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The night had started out with a relatively normal family dinner, something Kathleen had instigated to help Noah acclimate to being part of a large family now that she and Elliot were dating. It had worked, and her son now fit perfectly into the chaos of the Stabler clan. The food had been eaten, leftovers put away, and now, everyone was spread out around Maureen’s living room watching Elizabeth, Carl, Noah, and Kathleen play a couch co-op of Diablo 3, Eli providing Noah with pointers.

Olivia got up and wandered to the kitchen to get a glass of water, taking a few minutes to herself to contemplate all the changes that had happened since Elliot’s return. She was leaning back against the counter, lost in thought, when the subject of her thoughts joined her.

“Hey,” he greeted as he came to stand in front of her, smiling fondly at her distraction.

Brown eyes refocused, taking in her company from head to toe, lingering on the way Elliot’s t-shirt stretched across his chest, accentuating his chiseled physique. “Hey yourself,” she responded. “Lose something?” A faint grin tugged lightly at the corners of her mouth when he sidled closer.

Elliot’s gaze shifted to something more carnal as it swept over her body, appreciating the way her sundress hugged her curves and exposed a tantalizing amount of tanned leg and cleavage. “Yeah, you,” he acknowledged. Reaching out, he removed the glass from her hand and set it on the counter, resting his hands on the edge of the granite, effectively caging her.

“Well, you found me,” she murmured, shifting her upper body forward until her mouth rested beside his ear. Voice low and teasing, Olivia asked, “Now what are you going to do with me, hmm?” lips just barely grazing his skin.

Not bothering with words, Elliot caught her lips with his, seeking immediate entrance. His tongue slid along the roof of her mouth as he pressed his hips into hers. He hummed happily when her hands reached into his back jeans’ pockets and squeezed the hard muscles underneath. Sliding a leg between Olivia’s, he lightly knocked his foot against hers, encouraging her to spread her legs wider.

Olivia groaned quietly into his mouth as he repeatedly rocked his denim clad erection against her core. She had a fleeting worry about one of the children coming into the kitchen for something, but the feel of his fingertips skimming up her outer thigh, dragging up the hem of her dress in the process, short circuited her brain. Goosebumps sprang up on every inch of her skin at the tantalizing touch. She tilted her head to the side as his lips descended her throat, barely sucking at her skin.

Hand grazing over Olivia’s left hip and across her belly, Elliot was surprised to encounter no panties, fingers slipping easily between slick folds. “Jesus, Liv,” he hissed in awe, “you’re so damn wet.” Hearing the jeering from the other room, he threw caution to the wind and swiftly freed himself from the confines of his pants. A little maneuvering later and he was easing the head of his cock back and forth over her slit. He savored the little jolt that went through her body and was about to do it again when he heard Richard call out something about drinks.

Elliot reached down, grabbing the backs of Olivia’s thighs and hoisted her up his body, her legs automatically wrapping around his waist as her arms squeezed his torso. He made a hasty exit from the kitchen, nearly stumbling and sending them both to the floor when she shifted and the tip of his cock pressed inside her. Rounding the corner into the hallway, he used the wall to help support Olivia as he opened the nearest door. Elliot growled into her throat when he sunk the rest of the way into her body.

Olivia gasped as she was abruptly pulled away from one wall only to be immediately held against another. Canting her pelvis forward, she breathed, “Fuck me,” into Elliot’s ear before capturing his earlobe with her lips.

The soft demand spurred him into action, pulling his hips back then driving forward in quick, decisive motions. Elliot lifted her a bit higher, granting his mouth access to her breasts, nipping at the soft skin of her cleavage. Heavy panting filled the air, both struggling to keep quiet during their impromptu tryst.

A rough, wet tongue laving over pebbled nipples made her head thud against the wall, a frisson of intense pleasure skittering up Olivia’s spine. “So good,” she mumbled, hands dragging up his back to clutch at the top of his shoulders. Tightening her legs for better leverage, she began lifting herself away from Elliot with each thrust, the heat coiling in her belly growing exponentially.

“That’s it, Liv,” Elliot encouraged before sucking hard at her breast. The rippling of her inner walls around his cock was the most erotic thing he’d ever felt. “Fuck, you’re amazing.”

Taking quick, shuddering breaths as her orgasm built, Olivia dropped her forehead to his shoulder. “Almost. Just a . . . little more,” she begged breathlessly.

Elliot happily obliged, thrusting harder and faster, coaxing rhythmic squeaks of pleasure out of her until Olivia bit hard into his shoulder to muffle her involuntary cry as she came long and hard, the contractions pulling him over the edge with her. Elliot collapsed forward, pinning her between his body and the wall.

It was several minutes before their breathing reverted to normal and Olivia’s feet were returned to the ground. “Holy shit,” she purred huskily, legs trembling like a newborn foal’s. It was only then that she became fully cognizant of their surroundings and the smell of cotton and fabric softener. Blinking a few times, she queried bemusedly, “Did we just have sex in your daughter’s linen closet?”