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No More Maureen

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“There is nothing more to say,” she had said.
Ringo Starr just stared into the dark from his driveway. Maureen had left and he watched her car disappear. She had kissed him before sitting in the drivers seat.
“Are you sure we can’t talk this out?” He pleaded for a final time.
“There is nothing more to say.” Maureen said coldly, looking out the windshield of her car. She slammed the metal door, started the car and backed out of their home. His home or her home. They’ll have to decide with the lawyers. Oh my god there would be lawyers between them now. To think he cuddled her naked from nightmares. She held him crying for reasons he couldn’t tell her. George and him were fighting, but she found him in his distraught state. He realized now, she knew why and she still held him. If he had just told her, maybe they could have worked something out.
The threesome was beautiful. He was with the two he loved the most and during the activity, he realized this was what he longed for. It filled a void he didn’t know he had. Seeing his wife and male lover together was strangely erotic. It was like watching two girls play together, only instead it was two people he deeply loved
Despite knowing this was the last time he would ever make love to his wife again, Ringo Starr gave her the fullest of his passions, to make her realize what she is losing. Oh why was he lying to himself? He wanted to express his full love for his first ever bride. He was her first, while he has had hundreds of women and four men. Hell he literally had sex with more MEN than she. She was a wonderful wife, the best mother he could ever want to raise his children and he lost her without fully realizing all her amazing qualities.
He knew she was smart, but shit, not only did she pull the rug out from under his feet but his entire group. He was an adulterer, he was guilty and he really couldn’t be angry with her. He wanted to be, but the truth is, it was all his fault. Not a single groupie was worth losing Maureen, yet he has had hundreds. And prostitutes. And side girlfriends. My god could somebody really be addicted to sex? He sat there lamenting all the over indulging he has done and the neglect to his family.

Suddenly a warm arm was wrapped around him. It was George. The one other he loved with all his heart. George and Maureen made him whole. He wanted to be mad at his male lover, but losing both, was just too much.
Ringo relentlessly found himself leaning in to the man who betrayed him with his wife.
It was a dark time, but at least his arms were warm.