released his grip on her. She was falling and now she's bracing for the impact if it wasn't for another hand that grabbed her collar. 


Her eyes opened and she saw Dahyun in front of her. 


"Kim Dahyun defeated Green Robins' last team and claimed their bandanas! What an amazing Roundhouse Kick!" 


When the commentator said that, Nayeon's eyes averted to where Jackson is. He is now lying on the ground, face flat. His teammates are shaking him, making sure he's okay. 


"That's a close one." Kim Dahyun slowly pulled her up and brought her face closer to hers, a gesture Nayeon wouldn't really mind. 


Nayeon bit her lip at how attractive Dahyun looks right now. She was about to fall into her charms when she felt her bandanas slipping, it was already too late when she realized it. 


"I can't let them have my prey, you know?" Dahyun smirked and winked at her before they started to move again. 




However the commentator wasn't finish talking yet when someone appeared or jumped out of nowhere and tackled Dahyun out of her cavalry. 


"K-Kim Dahyun is down! Lee Gahyeon and Kim Dahyun is out!" 


"Dubs!" Before Jeongyeon and the rest can even come near them, Nayeon's already there—pulling Gahyeon by her hair. 


"I saw that fucking kiss Lee. Keep your hands off of my girlfriend." Nayeon stated before pushing her out of the way to help Dahyun up.


The game ended with Dahyun's team winning because of the bandanas that are still intact around her head. Gahyeon wasn't really after those, she was after a chance to steal a kiss from her. 


Now the two (Nayeon and Dahyun) are in the school's clinic, Nayeon tending Dahyun's injury with the bickering present. 


"I told you to block her! It was easy for you to block me as a prank and you can't even block someone whos obsessed with you!" 


"I told you she was already blocked! How the hell do I block her in person huh? Be captain america and shit?—aaagh! Careful!" 


Nayeon inhaled deeply before shutting up her mouth and chose to focus in putting gel on Dahyun's wounds. 


The room became quiet after that and that gave Dahyun the space and time to think about what Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung said earlier about pick-up lines. 


She was contemplating on whether to do it or not but in the end, she did. 


Dahyun cleared her throat, "Uhmm you're a 9 out of 10." 




"Cause I'm the one for you." 


Dahyun suddenly felt embarrassed, the moment she said that she just wanted to lay in a hole and get burried. 


"What do you mean I'm a 9 out of 10! Bitch I'm a 10 out of 10!" Nayeon fought. 


"It's supposed to be a—"


"No Dahyun, I'm a 10. Suck it up." 


Dahyun opened her mouth but closes it after realizing there's no going this way with Nayeon. 


"Stop pouting. It's unnatural." Nayeon reprimands.


Instea of stopping, her pout deepened. It's not everyday Nayeon can see this side of Dahyun and truthfully? She's such a simp for it.


"I swear to god Dahyun, stop whatever it is you're doing or else I'll kiss you." 


And that got Dahyun to stop. She sat up straight and sighed before she placed her cheeks on her palm. Dahyun thought Nayeon's episode ws over but no, the older began shaking her the moment she behaved. 


"Why'd you stop! It gives me an impression that you don't want to to kiss me ugh! And that bitch Gahyeon can?!" 


Dahyun immediately raised her hands in defense, "Hey! She attacked me okay?" 


"I don't care! Repent and kiss me!" Nayeon demanded. 


"What? Are you crazy?! We're in the clinic you dumbass." 


"Dumbass? DUMBASS?! Oh so I'm the dum—mmghm." 


True enough Nayeon got her wish when Dahyun placed her lips on hers. It was a quick one though but before she can even complain, Dahyun only pulled back to see her annoyed reaction before pulling her in to sit on her lap. 


"Darn it you're so loud." 


Their lips met and Nayeon was given the kiss she deserved after a long day of bickering and attacks from each other. Nayeon hummed on Dahyun's lips as she rests her hand on Dahyun's nape. 


Things are getting hotter when Nayeon started nibbling on Dahyun's lower lip that's why before she can even lose her sanity, Dahyun slowly broke it which made Nayeon confused.


"You used to have the stamina to go on 5 rounds, what the heck was that Dahyun-ah?" 


The way Nayeon looks at her right now, hair disheveled and lipstick smudged—she was already losing her mind that's why Dahyun just laughed at it, leaning in for another chaste kiss. 


"Save it for later?" Dahyun whispered which got Nayeon blushing. 


"Whatever, dork." Says someone who hid herself under the crook of Dahyun's neck in comfort. 


"I'll try Nayeon."




Dahyun smiled, running her hand through Nayeon's hair as she kissed her temple, "I'll try to be the sweet girlfriend you deserve." 


The tofu can feel the vibration of Nayeon's laugh as she hold on to her shirt, "You don't really need to, I like us like this." 


"It's our way of expressing love you know? It may be different from others and they might find it weird but at the end of the day, it takes only two to run a relationship." Nayeon added. 


Dahyun felt relieved at that, "Mhm you're right. I do like us like this too." 


"But you do have to back down when it comes to cupcakes though." Nayeon giggled before leaning out to kiss Dahyun's cheek.


"I love you." Dahyun interjects and Nayeon knew it's the purest, most genuine thing Dahyun can ever say to her. 


"I love you too."



"Who is it?! The door's open just push it!" Nayeon's voice resonated their living room when someone keeps on ringing her doorbell.


The person slowly pushed the door revealing a Kim Dahyun in a knitted sweater and khaki pants, her way of matching the weather they're currently having. 


"Well well well, look who came to their enemy's door holding presents." Nayeon greeted with a taunting voice as she crossed her arms and looked at her sassily. 


Dahyun rolled her eyes at this, "Oh cut it, I'm here to pick you up for our date in case you forgot." 




"Wait why are you standing on a chair?" Dahyun asked. 


"This chair is my home, my safe haven, my sanctuary, you can't depart us from each other!" 


Dahyun clicked her tongue and walked towards her, "Where's the cockroach."


"ᵘⁿᵈᵉʳ ᵗʰᵉ ᵗᵃᵇˡᵉ"