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Double Date

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"Non vedo l'ora di portarti a casa" Elliot said to Olivia quietly.

Dominick was surprised and lifted his head. He and Amanda were having dinner with Elliot and Olivia after a case. He knew his captain and Elliot were close, but he didn't know the extent of it.

"E cosa pensa che accadrà, detective?" Olivia replied.

Dominick began to blush. He wasn't sure he should be listening in, in fact he KNEW he shouldn't but they were right in front of him speaking Italian, totally oblivious to the fact Carisi could understand every word they said.

"Ti divorerò, Capitano" Elliot said sensually.

Dominick looked over at Amanda who was eating as if nothing weird was happening. She didn't know much Italian, if any so she had no idea about the display taking place in front of them. Especially since both Olivia and Elliot kept their poker faces on. To anyone else, they could be having a conversation about the weather.

"Dimmi di più." Olivia said quietly. Dominick's face grew even more heated. He wasn't sure at all how to handle this. He should stop them, say something now. But he couldn't find the words. He grabbed the glass of water in front of him and began chugging. Olivia and Elliot were totally oblivious to his presence, lost in their own little world.

"Per prima cosa, stuzzicherò il tuo seno con la mia bocca" Elliot said slowly and Dominick choked on his water, coughing so loudly that the bubble across from him had burst.

"Are you okay?" Amanda asked as she patted his back.

"Yeah" Dominick said. "Just choked on my water" He shot a look at Olivia and Elliot to let them know he knew what they were saying and a look of horror crossed their faces.

Olivia and Elliot looked at each other, having a silent conversation.

"Carisi..." Olivia started.

"It's nothing Captain" he gave a pointed look at Amanda, to remind her while HE understood everything, Amanda didn't.

"Well, I've got to get going anyway, this was nice. We can talk more later" Olivia said.

"Dinner is my treat" Elliot said throwing money onto the table. He and Olivia quickly got up, he grabbed her hand and they hurried out.

"What was that all about?" Amanda asked

"You don't want to know" Dominick replied.

The end