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Runaway Alice (Yandere Jotaro x Female Reader)

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"(Y/N), why would you leave Wonderland when you can stay and be my Queen of Hearts forever? "



It was nighttime in Wonderland and you were currently living in the Red King's castle, as he allowed you to stay until he finds a way back home for you. Then again, this place is already confusing enough as it is since you had gone through many routes, with neither of them a way back home. Or at least until you discovered his castle while you were scrambling in the bushes during one of his activities.

At first, you thought he would be an angry king like he was in the book, to your surprise, he wasn't as he was mostly neutral. And ever since your encounter, he was generous to take you in for a few days.

Things were close between you and the king, who is named Jotaro, ranging from gifting you a beautiful bouquet of roses that were pulled from his garden to a music box made of sea glass that contains a song that sounds awfully familiar to a lullaby your mother sang to you as a child. It's strange to know that he knows that song, but that could be a possible coincidence and wasn't aware of it.

But recently, things began to grow...strange. Whenever the two of you are in the same room together, he simply just stares at you, as if he's watching. He has treated you differently compared to everyone else, as told by one of his court members. When it comes to you leaving the room for something else, he follows, or maybe it was him taking you to your destination. You couldn't tell as the time you were in his castle feels like weeks.

What broke the camel's back for you was recent when Jotaro proposed to you to become his queen, to which you were unsure as you just met him. Sure he was generous enough to give you beautiful gifts and giving you a rundown of Wonderland as a whole (from his perspective at least), but a marriage proposal? So soon? You weren't so sure about something so quick like that, especially to someone who rules the land you are standing on.

Calmly, you declined his offer and explained why, since it's obvious that it takes a while for you to know him before answering something as big as a wedding proposal. Saying that it's too early for the both of you.

His response to the proposal was bleak, as his ice-blue eyes give off a warning of some sort before saying a simple "I see" before walking off to his room, tucking the ring back in his robe.

You hoped he understood how you least for now. From the looks of how he responded to you denying his proposal is giving you a bad feeling about what's about to happen. You have decided to get out of this castle, fast. This leads you to where you are now: sneaking outside of the guest chambers and making your way home.

Quickly, you pull out the key you stole from his study room, surely this is the one the doorknob told you to take. Swiftly going through the hallways and passing the entrance gate, and things would be fine, right? Though things begin to quickly fall apart when you hear one of the night guards shout "SHE'S GONE".

You look back to see one of the guards chase after you with the key in hand, picking up the pace at the front gate before you were caught by the guards, restricting your arms. The key slips out of your dress pocket, landing on the ground before being picked up by none other than Jotaro.

Jotaro grips onto your chin with a harsh yank, forcing you to look at him. "Perhaps I treated you too kindly, (Y/N). Did you really think you could escape by saying no to me?" He creps closer to your face, breathing down your cheeks. The bleak expression earlier grew vicious, eyebrows knit in anger, cold blue eyes pierce through your eyelids. "Let me rephrase what I said earlier."

He pulls out the box from his robe, reopening the ring. "Do you promise to stay with me in Wonderland? Do you promise me to stop denying our love, stop denying our future, and be my queen?"

You unclench your fist, tears threatening to pour down your cheeks, choking a little before you could answer. "Jotaro, p-please." You cried, trembling out of fear. You have never met a man who was colder than iron freezing during the winter season. "...let me go...please..."

Jotaro loosens his grip, the pure anger on his face is replaced with sadness. He gives the signal and lets go of your arms, dropping you to the ground. He lifts you by the arm and pulls you away from the iron gate, as the guards are left behind to protect the front entrance.

You jolt your head up. "W-wait, where are you taking me? I said I need to go home!" Jotaro ignores your plea as he continues to walk past your room, taking you to the furthest room known as his own chamber.

He closes the chamber doors and finally answers. "I saved you from being lost, and I don't want you to get lost. I know you want to go home, but there are creatures in this land that could kill you." His hand creeps underneath your dress, slightly touching your thigh similar to a ghost.

"So answer me this, (Y/N), why would you leave Wonderland when you can stay and be my Queen of Hearts forever?" He blows off the candle near his bed and slowly undresses.