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At the Water's Edge

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There was no time of day that the lake looked more beautiful than it did at nightfall. Link knew this because Zelda’s room had a perfect view of the lake, and before they drifted off to sleep the night before, he was able to see it in all of its glory.

This night, however, after they both heard an earful from Zelda’s kind but very intimidating mother for sleeping together, he was left to the guest room. He couldn’t complain about the room change. The guest room, while not as nice as Zelda’s room, was still immaculate, just like every inch of Zelda’s lake house – or, as she so brazenly corrected him whenever he said that, ‘house by the lake.’ The room was beautifully furnished and the walls gilded with intricate designs, including the crest of the Royal Family.

I wonder why they have that up there… Maybe there’s a timeline where she really is a princess… Link thought to himself.

There was one corner of the wall, this seemed to be thematic throughout the bedrooms of the house, that was purely window, allowing him to look outside if he so pleased. The windows were conveniently tinted so he still retained privacy. Unfortunately, all he could see were other nearby houses and buildings. He much preferred Zelda’s bedroom; it had a perfect view of the lake, a bunch of childhood mementos for him to poke at, and most importantly… it had Zelda.

He couldn’t get enough of her. They had spent the whole day together, she showed him around Lake Hylia just as he had done for her in Ordon. They went to her favorite food stands, marshy areas, even took a boat to the center of the lake, swam for hours and hours… and still, he wanted more. To have more moments with her, to make more memories. He glanced at the clock. It was late. From what he knew of Zelda’s parents and their work schedule, they were always busy. Rarely home until the later hours of the night, and at an hour like this, probably deep asleep.

Fuck it. He thought, jumping out of bed. If they weren’t asleep, he could just say he was going to the kitchen for some water. But if they were… Maybe he could sneak his way to Zelda’s room?

He opened the door, ready to leave the guest bedroom, and nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw Zelda standing right outside of it, as if she were about to enter.

“Goddesses! You scared the crap out of me!” He exclaimed.

Once he collected himself, his stomach tightened at the sight of her. She was wearing one of her infamous, silky nightgowns that he had seen so many times before.

“Sorry. I can’t sleep, and I…” She paused.

“What?” Link asked.

“Well, after making sure my parents were asleep, I wanted to sneak down here and see if you’d be willing to take a walk with me.”

A ghost of a smile played along his lips. She wanted more of him too.

“But, why were you about to leave?” She asked.

“I’m – I was – uh – getting…” He stammered like a fool, his brain grasping at the excuse he’d prepared for her parents. At least now he knew that if he had actually run into her mother or father, his white lie would have been a terrible miss. “Water… I wanted a cup of water.”

Zelda giggled, smiling at him skeptically.

“I have a better idea.” She brandished two large bottles of chilled apple cider in one hand, and two champagne glasses in another. “How about a midnight picnic?”

“A midnight picnic? With nothing but cider? In… the house?” He looked at her with uncertainty.

No, dummy. I know a spot.”

Ah, a mini-adventure. He thought to himself. That was far more on-brand.

“Sounds like a plan.” He agreed.

“Would you say you’re… shy?” Zelda asked.

Link looked at her strangely. It was a weird question to ask, considering she could answer it herself if she so pleased. They knew each other quite well; what would his judgment provide that hers couldn’t?

“Do I seem shy to you?” He responded skeptically.

“You can’t answer a question with a question. It’s against the rules.” She said. He felt a strange sense of déjà vu, and immediately knew she was teasing him.

They were having a redux of the drinking game they played a few months back in Castle Town. Only this time instead of sitting on Link’s bed with a flask of whiskey between them, they were in a tiny, intimate grotto nestled within the flora of Lake Hylia with a bottle of non-alcoholic apple cider.

“Shy… I don’t think so.” He answered. “Quiet, sure. Solitary, yes. But you can be both of those things without being shy.”

She nodded, swirling the cider in her glass around thoughtfully. There was a moment of silence between them as she thought about their day together. They’d had fun exploring Lake Hylia, amongst all the other residents but at the end of it all, this was what they had been truly waiting for. What they cherished the most. The moments they had together, when it was just the two of them. The moments where they could open up to each other and talk about everything and nothing, all at once.

“You’re… an enigma, Link. Even now, I’m still trying to figure you out. You can be so warm, yet so cold. Outspoken, yet quiet. Bold, yet shy. And who would know you better, than yourself? That’s why I wanted your two cents on the matter.” She shrugged.

He considered her words.

“That’s fair. But I assume you have your own opinion on it too, which is why you asked. And now that I’ve answered your question, you have to answer mine. Do I seem shy to you?”

“…Sometimes.” She answered honestly. “Not always. And not when we first met. But after that… there were a few moments here and there.”

He blushed. She was right. He knew deep down that there was a soft side within him, reserved only for the people he was closest to. And Zelda was able to pull it out of him much more than anyone else he had ever known, outside of family.

“I guess I can be a little timid.” He conceded. “But only around you. Even though we’ve discussed it, I’m still getting used to… you know…” He fumbled over his words, referencing his clear affections toward her.

He noticed the prideful smile on her face.

“Don’t look so surprised. You’re well aware of how I feel about you, princess.” – She giggled – “Hmph. Did you ask this just to stroke your ego?”

“I was genuinely curious!” She denied the accusation.

“Riiiight.” He replied skeptically.

“I swear I was, okay? Here, I’ll ask another one. What do you like most about yourself?”

Link felt himself deflate. When it came to self-love, he needed some work. A lot of work, actually. Instead of saying ‘nothing’ or ‘I don’t know,’ he decided to humor her and keep the mood lighthearted.

“…My body.” He said with a straight face, chuckling inwardly at Zelda’s reaction.

“Now who’s stroking their ego!” She exclaimed, feeling her face flame up.

He shrugged.

“I worked hard for it. It’s nice, right?”

She didn’t answer, instead glancing elsewhere. She looked at the hollowed-out ceiling above them. The night sky shone through, and the moonlight lit up the grotto. Before them was a small pool of water that flowed in naturally from Lake Hylia. They sat at the water’s edge, a deep blue glow emanating from within. It reminded her of Ordon Springs, which then reminded her of the tender moments they shared there…

“…A little.” She replied, clearing her throat when she noticed him staring at her, entertained.

“It looks like you’re shy around me too.” He taunted.

“Shut up.”

“Never. Let me ask you a real question now, for the game.” He pointed to the bottle of apple cider they had brought with them. “Wouldn’t you agree that playing this drinking game with apple cider defeats the purpose?”

“No…?” Zelda wasn’t following.

The rules of the game were simple. They took turns asking each other questions. If one of them didn’t feel like answering, they drank. What difference did it make if they used cider, as opposed to any other drink?

“Usually we play these sorts of games with some sort of liquor. Because it can potentially get us drunk and also because it tastes bad, which would hopefully deter us from skipping out on questions. But apple cider is delicious.” He explained.

“And?” Zelda asked.

“And unless you ask me something I’m not comfortable answering, which you haven’t so far, I’m tempted to skip a question on purpose, just so I can drink some cider.”

Zelda glanced down at her own cider. It did look appetizing.

“Maybe we could drink our glasses now while they’re still cold… Then pour a new one and continue playing?”

“No way.” Link refused, “That goes against the rules.”

“So now you’re a man of principle? You just said you’d intentionally skip out on a question. That’s against the rules too.”

“No it isn’t.”

“Why not? It should be. Now I think you’ll just say anything to make yourself the good guy…”

“And what are you gonna do about it?”

Zelda rolled her eyes.

“Okay, new solution. How about I grab some bottles of wine? I know where my parents keep them.”

“No way.” He said again. “I can’t bring you home drunk, especially when you aren’t even at the legal drinking age. I want to leave a good impression on your mom.”

Zelda perked up, biting back a laugh, and decidedly not reminding him that her parents let her have a glass at dinner the night before.

“My mom?”

“Yeah, she’s kind of intimidating.”

“She likes you already, though.”

“And I want to keep it that way.”

“Fine. What do you propose to solve our dilemma, then?”

He smiled deviously.

“We should ask each other questions we don’t really want to answer.”

Zelda scoffed at the idea.

“Link, at this point, I don’t think there’s anything we wouldn’t feel comfortable discussing with each other – “

“What’s the kinkiest thing you ever did with Pipit?”

“…I stand corrected.” She replied, taking a long sip of cider.

“Don’t drink it all in one go.” He told her.

“Okay, okay.” She said, licking her lips, thinking up a question. “Have you ever gotten rammed by a goat?”

Link grimaced, then took a sip of cider, feeling content once more.

“Yum.” He said, pouring himself some more.

They went back and forth, asking each other awkward questions so they would have an excuse to drink up the cider.

“Have you ever pooped your pants?”

“Link!” Zelda gagged at the thought, drinking her cider. She savored the flavor, hoping it would wash away the brief sensation of nausea.

“Now that I think about it, by choosing to drink instead of answer that, it’s a bit self-incriminating…”

“I will pour this over your head.” She threatened, feeling even more embarrassed when he started to laugh.

“You wouldn’t dare.” Link squinted at her, watching her carefully in case she tried anything funny.

The game continued…

“What’s the worst grade you’ve gotten on a test?” Link asked.

“Have you ever walked in on Shad or Pipit when they were changing?” Zelda inquired.

“Wed, bed, and dead… Groose, Strich, and Cawlin?” Link snickered.

Before they knew it, they had emptied out the bottles of apple cider, leaving them to their last glasses. The questions were funny at first, and not even necessarily bad enough for them to not want to answer. But now that they had run out of cider, they took tinier sips and thought carefully about which questions were worth answering, versus the ones that weren’t.

Then Zelda popped a question that was acutely personal.

“Before we confessed our feelings to each other, was there ever a point in time where you wanted to kiss me?”

He blinked awkwardly. It wasn’t necessarily the question that made him feel weird, it was the way she asked it. The prior questions he didn’t take seriously, because he knew they were asking just for the sake of continuing the game. But this one… She seemed genuinely curious as to what the answer was. Now the only choice he had to make here was… did he want to answer her? Or take a sip? His cup was dangerously low and it wouldn’t be wise to waste a sip in case she asked a worse question later on. She had him backed into a corner and she knew it.

“We should get more cider.” He deflected.

“These were the last bottles we had.” Zelda responded.

“I can buy us some more.”

“Link.” He normally liked hearing her say his name but in this context, it sounded like an admonishment. “Answer the question or drink your cider.”

He scratched his head.

“…Yes.” He said.

Her eyes lit up, but she kept herself composed, trying not to seem too eager about it. She had follow-up questions that she wanted to ask, but she had to wait until he asked her his own question.

“What about you? Did you ever think about kissing me, before you came to Ordon?” He wasn’t sure where the shift in questions came from, but he figured the best approach would be to turn them around on her in an attempt to deter her from asking any more that were similar to it.

“I did.” She said softly. “It came about it in a dream. It’s kind of…” She paused, self-conscious about the next words she chose to say, “…Why I initially bought my ticket to Ordon. Of course that’s not why I wanted to see you! You already know why, I wanted to be there to comfort you. But it was the first time the thought came about, a-and I figured that I needed closure. And that seeing you would help me gain clarity, and…” She trailed off, realizing the words spilling out had no end nor purpose – lest the purpose was to dig herself into a hole she couldn’t get out of.

He laughed at how flustered she was.

“Well…” She ran her fingers through her hair, trying to keep herself from thinking too much about her pathetic attempts to explain the mess that went on in her head. “I think it’s fair for me to know when you first thought about it.”

He crossed his arms, mulling over whether or not to say it. There was no harm in admitting anything now. Yet he took his glass, and drank the rest of his cider with flourish.

Zelda sighed, disappointment evident on her gorgeous features as she traced circles into the rocky floor beneath them. She assumed that him finishing his drink off meant he refused to say, so she was pleasantly surprised when he spoke again.

“Do you remember the night Pipit stood you up?” He asked.

“I’d rather not…” She cringed. He continued anyway.

“It was raining. My shift had ended and I was driving home. You were walking.”

“From the bookstore a few blocks down from our complex.” She added.

“In that tiny red dress…” He laughed at the memory, biting his lip absentmindedly as he thought about it. He looked so attractive and he didn’t even have to force it. When she and Pipit were together she used to hate it; now she knew why. “And when we got home, I hugged you.”

“I remember.” Zelda nodded. It was the first act of kindness he’d shown her – although he had still been quite austere in nature.

“When I pulled back and took another look at you…” He became hesitant, the smile on his face shrank but hints of it still lingered on his lips. “I thought you were so pretty. That whatever deities created us really took their time with you.”

Zelda blushed.

“Link…” She said coyly.

“That was the first time.” He told her.

“Really?” She breathed in surprise, “So soon?”

“The thought came up for like a split second. Too fast for me to dwell on it. But it was there, even if it was only brief.”

“But you didn’t like me back then…”

“I didn’t.” He confirmed. “At all. I found you insufferable. But it didn’t stop me from thinking you were drop-dead gorgeous.”

“And now?” Zelda said.

“Now…” He leaned forward, his lips brushing against her ear as he whispered, “I like you a lot. And I think about kissing you all the time.” He pulled back, smirking at how rattled she got from his words, from how rattled she got whenever he flirted with her. It was so fun, this new dynamic that their relationship had. They still weren’t used to it but they enjoyed it nonetheless. Then he tapped his now empty glass. “Damn. I don’t have any more cider.”

“Which means you’re at my mercy.” She said, thinking about her next question.

He could only hope it wouldn’t be something TOO personal that he would outright refuse to answer. But he sensed Zelda wasn’t out to cross any boundaries. She was searching for a sweet spot, something that wasn’t too personal, but not a complete waste of a question.

“When’s the last time you… made love?” Zelda asked demurely.

…Why did I drink the rest of that cider? To look cool? I feel so stupid. If my glass is empty, doesn’t that mean I lost? That the game is over? I should forfeit now. I don’t have to answer this. Do I? A barrage of thoughts flowed through Link’s head.

Zelda waited patiently, and he knew that the longer he took to answer, the guiltier he would look.

But still, it felt like a trick question. He wasn’t worried about this question as much as he was worried about what would come after. Did she want to know his body count? His most recent lay? A general timeline of the girls he could’ve potentially seen between their falling out and (second) reunion? And if so, what would come after THAT? Was she feeling insecure? Was she jealous? Did she need validation?

…Could he really be bothered that she asked this? The first time they played he asked intrusive questions about her sex life. Hell, tonight he started off their round of ‘awkward questions’ by asking about her and Pipit. Even if it was a joke, it was still a question he posed to her. There was no viable excuse he could think of not to answer her. The question itself was simple; the answer was complicated.

He was overthinking things. Zelda knew Link wasn’t a virgin, but there was a distinction to be made between having sex and making love.

“Never.” He replied.

She wasn’t satisfied with his answer.

“But you’ve done it before… I know you have.” She said.

“Sure, I’ve had sex. But I’ve never made love. That’s… emotional. Intimate. Something I’ve yet to experience.”

Zelda regretted asking. She wasn’t even sure of what she’d do with the answer. All she knew was that she felt confused. About where they stood, about what they were, about what they could do. It had been crystal clear at first. They had agreed to stay friends, and not even thirty seconds afterwards his tongue was in her mouth. But instead of saying any of this, she attempted to veer away from the topic she had brought up so recklessly in the first place.

“It’s… kind of hot in here, isn’t it?” She asked, fanning herself.

“Temperate to me.” He replied nonchalantly.

“I don’t know… Summer nights can sort of be on the warmer side, especially in July…”

“Princess.” He decided, mercifully, to catch her before she made an even bigger fool of herself.


“There was absolutely no alcohol in this cider, correct?”

“Yes. Why?”

“You’re acting so silly, I can’t help wondering if it’s because you’re tipsy or something. Why ask me a question like that if you’re just going to change the subject afterwards? Besides, I don’t even have any more cider. The game is technically over.”

“Oh, right. We should stop then.” She gathered the bottles, positioning herself to stand up, but Link stopped her with a gentle touch on her arm.

“We may be done playing, but we can still talk.”

“I don’t know, it’s getting late.”

“So there’s no particular reason why you wanted to know if I’ve ever ‘made love’?”

He wasn’t going to let her get away with this. She sat back down in defeat.

“No, I was just asking… because we were playing a game.” She shrugged.


“Really.” She nodded.

He knew her better than that. He was good at reading her. And at times she was grateful for it, but it also meant that even if she wanted to, she couldn’t keep things from him for too long. And maybe that was a good thing, since keeping things from each other was one the main causes of strain in their relationship.

Relationship. That’s what it had to be, right?

“I told you I wasn’t ready to make things official.” He said. “That with what’s happened in the past few weeks… I’m not in the right headspace for a relationship.”

“And then you kissed me. You held me in your arms and we fell asleep together.” She confirmed his suspicions about why she bothered posing such a lewd question in the first place. “And now I don’t know what we are. I mean… you only want to be friends.”

“Princess. Just because I’m not ready for a relationship now doesn’t mean I don’t want one in the future. I want to be with you. Have I not made that clear?”

“You have… But…” She fumbled with her words, scraping her fingernails across the cave floor beneath them. She wished it was grass, so that she could have something to sink her hands into, something to grasp.

“But what?” He asked.

She never answered. He sighed internally, but didn’t press her on the matter.

“When’s the last time you made love?” He asked, deciding to get her take on the subject. He almost forgot that she still had some cider in her glass, but he remembered when she tipped her head back and drank the last of it, leaving him with no answer to the question. “Zelda, I thought we agreed the game was over. We’re just talking now.”

She rolled her eyes, realizing that her attempts at evading the conversation were futile.

“Well, given how you’ve distinguished the two terms… My answer is the same as yours. Never.” She said, before adding softly, “But… It would be nice. Sex is great on its own. When you have a strong connection with the person you’re doing it with… That would make it so much better.”

“You never felt a strong connection with the people you did it with?” He asked.

“I know it sounds lame, given I’ve only done it with guys I’ve dated. But even though I was in a relationship… It doesn’t feel all that meaningful when I look back on it.”

Link understood where she was coming from, or at least he tried to put himself into her shoes to see it from her perspective. It was a pleasant concept to him too. Sex with someone he had actual feelings for. He’d never had a girlfriend; all his past partners had been mindless flings. Commitment wasn’t something he knew how to do.

But looking at Zelda, for the first time, it was something he wanted to try - when his life wasn’t as chaotic. Their talk had him thinking. Maybe this was why she had brought it up in the first place. She wanted to experience intimacy on that level. And he’d be lying if he said he didn’t want to experience it too.

“Do…” He found himself getting embarrassed as he tried to ask the question. She’s rubbing off on me. He thought exasperatedly. “Do you want me to make love to you? Is that why we’re talking about this?”


She didn’t answer him with words, staring for a moment and then leaning forward to capture his lips in a slow kiss, far more sensual than the ones they’d shared with each other before. She tasted the cider they’d taken turns drinking, and pushed her body further onto his so that her chest was pressed up against him. He nearly lost his mind at the contact, feeling her nipples through the very dainty and thin piece of fabric covering her body. Carefully, she wrapped her arms around him, her tongue lining his teeth before he granted her full access to his mouth. They stayed there, hands roaming each other’s bodies, until she suddenly pulled away, leaving a thin line of saliva between their mouths.

Link took a moment to catch his breath, as well as a moment to calm his body down from getting too excited.

Words, princess.” He pleaded, the desire to pleasure her apparent in his voice, “I need you to tell me what you want. I can’t give it to you unless I know what it is.”

“I want…” She took a deep breath, feeling herself cucco out. Taking off one’s clothes in front of someone was scary; baring one’s soul to someone was even scarier. But the scariest thing of all was doing both at the same time. To her, that was what lovemaking entailed. And if he wasn’t ready to commit to her, was he ready to do that with her? “I want to go to bed.”

“To the bedroom?” He didn’t quite catch her drift, his mind stuck on sex.

“No. I mean, I want to sleep.” She said, standing up.

“…What?” Link asked incredulously.

She feigned a yawn – he knew it was fake – and grabbed the empty bottles and glasses.

“Wait, wait, wait. You’re telling me you asked me about the last time I had sex, about what our relationship is, and then you got me all hot and bothered with that kiss… And now you want to go to bed?”


He couldn’t bring himself to be mad; he’d never shame her for changing her mind, but he DID feel played.

“I never took you for a tease, princess.”

“I’m not a tease.” She huffed.

“I don’t know about that. You had me thinking something was gonna happen. That you wanted to… you know.”

“I did.” She admitted. “I do.”

“But not now?”

“Yes, now. But I don’t know if that’s what YOU want. You told me you aren’t ready to be my boyfriend. Does that mean we can have sex? Should we?”

“We can do whatever we want to do, Zelda.” He said. “It sounds like you’re making it more complicated than it needs to be.”

“I’m making it the perfect amount of complicated.” She disagreed stubbornly.

He sighed, standing up and wrapping his arms around her waist. His touch was innocent, and there were no ulterior motives behind it. He just wanted to hold her.

“I’m… curious about what it would be like. With you. But maybe it isn’t the best idea. You know what they say. Curiosity killed the cat.” She said.

“A girl as smart as you should remember that’s only half of the proverb.” He told her, swaying her lightly in his arms. “Curiosity killed the cat…” He kissed her forehead tenderly, “But satisfaction brought it back.”

“I…” She was at a loss for words; she’d been outwitted.

“I bet I could satisfy you.” He said, hands skimming her body lightly, being sure to angle himself so that she could pull away if she needed to at any moment. “But only if you want me to.”

“Do you want to?” She asked, looking into his eyes, searching for any reservations. She wanted to have sex. And she was the first one to bring it up. But she knew that she sort of sprung it up on him, and she didn’t even intend on doing such a thing! The last thing she wanted was to make him feel weird about it.

“Of course I do.” He scoffed, as if the answer was painfully obvious. “I’ve thought about it too, you know.”

His hands, tickling the sides of her body, made their descent, going lower and lower…

“About kissing you, touching you, tasting you…” He squeezed her lightly in inappropriate places, making her shudder. He leaned in against her ear once more, “Being inside of you… Hell, I’ve fantasized about peeling this skimpy nightgown off of you at least five times - and tonight isn’t the first night it’s crossed my mind.” He whispered, and Zelda felt like she was going to melt in his arms then and there.

“Link…” his name came out of her mouth delicately, sensuously, and barely above a whisper. He had never heard her sound so seductive before and it was doing things to the lower half of his body that he was certain no other woman could. “I need you.” She told him, the champagne glasses tumbling out of her hand as she let them - and herself - go. His grip on her tightened as she wrapped her arms around the back of his neck and pressed her lips to his voraciously. Her kiss this time around was more confident; it held purpose. She was self-assured and knew what she wanted.

And it was him.

Labels and placing obnoxious, self-imposed rules on what they could do with each other didn’t matter. They focused solely on each other.

He kissed her back with the same passion, but expressed it gently; each kiss and touch were tentative, as if asking for her consent.

May I kiss you here? May I touch you there? His hands and lips seemed to say, all of which she answered with a confident yes. But she found herself feeling increasingly desperate when his hands began exploring her body. They were so rough and calloused from years of hard labor in the village, but he caressed her so softly. Like food that was sweet and savory – the contrasting sensations complemented each other beautifully, and she wanted more. She had come to learn that with Link, she would always want more.

Her hands lined his chest while his fingers danced along her hips. Then slowly they both sunk to their knees and he pulled her into his lap, never breaking the kiss when doing so. She felt her gown ride up but Link quickly tugged it down, positioning it so that as much of herself was covered. It was weird to her, given what they had agreed to do with each other, but she understood his reasoning behind it.

They were still new to expressing their affections to each other physically, but Zelda quickly picked up on how Link liked to handle her.

He was refreshingly patient. Unlike other guys who were fast to take their clothes off and get the act over with, he liked to take his time. Slowly, almost teasingly, he kissed and nipped at every part of her. When his lips left hers he peppered her face with soft kisses, then her neck and shoulders; he even grabbed her hand, kissing the back then the palm, then each finger individually. His attention to detail reminded her of the first kiss they shared. She was in love with the way he treated her, because he was so enamored with every inch of her, not just the ‘fun parts.’

His finger looped underneath the left strap of her nightgown, flicking it off of her shoulder. He cupped her stomach as she removed the strap from her arm completely, but with the way he held her he was able to keep her gown from slipping down any further. His lips skimmed over the newly exposed pieces of skin, his hands following closely behind. Then he cupped her breast, rolling his thumb over the nipple. His eyes were fastened on her, unable and unwilling to look away as he studied her face and the way her body reacted to his touch.

For Link, the “give and take” philosophy he applied to sex had always been something of a business deal. A mutual exchange between him and his partners. But since he never particularly cared for any of the girls he had been with on a deeper level beyond the physical – and vice versa – the latter was the only part that mattered to him. He had his urges, and when it came to satiating them – he wanted to get it over with. The detachment made him feel empty, but it also made him feel safe. Zelda, he had learned, was the exception. He felt altruistic – if the word could be applied to a situation like this. All he could imagine doing, all he wanted to do, was to give. Give, give, give. Give her every piece of himself, give her all the euphoria he could with his own body, give her everything she deserves. Fortunately in this case, giving was also his way of taking. Pleasuring her aroused him in a way he never could have imagined. He felt his pants tighten as he played with her chest.

“Link…” She murmured when he finally licked her nipple, swirling his tongue carefully. While he teased her left breast she shrugged the other strap to her nightgown off, knowing if Link had it his way, he’d wait far too long for her liking before removing it. His roaming hands finally settled around her waist, holding her chest to his face. He pulled back to get a full look at her, smiling mischievously when he noticed her chest was completely bare.

“Impatient, aren’t we?”

“Maybe a little… Sorry.” Zelda apologized sheepishly.

“I don’t mind.” He told her, taking his eyes off of her breasts to admire her face. “…You’re really beautiful, Zelda.”

She felt her entire body warm up at his words, at how genuine he sounded and how he stared at her so lovingly. But she didn’t get the chance to respond to him because he leaned in and kissed her on the lips again softly, then moved back to her chest. He sucked on each nipple unhurriedly, using his hand to play with the other.

She bit her lip, wrapping her arms around his neck, rubbing tiny circles into the back of it.

After a few more minutes he pulled back, then continued his barrage of kisses down her stomach, gradually peeling her nightgown down with every kiss. He reached the lower part of her body, running his finger over the waistband of her panties.

Her gown was now discarded, and she watched with bated breath as he played with her panties, lining the sides of her hips and tracing unseen patterns into her skin. He wanted to memorize every part of her, what made her squirm, what made her tremble, what made her feel euphoric. He wanted to memorize the softness of her skin, the scars, the stretch marks, the textured patterns that were hers and hers alone. She lifted her legs, allowing him to slip her underwear off with ease.

Link sidled back up to her so that their bodies were pressed to each other side by side. Then, he began rubbing her gently, pleased to feel how damp she was. He watched her body writhe and listened to the symphony of sounds she gave him. One thing Link had come to adore about Zelda was the way she expressed her pleasure. It almost always started out as a gasp, like she was surprised at the way he touched her, like the idea of them together let alone expressing affection towards each other was still such an inane concept. It then turned into a contented sigh, and then a soft moan. But the cherry on top of it all, was when she said his name.

“Link…” She said in a shaky whisper as he penetrated her with his fingers.

He kissed her softly on the lips, and they kept their eyes locked on each other as he fingered her. He normally avoided eye contact, out of the selfish intent of focusing only on his pleasure – and perhaps a small part of it was also shame for succumbing to a more primal desire when he had no plans to follow up with them romantically or (in most cases) not even as a friend. But this time was different. Everything was different. He felt her gradually get wetter and wetter, and could tell she was getting closer to finishing by the way her muscles pulsed around his fingers.

With his free hand, he cupped her by the chin – she was slightly surprised considering he had been so gentle with her and his touch this time was a tad more rough – and with his other hand, pulled his fingers out of her carefully.

“Open your mouth.” He ordered, and Zelda, startled and aroused, obeyed without question.

He then placed his fingers into her mouth, letting her taste herself while he lined more soft kisses along her neck.

For the next few minutes it became a pattern. He rubbed and fingered her, let her suck on his fingers, kissed the side of her face or even teased her breasts while she did so, then repeated. Occasionally he’d kiss her on the lips too, but never deepened it so that he wouldn’t taste too much of her essence on her lips. He wanted to get the full experience of that from the source itself.

Eventually he stopped, once again making his descent down her body, managing to slip his shirt off when he realized he was way overdressed. He kissed along her inner thigh, mouth hovering over his target when Zelda stopped him.

“Link, wait.” She sat up quickly, putting a brief halt to their fun. “I…”

He shushed her immediately, knowing exactly what her reservations were.

“I don’t mind.” He said calmly, “Do you?”

“I… no…” She said, still hesitant about letting him go down on her, “But – “

Then he buried his head between her thighs, and everything else ceased to matter.

Oh…” Zelda gasped, falling back against the cold cave floor. “Yes…”

Any protests she had prepared to spout out were quickly and happily forgotten about as she savored the feeling of Link’s tongue against her.

She was insecure about receiving. She always had been, but at least the other times she had more notice to actually prepare herself for it. These circumstances were different, she didn’t envision herself even affiliating with Link until just the other night, let alone having sex with him now. She’d long let go of the unfair expectation that she must taste sweeter than sugar at all times, but it was still something she was wary of with all of her partners. In this case it was useless to fret over, Link was understanding of her and most importantly, he made it clear that he wanted her just as she was. She tasted like salt, like the reeds of the lake – they had gone swimming for a few hours earlier that day – and the leaves of a tamarind tree. And yet, he ate her out like she was a piece of candy.

Zelda was able to keep herself still for the most part, her only movements being that of her hips to match Link’s strategic movements of the tongue. That is, until he began sucking on her clit, tightening his grip on her legs. Breath heavy, Zelda screamed, arching her back as she struggled to contain herself.

“LINK!” She cried, her hands desperately grasping tufts of his hair, forcing him to stay in that spot.

As if I’d want to leave… He thought to himself while he sucked, opening his eyes slowly to see her beautiful face.

She moaned his name over and over, body trembling at the sheer pleasure. Her grip on his hair loosened, and instead she urged him to continue his ministrations by sinking her fingers into his scalp, massaging him as he ate her out. The feeling was heavenly for both of them, and in response to her gentle motions on his head he slipped his fingers back into her with ease, stimulating her gently while his tongue continued its dance.

He stayed for what felt like the most blissful yet torturous eternity, moving at a tempo that increased every time she arched her back, and slowed back to a doleful lull when she came down. Her body was laved in pleasure, the heat and pressure between her legs building slowly like the warmth of a budding fire. She was torn between what she wanted and what he intended to give her. She wanted to finish, to experience sweet release. She also wanted him to continue sucking on her just like that, his fingers and his mouth moving together artfully to tease and taste her thoroughly. And he kept her there in that moment, her euphoria skyrocketing when she realized how much he was actually enjoying himself. She opened her eyes, sneaking a look at him and found him staring right back at her, his beautiful blue eyes dark, wanting and tumultuous, akin to rushing waters in the thrum of a storm. Upon eye contact she felt his lips upturned in a smile against her soft skin, and he moved his tongue even more slowly to antagonize her further, prolonging her journey to release. It was then that she pondered the haste her previous partners had always practiced when they ate her out, selfishly prioritizing their pleasure over hers.

The sound of her voice was like music to his ears; he kissed her, rubbed her, and let his mouth and fingers switch positions, rubbing her clit at an agonizingly slow pace while his tongue pumped into her. He wanted to edge her, to bring her tantalizingly close, to make the inevitable climax sweeter.

But he was so caught up in the taste and feel of her, how warm her skin was compared to the night breeze, and how nice her fingers felt working against his scalp, that he couldn’t pull away. It wasn’t until she let out one final cry as she finished that he came back to his senses.

He hummed against her skin as he lapped up the remnants of her orgasm. Once he was certain he had cleaned her up thoroughly, he pulled back, wiping his mouth and licking his lips, then rubbed his hands along her legs soothingly to help calm her. Trembling from the aftermath she propped herself up, filled both with dread at the fleeting thought that one’s tongue did not become so expert without a generous amount of experience and ex-partners, and overwhelming gratitude that she had been the one to reap the full benefits of his learned endeavor.

Was this the way it was always supposed to be? Zelda couldn’t recall a time she had finished from that alone. Usually it felt nice, though not always due to the tongue that was edging her but rather her own ministrations. Most of the time it tickled, and occasionally it was uncomfortable when her partners used too much teeth.

But she never came.

Not only did Link make it seem so humiliatingly easy to get her off, she was almost convinced that he had enjoyed it more than she did. And she enjoyed it a lot. Her cheeks were flushed when she began to consider how badly he must have wanted to taste her prior to this moment.

“You okay, princess?” He asked.

“I… That felt so… I’ve never…” She couldn’t put the words together but he got a hold of what she was trying to say loud and clear. Eager to let her taste herself again he wrapped her up in his arms and they locked lips hungrily.

It wasn’t long before Zelda’s hand skimmed over Link’s pants, and she began undoing them, being sure to thoroughly feel as much as she could. She stroked him from the outside, and he pressed himself to her in response.

Feeling slightly restless, Link pulled his pants and boxers down, evening out the ratio of clothing between the two of them, which was now zero.

Zelda took the time to admire his body for all that it was. She’d seen Link naked before, but she never let her eyes linger, and it hadn’t been under such a lascivious pretext. If the deities had taken their time making her, they must have taken twice as long to make him. Her eyes fell and stayed on his lower half.

She chewed on her bottom lip anxiously. He followed her gaze knowingly.

“If you’re having second thoughts,” he began, but she shook her head.

“That’s not it. You’re just so…” She paused. She had said a lot of stupid things tonight. What would it cost her to say one more? “…Big.”

He stifled a laugh.


She didn’t mean to stare but she couldn’t help it. She felt her face – no – her entire body flush, and since she was completely naked on a cave floor there was no way to hide it.

She spoke her thoughts aloud.

“Goddesses, you’re even bigger than…”

She froze before she could finish the sentence, but Link perked up, paying full attention.


“What?” Zelda repeated dumbly.

“Bigger than…?” He hunched over, arranging their clothes so that Zelda could have a cushion to lay back on.

“Nothing. No one.” She said quickly, pushing away brief thoughts of her most recent ex-boyfriend out of her mind.

“Do you still want to do this?” He asked, a good-natured look on his face.

She felt him pressing against her thigh, and reached out, taking him in her hand.

“Yes.” She nodded, guiding him to her.

They stayed there comfortably, and Link began rubbing himself against her, convinced he could finish just from this alone.

But that wasn’t what either of them wanted.

“Zelda…” He murmured, feeling the need to give just one last disclaimer. “If you change your mind…”

“How many times do I need to say that I want this?”

“I’m just saying – if you change your mind, tell me. I know it’s a lot to take in already, and I can be pretty intense.”

If that was meant to scare her away, it didn’t work. In fact, Zelda looked even more turned on than before. She ran her fingers along his chest, a wanting expression on her face.

“I like intense.”

Link replied by kissing her on the forehead, then eased himself into her. He felt her body tense up in response, and he fell short of breath almost instantly.

To say Zelda felt amazing would be a tremendous understatement. She was warm, wet, and incredibly tight. For her sake, he wanted to loosen her up, knowing there’d be no comfort to her if she stayed just like that. And selfishly, a bit for his sake too, because he knew he’d lose all sense of himself just from being inside of her, and didn’t want to finish too soon.

“Link…” Zelda gasped, burying her nails into his back as he slid in even deeper. He then stopped, barely inside but aware of her discomfort.

He’d already gotten a sense of how tight she was when he fingered her, but of course this sensation was wholly different because he was pushing himself into her fully, and the size of him alone combined with her tightness made it difficult to move as fluidly as he wanted to. His thrusts were slow and careful, holding back all that he could give until he was sure Zelda was ready for it. He felt her body get acclimated to him, and soon her hand was on his backside, trying to pull him in some more.

“Zelda,” he breathed sharply, burying his head into her shoulder as he hilted himself even further.

This time ‘sweet and savory’ manifested itself into pain and pleasure. With every thrust, taking Link in got easier, but both his length and girth had her stretched paper thin. Despite this, she wrapped her arms around his neck tightly, keeping him close to her so he didn’t get any ideas about pulling away.

He went faster and faster in response to the soft, satisfied moans she gave him, each moan increasing in volume until she was all but screaming his name.

Together they created tandem with the roll of her hips and his pulsating thrusts, as Zelda tried to get as much of him inside of her as possible.

Before he knew it he was pounding into her furiously, sweat gathering along his brow. Every part of his body felt like it was on fire, lit up from the inside.

“More, please more!” Zelda cried out. In response, Link stopped for a moment, hoisting Zelda’s legs up onto his shoulders so he could penetrate even deeper. He couldn’t move as fast in this position but he could feel so much more of her, which was even better. She gasped, breathless and impassioned, and pressed her mouth against the side of his arm as she urged him some more, “Yes, fuck me just like this...”

Her name dripped from his lips like nectar in response, and Link wasn’t sure how the heat that was sweltering inside of him hadn’t burst at those words alone.

They then shifted positions, Link laying back on their bunched up clothes while Zelda got on top, taking him in slowly, eyes shut tight as she felt every sensation. He loved this position most for the sole reason that he had the perfect view of Zelda. He could admire her body, sweating, shining and glistening, and her face. She was loud, shameless, and unrestrained as she rode him. Link was accustomed to being discrete, to women covering their mouths and trying to keep themselves as quiet as possible. But Zelda was too engulfed in the act and how wonderful it felt to hold herself back. And even drenched in sweat, face flushed and mouth hung open while she panted, Link couldn’t envision anything or anyone more beautiful.

They felt themselves getting closer and closer, and Link had been certain that this was it, the pinnacle of pleasure he could ever experience.

“You feel so good, princess…” He murmured, trying his hardest not to cum. He didn’t want to give in now, not until Zelda reached her second climax. He was confident in his ability to contain himself, until he felt Zelda begin to clench. That, combined with how vigorously she rode, made it increasingly difficult. He tried his hardest to string the words together to tell her to stop, but he couldn’t protest; every time her name came out of his mouth it came out in short, satisfied bumbles, which only urged her to continue. It felt too good.

He gave up on trying to stop her, instead grabbing her hips and thrusting into her as much as he could, knowing exactly which spots to hit as he did it. Zelda could feel a deep tingle expanding within, her screams becoming feverish until… she felt a burst. She stopped riding, letting out another cry as she got swept up in her second orgasm, savoring the few blissful seconds where her pleasure peaked. Her legs were shaking, and she dripped down the length of him.

“Fuck!” She cursed, hurling obscenities left and right, digging her fingers into Link’s arms, then continued to ride him insistently to help him finish. Link had to stifle a laugh; nothing about the situation they were in was funny but he was amused to hear such profane words come out of such a pretty mouth. Watching her finish was more than enough to help Link breach his limit, unable to hold himself back any longer. He shouted Zelda’s name as he let go, filling her with his warmth.

They stayed there, connected, breathless, processing what they had just done with each other.

“Oh shit…” Link said when he realized he hadn’t pulled out. He began to lift her up but she placed a hand on his chest to stop him.

“Wait… Stay with me.” She said, keeping him in a moment longer before eventually hoisting herself off and allowing their bodily fluids to flow out of her, pooling up on the floor.

They said nothing for a moment, lying flat on their backs trying to steady their breathing. Zelda then curled up into Link, blissful, trembling, and yet… her desire insatiate. Her eyes darted between his groin and his face – too many times for Link not to notice. He wasn’t sure if she was just trying not to stare, or if she wanted to have another go, but he broke the silence on the matter.

“Zelda, did you want – mmph!” She cut him off with a hot kiss, clambering onto him once more, and quickly they got caught up in a slight variation of what was otherwise the same song and dance. Link didn’t stay flaccid for long, his body reacting to his and Zelda's innermost desires.

And soon enough he was inside of her again, holding her against the wall this time while she wrapped her legs around his waist. He pressed his forehead against hers, whispering sweet nothings to her and leaning in to kiss her and drink up all of her moans.

Now that her body had accustomed itself to his, he didn’t need to worry about holding himself back on her accord.

They fucked the same way they argued: passionately, ruthlessly, each with a desperate need to one up the other. She was fire and he was ice, and their union meant complete and utter destruction. And Link suspected, as he fucked her senseless, that all of this pent up energy they were releasing into each other was not merely an expression of their profound attraction to each other, but a culmination of their initial hatred of each other as well.

It had been built up ever since the night her complaint got him fired from his job and he learned that they were going to live together. Every yell, every insult, every slammed door to the face, all were meant to mask their mortification at how badly they secretly wanted each other.

One thing was for certain, it wasn’t a secret anymore.

Zelda let her hips roll gracefully against Link’s pelvis as she tried to coax him into finishing yet again. It was an unspoken competition - who would finish more, and who would finish first. Link, being the competitive and infuriatingly charming and sexy gentleman that he was, made sure that the answer was always Zelda.

Fed up with losing this tempestuous game, Zelda didn't take a breather after her third and his second orgasm, pulling him down to the floor and laying him out commandingly.

"Zelda," he breathed incredulously, shocked and excited as she gripped him, intent on reciprocating as much of the pleasure he had given to her. He watched her, somewhat skeptical of what she wanted to do, but made no moves to stop her. Then her head dipped low and he unknowingly gave her exactly what she'd wanted to hear: that small yelp of surprise, that shudder of inundated satisfaction.

Fuck, princess…” Link gasped lowly. After all of her screams, he couldn’t imagine what Zelda’s mouth was going through, especially as he watched her go to work on him from below.

Her eyes watered as her head bobbed up and down, taking as much of Link into her mouth as she could, which was no easy endeavor. She could ignore the strain on her jaw, however, if it meant being able to taste him as thoroughly as she could while making him curse and utter her name over and over again.

He reached out desperately, grabbing her hair, matted and damp from the sweat and dew from the cave floor. Then almost instantly, he pulled his hand back, as if he had lost himself and was brought back to his senses. Inwardly he chastised himself for letting the prodigious amount of lust that was coursing through his body cloud his judgment. His top priority from the moment they had started was making Zelda’s experience as euphoric as possible, and he almost let himself slip.

But she wasn’t having it.

She wanted him to succumb, wanted his hands on her neck, tugging her hair, rough and commanding, to be willfully his.

She slowly receded, her mouth leaving behind a thick trail of saliva that dribbled along the sides of his length sloppily. She moaned against him as she did, the sound creating a mind-numbingly rapturous vibration against him, her tongue dancing along every inch before she had taken him out of her mouth completely. He felt the absence of her mouth in the cool night breeze that washed over them.

“Please, Link,” he’d never heard her sound so desperate before, one hand stroking him tenderly, almost tauntingly, with the other one grabbing his hand to bring back to her hair. “Make me take it.” She said, licking her lips before she opened her mouth fully to take him in again. He shuddered, not apt to ignore Zelda’s request, and allowed himself to succumb to his selfish temptations. He parted her hair, holding it up for her as she eagerly sucked him off, only this time she didn’t make the same efforts as before to deepthroat him. He studied her eyes and noticed the glint in them as she looked at him. He’d recognize that look anywhere.

It was a challenge. She knew that he knew she was holding back. She hadn’t been joking about her request, and a gentle tug on the hair wasn’t going to suffice. A smile played along his lips as his grip on her tightened, and he pulled her head down suddenly, making her take more of him in, just as she’d wanted. The vibration of her moans against him made him groan some more and prompted him to take full control of her cranial movements. He made her gag, spit, and choke on him, and they both relished every second of it. His leg twitched with pure want when he saw her reaching down to rub herself as she sucked on him.

“Tell me how bad you wanna taste me, princess,” he breathed, once he felt himself reaching another orgasm. He pulled Zelda up, holding her by the hair. She coughed momentarily, gathering her bearings from the sudden interruption.

“I - I,” she was breathless, one hand still playing with her clit furiously. He could hear how wet she was and wanted nothing more than to be inside of her again at that very moment. “I need to taste you, Link. More than anything else.” She whispered, her lips lined along his tip. Ready to envelop him in her mouth again, she was startled when he tugged her back to keep her from doing so. Eyes wide, she looked at him in confusion.

“Beg for it,” he said. His body was tense and eager and susceptible to eruption at the slightest touch.

It didn’t take long for Zelda’s initial shock to turn into a lascivious smile, as she skimmed her lips along the side of him. Never before did she think she’d be so charmed by him ordering her around.

“Please,” she said, trying to quell her excitement at the way his grip on her tightened. Her eyes naturally fell from his to her destination and the words tumbled out of her mouth recklessly. “Please, Link. Goddesses, please finish in my mouth -” She begged with no regard to how indignant she sounded or looked.

Satisfied, he forced her head down and closed his eyes, shoulders relaxing a bit as her mouth circled him again; he quickly finished as she sucked him slowly. She swallowed every drop of him without hesitation, taking extra care to lick everything up and leave nothing behind.

Once she finished, he gestured for her to come closer to him. Thinking he wanted to kiss and hold her, she crawled over to him, reaching out to wrap her arms around his torso, and yelped in surprise when he grabbed her by the waist and turned her over so that the sensitive area between her thighs was hovering over his face. Catching onto what his intentions were, she gladly lowered herself onto him and bucked and moaned at every lap of the tongue.

This time when she came, she was on the verge of tears, legs limp from the violent tremors of experiencing orgasm after orgasm. She slid off of him for the last time, her words incoherent as they curled up into each other, both of them completely and utterly spent. She lazily slung one arm across his torso and mindlessly mumbled the word ‘love,’ though it didn’t sound quite like a profession. And Link, fingers tracing the small of her back, responded with something about how she was everything he could ever want in a woman.

Suspended in time they stayed there, consciousness teetering between wakefulness and tempting slumber. Before he surrendered to drowsiness, Link took a moment to admire the stars through the open ceiling. His hand was firm against Zelda's body, which gently rose and fell with each breath she took. And he smiled, basking in their afterglow, knowing this moment would soon become a memory he'd carry with him for years to come.

“Princess.” Link called out to Zelda, waking her up from a tranquil slumber. “We can’t fall asleep out here.”

“Mm? Why not…” Zelda replied, unwilling to move.

“Your parents will notice us gone. We should go back before they wake up.”

“I can’t move. My legs are too sore.” Zelda said.

Link didn’t reply right away, and Zelda was able to focus in on his face enough to see the smug look on his face.

“Don’t pat yourself on the back for that.”

“What? I said nothing.” He replied innocently.

“Okay, well, can we stay here a little longer?”

“If we could, I’d stay in this cave with you forever. But we can’t.”

“Just a few more hours.”


“Liiiiink…” Zelda pouted, grazing her leg against his.

“Don’t do that. You’ll get me hard again…”

“So? I know how to take care of that now.”

“You’re telling me you have enough energy to do it again but not walk all the way back to the house?”




“While I admire your sex drive very much, I don’t want your mother to put my head on a pike – “

“There you go again with my mom! As if I’m not an adult who can make my own decisions.”

“Fine. I give up.” Link surrendered. “But promise we’ll at least try to get back before they wake up.”

Zelda nodded in agreement, then pointed to the pool before them.

“Want to take a quick rinse? I feel a little dirty.”

Link chuckled, “Just a little?”

“…Shut up.”

He laughed some more, but they inched over carefully to the water and submerged themselves. It was pristine and temperate – although a little on the colder side – which would be another welcome excuse for them to cuddle up to each other.

They stayed on the shallow end, rinsing themselves of the sweat and other fluids that were on their bodies. Afterwards, Link massaged all the tense parts of her body while she ran her fingers along her skin. Her collarbone and breasts were covered in bruises.

“…Sorry about that.” Link apologized sheepishly.

“Don’t be. Nothing a little makeup can’t fix.” Zelda assured him.

They sat close together, taking turns massaging each other and trying to relieve themselves of their bodily aches. Once their hands were worn, Link wrapped his arms around Zelda and held her close while they enjoyed the water.

“You’re a screamer.” He commented, breaking the silence.

“Yes…” Zelda blushed. “But only when it’s, uh…”

He waited for her to finish her sentence, but the ending never came.

“When it’s what?”

“You know…” She made a few weird gestures with her hands in lieu of simply verbalizing her thoughts. But when she saw he wasn’t following, she gave up.

“When it’s really good.” She finally said.

She didn’t need to look back at him to know he was probably glowing with pride.

“I’m glad to hear that. I aim to please.”

“Do you now?”

“When it comes to this… When it comes to you,” he corrected, “then of course.”

“I’m sorry if it’s a bit much.” She was quick to apologize, “My exes always found it annoying.”

“Honestly, I think it’s hot.” Link admitted, a lewd smile on his face. “It just means we’ll have to get creative with where and when we do it.”

Zelda smiled, briefly feeling validated; then she chewed on her bottom lip, doing her best to quell her self-consciousness.

“How was I?” She asked.

He didn’t respond right away, which of course sent Zelda into panic mode, thinking it was horrible and he was trying to figure out how to spare her feelings.

“I don’t know how to describe it exactly. Or if there are even any words that would do it justice. But you were amazing. Best sex I’ve ever had, easily.” He said after careful thought.

“You’re just saying that.” Zelda said skeptically.

“Oh am I?” He challenged. “Zelda, when have you ever known me to spare your feelings? Or anyone else’s, for that matter?”

He had a point there. One thing remained, whether they were enemies, friends, or lovers – Link was always honest with her, even when she didn’t like it.

“Touché.” She conceded.

“Now I need to know how I was.” He said matter-of-factly.

“What? I already told you that you were good.”

“Oh I know I’m good, very good,” he emphasized confidently, “That’s not what I’m concerned with. I want to know if I’m better.”

“Better?” Zelda wasn’t following. “Better than what?”

“Not ‘what,’” He corrected her, “Who.”

“Huh?” She was clueless, and evidently in need of more context, but he didn’t budge. She craned her neck to look up at him curiously. He had a pretty convincing poker face but his eyes held all the mischief.

It was then that she caught on to what he was insinuating and her jaw dropped while she fumbled over all of her words like an idiot.

Link!” She chastised him for daring to ask such a thing, and he couldn’t keep a straight face anymore. “Why… you… Why would you…”

“Can you blame me for wondering?”

“Yes, yes I can! That’s a terrible thing to ask!” She splashed him, but his reflexes were quick and he managed to narrowly dodge the water she tried to fling into his face.

“Well if you’re dancing around the question like this… I assume the answer isn’t something you want me to hear.”

“That’s not it.”

“So you’re not going to tell me?”

“I’m still thinking about it. Promise you won’t tell… you-know-who if I answer?”

“Damn it, I was going to plaster your answer over the refrigerator when we get back to the apartment.”

“Ha ha, very funny. But… you were better. Way better.”

“Way better, you say?” Link smiled, he continued holding Zelda but she could tell that he was giving himself a mental pat on the back.

“Pipit wasn’t bad per se, but he did have trouble making me finish sometimes…” Zelda scratched her head awkwardly. Was that too much information?

“You won’t ever have to worry about that with me.”

Zelda craned her neck back to look at him again.

“I know. You last a lot longer than he did as well.” She added.

“Now I think he should have a pass there.” Link said, running his fingers along her inner thigh. “You feel amazing.”

“Amazing?” Zelda asked, her stomach overwhelmed with a fluttering sensation.

“Yes. I was afraid I was done for as soon as I… entered.”

“…I think we should stop the conversation here.” Zelda said, cheeks flaming.

There was a brief pause, then Link started snickering.

“Okay, what’s so funny?” She asked, annoyed at Link for both bringing it up then laughing about it. She still hadn’t interacted with Pipit since the breakup and now she felt like she was badmouthing him behind his back.

“Nothing’s funny,” clearly he was lying, “But Pipit, Shad and I always had this conversation amongst ourselves.”

“What conversation? Who’s the best in the sack?”

“Precisely.” Link nodded.

“Goddesses, guys are so weird.”

“We were never able to come up with an answer because THAT would require some… intersection with the girls we’d been with.”

“I… have no idea what to say to that.”

“Even then, the answer still isn’t complete. It’s a shame you turned Shad down – “

At this, Zelda turned and splashed him again, this time too fast for him to dodge. He yelped when the cold water hit his face.

“I was joking, princess! Lighten up.”

Zelda scowled at him, and he took the hint and eased off for her sake. Then, he leaned down and kissed her sweetly. And like always, they forgot about everything else.

“I’m really sleepy.” Zelda said after a while, “Let’s gather leaves from nearby and use them as makeshift blankets and pillows. Then we can just head back to the house when we wake up again.”

“Goddesses, princess. You’re sure we’ll get up in time?”

“Yes.” She said confidently.

“You don’t want to try to go back now?”

“After you nearly broke me in half? I can’t feel my legs. And my jaw hurts.”

Link snorted, thinking back fondly to the oral treatment she gave him earlier.

“That’s what you get for being so ambitious.”

“Oh shut it.” She smacked him as they lifted themselves out of the water and went outside to gather a few leaves.

A few minutes later, they were sound asleep once more, covered by the leaves.

This time when they awoke, the sky was still a bit dark, but the faintest of the sun’s rays peeked out over the horizon, signaling the crack of dawn. Link, as usual, was the first to wake up, accustomed to early mornings from his life as a busy bee. He gently stirred Zelda awake from her slumber, telling her it was time for them to head back to the house. They slipped into their clothes, carrying the strong scent of underbrush with them.

Link swept Zelda up and carried her back to the house bridal style, since it was apparent that she was still exhausted from their intimate night together. The trek from the grotto all the way down to the neighborhood was a long one, but they spent it happily talking and flirting with each other.

“Ugh. I’m going to need a long shower – a real shower with soap and everything – when we get back.” Zelda commented, flicking leafy mush and flecks of dirt off her skin.

“Sounds fun. Mind if I join?”

“No way! Out here there are no rules, but at the house, I don’t think so.”

“Not right away, but when they’re at work. They don’t have to know.”

“You really want to?” Zelda asked.

“Just need to make sure you take your time cleaning yourself up…” Link said innocently. “And you can do the same for me. It’s only fair.”

Zelda blushed.

“I… I suppose when you put it that way…” She relented, not at all opposed to the idea.

Finally, they reached the house. The sky was now a beautiful baby blue, signaling that the day was about to begin. Link put Zelda down and she walked slowly towards the house, trying to peep through the windows and make sure the coast was clear.

“Princess, what are you doing? I thought you said we’d get back before your parents woke up.”

“Yeah, but they wake up super early. Earlier than me, especially since it’s summertime.”

“Oh for Ordona’s sake – “

“Shh!” Zelda shushed him.

This is betrayal.” Link whispered, “Betrayal!

“I’m sorry, okay!? I really thought we could beat them.” Zelda hissed, reaching for the door slowly and opening it cautiously. And for the first time, she was grateful for the repairs her dad had done on the house, because their old door would have creaked loudly; but their new and improved door made virtually no sound.

She peeked inside, then gestured to Link that it was safe to go in. She took his hand and they tiptoed past the kitchen, getting ready to part ways and go back to their rooms. Zelda could hear her parents conversing in the dining area, but was confident they would make it back. Link’s room was a few feet away, but before he went, he tugged on Zelda’s arm gently.

“What is it?” She asked.

“Goodbye kiss?” He asked.

Zelda scoffed at the request.

“You can’t wait a few more minutes?” She chastised him, but walked closer to give him a quick kiss before dashing upstairs. Link leaned in happily, then froze, mortified.

“…Link? What’s wrong?” She asked, noticing the complete 180 in body language. His eyes were no longer on hers, but instead focused on something – or someone behind her.

“Zelda?” An older, feminine voice called out curiously.

A similar look of mortification dawned on Zelda’s face. Ideally if they got caught it would be better to be caught by her dad – since he was less strict between the two of them. Zelda turned around shamefully to face her mother, who stared at both of them incredulously.

They were both flushed, spots of green and dirt brown on their skin from sleeping in the leaves and on the cave floor. Zelda’s hair was matted, and her chest was covered in hickeys and bruises. Her low cut nightgown left everything exposed. Link didn’t look any better. His shirt was damp and soiled with dirt, and he also had bruises along with indentations along his arms from Zelda digging her nails into them when they had sex.

“…Where did you guys go?” Zelda’s mother asked, noting all of the incriminating marks and stains on their bodies. For the sake of minimizing embarrassment, she acted naïve. Which, ironically, amplified it instead.

“We… wanted to… go around the lake…” Zelda mumbled.

“At six in the morning?” Her mother responded, checking her watch.

“We wanted to exercise!”

Link covered his face, unable to watch or listen any longer.

“Exercise?” She eyed both of them critically. “What kind of exercise?”

“I…” Zelda’s mouth hung open, at a loss for words.

“Well?” She looked between the two of them, awaiting an answer.