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It was midnight when Nana crept into the kitchen. She had to make sure everyone else was asleep first. If anyone walked in on her, even she didn't know how to explain herself away. 

Nana knew the layout of the kitchen like the back of her hand at this point so it was easy for her to make her way around to the appliance she wanted. She reached out, her finger pressing on the button, and the door popped open, the light inside illuminating both her and the room. 

Reaching into her jacket, Nana carefully pulled out the item she'd been cradling since sneaking out of her room. She had made sure to keep it hidden in the room because she knew Junna would immediately realize what was happening if she saw it. 

Without any sound, Nana deposited the item into the appliance, closed the door, and set the timer. With a trembling finger, she pressed the start button, hoping no one would hear the loud BEEP echoing through the empty hallway. 

If it wasn't for the sound of the electronic humming, Nana would have had to listen to her own breathing. But she was holding her breath, watching the timer count down the minutes. Inside the object spun around on the turntable, becoming heated. its yellow color began to change, turning green and changing texture to something… jelly-like?

Nana blinked. Whatever she was expecting, it was… not this. This didn't look normal. Was this what Junna had said would happen? This didn't look right. 

"Nana? What are you doing here?" 

Oh no

That voice. 

Nana whipped her head behind her, and there was Junna standing in the doorway, peering at Nana with a hint of both curiosity and suspicion. "I heard you leave the room and I sent you a message but you—" 

Junna abruptly stopped speaking, her eyes wandering over to what Nana was doing. "... Nana, are you really microwaving a—" 

Everything became dark. Nana opened her mouth to scream but no sound came out of her mouth. Everywhere she looked, it was dark. But what happened to Junna?! Was Junna okay?! Where was she?! What was happening?! 

It felt like her body was being pulled somewhere but also in all directions at the same time, like she was thrown and spinning backward. In the darkness, she couldn't tell where she was going or—


Nana recognized this sensation.

"Daiba Nana." 

Nana snapped open her eyes, and instead of Junna standing in front of her, it was the giraffe now, on a very familiar theater stage. Nana would have preferred Junna instead. The giraffe spoke, his voice booming across the area even though he was right in front of her. "How did you bring yourself back to this stage?" 

Nana didn't answer him, only turning to look around and down at herself. She swallowed but her throat felt dry. Again, she looked back up at the giraffe, feeling like her mind was seconds away from turning into the gel she had seen inside the microwave. The giraffe looked at her expectantly, his ears twitching.

Nana awkwardly coughed into her hand. "So I was microwaving a banana…"