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Roses are red. Violets are blue.

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The note was simple. “Roses are red. Violets are blue. stop filtering water and sort out your life.” It didn’t rhyme, and it wasn’t supposed to. It didn’t need to, what with it having been written by the spirit king and all; the man doesn’t bow to poetry rules that hold mere mortals. Future reads the note, and crumples it up, throws it towards the bin… and misses. He walks over, grumbling, and throws it again. He misses. He keeps missing. He stands over the bin and drops the note. It misses again. Clearly the note has been enchanted to stop him from ignoring it. He knows what he needs to do, go with Carrie, Past, Present and Marley to save Scrooge from himself (Again) but he doesn’t want to. It’s pointless. They cant go back and help someone for a third time. Scrooge clearly doesn’t want to be saved.

Future also takes exception to the note itself. Roses can be red, but Violets aren’t blue! they’re violet. It’s in their name! The spirit king might not have to listen to the rules of poetry, but the rules of flowers and the natural world apply to everyone even the rulers of the spirit world.

If there’s one thing Future hates, its people being wrong. People being wrong about how to make tea, the way to make the perfect mousetrap, the correct way to chastise someone into action, and the proper way to make a valentines poem.