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Kirishima was sure that he was about to go crazy, ever since the idea of, 'someone' from UA being a traitor was heard, it was never the same.

He couldn't believe someone went through the entire entrance exams, got enough points and went through UA's security checks, just to not be interested in being a hero. He rarely cussed, but even HE thought it was a, fucked up situation.

When he first heard about the rumour, he almost laughed at the suggestion and asked his classmates about it, he was met with weird glances from some of them, like he was a childish one, not believing rumours about his friends seniors and teachers.


Hell! Midoriya and other smart students looked at their little "squad", with pity ever since the rumour and frankly Kirishima couldn't bear it, he couldn't bear how people were losing their minds and everything over a rumour, that didn't matter. It really didn't, the authority had it all under control, as they should.


"Maybe they got tired of protecting your weak ass", a small voice in his head said.


'...That's their job.'


"Think about it, aren't you a bit too useless for them? Even your quirk is pitiful.'




"That's what I thought, someone who can't stick up for himself nor his friends. It was your fault nearly a quarter of the class got punished. Because you were not careful enough."


'I...I tried my best tho.'


"What a pitiful excuse! You're entirely useless, you don't try your best and if you did, you're still useless."




"You didn't even fight, or hell even DEFEND, your friends during the League Of Villains attack, even though defence should've been, allegedly one of your strong suits."


"Instead you sat your ass back into safety and watched your teachers and other students get injured."




"Yeah, from the looks of it, you've been REALLY trying to solve this EASY problem for like 15 minutes now!"


Kirishima immediately snapped back to reality.


He didn't know for how much time, he was out there sitting, staring at an equation, which was pretty easy, even for him. He was suddenly really embarrassed at the thought.





Jesus, he was staring into the space quite a number of times today.



"No...just lost in thought, sorry."


"Come to think of it, speaking to yourself is a pretty weird thing, are you sure that you don't have a hidden fancy device, with which you're talking to LOV behind our back? Mina jokingly asked...maybe half-jokingly with her serious glare.


"Of course no!t why would I? I'm deeply hurt that you'd even think that." He fake cried.


They both laughed at that, it felt nice, to have fun with a friend.


"Seriously tho, what's happened to you today? You're fucking around more than usual." Bakugou asked with concern.


Kirishima didn't like all the attention on him, so he desperately wanted to change the topic AND the spotlight both towards someone else.


"Dude, you're surprisingly less grumpy today, did anything happen?" Kirishima said while trying his hardest to smile brightly.


"Nothing happened dumbass.."


For the first time in his life, he saw Bakugo hesitating to say something, it was a rare sight indeed. He looked like he wanted to press further into the matter but took Kirishima's change in topics, for which Kirishim was glad.


That's what he wanted to believe.


He never wanted to accept the fact that Kirishima, the strong unbreakable force was going to let a silly rumour break him. He didn't want to come to terms with the possibility of there being a traitor. Instead, he focused on being the glue that kept the whole class together, even though he got weird stares from some. He didn't mind them as long his classmates were okay like before. He wanted to keep the picture image of UA that 'middle school him' decided to build.
Everything was ok,nothing was wrong,um yeah "was".>


Until Aizawa Sensei's announcement happened at least.


He couldn't believe his ears, all of his fears coming to reality, he kind of feared this would've happened. The ONE fear he didn't want to come true, came true. Thankfully Aizawa sensei said this announcement at the end of their class so he just ran back to his room. He DID NOT want to break down in front of others, he had to keep up his unbreakable persona like Red Riot. Not his weak middle school self.


Once Kirishima burst into his room, he was suddenly very hyper-aware of his environment and everything that was going on, he was sweating like he just worked out, he could hear his heart thumping and blood passing through his ears. He was reminding himself to breathe, but it was suddenly becoming difficult for him, he was experiencing mild chest pain and he was getting lightheaded. Kirishima wanted to stand and calm himself down, but it was like his body wasn't his anymore. His feet were trembling and were about to give up on him, he thought about how unmanly this was, was that even a word?


Where was he?


Where was his mom?


Why was he alone?


Wait...who is he?


Why is everything suddenly becoming so dark?


Was he finally going to die?


Huh, maybe this isn't bad after all, he was finally dying, as he should.


Everything went blank after a few seconds or hours he didn't know, nor cared. He felt at...peace, he didn't know where he was but he was feeling nice.








He slowly opened his eyes to see someone he totally didn't expect.